Not enough: Machar’s political scheming on the National Reconciliation

Editorial Analysis, FEB/14/2013, SSN;

QUOTES: “Riek is weak. He lives in a world of dreams.” A former Nuer commander declared.
“Riek’s imagination went no deeper than a pop song or a Hallmark card.” Rory Nugent.
from “EMMA’s WAR”

Indeed, Riek Machar, the nation’s vice-president and the caller of the so-called ‘National Reconciliation’ is an enigma in the country’s political jigsaw. Once again, he now hoodwinking the nation with another of his ethereal and fallacious project that’s already stillborn before it takes off.

As the next person in the leadership, what has Machar ever achieved decisively since 2005 to pacify or bring some harmony and civility in the lives of the peoples of greater Upper Nile, his former fiefdom, who up to date are mercilessly slaughtering themselves like some Stone Age savages when their leaders like Machar are comfortably quarantined in limousines and palaces in Juba?

What else has Machar done besides always appealing to UNMISS and international NGOs to intercede and resolve problems in South Sudan as if there isn’t a government in the country?

Many South Sudanese suspiciously wonder whether Machar’s last-hour move and intent on this venture are some cheap and duplicitous political prostitution to prepare his acceptability for the grand ambition of ascendancy to the national presidency in 2015.

Maybe it’s also an attempt to willfully exculpate himself from the shame of past betrayal, complicity in engendering the tribal divisions among these very people and from the guilt of genocide which he unleashed on the people of Bor and other areas of South Sudan.

Verily, it’s presumptuous of Machar to arbitrarily assume the moral high ground to champion this national reconciliation conference. If Machar’s justification was that he had already publicly apologized specifically to the Dinka Bor for the horrendous 1991 massacre, then why doesn’t he also publicly apologize particularly to his own Nuer, the Equatorians, Shilluks and the greater Dinka community, all who bore and suffered the bloodiest brunt of his past political lunacy?

Who or which tribes have actually reciprocated and forgiven Riek Machar or other leaders in South Sudan for their human crimes?

Absolutely, Machar repentance for his past sins and transgressions is incomplete and insincere, and as such, disqualifies him from peace-making; instead, he and others in the nation’s leadership should stand trial now in the court of public opinion.

Quite blatantly, Dr. Peter Nyaba had no fear to write down in his book, quote, “that Commander William Nyuon was assassinated in cold blood on Riek Machar’s orders because he chose to disengage himself from collaboration with NIF…” Such incidences, definitely were numerous and the perpetrators must be reconciled with their past deeds (The Politics of Liberation in South Sudan).

Anyway, examining the current proposed Machar’s modality of the so-called national reconciliation, one may rightly surmised that it’s utterly untenable and futile.

First, what are the motivations for the so-called national reconciliation?

South Sudan can best be described as a resource-rich but governance-poor country that has the misfortune of being ruled from its first day of independence by a gang of heartless, shameless and greedy leaders who assumed power with the unholy ambition of amassing wealth as quickly as possible, and as a result, they totally neglected to tackle issues of good governance.

Inexcusably, our nation is gripped in the phenomenon known as ‘Conflict Trap,’ as a result of the legacy of the long war of liberation. Machar stands accused in the eyes of the public of engendering, exploiting and exacerbating many of the causative factors that are today impacting on the fatal inter-tribal and inter-communal wars in Jonglei State specifically and the nation at large.

In retrospect, quoting Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba in his famous book, ‘The Politics of Liberation,’ “the lawlessness that reigned in Nuerland culminating in the Lou-Jikany conflict is attributable to the weak leadership of Dr. Riek Machar…..and his inability to impose his leadership on the Nuer people;” if this assessment is extrapolated to the present, it explains a lot about the hopelessness of Machar’s motivations to embark on this endeavor.

Arguably, it’s questionable if Machar now really has the overall wider support of the people of South Sudan or even of his own Nuer entities, given the reality of the unpopularity of his leadership trail in the past and the present.

Disappointingly, many citizens in the nation had expected him to stand apart from and or vocalize his opposition of the corruption and misrule of the Kiir’s junta, .

According to Machar, the national reconciliation will focus reportedly on victims of cattle rustling, ethnic violence, sectarianism and other conflicts. How pathetic!

However, without addressing all problems from the war era to the current insecurity across the country, tribal hatred and animosities, land grabbing and migration and so on, there won’t be any comprehensive resolution coming out of the national reconciliation.

Rightly, Dr. Peter Nyaba, now a cabinet minister, aptly described, “Riek is two characters within one person. Behind the facade of a smiling and benevolent Riek, there is another Riek Machar who was ruthlessly ordering the murder of Dinka officers at Nasir. Riek pretended he was innocent of all these crimes, but nobody has been tried for the murders that took place under his nose at Nasir.”

Although we’re no longer in that horrific era, Riek Machar’s double-faced character is still conspicuous, the smiling Machar today can still successfully mesmerize and cajole the Hilda Johnsons, the Susan Pages and the venerable NGO’s all the times to sponsor his dream projects.

But true to his past character, the nation’s vice president is unapologetically oblivious of the endemic corruption blatantly being committed by all fellow ministers, the persistent harassment and killings in Juba and across the nation, the torture of journalists and suppression of press freedom and other egregious state-sanctioned crimes.

Evidently, Machar’s primary motivation for this national reconciliation is to diabolically cleanse his soul and then calculatedly ingratiate himself to the greater Dinka community so that he may successfully accomplish his ambition of becoming the next president.

Second, who’s supposed to be reconciled with whom?

Frankly, the urgency for any national reconciliation must be primarily and rightly targeted on reaching comprehensive resolutions to all the problems afflicting the nation, from cattle wars to governance issues to cross border migration that only worsen the unity of the people.

Let’s be sincere and unequivocal in asserting that it’s the greater Dinka, Nuer, Murle people and to a lesser extent, the Shilluk, today, who’re the main tribes that are still engaged in deadly wars of attrition and needless killings either among themselves or against one or the other, or they’re crossing state or county borders to malign and commit aggression on other tribes.

Taking Jonglei State as a shameful paradigm of our nation, neither its governor nor the president with all the so-called ‘might’ of the SPLA can bring any peace there and what’s perplexing is that the former ‘butcher of Equatoria’ hasn’t yet been ejected from the governorship as more citizens are dying daily in his State than in dismissed governor’s Chol Mayay’s Lakes State.

Whereas some of the causes of the restlessness being witnessed in these communities can be indirectly retraced to the 22-year long liberation war era where some leaders now in government, including Machar, were implicitly or directly implicated, however, the persistence of insecurity and killing epitomizes the failure of the state to holistically bring peace and development in those areas.

In retrospect, it must be sincerely admitted that all the so-called leaders, including Dr John Garang, Dr Riek Machar, Dr Lam Akol, commanders Kerubino, Nyuon, Kiir, Matip and many dead and alive SPLA generals, all in one way or another, partook in the aggravation and perpetuation of the deadly internecine wars, pitching one tribe or clan against the other, or launching revenge or retaliatory killing wars for or against the other.

Then, of course, there was the shameful slavish role on the behest of jellaba Arab rulers played by Machar and company that exponentially exacerbated the animosities among many of these tribes mentioned above.

However, it’s unfortunate for South Sudan that this dark history is rarely mentioned, but it’s very significant. Whilst it took the commendable effort of Catholic Archbishop Paulino Lukudu Loro to bring reconciliation between President Kiir and the late militia warlord, Paulino Matip, many pro-Arab killers were silently appointed into the Kiir’s government or the Army without any of these treacherous men and women making any ‘mea culpas.’

Coming to the nitty-gritty of this so-called ‘National Reconciliation,’ it’s imperative for all stake holders and spoilers in the impacted and volatile areas be involved.

Interestingly, the three Equatoria States are literally up in arms against the current regime and system of governance under Kiir specifically and vociferously complaining now about marginalization and aggressive land grabbing in the three states; and if things continue to persist in their current confabulation, the nation should be prepared for a probable political redivision (Kokora) imbroglio.

Unfortunately, however, despite the preponderance of irrefutable evidence, the dysfunctional Kiir-Machar government hasn’t charged or prosecuted a single politician from any of these communities for abetting or direct provocation; the only plausible deduction is that no a single so-called leader, be it president, minister, governor, general, etc.. can come out clean or holy from ‘sins’ in soul or body.

Lastly, what are the right modalities to achieve a comprehensive national reconciliation?

The intractability of and the deleterious effects of these inter and intra-tribal wars, besides the unacceptable fatalities, include economic retardation, loss of cattle and disruption to agriculture, but more importantly, there is the impulsive displacement of people and cattle and the fear of revenge and retribution.

More seriously, the displacement of people and cattle to other states, counties or payams will have a profound deleterious impact in those areas and on the native peoples there. As already experienced in Greater Equatoria, internal migrations of people and cattle have heightened tensions and even led to more attrition between the host and migrant displaced communities.

The call by many citizens for justice first before this bogus Machar’s reconciliation is imperative. There is blatant criminality which must not be bypassed, be it murder, assassination, cattle hustling, or grand looting of the 4 billion dollars by Kiir’s officials and supporters. It’s only justice that can ‘reconcile’ these crimes.

Furthermore, instead of Machar and his dubious commission appointing outsiders, the focus should be to engage all ministers and members of parliament, particularly those from the restless areas must be directly involved.

These people must be deployed to their respective areas for a reasonable period of time to interact with their people and also across with their belligerent neighbors first, not just watching and waiting in their luxurious mansions in Juba without physically experiencing the realities of their cousins who are tending their massive cattle wealth in those Eighteenth century conditions.

Never will a hundred Desmond Tutus bring the desired national reconciliation, say between the Murle and the Nuer, it’s the direct and sincere efforts of these tribes’ so-called leaders (politicians) who can truly consummate any peace among themselves.

Many a times, great suspicion has been placed on the roles of the SPLA (the national army) and other security agencies in exacerbating the inter-tribal killings and as such, these national agencies must be properly screened before deployment in those instances of tribal strife.

Once again, instead of inviting Tutu and other foreigners who are totally irrelevant to our predicament, the Commission for this reconciliation must be chaired and headed not by Machar or his enfeebled appointees, but by Godly-purified in body and soul South Sudanese, either their Holinesses Cardinal Zubair Wako and/or Archbishop Paulino Lukudu of Juba.

Last but not the least, those of President Kiir, Vice president Machar, most ministers, all jellaba Sudan ex-ministers now in Kiir’s government, many generals and security personnel involved in past killings and whoever has some blood on his or her hands, must be called to account for and apologize for his/her past actions.

This way, the aggrieved party or parties, be it an individual, a father, wife, son, daughter, brother or sister, will come to peace and accept to forgive the alleged murderer, whether the act was willful or on orders from someone else. There will be forgiveness and reconciliation, and only then will peaceful coexistence and justice that are so much desired today in our new nation will be attained.

Unfortunately, most citizens will remain truly skeptical that any good will come to bear especially since the ruling SPLM/A has the notoriety of presumptuousness and dis-ingenuousness of never acceding to its sins in the past in a nation where billion-dollar thieves and murderers reign free. Perhaps, a total regime change would be preferable.


  1. Dear SSN Editor,

    This is a very constructive editorial from your journalistic professional nuance. Actually, it has been severally observed that Dr. Riek Machar does not move unless his position or his Nuer tribe is touched. Look at how he has paid lot of money to bring the so-called “Ngundeng Dang” from UK to his house in Juba. Surely, if Ngundeng was not a Nuer who ‘prophesied’ about leadership ascension, Dr. Riek would have ignored him like any other South Sudanese spiritual leader he had not revered. I think Riek’s tribalism has gone higher from politics up to faith. Terrible!

    What troubled areas in South Sudan did Dr. Riek visit apart from where Nuer tribe is involved? Even in Diaspora he can only talk where there are majority Nuer people. Hence, he is not fit to be regarded as a true nationalist who thinks beyond Nuerization of South Sudanese issues. We don’t want to allow another Sultan-type leader to be the President of South Sudan. Enough is enough! The new country is bleeding to death with a cry for rescue.

    • Deng says:

      Does the author (Dr Okuk) of this comment consider himself to make an alternative non-sultan leader? I can tell from his pysche because by saying; we don’t want to allow another Sultan-type leader to be the president of South Sudan, he is apparenlty refering to president Kiir as the current Sultan and Vice president Machar as the Sultan in waiting. He is clearly a product of the so-called SPLM-DC or correctly, he is Dr Lam’s college student and they are doomed if that is the case.

    • Dr. James Okuk
      You have clearly stated a valid point in regard to Dr. Riak Machar’s concern to his own Nuer people. Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone the killing of the innocent Nuer people in Jonglei State by Murle tribe, however, I wonder why the Vice president has to visit only when the attack or killing occurred in his Nuer area.

    • Thomas Chan says:

      Dear DR James Okuk
      I would like to thank you personally of writing many articles before being detained by the South Sudan security personnel few months ago due to the same what you are persisted about the weakness of Kiir and Machar leadership. Please do not take my article or response personally to your articles about what you have heard from other people saying that Machar is weak.
      I think you are murmuring in your own safe haven and got no other way to entertain people and use Riek’s leadership instead. It has been said that what kills you comes from your own mouth and not from other peoples problems. But if not other circumstances that surround you, you might need to contest for the presidency due in 2015 and stop spending your time on writing articles from what you heard from other Riek’s political opponents.
      As I personally knew Riek since my teenage years, Riek is not weak or coward or traitor as others claim. Yes I agree with you when it comes to the death of civilians killed by rival tribes like Murle and that is not applied to DR RiEK alone.
      Lastly as I know from where I am, many people use RIEK political differences between him and the former SPLM Leader Late Col DR John Garang as a hostage to RIEK’s political ability and choose to criticize him. Please, MR James I hope you could do better if you go outside and promote peace among the South Sudanese tribes and stop focusing on one person who has brought the freedom to our Nation today since joining SPLM in 1984 until today. You talk about RIEK when it is comes to his own tribes been touch immediately he would go to the affected area and talk to people, I think James you are wrong in this one brother because that is what the people want to see when their lives have been threatened by any individual such as David YAU YAU.
      One more thing, when did the last time MR Garang had visit other South Sudanese community area since his death? Note DR RIEK used to say, we fight for the mankind to live free . I am not RIEK Supporter or relative, I am just expressing myself to you and I advice you to be cautious when writing your articles especially political agenda which might be offensive to them because we are not yet fully democratic Nation.

  2. Thiang Geka says:

    Your editorial analysis is objective indeed that the current leadership particularly the vice President should not this time around only smile, talk, talk and keep quite without following up his words of peace. I know, Dr Riek has been there for the betterment of SS, yes he has this country in heart and mind, but why does he let his ideas’ distorters to do that? This is the first and a last chance for him, otherwise.

  3. Gatwech says:

    Dear editor;
    There is no professionalism on your article at all rather than tribal connotation from you. As far as your writing is concerned, you must be one of those old tribalist school who is hostage to ugly story of struggle.
    What kind of south Sudanese are you if you are happy refusing the peace proposal among the broken society like ours because of your political difference with vice president?

    Again, according to the prophet prophesy about the vice president, he’s going to lead the south, it doesn’t matter whether you agreed or disagreed. Ngundeng stated clearly and it is coming.

    To the vice president haters, you may stay in your exile for life if you don’t like him; who cares!

    From Editor: Gatwech, your prophet has already once caused the greatest death among his ‘chosen’ people. You better pray harder if his unhealthy ambition won’t take the nation 100 years backwards, again!!!!!

    • Dear Mr. Gatwech,
      I’m a true believer of the Prophet Ngundeng, Peace be upon him. The prophet Ngundeng had prophesied that South Sudan would not get its independence otherwise unless his Dang is brought back to South Sudan from London, England. I sincerely thank Dr. Riek Machar and President Kiir Mayardit for working so hard to bring Ngundeng’s Dang home in 2009 and we successfully had our independence in July, 2011.

      My prophet Ngundeng, Peace be upon him, Prophesied that someone would successfully liberated the people of South Sudan but he would not rule South Sudan as an independent Country. He said that this leader would liberate South Sudan but would die before the total independence of South Sudan. The Descriptions that he gave about the leader who would liberate the people of South Sudan matched Dr. John Garang De Mabior Atem and it was truly him.

      The prophet Ngundeng had prophesied that the leader who would rule South Sudan as an independent Country or nation would come shortly after the untimely death of the leader who would liberate the people of South Sudan. The Prophet Ngundeng gave the descriptions of the leader who would rule the independent South Sudan and those descriptions matched General Salva Kiir Mayardit. He also prophesied that a left handed man with a gap in his upper front teeth would raised a flag of free people of South Sudan and a flag of independent South Sudan in front of the world body and at the headquarters of Nations. Undoubtedly, what the prophet Ngundeng meant by world body and the headquarters of all the nations was the United Nations and its headquarter in New York. The descriptions that the prophet Ngundeng gave about the man who would raise the flag of a free South Sudan in front of the world body or people matched Dr. Riek Machar Teny, and of course, Dr. Riek Machar teny had indeed raised the flag of the independent South Sudan at the United Nations and in the front of all Nations( World body) at the United Nations headquarter in New York City in 2011.

      The prophet Ngundeng had also prophesied that the top leaders of the liberation movement would all perish on the other side of the Nile River, possibly in the Upper Nile (Jonglei) and Equatoria where they started the liberation movement. He said no leader would die in Bhar El Ghazal region. Those Ngundeng’s prophesies had become reality. Late Kerubino Kuanyin Bol Deng of Bhar El Ghazal, Late William Nuon Bany of Upper Nile,(Jonglei) Late Arok Thon Arok of Upper Nile(Jonglei), Late Gai Tut, Late Akuot Atem of Upper NIle(Jonglei) Late Abdalah Chuol of Upper Nile(Jonglei) Late Joseph Obuor of Upper Nile, Late George Athor Deng Dut of Upper Nile(Jonglei) and Late Dr. John Garang DeMabior of Upper Nile(Jonglei) and the list goes on. All of the above mentioned SPLA and Anyanya two top leaders died in the Upper Nile and Equatoria region as prophesied by the Prophet Ngundeng, Peace be upon him.

      Brother Gatwech, the prophet Ngundeng’s prophesy about Dr. Riek Machar’s leadership, had already been fulfilled with Dr. Riek Machar Teny raising the flag of a free South Sudan at the United Nations and in the front of the World Body. Please advise Dr. Riek Machar Teny to apply to the university of Juba to help in lecturing the South Sudanese students at the Faculty of Engineering in 2015.

      I have no personal grudges against my brother/Uncle Dr. Riek Machar Teny however the man is not fit to lead the nation. Dr. Riek Machar is a great Father, husband, friend; and he could also be a great University Lecturer only at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Juba. However he Could not be a great leader as he lacks the leadership quality and Charisma. He can not even rule his own tribe, Nuer, leave alone South Sudan. However Dr. Riek Machar has a great courage to commit a crime or mistake and admit his shortcomings or mistakes publicly. This earns him a great honesty among his fellow Country. I like him as a person more than Dr. Lam Akol (Elhag Paul) the Hassan El Turabi of South Sudan.

      • Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,
        But Dr. Lam Akol is not Elhag Paul nor is he Hassan El Turabi. I think you are mixing names here like you have done to your own name (Lukudu from Equatoria, Gatkuoth from Upper Nile and Garang from Bahr El ghazal). Very funny of you though you seems be an infallible Pope of Ngundeng’s divinity.

        • Dear Dr. James Okuk,
          Thank you for the comment although it defines me as a confused individual. In fact, I know and I do sincerely agree with you that Dr. Lam Akol is not Dr. Hassan El Turabi, however I compared him with Dr. Hassan El Turabi due to his political ideologies and beliefs for the people of South Sudan. Brother, I know where you stand when it comes to Dr. Lam Akol but let me tell you this, If we, the people of South Sudan, give Dr. Lam Akol the opportunity to exercise his political ideologies and beliefs in South Sudan he would create chaos as Dr. Hassan El Turabi did in the old Sudan.

          I personally believe that Dr. Lam Akol has disguised himself as Elhag Paul so that he could throw his political punches online without revealing his true identity. Brother, I will continue to call Dr. Lam Akol (Elhag Paul) until I know the true identity of Elhag Paul. I will sincerely apologize to Dr. Lam Akol when I know who the hell is Elhag Paul.

          I’m extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused by the mixing up of my names which happened to had been drawn up from the 3 greater Regions of RSS. However, I don’t regret it or blame my parents for naming me this way because the Greater Equatoria, Greater Upper Nile and Greater Bhar El Ghazal had once in the past represented the RSS before we KOKORAING it into 10 States. Perhaps my parents had their own political beliefs or reasons in naming me such as this. I hope you would put up with my confusing names online as long as they would not harm anybody or cause a tribal division or conflict. Please accept my funny names because they are one of the original and true names of the people of South Sudan. They are just like Okuk and many other South Sudanese names excluding James and so forth.

          Brother, I know you are a Shilluk by tribe and a member of the SPLM-DC. I have been following and reading your political and personal articles online before I joined or started writing on the SSN forum. Reading Through your articles, I have learned that you are a learned person, intelligent and future leader of our Country, South Sudan. Would you please refrain from speaking for Dr. Lam Akol. Let the old man, Dr. Lam Akol, (Elhag Paul) speak for himself because he is not dead yet. If we all defend our tribal, political leaders we would not soon be seeing the changes that we want to see in the RSS. Everyone would die to defend their tribal,political leaders and all the leaders we defend would not change or learn anything from their own mistakes or shortcomings. They would continue to squander our resources/wealths and would continue with the policy of divide and rule because they know we cover them up and fight to defend their mistakes. Do you think I would learn or be accountable for my own actions and mistakes if I order my tribal men to kill the Shilluk’s Nyakong and have my brother Peter Madual and Gatwech defending, glorifying and nominating me to be the future president of the RSS? Of course not, I would continue to kill the innocent people even if I’m elected president of RSS until the ICC step in and apprehend me and take me to the Hague to account for my own actions and stupidity.

          I do agree with the General Wani Igga’s assertion that if we, South Sudanese, don’t bury the tribalism, the tribalism will bury us alive in South Sudan. It would be regrettable to see a very learned person like you buried by the tribalism in South Sudan. Mahatam Ghandi once said that an eye for an eye would make the entire world blind. He also said that if you want to see the changes, you must first be the changes you want to see in the world.

          Take care Brother, James Okuk and let us continue to pray harder for the Almighty God of Nyakong and Ngundeng to plant the lasting love and peace in our hearts. Long Live to our beloved people! Long Live to our beloved Country, the Republic of South Sudan!

          EDITOR: Mr Lukudu Gatkouth,
          For the last time, I warn you not to mix ElHag Paul with Dr. Lam Akol. Your comments won’t be published if you persist with the mix-up.

  4. Kenyi Alex says:

    Mr. SSN Editor,
    No stone is left upturned in your analysis.
    Do you know the permanent Constitutional review is already hurting? May be we’d have annual reconciliation!

  5. dmajak says:

    Hey Editor of South Sudan nation,
    You shouldn’t take sides in supporting the Equatoria and pointing the Dinka and Nuer people as the bad guys. You also incited the violent Equatorians are opposing the Current Regime of Kiir-Machar, which is not true. This current government is inclusive if you look very closely. the legislative branch is lead by James Wani who is from Juba, Interior Ministor is from Yambio and many more. you should remember as the editor of South Sudan Nation. You should as the watchdog that will feed the public of south Sudan with information to your customers. As the businessman, you should know that most of your audience are from Dinka, Nuer, Shiluk and non-equatorians. thank you, editor in chief.

  6. Dan says:

    I agreed with the Editor that some Nuer brothers like Gatwech need to pray hard for the vice president to become the the president because the alleged prophesies from Ngundeng are not universal. Just because they make sense in Nuer Nation does not mean they do the same all over South Sudan. Just to give you an example, before the independence of South Sudan, some Nuers were claiming that Riek Machar was going to be the first president of an independent South Sudan according to Nguendeng. That prophesy was later soon proven to be untrue when Salva Kiir became the first president of an independent state.
    Advice to Gatwech and the likes, you mobs are doing disservice to both Machar and Ngundeng. You just can not force people to admire your tribal leader. Let the leaders prove their leadership qualities by themselves. John Garang who is still loved by millions of South Sudanese from different ethnic groups even after his death was never promoted by home boys. He did it himself. He did not need a tribal prophet to raise his profile.
    Bottom line is, leave alone those who want to lead to prove themselves.

  7. Peter Madual says:

    Dr. James Okuk, many people doubted about your PhD for being the most tribalist figure in south Sudan. Your comments are always not very constructive when it comes to Dr. Riek Machar or Dinka leader. Who are you to talk against Naath prophet? You should praise Dr. Machar and Nuer people since they are the ones that protected your Shuluk tribe.
    Indeed, without Riek Machar’s quiet diplomacy and Nuer generosity, the minority tribes in south Sudan particularly could be at the mercy of Dinka. In other words, without Dr. Machar’s wisdom, 200.000 Cholo could ran away like cockroaches from Dinka merciless attack.
    Dr. Okuk, my question is can Cholo survive from Dinka aggression without Naath presence in Upper Nile?

    • Dear Peter Madual.

      Are you a South Sudanese Naath (Nuer) or Ethiopian? I hate to debate my Country’s National issues online with foreigners such as Naath (Nuer) of Ethiopia because they don’t know anything about our internal issues. Please be informed that you are not allowed to discuss anything regarding our internal matters until you become a Citizen of South Sudan.Go back to Gambella and liberate yourself from Ethiopia. Cde.Pagan Amum, Cde. Oyai Deng Ajak, Cde.James Wani Igga and Cde. Salva Kiir Mayardit will not Liberate you from Ethiopia.

      When and Where on earth did the Dinka attempt to exterminate Shilluk and other small tribes in South Sudan? When did Naath(Nuer) protect Shilluk from the Dinka Attack? Do you know that Cde.Pagan Amum and Cde.Oyai Deng Ajak are from Shilluk and had been fighting in the SPLA alongside the Dinkas until the CPA was accomplished? Most of their Body guards and the majority of the soldiers they commanded in the war with Arabs and Nyagats were Dinkas. Why Dinka did not kill them if there was a plot to exterminate the Shilluk? Please think, write/talk and act like a learned person so that you can distinguish yourself from a primitive Naath/Nuer. Can Naath(Nuer) Liberate themselves from Ethiopia without help from the Mighty Dinka and Shilluk?

  8. Peter Madual says:

    Anyway, all Nuer intellectuals aren’t seriously worried about your negative comment against Naath leaders since you are just a little rat.

    • Peter Madual.
      Who are those Naath (Nuers) Intellectuals you are talking about here? Do you consider yourself and that illiterate Uncle of yours, the Nyagat Leader, Dr. David Dechang intellectual too? I do not know where the Shilluks and Naath (Nuers) are purchasing their PHDs? They claimed to be the PHD holders but in the real life they behave like primary school children. Cde. Oyai Deng Ajak, Cde. Pagan Amum and Cde. James Hoath Mai are the most learned, intellectuals and national Compatriots from the Shilluk and Nuers in the Greater Upper Nile Region. They have done what a PHD holder could not do in the tribal ethnics.They made a huge contributions in the Liberation of Our People in the RSS.

      Please tell those Naath and Shilluk PHD holders or intellectuals to go back to school and learn how to be nationalists and peace loving people. They are not quite productive in our Country. Look at that Shilluk PHD holder, Dr. Lam Akol. He broke up the Liberation movement in 1991 and renamed it SPLA United. Rejoined the SPLA when he failed to secure the independence of South Sudan. Redefected from the SPLM and renamed it for the second time as SPLM-DC. What a confused PHD holder? Why does he has to rename whatever another PHD holder created it and named it? Why can he not create his own political party and give it a different name like what Dr. John Garang did with the SPLA/SPLM?

      Please tell those illiterate Naath’s and Shilluk’s PHD holders that South Sudan could be better off without them. They are free to make noises online but they will never put their feet in the Palace of RSS. Let Dr. Lam Akol, Dr. David Dechang and Dr. James Okuk get the fishing nets, boats and move to the Nile River to fish.

      • Peter Madual says:

        Lukudu Garang,
        I’m very disturbed by the growing Dinka population in greater Equatoria particularly in central and Eastern Equatoia. It is true that many Bor Dinka streamed into the greater Equatoria as a result of the 1992 battle between the white and the red armies. It is dangerous in my opinion because they are breeding like cockroaches and sooner or later Jeing will become the majority in those two states. Hence, they will impose Dinkaism on Equatoria tribes and any one who does not comply would be automatically expelled or killed.
        Questions For Discussion: 1. Why is Dinka presence in greater Equatoria so devastating?
        2. What is the consequence? What effect does the land grabbers have on Equatoria societies?
        Garang I know you are from Bor Dinka. I thought the humiliating defeat by late commander Kanog Benyfiny will teach you not to be so curl with your fellow southerners. You got the punishment you deserved any way!
        Mr. Garang, do you know the white army commander who captured your Bor city in 1992? the answer is, commander Kanog Benyfiny
        He was one of the great military geniuses of south Sudan history. Yes indeed, the late commander personally directed the land assault and brilliantly improvised the tactics that led to the fall of the city. The fall of Bor city to the Nasir faction was a watershed.

        • Peter Madual.
          I’m not a Dinka Bor, not a Dinka Upper Nile and not a Dinka Bhar El Ghazal. I’m a nationalist and a true South Sudanese who have declared war online against the tribalists, Kokora warlords, land grabbers and corrupted officials/politicians in South Sudan.

          The Dinkas who are presently residing in Equatoria are the families/relatives of the Dinka Soldiers who were fighting to liberate Equatoria from the Sudanese Arabs and their allies Nyagats, the Nuer’s White Army. Those Dinkas are comprised of Dinka Bor, Dinka Upper Nile and Dinka Bhar El Ghazal and they were not chased away from Bor as you claimed in your article above.
          General Kiir Mayardit was one of the Dinkas who lived in Equatoria until the peace was finalized and moved to Juba from Yei. It is very unfortunate that the Nuers can not be located anywhere in Equatoria except in Juba because they were in Khartoum, Gambella-Ethiopia and East Africa during the liberation war. The Nyagats, Nuer’s White Army have just moved to Juba after the independence. The guns that the Nuer’s White Army didn’t use during the war against the Arabs are now being used in Juba against the Equatorians for the land grabbing. The White Army are the one grabbing lands at the gunpoint in Juba and pretend to be Dinkas because the Equatorians can not distinguish a Nuer from Dinka. The gallant Dinka’s Red Army/SPLA is the one battling with the LRA and Arabs in the frontline.

      • Gatkuoth Lok says:

        When the PhD holders from NAATH and CHOLLO (NUERS AND SHILLUKS) and others do not do as you want them to do, then it will be right but appalling for you to call them devils or vilifying names you choose, to suit you if you like that simply because your personal or group or even tribe interests are not protected by these people.
        hence, they are real PhD holders who avoid any trap put in their way to play politics safely. There you are.

  9. Peter Madual,
    Rest assured that with availability of technology there is no need of prophets any longer. Your believe in your naath prophet shouldn’t be mine. If we go there I can tell you that Nyikang of the Shilluk is superior a prophet because his spirit can neutralize the antennas of Nuer prophets. But do I need to force that faith on you? Absolutely not. Please let me express my political opinion freely.

  10. Dan says:

    peter madual,
    I am still waiting to see whether you will question professor De Chand’s PhD as well because he is most definitely the worst tribalist in South Sudan.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Your question is valid and sensible. De Chand is useless and everyone agreed he is tribalist. We are not sure if he obtained his PhD. If he does, that is a useless PhD.

  11. Lumali Peter says:

    Mr Editorial Analysis,
    you should come up with your real name of Editorial Analysis and tell us who you are. We are not here for culture wars. Yes, I do support this so-called National Reconciliation, it’s the right way to have healing among the tribes especially those tribes from Jonglei state. Dinka and Nuer, Equatorians, Murle, are humans and do have a sense like you. Imagine the almighty God do not describes us as tribes, if you walk by and see one of these tribes you will not recognize them as tribes, because they look alike just like you. Do not think like early state of human civilization, please come out with a good sense.

  12. chol kur says:

    Peter Madual,
    from you rant, any sane person will clearly who is a rat between you and Dr. James Okuk. From the way you put across you point, you should be advised to be the last person ever to question Dr James Okuk’s education. It is not rocket science to tell who’s a hardcore tribalists as based your comments( I mean Madual and Gatwech).

    To the editorial, that was a great piece of work. you said it all, but beneficiaries of the shameful system in Juba will always opposed any constructive opinion. they will always taint patriots like you as people yapping because they need big positions. they are succeeding in the smear campaign against Dr. Lam. with an article like yours, more brains and patriots may see the way out of the mess in south Sudan will be and only be, accepting our bitter past and working toward healing of the current and past wounds.
    singing reconciliation on SSTv in Juba is just but a waste of time!!

  13. malith Alier says:

    Good, impartial and insightful analysis. Only the tribally minded folk would think otherwise. Mr. Riek Macar is a confused individual with poor judgement most of the time. I have been following him and i will never make a mistake to choose.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Malith Alier,
      Dr. Riek Machar cannot please everyone. Just because he does not please you does not make him a confused individual. If he is confused, then it takes one to know one. I am sure there are people who do not even know that they are confused and dared to write comments here. What a pity!

    • Gatkuoth Lok says:

      The above comment is not scientific to concretise its substance, claim, however; is a mere reaction to the forthcoming change which is undeniable. As such, no one who is seeking an approval from you for Dr. Machar to become president of this country, South Sudan. And since you know a little of different types OF leadership, mesmerizing yourself with one type with which Dr. Garang has been characterised with: charismatic leader, then you only show me that you are humble, as a struggling struggler to learn if you are open to learning and you believe this when time comes.
      One surprising thing is that you are using ridiculous names which suggest that you are not the person you claim you are, hence Dr. Okuk is right to be saying that your different names are un-marching, so to speak. In brief, Gatmachar is our president in potency, whether you like him or not is none of my undertaking. He must be president in his life right, after President Mayardit in any way necessary.

    • Gatkuoth Lok says:

      Diehard prejudices preoccupied you.

  14. Chol Wek Wek says:

    Dear Editor,
    I will say thanks for the constructive observation, but big sorry for the premature post before analyzing the real situation. Mr Editor, if I were to ask simple question of how do you expect Vice President to decide when to have the president with all the power granted to him by the national constitution?

    Are you really inside South Sudan or you are among the noise-makers who thinks they will be one day bribed by the politicians? i wlll reserve some critical question simply because you are from greater Upper Nile region, those you think and believe the old ideology of Dr Garang for new Sudan and only Bor can be the top in the leadership.

    Finally, those who think always and busy writting criticizing Dr Riek are the very people who are seriously compaigning for Riek to get the post. if am wrong why do you always critizing somebody who declared his position in the public? or you want him to pay some money mobing the country wide telling people that, am not contesting for the up coming election?
    Stay afoot

  15. Kong Puok Tongluot- Finland says:

    My advice to so-called both, Dr. Okuk and Dear SSN.
    Your editorial analysis is really agitating to the nation of South Sudan.
    If you were witness of Southern Sudan Liberation era from Anyanya two, SPLA, and factions. Dr. Riek Machar had not committed any crimes. Jikany Nuer Land was the only tribe that had provided food supplies for the Movement. Even your mothers knew that.
    Further, please just respect your leaders because they are elected by nation of South Sudan.

  16. GatCharwearbol says:

    To All,
    Leaders are God chosen and complaining against what God has chosen is useless. If God, not prophet Ngundeng anointed Dr. Riek to be our next President, no one is going to take that away. Please let Dr. James Okuk expresses his political view freely as he clearly mentioned. In the same token, let Dr. Riek Machar continue with what he thinks is right.
    If National Reconciliation makes sense to Dr. Riek, please let him continue with it. May be it will be good for our nation, who knows. But it is important that we respect each other and let us try to avoid name-calling. This behavior is taking us nowhere. If you know of any other way to bring our people together, then do it so we can all be united once and for all.

    As all your writings indicate, none of you have come up with suggestions that are better than National Reconciliation. You just tear down what has been suggested without coming up with alternatives.

    • Dear Brother, Gatcharwearbol,

      Thank you so much for the advice. In fact,I do support Dr. Riek Machar’s initiative for the National Reconciliation, however I’m doubtful that this National Reconciliation will ever produce any positive outcomes as it is just designed for a political motivation or campaign for 2015.

      Whom is Dr.Riek Machar is intended to reconcile with who? Certainly he is attempting to reconcile the Nuer with Murle tribe, Dinka with Blanda(fertit) tribes, Dinka with Nuer tribe, Greater Equatoria with Dinka and Non Dinkas who are currently and illegally grabbing lands and occupying the Greater Equatoria, Dr. Riek Machar himself with Dinka Bor. Is this the National Reconciliation that Dr. Riek Machar and his political Colleagues are calling for in Juba?

      If this is the National Reconciliation they are calling for in Juba, then they are deadly wrong and they will never accomplish anything out it except getting the South Sudanese money out of the national Bank and use it for their own benefit. To me, the National Reconciliation should not start with the tribes in South Sudan.. It should indeed start with the Politicians in Juba.They are so diivided in Juba and their political divisions and diferences are the one causing tensions, hatred and tribal conflicts in South Sudan. Let the so called Dr.Garang’s sons be reconciled with General Kiir’s sons. Let Dr.Riek Machar with his supporters be reconciled politically with the sons of Dr.Garang and General Kiir.Let the Greater Equatoria Politicians be reconciled with Non Equatorian Politicians. Let the almighty God of Nyakang and Ngundeng bring Dr.Lam Akol back from Khartoum and David Yau Yau to be reconciled with the rest of politicians and the Government of the Republic of South Sudan.If these politicians and warlords are reconciled successfully, the tribal and Regional National Reconciliations would be achieved easily.

      .The tribes in South Sudan were not created in 2013.They have been living side by side in harmony for many years in South sudan and the only enemy they knew was Arabs from the North. They coexisted well and peacefully for many years before their sons and daughters became politicians in Juba. All the wars and hatred we no have in South Sudan were created by our politicians in Juba. They use their tribes when they don’t get the position they think they deserve to have. Some tribal hatreds and conflicts were created by our politicians and commanders during the liberation movements and it is still continueous uptodate. Initially,Let the Politicians reconcile their political diferences and resolve the landgrabbing issues in Juba before they can call for the National Reconciliation. They are the master of Confussion and tribal conflicts in South Sudan.

      Believe me or not, Dr. Riek Machar will be the first politician to declare war on Dinka and Murle if he does not get elected as president of South Sudan in 2015. Why not wait and do the National Reconciliation after the election of 2015. Are we Nuers ready and willing to sacrifice our lives again for Dr.Riek Machar’s presidence in 2015 as we did in 1991? if so, then, we are bloody idiots. Why do we always have to die for one man’s leadership? Are we really Naath or Talibans of South Sudan? Who is benefiting from Dr. Riek Machar’s leadership now? Smart up and Take Care Brothers! May the almighty God of Ngundeng have a mercy on you!

      • Joy Samaya Kimbo says:

        Dear Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,
        I am happy to read your email brother and let me respond a bit. In fact, Riek Machar is not a Nuer leadership as you think. yes, he is from Nuer community like other leaders from South Sudan. He is a political leader of South Sudan and what he has been doing is of benefit all South Sudanese.

        Now it is time for his leadership. You know I am from Equatoria and I love Riek Machar to be a leader of this nation because of his democratic ideals. Those problems you have mentioned were parts of struggle which brought a right to self-determination for our people.

        My friend, I tell you the truth, no more five years for Kiir leadership. He is boring figure and bad leadership. When I was in South Sudan attending a training I was asked if people of South Sudan or SPLM members are ready again to elect Salva Kiir? I told them no. You see our friends are not happy with Kir leadership and they prefer someone else to talk the leadership.

        please, join us to campaign for Dr. Riek Machar. I am even organizing my friends to volunteer for Dr. Riek Machar campaign.

        Thank you, Joy

        • Dear Sister Joy,

          I am totally agreed with you. We surely need the change of the leadership in Juba. However, we must first thank Mr. president Kiir Mayardit for liberating us from the Arabs and their allies, Nyagats (Nuer Militias). The old man, Kiir Mayardit has done his contribution to the people of South Sudan and I want him to go down in the history as a greater fighter and liberator rather than a greedy man who liberated the Country and kept it for himself and his family/relatives as president Robert Mugabe did in Zimbabwe.

          Why do you want to change a boring leader with another boring and confusing leader? Is it because Dr. Riek Machar came from another Bigger tribe Nuer? If this is not the case, then why can we not nominate General James Wani Igga, General O. Mamur, General Oyai Deng Ajak or General Pagan Amum to lead our Country in 2015? I’m sick and tired of the Dinka and Nuer’s leadership in Juba. Let us change it with a good leader that can bring our nation together in peace and unity. I’m campaigning for the leadership of a non-Dinka and non-Nuer in Juba this time.

          Trading Dinka’s leadership with Nuer is just like putting your goats in the Room with Hyenas or Lions. What kind of leadership do you think Dr. Riek Machar can bring to the people of South Sudan in 2015? Please think wisely and don’t make a silly mistake and blame it on Dinka tomorrow.

  17. Dan says:

    Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,
    I like the job you have done by producing some of the prophesies of Ngundeng. I have never been to Unity State, but the last time I looked at the South Sudanese map, Unity State was on the other side of the Nile River and here I mean the Bharelgazel side of it. And if I am right then one of the prophesies is already wrong. The one about top leaders of liberation movement going to die on the Eastside of the Nile. A reliable source told me that Kerubino Kuanyin Bol was killed in Mankien in Unity state , the west side of the Nile River closer to his home state of Warrap. Anyway Ngundeng was without a doubt a great South Sudanese, but we should not be making our own prophesies and claim that they were made by Ngundeng.

  18. Nyachuol wal says:

    Dear brothers, let us debate our state affairs in the way that can benefit us all. The issue of national reconciliation is not bad in the post conflict country like South Sudan and therefore, let us support it because in the end it may benefit our people. The problems which we are facing are beyond the capacity of our leadership and the state. this reconciliation will bring back people like Dr. Lam Akol and other groups who have been seen as our enemies by some people in our government. Indeed, I have been moved by the analysis.

    thank you,
    Nyachuol Wal

    • Nyachuol Wal,
      I don’t think Dr. Lam Akol will risk his life coming to Juba to attend that money-fishing and insincere reconciliation conference of VP Dr. Riek Machar. Will Dr. Riek guarantee the security of Dr. Lam in Juba? Recall what happened to Gabriel Tanginya, Peter Abdulrahaman Sule, George Athor, amongst others. Don’t think Dr. Riek is innocent of all these. He was not happy of reconciliation and presence of Dr. Lam with President Salva Kiir last time in Juba. Why now?

      I am already praying to god of Dendit and Abukdit to send sublimed thunder and lightning on that unfaithful conference hall. I hope Rev. Desmond Tutu and Mr. Tony Blair shall boycott that so-called national reconciliation conference.

      • Joy Samaya Kimbo says:

        Dear Dr. Okuk,
        I always respect your analysis, brother, since I was doing my high school in Ethiopia. Yes, you cannot talk of national reconciliation without the participation of Dr. Lam Akol. I think the government of will guarantee his security because Dr. Akol is a political leader like Salva Kirr and Riek Machar. In fact, Machar is not happy for Dr. Lam Akol to be out of South Sudan. I remembered when Dr. Akol and Dr. Machar came to the Nuer Church in June 2012 and Dr. Akol was given a chance to talk about his coming to Juba and a part of reconciliation with the President with the support of Vice-President Machar.
        Brother, just prayer for our national reconciliation to succeed so that you can also come back to South Sudan and teach at Juba University. We know you are one of South Sudanese political thinker.

        Be well,
        Nyachol Wal

  19. Bol m says:

    First my thanks goes to the editor, he had made a vivid analysis, concerning those who said that national reconciation was criticised without giving recommendations, i urge u to re-read the article of the editor. To some who criticised Dr. okuk, you do not need to do that, because Dr okuk is south sudanese like any one of us and is right to express his political freedom. Regarding the looming rule of Dr Riek, no one can be against him as long as he secure a post of splm chairmanship, because rumour has it that whoever wins wins the party chairmanship will automatically be running for presidency come 2015, so let’s leave that for time to tell it all.

    But some time i may wonder and ask myself, what new things, policies, ideas or whatever u may call them will the 2rd highest ranking man have when he is a president? If he has any, why had he failed to apply some of them now so that south sudanese can cheerish his leadership abilities? I asked those questions because he has more powers that can enable him influence the rest to implement his visions.

    I am not against him but i just wonder why he has not performed. i concur with editor in regards to involving chiefs and presence of so called politicians in their areas to convince people. Foreigners will not do us any good work, let’s apply the experience of wunliet peace conference here.

    To the rest of opinion writers, let’s avoid comments which appear to be like insults, for example, calling some one a rat otherwise, we may be hampering reconciliation already. besides we are discusing national matters which are not in any way personal. God bless our nation

  20. Dear Brother Dan,
    Thank you for the acknowledgement. Please be informed that I’m a die hard supporter and true believer of the Prophet Ngundeng,Peace Be Upon Him. In this regard, I would be naive to make a prophesy on his behalf. All the prophesies that I mentioned here on this forum were truly stated by the Prophet Ngundeng,Peace Be Upon Him.

    Brother, I have no intention or interest to make my own prophesy and claim it to be Ngundeng’s. This would not be a wise thing for me to do on behalf of my prophet Ngundeng. If I do it for any reason known to you, it would be regarded as a serious disrespect to my beloved Prophet Ngundeng, Peace Be Upon Him .What do you think I would gain from making false prophesies on behalf of the Prophet Ngundeng? A fame or a blessing?

    Please be informed that Ngundeng was not a God himself rather he was just a prophet like those white prophets you adore dearly. As a prophet, his Prophesies would not be as accurate as God’s. However most of Ngundeng’s prophesies have become reality in South Sudan. It was very unfortunate that Ngundeng grew up in the time when his followers or believers were iliterates and the communities or tribes were violent and defiant. Therefore there were no records or books written about the Prophet Ngundeng’s spiritual work and his prophesies.

    Due to iliteracy in that time,The prophet Ngundeng put most of his prophesies in songs so that people could remember them. Most of his prophesies were sang in Thong Naath, the Nuer Language but they were not meant to be for the Nuer tribe alone. They were meant to be for all the tribes and people of the South. However some Nuer brothers such as Peter Madual and Gatwech’s type thought and decided that the Prophet

    The Prophet Ngundeng did not raise anybody from the grave, yet he was one of the greatest prophet in the world.

  21. Bol Bol says:

    Thank you Okuk! There are people who can promote unity but not Riek Machar. He is wasting his time for nothing.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Mr. Bol Bol,
      Who are these people who can promote unity you are talking about? Where have they been? Why would they want to promote peace right now when they never thought of it? Stop flattering yourself. If Dr. Riek is wasting his time, so be it. What is mind boggling though is where are these people you are referring to?

  22. Thiang Geka says:

    Dr. Machar belief in a national reconcilation is good and progressive. The analysis of this website Editor according to my understanding after having read it, is solely blaming him (Riek) for not vocalizing and opposing both current and the past inhuman activities of land grabbing, corruption and marginalization of all sorts supposedly in CPA era or over the last nine years. And it might partly and basically be in that way, because Dr. Machar knows or can speaks in Bari, Lotuka, Azande and Acholi (etc) languages very fluently equally as he words in his mother tougue, so he could help them. Now that we left Khartoum and Juba is standing independently, thus justice where is it? I can side with any person on this opinion that Riek needs at this time around to call for not only National Reconciliation just, but should work decisively for Equatorians and the rest who are being kept aside (by who?) I will say that!

    • Dear Thiang Geka,
      Please let us not beat around the Bush. Your Uncle Dr. Riek Machar does not need to be a Bari, Lotuka, Azande and Acholi speaker to provide good services or leadership to the people. We understand him clearly when he speaks in Arabic, Nuer and English. What we don’t understand in him is his policies, actions and love for the Country and Non-Nuer tribes. His Policies, Political ideology and actions do not ring a bell in our innocent ears. Please take your Uncle home and make him a paramount Chief of Nuer because he is not fit to lead the nation. Thanks, brother and take care.

      • Thiang Geka says:

        If Dr. Machar could have been among those leaders who can be sent home to become paramount chief then South Sudan may be heading to unknown destination. I’m sorry, you wouldn’t drag me into your (garang) hatred and useless belief that a president of SS should only come from one tribe (Bor) which had been sown in you by late dictator Garang de mabior.
        Equatorians, even others, are now suffering as if they didn’t participate in liberation of this country, do you think God will come in spirit and save them? Who tells you that the candidates for presidency have been made known for the public? Then, why don’t you eat your God-given money in peace until they (candidates) appear and critize Dr. Riek should he happen to be among them?
        Who knows may be the SPLM party is going to give its presidential ticket to Dr. Lado Gore, Maboto Mamur or any body else that party will bestow to take the ticket.
        On the other the hand, Dr. Peter A. Sule and Dr. Lam and Eng. Chol Tong Mayay, these are an example of those who can fit to be president. I cannot waste my time reasoning why and how Dr. Machar could become, because he is known countrywide not by Thiang Geka alone but the people of SS will know who should fit to preside them after two year time from now as they did in 2010 elections.
        So, Mr Garang, whether you like it or not I think the situation and enviroment will not help. Thanks

        • Dear Brother, Thiang Geka,
          Please let the truth speak for itself. Dr. Riek Machar has been known worldwide since the Nasir defection and the Massacre of the poor, innocent Dinka Bor people. The very powerful and educated man (Kuormadiit) has turned out to be illiterate and bewildered. The Uncle is presently in need of a small spiritual spear, Wut Nuer (beads) to put on his neck and a dead lion’s or cow’s tail to be used for blessing or chasing away flies and go to Bor and apologize to those orphans/widows whose love ones were massacred during the Nasir Madness.

          Yes, I agreed with you that the leadership or presidency of South Sudan should go to the Non Dinkas and Non Nuer this time around and I sincerely seconded the people you have mentioned above. They will indeed bring changes and great leadership to our People in South Sudan. General Kiir should step down and move to his home town Akon, Warrap State, because he has done his job well by liberating us from the Arabs. The man has been fighting for our liberation since Anyanya 1. We should thank him for his great deeds and let him go home in Peace and harmony.

          Please add the names of the following Heros on the list of the pontential leaders or presidents of the RSS for 2015 Cde Pagan Amum, Cde.Oyai Deng Ajak and Cde. James Wani Igga. Although the Dinkas fought to bring the CPA, Referendum and independence of the RSS, I don’t want them to squander the national resources and wealths of the nation by themselves. Every South Sudanese should have a share in our national government and resources or wealths.

          Dr. Lam Akol and Eng.Chol Tong Mayay have both failed the people of Lakes and South Sudan. Therefore, they are not fit to lead the nation. They are even wost than Dr. Riek Machar in term of leadership. Tell them to purchase a fishing net and boat and then move to the Nile River to fish for the people of South Sudan. They are good for nothing except feeding their own big bellies. Take care brother and don’t gamble with the lives of South Sudanese. We deserve something better as people.

          • Thiang Geka says:

            Garang, you’ve stated right that Dr. Machar is known not only in SS, but also worldwide for his famous defection from New Sudan Vision (United Sudan) to South Sudan Independence (Nasir-Self-Determination) that is the first admission to the fact. However, one thing you should know, White Army is available near you there if you want to revenge for alleged Bor massacre you can go to them.
            Who was accountable for Gajaak Massacre in 1984? You can answer this question! I don’t insult people, So, I cannot reply yours.
            Yes, James Wani Igga and the rest are the true leaders not RULERS.
            Note: Any leader now in South Sudan who adopted the criminal, dictator, tribalist and all sorts of devilish acts or killing-minds like Late Dr. Garang will never be the first top leader here in SS, but may in New Sudan (Khartoum) which is being said to have not yet been achieved.

  23. Peter Madual says:

    Dr. James Okuk,
    you have been behaving very oddly. Why do you quite often try to belittle Dr. Machar efforts?! First, Dr. Riek is a victim of scapegoating. Please don’t blame him- it’s not his fault. You can hardly blame Pagam Amum and Peter Aduak so long as they were the people who expelled Dr. Lam from the SPLM party and not Riek Machar or Salva Kiir.
    Second, Pagan Amum himself had conspired to allegedly assassinate Dr. Lam Akuol in 2010 in Malakal. Third, every body knows that the Shilluk leaders were bickering about who could deliver good services to their master. Pagan Amum always impressed on Dinka leaders. In fact, he made sacrifices to appease the master.
    Of course Kiir will have to choose between the two of them and finally, Dr Machar is a nationalist leader. He is very proud of the independence of south Sudan and believing it is better for our people to reconcile peacefully. Unlike, self-seekers or self-hatred who try to destabilize our beloved country.

  24. Poeple of South Sudan, any idea that produce peace let us support it. we do not have time to waste in criticizing each other. Some of us think of themselves as well educated. Well, why are you still talking about tribalism?
    We Southerners already knew that is our main problem. If we don’t unite and work together we will fail for good.
    You can disagree with me but, during the civil war when SPLA was divided they were losing the territories they have occupied until they united, that is when they took back what they lost and won more.
    Dinka, you need to know that South Sudan is for all of us. That is the fact, forget about fake superiority. A lot of you who are educated but, are still having that sick mentality of been better than all the Southerners.

  25. Peter Madual says:

    Dr. Okuk,
    you are wrong. Machar is not against Lam-Kiir reconciliation, Pagan and Dr. Peter Nyaba instead. As you well know that the two gentlemen are totally undermined Dr. Lam’s leadership within Shiluk tribe. The fact is, there are two main foes in the SPLM/SPLM-DC ongoing power struggle within Shilluk politicians: Pagan Amum, Gen. O. Jack and Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba on one hand Dr. Lam Akol and Dr. James Okuk on the other.
    Dr. James, if I were you, I’d get Pagan and Lam together to sit down and reconcile so that all Chollo politicians who are stuck in limbo now can come together again in stead of blaming others or point the finger at others.

  26. Deng says:

    Dear Editor,
    we need to learn to question the questionable not the unquestionable, I have just scanned your article since I don’t read all writings mired with hatred, rogue language or violently worded.
    In this article, you asked three questions regarding what you refer to as the so-called national reconciliation that; what are the motivations for it? who is supposed to be reconciled with who? and thirdly what are the right modalities for achieving a comprehensive national reconciliation?
    This third question contradicts the first two because it validates the necessity for reconciliation because you’ve even inadvertently talked of the atrocities which you incorrectly referred to as sins instead of using the legal term (atrocities) committed by the SPLA/M in the past, a point on which I do agree with you.
    I do concur with you given that I was a bush-boy until I became a bush-man (Jiech al amer first and then Jiech al aswot), and I can not afford to dispute the alleged atrocities you branded as sins. I hope you were a guerrilla too. By using a religious word (sins), I am wondering if you want those who allegedly committed those crimes to be tried in heaven after their death?
    Unfortunately in my opinion, you are well educated for nothing, you are no different from those individuals whose writings are ever punctuated with hatred, using rogue language often violently wording their articles.
    Sir, (Editor), to mitigate the gravity of your mentality, you and those of your likes should be referred to Bishop Desmond Tutu to teach you the fundamentals of universal brotherhood (peaceful existence of mankind without distinction of race, tribe or clan). The Vice president you are attacking is trying to exhaust all available avenues for conflict resolution, you are part of that group which kept saying; the time for reconciliation is not yet, there will never be time when there will be time.

    Editor’s reply: I called their crimes sins because of the unlikelihood that the vice-president and others wont be taken to court of law. The Desmond Tutu modality of national reconciliation being copied by Machar is not to prosecute our SPLM/A ruling ‘liberators/murderers’ but to make them publicly confess and then apologize for their past and present crimes.

    • GatChawearbol says:

      Dr. Riek Machar vs. Dr. Lam Akol,

      Let us assume that the two gentlemen are to run for the upcoming presidential election. Who would be the lesser devil to elect to the office? Since we all know their backgrounds, it would not be so difficult to pick the lesser evil. I await your opinion. By the way, I am hoping that in the upcoming election, Dr. Lam will run again for the top position. Anyone knows if he is planning on contesting for this position again?

      I also hope that Dr. Machar secures the SPLM candidacy and not Salva Kiir again that way, we can see who can win that election and winner would be the lesser of the two devils.

  27. GatChawearbol,
    It seems that you are asking the South Sudanese on how they want to die and which disease will they choose to kill them between Aids and Cancer. To me, Dr. Riek Machar is like Aids which is incurable but can kill you after 10 years or so depending on your body’s immune system and Dr. Lam Akol is a Cancer that can be cured or it can kill you faster.

    Brother, I will choose to die with Aids and that means that I can put up with Dr. Riek Machar knowing that I will be dead in 10 years time or so. There is no certainty in Cancer as an illness. Therefore, I could die today or survive the Cancer and live longer. I would not choose to gamble with my live or put the entire nation in limbo. Due to lack of certainty, I would not Vote for Dr. Lam Akol for the fear that he will take South Sudan back to Khartoum and sell it for his retirement pension. I will definitely vote for Dr. Riek Machar Juba and I hope he will not take South Sudan back to Khartoum because Dinka has let him taste the freedom and the benefit of being a first class Citizen and a leader in your own Country.

  28. Gatkuoth Lok says:

    I think National Reconciliation is a necessity to contain the challenges which seem to derail the country to bewilderment. However; the problem harbored by the editor of this article appears to me to be a mere fight to who this National Reconciliation achievements be attributed to. The author implicitly answered the VP. Machar. Based upon this our good editor in a willy lily manner chose to vilify THE SELF DETERMINATION CHAMPION: MACHAR’S NAME. I respect his opinion still, but there is no need to worry of who will be the beneficiaries of these efforts since you know on your own that south sudanese are the ones to benefit from this.
    Besides, you have committed almost every type of fallacy in your article, you write in style of Dr Adok Nyaba of which no one on earth can do good thing, only himself, through inference is the God-given virtuous human person to survive with no single mistake, which Dr. James Okuk, could not tell you since you opt to put some stain on Machar’s name whom he sees as an obstacle to Dr. Akol. Yet the books you chose to quote are not well written since the one of Nyaba was his confession when he erroneously went back to Garang’s side leaving Macher’s side. The other one being called Emma’s War was also a product of Emma’s opponent who voluntarily chose the name of the book from the strictures leveled against Machar’s opposition of Garang’s vision of New Sudan which became impossible and Machar’s secession became salvific to all south sudanese of different walks of life with exception of the SPLM- hardline- version members who still are sympathizers of those of Malik Agar and Yasser Saeed Arman in the North Sudan. Hence, in short, these books need Critiques on them.
    Dear editor, you are badly subjective instead to be objective that is expected of you. Superficiality is not to be brought forth as such rather the reverse is better off.

    • Dan says:

      Gatkuoth Lok,
      You are debating here with some of the most well informed South Sudanese. So, do not lie or make up things. When you said Riek Machar brought Self Determination, did you mean through Khartoum Peace Agreement? If your answer is yes, why then did he join those who were still fighting Khartoum government instead of them joining him?
      You are having a go at the Editor of this website for pointing out the loop holes in that so-called National Reconciliation, but how do you reconcile people when tribalists like you are still bragging about the genocide you committed against innocent civilians not long ago?
      The idea of reconciliation itself is not bad, but you got to prepare the ground for it to be successful and not just rushing it for someone feeling good with himself. The vice president may need to start by educating some members of his community not to remind the survivors how their beloved ones were killed.

  29. Thiang Geka says:

    Gatkuoth! You have put it (everything) straight, so just do that, but not for a while!

  30. Tut k says:

    To all you those who talk Dr machar will not be president of south sudan for 2o15 election, shame on you. He must be your president whether by peace or by force even he will the one who going to chose his vp.

    • Lam Jok says:

      I think some of you may missed the point in explaining of being weak, because in any human nature one can be weak and strong in some aspect because nobody could be 100% capable in everything. Riek could be weak in some points and can be strong or good in some areas.
      In particular Riek believe in humanity that he see all humans are the some, he can allow democracy to flow everywhere in the south. Second, nepotism could be less and i believe he cannot use force to dictate others, he did not believe in authoritative system that others leaders think could be use to keep them in power for life.
      Lam J

  31. Lam says:

    I think some of you may missed the point in explaining of being weak, because in any human nature one can be weak and strong in some aspect because nobody could be 100% capable in everything. Riek could be weak in some points and can be strong or good in some areas .
    in particular Riek believe in humanity that he see all humans are the some, he can allow democracy to flow everywhere in the south. second, nepotism could be less and i believe he cannot use force to dictate others, he did not believe in authoritative system that others leaders think could be use to keep them in power for life.
    Lam J

  32. Dear Lam Jok,

    If Dr. Riek Machar believes in humanity and he sees all humans the same, then why did he order his Nuer followers to massacre Dinka Bor people in 1992? Is Dr. Riek Machar is the only person that Nuer people look up to for the leadership of South Sudan? I wonder, why you Naath people stuck with Dr. Riek Machar while there are so many brilliant and educated Nuers that can bring good leadership and unity among the people of South Sudan.
    Please, replace this fat, old man, Dr.Riek Machar with Mr. Peter Lam Both. This young man is not well known in the Naath Community, yet he is a great leader. He has some leadership quality and charisma that Dr. Riek Machar does not possess. He has the potential to lead the new nation to the promise land. Please take my advice and attempt to bring up this young man in your community.
    Please don’t ignore Mr. Peter Lam Both like the way your ancestors ignored the Prophet Ngundeng when he appeared as a Prophet in the Naath land. It was the Dinka that came to value and adore the Prophet Ngundeng when your ancestors, the Naath people rejected him from the beginning. Mr. Peter Lam Both is the former minister of information in the Upper Nile State but he is currently working in the Central government in Juba. He is the husband of Late William Nyuon Bany’s Daughter. Peter Lam Both could be a great leader for the Naath Community and also for the people of South Sudan. Tough Luck with your confused leader, Uncle Riek Machar Teny!

  33. Tuty world says:

    To you dear lukudu garang,
    i know that you are wrong type of dinka, do not misuse this name Gatkuoth and listen to my advise. you çan not bussified your self talking so much about Dr Riek. why the rest of south sudanese tribes are not crying for your bad leadership? bear in mind you bor are not only important people in south sudan and do not bring us back the memmory of 1992 if it has satisfied you we will give you another lesson that you will never forget. you try to show us our man, peter lam. we know him, he’s Nuer by origin he is not Dinka bor.

    • Domac says:

      Dear fellow citizens, you need to be aware of who is the real man of the people of South Sudan and who’s not, who is the betrayer. Warning, don’t get confuse between evil and human in coming election. What I know so far in 2015 election, all the former nyagats and pro-Arab will be down. No chance for nyagats to rule. If nyagats want to start ethnic war again, it is ok, bring it on, you will end up signing survival agreement in Khartoum like your uncle Riek signed 1997 when he got defeated by the spla/m. Remember that, you start it and we finish it.

  34. Tuty world says:

    Dear fellow citizen Domac,
    2015 is too far from now and let me tell you this, take it as a secret, when the time comes the right man with enough qualification must win and will be your president too. for s.s citizen this chance is yours, the peaceful man is coming and Dr machar will let you to exercise your freedom because he is the man of equality and he believes in democracy. he does not condone tribalism or corruption. you Domac s.s can enjoy except you along with your bor group. if you are not happy leave the county or hang up yourself.

  35. Makur Panyon says:

    Dear countrymen,
    It is heartbreaking to hear you debating on tribal lines. those stereotypes that Nuer are this, Dinkas are that and Equatorian are bad won’t help us. leadership is determined by God, not single person will imposed him/herself to rule South Sudan until mandated by almighty God. It is my wishes that all tribes rule this country to see their ability and equity to expedite the development of our country.

    Forthcoming election will not be a one-man race, i think you might have learned from Kenya where eight candidates ran for presidency. National cake is always contestable, we did respond to national call to vote overwhelmingly for our party SPLM candidate prior to referendum that followed.
    Now as an independent State, we are subjected to all exercises like free and fair election, referendum, presidential run-off in case if all candidates fall short of 50+ 1 vote, and above all welcome or embrace the elected leaders regardless of their political/religious affiliation.

    Gubernatorial victory of Cde. Bangasi Bakasoro of Western Equatoria and other MPs at different level of parliament on independent tickets are the indicators of a true democratic country.

  36. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dr. Riek Machar’s Candidacy for 2015.

    Rumor has it that Dr. Riek Machar has declared his candidacy for 2015 presidential race. Whether it is good news or bad one is left for you to judge. I, being one of the supporters of Dr. Riek Machar not because he is from my tribe (Nuer), but because of his ideology think that it good news. I know my brothers and sisters who invented the term Nyagat will not vibe with it. That is ok because each is entitled to his or her own opinion regardless of what others think.

    Million congratulations to Dr. Machar for making his position known. It is time to prepare for the big day in two year’s time.

  37. Domac says:

    Mr Tuty world,
    good to hear your secret that Mr Riek Machar has declared his candidacy for presidential election 2015 and also you said, Mr Riek Machar will win election whether Dinka like it or not. Wow, my friend Tuty World, did Mr Riek win defection ethnic war in 1991-7 or did he achieve self-determination from 1997 due in 2001? If not, then what makes you so optimistic about his political charisma, to make you be sure that he is going to win the election without support from Dinka?

    Let me assure you that no non-Dinka can win presidential race without help from Monyjieng. Seem to me that Nuer community have no capable leaders who can run for presidency except Riek. Dinka decline Riek leadership, we know who is Riek, just a Loser!!! You know what, in upcoming election Dinka will endorse an Equatorian candidate for presidency. We shall see who will win the election. Riek Machar vs Equatorian, SPLM nominee, will be amusing.

  38. GatCharwearbol says:


    Dr. Riek can be whatever he wants to be without Dinka help. He had obtained his PhD without Dinka help and he will be our next president without Dinka help. If you think that no one can be president without Dinka, then you are lying big time to yourself. Many Arabs have been President of Sudan in the face of Dinka and no Dinka ever been the president of Sudan and you are the biggest tribe in the whole Sudan, what does that tell you?

    If Jallab can do that to you, what about the southerners who know you head to toe? Believe me, the next president is either going to Dr. Riek Machar or Equatoria man not because of Dinka, it is because God has designed the position for that individual. And why would you want to endorse Equatorian candidate when you take the presidency over again?

    If you Dinka can do anything without other tribes in Sudan, let us see if the next President is going to be Dinka. Kiir is the last Dinka to rule.

  39. Tuty world says:

    for your citizenship information Dr riek is not alone among Naath tribe. we have so many people that can be able to rule the nation but they let machar to be the first and he will be your president whether Garang had taught you with wrong idealogy because John garang does not like any educated people like Dr machar and he does not like advise from other people.
    and let me ask a question: why majority of Dinka do not like Dr Riek? It’s because he fought against late dictator Garang.

  40. Dan says:

    Do your research again brother. The so called Arabs in Sudan do not only claim to be more than Dinka in population, but more than all Southerners. Coming to Riek Machar PhD, it is not a requirement for leadership. What you need for the leadership I guess is a vision. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying Riek has no vision, I just want to correct the irrelevant. When you say Salva Kiir will be the last Dinka president of South Sudan, is it what the constitution said or what do you mean? Remember we are supposed to be a democracy and in democracy leaders are elected and not imposed.
    Brother, you need to abandon that 1991 mentality which still haunts Riek Machar’s political career. Violence does not favour any particular group of people.

  41. Domac says:

    dear fellow citizens, let me assure you that if Mr Riek Machar becomes the next president after 2015 election, the whole world will turn upside down and the sun will rise from the west and set in the East. those who keep their hopes on Mr Riek’s Leadership must bury their heads in sand now. Dinka Quotation saying, maath nyan de aci wel piou ke ci yok. mean that, you are trying something impossible. Mr Riek Machar Aci wel piou ke ci yok.

  42. Tuty world says:

    Do not collaborate or talk so much on Dr Riek, the 2015 election is known to every body in the whole world not s.s alone. Dr machar must be a president of this nation, nobody can deny and your noise will show nothing, u will be like a barking dog with a rope on it’s neck. listen if u prepare for war the white army are ready because all s.s citizens have known that you are doing corruption and discrimination in the goverment as a long term planing and your work done is zero. machar must be and the peace supporters will sing a song in Naath language which is the official language in s.s.

  43. Domac says:

    Tuty world,
    in any democratic election, any candidate with majority votes is the winner. the point is, the population of South Sudan is (8,260,490) out of that Dinka is 4,572,374 millions, constituting about 53% of the South Sudan population. Even though, if Mr Riek make coalition with Equatorians, still he can’t make it to compete with Dinka candidate. do you realize it? anyway, this time Dinka will be fair, but Dinka will still pick the next candidate, could be James Hoth, James Wani, Joseph Bakosoro, Taban Deng, Nhial Deng, Majak Agot and so on, Dinka will support them 100%.

    do you real know Mr Riek very well? I mean, his vision. or do you just defend him because he is Nuer? my friend, I know Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon more than you do and I will release his speeches and what he did from August 1991 to 2001 but not now, in a year’s time. you keep talking about white army, but they are nothing, just Nuer. you know what, we defeated Any Nya II and again we defeated Riek militiamen. if you want to challenge the SPLA forces again for third times, you are more than welcome in a battlefield. don’t be a mad dog.

  44. Anei says:

    The editor has touched the point of concerned. Truly speaking, many people have been asking about the importance of the so called national reconciliation project that became the notion of the day and what are the contents of it since many outstanding problems are not addressed by the government (the VP is the 2nd in leadership). The government is supposed to address the current insecurity in the country and the worsening standard of living, corruption, deteriorating policies on higher education, tribalism etc………….but not jump uphill………..!

  45. Daniel says:

    I agree with Mr Kuk that Dr Riek should be ashamed of himself because he is the cause of the division we have today in the South Sudan. There is no way Riek should lead the national reconciliations in South Sudan, instead of handing himself over to ICC to be tried for the crimes he committed during the war. This guy is not apologetic for the damages he had done to the people of South Sudan in general. The wounds he caused will not be healed unless he apologies to the nations and not to lead the national reconciliation.

  46. Tuty world says:

    Mr Daniel, i think u did not get the point if u know u can not support what mr james okuk said because he is not s.s by citizenship and where is his house? he just a foreigner.

  47. King Baai says:

    Dear South Sudanese,
    Dr. Riek Machar is the next President of the Republic of South Sudan. I would like to advice you that a simple man should not try to oppose the nature because own political maneuvering/ interest in this corrupt country. It wouldn’t be a country this way, if Salva Kiir continues ruling this country. Simple advice, please!


  48. Tit says:

    What’s happening here? Is such argument not going to be against ourselves some day?

  49. GatCharwearbol says:

    Comrade Daniel,

    You should know that Dr. Riek came up the idea of National Reconciliation and he knows better why he wants it to be carried out. Those whom you illogically want to lead the nation reconciliation have no idea of what to do.

    The originator is the correct person to lead the way since he knows exactly what needs to be achieved and how to communicate it to the people who need it dearly. If your Uncle, Salva Kiir is in his correct state of mind, he should let Dr. Machar finishes the job he initiated. But because he is being misled by stooges in his office, he has been making mistake after mistake. Yanking Dr. Machar out of the national reconciliation initiative is one of the worse things he has done so far.

    Because Dr. Machar differs in ideology with Dr. John Garang is not a justifiable reason to make him a bad person. Get that into your shallow brain. South Sudan needs unselfish leader and Dr. Machar clearly resonates with that requirement.

  50. sense says:

    I can not imagine why, with so much education, we limit ourselves and see through the lenses of Tribalism only. Most South Sudanese blindly tend to support their tribes mates. What a shame. I do not see anybody that could be next great leader for South Sudan. We’re not lucky; Garang Died.

  51. Tuty world says:

    To u my dear citizen mr sense let me ask u a simple question how old re u because u talk like infant u don’t know garang was the cause of every thing, he is a basic cause major cause and the root cause and he is the man of tribalist

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