Nomination of 28 States’ Governors: Does this mean the Peace Agreement is dead or still alive?

By: J. Nguen, Dec/27/2015, SSN;

As the world awoke to the news that President Salva Kiir of South Sudan has nominated governors of the controversial 28 States and the decree was televised on nation’s owned TV on the 24 of Dec. 2015, the world was profoundly shocked and citizens were deeply shaken and dumbfounded. The news was in-dignifying, unexpected and unwelcome.

Partners in the peace agreement and those who supported the peace agreement from the onset and wished normalcy to return to South Sudan after peace was signed in August 2015 were reported terribly disappointed by the development.

The declaration of 28 States’ governors leave everyone second guessing because the move begged the question whether the signed agreement is dead or alive? This simple question haunts South Sudanese populace.

For example, across the globe uncertainty is the order of the day. Before the declaration of 28 States’ governors, there were hopes that peace was nearing and senseless death shall soon cease in South Sudan. With the surprising decree, these very hopes are dashed.

Besides, question of trust and reliability on President Salva Kiir also emerged. Both at global stage, regional arenas and national circles, Kiir’s controversial decision proved that Mr. President is unreliable and can’t be trusted.

For instance, Kiir signed the Compromised Peace Agreement in August 2015 in presence of heads of States and delegations to witness and affirm his commitment and the accord is based on the ten States.

Therefore, with the establishment of 28 States and their administrative governments, Kiir has clearly violated the Compromised Peace Agreement and showed his dishonesty to the heads of States who witnessed and served as guarantors.

Kiir’s move is a far-fetched decision as far as the agreement and trust and honesty are concerned.

Without sugarcoating the agreement with “defunct” ten States means the agreement is dead. There is no shred of meat left to salvage for peace implementation, so to speak.

The covenant was brutally wounded by Kiir’s order and died overnight when Kiir named governors of 28 States on Christmas Eve.

No “African God(s)” will rescue and restore this broken covenant without restoring the ten States status in the country. In retrospect, the move proved Kiir’s previous statement that the compromise peace agreement was neither “the Bible nor Quran” and ought to be dishonored.

Thus, a repetition of an infamous statement which once trashed 1972 Addis Ababa agreement. A historical agreement aimed to resolve Sudan’s first civil war of Anya-Nya I.

History is repeating itself, but the only slight difference is that Sudan was not sectioned up into tribal enclaves in 1972. Hence, the abrogation of the agreement by President Kiir followed the same trajectory.

To my readers, the surest thing to share is that the covenant which was negotiated and signed in Addis and Juba respectively is broken and “no-more” unless President Salva Kiir revereed the 28 States.

No matter what, the implementation will not materialized in the letter to the agreement without the ten States. However, the sad part is, 28 States is a sure path to balkanization of South Sudan.

Though in the next few days, President Kiir will still claim his failed government’s readiness to implementing the peace agreement, this would be a lie.

Also, I heard Gen. Taban Deng, Dr. Dhieu Mathok and Mabior Garang of the SPLM/A–IO tried to be politically correct and sugarcoating the violation of the agreement. Both gentlemen underplayed the seriousness on the hole pierced through the accord on the pretext of not to give warmongers in the government a chance to bank on. However, such position will soon fade and reality will hit with deadly blows.

I repeat, as far as the peace agreement is concerned there is no peace if ten States do not exist. The Resolution on the South Sudan Conflict will never materialize without them as reference in the devolution and share of powers between partners in peace during the transitional government.

The IO need their fair share from the ten States. In the agreement it’s clearly articulated that it’s IO’s mandate to nominate governors of Upper Nile and Unity States from its ranks and files. Without this, there is no peace and no matter how much we can be politically correct.

However, it appears that without 28 States in place, Salva Kiir is not going to relent. Then, deadlock is ensued. Therefore, out of this mess, the SPLM/A–IO is now banking on the JMEC’s President Mr. Festus Mogae with unstoppable intervention.

Though hope is not a strategy, the IO is hoping that Mr. Mogae will perform some mysterious miracle blessed by an “African God” and thus will make Salva Kiir relent and withdraw order of 28 States.

On the civil side of things, the declaration of 28 States’ governors by president was a “nasty bitter Christmas Gift” to the people of South Sudan during this “holiday season.” This is one of the last things my people expected and would like to hear.

Not only that, the declaration of 28 States’ governors by President Salva Kiir is also a spat in the face of the IGAD–Plus, AU, Troika, EU, UN and JMEC, respectively. This is why I strongly believe what Mabior Garang, Dr. Dhieu and Gen. Taban is unrealistic. First off, who the heck is JMEC’s president alone for President Salva Kiir to listen to after all?

For example, Kiir has declared war in the form of nominating governors of 28 States in the presence of JMEC knowing quite well that JMEC’s heads and other partners in the peace agreement must be represented in any decision making process moving forward especially when peace was signed. Kiir didn’t care and gave a shit.

So, this is self-evident that JMEC and other partners in peace means nothing to President Kiir. In their face, Kiir made unilateral decision without regard of their inputs. Thus I see no chance Salva Kiir is conceding on the issue of 28 States come rain or sunshine if no tangible action is taken.

Another lame argument that I can see on the pipeline is the constitution review committee as an option to supersede Kiir’s creation of 28 States. Some think that the constitution review committee will fix President Kiir’s mischief.

If this thinking indeed exists among some partners in peace, I should say this is one of the poorest thought out frame of resolution.

Banking on the constitution review committee is nothing short than pure surrender. The fact is President Kiir will still chisel his way through using decree methodology.

So, if Kiir can use decree now, what is that unquestionable logic at hand which will prevent him from decreeing out any attempts to remove any constitutional clause on the 28 States? In my view, nothing of course.

Regarding Troika, AU, EU, IGAD-Plus and the UN, I feel sorry for them simply because President Kiir has betrayed them. These actors have worked extremely hard both financially and physically to ensure South Sudan return to normalcy.

Unfortunately, it appears that their hard work and contributions were rendered useless and trashed before sunset on the December 24, 2015. A man whom some have once called legitimate and elected President of South Sudan made their hard work and contributions obsolete. What a shame!

For the last 2 years, civil war in South Sudan has caused irreversible damage both socially, culturally, economically, politically, and above all on humans’ lives. After momentous glimpse of hope, President Kiir has once again declared continuation of war over peace. That say Kiir wanted more innocent lives to be wasted except his own. The surest way to do so is the recent nomination of 28 States’ governors.

With this mind, there is a need to call for calm but condemn Kiir’s decision in strongest terms possible and strong statement that it must be reversed by all sound minded human beings.

To exert more pressure on Salva Kiir, the writer recommended to IGAD-Plus, AU, Troika, UN and JMEC to perform the following steps:

1. The IGAD-Plus, AU, Troika, EU, UN and JMEC must condemn President Kiir’s unilateral decision and give him (Salva) an ultimatum to withdraw the order.
2. Former president of Botswana, Mr. Festus Mogae must call off all JMEC’s meetings until former notice.
3. The IGAD-Plus and partners must convene an emergence meeting and the agenda must include to urge the Republic of Sudan to withhold the transit of South Sudan’s oil from passing through her territory.
4. The Troika, EU, IGAD–Plus and other world governments must cut diplomatic ties, government to government trades and aides to the government of South Sudan.
5. It’s on public domain that South Sudan has pre-sold its oil to unknown buyers, but, it’s strongly recommended that any South Sudan’s oil shipments on route to the international markets be confiscated and sold and its proceeds held in escrow and used for humanitarian purposes to rescue and feed starving civil population in the country.
6. The IGAD–plus and partners must also impose economic sanctions, armed embargo, targeted individuals sanctions and financial freeze and recovery on those who obstruct peace in South Sudan.

These six items, if implemented, I believe will starve Kiir’s government’s finances and ensure her compliance to the term of the peace agreement without firing a bullet and which may put innocent lives at risk.

J. Nguen is a concerned South Sudanese citizen living in Canada. He can be reached at


  1. Beek says:

    Our brothers in Sudan are now tumbling because in few years we will be able to produce many things like Watermelons,Sesames,Dura,Tomatoes,Green,dry beans, peanuts.lentil,rice oranges,Lemons and more.

  2. Gatdarwich says:

    Killer NyanKiir and the Jiengs extremists are in the deep shit holes, and they unmistakably know it.
    So, killer NyanKiir’s decreeing of more states creations and appointments of 28 pseudos-governors is simply the manifestation of the quivery resulting from the carnage they caused, and still actively causing in South Sudan period.

  3. Gatdarwich says:


    You’re absolutely correct bro!
    Killer NyanKiir’s and cohorts are not for peaceful resolution of their meticulously engineered and implemented carnage in South Sudan period.
    So, I believe TRIOKA are fully aware of this fact, and Gatdarwich believe that TRIOKA aren’t spending billions of their payers’ dollars in feeding killer NyanKiir’s war victims in vain, but have concrete plans to decisively and swiftly dealt with killer NyanKiir’s madness when it is conducive to do so.
    Nguen, attempting to subdue-tame a fully qualified marksmanship mad dog that has it claws fully clutched on M249s/240- M-19s, in a populated areas, need skillful approaches that involves paddling and patting!
    Let killer NyanKiir creates 63 states and appointments 63 governors with the worthless decree!
    It’s all good for him and cohorts because such highly non-implementable actions would undeniably gives them false sense of solid security-irreversible historical achievements and victories period

  4. Francis mangok says:

    James Nguen,

    South Sudan is not belonging to Troika, EU,AU,IGAD or UN, but belong to South Sudanese . As independence thinker, I think agreement is still alive because 28 State Governors are South Sudanese, but not foreign. Please, allow those advance teams in Juba to continue. Join them if you want the stability of our country. Ignore the appointment of 28 Governors.

    James Nguen, You should have to understand in this world, a person starts job on the lower level and keeps working up. Why do not we learn that? In our country everybody want to start at top level and that is what put us into this situation. Mr. Nguen stop discouraging our peacemakers let them continue negotiating. Continuing war is not the best, but peace is the only alternative and solution. Our children and women are suffering a lot under trees in South Sudan and neighbor countries.

    Mr.Nguen we are in Canada let us stop this negative thought and attitude . As a peace lover, I think our job is to preach love, peace and unity because we are intellectuals and besides we learn about the important of humanity. Do not put your interest first before people, our people are suffering a lot please we need the peace.

    I do not think the appointment of 28 state governors is problem, but our interest is the problem and that is why we failed. We should have to stop fighting for leadership and power, but let us fight for peace and development. Without peace there will be no development. God bless South Sudan.

  5. Deng Monymor says:

    James Nguen,

    Does your mouth and your brain really work together? Reading your piece, I realized that you are ill-informed about international politics. What you called international community is nothing but international interests; in other words, it means that these groups are not involved in South Sudan’s problem because of the well-being of this nation but for their own interests. For some mysterious endeavor however, it is clear from your thinking that you have no idea of this fact, which makes me believe the assertion that “irrelevant education produces irrelevant thinking and therefore solves no problem at all.” As a case in point, you happen to live in one of Western countries and yet you do not understand their politics with regard to Africa. Again, the so-called Troika countries are nothing but another 1885 Berlin Conference on South Sudan.

    Here on the ground, there is immense jubilation because SPLM’s Philosophy of moving “Town to the People” has been fulfilled and more of its other philosophies are going to be fulfilled in the near future. Jubilantly for me, I celebrated the fulfillment of this philosophy some few hours ago with a bowl of Wal-wal, made by a blessing hands of Nyimaar (my sister), in front of me right here in Nasir, Latjor State. Everybody is happy and jubilant, even Norway, one of the so-called Troika countries has endorsed the appointment of 28 governors, and so your call to your international community to do something is a cry of a hopeless man in the jungle of competing interests.


  6. Eastern says:

    Dear James Nguen,

    I am in full agreement with you! The trickling oil proceeds seem to embolden Kiir’s intransigence. Going forward, his ability to get money to fund the war must be curtailed; one of the ways of doing this is by stopping him from getting petrodollars.

    This way, the masses will be sterved and rise against him. Why must a small group stand in the way of the whole country and the international community trying to help a suffering poor country? How much has JCE put in terms of resources in helping the thousands of South Sudanese affected by the war they are fanning? All they now is to instigate war but not its consequences.

    Thank you my brother,

    The Eastern Rock

  7. Wau says:

    Unfortunately, for the hibernating, indolent and gutless people of South Sudan peace is the only thing in this world that cannot be obtained without the blood,sweat and tears of those who are very much yearning for it like us in South Sudan, so it is up to the people of South Sudan to continue tolerating the status quo or put an end to it.
    Let us remember no IGAD, AU,EU,TORIKA or International Community can bring peace to our beloved country as well as,nor the UDPF,SPLM-N,Darfuri Mercenaries,JCE with all their respective militias and insurgents or the the newly acquired Gunships that the government is using to mow down the elderly people, women and children in Western Equatoria and in the greater Upper Nile Region and recently in WBGS would be able to quell our thirstiness for the PEACE if ALL and only if the people of our nascent country come together and jointly say no to the tyrannies of Juba.
    Regrettably, President Kiir is not interesting in any peace instead, He just wants to show-off to his kins the likes of general Malong and the JCE that he is still in control.
    The time is now for the humiliated people of South Sudan to comprehend that peace is precious beyond price, so to enjoy it they must struggle for it.

  8. Peacemaker says:

    Abu Tagia and his comrades in savagery have already set a goal and are using other people as stepping stones for realization of their evil project.So there is already a conflict of interests. While Mr Magae will be making attempts to persuade Kiir to rescind his decrees, he should at the same time work with UNMISS to provide shelter and food to the civil population of Juba town. It is just a matter of time before it descends into anarchy.The Chairman of JMEC should speedily prepare his report and submit it to AU Security Council which will in turn make a final report to the UN Security Council. Let them not waste time because very soon the whole Country will plunge into tribal violence when the new governors go to their States to take up their new assignments.

  9. Hoiloom says:

    Wau and Peacemaker,

    I couldn’t agree more with your analysis of the situation but let us be calm for time being. I don’t believe the IO will let the masses of South Sudan done. The international community as rightly stated by Peacemaker has a leverage over Kiir and the gang. I believe they’ll make an important decision that may divert a catastrophe befallen our country. If not then South Sudan I am afraid to say this will indeed run up in flames, God forbid. I just cannot comprehend why JCE want to destroy this nation beyond repair.


    • BILL KUCH says:

      Dinka can destroy or fix this country because they are the only ones who are capable for possible changes. No doubt. I don’t know why you worry about those things one else do. So, for information, Dinka tribe is not going anywhere other than South Sudan.

      • Eastern says:

        Bill Kuch,

        What are you saying? What have the dinkas done to the misseriya in Abyei? Dinkas the the greatest cowards around! This chest thumping won’t take you anywhere. Without other South Sudanese, dinkas can’t do much.

        • BILL KUCH says:

          I am telling you that you are nothing without Dinka. So, that is the meaning. You talked of cowardice as your term for Dinka, but I am sure you not South Sudanese, if you were, then that word could have not come out of your mouth. Dinkas never left South Sudan regardless of what difficulties they find themselves in. To me, there is nothing new that we never seen in war. If you know your history, then Nuer, Chollo, Equatorian, and so call Arabs Meseria had United before under the leadership of Dr. Machar and Lam Akol, but they failed miserably and Dr. John persevered. Now, you have done the same again and you are welcome to do it right this time if have courage to keep on fighting. You hope and pray for others to fight for you, but that would not help. Did anybody forced Machar to sign the peace? Of course, not. He has no capability to fight a winnable war. Please, let it end here online and stop misleading innocents.

  10. Gatdarwich says:

    Bill Kuch

    Dinka can’t destroyed South Sudan without hiring Museveni, Malik Agar, and the Darfur rebels.

    For your information, ask General Jongroor and Ajak Yen if the Jenges are really capable of destroying South Sudan!

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Did anybody ask Nuer to surrender themselves or was Machar forced to sign the peace agreement? Of course, not. They voluntarily did it. Riek did it in 1991 and he finally came back with his own choice. You don’t have capabilities to capture South Sudan and that is the only problem you have. When Machar united with Arabs against Dr. John in early 1991 he did not win. So, you think it will be easy this time? The people you mentioned above are our heroes and they are the reasons for Machar’s failure. Ajak Yen and Abraham Jongroor have been our warriors, not only between Jang and Naath conflicts, but they were as well during 21 years of conflicts between South and North Sudan. Those people you care less are the backbone of any well organized system of the government. Riek failed because he wanted to depend on Nuers only. And that could happen with any bad system of which skillful people deprives out of it.

      • Gatdarwich says:

        Bill Kuch,

        I bet Abraham Jongroor and Ajak Yen disproved your claim that Jenges ever defeated the mightiest Naath in battle. Just Keep stocking enough exotic bleaches and oils because most of you will and shall imminently use it for muks tidiness(to attracts potential customers-Museveni, Malik Agar, and the Darfur Rebels, your redeemers-Gods).

        Say long live Gatdarwich, Naath Nation, Chollo, Madi, Bari, and all the patriots tribes in South Sudan, OK, Braggart, Kuch!

        • Gatdarwich says:

          Bill Kuch,

          I bet Abraham Jongroor and Ajak Yen disapproved your claim that Jenges ever defeated the mightiest Naath in battle. Just Keep stocking enough exotic bleaches and oils because most of you will and shall imminently use it for A….. tidiness(to attracts potential customers-Museveni, Malik Agar, and the Darfur Rebels, your redeemers-Gods).

          Say long live Gatdarwich, Naath Nation, Chollo, Madi, Bari, and all the patriots tribes in South Sudan, OK, Braggart, Kuch!

        • BILL KUCH says:

          Even Peter Gadet Yak gave an apology for killing Gen. Ajak Yen for stupidity when them rebels never win a thing. Also, you must know that, Abraham Jongroor and Ajak Yen got their children left behind with better future because their children are highly educated. But what about young Nuer children who got killed because Riek Machar were misleading them? Did they leave any kids? Of course, not. And they are the ones you should be crying about. You are just a fool! Nuers are smart enough to win any fight and if we make it a Dinka – Nuer problem, then you are going to leave South Sudan forever. Now, Nuers are being used in Sudan for their stupidity by Omer by sending them to Yemen as Sudanese. Remember, When fighting started in Juba there were no foreign troops and Nuer were defeated by Dinka and you are blaming your weakness on others.

          • Gatdarwich says:

            There was never a declared war between the Nuer and the Jenges in Juba(December 2013). What happened in Juba was a little skirmishes between the reformers and the killer NyanKiir’s government-South Sudan government(all the 64 tribesmen in uniforms fought the reformers, Nuer included-General Gathoth and General Duoth Guet-General Isaac mamure(latuko), and others non-Jenges were actually the men that treacherously deceived the reformers forces to abandoned their defensive positions). The cowards Jenges were hiding behind these brave warriors-busily-cowardly-massacraring innocent Nuer women, children, the sick, and the elderly)! Don’t take credits from people that legitimately earned it and deserved it-Gathoth-Duoth Guet-Isaac Mamure.
            For clarity, Ajak and Jongroor were not murdered but nailed in a broad daylight in the midst of the cowards-Jenges in battle by the mightiest white army period.
            This is indisputably fact period

  11. Hoiloom says:

    Thank you Eastern and Gatdarwich, no further comment to Bill..

    • Gatdarwich says:


      Bill Kuch and the likes have absolutely zero chance in hell of getting away with the Jenges’ bravery-braggary bulshit on this forum period.

      They will and shall always be confronted with heartbreaking indelitable super-evidence validating their cowardice and traitorous nature

      • BILL KUCH says:

        Do you even know the word Jenge as a Nuer? In what way are Nuers better than Dinkas? If Nuer are the bravers as you claimed then why the run away from Juba instead of keep on fighting? Also, Machar is coming back to the same position? Why are the bravers led him down? Now, Nuers are coming back because their claim of being the best warriors is out of the window!!! Those things you looters took from others are no longer useful and that would be much easier to take back that old secondary position. Isn’t it?

        • Patriot, Gatdarwich says:

          Bill Kuch,

          Nuer are indisputably the bravest and the mightiest period.

          Could you please reasonably explains to the patriot Gatdarwich who decisively and embarrassingly compelled the whole South Sudan army to hurriedly and forcefully bleached and oiled Beny NyanMayardit’s muk for the mercenaries(Museveni, Malik Agar, and the Darfur rebels’ bosses) in a warm up battles in Mangala(February, 2014).

          It was only a fraction of the white army from Nuer clans-Lou and Gawaar out of the 12 Nuer clans who did it.

          Prove the patriot Gatdarwich wrong, if you, undeniably can !

          mercenaries to thy traitorous’ muks rescue, Right ?

    • BILL KUCH says:

      You thanks them those guys for being website or online warriors. What would you do when Riek Machar comes back to Juba? Would you be in your hideout still or are you coming with him?

  12. Kwacha says:

    28 states Oyeeeeeeeeeee Salva Kiir Oyeeeeeee

  13. jok lual says:

    you Gatdarwih can you come to Juba or stop fool talking

  14. Gatdarwich says:

    Jok Lual,

    Don’t foolishly ask God to send hell to your hideout, Juba. The almighty God is evidently an unforgiving one and can gladly grants your self-detrimental request.

  15. Gatdarwich says:

    Jok Lual,

    Don’t foolishly beg God to unleash hell to your hideout, Juba. The almighty God is evidently an unforgiving one and can gladly grants your self-detrimental request period

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