No peace under SPLM at the expense of the Nuer tribe


After the massacre of the Nuer civilians in Juba on December 15, 2013 by Kiir private army or his militias, the SPLM as a political party automatically tarnished its reputation and legitimacy as a party and cannot be a solid representative for the people of Republic of South Sudan as their political party. The so called SPLM reunification or any peace deal under Kiir leadership cannot be accomplished at the expense of the Nuer civilian’s lives and destruction of their properties.

To highlight the economic, humanitarian and political crises in South Sudan after the eruption of war which imposed by kiir regime and his elites, the resistance democratic forces must form a new political party without delay and denounce their membership from SPLM.

The resignation of genocidal President Mr. Salva Kiir as head of RSS government can be an alternative to restore peace in South Sudan. Mr.Kiir did imposed this ongoing war on people of South Sudan and murdered Nuer civilians, he should end this war with the exchange of his resignation without any condition. The freedom fighters are fighting in self-defense and rejection of genocidal government of Kiir and the SPLM conspiracy.

We air loudly our voices that Mr. genocidal President should resigns or face military defeat severely. Those who have not yet joined the liberation struggle they should know that the freedom fighters are determine to remove Mr. Kiir and his corrupt government by all means, we will never give in until the goal of liberation is accomplished. All good citizens of South Sudan with exception of some individuals (selfish) have rejected Salva Kiir leadership.

Dr Machar-led Revolution with democratic principles against genocidal President Kiir-led government will not be defeated by mercenaries and money, the jobless and gangs from Darfur, SPLA North and East Africa cannot and will not protect Kiir regime. All these idle jobless and delinquent’s whom think they can be used to fight against freedom fighters with the slogan in defense of Salva regime, their wishes will be defeated and waste of money because they will not stop Machar forces advance and from toppling the genocidal or corrupt government in Juba.

We wish for genuine peace not opted for continuation of this useless war and killing of our citizens and disruption of our lovely country and its development; our goal is to protect and develop this infancy and hard earned independence sovereignty.

The author is former civil servant and now a member of Resistance Democratic Forces and can be reach at +254705552158, or

Peter Chuol Gatluak, MBA, BA

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