No More Resource Curse: Unregulated World Oil Market is a Peace for South Sudan

BY: DENG LUETH YUANG, Canada, DEC/08/2014, SSN;

Faced with US shale oil boom and lower global oil demand, oil cartel, OPEC met on 27 Nov, in Switzerland to discuss a way forward for the plunging oil prices. That meeting ended with no tangible breakthrough, in that its members failed to cut production to boost oil prices, and therefore decided to allow free hand of the market to reign.

However, with such dim prospects of falling revenues from oil, South Sudan economy is in tatters. It would be hard for the government to keep operations and projects afloat in such a dicey environment where its expenditures outweigh revenues. And yet there are two wars to fight – Dec. 15, 2013 Crisis and Nation Building.

With oil now selling at 65 dollars a barrel and production dropping to 160,000 from 350,000 barrels a day pre-Heglig and current wars, it is therefore unsustainable for the economy which is 95% dependent on oil revenues.

Rather than relying on expanded tax base, the South Sudan government has no any concrete source of revenues to back up the flailing economy. It is a gloomy and doom situation, not only for the government but also the rebels who wanted to form or be part of the government.

You cannot run a government without a healthy and sound economy!

For instance, when oil was discovered in the Sudan around 1978, successive regimes in Khartoum had used it as a ‘tool of war’. They appropriated it as a collateral to borrow money and vital materials from other world powers especially China, USSR and the Gulf countries.

It became a derivative by which future contracts were tied upon. Obligations such as new weapons, loans, aids, and others were supplied on the basis that the oil resources would one day suffice to compensate the creditors.

Besides, numerous wars e.g. the Southern Sudan and Darfour’s were fought on the premise that the regime was extracting these resources and marginalizing the host regions. That however prolonged these wars and regime of the day did everything it could to frustrate and defeat their arch enemies.

Similarly, the rebels were auctioning the oil resources to fund their war engagements with the government.

It is therefore imperative that when cash-starved government can no longer afford loans and advance payments from friendly international community and oil companies operating in South Sudan such as Chinese, Malaysians and Indians, and under-resourced rebels could no longer bargain and convince their friendly international community that they will be offered future oil concessions, the end is near for South Sudan to agree permanent peace.

However, without that, the worst case scenarios could be:
– Expensive for south Sudan’s oil companies to produce oil below their marginal cost
– South Sudan with no domestic refineries will have to embrace for higher oil imports and local prices or lack thereof;
– Oil executives will harden up on providing more loans and advance payments to South Sudan government ;
– Rebels’ international supporters will have to soften up on agreements they wish to sign with in order to supply them with weapons and other vital assistance for future oil concessions;
– Becomes expensive for South Sudan government and rebels to keep on prolonging war for lack of hard currency to maintain their negotiators, and bulging armies;
– With no foreign direct investment and lack of hard currency coming into government coffers, South Sudan whose economy heavily relies on imports, is more likely to fall into abyss – imports more expensive than they were before this civil war;
– Higher inflation – prices of basic commodities and services shooting up the roof;
– Western interests fraying up in South Sudan since oil is no longer considered an important commodity for them to intervene and defend their interests.

Hence, falling oil price is a blessing in disguise for South Sudan peace to hold forever. The times when a commodity like oil was considered precious are over.

In economics, all resources are limited and hence unsatisfiable for human consumption. But once such scarce resources are depleted, there are no more to satisfy his needs.

On the other hand, when there is too much supply, the law of demand states that the prices have to dive in order for the consumer to continue enjoying. Otherwise, the supplier or producer risk running out of business.

In this case, South Sudan and most OPEC members are very likely to go out of oil production business sooner rather than later.

The end of resource war such as oil is near as the world is devising other alternative means of energy efficiency and sufficiency.

The commentator is an Economist. Follow him on Facebook at Deng Lueth Yuang



    War will not stop in South Sudan because there is no oil. If Salva Kiir still the president of South Sudan, the war will continue with oil or without oil revenues. You Dinka intellectual need to advise the president to make an apology to South Sudanese for the making up coup that caused over 900, 000 lives of civilians and militants and then let him step down so peace can return quickly. If you do not want anyone from another tribe to become the leader of South Sudan, then you can choose another Dinka to replace him. Kiir is too stupid to think about the future of South Sudan, too deaf to hear the voices of citizens calling for harmony, and too blind to see the suffering of South Sudanese.

    • Bol Akuol. says:

      Bentiu Ramaran:

      Although I acknowledged your relentless fight for the leadership of Riek Machar in South Sudan, I felt that you are running out of the new ideas in the fight and that you kept repeating lie after a lie, attempting to make the monster and serial killer (Riek) look good and normal in our society. The hero (Kiir) whom you labelled as a murderer has fought for the freedom of our people for 39 years until he raised the flag of a free nation. Please stop insulting him and ask Riek Machar to quit the politics of divide and rule otherwise, unless he would be ruling his Nuer tribe in Gambella, Ethiopia. Could you please tell the members of this forum one good thing that Riek Machar has ever done to the people of South Sudan? Whether you like it or not, President, general Kiir Mayardit will remain a president of the Republic of South Sudan as long as Riek Machar lives on this planet. Get used to him( Kiir) body as he is not quitting the presidency any time soon.

      • Bol Akuol,

        Salva Kiir was far behind Dr. Machar in performance during struggle for independent. Dr. Machar captured all the towns in Unity State except Bentiu. In addition to that Dr. Machar captured all the towns in maban area. On the other hand, Kiir had never captured any town during 20 years of SPLA struggle for independent. If you think I am lying, tell me all the town in South Sudan Salva Kiir captured.

        Second, tell me the different between Kiir government and Omar El Bashir government. What criteria set Salva Kiir apart from Bashir of Sudan we used to call dictator? Dinka, do know at all why South Sudan separate from Sudan, if you do you should not act the way you act. Remember that Salva Kiir is the world foolish president the world ever had.

  2. Bol says:

    This is interesting and un-usual topic as we are used to tribal politcs…..what might be the government , opposition and civil society response ? Will they raise and overcome this bleak future or just go down like the rest of failed state?… Kiir camp of incompetents and looters should seriouly consider showing him the door….The alliance for revenge and self-service should come to realisation that the whole future is at risk. Change, including death is good, because new things come out of it.

    • Bol,

      This is an excellent comment you ever made in this forum. Now you know Kiir is the cause of everything went bad in South Sudan. If you Dinka are smart like you are, you should solve this South Sudan problem without event involving others in discussion because Kiir created the problem and Dinka help him make the situation worse. Therefore, now it is time for you to show the door way out to Kiir so Dinka can resume their co-existence with others and make the situation good again and rebuild Greater Upper Nile before we restart our regular war with the North.

  3. AGUMUT says:

    $ 65 per barrel still not bad,the Price of oil before Gulf War was less than $30 a Barrel,but those countries were still very very rich although they don’t have agriculture sector. South Sudan should not depend on oil.

    • info@southsudannation says:


      • AGUMUT says:

        Please we can’t become very rich over night. I think SPLM needs to change,we can not force OPEC. Riek Machar one day will regret because he has shot himself in the foot.

        • GatCharwearbol says:


          What are you bitching on Dr. Machar for? He has nothing to do with oil prices plummeting. This hatred of him will take you nowhere, in fact, you are hurting yourself more than him. If there is anybody to blame, it is Salva Kiir who has squandered the resources of this nation. In actuality, you should be happy since all the wealth are going to your pockets. Would you please stop blaming other’s problems on Dr. Machar?

    • Bol says:

      What about the other part of my comment? Change would have come if you didn’t do what you did. Any victim who took the matters of State injustice into their own hands, simply become a criminal….Now did your war bring back the dead of Juba? Will it ever bring them back? The number of those who died after Juba killings are far greater than those whom you claimed to have rebelled for their death. Was the objective of this rebellion to oust Kiir? Is it really working? What is the cost in terms of lives and properties? Aren’t there any other cheap alternatives? I have learnt long times ago that human make their choice (for unknown reasons) and then they get reasons to justify their choices…..I know you or your twin brother…. Gat..Bol (as usual) will come up 100 reasons to convince the whole world that this war is imposed on you!!!!!!…….Gat..Bol will swear to God in his Canadian accent ….Unless Kiir is out of the scene we aren’t come back…Wars start for the most stupid reason and it has to stop for the most logical reason…. We are almost losing the nation in two to three years. When that happens there will be no tribe to fight for…No country to fight for its leadership. It is just a waste land …..It is scary isn’t it?

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        One thing I like about you is that you do not deny Nuer civilians massacre of Juba. This set you apart from the rest in your camp. Even though you are tribally bent, you are lesser evil than Kiir. I can certainly vote for you if you aspire for South Sudan’s presidency. I appreciate you and Dr. Machar because it is not easy for a man to admit his wrong deed. As you may know, Dr. Machar acknowledged what took place in Bor when defected in 1991, he apologized. This is a quality of good leadership. Take responsibility for your wrong and apologize to the victims. I’m sure many Bor people have forgiven him. As such, I see you and Dr. Machar as potential leaders because you cannot be a leader and shy away from the consequences that come with leadership. Leadership is not a joke and it is the toughest job in existence and it takes someone exceptional to overcome its challenges.

        Many of your tribesmen would swear to God that Nuer were never intentionally killed in Juba just because they happpen to be from the same tribe as Dr. Machar. If you think I am lying, scan through all these comments, you won’t go wrong to see that.

        Thank you, Wamaath!!

        • Bol says:

          The fact of killed un-armed Nuer tribesmen in Juba is undeniable, un-defendable and stupid just as your act of killing ethnic Dinka in your areas. I started condemning it the second morning it happened because it is wrong. The question is: Do you think Dr Machar, or yourself will ever admit and apologise for what happened in late 2013 and afterwards? Nuer intellectuals including Dr Machar, and yourself, do have one eye for justice……It has to be about Juba killings because what Nuer did was self-defence and direct result of president Kiir actions……Some Equatorians are on that page, not because it right, but to enflame the fire of hatred between Dinka and Nuer…… (Let the idiots help themselves to graves)……The second question is did killing Dinka serve justice or turned you into criminals? Is it not the same issue you claimed to be fighting against? What moral ground are you standing on? FYI, I don’t live in RSS, I never work for its government, I am not planning to, but the war has to stop, dealing with shortfalls is secondary issue. Cheers.

      • Bol,

        I am glad you asked the question and answered the question yourself. Yes, the war was imposed on us by greedy, selfish, and tribalist president. What benefits did you get or you are enjoying now when you and Kiir massacred Nuer in Juba? What they did to Kiir that caused you and Kiir to murder them cowardly?

        How do you know those civilians would vote for Riek when election come? That is how the Dinka will be running the country in the next 100 years? Every time a non Dinka declares his or her interest to run for presidency position, the Dinka leaders will be grabbing their guns and begin to massacred the tribe the candidates come from, Right?

        Liar, what kind of change would have come if Nuer did not do what they did? The change you were hoping for was to make Kiir become permanent president until he died, right?. Then he would be succeeded by another Dinka. This is the change you were hoping for right when you massacred Nuer?. Kiir, Kuol Manyang, Malong, and Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang and all other double blind supporters thought Dinka are bullet proof they did not calculate the war would kill Dinka too.

        • Bol says:

          Sometimes you behaved as if you have lost rationale! What make you think that ever single Dinka had a hand in Nuer killing? Are you trying to impose the sense of quilt upon ever single Dinka? How can the murderer be a coward? Kiir position would have been too difficult maintain if you did do the same crime, and since you did it, the account become balance because retaliation is another form of justice. The choice is up to the livings either to deescalate of escalate destruction rate

          • Bol,

            The reason Nuer fight back is because Nuer knew very well that no one would condemn Kiir for Massacring of their loves from experience. Kiir had planned the killing of Nuer for a long time since 2005, so it was not accident. Kiir synchronized his plan with the president of Kenya and president of Uganda. These two East African leaders knew exactly what would happen in South Sudan in 2013 before it event happened because Kiir briefed them and sought for their help before he (Kiir) start killing Nuer in the capital of South Sudan.

            Mr. Bol, why do you think Kiir would have been condemn if Nuer did not take matters in their own hands? Kiir had committed several crimes before Juba massacred and no one ever held him accountable. For example, when Dr. Lam Akol declared his interest to run for president position in 2010, Dr. Akol was not only allow to campaign, but he was attacked several times in his hotel in Juba until fled North to Shilluk Kingdom regions. While Dr. Lam Akol was in Tongjang he was attacked again by S. Sudan army and then Dr. Lam Akol ran away to Khartoum for his own safety. However, one of the shilluk chief was kidnapped at his home by S. Sudan army, tossed in the car and burned alive, but no one held Kiir accountable. Again, in 2011, 25 people from Balanda were sentenced to death for killing Dinka who looted their shops, but no one held kiir accountable.

            In 2010 election, Dau Aturjang defeated Malong Awan, but he did not become governor of Northern Bar El Gazal, Angelina Teny defeated Taban Deng, but she not become governor, George Athor won Jonglei election won election over Kuol Manyang, but he did not become governor. However, no one held president Kiir accountable for those crimes he committed in the country. Again, Kiir recruited the private army from Warrap and Northern Bar El Gazal respectively, however no single person question his negative behavior. Who do you think would hold kiir accountable for killing Nuer this time? Mr Bol, can you tell me why we fought Sudan government for several years? Could you compare Sudan and South Sudan presidents and make your judgment who is more evil? Please tell what set South Sudan apart from Sudan today.

            Nuer made the very best decision to fight back although they are fighting the whole East Africans. It is better to be killed in action then to be killed while sleeping. Nuer who are alive today would have been killed if they did not fight back. The Dinka dictator is far worst than president Hitler.

    • Deng Lueth Yuang says:

      The purchasing power or what $30 a barrel could buy that time is not the same as buying ‘that thing’ today. Due to inflation and economic progress plus some endogenous factors, ‘that thing’ is more than $100 today. Above all, the Gulf Arab countries and Russia had or had done the following:
      i. Sovereign Wealth (stabilization) Fund where savings from oil/gas revenues cushion fiscal expenditures or balance budget during economic shocks;
      ii. their respective central banks had accumulated adequate foreign reserves – foreign currency and gold to be used to defend their domestic currencies at times worse times such as this/stimulate the economy.
      iii. Diversified the economy –they didn’t put all their eggs in one basket. As the saying goes “Don’t keep your eggs in one basket”. You might not know what gonna happen to your basket, whether it fall down or be smashed accidentally by a passing object. This is exactly what has happened to South Sudan government. Over-reliance on oil forgetting that it is an international commodity whose prices are dictated by global factors. However, the government of South Sudan should have grown the economy from oil-dependency to agro-economy and finally to industrialization.
      iv. Last but not least, they used the oil revenue to develop the capacity of their young professionals especially the college and university graduates so as to enable them enter and compete in the job market be it private or public.

      • Bol says:

        Facts are facts…. SPLM rogued elections of 2010…….everybody kept quiet…They rogued Referendum of January 2011….. Everybody kept quite … They mismanage public affairs since 2005 …Everybody kept quite…..they wanted to change guards…. everybody kept quite…. Kiir trained and armed new Tiger elements ……everybody kept quite…..Tension between Kiir and Reik shoot up before December 2013 … everybody kept quite….. Kiir intention to disarm and re-integrate Nuer element into national army not Presidential Guards (especially those who were working for Dr Reik) was well known since 09/07/2012,…….everybody kept quite … The problem started when Nuer Presidential guards disobey dis-armament orders …… Our shit is ours …denying it will not make it go away …… It’s more helpful to face it … live with it and fixed it……
        The Fighting Back Thing would have been more effective and less destructive, if it was done in a civil way….. More and more none Nuer would have joint in to remove this government for failing to protect civilians ……. The Dinka are behind Kiir because they feel that their lives are on the line and as you know ……PERSONAL SECURITY comes before JUSTICE …..If Mandala was threatening the life White of SAs, in any form or shape …….the white would have line up behind De Clarke…… Long live Apartheid……Nuer Massacre…… Never heard of it ……It’s all about my selfish existence, so give me the reason …why I should support change …. BR, let me disagree with you …it’s much better to live in the shame of defeat, with the hope of change, than to die for the what you think to be the just course…..African Americans have endured much worse atrocities than what you believed to have happened, and they have raise above many challenges ….Please be reasonable!

  4. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Deng:

    You have a very good point.Time has come to turn the page on pure oil based economy.It’s an overdue eventuality in reality.If anything else,at a national level,oil could still be a source of energy that can help in developing other resources like farming,fishing,transports,electricity for raw material transformation industries among others etc.In fact priority should have been given long time ago to development of such resources using the oil energy n the oil revenues that’s considered to have been stolen by the corrupt national political elites.That opportunity wasted,it’s hard to imagine from which ground could development be started n who are there with political n economic good will to do it.But,”peace to hold forever”, in RSS as you say becouse of,”falling oil prices”,is a vague truth one can take with a fat pinch of salt.The more true truth in my opinion is that,without cash n meaningful development that can supplement the lost oil revenues,RSS would collapse.But may be you are quite sincere with your phrase becouse it would be useless to wrangle without the money that falls from the sky.So the place of war will be taken by peace.A blessing?I am too scared to say neither for nor against.

    Wishing you Merry Christmas,False Millionaire.

  5. Choromke Jas says:

    You missed one important factor: there will be no money to pay mercenaries from Uganda. What does this portend for the Kiir regime? Yes, Kiir, if he has the the brain, should think about this one very seriously.

    • AGUMUT says:

      Do you meant that Kiir should step down and allow Riek to take over because of oil ,rich bloody oil everywhere in the South. Riek Machar will never ever rule South Sudan and it is the same with Mabior Garang,he will not lead us unless National Parliament elected him because we had seen his father behaviour in the past

    • Bol says:

      C J,
      UPDF presence is no longer crucial in the battlefield….It was in the beginning of the war, but no longer the case as the Army is reorganised and reequipped and the idea of opposition marching to Juba may take years to happen….Nevertheless, there is a need for peace and change of direction. Kiir, Reik and most of SPLM leadership should leave politics because their management style was and will continue to be a failure.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Yes, UPDF presence remains a knot holding Kiir in power. If it was necessary in the beginning, why not send them home now that you are equipped and trained? Try your luck and challenge Kiir to send UPDF, SPLM-N, JEM, and other mercenaries home and let us see what his response will be. I am cocksure his response will be a redline — his favorite term. Stop faltering yourself, pal! Despite their existence, the only threat to us here in the Opposition is their strong air force and use of banned weapons. Other than that, we can still march to Juba very easily… Chi Ling..

        • Bol says:

          If you can march to Juba, then why don’t you do it today? Does war propaganda in you book means ignoring the balance of power in the field? I don’t know how old are you, but if you revisit the events of 1983 (Abdullah Chual and Gai Tut) and 1991 (Dr Machar), where UPDF wasn’t involve and compare them to Juba event of 2013, you can safely conclude that the pattern is the same and the result is not different. Yes your camp was about to overrun Juba in the early days, but that is no longer the case now. The best result you can dream of is to gradually weaken the weak state and turn it into Somalia sort of a country, but ousting Kiir militarily and erecting brand new government is almost impossible even if all these forces leave today.

          • GatCharwearbol says:


            Read my post again. The answer to your burning question is in there. The two previous disagreement are not worth comparing to December 15, 2013. It is like comparing oranges and apples. They are worlds apart indeed. December 15 and 1983 are a little bit similiar in that you used foreigners to fight your war for you. In 1983, you used Ethiopian troops again Addalla Chuol and Gai Tut — This is similiar to used of UPDF and others rental troops. As of 1991, it was not a war between Nuer and Dinka, it is purely a political ideology disagreement. Dr. Machar wanted self-determination for South Sudan and Dr. John Garang wanted United Secular Sudan. It was not a war between Nuer and Dinka but you want to make it looks like that for sole purpose of building yourself up with lies. How many Dinka generals breakaway with Dr. Machar and Dr. Lam Akol? How Equatorian Generals join them? Salva Kiir himself was in list of those who agreed to breakaway, he only chicken out in the last minute? This is time to put behind childhood thinking and pick up the way of manhood. We will not build this nation on lies… if you think it will happen, get yourself a cup of tea, sit down — sip on it and think critically again. Hopefully your mind will be clear to recognize the truth we are trying to make you understand.

        • Bol Akuol. says:


          You talk as if though the Dinka has just immigrated to South Sudan from Uganda. Please relax and think back of our old days of struggle when the Ugandan troops and the UNMISS Camps were not in South Sudan. Please stop lying and imagine or reflect back on the war between the Nuer and Dinka between 1983 and 2002. Was Kiir and late John Garang living in Khartoum/Gambella or in South Sudan? How long did General Peter Gatdet Yak, General Gordon Koang, General Matip Nhial and General Thomas Gathoth Gathoth fought against late John Garang and Kiir Mayardit in vain. All those Nuer generals came to Juba on the presidential Amnesty. They did not sign any peace agreement with Kiir. They came to Juba on their own and with the plot that they will overthrow Kiir internally. Gatcharwearbol Man (Muony) you deceive yourself just like Birds which eat a black dirt/insects and shit a white poop as if though they drink milk. Please go capture Unity, Upper Nile, Warrap and Lakes States from MATHIANG ANYOR. There are no Ugandan troops in those States. They are purely protected and defended by the Gallant forces of MATHIANG ANYOR.

          • Bol Akout,

            Enjoy your delusion, but this time around Kiir will not be the same person he was 10 years ago.

          • Bol says:

            These events are all oranges, and no apples among them!….you might be colour blind and this could be an opportunity to do medical check. I like the idea of building our nation on truth, but can you explain why this war of ideaologies didn’t stop when Self Determination was adopted by Torit faction as the two became identical in theory ? How many officers who fought on the other side of their tribal fence and live through to tell the tell? Did Ethiopian forces accompanied returning SPLA officers to GBG through Nuerland ?… Mr Noble winner, calling others idiots becuase they didn’t get your message, is counterproductive to the good business of education. You may need to change the mode of delivery or the content of your messages instead of displaying your frustration…..

  6. johnjerry says:

    Oil is a cursed black Gold .Where there is Oil there is always a problem even in the advanced of the advanced countries the problem is the same. A lot of ideas and thoughts was given for the use of the oil money in south Sudan for development ,but all went to the deaf ear.Now that oil will no longer be the black Gold as other alternative energy sources are being developed then as stated above the war in south Sudan will come to a hold God willing. Kuwait, UAE and other Middle Eastern Oil rich countries made good use of their oil resources as they have in place what is needed like good roads, Hospitals, schools and others. We in South Sudan should have learned from their experience, but nobody was ready to listen and all you hear is we know it and know what we are doing.Think of the oil as a God given thing that should benefit all and not that it is our Oil we have to control it. Who controls the rains that falls from heaven?. Is it not the same God that also made the oil available under the ground.Let selfishness not destroy this great country and who should be controlling the Oil wealth. Make good use of the little that is left under the ground for good purpose not war.You are making the Oil investors richer than you think.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Mr. John Jerry,
      The tragedy in South Sudan is the blatant and naked stupidity of the SPLM/A leaders,
      they selfishly chose to steal the money while neglecting even their own parents and other relatives to wallow in abject deprivation.
      Just mention anyone fat-bellied SPLM/A man and woman in Juba, and let him or her tell us what he or she had done for his own village relatives(s).
      From Kiir to Machar to any ‘General,’ they are a disgrace.
      One time I saw a Dinka Bor SPLA captain and singer ‘fanan in Arabic’ being nationally praised and applauded on SSTV for owning four, yes ‘4’ Hummer cars….including a Sports one.
      With such unexplained and certainly dubiously attained wealth so fast, one would imagine the singer’s parents in Mading Bor would be living a life of absolute luxury and comfort. Unfortunately, for sure, his relatives right now might be severely languishing in some refuge camps in Moyo or Kakuma.
      Isn’t it the famous proverbial ‘curse’ which we used to hear so often, that when God created Sudan (South Sudan was included then), he laughed.
      An eternal mockery to a people who yearned for so long and with such tremendous sacrifice to be ‘free at last.’

      • Kei says:

        Dear Editor, could you write your comments in lower case. It is very difficult to read your comments sir/madam.

      • Editor,

        Please do not generalize our leaders as bad leaders. If Kiir is a good leader, then the rest should have been good leaders too including military generals. You cannot be a good leader when your boss does not respect you and does not appreciate what you are doing. If the boss respect the law, then followers will follow the law too. For example, you Editor, if you are a drunkard, your wife will not respect you. If you are lazy, your children will be lazy too. However, if you are active and will organize and respectful to your wife, then your wife will respect you more than ever before. If I am your boss and I do not respect you no matter how good you are to me, for how long will you continue respect me?

        Our military general were more respectful than Kiir politicians in Juba. Before Kiir declared his made up coup that cause more destruction in South Sudan, there was no random killing in various military barracks. However, there have been a lot of killing in Juba where Kiir lives more than any other part of the country and the goofy and full time drunkard president never does any thing about it. All the mess in South Sudan are caused by Kiir but not generals no question.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          To Bentiu Ramaran,
          I’m very reluctant to argue with you since you’re prejudicial by averting passing the blame to your generals.
          The fact, Mr. Bentiu, is that whilst your so-called drunkard Kiir wallows in a state of drunkenness, the generals cynically and collectively took the advantage to loot and kill.

          Whether they are the renegade generals habitually rebelling or the other half of the sycophantic and thieving generals idling and hovering in the wrongly-named Bilpham headquarters in Juba or in the various states, the one thing that unites them all is that they are all complicit in the looting and destruction of South Sudan.

          Please, take another sober look and have pity on those skeleton looking and underpaid ordinary SPLA soldiers. Compare those starving and barely clothed and under paid or not paid at all askaris to the generals who shamelessly pilfered the soldiers meager salaries.

          Compare these poor expendable souls with your pot-bellied, hippo-buttocked and frog-necked ‘generals. Disgraceful, I mean them generals!

          • Bol says:

            Ha Ha Ha …. That was a good one !

          • Dear Editor;

            You can believe what you want to believe and you can say what you want to say about the generals because they are your generals too no matter whether you believe it or not. To some extent, I agree with you that some ordinary South Sudanese soldiers are suffering under some of their generals. I have seen some South Sudanese soldiers worn slippers when they were fighting the rebels in Mangala and Jameth. I wonder if they just felt like to wear slippers or they just did not have boots. You right about this. Thumb up. We have these problems because the army is not separated from politicians and the person who can do this is the president.

            However, I still insist that the chaos started in Juba because president Kiir ordered the commander of presidential guard to disarm Nuer in the presidential guards. The commander of presidential guard did not do that on his own, but he implemented what his boss asked him to do. Commander Oboto Mamur is the national security minister. The ordered of disarming Nuer in the presidential guards and rearming Dinka in the Capital did not pass through him. I believe if Oboto Mamur took action and ordered the arrest of presidential guard commander, he (Mamur) would have problem with president Kiir. This is an issue that could not have been solved by generals.

            In addition, like you said in your comments some soldiers are not getting paid that is true event now some typical South Sudanese soldiers have not been receiving their salaries since before the war broke out in Juba, but you cannot blame this on generals event some generals are suffering too. All South Sudanese money have been spent on mercenaries from Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and so forth that are deployed in Juba, Poloch, Bor, Gadiang, Baliet, Ayod, Malakal, and Bentiu to protect the oil. President Kiir ordered mercenaries, but not generals.

            Another example is that the University of Juba is more corrupt than generals and politicians. I said this because the University sends more than 30 faculty members abroad every semester through foreign donors scholarships award to study for four to six years to get their masters and PHDs. Yet they remain in the University of Juba payroll while they are not physically present at the University. The University would hire new faculty while the departed faculty names are in the payroll. Subsequently, the University is overcrowded with faculty. This is a terrible evil behavior.

            Mr. Editor, you need to learn how to differentiate less evil politicians from more evils politicians, separate less evil generals from more evil generals. Any way good luck on your hateful generalization of South Sudanese politicians and generals.


          • Bol Akuol. says:

            Dear Editor:

            I greatly commend you for this response to Bentiu Ramaran. You have said it all and I hope those shallow-minded people get it right this time. In fact, the comprehension is the main issue with our Nuer Compatriots on this forum. They think smart but act below their smartness and this is the problem we now have in South Sudan. They love to steal and destroy but they would not accept the blame nor will change and learn from their own stupidity. They blame everything they foolishly do on the Dinka even if they fart they will still blame it on the Dinka.

            Bentiu and his Cohorts should be reminded that Riek Machar and his generals in the SPLM in Opposition were part of Kiir’s corrupted government until they defected on December 15th, 2013. They were also part of the conspiracy of land grabbing in Juba before they were eventually smoked out of Juba by Kiir’ supporters. They falsely claimed that over 20,000 Nuers were massacred in Juba and more than 40,000 others are sheltering in the UNMISS excluding the Nuers who are loyal to president Kiir.

            Folks, Please let us be realistic when addressing the national issues on this forum. I wonder, How did this huge population of Nuer live without grabbing a land in Juba? Who gave them the land that they were occupying before they were massacred or moved to UNMISS in Juba? Did they Dinka grab the land and allocated it to them? Or Was it given to them by the Bari, the land owners?

            The truth is that Nuer and Dinka were both engaged in land grabbing in Juba. The Nuer and Dinka were both engaged in the corruption in South Sudan period. Riek Machar owns a bigger commercial land in Juba. Who gave it to him? Kiir or James Wani Iga?

            Mr. Editor, thank you for pointing out the truth today. You deserve a patriotic hug and an extra large Cup of Tim Horton’s Double, Double Coffee. General Bentiu Ramaran is living a lie and will never learn anything at all if he doesn’t admit this plain truth from you. Great comment! Job well done!

            From Editor:
            Thanks a lot, Mr. Bol.

        • BILL KUCH says:

          Bentiu Ramaran,
          Now, you are telling Mr. Editor not to generalize all SPLA/M leaders for your reason. So, why don’t you tell us who is not stupid? Who do you think to be better among Kiir and Riek? Please, don’t tell me that Riek would be better for you! Well, I have agreed with Mr. Editor because SPLM has divided itself in the same name. Here they are as follows: Kiir is nice and he is = not smart vs Riek not nice and he is = not smart

          • Bill Kuch,

            Blindly blaming the warring parties regardless of who is a fault will not solve our problem and it is one of the main reason the IGAD does not solve the South Sudan’s problem. I do not blindly blame Marial Cinuong, the commander of presidential guard for disarming Nuer in the presidential because his boss told him to do so. If you and Kiir know that Dr. Machar is bad person and he will lost the election, then why didn’t you let him campaign? so when election come South Sudanese can tell who is better than who through election.

            However, because you and Kiir afraid that Dr. Machar will win the election no doubt that is why you came up with made up coup to avert the election. As you know from the bottom your heart Dr. Machar is much better than Kiir. Riek did not ordered the disarmament of Dinka in the presidential guard, but Salva ordered the disarmament of Nuer in the presidential guard. Not only that Kiir ordered the disarmament of Equatorian soldiers and police in the capital Juba, but he did not ordered the disarmament of Dinka in Juba. To you what does that entail?

            On June 7, 2011, Dr. Machar asked the parliament to pass two five term limit for the president and state governors, but your tribal chief Salva Kiir asked Riek “do you have your own country or it is the country I am leading”. This is translate that Salva Kiir want to stay in power for life.

  7. AGUMUT says:

    Cheaper oil is needed to support local economy,those hot countries who got oil exchange some Barrels with goods. They got everything while they have agriculture sector, they banana or orange trees in their soils.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Bentiu Ramaran,
      Please, don’t give me when said, that Dr. Riek was not a nice man. I was defending Mr. Editor. And of course, not, I just wanted people to honest in their discussion. We will never build this country to be one if we don’t accept what is wrong within us. I am not saying that, Kiir is the best man in the world, and for sure he not smart, but at least he did not get to be in power by force. Also, when we come to Riek side, then he always wanted to be leader in this country, and that is absolutely his right as a citizen of South Sudan, but he got to do thing better than this for you and I to defend him. He should have resigned in his vice president post in order to form his own party long time ago. And the wrong thing he did, was pretending to be vice president while continuously worked against his boss, and that is why most of us said, that, there was no need for Riek to blame Kiir since they were in the same administration. period.

  8. Eli says:

    Dear readers on SSN
    Although the writer has made some important good points and from some of the comments made, there is no mention about solutions, rather we are reminded to accept peace or face doom. I grew up for the most part in extended family, with dad not keeping his “stick” in one pouch, I ended up with multiple siblings, which was not a bad thing at all except that there were so many varrying opinions in my father’s house, am sure every South Sudanese would relate to that.

    However my dad not allow fights end without some sort of reasonable solutions, he would sit us down every evening and explain to us the importance of unity, he also instilled into us that wisdom is utmost vital for our future survival, although he wasn’t a practicing Christian like most of us, but he always quotes from the Book, that: ” Do to OTHERS as you would like them to do to YOU “, well today I found out this quote works universally, and it found in gospel of Dr. Luke the Apostle of Christ, or Luke 6:31.

    Not to bore you with my family history, let me proceed to my point.
    It looks to me, like most if not all are blaming our problems on oil and resources. Now, I would like to quote one US politician who said, and I quote: “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. This statement was made in the United States Senate, but in reference to the chronic gun violence in the US.

    To my understanding we in S. Sudan can say whatever we want, but until we start to call oranges as oranges or mangos as mangos, we are missing the point. Remember, when you point one index finger (the finger used for pulling gun trigger) at the other person means three other fingers are pointing back to you, and among the three one of the fingers is the middle finger, which is actually offensive in some cultures particularly the west.

    Oil has never been a cause for war, it’s illiteracy and lack of wisdom. As for superpowers, their problem is greed. Oil is just a resource like everything else being misused, wheather it’s in Nigeria, Namibia, Angola and the rest oil producing countries where there are strifes, blaming the issues on oil, that’s just bogus and insanity.

    Most of these fights originate from greed and ethnic hatred, including cattle rustling, land grabbing, illegal or forced marriages…. etc MUST be STOPPED first before we talk of peace, WE NEED RESPECT, NO MATTER WHO YO ARE, EVERYBODY IS IMPORTANT.

    In South Sudan the main causes of fight are ancestral bondages, it’s pride, greed, poverty and topped by more than 90% or more illiteracy rate, while the few so-called political elites including the few who call themselves educated are taking advantage of the loop holes to exploit the poor and leave behind masses “WE THE PEOPLE”.

    Let’s all admit that we failed miserably and especially us the men, we need to re-examine our morals and look into the mirrors. We either do it right or step out of the way to allow the Ladies take over. I will be the first to vote for a female candidate for a president if there will ever be one. To hell with those prejudice men, such as minister of defense.

    Dear fellow country men and women, and citizens of all walks, let us not relent, let us not fear, help is on the way, the roaring lion is wounded looking for weak preys, but WE THE PEOPLE are not going to allow anything less than, true justice, peaceful existence and in pursuits for liberty and happiness for all my beloved South Sudanese.

    I am not above the rule of law but we are all equal, I hope to live to see that one day inter marriages exist freely but not forced marriages, no land grabbings, I will live to eradicate unlawful practices please join me in pursuance of this long journey. As the old American Negro, ex slave said: “Free at last, we are free at last…..”. But until then……………………………..
    May God bless South Sudan, Amen.
    Eli Wani

    • Eli,

      I concur with you man. South Sudanese should not blame this war on oil revenues. When Kiir massacred Nuer heartlessly in Juba, Nuer did not claim they need oil money. In fact, those who give you wrong about this are naturally stupid and are the beneficiary of Kiir corruption. When Loroyo and Idali sub tribe of Oduho fought last week, they their war had nothing to do with oil revenues. Various sub-tribes of Dinka are fighting every single day in lakes state and warrap, but their war has nothing to do with the oil money, but bad system of government led by Dinka tribal chief Kiir Mayardit.

    • Bol says:

      “We The People” …is the only weapon you need … They will shoot you, you will die or get injured but they can’t defeat you…..They have to put down their guns……Eli; seriously did you just turn forty? What made you to remember the long forgotten wisdom of your father? ….. Cheers

    • surviovr says:

      for once; someone with sense has finally arrived. blame, blame and blame is the game this is continually being played; no one ever sits back to reflect, to introspectively look at one’s self and see how they change for the betterment of the society. its is indeed true that our leaders have plenty of blame to bear; when it comes to the current issue. but we the PEOPLE also have our share of blame.
      If we were as mature as we like to think we are, we wouldn’t be in this position in the first place. we would’ve known that this was a political issue and that’s how it should’ve been framed. we should leave our leaders to carry their own crosses; hence, they (Kiir and Riek and all the leaders) would be making better decision if they knew that they wouldn’t hide behind their tribes to avoid accountability.
      Instead of working as one cohesive group; the people versus the leaders, our so-called educated here get caught up in the cheap tribal politics and they instead of condemning a bad leader, the defend them under the guise of their tribe. with this very forum being the exhibit A this tribal alliance.
      The Nuer are in full force behind Riek, any attempt by anyone to objectively scrutinize Riek, is simply viewed as a Nuer hater while on the other hand, any attempt to scrutinize Kiir, is seen as a deliberate endorsement of Riek.
      IF we the PEOPLE simply sit back and let these two fellows answer for their mistakes, if we simply allowed Kiir to sit and answer for the failures of the past eight years, and if we the PEOPLE also sit back and let Riek answer for the role he played in the government failures (you can’t possibly tell me that Kiir failed single-handedly, the failure was a collective effort of everyone in the power echelon of SPLM/A that includes Riek).
      We the PEOPLE are the very reason our leaders think they act with impunity and get away with it. they day we realize that we are one n the same in terms of suffering, in the lacking of services, and that our corrupted uncles are an obstacle to progress, thus, we shouldn’t try to defend or excuse them.
      We the PEOPLE are the very reason for this chaos, because we have allowed these leaders to convince us that they are the only ones that have our best interest and any attempt to remove them from their position is an indictment against the society. thus, we have essentially allowed ourselves to be held hostages by these very leaders.
      If someone under performs or embezzle public funds and they are dismissed as a result, we the PEOPLE will get up in arms, saying that it’s an injustice that our own has been removed.
      we the PEOPLE need to be sensible, be mature and be objective when it comes to leaders and their relation to their tribes. we have to know that a failed and corrupt politician is simply that; his failure and corruption is not a reflection on the society but their own.
      to completely eradicate this line of thinking, firstly; these leaders that have poisoned our minds have to be taken out of the picture, then we need a societal education.
      a grass root education of masses; the society has to be educated on this thing called government, and all the fancy words the comes with it, Democracy, Federalism, Freedom, etc.

    • johnjerry says:

      Eli you have made a very good point that you will live to see one day that inter marriages exist freely and not forced marriages ,you are right because women have no borders for marriages” Wo-Man” which stand for Wife of man has the full right to marry a man of her own choice with the only exception of Adam to whom a woman was created.Let me tell you a story.we were riding in a city Bus with one of our family friend who was married to a Vietnamese and a certain white Guy asked my friend who was carrying his child in a stroller. He asked my friend, is this your child?.My friend responded in agreement that “ja” and the man responded by saying that “the world is confused” because he never expected a black Guy from Africa to marry a white lady or a Chinese because of their culture,but change is coming when we shall not stick to our own tribal marriages,but free universal inter-tribal marriages to stop and speak one national language like “yal malakia” I am not offending someone here who have no special language.Women have the right to make change by marrying any man of their choice.I hate those who think their tribe is may be from another planet that they deserved to be respected because of their number or skill in the warfare. Such names as ” Israel in South Sudan” and “Born to rule” and creation of a tribal Malitia Army like the White Army which made President Kiir to recruit a counter presidential guard on a tribal based. We do not need to kill innocent people just to keep us in power or bring us to power.

      Dismantle all the militant groups that is based on tribe and get a lasting solution to problem of South Sudan” Development” Taking of the Towns to the rural area should not only be a party slogan real change is needed. A party without an agenda for development is not the people’s party.We need Development not war.

  9. simon peter says:

    Can you blame Primitive Kiir and Nyahoth Mai of killing innocents Nuer In Juba?

    • Bol Akuol. says:

      Simon Peter:

      Can we blame that educated fool, Riek Machar for attempting to snatch the presidency by force? Well, he (Riek) got away with the Coup in 1991, however he would not get away with it this time. The educated Riek Machar is worst than the primitive Kiir politically. He never learned anything from school but he would eventually learn something from his own poor thinking and judgement. Getting a PhD was a waste for Riek Machar and he is disgraceful for those who are holding the PhDs in our Country. Attempted a coup twice? What an educated fool!

  10. arabbmoi says:

    Dear all, those disgraced thugs in Juba will not heed to what the netters are asserting, they believe for themselves as God given will to harvest. Nothing or nobody else even their close relatives. Salva Kiir Mayardead is believed to have twenty eight million in his foreign bank but if you go to his home town of Warrap in areas of his clan no single building there.

  11. Yanga says:

    Deng Lueth, the theory that falling oil prices will lead to peace in South Sudan is another of the many that will never work. It is like saying a family who always quarrel in good times will suddenly go quiet when the breadwinner loses his job and the family income diminishes. On the contrary, the situation will become worst as conditions toughen. People suffer, unpaid soldiers turn their guns against civilians to loot the little they may have, the mistreated civilians turn to rebels – and the cycle continues.

    Don’t forget that warring parties will always get weapons, with or without cash. The solution does not lie in more or less money the government has. Rather, leaders must come to their senses and embrace the rule of law, discard nepotism and corruption and generally rule justly. It was said, soon after the CPA, that “we are hungry, we have just come from the bush after 21 years of deprivation, let us make it up by looting and driving big modern cars never found anywhere else although we have no roads”. Fine, the interim period is the limit, once the South becomes an independent country, you must get down to serious business and uplift the living standard of the people albeit gradually. Was this social contract between the people of South Sudan and their leaders honored? No. How can it be honored when the average number of dependents in most houses of constitutional post holders in Juba is 60 people? Add to these the children and other dependents in Uganda and Kenya and you can imagine the financial strain our leaders are going through every day. This mop needs to be fed, clothed, treated, educated, given money etc and all this on a salary of no more than $ 10,000. Given this unfortunate dependency, why do you think corruption cannot become a culture in South Sudan? I think this country is doomed; no wonder the French were forced into an ugly revolution.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      To Yanga:
      You’re absolutely right. Less oil revenue, more chaos in South Sudan.
      According to your excellent analysis, it’s obvious that we’re inevitably heading for the ‘Congo-lization’ of South Sudan. I specifically refer to the Congo in the 90’s whereby that country was fatally divided into multiple militia-controlled zones which up to date remain under control of renegade militiamen. God’s knows we might end up in the same scenario.

  12. Itikwili says:

    This is a great analysis only for academics; most of these war mongers will look at this article with the eyes of oxen. Did they understand the implications when this country started relying on oil from day one to the present? the war mongers only know power, stars on their shoulders, a true reflection of inferiority internalized; if the war mongers can go down with the economy be it.

  13. pitya lo tongun says:

    I think Deng you have brought up a very interesting motion which need an intellectual deliberation without any political or tribal prejudices.if you see the entire economic setbacks in this country is just because of SPLM lack of economic vision and philosophy, SPLM were parroting forty(40) years economic strategy which was spearheaded by Riek Machar the current rebel leader but if you check into the content of paper, you can deduce that these are just bunch of people who want to keep the citizen dreaming as they are use to, because you can’t image an average south sudanese to really believe those things, i think those thesis are good for people who are outside south sudan and they don’t know the ability of SPLM.Current we have almost 11 international border entrance in which only one or two it’s collections are been remitted to the government treasury while the rest are been own by the generals or state governors plus county commissioners. During normal radio discussions, many citizen usually propose that government should put much concentration on the revenue collection for the settlement of chapter 1 and the oil revenue should be for capital expenditure which will be directed more specifically for the deviation of economic sector in the country. the other thing is the human resource development, in some ministries you get a new graduate in grade 1 or 2 which really need more and better experience and qualifications, hence it’s more advisable to allow these young guys to go for further studies. the finally thing is cutting the government expenditure, it start by reducing certain ministries in to corporations such as the ministry of electricity dam and irrigation, ministry of information and broadcasting which is almost turning into a department in the ministry of defence.the last thing is making proper use of our academic institutions and our academicians.

  14. AGUMUT says:

    The Shale Gas and Shale Oil causes the Earthquake shaking,US is aware of that,although US has Huge empty Land. They have tried to drill Shale Gas in this country,but many building walls had being damaged in the North because of Shale Gas Fracking.

  15. Eastern says:

    Dear All,

    South Sudanese ‘leaders’ are not foresighted at all! It’s a known fact that oil is a non-renewable resource but these former rebel commanders continue to squander the little returns as if there is no tomorrow so to speak literally.

    Following the mathematics of Bashir, where over 20 dollars will be paid per barrel to Sudan and South Sudan meets the costs of the oil handling facilities in the Sudan. With oil prices now at about 65 dollars per dollar this leaves Juba with very little to lean on. Oil companies will continue to recover their debts from Juba government regardless of the returns from the oil sold or the output from the oil fields.

    The Juba government should have invested some returns from the oil sales in agriculture, railways, renewable energy schemes such as hydro power, etc instead of allowing people in high echelon of power to individually pocket the proceeds while Kiir continue to doze nearby! Wake up junubin to this glaring robbery of our beloved country.

  16. False Millionaire says:


    “The tragedy in south sudan is the blatant and naked stupidity of the SPLM/A leaders”,did you know that you made the quote of the year?!!

    Thanking you for the most sincere brilliant expression,Merry Christmas.

    • info@southsudannation says:


  17. AGUMUT says:

    I don’t think Drilling or Boring of Shale Gas and Shale oil is going to success or easy in some Densely populated areas in the world unless they relocated some part of their populations.

  18. Khan says:

    The bottom line is Dr Machar is the right person to fix this country back again. I read some tribal commentators angrily reacting to any suggestion about Machar.

    Neither Salva kiir nor anybody else can bring South Sudanese together again. We will be doomed if we continue to follow this tribal trend.

  19. False Millionaire says:


    Your family’s story represents a copy of mine. Thank you for telling it for others to know.But I disagree with if you believe that,”oil is not a cause for war”. If America is in the middle east,it’s because of oil n the money that comes with it.
    You have Nigerians with you in England, going funky in over exaggerated pride of people from sky. But what’s Nigeria with it’s long days oil?Nothing. The oil pollution laid to waste the Niger delta reducing the farmers n fishermen to most extreme conditions of poverty.
    A friend of mine told me that most beautiful mansions in Africa are in Nigeria. Of course they belong to political elites with their business collaborators who stole the oil revenues. The rest of Nigeria is backward without infrastructure up to universal norms of architect n hygiene.That characterizes the situation of war against ordinary masses n it’s because of oil. But the Nigerian ordinary citizens reacted in their own non pragmatic ways twisting acts of vice for virtuous.
    A Nigerian man stealing or killing to rob for example, for them is not any wrong in the eyes of God. A Nigerian women in prostitution for money who accepts advise of a witch doctor who tells her to poison a most loved person among her family members in order to have a chance of becoming wealthy, for them it’s not any wrong in the eyes of God.

    Set the case of Angola apart n never shorten to treat it like the example of Nigeria n the Nigerians. But they do not constitute the most unfortunate cases because France is holding Congo Brazzaville n Gabon by the neck. In fact the oil there is France’s n will belong to France down to the last drops. The governments there are pro French governments put in place by France for french interests.Nothing less.Agitators there with dissenting voices are liquidated in broad day light.
    Gabon is already so badly fucked up with it’s citizens, with oil reserves exhausted n without any economic development to rely on after. See how Gabon turns to hell from fancy state of Paradise, Isn’t this a war by France?

    But I agree with you in many points including foul play by our political n intellectual elites who as you say,”are taking advantage of the loop holes to exploit the poor n leave behind masses”.If our country was like Senegal without oil,things might have been different. Every one among us would have been obliged to struggle for living by way of sincere effort.It’s too natural to believe that children of wealthy families are the most stupid of all the flocks of human beings. They are so because they don’t work for their living.
    This is exactly the attitude our elites have, consciously or unconsciously, assumed setting innocent citizens in the camps of one tribe against another.
    It’s still oil n the easy money to be stolen from oil revenues that have dehumanized them n their ill behaviours symbolize war against society.
    Our editor treats them as, “nakedly stupid”. But there are still good lessons to be learned from the shitty mess. If many of us understand what’s right from wrong, our collective reaction may produce a conducive situation that can bring constructive changes for better.That should be our supreme objective.

  20. Kondokoro says:

    The encouragement of no democracy.
    some one said riak is the right man to fix this country
    some one UPDF must get out
    some one said oil should be shut down what you guys want?
    you guys don’t want SPLA to play their national duty to defend the constitution and sovereignty of south sudan?
    Who will defend south sudan?
    can Nuer defend the 64 tribes of south sudan? if riak and his crooks thinks riak is the right man to fix this country, why not go to the ballot box? why take to violence?

  21. loloku says:

    We love forward to the time when the power of love will replace the love of power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace. Stop defending killer Kiir or promoting power hunger Riak.

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