No Cantonment Sites in Equatoria without Riek Machar in Government: SPLM/A-IO

SEP/26/2016, SSN;

South Sudan needs peace but this peace won’t be attained without Dr. Riek Matcher in any Government of the transitional Unity. Hence there is no way for the SPLM-IG and her International Partners will sideline Dr. Riek Macher in search of national peace because the Peace we need, Dr. Riek is part to it.

De facto, the approval of the Cantonment areas in Greater Equatoria by the SPLM-IG and the act of sidelining the SPLM-IO Dr. Riek Macher from the Government won’t resolved our National political crisis but worsen it because the problem of instability facing this nation is not the making of Dr. Riek Macher but making of the odd policies and practices of the SPLM-IG that is facing this nation, which is turning the peaceful citizens of this great Nation to arms themselves against the government.

In this regard, whether International Community will force Dr. Riek Machar into Exile or not, as long there is SPLM-IG under the
concurrent corrupt, tribal, dictatorial and visionless leadership of Salva Kirr and Taban Deng Gai, there will never be peace and
therefore, any efforts of International Community to bring peace and set the Country on its feet won’t work if International Community ignores to realize the magnitude of Dr. Riek Macher in South Sudan’s political affairs.

Dr. Riek Macher is remains the national recognized leader of the marginalized people, who increasingly enjoying the popular supports of south Sudanese from all works of life; therefore, any attempt to peripheral him political by SPLM-IG and International Community, will intensify the crisis and make South Sudan ungovernable.

We will neither accept any transitional Government without Dr. Riek Macher being part of it, nor accept cantonment areas in Greater Equatoria without Dr. Riek Macher being part to the Transition Government.

The approval of the cantonment areas for Greater Equatorial region will never bring peace because Cantonment is not the real grievance that made us to go to the bush, and fight against the regime of SPLM under the leadership of Salva Kirr.

The cantonment never means solution to our national problems as SPLM-IO forces from Great Equatoria; the solutions to our problems is laid on good political will of the government to give in for total reforms we demanded, and warrant national democratic systems to enhance freedom, justices and sustainable development that will restore the rights and dignities of south Sudanese at large.

Dr. Riek Macher is part to the national Peace and stability, therefore without Riek, never will there be peace and stability because SPLM-IG alone cannot bring peace and stability but crisis that we are trying hard to avoided.

The Government of Salva Kirr and Taban Deng with their International partners must know that, the SPLM-IO forces in Greater Equatoria Region remained royally to the leadership of Dr. Riek Macher and therefore, we are not going to these Cantonment areas, but will continue to fight with objectivity of ousting the regime of SPLM-IG that is manifested by corruption, tribalism, dictatorship, injustices and lack of political will to bring an end to the sufferings of the innocent souls in South Sudan.


Brigadier General John Sunday Martin
SPLA (IO) 3rd Brigade Commander
Division 9
Western Equatoria

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  1. False Millionnaire says:

    Fellow week-end. E. Citizens,
    The grave mistake u are maKing is choosing to be in the same vanwagon with Dr Riek instead of carrying your cross alone for the best as for the worst.
    Please never shorten to think how many revolts he has lead which resulted in lose of many lives and caused immeasurable degrees of human and livelihood destructions.U will serve as Fire woods for him and end up getting nothing at the end whether u managed to put him in power or not. The number of lives that u will lose will not be less than the number of the lives nuer and jieng have lost in the many revolts he has provoked.See to yourselves and judge if your communities wouldn’t have been finished after reaching the same bar of jieng’s and nuer’s loses so far as u are small in numbers in comparaison to jieng and nuer who out number u by thousands.

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