No Agreement- Only patriotic sons & daughters can save South Sudan from itself and neighbours

From: Prof. Peter Adwok Nyaba , On IGAD Process, MAR/22/2018, SSN;

Introductory remarks:

The IGAD mediation (2014-2018) like the Round Table Conference on the problem of southern Sudan (1965) produced a dead rat in the name of agreement on the resolution of conflict in the republic of South Sudan (ARCISS). Like the resolutions of the Round Table Conference, the parties did not implement ARCISS to its letter and spirit.

President Salva Kiir exploiting the political cleavages within the SPLM/A (IO) engineered with the treacherous collaboration of Taban Deng Gai and Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth; the situation, the return of the country to war after a short lull.

The Obama administration through Secretary of State John Kerry cobbled the IGAD region into acquiescence to recognize, as de facto, Kiir – Taban coup against the SPLM/A (IO). President Festus Mogae, the JMEC Chair, choreographed the false reporting to IGAD, AU and UN Security Council that TGoNU was implementing the ARCISS at a time the security and humanitarian situation deteriorated in the country.

Finally, in June 2017, he admitted that fighting in J1 wounded ARCISS seriously that it needed surgical intervention in the form of high-level revitalization forum (HLRF) to shift the timelines.

17 May 2018 marked the expiry of ARCISS and hence the legitimacy of Salva Kiir as president as well as all the institutions formed in accordance with ARCISS provisions. Had the JMEC Chair been courageous and declared ARCISS dead immediately after the fighting erupted in J1, the situation could have been different and HLRF would have been unnecessary.

In fact, the HLRF is an euphemism for new IGAD peace process necessitated by renewal of Salva Kiir’s legitimacy as president of South Sudan after 17 May 2018. This makes the conflict in South Sudan a kind of employment for retiring regional bureaucrats.

It’s routine work requiring no strategic action to save the millions of South Sudanese refugees, the internally displaced people, or the UN protected individuals in Juba, Wau, Bor, Bentiu, Malakal and a host of smaller POCs in different parts of South Sudan.

The HLRF agenda focuses on power sharing among the parties and superficial reform of the security sector [army, security and police]. News emanating from Addis Ababa speaks of no much progress made and that HLRF may run into trouble, and might produce nothing amicable to the parties.

    The nature of the conflict in South Sudan

The current social, economic and political crises underpinning the civil war in South Sudan essentially represent a contradiction within the parasitic capitalist class that governed South Sudan since 2005. It is a contradiction that revolves around the control of the state and its economic resources and has evoked ethnic sensibilities consequent to low level of social awareness and political consciousness.

This rendered it intractable and complex because the parties, some of them indeed personalities, feign the social, economic and political interests of the respective ethnicities/communities and therefore must include in the complex formula of power sharing.

These leaders forget that the real problem facing the people of South Sudan is poverty and ignorance. Power and its sharing within the parasitic class in Juba or in other states capitals cannot address these deadly ailments.

We have noted and recorded the difficult economic conditions for the people of South Sudan, which the EO 36/2015 created. This bogus power sharing or broadcasting from a personified centre was mere deception of the masses.

The crises emanated from an omission the SPLM/SPLA leadership made during the war of national liberation. The ideological omission led to the evolution of a political military elite completely detached and alienated from the masses.

The complete lacked of correct understanding of the nature of the contradiction that underscored the war of national liberation explains why they failed to undertake the tasks for which the people sacrificed their lives in the war supporting the SPLA with everything it stood in need including human resources.

This was in the hope that the SPLM/SPLA leaders would provide the social and economic development to transform their lives. This failure translated into deadly competition for power and wealth, which finally erupted into war between them as a class.

This war has nothing to do with the masses of the people in Bahr el Ghazal, Equatoria or Upper Nile sub regions. It is war between those inside and outside the government.

It would be wrong therefore to categorize the present war as Dinka–Nuer war represented respectively by Salva Kiir and Riek Machar; or to describe it as Dinka war against the other nationalities in South Sudan.

That characterization is also wrong because it’s based on false and incorrect analysis of its elements, and the ignorance of knowledge of the socio-economic situation in the country.

Looking at the political landscape then, what could bring together President Salva Kiir (Dinka), vice President James Wani Igga (Bari), Rt. Hon. Manasseh Magog Rundial (Nuer) Speaker of SSLA, Rt. Hon. Joseph Bol Chan (Shilluk) Speaker Council of States, Justice Chan Riech, Chief Justice of South Sudan, Dr. Martin Elia Lomoro, the Minister of cabinet Affairs, Mr. Kornelios Koryom (Dinka) Governor Bank of South Sudan and Gen. James Hoth Mai (Nuer) SPLA Chief of General Staff, to represent the state on the one side of the war;

And, Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon (Nuer) Chairman and Commander in Chief of SPLM/A-IO, Gen. Alfred Lado-Gore (Bari), deputy Chairman, Dr. Dhieu Mathok Wol (Dinka) Secretary General, Dr. Richard K Mulla (Moro), Hon. Henry D. Odwar (Langi), Mabior Garang Mabior (Dinka), Manasseh Zindo (Azande), Lumumba K Aping (Dinka), Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba (Shilluk), representing the rebellion on the other side of the war, if not their class affiliation?

These are factions of the bourgeois petit representing the two sides in this contradiction. They introduced the ethnic dimension deceptively to render easy mobilization for war. That explains the involvement of the Dinka dotku beny and mathiang anyoor, on one hand, and the Nuer white army, on the other.

The opposition groups in the HLRF focus their attention on rejecting President Salva Kiir as a person while accepting to maintain the system albeit with superficial reforms – of course, this confirms that they are one class; it is a war within the same class.

Nothing therefore prevents an agreement between them except the greed and lack of concern for the suffering people of South Sudan. The government delegation comes in large numbers to Addis Ababa leaving behind civil servants and the army whose salaries they have not paid for several months because of the bankruptcy occasioned by war yet they would mind the perpetuation so long they received their rewards.

This makes the HLRF a public relations exercise that raises false hopes in the people of South Sudan. The resolution to the crises afflicting South Sudan situates in radical transformation of the system.

It is high time the elements of the petit bourgeois opposed to the oppressive and exploitative regime mobilized, organized and united themselves with the masses of our people to create the condition for radical transformation of the system.

    The National democratic revolution

South Sudan and its people are living through the stage of national democratic revolution (NDR) in their socio-economic and political development and engineering of the state and society.

In this historical epoch, the democratic, social and political forces struggle to consolidate the independence of the country and then entrench the people’s sovereignty over all means of production as well as socio-economic and political processes in the state and in society.

A corollary of this is to develop and free the national productive forces (labour, natural resources including land) from all kinds of foreign interference and control.

This means in practice translating the principles of freedom, justice, fraternity and prosperity onto the objective reality of our people. They sacrificed and struggled for these social ideals in the war for national liberation.

South Sudan is imbued with enormous natural resource potentials in agriculture (crops, livestock, fisheries, forestry products), mineral resources (gold, zinc, copper, chrome, line stone, etc.), oil and energy sources and resources (water, solar, wind, hydro-thermal and biogenic) and above all human resources.

Nevertheless, it ranks as one of the poorest countries in the world. Its socio-economic development indices are in the negative. Over the last twelve years it’s received more than US$50 billion in oil and other non-oil revenues.

There is nothing substantial in terms of national infrastructural assets to show for this money. The only tarmac road in the country is between Juba and Nimule at the Ugandan borders, USAID funded this project.

The President of the republic charters foreign aircraft for his foreign trips. This demonstrates that the parasitic capitalist class, in collaboration with the regional and international comprador capitalists, is only interested in extraction, looting and stashing in foreign lands the country’s financial and economic resources.

This is the fundamental problem of South Sudan. The civil war is only its outwards manifestation, which IGAD, [Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan] countries with respective deep national security and economic interests in South Sudan, is not only incapable, but also in servicing their national interests are unwilling to resolve the war.

It therefore dawns on the patriotic sons and daughters of South Sudan to stand up to save South Sudan from itself and its neighbours. The relations with our neighbours reminisce an episode in Malakal in 1976 when two hippos took their fight out of the Nile river and continued to charge at themselves ferociously oblivious of the humans who quickly turned them into food.

The sons of South Sudan I referred to includes President Salva Kiir Mayardit who still has the capacity to stop the war to enable peace to rein in order to enable the people to return home and recreate their lives in harmony.

It will also enable a sober and somber political discourse to take place between the different sections of our society. The armed opposition have the duty to ceasefire and let political discourse take its turn.

The armed struggle in its correct ideological context can become an effective antitoxin to many of our social and economic ills. However, when conducted outside its ideological context produces warlordism – leaders interested in their personal incentives not of the masses of the people.

As one of the tools of the NDR, the SPLM/SPLA mismanaged the armed struggle to turn it into the antithesis of liberation. Now it has become a commodity in the political market place of rebellion.

It only serves and services the interest of the leader not the interests of the people because it is undertaken outside its political content of transforming the lives of the masses.

Social and economic transformation occurs concurrently with people’s awareness and consciousness through conscientisation in the context of reflection and action.

In the absence of this process of conscientisation or its subversion by promoting militarism to produce an uncritical mass of followers, how would this transformation take place?

This has been my experience in the armed opposition since 2014 and have concluded that real change can only come about because of raising the social awareness and political consciousness of the people.

Thus, the appropriate tools for NDR now are cerebral and political rather than muscular and military. The people of South Sudan desire peace to enable them stimulate their intellectual capacities to grasp their reality and chart means to transform that reality.

The struggle for social change involves the peasants and cattle herders, salaried workers, civil servants, women, youth and the soldiers all in their different formations working towards a common goal.

In fact, I would say that the people of South Sudan missed this form of organization and political activities. This is because the struggle for independence started in an armed insurrection in 1955 and that froze the political struggle along with the social and political awareness of the people.

Many South Sudanese as a result grew up as political illiterates.

Concluding remarks

The IGAD sponsored HLRF on the conflict in South Sudan may or may not produce amicable results for the opposition. It would be the height of naivety to contemplate that IGAD, AU or UN can impose solutions on President Salva Kiir.

South Sudan is a sovereign state and we are aware how international relations operate. I believe it was wrong to have staked the resolution of the crisis on power sharing, which implied absorption into the system when you add the issue of SPLM reunification.

The armed opposition should have stacked the resolution of the crisis on the complete and radical transformation of the system.

That would suggest that it built strong political and combat capable military organizations, which would undertake protracted struggle to transform life where it operated in the rural South Sudan.

Since this did not occur, the remaining option is absorption into the system.

Whatever happens in the next few weeks whether or not there will be an agreement, the truth remains that the fundamental contradictions underpinning the current socio-economic and political crisis will continue to stare in the face of the people of South Sudan.

Social contradictions do not dissolve; they are resolved. END


  1. Dear: The Author Dr.Peter Adwok Nyaba
    I do not want to embarrass you in what you said! I totally disagree with you when saying the problem of South Sudan is on POVERTY AND IGNORANCE!
    The South Sudan matter was began since in 1955 rebel in Torit, it was of POLITICAL ISSUE because of DISSERVICE Issue in the Sudan government in Khartoum! It has nothing to do with Poverty and Ignorance as said by you!

    The problem of the South Sudan government in the country, IT IS POLITICAL MATTER! Poverty is everywhere in the world!

    The motive of the Mutinies in the South Sudan, in Torit 1955, in Bor and Ayod 1983 were well JUSTIFIED!

    I agree with you in principles! The ongoing peace Talk Agreement in Addis Ababa will never bring fruitful peace in the country in the South Sudan! There should have been talks by the warring parties and the government and should not have been at the hands of IGAD, AU, UN, EVALUATION MONITORING COMMITTEE of Botswana Former President!

    Abiko! Kansas City,MO.USA

  2. False Millionaire says:

    Typical case of contradictions sacrificing bright side of mindset. No doubt the article is the best a revolutionary universal intellectual can release. But only too late. This should have been his unbending position before things got too messed up beyond repair.
    It’s inconceivable to imagine an armed rebellion developing from rural areas before rising to the helm of power in Juba with the antagonized social groups criss-crossing among each other as was the case under Garang.

    It’s very irresponsible from the part of the author to ignore the grave order of the society’s evolution to which he has been one among it’s contributors.
    As of today, every ordinary citizen has been pushed to shelter within the spheres of his ethnic boundaries. If he means a revolution to bring every one together with the fresh bleeding wounds, he owes to explain it how.
    But yet he deserves the benefit of doubt and in that context, he is the same one who should take the lead.
    Human beings are as the same as domestic animals. Cows never dislike good shepherds.

    • Mor-amook says:

      Dear Dr. Nyaba, you are the only conscious politician in South Sudan. You know very well the current problem and you also know the solution. You are not looking on how to get back to power like others who are struggling on how to get back to power in the disguise of his/her concern about suffering of the people of south Sudan.

      I totally agree with you 100% that the world will never bring a lasting peace to us unless the sons and daughters of south Sudan accept themselves to bring peace. I don’t understand the problem of warring parties. Almost all of them, being government, oppositions (IO, FDs & SSOA) have all rejected peace proposal from IGAD. The peace proposal from IGDA is not the final, the people of south Sudan are the final authority to decide who will be leaders from states to national through election.

      I wish them to accept peace if they were all real for the people of south Sudan, and request IGAD and international community the guarantees up to the free and fair election after transitional period.

  3. info@southsudannation says:

    Prof. Peter Adwok Nyaba,
    As always and as commendable as ever, you’re the political limelight of this unfortunate nation that prefers to remain in the darkness.
    In retrospect, the 1965 Round Table Conference failed because the political solidarity and national cohesion of the South Sudanese was already shattered by the likes of William Deng Nhial and et al, the man who reputably and infamously ran away with secrets of the Anya nya movement to the enemy jellaba Khartoum oppressors. Such that during that conference, the South Sudanese leadership was already divided and hence no unanimity.
    But our South Sudanese trail of traitorship and treason goes way back to that infamous conference in late 1940’s in Cairo, Egypt, when that first generation of our leaders easily succumbed to political and financial manipulations and subsequent betrayal, hence they chose to going along with a one-Sudan’s independence and our prolonged enslavement until Torit 1955 Revolution.
    Today, the same is being repeated but with more traitors as we are sadly witnessing the nuclear fragmentation of the SPLM/A-In-Opposition (SPLM/A-IO).
    How can the cheated people of this accursed nation of South Sudan ever expect any resolution of the conflict when so many bastardized so-called ‘liberation movements’ and their so-called ‘commanders-in-chiefs’ are sprouting up every minute of the day to complicate and confuse the people?
    As you so correctly said, those ‘fundamental contradictions’ will never go away unless there is some total radicalization in the current political leadership.
    Sadly, the virus has spread across the entire political sphere in the nation and among your political ‘comrades’ now masquerading as prospective ‘so-called liberators/leaders’ in the plush hotels and expensively and illicitly-bought residences in the neighboring countries.
    Once again, most of these opposition leaders will again undergo political surgical re-absorption into the Kiir’s paradise and, down the road, after some few years, there will be another cataclysmic political/military eruption and then another cycle of ‘rebellion’ and killing begins all over again.
    Best wishes and health and may the Good Lord prolong your wisdom,

  4. Lokosang says:

    Dr Nyaba,

    Bravo for your well articulated article. IGAD proposal would never bring lasting and sustainable peace in our country because it only rewards those who created this problem for their individual interest.

    Our problem has become a kind of business where neighbouring leaders benefit out of it. If IGAD is serious about genuine peace in South Sudan, their proposals should concentrate on reform agenda during the transitional period not about positions.

    I hope the failure of this round would be a lesson to IGAD to digest and adjust its weakness so that next round, they come with proposals that address the fundamental problem of South Sudan.

  5. Peter Adwok Nyaba says:

    Dear compatriots: Chief Abiko, False Millionaire. Mor-Amok and the Editor

    I thank you all for your respective interventions. The HLRF ended yesterday May 23rd without anything tangible save that the IGAD Council of Ministers will have to meet ‘urgently’ to consider the report and perhaps raise it to the IGAD summit and God knows when the Heads’ of State and Government schedules will allow a summit in Addis or else where.

    The task of researchers and writers is bring out facts in order to influence and change people’s attitudes and behaviour. This is exactly what or other electronic and social media outfits have been doing over the last twenty or so years.

    Have we behaved differently or any better looking at ourselves and the common problems we faced as a people? Are the South Sudanese in the Diaspora reading the situation at home correctly?

    It is about seventy-one years since the Juba Conference and yet we still organize, form and inform as our own ethnicities; In Australia and USA like in Juba today we form into ethnic communities, associations and ethnic Council of Elders, Youth and Women.

    In the South Sudan Legislative Assembly decisions are taken at the Ethnic and Regional Caucuses etc. Do we now see the problem; and Chief Abiko says it is not poverty and ignorance when there is no difference in intellectual capacities between a university graduate and peasant or cattle herder?

    I am working on a manuscript which tentatively I want to call: The republic of South Sudan: Elites, Ethnicity, Socio-Political Duplicity and the Stunted state. If we still believe in our people, then we should soldier on until there is a change of attitude and a correct perception of reality.

    In this respect, I request all to study and speak from knowledge. I thank you all.
    Peter Adwok Nyaba

  6. Tyson says:

    Prof. Nyaba
    Thanks for the frank analysis and conclusion on the status of the failed HLRF. It is time we examine ourselves (as South Sudanese) and take bold decision to change the status quo in South Sudan. Nobody can do it except South Sudanese themselves. South Sudan has become a harvest field (or gold mining field) for foreigners, while South Sudanese are killing themselves, raping their innocent women, dying from hunger and diseases, and identifying themselves in name of ethnicity and warlords.
    It is time for the young generation to take leadership. We don’t need the failed SPLM/A cohorts of criminals masquerading as leaders to continue crippling this beautiful land. From Kiir to all his lieutenants MUST be persecuted!!!! It is time South Sudanese MUST change the current tyranny through popular uprising. No point to fire a bullet against a fellow citizen who is also a victim of this useless regime.
    Because most of us are intellectually blind, we continue to cherish and bless the suffering in South Sudan by blindly supporting this regime in the name of ethnicity. Because most of us are slaves of poverty, we worship the criminals in power. Poverty reduces a person to a mere beggar- this is exactly what militias are doing by following these idiots in the name of ethnicity. Shame to our people!!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      While I completely concur with your argument for change, I would be very careful on your suggestion of “the young generation to take over the leadership.”
      In actuality, most of the sycophants now in the Kiir’s government as ministers, ambassadors and governors, etc…actually belong to your so-called ‘young generation.” Sadly, they’re genetically tainted with the SPLM/A virus and are now as corrupt as those of Kiir, Igga, Lomoro and Macuei.

      As someone may be of the Kiir’s generation, the problem in the country is not the ‘old’ people, it’s essentially a problem of ONE TRIBE DOMINANCE AND ITS OBNOXIOUS PLAN TO ELIMINATE, OBSTRUCT AND MARGINALIZE the others…the majority populace across the country. Period.

      How many younger generation of Kiir’s tribesmen are currently executing the one-tribe domination in the country? Millions!!! Like father like son.

      Are these not your younger generation messing up, killing people and running away with the money? The entire SPLM/A hegemony has to be eliminated, if that were possible at all!

  7. Okuc says:

    Prof Nyaba,

    If you were writing as outsider I would bow my hat to you, but you served as a minister of Higher education and Technology in government led by Salva kirr before the events of 15 Dec 2013.
    The question is why you and the rest of your colleagues in government didn’t take action to stop Kirr when he had started to mobilized and creation of militia whose composition was entirely from his ethnic Dinka and despite the fact he is the commander in chief of SPLM?
    The entire SPLA/M leadership are responsible for the current war in South Sudan because they failed in their management of the country which the people of South Sudan have sacrificed for during 20 years of war with the North Sudan.
    Your analysis of current war from Marxist- communist perspective is misplaced because of simple reasons; the majority of SPLA/M leaderships are not Marxists nor believe in that ideology as you do and therefore once they assumed power after CPA and thereof independence in Jan 2011, they have shown their true colours which they had hidden during liberation war. Bear in mind, when the war broke out in 1983, after the dissolution of regional government by president Numeri, South Sudanese were already divided along ethnic affiliation and that division was exacerbated by division of South Sudan into three regions Bar Al Ghazal, Equatoria and Upper Nile.
    So your argument that the current cries are due to ignorance and poverty are misleading because you don’t want to acknowledge the responsibility of SPLA/M in the destruction of life and displacement of 2/3 population of South Sudanese from villages by regime led by a tribalist president who has embarked on destruction of none- Dinka by policy of land grabbing and displacement.
    I do agree with you the majority of South Sudanese whether university graduate or a layman are political illiterate but who are to blame ?
    The same question is applied to your argument about political consciousness which is lacking in South Sudanese because of political illiteracy. These attribute will not arise from vacuum nor from environment which doesn’t foster freedom of opinion and debate instead people are taught from early age to obey authorities and different opinions are considered disobedient. Because of lack of these attributes your call for National democratic revolution in South Sudan will be uphill feat in the current circumstance where communities are divided along ethnic affiliation. Second, people in urban towns are already subdued by the regime and no one will dare to put his or her life in danger because all the security apparatus are dominated by one ethnic – Dinka.
    The only viable solution is for all armed group to form one alliance to fight the regime whose legitimacy have expired on 17 May 2018, and remove it from power. Kirr shouldn’t be allowed to continue as a president during transition period and all South Sudanese who care has to support the removal of regime led by Kirr to avoid more suffering of South Sudanese and also disintegration of South Sudan.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      You hit the nail squarely on the head! None of those groups in the Addis Talks NEVER DEMANDED FOR THE EXCLUSION OR REMOVAL OF KIIR AS PRESIDENT POST- AGREEMENT.
      So, are these people in the conference, be they commanders or politicians, really serious about solving the problem or are they selfishly lobbying just to go back again as ministers under the same murderous tyranny of Kiir the Killer?

  8. Dear: Dr.Peter Adwok Nyaba

    Thanks so much with your compliment! I have not seen any educated South Sudanese person like you! You look open and person and fair mind! This is WISDOM! Wise persons,are leaders all forms of societies! Take care!

    I still in discrepancy with you on your Thesis Statement when said the problem of South Sudan is on POVERTY AND IGNORANCE! As you know,poor persons and Ignorance,are not working in the government positions! They do not know anything about in the government and politics! What is going right now in the country,are POLITICAL MATTER, CORRUPTION AND TRIBAL LOYALITY! There is nothing else! The poor persons and Ignorance persons,they always make TROUBLES everywhere among communities including the government personnel as well!

    I want to work YOUR DESSERTATION ON POVERTY AND IGNORANCE! We shall have a Penal one day on it! Back you!

    Sincere Healing Anger!


    Kansas City,MO,USA

  9. J. Malooma says:

    Prof. Nyaba,
    As an insider, scholar and political dissident in South Sudan’s political, social and economic structures, any piece of writing or theory that you articulated would be taken seriously as part of solution, or perhaps a problem to this conflict.
    Yes, 95% of what you said is correct. But, I wouldn’t agree with the notion that “poverty and ignorance” are the causes to current civil war, consequently “Failed State”.
    Yes, no one would argue that poverty and ignorance are not the biggest problems in SS. But in my view, they are the result of government misrule, corruption and lack of economic development. Simply put, those of Kiir and gang ate all the oil money!
    How would you except a stable, viable State and society when the same conspirators or tribe, whether it’s William Deng Nhial, Abel Alier, John Garang or Salva Kiir, whose objectives were/are to impose by all means on others and do not create or allow space for social/media, political and economic debates?
    I will not buy that theory which says that people of South Sudan cannot and will never govern themselves into a prosperous, peaceful and global society, when the (Head of State) goes to another ethnic group or tribe.

  10. Mor-amook says:

    Illiteracy is what makes us to be manipulated on ethnics line. Secondly, we were being kept by successive regimes in Khartoum from 1956 up to 2011 as tribes manipulating us as they wish, e.g infamous kokora…..etc to dismantle strong unity during the few years of Addis ababa agreement 1972 – 1980.

    We have never accepted ourselves, our diversity as strengths. Every tribe accuses the other, which will never take us ahead. For example, recently in Addis, our leaders were given chance to try to forge their own solution at Intra-South dialogue but failed frustrating our religious leaders to surrender mediation. Shame on you the so called leaders of south Sudan, history will never forgive you even your sons and daughters you who may be studying in the west to come and rule us in future. It’s a complete lie we will never accept a cub of a lion or hyena.

    You don’t agree among yourselves and you don’t agree to IGAD propose peace plan. Who do you want? the UN or God? these are the only remaining options. You are looking at yourselves on how to come in to re-loot the resources with the current administration as well. Your positions are not reflecting the interest of the people of South Sudan.

    Our interest is please end the war at whichever cost you will incur except your lives.

  11. Nuan-Kur says:

    Prof. Peter Aduok

    Before I read your long inconsistent and incorrect diagnosis of the problem, I was touched by the title of your article “No Agreement- Only patriotic sons & daughters can save South Sudan from itself and neighbors”. My question is thatt when did you realize that the Saviour of south Sudan cannot be foreign powers but it must come from “only patriotic sons and daughters of South Sudan”. Previously, you was one of the leading campaigners to put South Sudan under Trusteeship of United Nations and AU. Isn’t that an ignorance? If one can buy your point of view on ignorance then let us confess that it is your ignorant that let you joined Dr. Riek Machar’s ethnocentric rebellion for the second in your lifetime.
    You categorized the problem of South Sudan as poverty among others. If this is the case, then why those .who rebelled are the most richer of SPLM.. If poverty is the case then people of South Sudan would not have suffered from gun shot but they would have been suffering from hunger, illiteracy and diseases..

    You said that it would be wrong therefore to categorize the present war as Dinka–Nuer war ……. or as Dinka war against the other nationalities in South Sudan” How did you come to that conclusion and why did you changed your previous position?
    You recently described government in Juba as ethnocentric totalitarian regime of Salva Kiir. If it is not ethnic driven kind of conflict, why did Dr. Riek Machar shifted war to Dinka Padang and Dinka Bor areas. Even Shilluk nationalities were slaughtered by Nuer White Army… .

    • info@southsudannation says:

      If you can allow me to interdict on the behalf of Prof. Peter Adwok, when he asserts that poverty is the cause of all the political chaos in the nation, he is rightly inferring to the clear reality and fact that most of those so-called ‘leaders’ in South Sudan are basically poor, not like leaders in the civilized world who normally enter politics when they have already made lots of money.
      Now, in our situation, practically all of these guys had nothing when they joined the liberation war and up to the composition of the self-rule government in 2005.
      Of course, there were those guys who stole from the relief agencies or who illicitly benefited from gold and wood smuggling during the war, profits which would have rightly benefited the poor SPLA soldiers in the liberation war.
      Anyway, when everyone came to Juba in 2005 after CPA, the prevailing assumption was that these ‘liberators’ were POOR. Hell soon broke loose, as the jieng of Kiir, shamelessly embarked on blatant and sinful thievery of the oil dollars, pouring like ‘manna from heaven’ for these privileged mongjangs.
      The basic reason why so many nations have started on the wrong footing basically is what Prof. Adwok rightly called ‘the politics of poverty.’ The presumption here is that the South Sudanese leaders were poor, as their heritage and background proved.
      The Obotes of Uganda and the Kenyattas of Kenya were essentially ‘poor’ at the start but within just a few years, they astronomically metamorphosed into Trump-like billionaire presidents by their unholy acts of thievery and looting of the countries’ resources.
      I went to the same secondary school in Uganda where one of Obote’s top ministers attended as a poor boy from the distant region of West Nile, the famous story was that he had only one pair of shorts and at night he would sleep naked, to save that only shorts for class in the morning! Just imagine comparable cases in South Sudan. Any Surprise!
      Just like the Kiir’s, Machar’s, Kuol Manyang’s, Malong’s and Lomuro’s of Juba, in today’s South Sudan. Our so-called ‘politicians’ and commanders are ready to lick the stinking foots of Kiir or Machar, and ready to kill fellow South Sudanese, just to become a State governor or brigadier-general, and that way, they might build a house in Juba and perhaps send his family to live in some comfort in Nairobi or Kampala and get educated. Poverty becomes the main motivator to many South Sudanese today to lick those stinking feet of Kiir.
      That’s our sad and tragic predicament in South Sudan.

  12. Deng Hanbol says:

    Dear Prof,
    In order to avoid disintegration of our beloved country, Dinka kingdom must be dismantled once for all. Not one step back!

  13. Dear: Editor

    You supporting Dr.Peter Adowk Nyaba when you said he is right by saying POVERTY AND IGNORANCE is part of the problem of the conflict in the South Sudan without ever supporting your right.

    Like I said POVERTY AND IGNORANCE.has nothing to do on the South Sudan problem! I have already pointed out some of the main ISSUES for the South Sudan government in the country.

    In Kenya Election between Uhuru Kenyatta and his Rival Raila Odinga,it was POLITICAL.It was not on the POVERTY AND IGNORANCE! Can you imagine,it was poverty and Ignorance.They have reconciled and lived now in peace.The country is now back normalcy. The country has united already as before! There is no longer hatred and bitterness of the parties.They have buried down and moved on their lives as usual!

    I am done for now! Back to you in the forum South Sudan Nation(SSN) Discussion Board.

    Sincere Changing Anger!


    Kansas City,Missouri,USA

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