Nimule: Scores injured in clan clashes between Dinka Tuich & Bor

From: ANDREW OLWENY, Nimule, South Sudan, DEC/29/2014, SSN;

Inter-clan clashes erupted among the IDP Dinka Tuich and Dinka Bor in the town of Nimule. Residents of Motoyo village and Nimule trading center were set in panic as gunfire erupted among the Dinka IDP residing in Nimule.

According to eye witness who called our local correspondent in Nimule, a gathering at a traditional wedding went awry leading to several people being wounded, some with serious threatening injuries requiring life saving treatments in the neighboring hospital in Uganda.

Official figures of causalities and those wounded remain undisclosed by the local and state authorities. It is believed that the Juba government very quickly intervened to abort the situation and restricted media access and keeping a lid on the incident thus media houses were not able to report on it including the state owned SSTV.

To the best of our knowledge SSLN is the first to report after confirmations from our regional corespondent.

Per the confirmed report, the clashes erupted when the two clans of tuich and other clan from Bor gathered to celebrate a traditional marriage, however a disagreement soon ensued resulting into gunfire exchanges between the two clans.

This incident highlights the fact that while the locals are being disarmed, the Dinka IDP (so-called Internally Displaced Persons) are fully armed and without disruptions by the Kiir government.

Are these truly IDP’s, or implanted colonies, is the questions that need answers from the Juba authorities.

This is the worst such incident to have taken place in Nimule which, never registered such gunfight between civilians in her entire history to date.

The gunfight lasted for more than 25 minutes this caused panic and many families spent sleepless night in hiding. The Dinka Tuick chief, in Nimule, as ironically as it may sounds, was said to be in police custody, countless ammunitions and guns were recovered from the scene.

According to the caller who spoke to South Sudan liberty on condition of anonymity, the gun owners were definitely not part of national security personnel.

It is safe to assume that these are unlicensed and illegal guns smuggled into Nimule by high ranking military and government officials to inflict heavy losses on the Madi, should they dare seek to reclaim their ancestral lands, from the imposed internally displaced persons who left their home villages in Jonglei more than 20 years ago, and had since refused to repatriate to their ancestral land after the CPA and independence of South Sudan in July 2011 but have laid claim on the Madiland against the wishes of the locals and this is the reason why.

The relationship between the IDPs and the host community has been strained and the Kiir government has repeatedly ignored the appeals of the locals to repatriate these cattle keepers rejected by the locals precisely due to their violent cultures and their dependence on cows which can not be mixed with those whose lives depend on the land for survival with the cows eating up their crops.

Since the incident occurred on 29 December 2014, non Dinka and the native Ma’di people who have been already traumatized with constant intimidation and inaction from the state authorities in Torit and the national government in Juba, repeated their calls for these violent IDPs to go back to their ancestral lands and to let the Madi enjoy their lives in peace.

This unprecedented incident has caused more than 200 civilians to cross into neighboring Uganda, mostly from the Dinka IDPs.

The Nimule Police department (NDP) confirmed to our correspondent that indeed the incident has taken place and they lament to admit the discovery of such staggering quantities of guns and ammunitions in the custody of non-security personnel.

They said they were puzzled by the magnitude of the guns found in the neighborhood. They also said the Tuich Dinka chief is in their custody and will give an explanation as to how such guns got to Nimule and how they were kept under his watch.

A Local Ma’di native who asked for his identity to be concealed, expressed his disbelief and anger with the security and police in Nimule, that he has no faith in the system and it is just a matter of time that the chief will be freed and those who caused the incident will not face the court of law and their guns will be returned, if not Juba will simply supply some more.

“It is the presence of these guns that make the Dinka lay claim in Nimule and Madilnd, while they very well know that their government does not allow the locals to own guns and confiscate even the few the locals have, this is not a government for all but for the Dinkas, the law does not apply to them.” he concluded.

It is worth mentioning that in Nimule the Dinka IPDs run a parallel judiciary, chiefdom and local police to the regular state police and local authorities.

No Dinka has ever been tried in the state set system to date, there is therefore no doubt that those illegal gun owners and those who took lives in this incident will not be charged in courts of law anywhere.

That to you is the South Sudan of today!



  1. Majongdit says:

    Andrew olweny,
    You are a fake journalist. Are you reporting about the fighting of the clans of Dinka or about the Madi? There is no connection between the inter-clan disputes of Dinka and the Madi ancestral land. As a journalist you should report things exactly as they happened. When you include your own views, then you are biased and unethical.

    Secondly, these Dinka Bor have stayed in Nimuli long before the CPA. Therefore, they are not supposed to be called IDPs. I first went to Nimuli in 2006 from Kampala and I found these Dinka there.

    Journalists should be advocates of peace, not the merchants of violence. You Andrew are a shame to South Sudanese people for trying to stir conflict through wrong biased reporting.

    • Stinger Mesile says:

      Majongdit , You visited Nimule in 2006 , and when did you visited your Dinka land? or you are still hiding from interclans killings in Dinka land.

      All Dinka’s who are in Equatoria are on hiding from clans vs clans in Dinka land.

  2. Dan says:

    Why is this a breaking news? This incident was reported to have taken place between members of Ayuaal from Twic East and Juet from Bor counties. when did it become full blown clash between Twic and Bor clans’ members in Nimule? And why was the chief of Twic arrested by authorities and not his counterpart if you were to be believed?

  3. John Philips says:

    Trash to cause confusion,…Those mention communities have live side by side over centuries and have never point guns at each other. They are the golden standard of South Sudan and will not allow such reporting to derail their communual relationship they have enjoyed over the years.
    There’s no such thing as Mai’di Land in South Sudan,..There’s South Sudan Land only. If we all need to move to their ancestoral land then the Mai’di need to go back to the Congo period! How can we call for peace and yet you keep agitating people as if they do no long belong to South Sudan society. You call for federalism and you do not understand the implication of it. Federalism does not allow people to be chased back to so called ancestoral land. If federalism got enacted today, there will be only South Sudanese land and nothing less. Stop instigating voilence, nobody benefits from it.


    • Stinger Mesile says:

      John Philips? Does Jiengee knows how to say ”Thanks”
      You continue to say ; There’s nothing called Ma’di Land.
      There will be a time to come soon while you are sharpening tools ,gathering firewoods, then enjoy the big party ever.
      And you soon will travel to your ancestral land by River Nile whereby you have to pay transport fees to the Crocodile.

      • Tombe Gboro says:

        John Philips,

        Wait a bit you will know what the coward Madi will teach the powerful Dinka. Have you forgotten what Martin Kenyi taught the Dinka in Torit. Today every Madi in the Bush is Martin Kenyi. When we close the road from Nimule to Juba, then we will see how Museveni will save you in Juba.

        Tombe Gboro,
        Patibi, Madiland

  4. Obale Charles says:

    This is a true story. The shooting in Nimule among Dinka brothers was real. At least four were dead and several were wounded in gunfire sparked by competition over marrying a lady. Those who think is a lie, please consulate with other people you know in that location.
    In response to John Philip; so long as you continue to dream about land of others, there will always be war in South Sudan. As you are denying that there is not tribal ownership of land, why do you think you Dinka made it tribal rule that “no one than Dinka is allow to legally owning land in Bor and in any ancestral land covered by Dinka”. Nimule is Madiland, the clock is ticking, and IDPs are living. It’s the beginning of the end, and we will see in future which tribe will ever horst Dinka again should there be crisis. Before claiming that you are colonisers in Equatoria, you were actually displaced by Nuer. Your own behaviour made you hated tribes in your own areas. Do you thing we are not aware that you people are hiding in Equatoria? Whatever you people did in Equatoria automatically disqualified you from staying. You like it or not, you people are living. The policy of IDPs will end very soon.
    Just to remind you, Dr. John Garang succeeded because of the common enemies we have. That is why slowly he when on making evil promises thinking Equatoria will be Dinka destiny. Very soon the government will fall and we will see who else from Dinka will mobilise all these tribes you people are mistreating to fight a war to over throw the next government. Remember, pay days are at your door.

  5. mapima says:

    John Philip the non dinka’s name, u comment has lack meaning, this show you haven’t attended formerly school to learn this history of the people of Sudan and south Sudan. Just like your in laws the Arabs have twisted the the history in their new history book they referred to themselves as the coming of the people, they manipulated this to claim ownership of the country. Today the dinka are among the people counted by the united nations as stateless people as u have lost u land to the Arab.dinka have no ancestral land in south Sudan because you sold out your Khartoum to the the land u claimed to be dinka land belong to the nuer, murle, anyaka, juru, balanda, shilluk just a few to mention, there is no single correct fact in the history books that madi came from Congo or Uganda instead if u know the history of migrant ion those madi in Uganda migrated from south Sudan due some factors affected their habitual in present south Sudan.
    U writing lacks fact, for accuracy what has been reported here has happened there were causalities scores of unarmed innocent by stands were hurt. So how can u dispute this while u are not in ground in nimule?

  6. mapima says:

    This primitive argument and has confirmed inability of cattle kraal behavioral, dinkas have become chronically incurable disease but soon the wind will change its direction and dinka will have no place to hide, I said soon u will have no safe haven in south Sudan, Uganda, Sudan and Kenya

  7. Kondokoro says:

    what are you talking about Is like Dinka are not humans?
    how many Dinkas died to liberate this country?
    you are enjoying in all these states while the Dinkas are suffering due to insecurity created by the tribalist while the dinkas and other minded tribes including most of our tribes some of you were colaborating with the jalaba now the country is free we begin to hear words like Madi land what what why not we be south sudanese what about if Uganda anexe this land ?
    you should be talking about getting back the land which Uganda had encroached to behind Bibilia and more land is inside Uganda, you all thing dinkas should be your servants iknow some dinkas are arrogant but that doesnt mean we should harash them other wise this land will burn and only god will stop that fire ,dont be decieve by Riak machar

  8. Oyet says:


    Whatever name your are, do u even know where the border of South Sudan end? who told you that Bibia belong to south Sudan, you should accept that you dinka have no knowledge of borders or people of Equatoria as majority of you smell Equatoria and were able to feel and smell development in 1990s when the first dinka influx arrived in Equatoria, do you know how many dinka died in pageri due to primitive ideology, they were told that certain cassava are not eatable until you processed and dry them, but they resort in beating the local madi women thinking they were refusing them the cassava, as jieng culture is en-rooted deep in violence, so they forced the women to slaughter some chickens by force and cook the chick with bitter/soar cassava, after eating most of them died instantly, so learn to acknowledge you have no knowledge about the equatoria and where their borders ends with neigbhoring countries. lack of knowledge gruesome

    • Daudi Somalia says:

      DINKA !
      D = Displaced people.
      I = Ignorant both primary and secondary.
      N = Nonsensical people in south Sudan.
      K = Killers and blood thirsty.
      A = Adopted not siblings of south Sudan
      What else have i forgotten ? Yes i have remembered that the people who do not know their origin will suffer from history. Secondly, where ever has the blind man ( DINKA) led a visionary team that is conscious of the dynamics of their society, their neighbors and the world trends, i say ! to lead people who know better about themselves and know better the enemy than the way enemy understands it’s self ” Arrogant Dinkas” . Do these bustards have any sense of humanity at any cost. I applaud Sudan. It was intentional for Sudan to hurriedly grant Independence to the hands of puppets, retrogressive creatures and slaves of ignorance so that they be slaves of their own making until….. who knows ? . How could they promote none functional illiterates moreover at junior officer ranks with toddler experience in military science and basic understanding of how societies have come to exist to the ranks of Generals to march the
      Sudan army standards at the time of the so called comprehensive peace agreement and shamefully retire them without any ideological independence of survival besides hand outs from the military service? Mad DINKAS.

  9. Ohi'de says:

    Kodokoro is right bibia belongs to south sudan . Uganda custom used to be at atiak.

  10. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, madi Uganda.
    please try and you will see how hot it is!!!!
    bibia is Uganda land and if you wan to claimed it back take your gun, begin fight who prevent you now?
    for your information if madi want to fight Dinka in Nimule we are ready to resist you Nyam-nyam. those gun are for you only.

  11. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Obale & Patibia.
    what we know only is patibia is in Uganda not in south Sudan so keep silence in south Sudanese affaires because you are sold out by Arab during Nimeri Regime as madi so I don’t know what are you saying about Dinka?
    Mr. Obale you were in Bor working for CRS in 2008-2009 and in northern Bhar el ghazal Awiel.
    you comments the bulshit on web here my friend and you abusing the Dinka since there is no madi land you are working on it.
    war is not for joke tell your madi guys in Dinka land to leave our land before Dinka could not leave your land.
    failure to do so will lead to many funerals in madi land and I hope you understand it very clear, no stupid complained later.
    this war is going to be between Dinka and madi as you preached all over the media, is now accepted prepared and don’t go to Ajdumani for safety because you escape during struggle to Ajdumani to seek the refuge and you did not participate in the war of liberation, we fought for your land to defense you as vulnerable community in south Sudan.
    yet you called us land grabbers, you started the anya-anya one war and it was not joined by Dinka from there the light was seen at all.

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


      In what way are you ceding this territory to Uganda? Is it because UPDF came to your rescue? By your reasoning or logic, can we safely cede Abyie to Jallaba then since it is Jallaba’s territory? You cannot have it both ways. If the business nowadays becomes selling land, it is than ok to do it all over not just in Equatoria alone. Why bother fighting for Abyie, 14 miles and others? Listen and think before you utter words you do not fully understand. South Sudanese are sorry to have people like you in their society.

  12. loloku says:

    Dinka called ariyan jeingee are IDPs in Equatoria land. Their fake believe to occupy other people land is vague. The current war is the beginning of general aggression against this tribe called dinkad.

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