New States not based on number of counties, but on population size: Gok people deserve own county!



In response to those who argue that since Gok people have one county and therefore do not deserve to be a State, I would like to stress at onset that such an argument is a fallacy and also a failure to reason logically.

In my understanding, the creation of administrative units or states is not based on counties but it is based on the size of population, which means that Gok people deserve to be a state based on the result of the last census.

The result of the census of 2008 put the population of Gok people to one hundred and seventeen thousand people (117000). Thus, those who argue that one county cannot be a state fail to understand one fundamental factor considered in the creation of a state or any administrative unit.

What is considered in the creation of the State or any administrative unit is a size of population which acts as a determinant in the allocation of resources. This means that neither geographical area nor administrative unit plays any major role in the creation of the state but it is the size of population that matters.

In relation to Cueibet County, being one county does not mean that it cannot be a state. In fact, to point out the truth, Cueibet County remained as One County since 2005 because it was left in that status for the benefit of some political actors who did not want Gok Community to progress.

In other words, it was just an administrative misnomer intended to ensure that Gok people did not have access to services and resources; it was an administrative corruption in short.

However, now as the President of South Sudan has done it, I think it was the plan of God as God has been watching at how much Gok people have suffered.

Because of that I have hope. I have hope of Gok people remaining as state since it is the plan of God and as far as I know what God has planned no human beings can go against it or can undo it.

People of Gok from Cueibet county are people of God; they are there for the interest of South Sudan. During the war in 1990s for instance, many communities in the then Southern Sudan turned against the SPLM/A to the extent of SPLA almost losing the war.

However, Gok people stood their ground against the Arabs under the leadership of the son of Gok Community, Daniel Awet Akot, and because of that Cueibet became the storm eye for the liberation of South Sudan.

Remaining the centre for liberation, the SPLM/A gained momentum in the fight against Arabs as Gok people played a fundamental role in standing with the SPLM/A. Gok People generously and jealously protected the interest of the SPLM/A from 1983 to 2005.

In 1990s when the SPLA was almost defeated, it was only in places like Goomcok, Mayenthon Jokdau, YinhAkong and Ciitcook Awetdit found in Cueibet in which the SPLM/A remained active and strong liberation army.

It was from the aforementioned places in which SPLM/A started another onslaught and rebellion which eventually resulted into the birth of CPA or Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005.

Thus the effort of Gok community gave birth to South Sudan today since the people of Gok created the centre and strong base in which South Sudanese protected their interests.

As a result of their determination, they paid heavily. For example, all their cows, grains and other valuable things that provided sources of their livelihood were completely used up by freedom fighters leaving them in abject poverty and recurring hunger in which many of them died.

Moreover, due to their patriotism and love for South Sudan, Gok people sacrificed a lot in terms of human beings. For example, many youths were recruited to help SPLM/A which was then under Late Dr. Garang to fight Arabs.

To be specific, each executive chief could recruit as many as thirty young people per a year for over ten years i.e. from 1990s to 2003 yet in Gok community there are only forty five executive chiefs. Thus from foregoing analysis if one can make a calculation, it is easier to come to the conclusion that from 1990s to 2000s, youth of Gok community constituted a core of freedom fighters in which many died as a result of war.

Hence, it is not in consonant with logic to hear some people reason and argue as they do about the creation of States and Gok State in particular. Such reasoning as already explained above leaves much to be desired and it is the basis of injustice.

In summary, as a matter of good conscience and natural justice, Gok people should be compensated with nothing but their own state, which is the prudent thing that the Government of South Sudan has done.

They cannot be compensated in anything except the development of their areas and to ensure that their children are educated, elders are cared for and health centres are made available to ensure that Gok people do not die of preventable diseases.

It is therefore wrong to think that if Gok is one county it cannot be a State. It must be repeated that a state is not based on Counties but on the size of people and based on the result of census of 2008, it is important to conclude that Gok people deserve the state.



  1. Albino Liet says:

    Mr. Daniel Juol, Nhomngek. I appreciate your complain for supporting Cueibet, county as the new State but I wouldn’t agree with you for many reasons. First of all, the census from 2008 don’t qualify Cueibet county to become a State because it is even lower to promote 300,000 as a State. To qualify for promoting of State then, you to have to have about 450,000_500,000 people and Gok. Would not make that population .Also if these Cueibet county, Twic, Mayadit, Munrdin. If these counties are promoted to State’s level then what about Tonj North County? Tonj North County were two countries before peace agreement held but they were all combined together and they have more population than what you had state here. Thirdly, the Gok communities have been aggressively attacks Agar Pakam, and Tonj South community since the signing peace agreement up to this moment and nothing better so I would like to let all Rumbek, communities and Gok communities remain sticking together as one State just like Tonj, Bor, Yirol. And more others. I’m appealing to Juba government to make more reviews on their proposed recently and to make sure there is a check and balance because we wanted to know why Gogrial, divided into two separate States and why not Tonj who have 24 communities plus Bongo community, we would like to know what notions or alluding that denying others?

  2. Albino Liet says:

    I am sorry, I do mean counties and not countries thanks.

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      Albino Liet it appears that you are on sentiment not on facts. You failed to get my point my point is that any county that has enough people should have a larger administrative unit like state. You seem to punish other counties because Tonj North was not made into state. Can you be objective in analyzing facts do not mix anger with the fact because you will fail to see the truth and appreciate it. If Tonj North has such a population then they deserve a state. Why not? By the way can you check the book by Anei Kuendit on Dinka that deal with different tribes of Dinka and u will get the population of Gok. Please can you leave your anger aside and try to analyze what is going on objectively

  3. Albino Liet says:

    Daniel Juol Nhomngek. I am not debating about your population but I was trying to show you how much the population which might absolutely qualified a certain area to State level. The Sudanese census indicated that, the population for the whole Lake State was about 650,000 meanwhile, the Warrap State was about 979,890 people. If proved by Juba government then I have no objections on Cueibet county however, my real concern is the attitudes of Gok youths in the community which shown something wrong in the society and need their Sons to works hard otherwise, the whole Gok people and all Agar are going to be place to Nuers position sooner because there have been no peace since the CPA and now the violence is continuing. .

  4. False Millionaire says:

    Tonj is the center of the gravity of jieng wisdom.
    Everything that’s done there is done becouse of well concluded reasoning.
    The english administeration dinka law named,”ganon wanth’allel”, applied to all dinka rural courts in south sudan was formulated and written there.
    There the strong as the weak,the poor as the rich and the stranger as the citizen by birth have their places under equal terms.That’s why u can find among Tonj citizens there are citizens from other south sudanese districts whose parents have long immigrated there and have become Tonj citizens for life.
    Such South sudanese leaders among whom were William Deng Nhail,John Garang de Mabior and James Wani Igga were educated there.
    Bongo and jur chol ethnic groups and citizens issue of immigration from other south sudanese districts constitute important parts in the social structural back bone of Tonj’s society.
    Tonj represents a magnetism that attracts and absorbs but never repulses.
    Let the ill wishers come up with Kokora federalism in RSS but it will still be universal federalism that will prevail in Tonj.

    It’s therefore needless to dream of dividing up Tonj like the greater Rumbek and the greater Gogrial among other fregmenting districts.
    The problem of RSS is not RSS as a physical entity but the unwise behaviours of citizens who fail to show good reasoning and understanding particularly the urbanne,intellectual and political elites.
    May God bless Tonj and it’s masses to stand tall and be seen as the only shining example to follow in the messed up RSS!!!

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      False Millionaire, I did not want to respond to but I would only want to tell you that the disease of South Sudan is not for Dinka only why the Dinka are in Spotlight is because they are in power let’s any other tribes take power today you see the same problem. South Sudan will not be in problem in future when we get the really nationalists who are not concerned with building personal empire rather who are concerned with building a nation ! Building a nation means sacrifice when you get someone who sacrifice his or her interest because of South Sudan that is when you will know that the change has come. Otherwise if we do not analyze our weaknesses it will be a change of guard in South Sudan.

  5. Gatdarwich says:

    Common treacherous-Jenge. why are you wasting your precise time talking about State making X, Y, and Z’s village State, while we all know very well that Killer NyanKiir’s 28 states, will, and shall never be implemented. We, the 60 plus patriots tribes in South Sudan, do not want, and shall not see Killer NyanKiir’s and JCE’s 28 states plan work. Zero chance in hell period

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