NDM Forces Clashed with Government forces in Yeri, between Mvolo and Mundiri, Western Equatoria

Press Release

The NDM forces in the Central Front under the command of A/Cdr. William Madit Francis engaged the enemy in Yeri yesterday, Monday the 27th, November.

The battle was a result of an unprovoked attack launched by the enemy on our troops. In the battle enemy was
repulsed leaving behind six (6) of its soldiers dead on the ground and our gallant forces captured nine (9) AK-47 rifles and other military Equipment.

The NDM revolutionary forces lost two martyrs and sustained (8) wounded in action. The attack comes at a time when Juba is talking about ceasefire, while escalating military confrontations against the revolutionary forces across the country.

The international community need to be cognizant about the fact that, the regime in Juba
is not interested in peaceful resolution of conflict in South Sudan and is determined to
pursue military option against the opposition forces. The dictator and his ethnocentric
regime must be diplomatically isolated and pressured to invest in peace. Glory
and honour to our fallen heroes and quick recovery to our wounded comrades.
Long live the struggle of our people
Long live South Sudan
A luta continua
Ambassador; Emmanuel Aban
For/ the Spokesman
National Democratic Movement (NDM)

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