Nations are not Built by Whiners

BY: Kuir ë Garang, ALBERTA, Canada, NOV/23/2014, SSN;

South Sudanese still have, by and large, a very long way to go when it comes to development of a unifying, enduring sense of nationhood or statehood. As things stand now, we are merely a collection of tribal nationalities with conflicting interests.

In the past, our only unifying factors were our common struggle against the oppression from Khartoum and the fact that we were enclosed by the same geopolitical boundary set by the colonial dividers of Africa in 18th and 19th centuries.

The gravest onus is now on us to create a sense of ‘South Sudan-ness’; an identity that’d make an Acholi of South Sudan identify more with Zande of South Sudan rather than with Acholi in Uganda. This is by no means an easy task; however, it’s a task we’ve neglected in vain search for tribal voice and hegemony.

We’ve become a nation of whiners, who offer nothing by way of alternative solutions.

Whining, polemics and acrimonious writs have become our source of solace. We keyboard divisive pomposity and verbosity that make us feel good about ourselves but at the end of the day contribute towards the divisiveness the same writing was supposed to combat.

With no doubt, this has become an oxymoron that typifies what it means to be a South Sudanese; and that’s a sense of self we wouldn’t want to be our defining identity.

Everyone in South Sudan has become a whiner!
The President of the country and his officials have become nothing but a bunch of whiners, who believe everything that’s wrong with South Sudan isn’t their incompetence but a work of some evil man called Riek Machar.

The officials whine about international community favoring rebels, about UNMISS siding with Riek’s forces, about journalists siding with rebels, about IGAD’s impartiality, about the venue of the ‘Peace Talks’ and about everything!

Respectable leaders don’t just whine incessantly. They only point out all the obstacles and problems they face and then rush to suggest workable solutions and alternatives.

If these whiners say anything as an alternative, it’s always something that benefits them. South Sudanese citizens only feature as pawns in the leaders’ quest for power and wealth.

The rebels, who present themselves as a clean alternative to the government, are nothing but another bunch of the same: opportunistic whiners. They whine about President Kiir remaining president, about IGAD’s partiality, about government atrocities while forgetting their own atrocities, about Nuer marginalization when Nuer still stand next to Kiir and fight against fellow Nuer who are part of government’s forces, about dictatorship when they were part of the same system they just left…etc.

If the rebels think they are a formidable alternative to the government then why is it that we only hear the problem stalling the talks being the issue of power-sharing? Why is it the question of who’s to have what powers that’s the problem? Why’s anything in the interest of the citizens taking back stage?

We’ve seen so far what the rebels are! They’ve whined their way from complaints about internal reforms within SPLM to their claim on South Sudanese echelons of power. For the rebels to be seen as credible voice fighting on behalf of South Sudanese citizens, it has to be clear at the talks that they represent the people.

And South Sudanese tribes have mastered the art of whining. The Jieeng whine about Nuer being prone to violent rebellion and Riek Machar being the ultimate killer while forgetting the atrocities committed by a government controlled largely by Jieeng men.

Jieeng’s self-righteousness has a lot to do with everything that’s wrong in South Sudan.
Nuer too complain about being marginalized by the Jieeng while Nuer officials still hold senior positions in both the government and the rebellion.

The third most powerful man in South Sudan, Magok Rundial, the current speaker of the national assembly, is a Nuer.

While hundreds of Nuer civilians were brutally massacred in cold-blood by government’s forces in Juba in December, it’s always prudent to remember that Nuer forces, let by the notorious White Army, have also committed atrocities. There’s respect in accepting one’s wrongs before labeling accusations on others.

One of the arguments always floated around by Nuer is that the Nuer in Kiir’s administration are mere puppets and don’t have a voice. Well, it’s not the fault of the president if they allow themselves to be used like puppets. Where are these people’s morals?

And to top it all, ‘Equatorians,’ as a sociopolitical collegiality for all the tribes in the three southern states of the country, whine of having been marginalized by the Jieeng and the Nuer despite the fact that the second most powerful man in the country is from Equatoria.

The cabinet affairs minister, Dr. Elias Lomoro, is the forth in government hierarchy after the Vice President, the President and the Speaker of the national assembly.

And now many Equatorians, even the Vice President himself, believe that the question of the VP position in the transitional period is an attempt to marginalize Equatorians. And the VP argues that it’s not about his job while he’s repeatedly warned that he’s not going to resign this time around for the sake of Riek Machar. Using Equatorians to safeguard a job is base!

I don’t want to sound naïve. I understand that there are junior Jieeng officials in Kiir’s administration, who are more powerful than some senior government officials from other tribes. However, we have to remember that the problem lies with the officers, who allow themselves to be subordinated by subordinates.

Why see oneself as a subaltern in an administration in which you’re not? Why can’t these officers confront the president? Why can’t they speak on behalf of South Sudanese and straighten things out? Why are these officers afraid of the president even when what they would say would benefit the country?

There’s a clear difference between whining and criticizing the government. Whiners are fond of badmouthing without offering any workable alternatives. Criticisms are excellent mirrors to conscientious leadership, however, to merely whine without offering alternatives and to show the government that the current path is wrong, is a waste of time.

Many non-Jieeng officials subordinate themselves. They see Jieeng officers make bad decisions and applaud them only to claim self-righteousness when they are out of the government.

It’s with no doubt that there are many well-meaning leaders from Equatoria and among the Nuer in the current government, who can stand up to President Kiir (behind closed doors) and advise him in good faith to help rescue the country. However, they are too timid and only think about their positions rather than their constituents and the nation.

We keep on blaming the Jieeng and the President but how about this: Why can’t all the Equatorians and Nuer officials working in the government threaten the President with resignation if he doesn’t change the country for better?

The government would collapse in an instant if they resign en masse. However, they will never do that because they, like all South Sudanese politicians, care more about their jobs rather than the interest of the nation and South Sudanese citizens. (Watch the video commentary here)

So stop whining and see into it that what would change this nation isn’t vacuous whining and foul-mouthing but procurement of workable alternatives!

Kuir ë Garang is the author of “South Sudan Ideologically.” For contact, visit


  1. AGUMUT says:

    What will you do when those big pot bellies people used their heavy weights and abused their positions and walk out to play everybody they never take care with. John Garang’s divided and bad treated.

  2. LONG says:

    Kur Garang,

    You pointed out some facts in regards to Nuer and Equatorian whining, but you miss out most of the things.

    Yes some of our leaders like Wani Igga, Lomuro ETC are there but they lost support from their own constituency, remember Wani was not elected by the people of Lo’bonok, They don’t want him.
    Lomuro and his part failed miserably to garner Support from the Pojulu people. He is a mere stooge recommended by his God father Bona Malwal to Kiir. How do you expect such people to stand against the hand that feeds them when they are rejected from their roots?
    The rest of the leaders from Nuer and Equatoria can be classified into either the above class those of Lomuro or have seen beyond the current conflict and see no opportunity to challenge the brutal murderous regime at this point in time.
    Kiir is using Museveni’s style where only Ankole Officers are respected, access resources and promoted rapidly. Rests of the people see no opportunity to challenge the regime militarily given the Geo-political landscape where SPLA, Rwanda and Kenya give not opportunity for anti-Museveni dissidence.
    For Equatorian’s to rise, Uganda or DR Congo must offer support, just like the Nuers have their backs to Sudan.
    The whining therefore is not in vain, it’s more or less awareness rising so that one day, even if we do not confront these devils now, our Children will when the right time comes – I can bet that time will come to pass
    Never take Equatorian, silence for timidity, its calculated move, for we and the whole world know UPDF saved Kiir’s Regime, the regime that will not stand if Uganda withdraws support. Never! With Kenya already in logger heads, Uganda is the only life line for the Juba murderous regime.

    Can you imagine Jeing regime in battle with Route to Port Sudan, Mombasa and Dar- El Salaam blocked!!!

    • AJ says:

      you have pointed out exactly what I was going to comment after reading the article. In short, the so call leaders from other tribes mainly Nuer and tribes within Equatorian are there for personal interest not the nation.

      Also, remember kiir and his dinkas have private militants who could show up at your house at night and clean you up. It’s more than just walking into kiir palace and say what you thinks and walk out there a live.


  3. arabbmoi says:

    Garang, Kuir, Your King days are numbered as Equatorian are now resurfacing their Edf(Equatorian Defend Force) in Uganda recently. AM

    • bol akuol says:


      Some of our Nuer cousins were just threatening president Kiir before the December 15th just like the way you have been bitching here. In fact, I don’t see those people making those threats on this forum anymore. I don’t know if they are killed or too ashamed to make any threats on the SSN forum. Please start the war and see how it goes before you make those threats. You should know that kiir and the edf leader martin kenyi had kicked their butts before and the real men were left in south sudan and that was kiir and his gallant soldiers.

      • AJ says:

        Bol Akuol,
        as you are talking rubbish here you will soon left with no one to talk with. Uganda is not in your side this time bol and get ready to seek UN help.

        • Bol Akuol. says:


          Our late hero, Dr. John Garang told the Dinka during the war that we should not rely on our friends to feed us and protect us from our own enemies. He wisely advised us to fight and fight courageously for our own survival. Compatriot, We are aware of the fact that we have no place to go to if we don’t put up the good fight in South Sudan. We are not like our Nuer Cousins who can run to Gambella and claim to be Ethiopian if things become tough and shitty in South Sudan.

          We are not even like our Fertit and Equatorian compatriots who can run to the neighbouring Countries and identify themselves with their twins tribes in those Countries which include Kenya, Uganda, Congo and Central African Republic etc. We can not go anywhere therefore we will fight and defend the Republic of South Sudan by all means necessary. We are ready and willing to sacrifice for our own survival in South Sudan. Bring it on cowards!

          • Holo Kor says:

            Hi Bol Akuol,

            How else can anyone beleive from the last kick of dying horse nor one can whoa it, indeed a dying horse.
            Bozo , you just talk, just for the good of it, but a lost boy, as usual you’ll be fed to the animals,…did you forget about the history, and it was not long time ago; it was just yester-year when that happened. You, a poor you-trek your way across the region of: Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and even to Congo and Central Africa Republic, and you did not end your journey there, but sometimes, you keep on moving-and all the way upto Southern African counties. And what are you talking about, what are you on, are you on the dope! Anyway, the game is already on, and I do not know what you are talking about here, you better wake up.

      • joe says:

        boool, are u still whining for another battle? come on, grow up. nuer are not the only people who are dissatisfied with the regime in juba. preach the gospel of peace please

        • Bol Akuol. says:


          I’m fully grown up and mature. However it is not culturally acceptable for the children to harass and pinch the Buttocks of their grown ups. In fact, we don’t start the war, we finish the war., and those who start the war do not stay longer in South Sudan. So please join me in preaching the gospel of peace as it would not be wise and productive to preach it alone while others are beating the drums of war.

      • BILL KUCH says:

        Bol Akuol,
        You have said it all and therefore; there is nothing else I should be saying. Thanks!!!

  4. Kuir, e Garang,

    Instead of calling Dr. Machar “evil man” you are the most evil man than Dr. Machar. Your tribal chief killed over 30, 000 civilians in the capital Juba, but you never condemn your devil Dinka’s president for murdering innocent people including one month old girl. For Magok Rudial, the speaker of the house that you call third powerful man in the government ran to UNIMISS on December 15 and remained in UNIMISS for one month. 12 of his body guards were killed in his house. If he did not ran to UNIMISS on time, he (Magok) would have been dead now. Magok’s family remain in UNIMISS until left for Kenya in April. Is this the third man you admire? Both Equatorian and Nuer in the governments are just job seekers. In South Sudan, Dinka are the CEOs and the rest of tribes are temporary to hire employees.

  5. Alex Naro says:

    Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  6. Jake says:

    Kuir, excellent points raised in your article. One of the most precise, non-bias opinion piece, I have ever read. This needs to be on every website concerned with south Sudanese affairs.

  7. Kuch says:

    Mr. Kuir e Garang,

    You are the most idiot on this site who always claimed to be well informed on the South Sudan’s current issues, geo-political intrigues slyly in play in South Sudan and their impacts on the current senseless war imposed on the innocent South Sudanese people, when in truth, you are just another dunce who is screaming for relevant; when you are not even close to one!

    Anyone with an English basic comprehension, would describe you as describe you just as l you describe you above. You jump from topic to topic blaming everyone in the current South Sudan’s government excerpt when it comes to your Goddess Rebecca Nyandeng, Yay! Get a life chap. No sound minded South Sudanese would want this government changed by an armed rebellion and those who tacitly want it changed by force should come back to South Sudan and take up arms to change it, than always giving their closed to 8th grade opinions in foreign capitals.

    The word ‘whining’ that you did used to kick start your low opinionated article describe no one other than yourself. Riek Machar and his followers, know how to handle crises like the one that transpired in Juba on the 15/12/2013. If Riek Machar thought he was gravely in danger from the so-called Dinka government on the night of 15/12/2013, he would have sought protection from any embassy that he trusted and called for calm.

    This current useless war would have been avoided, it would have been contained in Juba; it would not have extended to Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity state and Salva Kiir would have been forced out of power by now. Instead Riek Machar and his coup plotters like Alfred Lado Gore and his senior Nuer entourage rushed out of Juba after they realised that their adventure has failed, declared themselves the leaders of the armed rebellion against the elected president and demanded that the elected president resign without being impeached by the parliament?!

    Your Goddess Rebecca Nyandeng then chipped-in and claimed the Nuers were being targeted by the Dinkas in Juba because they were simply Nuers. And the Nuers bought that nonsense and took revenge against the innocent Dinkas in Bor, Akoba, Malakal and Bentiu.

    Furthermore, the Nuers claimed to be against Salva Kiir and his so-called Bhar el Gazelles militias whom they claimed to have killed their Nuers in Juba. For goodness sake, why did the Nuers started their armed rebellion and their rage on the innocent Bor Dinkas in Bor town, Akoba, innocent Ngok Dinkas in their Atar villages and old Panjak area, Ansir, Malakal, Bentiu and some other Nuers villages?

    Riek Machar (armed rebels), then rushed to Ethiopia and called for peace talks with the government of South Sudan, without the government of South Sudan initiating the peace talk and then, the rebels went on to dictate the terms of peace talks. Numerous cease fires were devised, but were ignored by the Nuers armed rebellion, while at the same time; the so called criminals in the US, the UK, Norway and ethiopia were always quick to apportion blamed on “both sides are to blame?”

    What country on earth with a constitutional duty to protect would want an aimless tribal armed rebellion run amok and fold its hand and just watched? Your so called Tuic east Mr. Kuir e Garang, was spared by the unruly Nuers because your Goddess Rebecca Nyandeng was the Nuers ally, instead they ravaged and looted Bor south and Bor noth (the two Duks, Duk Pawel and Duk Padiet).

    During the war, everyone in Bor and the whole greater Dinka in general stood with Garang in his time of highs and lows as a South Sudanese people’s leader and no one faltered.

    Back to your claimed that the South Sudanese government officials keep blaming others, when they are the ones to blame themselves—–rubbish Mr. Kuir e Garang. Our so called friends in the US, the UK and Canada in which you reside, to some extent are the monsters behind this war in South Sudan, their attack dog they called Israel and ethiopia are being used as destabilising agents in South Sudan and not north Sudan or Eritrea. But they had been noticed and being are being watched very very carefully.

    There is a geo-political intrigues at a play these days if you don’t know chap. Look at what happened in Libya, C.A.R, Syria, Iraq and now in Ukraine and our own South Sudan—-kings of the South and kings of the north are at it again, cold war-like two, is the one that is killing our innocent South Sudanese people and those other countries that l mentioned above.

    Every time the corporate America (wall street) and corporate Europe economies are about to go bust; they then create an imaginary enemy to prop up their ailing economies by illicitly selling their arms to anyone that they want to control after he/she may gain power in that country.

    In this case, Our South Sudan is on these criminals’ lenses, the corporate America, corporate Europe, their attack dog jews and our neighbour ethiopia; they considered South Sudan and South Sudanese people as their backyard, they are very right on this, but controlling South Sudanese people by corporate entities from foreign countries is a no go zone in South Sudan—-South Sudanese have never been controlled by anyone and they never like to be controlled by anyone, never.

    The US as the country that was highly respected by the South Sudanese people, with your own country, Canada, Australia, Newzeland and the Nordic countries, because they had stood with the South Sudanese people during their trying times. And president Salva Kiir right after South Sudan’s independence in 20011, he took his entire cabinet to (US) Washington as a first country his people hold dear to solicit investments from the US companies. You, know what president Kiir and his entire cabinet was told; no infrastructures to invest in South Sudan.

    Salva Kiir came back to South Sudan and went to China to solicit investments after he gave the South Sudanese people’s friend, the US the first priority in regards to investments in South Sudan. The Chinese promised and they are these days investing in South Sudan and the US felt very jealous and wanted the elected South Sudanese people government force! That is not going to happen as far as South Sudanese people are concerned.

    President Salva Kiir is not even wanted by many South Sudanese people, but South Sudanese people don’t want any precedence to be set in South Sudan, like in French West Africa, the French mercenaries often change western leaders like they their undies, purposely to prop up their bloody rich fellows—- Get real Mr. Kuir e Garang.

    • Dan says:


      A lot of people on this forum think , Kuir Garang, has done a terrific job with this article. I just don’t understand what paragraph actually bothered you so much to bring in Rebecca Nyandeng and even calling her Kuir Garang goddess? Hatred aside, Rebecca Nyandeng hasn’t got any blood stain in her hand. The assumption that if she did not speak out against the crime that was taking place in Juba at the time, then somehow those of Gatdet and other Nuer Generals would not have known about It, is a lie. Rebecca did what every politician with conscience would have done; speaking against crime regardless of who carried it out. We should encourage more politicians to follow her example if we want to live in a peaceful country.

      Your other assumption that Twic East county was spared by the white army when your Bor South and Duk county ( Bor North according to you) were overrun because they ( white army) regarded Rebecca Nyandeng as their ally, is a lie too.
      If it was true that the white army did not want to attack areas where she comes from; why then did they attack Duk county when she ( Rebecca) is actually a daughter of Duk related to Twic through marriage? The claim that Twic was spared in this conflict is a lie. If it is because Panyagor was not occupied by the white arm and Bor was, then what about Gadiang in Twic East county. Was it not occupied? Did they not attack Wernyol in North of Twic East county?

      Just ask anyone from Duk since you seem to think that the white army have united the two of you, he/she will be able to tell you exactly what the young men of Twic East county have been shouldering long before this conflict broke out when you were under the protection of Kiir’s army commanded by General Peter Gatdet.

      • Jake says:

        Dan. I love this country, but there are times where all hope seems lost, and I give up faith and hope on it. I’m one of the people who put sole blame for the failure of this nation on the Dinka Majority, then every ones in a while comes along people like you who acknowledge the problem facing south sudan, and I feel maybe not all Dinkas like what happened and is happening now in our country. My question to people such as your self? Besides commenting on Forums, what are you guys doing at the grass roots level to educate your masses? There seems to be an awful quite from the Dinka intellectuals in condemnation of salva’s orchestrated genocide that lead to the demise of our nation all for sake of remaining in power. That is interpreted as a sign of approval by Kiir and cohorts. So far only mama Nyandeng has publicly condemned the Juba Massacre and the subsequent Massacred that followed. Look what it got her, and her family. Exile, Labels such a Traitors, Riek’s Mistress and so forth. While the real warmongers, Hateful, Vengeful, tribalists and traitors of South sudan ‘s sovereignty such as Makuei Lueth,Kuol Manyang, Malong Awan e.t.c, are highly praised.

      • Bol Akuol. says:


        Please be realistic and considerate when addressing those sensitive and divisive political issues on the national forum. Were the White Army killing the people of Twic East when they were stationed in Gadiang? The White Army and their leader Riek Machar got disappointed with the Twic East only when they SPLM detainees distanced themselves from the SPLM-In Opposition. They also got disappointed when the Twic East whom they considered as their political allies declined their request to allot them 5.000 men to be trained and deployed alongside their White Army forces. General Malual Arop Dor ordered the SPLA forces from Bor to attack the White Army in Gadiang when the Twic East Chiefs leaked the request of Riek Machar of 5.000 men and appealed for the protection from the SPLA forces. The White Army went to Gadiang (Twic East) only when they were badly defeated in Gamaeza and Pariak by General Paul Malong Awan and General Malual Arop Dor.

        Dan, Whether you admit it or not, Twic East was actually spared by the White Army as a political ally of Rebecca Nyadeng and Majak D’Agoot. Who protected the Twic East from the White Army when the Bor South was attacked by 25.000 Nuer militias if it was not your political marriage with Riek Machar? Can you tell this forum, Who protected Twic East from the White Army? Twic East was not spared when the White Army attacked the greater Bor Counties in 1991. Could you tell the difference between the White Army attack on Bor in 2013 and 1991?

        FYI, Mathiang Anyor is the special and mobile forces comprised of the Muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal. We will keep some of Mathiang Anyor in the greater Upper Nile region to provide the military protection to our Dinka Brothers and Sisters in that region. We will see how you (Twic East) cope with your Nuer allies when your political marriages end in the near future. Denying the truth is as demeaning and devastating as telling the lies on the national forum.

        • Bol Akuol. says:


          Folks, My apology. It is not General Malual Arop Dor rather it is general Malual Ayom Dor. It was General Paul Malong Awan and General Malual Ayom Dor who defeated the looters and food lovers of Riek Machar in Gamaeza and Pariak/Bor when they were attempting to go and loot Juba.

        • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

          Bol Akuol,

          Believe what you want to believe. But Nuer White Army were never defeated by your General Malual Arop Dor. All the rest of the world and South Sudanese in particular knows is that White Army were pushed back by Uganda’s UPDF with their Cluster Bomb. Period… Stating any different must be regarded as complete lie.

          • Bol Akuol. says:

            Nuer- Another looters in East Africa:

            There is no Ugandan troops in Bentiu, Malakal and Nasir. You were dancing around with AK47 when the Dinka was taking care of farming and other business. Cousin, The Mighty Jieng has returned to the SPLA in huge numbers and that is Why Mathiang Anyor has captured the former headquarter of Riek Machar in Nasir. Why do you think Riek Machar is hiding in Addis Ababa? He has no place to go to in South Sudan. He will die in exile this time if he does not accept the none executive prime minister position. Have you ever captured any city, town or village since General Malong Awan and General Marial Nuor took over the leadership of the SPLA Army? Accept and sign the peace deal or you will be pooping on your way to Khartoum or Gambella very soon and Riek Machar is fully aware of this fact. When was the last time he (Riek)visited his food lovers “The White Army” in South Sudan since he was kicked out from Nasir in April, 2014? Please forget about the Ugandan troops in Bor and face Mathiang Anyor in Unity and Upper Nile States. We are not taking no Bullshit from nobody this time in South Sudan.

        • Dan says:

          Bol Akuol or Lokudu Gatkuoth Garang ( no offense only your language just sounds exactly like his),

          The more than ten former political detainees were not all from Twic East county. In fact there was only one person out of the eleven who comes from that county and the rests were from all over the country including Barelgazel. So what logic did you use to come up with the conclusion that somehow the white army was pissed off with the population of Twic because the former political detainees decided not to join them? My friend leave the Jieng of Upper Nile or what you refer to as Monyjang of Barelgazel out of this because they have not authorised you to speak on their behave.

          • Bol Akuol. says:


            Your cowards and traitors of Twi East, Dr. Majak D’Agoot and your Mother Nyadeng Chol Atem, the girl friend of Riek Machar are mostly hated everywhere in the Dinka Community. So my friend, it is not every Dinka that curses you people of Twi East is Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang. According to my recollections, Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang quit being a member of this forum early this year.

            I, Bol Akuol, have been contributing here on this forum even when Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang was still an active member on this forum. What make me Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang today? Is it because I condemned the betrayal and cowardliness of your Twi East people as Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang used to do? Please leave Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang alone and do the surveys on your own popularity in the Dinka Community to see if anyone likes you anymore.

            I, Bol Akuol, used to quietly applauded whatever Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang was saying about you, people of Twic East. Therefore I was not addressing your betrayal, wickedness and greediness. Please leave Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang alone since he has already quit the SSN forum and deal with Bol Akuol.

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

            Bol Akuol,

            Fool, who does know that Ugandans are everywhere in greater region of Upper Nile? Who does know that Burundi, Rwanda, and Kenya are in bed with you and came in under the disguise of UPDF uniform? Please, rest assured that I wasn’t born yesterday. I’m too smart to be fooled. Mathiang Ayor and Gelweng are pooping in their pants, praying day and night that UPDF and the East Africa troops defeat Nuer so they can have piece of mind. Who are those Dinka in Arua refugee camp in Uganda, aren’t they Mathiang Ayor and Gelweng who ran with their pants down to refuge? Please, go and lie somewhere else. The few braves Mathiang Ayor and Gelweng were finished in Bor, Malakal, and Bentiu. The coward ones are in Arua and Kakuma. Why do you run to Kakuma and Uganda when there are seven countries fighting alongside? You are the real coward and the entire world have come to know you really well.

        • monychol says:

          Bol Akuol,you are a son of a woman as your name suggests no offend.Generals from Bhar el Ghazel have been denying Kuol Manyang an appoint to be minister of defense since 2008 for a good reasons.They were looking at the desstructive work Kuol was doing in Jonglei where he fermented two rebellions one in Pigi county and another in Pibor.He also created animosities and bitterness amount the Dinka communitiess but he failed to pit the Nuee against the Dinka and he badly wanted to do this that was why he vigorously lobbied for this appointment and when he was. appointed he reopenedd old tribal animosties wound between the Nuer and the Dinka and his intention was to reduce the population of Dinkas in Bhar el ghazel to pit them against the Nuer and make them butcher themselves over nothing.Kuol Manyang is a coffee like eye bully who is mentally sick from bipolar disorder and would only be pleased with killing not witth any other good work done by humans.The nature and attitude of Michael Makuei and Kuol Manyang are representative of all who are inhabiting Bor countty and it is now being known by all in South Sudan.The coming of Bor county politics to Juba destroyed the country as they have destroyed Jonglei and the East side of the river with Bor county style of politics.Bhar el ghazel must watchout especially Lake State where Buors fled to there will bbe violence there as these folks have no friends but takes everybody to be their enemy.

    • Bol Akuol. says:

      Dear Kuch:

      I kindly gave you two thumps up for this great comment. It is true that our Twic East Brothers/Sisters think that they were born to rule the rest of the Dinkas, and if they are not in the leadership,then they would turn against the leadership no matter who is in the leadership. They only praise and want to be with the rest of the Dinkas when they need our Ballots and Bullets to protect them and keep them in power. Dr. Majak D’Agoot and Rebecca Nyadeng Chol Atem had exposed the intentional betrayal and weakness of the people of Twic East in this political crisis in our Country. I’m glad that the Muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal and the Jieng of the greater Upper Nile has known the true colour and the intention of Twic East. Majak D’Agoot, Nyadeng Chol Atem and the rest of their Twic East followers should be reminded that the mighty Muonyjang has both the Ballots and Bullets and they would not be used for their favour as we did for their Uncle/husband late Doctor John Garang in the past. We have learned a very valuable lesson from this political turmoil in our Country and it will shape our future in the next years to come.

      Thank you ,Kuch, I greatly appreciated your comment and the way of reasoning. Those educated fools don’t always know they are hurting or betraying others unless otherwise they are confronted with the facts head on as you just did it.
      Please keep it up. The traitors do not have loyalty to their own kind or Country.

      • John Khot says:

        Bol Akuol
        Stop being a fool. The people of Twic East county haven’t betrayed Greater Monyjang in anyway. Their sons including senior officers had been killed in action fighting as integral components of South Sudan national army, the SPLA. None of our sons is fighting alongside the current opposition forces. If you are not hateful fool from Makuei Lueth Bor county, how the fuck did you failed to acknowledge the fact that the real betrayers of Monyjang are from the very backyard of the president Kiir? I am talking about Gen. Dau Aturjong and dozens of officers and perhaps
        thousands of his armed followers from Aweil that have flocked to Riek Machar rebellion. What about dozens of politicians from this very community the likes of Dr. Dhieu Mathok Wol, Ayii Akol, Aguer Rual and others? And yes these people have engaged SPLA forces in Gok Machar and other areas in greater Aweil. How dare you talked ill of my people? Aren’t these armed idiots the real threat to your people in greater BG?

        In regards to Dr. Majak Agoot and mama Rebecca Nyadeng, it is hypocritical to pick on the people of Twic East because of these duo political stand before and during the current conflict as they are not the only Jieng politicians frustrated with the way the country had been mismanaged. Why don’t you talk about Chol Tong Mayai’s Agaar community who refused to recruit their sons into Kiir army, what about Madut Biar’s Malual-giernyang community? What about Deng Alor and Edward Lino’s Ngok community? Why pick on my people you fool when none of these Dinka communities had been attacked by Nuer rebels if your hatred is about none destruction of Twic East by White Army?

        You talked of leaving behind some Mathiang Anyor fighters to look after your supposedly allies in greater Upper Nile
        and my guess here is the coward people of Makuei Lueth. Yes I welcomed that notion as the people of Twic East county needs no protection from nobody. The Nuer rebels tried it in the 1990s and even during the interim period and always got away with bloody noses. Yau Yau and his Murle thugs tried it in October last year and got away with bloody noses too despite my people being disarmed by Gen. Dominic Kuol and ex-governory Kuol Manyang. And finally Nuer rebels tried it again in Wernyol earlier this year and had to flee with bloody noses. Simply put, the people of Twic East county are the guarantors of their own safety not the coward Mathiang who redeployed back to Bhar el ghazal from front lines in Gadiang and Ayod in May this year. So don’t hesitate to deploy them to Makuei Lueth county if their are still of these Mathiang Anyor fighters that haven’t crossed to Greater BG. I am truly offended by constant and relentless finger pointing at my people when you leave behind the threat to your people in greater BG

        And finally don’t you ever dare to refer to the people of Duk county as Bor North you ignorant fool. They have never been Buor. They are called Nyarweng and Hol Dinka if you are ignorant about their identity. The only Dinkss community they sought refuge at when the Nuer aggression is too overwhelming for them is Twi Dinka since time immemorial. So be warned to stay away with your understanding of these communities.

        • Bol Akuol. says:

          Dear John Khot:

          Your comment contained some elements of truth even though you become quite emotional and behaving like your ……. Mother Rebecca Nyadeng Chol Atem. In fact, one of your statements in your comment has struck me on the head like Mathiang Anyor’s Bullet and I quoted it below:

          “In regards to Dr. Majak Agoot and mama Rebecca Nyadeng, it is hypocritical to pick on the people of Twic East because of these duo political stand before and during the current conflict as they are not the only Jieng politicians frustrated with the way the country had been mismanaged.

          Yes, you are absolutely right, Mr.Khot. I should not hold the entire Twic East community accountable for the stupidity and betrayal of Majak D’Agoot and …… Nyadeng Chol Atem. However, I totally disagreed with the notion that Dr. Majak D’Agoot and ……. Nyadengdit Chol Atem are frustrated with the way the Country had been mismanaged.

          Don’t you know that Majak and Nyadengdit are part of the mismanagement of our Country? Your …… Mother Nyadengdit Chol Atem has been sucking the blood of the innocent Dinkas since she was the first lady in the SPLA/M movement therefore she thinks she owns the SPLA/M and the Republic of South Sudan. What did the ……. Rebecca Nyadengdit do to the people of Twic East, Dinka and South Sudanese when she was a minister and presidential adviser in the government of president Kiir Mayardit?
          Nyadeng Chol Atem and Majak D’ Agoot are on the list of the 75 people who looted our Country. Rebecca Nyadengdit, the heartless mother of the nation has built a modern private school in Juba. Where did she (Rebeccadit) get that money from? Was it From her ……. with Riek Machar or From the government of South Sudan?

          Please don’t treat me like Nyamnyam/Dor when addressing the differences or identities of those Sub-Dinka tribes of Jonglei. Politically Bor was divided between Bor North and Bor South and this does not mean that Nyarweng, Hol or Twi East are Pathuyiith, Gok , Juet or Athony. What the … on earth are you reacting negatively when I said Bor North and Bor South? How did you politically call those Sub-Dinka tribes before the …. Nyadeng Chol Atem became the first lady of the SPLA/M movement in 1983? Were they not called Bor South and Bor North politically?

          Mr. Khot, I don’t really give a ….. of how you have been calling me or addressing me in your comment. However I do agree with you that there are good and honest people in Twic East beside those stupid, corrupt , greedy and visionless Majak D’Agoot and Nyadeng Chol Atem. Honestly, You, Dan, Jay Johnson, Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, Leader, Majongdit and Brig.General Malaak Ayuen of SSTV have really stood firm against the anti Dinkas.
          In this regard, I would honestly render my sincere apology to you guys and the rest of your Twic East people. I was emotionally carried away by the betrayal, stupidity and greediness of Dr. Majak D’Agoot and Rebecca Nyadeng Chol Atem. Having said that, I have no sympathy or apology for Monychol, the notorious pimp of the ……. Nyadeng Chol Atem. They have badly ruined the reputation of our late hero, Dr. John Garang De Mabior.

    • monychol says:

      Kuch, it came to my realisation that you,Dan,Bol Akuol and Wunchir Atong are not trying to defend Salva Kiir as a person nor Bhar el Ghazel as a region or Dinka as a tribe.But all that you are trying to do guys is to defame, profane, contaminate and spray the images and names of these entities with all of your idiocies.Your views and attitudes scared away Salva Kiir, Dinka and defeat the very purposes that you guys pretends to defend.

      • Dan says:


        I don’t know if you have ever read properly what I have been saying here. Otherwise, there is no way even in hell that you will put me alongside names like wunchiir Atong, Bol Akuol ( Lokudu Gatkuoth Garang ) and Kuch.

    • Wad Juba says:

      Yet another idiot (aka Kuch) rushes to blame western nations for the self-inflicted mess in the country and blames the S Sudanese diaspora, including articulate and capable writers like Kuir who are at least making an attemp at objective and unbiased analysis & criticism. It is this uncouth and uncultured shouting down and silencing of voices of reason like this within the jieng community that is perpetuating the image of barbarity/intolerance in which this community is viewed by other communities in S Sudan. You need to grow up and accept responsibility for your incompetent stewardship of the nation, instead of venting your frustration on outsiders with your half-cooked knowledge of the international political setup and the corporate world. Talking of foreign powers wanting to control S Sudan’s destiny, who is controlling economic activity in S Sudan now? Aren’t they the same ‘foreigners’ who have played a big role in creating this mess? If it wasn’t for the decisive intervention of these ‘evil’ western powers (especially the USA), would you have a country called South Sudan now, or your patrons be sitting in plush offices/houses and driving plush cars?

      Think rationally before you spew out garbage in support of blind tribal allegience.

  8. Agook Mayek Riak says:

    Who can argue with the logic displayed in the piece…..??? We( you and me) are the problem, so let us fix it,instead of apportioning the blames.

  9. A. lakololukudu says:

    No alternatives for the daily usage of English language either! Corruption, killings, murders, dinka, (jieng), nuer, (naath), equatoria, (nyamyam), and so on…our language towards each other is actually building hatred and distances a nation from the purpose of Unity and Peace…the alternate language to these discriminative terms should come from within ourselves, and not see each other through lables that devide us from the table we all sit around to eat and leave, and that table realistically, is south Sudan.

    • Bol Akuol. says:

      A. Lakololukudu:

      You have nailed down my fellow Countryman. We are not really building South Sudan here. we are tearing it apart even though we pretend to be fighting for the unity of our people. As a matter of fact, we are the intellectuals and the most learned people that South Sudan should be proud of. However, Do you see that intellectuality in us on this forum?. We are bunch of tribal bigots. Please don’t get infected and be drawn into our nonsense debates. I like your comment by the way.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Bol Akuol:

        Why suck us into your bigotry? Take responsibility and apologize to people of South Sudan for widening the gap of our unity. It is you and Salva Kiir who are tearing this nation apart; no need to drag others into the mud with you. We love South Sudan and we want it free of you and Salva Kiir. You are our Ebola of today. We would like this Ebola carriers to be isolated to prevent them from spreading the disease. This is what Nuers have been telling you, but you are too deformed to be reformed. Please accept responsibility of destroying this nation so we can move on with our lives as 64 tribes of South Sudan who love to live peacefully in a sisterly and brotherly manner. With God on our side, we will prevail. Keep pushing blame on others!!!

      • A. lakololukudu says:

        Compaign for SPLA/M as national party to change it’s party name…we’re an independent country now and drop the Sudan name. We can’t be represented by the old tactics that forced the movement to fight the Khartoum government anymore…that part is history…south Sudan should have it’s own distinctive representation of it’s people without relying and having Sudan baby sit south Sudanese..we are a laughingstock and Khartoum is watching fight each other and Africa is digging our graves for us…they don’t like us…even the educated have a primitive way of thinking when it comes to fending for ourselves! Refugees in our land! Come on….all the African countries and the world despice us after taking care of millions of south Sudanese.

  10. Jake says:

    Well now if the EDF rebellion bears fruit. Things are going to be interesting for Mayardiit and his born to rule cliques. If a rebellion ensues in Equatoria. Where will the tyrant’s regime be based? Plus if the equatorians are demanding a separate country. Then Uppernile should fight for the same cause, We can leave Bar Elgazal to also declare independence. Then and only then will those stupid Dinkas truly know, what makes up a country. If southerners can’t live with the same mutual respect as other nations and Dinkas think the country is theirs to do as pleased and regard other ethnic groups as second class citizens. Let’s Dismantle this Nation into 3 separate ones. Uppernile has all the Oil, equatorians have vast fertile land and Minerals. What do Bar Elgazal have in terms of wealth? DINKAS please advise you man Kiir. His actions could have repercussions for Generations of your bloodlines to come. Let his leave power to a neutral party that can unify our people. Balustrade,James Hoth,Pagan, Mama Nyandiit all could unify the nation. I didn’t put any names from Bar Elgazal because if Nhial or whoever everyone perceive as a Dinkocrat would never be accepted by the Nuers.

    • Jake says:

      Sorry I meant governor Bakosorro above. Automated dictionary flaw.

      • Jake says:

        And the other name is Mama Nyandeng. Garang ‘ widow. Editor if you could please make those corrections and disregard these correction replies. That would be appreciated

    • Bol Akuol. says:


      I think you were living in exile when the Dinka entered Equatoria in 1980s. Fool, We have been living in Equatoria since 1983. We have married so many Equatorian women and the population of our children is growing rapidly like Ebola in greater Equatoria. The tyrant’s regime will be based in Wau when we turned the Equatoria upside down in the war. All the Equatorian Citizens will flee to the neighbouring Countries and we will be left alone with the men with guns and there will be no UNMISS camps or tpeace keeprs in South Sudan. We will kick our Butts in Equatoria until the Aliens are out of Equatoria forever. Have we not tried this in 1980s?

      Please be informed that no Dinka will come from Upper Nile and Bhar El Ghazal regions to fight you when your favour and most expected war erupts in Equatoria against the Dinka. You will be dealing with your own Dinka nephews and Nieces in Equatoria. We will just bring them guns and logistics. Please come and face the Dinka when the volcano erupts in Equatoria. Don’t declare the war and hide in exile. You must come home and dodge the Dinka Bullets if you did not taste it in 1980s. The EDF leader, Martin Kenyi who faced the Dinka in 1990s knows what the Dinka is capable of. Don’t be fooled by the Coward Majority. Let us face the reality of the liberation war. With or without federalism, With or without peace the Dinka will never leave Equatoria period.

      For your information, the vast Majority of the oil fields in Upper Nile region are mostly located in the Dinka land. We also have oil in Bhar El Ghazal, however it has not been extracted. The Northern Bhar El Ghazal is full of oil and natural minerals. The Republic of South Sudan will be the envy of Africans/world and paradise on earth when we get rid of the Aliens and traitors. Please start the war and we will finish it for you.

      • Jake says:

        There is no such thing as Dinka lands in Uppernile. The Dinkas in Uppernile can be wiped out by the Nuers anytime. They are staying on nuer land because unlike your Bar Elgazal cousins, nuer people are actually hospitable and love others. I doubt your people can sustain a war on 2 fronts. The Nuers alone proved Dinkas are cowards. You are fighting half of the Nuers population, with equatorians and other tribes support. You still running around the world begging for help. That’s after Bringing in UPDF, JEM,SPLM-n, SSLA many more. Your lies about being warriors don’t scare equatorians. Even in Spla people like Oyai, James Hoth, Mamur, Yusuf Kuwwa and so many non Dinkas were the really fighters in the Bush. ALL KIIR and Cohorts did was loot and train kids in the liberated areas. When the above mentioned were in the fronts and captured towns. Ask anyone which town Kiir and Malong ever Captured? They are now brave when killing women and Kids. Even Kiir’s coward as son ran to Nairobi on Dec 16 even though he is a commissioned 1 st Lt in his father’s tribal Militias, Tiger. Now Kiir is lying to the nation that his son is in the front lines. When he was busy assaulting his sister and Mother under the influence of Alcohol. You Dinkas are only good at lying, stealing and Distorting History.

        • bol akuol says:


          I’m not attempting to scare you about the war rather I’m encouraging you to start the war which you have been singing like a gospel songs. I have never heard of any rebel leader who traveling abroad in the neighbouring Countries asking for the accommodation and military support before he/she starts the actual fight in there Country of origin. Our revolutionary hero late kerubino kuanyin Bol shot the Arabs in Bor and fought furiously even though he was wounded in the fight betore he was later on joined hy late William Nyuon Bany, late Dr. John Garang , president Kiir mayardit and many others. They fought the Arabs in South Sudan before they sought military help in Ethiopia. Also the SPLA/M Manifesto was written after the war and in the Spla/m headquatters and not in the hotel.

          Does your edf leader, martin Kenyi want president Museveni write the manifesto of his war against the Dinka? Or Is he asking president Museveni to liberate greater Equatoria for him? My compatriots, please bear in mind that the Equatoria which has been stable, developed and peaceful for many years since the capture of Yei and many towns/cities in 1990s, will be turned into the ruins and rubbles just like Upper Nile when you throw your poop in the air or the so called war against the Dinka. Please let us wait and see. We shall resume this debate when the actual war starts in Equatoria in the near future. Some tribes will be returning to south sudan after numerous years in exile with regret and shame just
          like the Rwandan Huoto tribe, and this is not a warning, it is a plain truth.

          • Jake says:

            Bol akuol,
            How will you fight the equatorians if kiir’s Husband divorces him and allies with them? Your Dinka Kinsmen don’t know what Kiir has done for your community. You started this war Killing Nuers, before it ends, your community will bleed like never before. Every community is fed up with your incompetence and failures. You have messed up this nation. Now we are all going for separation. We will Be our own nation and so is Uppernile. You can have your barren waste lands, called Bar Elgazal. Plus like I said you people are only good at distorting History, now your criminal thief Kerubino is a hero? When in reality he was fighting to prevent being arrested for stealing battalion 104 salaries. Nyuon joined him to give purpose to his childish tantrum, and thus came about the plan for a rebellion. Kerubino was fighting for his own protection, so not to be arrested.

  11. LONG says:

    Equatoria is going to fix this mess ones and for all, the madi, acholi, Muganda and kakwa will finish the common enemy. M7 will not save u this time. Mark my words

    • Bol Akuol. says:


      Please let us debate like grown ups and intellectuals. First and foremost, I would like to remind you that Dinka fought against the south Sudanese tribes before Kiir Mayardit got married to Yoeri Kaguta Museveni in 2013. In fact, we fought against the Arabs and their edf(Equatoria defense front) allies in Equatoria, fought against the Arabs and their Fertit tribes allies in Wau, fought against the Arabs and their Nuer allies in 1980s and 1990s.

      Jake, If we managed to kick your Butts despite the military support of your Mundukuru/Jalaba ally, there is a great possibility that you will be licking/eating the poop of president Joseph Kabila in Congo. President Kiir will be much better than you because he got married in his own soil. Where is Riek Machar and Alfred Lado Gore now? It is good to get married in your own Country politically.

      Our late hero, general Kerubino Kuanyin Bol will be remembered in the history of our nation as a liberator and not a thief as you claimed. He joined the Anyanya1 and fought under the leadership of general Joseph Lagu for the liberation of South Sudan for 17 years until the Addiss Ababa Accord was signed in 1972. Jake, What did general Kerubino Kuanyin Bol steal when he joined Anyanya1 in 1960s? Did he steal the 104 Battalion salaries?
      Whether he stole the money or not, the drop of his blessed blood in Bor, (Mading Bor) on May 16th, 1983 has given birth to the Republic of South Sudan. Thus, you need to spill some of your blood somewhere in the Equatoria soil in order to be recognized a hero and to achieve the overdue hope of having the Republic of Greater Equatoria, Free of Jiengie(Dinka) Do you know how long it took us to achieve our freedom and how many people we lost to gain our freedom? Please stop daydreaming in exile and come home to die for your freedom.

      • Jake says:

        The Dinkas have never really fought anyone in south Sudan since pre-colonial days, and how did that end up for you? You have always aligned yourselves with other powers in order to fight other communities. You did it with the British colonial masters in order to fight the Nuers. During the post colonial Era, you used Southern sudan rebellions as a Dinka Militia. The only reason you have managed to contain Riek Machar ‘ rebellion against all odds, is due to the foreign help you receive from Ugandans and others. Plus you once again proved Dinka cowardice by using state resources and Mercenaries to fight half of the Nuers population. As for your distortion of History. We both know better. Salva was an wanted Cattle rustler, Kerubino was a thief. Both unwanted by their communities. Without other tribes support your useless spla wouldn’t have achieved anything. Spla was down and out, Garang seeked exile, this was when Queen Salva was the chief of staff. He was a complete failure who almost killed spla like he is doing to our country. Then a certain Shuluk man by the Name of Oyai Deng Awake and a nuer man called James Hoth Mai were tasked with reviving Spla and taking charge of operations from the Catastrophic failure that is First lady Nyakiir of Uganda. Hence the reason why Spla is alive today, so this nonsense claim of Jieng being the ones who fought the Arab is a lie. I don’t deny some elements of nuer refused to follow Garang ‘s vision of United sudan. Those elements are the reason we have a separate nation now. Of which you the selfish, greedy,looters are destroying. Believe me when I tell you this your domination of South sudan is over. We rather burn this country to hell than have a Dim-witted fool like Salva and his thieving community exploit it.

      • Southdan says:

        Bol Akol, I agree with Jak and disagree with you Dinka’s government. Why I said so, because feel shame about what soever you pretend. You pretend that Dinka are the brought South Sudan independent, but denying Nuer and other tribe being sole catalysis causes of South Sudan independent. My friend let me tell you, if Dinka elites insist they are the one brought independent they deem totally wrong. Who bear a falsify allegation in front of court would be indicted. But, for Dinka elites highjacking the independent this is a false sodomized allegation that should be rejected, as I dipped my finger into ink flask, i secured south Sudan independent

  12. monychol says:

    Kuch, everyone stood with Garang not because he was a Dinka but because he was doing the right thing.I would advice you not to stand with people because of their origin but on whether they are doing right and following the truth.Don’t stands with tribe.Stand with the nation and the truth.

    • Bol Akuol. says:


      Why did you Twic East stood with the tribe when Riek Machar attempted to snatch the leadership from your hometown Son, Late Dr. John Garang in 1991? Where was Rebecca Nyadeng and Majak D’Agoot when general Magar Aciek and late George Athor Deng Dut chased away the White Army from Kongor, Twic East? SPLA has been dominated by the Dinka since its’ inception until the death of late John Garang. What make it a tribal army now? Is it because it has been led by somebody from Bhar El Ghazal? PLease seek medical attention. You are becoming insane. Whether you betray us or support us, we are done with you people and will treat you like garbage when this war is over. It is good that we know your true colour. You should know that Dinka is Dinka no matter how hard you try to lick other peoples’ feet you will still be treated like garbage. You should learn a valid lesson from your Uncle Akuot Atem.

      • monychol says:

        Bol Akuol, what is it that innuendoes or tabloid that you have written here about communities?Have you seen my writting? It is mature, grounded in reason and logic.When you talk of your selves, talks of it as Bor county and don’t profane the name of Bhar el Ghazel.It is a name of a region not of a tribe.It is like Equatoria and Upper Nile.The Dinka subtribes in Bhar el Ghazel have their names such as Ciec,Atuot,Aliap,Agaar,Gok,Rek and Malual and they cannot just move as one to defend your hate filled bor county.Twic has more friends and allies and is more respected in that region then you.So lets not our problems cross the river people have more problems on the West side of the Nile then here.Your problem will be solved on the east side by us and our neighbor and it has started now with the firing of the NIF commissioner of Bor county and the rests of Bor county’ss problems shall be solved but one at a time.We will only meet with the region Bhar el ghazel in Juba through representations while we do other businesses in Upper Nile.Please come back to your region money is going to dry up in Juba soon with the disband of the Cabinet of death and those of Kuol and Makuei whom you sacrificed everything for their jobs will join you in Bortown and we will manage you in here in Jonglei no Region Bhar el ghazel here.You will fart and cry like babies.

        • monychol says:

          Bol, if you are so sick of Dinkas and you wants to creat a country called Dinka, you can do it in Upper Nile not in Juba or Bhar el ghazel.Those regions are not inhabited by Dinkas alone and they donot want to be upseted with their neighbors that is wht they are not the loudest voices about tribalism as you are in Bor county.Come back to upper nile and create a Dinka kingdom here as we have lots of Dinka subtribes in Bor county,Twic county,Duk county, Pigi county,Pariang county,Biemnom county,Melut and Renk county.These are all Dinka counties in Upper Nile and you are leaving them and crossed the river to go and profane and blasphem the name of Bhar el Ghazel as a region.Why don’t you profane the name of your upper nile region.Is it because you have contaminated and poisoned your relationship in your region with your neighbors and you think running to Bhar el ghazel region is the ssolution?

        • Dan says:


          This Bol Akuol you are debating with is the one that used to be known as Lokudu Gatkuoth Garang. Just read the contents of his articles and you will agree with me.

          • monychol says:

            Fanaticism is only a shelter for those who have shady histories and is found in those who have dark secret doubts to cover.They people who are now becoming fanatics for anything Dinka fit the above description.

          • Bol Akuol. says:

            Dear Dan:

            Please stop calling me Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang. I used to exchange comments with you and many others on this very forum when Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang was still an active member on the SSN. Please go back and check our olds debates or comments. Mony/Man if you keep accusing me of being Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang who voluntarily quit this forum long time ago, I will strip you naked on this national forum. Please take my brotherly advice and govern yourself accordingly. Monychol is purely a pimp and Nyamnyam of Jieng.

          • GatCharwearbol says:


            I absolutely concur with you. This idiot thinks he is smarter than anyone when he is the actual fool. Let him keep barking and whinning. He will eventually shut up.

  13. arabbmoi says:

    Bol, this time we mean King Salva will be out soon or later we will see what you say when that happened. all in all we men and women everyone bleeding stop acting stupid Bol.

    • bol akuol says:


      The reality is that you and your evil wishers will not be around to explore the truth when president kiir is ousted by force. You will either be killed or hiding in exile. Please don’t look at kiir as kiir. You should know who is behind kiir. Where were you when kiir was battling the Arabs in your back? Please don’t poke the sleeping lion!

  14. Mayomdit says:

    The war is going now,there is no need of lie or warn.first thing occupt great Upper Nile and come to Juba.

  15. Southdan says:

    Mr. Kuer Garan, I don’t care about all nonsense you wrote in this article. But my advice to you, please never again call Dr. Reik Mahar evile. Until when you Dinka Bor will continue brain washing the Dinkas?. I hope time will come for Bor stop waging war against Nuers people. Let me come to a point why I responded to you Mr. Kuer. First, I realized you have a hidden agenda regarding to your article. Second, your are against coming peace agreement ,your main point to sabotaging it is obvious as you said.”respected leaders don’t whine incessantly, they point out all obstetacles and problems they face rush to suggest workable solutions”.in addition, i know you Bor Dinka stood firm against peace in south because peace will destroy your interests of being born to (elur).Look, another guy namely from you clan wrote a very dishonest article on, his name santino Aniek. Remotely I understand he also against current peace agreement he named it dishonest peace.Like i said previously on one of my response all of this war has a connection with a book by Able Alier title (South Sudan too many agreement dishonest). I have a passege from Mr.Santino Aniek quote.”ultimately the most devastating and more sophisticated is a dishonest peace that doesn’t have legs”. My question, when will those Bor stop bullying peace in South Sudan?.

    • Bol Akuol. says:


      It seems that you are blaming the wrong people for the recent crisis in South Sudan. The Dinka Bor has nothing to be blamed for as it did not start the coup against the leadership of Dr.John Garang in 1991 even though its native Son, late Martin Majier Gai was innocently jailed and assassinated in the SPLA by late Dr. John Garang early in 1990s. The Dinka Bor did not attempt to overthrow president General Kiir Mayardit in Juba on December 15th, 2013. You should be blaming your living God, the divine Son of Lord Ngundeng, Dr. Riek Machar if you are really looking for somebody to blame. Your Lordship Riek Machar is the culprit and mother of all evils in South Sudan. He is responsible for the death of Nuers and Dinkas in 1991 and 2013-14 and beyond. It is easy for you Nuer to resort to war and then ask for a quick and meaningless or nonbinding peace. Therefore it would be wise for you Nuer people to adopt the Dinka’s wise word and philosophy of “Kongkooc” which means “Stop,think and listen” when things are not going well and not your stupid philosophy of “WEN ATHIN” which means let us get in or do it without thinking of the consequences. The real peace will never come to South Sudan and particularly to Dinka and Nuer as long as the Nuer sees Riek Machar as the living God and Ngundeng in South Sudan. Please stop blaming Dinka Bor for nothing and accept the responsibility of your impatience, greediness, weird actions and the stupidity of “Wen Athin”

  16. False Millionaire says:

    Dear Mr Kuch:

    The tragedy has taken it’s course in our country over our society n it’s too late to undo it.Only one hopes that the raging war would be brought to an end one day.I am not searching for the escape goats.But I hope to say that we would be a better society if those who could have had hands in the crisis learn to accept their part n that those of us on the side line understand so much never to hope for the repeat of a similar tragedy again.

    But I do not disagree with you on the view that foreign powers are dishing acts of foul play on RSS.With the huge reserves of oil,the next 5 to 10 years will give us the prove if the south sudanese would manage to be the masters of their destiny.Those foreign powers can go any length including backing coup d’etat in order to put in place their défacto governments.The objective is always to plunder economic resources.The oil in Congo Brasaville,Gabon n Cameroun n the uranium reserves in Niger under the control of France are among most out standing cases in point.

    I have the impression that you are some one who is either in the government or simply a supporter of the government.But one way or other,I am not here to show you any lack of respect.There is simply a need for dialogue with highest objective to come to mutual understanding.This being the case,it’s good to make you know that we ordinary citizens feel that the government has failed us with the country.It’s considered that the security situation in government controled areas like Juba,where hon. Cicilia was assassinated some weeks ago,is in deterioration.Wau is cut off from the rest of the country becouse there are no good roads n that people are living there without provisions.Schools are not functioning every where in the country n it’s every one’s common knowledge that education in human conscience has more value than oil’s money.There is neither a drive for health care system nor for infrastructure n they are the basic needs of any country.But the worst goes to saying that the governing elite have become wealthy n it’s only the desperate desire to be rich that is the reason why they are in power but never inorder to help the needs of the country n the society.

    In fact many of us on the forum are confirmed professionals.We would never dare to compromise principles of justice.But such allegations as I have narrated could be taken at face value as valid if such individuals as you are not prepared to refute them publicly.

    The future of the country will depend on the strength of appreciation of the citizens to the government.Don’t get me wrong.It’s natural to transform a most savage lion into a domestic beast.But that only depends if you show him civilized treatments.The case of relations between citizens n their government functions in the same manner.But in case of contradiction,as is the case in RSS today,the place of the government becomes a vacum that would be filled by stooge political elite that would come as a result of a coup détat backed by foreign powers with ultimate objective to plunder the resources like oil.This is the danger we see to come at the end.

    • Southdan says:

      Bol Akoul, I don’t blame Bor for nothing. Bor shows a leadership in South Sudan,but instate of leading people toward uniting people of south the running outside and bring mercenaries I have Dinka blood running in my veins. However, I want you to stop nonsenses your tribls propaganda. Uncle, beleive me, nobody believes on power struggle, as you dinka. It was your idealogy which started war inistigated by primative general genocidle President Kiir Mayardit. So topped being wild greedy.

  17. Choromke Jas says:


    You write well and you can confuse unsuspecting people. I take exception in equating the killing of innocent Nuer in Juba with those of the Dinka killed elsewhere as a response to the extreme provocation by Kiir and his militia. During World War II (WWII), the Nazi started the atrocities. Two of their atrocities will suffice as examples. The Nazi bombed the British city of Coventry to smithereens. The British in retaliation obliterated Dresden. The Japanese (allies of the Nazi) bombed Pearl Harbor, a US port. The US responded by dropping atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. Thousands of civilians were roasted by this act of retaliation. When the Nazi and allies were later defeated, it was the crimes committed by the Nazi that was used at Nuremberg trials to fix the Nazi criminals. No one raised the issue of Dresden nor that of the atomic bombs dropped by the US.

    The lesson is that if you provoke a war, then you should be ready for the consequences of the retaliation. Kiir and his bloody-minded militia did not know history and so they provoked the Nuer by killing their people first and the Nuer in turn killed the Dinkas and other people as retaliatory responses. The blame must be put at the door of Kiir. Here, the Nuer must be absolutely careful. Unless Kiir is defeated, there will be no justice for the innocent civilians killed in Juba and those killed elsewhere. Kiir bears ultimate responsibility for the death of all South Sudanese in this senseless war.

    So, Mr Kuir, do not blame those who have no power to change situations; it is Kiir and the inner Dinkocrats who started all this mayhem. They must be the ones to stop the slaughters and bear the consequences. Please stop using your eloquence to obfuscate the issue: Kiir is the criminals here. (The Equatorians are coming).

    • Eastern says:

      Dear Jas,

      I like your comment; it’s an eye opener.

      Dinkocrats started the current mayhem and they are crying wolf. The Equatorians are on their way.

    • Bol says:

      C J,
      Dresden wasn’t brought up because Germany lost the war and whoever wins the war dictates to the loser peace terms. In other if Kiir lost his a criminal in history books and he wins Machar is a criminal in history books……

      • Choromke Jas says:


        And I wrote above: “Here, the Nuer must be absolutely careful. Unless Kiir is defeated, there will be no justice for the innocent civilians killed in Juba and those killed elsewhere”. So we agree, right?

        • Bol says:

          C J,
          Yes we do… if the rebels losses… their generals, along with few carefully selected Intelctuals from Equatoria will, face Nuremberg in JUba…for wagging war against the state of RSS… the line is really thin between the right and wrong..criminal. and hero…Nuremberg is a living example of this gray area between the killers and real leaders! cheers.

          • GatCharwearbol says:


            None of those in rebels camp will face Nuremberg in Juba even if defeated because defeat to them will mean dying in front line. I believe none of them will come to Juba again unless if they win. If the Nuer lost this war against East Africa, our people murdered in their thousands in Juba will not have justice. We will take that as part of life. Many people in the world were and continues to be denied justice, we will not be the first nor the last.

  18. arabbmoi says:

    Bol, it is just a matter of time for Primitive king Kiir mayardead to go. Edf are organizing in Uganda in which we will kick out land grabbers in Madi land who are Dinka. Edf said to have reached Didinga mountain now to liberate the place called Himan aka Newcush with thousand of didinga Ngikothowaa joining them. Ngikothowa are angry with Dinka primitive king Kiir Salva Mayardead who ordered the army recently to killed people in Chukudum. They said to exhumed Deng Agwang remain and threw it in to near by river. They said to sang songs of wars we defeated Dinka in Kilanya and Chukudum in early nineties we shall defeat them again. Didinga are said to aproached Topasa talking about their land we share for grassing which Dinka people settle in. ALL Equatorian youth should join by numbers. These are the fact mr. Bol waiting you to be sent back where your belong.AM

  19. Yiey W. Teny says:


    It seems you are driven by your emotional feeling. Relax it is just an intellectual debates. In may President Museveni said there was no coup but there was a fight. Get the facts right brother. The manufactured coup wasn’t bought by many countries including Uganda. Dr. Machar, didn’t go to Ethiopia and called for peace, it was Banki Moon representative who told Dr. Machar and the Igad leaders who told Gatmachar to go to Addis ababa. Get the facts right brother. Dr. Riek was in danger and he is still in danger. If he was not in danger, why his house was attacked after his bodyguards were disarm? Why innocent Nuer were killed in Juba?

    Kuch, government will be a government if respects its ordinary citizens. Yes Kiir was elected in April 2010, as the President of Southern Sudan not as the President of the Republic of South Sudan. However, his tenure finished with the referendum. He is the president of South Sudan because the constitution says so. Get the facts right brother.

    Well, if Dr. Riek ran for certain embassy he will be history by now. If innocent people were killed because the hailed from Gatmachar’s tribe, what about if they found him?

  20. Yiey W. Teny says:

    Bol, generals, Malual, Malong didn’t defeat the white army. Read Ugandan soldiers’ report really well and you will be satisfied. You should also learn that, telling the truth is not a betrayal. This war is very complex than we all think. I don’t think Dinka Bhar elghazal and their cousins in Uppernile can be in their current positions if they weren’t helped by Nuers and their Museveni. Most sound minded people have said this after the war broke out and it is true. If President kiir doesn’t know what ‘s up, why he doesnt allow Uganda to leave the country?

  21. Jake says:

    On a separate note. What does Kiir think of his fellow citizens? How can he believe he is smarter than the whole Nation. How many lies is this guy going to tell us? Read this article about him having his son Manut fighting in this Kiir made war.
    Is he talking about the same Manut who together with the rest of the family were flown out of Juba on the Morning of Dec 16? The same Manut who was all over the East African newspapers for allegedly assaulting his younger sister while under the influence of Alcohol. The same Manut who dropped out of High school in Grade 10 yet was promoted to the Rank of 1st Lt within Salva ‘s Tribal presidential Guards. Salva you are a failure as a Man, a Father, and Husband, a president and are Subhuman so is your stupid Alcoholic off springs. That coward son of your only knows how to get drunk, like father and mother.

  22. Eli says:

    Dear SSN readers;
    Eli Wani here bringing you some quick updates, I have been on a fact finding mission for the last couple of months and I have crossed many international borders and finally SSNLF which stands for South Sudan National Liberation Front has forged alliances with other groups and we are seeking for new memberships and recruits, we have the resources and capacity to form a complete military and political entity to function. The aim is to mobilize resistance forces both internally and external to tople the present regime and replace it with WE THE PEOPLE’S POWER.
    Here is you chance to bring real changes in our nation. We want equality, freedom and justice. We stand for the rights of every South Sudanese, in pursuits of hapiness and liberty for all. Please stay tune for more updates.
    Eli Wani

    • Eastern says:

      Dear Eli,

      That’s a great move. However I am always sceptical with the name South Sudan. I would have loved it if the movement was called just NLF (national liberation front). I see nothing good in the name Sudan (given by Arabs). We are not the only blacks in Africa; so there is nothing to be prude of in that name.

      That aside, I give my full support to this new movement as a way of checking the excesses of Dinkocracy in the new country. Indeed, Eli, the people’s power will prevail.

    • Eli,

      Welcome back to South Sudan discussion board website Mr. Eli. I thought you may not be alive. I greatly applause you for bringing us that great news. We South Sudanese citizens we are already to stand with anyone who could be willing to defeat Kiir. If Equatorians could be willing to take up arms against prominent Dictator in Juba, Nuer will not let you down. Nuer will stand with you no doubt. We concern citizens need to take action before it is too late so we can get our country back in tract. Now the International Security Councils are working hard to take over our country leadership and rule our country for tens plus years, it is a move that is annoying.

  23. Eli says:

    Very important;
    Every one is welcome to join, all the 64+ tribes without discrimination. IN SSNLF we are one family and our tribe is called SOUTH SUDANESE.
    God bless South Sudan
    Eli Wani

  24. AGUMUT says:

    Most SPLM were WHINERS and John Garang himself and his few cronies were very WHINED.

  25. LONG says:

    Thanks Eli Wani,

    Do not expect some states to Join. They will be carried by the win. U have to leave your -mail here Mr. Eli

    There is no question of whether Equatoria will launch offensive from Uganda or DRC or not, Its just a question of time.
    The fools do not Know that Ugandans even Museveni with all his intelligence respects and avoid confrontation with Equatorias, more than any tribe for two reasons: Firstly we are kins with Northern and Eastern Uganda with our cousins, Uncles in all Government institutions including defenece. Secondly we are the immediate neighbors, if they organised us,the region will be thrown to Hell given our Terran and Geo-Location.

    Not all Dinka are happy with Kiir’s Regime other than Warap and some fractions in Greater BG. Lakes, Aweil, the pertit and section of Dinka Bor are in pain too.

  26. Defender says:

    Excellent piece Kuer! The question is this: who is even willing to listen to these worlds of wisdom? At times, I think those who are holding our people hostage do not care. And this is called lack of conscience–people who do not feel the pains of others. This is how our political elites act and see the world around them. They see themselves as constants in an evolving world of pain, suffering, hunger, desolation, despair, and carnage. Let us just pray that sense of nationalism and belonging to something larger then them takes hold and relieve us from the bondage we are in. Lord have mercy!

  27. Eli says:

    Thank you Eastern and Long;
    Your points are noted, indeed this is a grassroot movement and every opinions are important for consensus purpose. In the near future all correspondence shall be unvailed either on this site or a new site. For the mean time please keep spreading the word, help is on the way.
    Eli Wani

  28. LONG says:

    Never bore me with compliments. I am an elite train in Europe, I have a good a good Job, with home in Uganda, My family never lucks anything. My mom is princes, WanI igga, Lomuro are sons of slaves. do not worry about them even if they live their kids and the buildings they have in juba will be brought to naught. I am a soldier with all options in including opening gates of hell.

    I am waiting for Lomuro, and hes business associate to go for campaign and come alive on pojulu land. Son of a Slave

  29. Eli says:

    I am still alive, and thanks for your encouragement. War is always the last option when we run out of reasoning. The difference between war mongers and freedom fighters is that war mongers like to start wars while freedom fighter defend and protect the oppressed.
    The majority of Dinkas as individuals are nice people, but once they group together the transform into monsters, but yet when threatened they can easily act as innocent as a dove, it’s call hypocrisy and cynismbehaviors.
    This kind of cynical mentality need to change.
    In the 80s before the infamous kokora in Juba dinkas were doing exactly what they are doing today in Juba, kokora was the result of untolerable misbehaviors of dinkas. Today we are witnessing again the same abuses, but even worse today, because this time besides dinka domination, they are overly well armed against the innocently unarmed population.
    When your fellow civillian carries gun but yet acts like a criminal that is comparable to theb apartheid regime in former S. Africa. So now, we have once again seen that if WE THE PEOPLE don’t challenge the domination they think they are bigger than gods. Well, let them believe whatever lies they are believing for now, because it’s gonna change soon or later. Because, NO ONE IS BULLET PROOF!!!!!!. JUST AS Apartheid was defeated, KKKs in America and Nazis in Europe, Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Muaamar Ghadaffi in Libya, and the list goes on and on were all history today.
    This mentality of so called “born to rule” WILL CHANGE. Hence forth, it’s not about skin colour, heigth, race, tribe, religion, ethnicity or what origin we are from, it’s about RESPECT, EQUALITY, JUSTICE AND FREEDOM.
    All the peace loving peoples of Bahr el Ghazal, Upper Nile and Equatoria need to stand together and defeat evil in our beloved nation, a nation millions of lives lost in defence of freedom.
    My great grandfather and mother did not give up to oppose the invading powerful Turkish empire, the British Empire, the Anglo-Egyptians, the Northern Sudanese regimes. Who are these insects to think we will allow them to continue toturing our beloved country men and women?
    If I have to stand alone to face this insects I will do it until my last God given breath, God always uses one individual to change the course of history, I will keep praying and fighting on behalf of the oppressed. They will have to pass over my dead body for them to succeed in their evil wicked miserable plans. I blame John Garang, he was a hero only for ethnic relatives and his name should never be honoured in the first place, just like Iddi Amin or Mabutu Sseseseko. Although Garang is dead, and I don’t honour the dead I leave judgement in God’s hand, even though what Garang did is unforgivable, we must forgive and move on. However, today Salva Kirr is following Garang’s footsteps the policy of “divide and control” and so are so many lost generation of S Sudanese today worshiping the gods of TRIBALISM, PAGANISM AND CULTISM.
    We in SSNLF are the new generation, “we do not judge you by where you come from but where you are going”. We also believe God will defend our rights to be free, to live in our own lands without fear. We stand for liberty and pursuits of hapiness for all. May God bless South Sudan and her beautiful people.
    My name is Eli Wani and I am not above the law nor am I better than any one of you. I just love to see people live together in peace happy and enjoying this short life that we all have on this planet we share together.
    Love and peace to all brothers and sisters in all corners of the world.
    Eli Wani

    • welcome back brother Eli Wani, I see in you Nelson Mandela, and Thomas Sankara, for the principles and the values you are holding please consider me as the member of the South Sudan liberation front, because I believed in the same principles and values you believe in. But let me disagree in point you have mention in you article and I quote(I blame John Garang he was a hero only for ethnic relatives, and his name should never be honored in the first place, just like Iddi Amin, Mabutu Sseseko. Although Garang is dead, and I do not honor the dead I leave judgment in God hand even though what Garang did is unforgivable , we must forgive and move on)
      Eli, I think this is unfair judgment about Garang you have already spelt it out. I believe in this man and I am one of the freedom fighters who defended him in my writings during the time I was student in Egypt. Garang was nationalist have a big heart of the whole Sudan and I think if Garang is alive things couldn’t go wrong as it is today. And for sure Salva Kirr didn’t understand the vision from his leader(Garang) and as the Arabs say: he who doesn’t have something can not give it.

  30. j son of man says:

    Waw another Dr. Garang bros and sis, am very impressed by the writer that is why said that coz he is the only guy who sees the sense here the rest of you don’t . Some of you p’ple always comment on tribal bases other than on national bases. i comment that if you are a critic of his article please re-read it again and anolyse it very well, i believe u’ll see the sense am talking about.Now all who are against it r very very stupid now not only guns that can change the gov’t but peaceful means r better to mi as he put it am a Dinka 4 yur info mn

  31. Tangata Riri says:

    Reading this I am reminded of the story of the ‘The Dog and the Wolf’. Nothing better describes the decision that each of our politicians & leaders must make when deciding between their PRINCIPLES and their SECURITY.

    A gaunt Wolf was almost dead with hunger when he happened to meet a House-dog who was passing by. “Ah, Cousin,” said the Dog. “I knew how it would be; your irregular life will soon be the ruin of you. Why do you not work steadily as I do, and get your food
    regularly given to you?”

    “I would have no objection,” said the Wolf, “if I could only get a place.”

    “I will easily arrange that for you,” said the Dog; “come with me to my master and you shall share my work.”

    So the Wolf and the Dog went towards the town together. On the way there the Wolf noticed that the hair on a certain part of the Dog’s neck was very much worn away, so he asked him how that had come about.

    “Oh, it is nothing,” said the Dog. “That is only the place where the collar is put on at night to keep me chained up; it chafes a bit, but one soon gets used to it.”

    “Is that all?” said the Wolf. “Then good-bye to you, Master Dog.”

    So it is left to each to look deep into their hearts and decide. Shall I be Wolf or shall I be Dog? Is it better to starve free or be a fat slave?

    • Bol Akuol. says:

      Tangata Riri:

      This is a very interesting story my friend. Therefore, I would like to ask you some questions with regard to this story. Do you want to live and die in peace and harmony in your own Country? Or Would you prefer to fight and die in exile? My friend, I assure you that you will never see a flag of the Republic of Equatoria flying in Juba in our life. Please keep dreaming in exile as it doesn’t harm to dream big.

      • Tangata Riri says:

        Bol Akuol:
        People like you seem hell bent on creating a reality where once there was not even the idea. Your position seems to be “The strong do as they wish and the weak suffer what they must” and you wonder why others are appalled and push back against your boundless aggression. Not everything can be solved through intimidation and violence. I question your patriotism. Do you really believe in the Republic of South Sudan? Do you really want us to be one nation?

      • Eastern says:

        Bol Akuol,

        You are hell bent in believing that Equatorians cannot extricate themselves from the mess caused/still being caused by Dinkocracy in the new country (I hate calling it South Sudan, for I hate the name Sudan).

        You continue to believe that it’s the preserve of Dinka and cohorts to take up arms against a sitting government. You stubbornly believe nobody has a right to challenge the current lame duck government. Keep dreaming.

        Great things (including Republic of Equatoria) will be realised during your miserable lifetime. Equatorians are working round the clock to realise this dream. It will be one unique country in Africa made up of different tribes ready to leave and coexist with each other.

        Continue to sleep and leave in denial.


    • Choromke Jas says:


      It is interesting that your story is being opposed by a Dinkocrat. Dr Garang used the same story to regale leaders in Africa. The bit you left out is that the dog was actually castrated but the wolf remains virile and can have a bitch of his choice and produce his own kind. The fat slave dog has hit a dead end. If we can fight the Arabs, we can fight the primitive Dinka to win. Cheers.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Tangata Riri,

      This is an impressive story. Both Diu said something similar to this. He chose to be a wolf rather than a fat slave. It was during the discussion of federalism. Many southern Sudanese disagreed for fear of starving, but Both Diu told them point blank that it is better to poor but free. Nuer are doing that Nuer and my Equatorians people are joining in slowly but sure. We Nuer rejects to be fat slaves. We want freedom and nothing short of that.

  32. Tangata Riri,

    Your comment is not helpful. Please elaborate it more.

    • Tangata Riri says:

      Bentiu Ramaran:
      Like all fables, this story can be understood in many ways. For me, the COLLAR represents all that is wrong in our country; the corruption, the nepotism, the tribalism and the insecurity. To stand against it opens someone to hardship and danger as those who profit from unethical behaviour fight back viciously to protect their gains.
      So of our politicians & leaders, those who refuse to reject unethical and substandard behaviour and are happy to accommodate it are like the DOG in the story. Their life is safe, they are well fed. But those who reject behaviour that is bringing our country down are like the WOLF in the story. Their jobs are not secure, they wonder if a gunman will knock at their door in the early hours of the morning. This story is for all our leaders, irrespective of tribe or political affiliation. Each must make up their mind. It is up to us to choose who we want as leaders, a DOG or a WOLF.
      I hope this clears things up.

      • Tangata Riri,

        Thanks Tangata Riri for making that short story very clear for me and I do understood what you mean now. South Sudanese problems never come to an end as majority of South Sudanese are total foolish. They are not capable to solve problems nor they have the ability to evaluate and judgments the problems in good manner including Bishops, priests, and pastors. some of us we South Sudanese do not know how to make judgments when problems arise. Instead of telling wrongdoers that they are wrong for the conflict, they would point their figures at both parties involved in the conflict regardless of who is at fault. For example, in our current situation many of us are pointing their figures at rivals parties to make peace regardless of who is at fault, instead of pointing their figures to only party which is wrong for the war. This kind of judgment will never bring us peace or development but grieves. Where in the world a problem has been resolved without addressing the root causes and without signaling the person who is wrong for the fight? South Sudanese lives are only in the God hand. We are like wild animals that move from one country to the other with out border. Hence our death is endless and it will continue be endless until we learn how to judge rights from wrongs.

  33. Ajongo says:

    You can put it like this: nations are not built by whiners and womanizers

  34. Bol says:

    T R,
    Everybody is a dog in the modern world as we are all tied up by chains of laws. To be a wolf means excution or imprisonment.

  35. False Millionaire says:

    Ajongo & Tangata:

    Your comments are excellent,constructive n deserve great appreciation.RSS n the society would be well off the day constructive forces accept to apply such valuable ideas as in your thinking.But it’s too natural to be confronted by reactionaries.And what do you do?You stand firm on your position becouse that’s where the majority of honest citizens identify themselves.

  36. False Millionaire says:

    Dear Mr LONG:

    It’s good to know so much about you.Being from among the trained elite in Europe,according to you,your most deserved place is among the constructive forces whose efforts would bring honest changes in RSS at the end.But it’s a grave mistake to ever take the citizens of Warap state as,”happy with Kiir’s regime”.

    If you have ever lived in greater bahar el ghazal,It’s the greater Tonj district,Gogrial n Abyei today that constitute Warap.This state is predominantly dinka with a greatly dense population that can be in millions.It’s capital is Kuacjok,a former english administration police post village with a church n a missionary school where elite like late hon. Charles Ali Bilal learned to read n write dinka language.Nothing more.But the most meaningful town,in Warap,with urban structures like schools,hospitals,prison facilities,industrial sites,sporting grounds n great prospects of expansion into a modern city is Tonj.The other two towns are Gogrial n Abeyi which is still in dispute.

    From the beginning,It’s said that elites from greater Gogrial district twisted logics to manipulate Kiir n forced him into choosing Kuacjok as the capital of Warap.That was since 2005.But what has Kuacjok become today?Nothing.Still a village with primitive new buildings that bear no minimum universal norms of architect n hygiene.

    In fact all the former english administrative towns n police posts in Warap like Gogrial,Thoralei,Warap,Luanyaker,Belboc,Majak,Akob,Makuac,Theit n even Tonj have degraded down to the status of ordinary villages.There are neither meaningful functioning schools,health care dispensaries or active police n security units there.For you who have had experiences of modern life in europe,it could be very shocking to hear that,citizens of Warap take their sick to the witch doctors.They have given up on the idea of believing in medical treatment that was made to be trusted in the days of the english administration.There are no roads there either n the citizens travel by foot as in ancient times.Even Wau is cut off from the rest of RSS n people live there without such provisions like medicins,sugar n cleaning soaps among others as these are imported products by roads.

    If you followed the narration,you should have readily understood that,if the citizens of Warap are surviving,it’s only becouse of God,courage n self dependency but never becouse of services from Kiir’s regime.But that if they are silent,it should be becouse they refuse to be seen as trouble makers of the first hour.If you are a good leader n you have intention to bring a revolution that would serve their needs,it’s good to believe that they will not refuse it.That’s in particular.

    But in general,throughout RSS,the conditions of suffering of the people of Warap are just thesame similar conditions of suffering of the rest of the citizens in the other states including those of the greater equatoria.That being such,the simple fact that Kiir comes from Warap is not an exception that sets the citizens of Warap apart from the rest of the suffering masses.The presumed stolen oil money by the SPLM/SPLA elites in Juba did not go to Warap.So at this precise point,it’s imperative that leaders like you,should have the courage to rethink whom should deserve fire the day you open,”the gates of hell”,as you say in your comments.

    • Long says:

      False millioniare,

      I know you tried hard to be rationals unfortunately people like you a few . If you follow my writing well, I did mention some time back that the poeple ahoe suffer most are in Dinka land because of the unfavorable geo-location and poor governance. Their sons and daughter ruling the nation only get there to recruit illiterate youth excited over holding guns and putting on the national army Uniform. My best friends are Dinka. They have their frustration too but failed to sensitize their people to understand that what we need is not strong men and women of our own, but strong institutions that put people first.

      They are convience to keep the beny in power by all cost therefore it becomes hard to have one united country;
      Check these out;

  37. Malith Kur says:

    I am sometimes amused by the idea that James Wani Iga and other senior government officials aren’t patriotic Equatorians because they are part of the government, and people like James Hoth or Magok Rundial are not patriotic Nuers because they are part of the system. Isn’t this a political idiocy, opposing everything for nothing?

    • Jake says:

      Malith Kur
      The above mentioned names are veterans of South-North war. Back then they could be classified as patriots, same for Kiir. But ever since the unfortunate Death of Dr.John Garang, these men have lost way and now only seek wealth for themselves at the expense of the rest of South Sudanese. So yes they are not patriots because they are in or were in positions to advice Kiir against starting this senseless war of power. Rather than put the interests of the people first they put theirs. Especially Magog Rundial and Hoth Mai. Both had their relatives murdered by Kiir’s Illegal Militias. Magog like a little bitch didn’t even ask Kiir as to why members of his community and family, as the 3rd most powerful man in the country. This is Proof he is a spineless coward. James Hoth openly admitted that there was no coup. But he didn’t stop Salva from executing his evil plan. Something smells fishy. He probably is did it to expedite Salva ‘s downfall and probably Aspires for his position. See in these 2 Cases is a clear sense of self interest rather than the nation. I left out Wani, because he is just a clown. When ever he and the Clown In Charge Kiir talk it’s an embarrassment for all southerners worldwide.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Malith Kur,

      We know that veracity is alien to you and your kind. These Nuers working in the government are actually given a special name by your people, the Jieng. They call them “Nuer Weu”. This means Nuers who are after money. Indeed, they know what it is. But you, since truth is foreigner to you, they are there working for a credible government. Wake up and smell the coffee. Those Nuers and Equatorians in the government are just there as window dressing. They do not carry any purpose at all. Their sole purpose is to blindfold the rest of the world. Please do not try our intelligent. We know better than that.

      • Malith Kur says:

        I am afraid you don’t even understand what you stand for in your life. These guys are in their country, and if they are getting money, that is their money. You must be extremely sick.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Malith Kur,

          If that is the case, why call them Nuer weu? You see, you just resort to name calling because truth hurts excruciatingly. I will neutralize your ignorance with truth and place you where you belong. God bless you GatNyerub Deng!!

          • BILL KUCH says:

            All Nuers the same and therefore; they could be all Nuer Ke Weu. That includes Dr. Riek who left for Khartoum during the South and North conflict and his main reason was to get pay for an agreement that did not work. So deal with it!

  38. Concern East African says:

    I am reliably informed that Malong and his deputy have imported Chemical weapons through Tanzanian port of Dar- El- Salaam via Myanza region where I us to work ferried though Lake Victoria coz Kenya refused to clear it. the same weapons Omar used to clear Torit in 2002.
    Please use the international community to probe this,

    Be careful!!!

  39. GatCharwearbol says:

    Concern East African,

    You are not far from the truth. Fear of Nuer tribe has sent Malong and Kiir searching for any mean to eliminate Nuer. The name Nuer became a household name in East Africa. There is no single day in East Africa without a talk about Nuer bravery. Of recent past, both Kiir and Malong passed out for none but fear for Nuer. So, the purchase of chemical weapon won’t be a surprise to Nuer.

  40. Warrior says:

    dear all
    preaching a hatred among ourselves will not make us to achieve any tangible peace in our country and our communities at large. bearing in your twisted mind that preaching a hatred will promote violence as we have seen or heard on the news fighting taking place in Pagak county….i guess this a lesson to all those who always like to rebelled an elected government.

  41. Bol says:

    Bravery doesn’t win wars…. Why did Japan lose WW2 with its legendary Samurai? The answer is planning, objectives and logistics….The invisible line between bravery and insanity is what makes the reasonable person stands apart from the manic….

  42. GatCharwearbol says:


    Nothing to repudiate in your comment. All is true. The fact is, this tribe call Nuer has the short end of the stick. Planning and objectives are in place but lacking logistic simply because we have no resources. Unlike your side that is using state resources to lord it over others, we do not have that luxury on our side. Advantage to you. But one tribe or actually half a tribe since the other half is on your side is facing the East Africa for almost a year with their bare hands. What do you call this in your native tongue. It is call Buom Loach in Nuer. A person of your caliber knows that but shied away from acknowledging that it is not lack of planning or objective, but lack of logistic.


    • Bol says:

      I didn’t dispute Nuer bravery…..I come from Twic and we border Nuer Boul…We have been raiding each other ever since. We did a lot of damage to each other from mid 80s to early 90s and lately before December 2013 and after ….Despite all this carnage, we are, and will remain a family as we continue to intermarriage ….my comments are about facts not propaganda…. Japan, a cocktail of history, arts, innovation, perfectionism, and bravery, lost the war and restart different path because if it continues in its bravery path, it would have subjected itself to more damage….The viable plan is to exit war highway as killing the living will not revive the deaths of Juba massacre, nor oust Kiir per se …. According to you, half of the tribe is fighting the rest of the country….This is a mass-suicide which should be avoided at all cost…..A just cause seen or believed by few individuals is hallucination, un-do-able theory at its best, and contrary to the arts of Politics of what can be achieve at given time, with the given resources… ….. Cheers

  43. Hard Target says:

    Bol, do not talk about the Japanese, if you read and watch the documentary you will agree with me that they have both bravery and intelligence when they subdued the British and America combined. America was facing Total Defeat before the Jew invented the nuclear weapons.

    Unfortunately, the chemical weapons you imported are already known, release one and you will see even UPDF withdrawing The world will go after you and that will be your end.

  44. monychol says:

    Exactly this is a senseless war.Senseless in the sense that it is a tribal war and tribal wars are micro racial wars and any wise well informed human being won’t support wars like that unless you are a retard. minded kind of a psychopath.
    I won’t be surprised if weapon of mass destruction are imported and used. as banned weapons such as cluster bombs had already been used.
    Mmmmmmmmm!!!!”” Bill Kuch, Bol Akuol, Wunchir Atong, there you go.These are all that appease you guys.

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