Nation Building in an innovation: A lesson learned from Gok State

By Daniel Juol Nhomngek, Kampala- Uganda, SEP/28/2016, SSN;

Though it is inappropriate to rejoice at this moment in which it has been bad time for Gok Community for losing one of its respected and hard working generals (may his soul rest in peace), it is also important to inform Gok people and the rest of the world for the Great development that has just taken place in Gok State.

Telling the good news at this critical time in which Gok people are morning their son is based on the Dinka’s saying that though a person dies, people should continue to eat in order to survive.

Thus, based on the above Dinka’s saying, I would like to tell all the Gok people, South Sudanese and the rest of the world good news that Gok State has received a gift from China as I will explain what the gift is about shortly.

Nonetheless, before I explain the important gift given to Gok State and Gok people by the Chinese people through Government of South Sudan , it is imperative to tell those who may not be aware about Gok State and the economic standing of China in the world.

Gok is one of the 28 states of South Sudan. It is located in the Bahr el Ghazal region and it borders Tonj to the west and Western Lakes to the east. It should be noted that last year (2015) this time, it was not known that that there was going to be something called Gok State that was going to be recognized by one of the second largest economies in the world: China.

However, due to the work of God through the President of South Sudan, H.E. General Kiir Mayordit and the presence of the right leadership in Gok State who cares for nothing but the welfare of Gok people, Gok State is today being recognized by China.

It is important to note in regard to China as explained in Wikipedia that China is the world’s second largest economy by nominal GDP, and the world’s largest economy by purchasing power parity according to the IMF, although China’s National Bureau of Statistics rejects this claim.

In addition, China is a global hub for manufacturing, and is the largest manufacturing economy in the world as well as the largest exporter of goods in the world.

In short, China is also the world’s fastest growing consumer market and second largest importer of goods in the world. In other words, China is a net importer of services products.

As explained above, China has a lot of incentives to give to the people of the World in terms of technology, infrastructure and economic aid. These and many others beyond this paper can only be accessed where there is peace, security and the rule of law.

Having briefly discussed what is the Gok State and the Chinese Economic standing in the world, it is important to go to the final point as to what gift the Chinese Government and her people have given to the people of Gok State.

The Chinese Government and her people have decided to provide Gok State and her people with development as a gift for the year, 2016 and this development is going to be in three areas: agricultural; infrastructural and health facilities development.

In fact, concerning this development, I have received true information from the right source coming from the office of the Governor of Gok State that two delegates from Gok State went to China to work on the development deals with the Chinese government. The two delegates are: Finance minister and the speaker of Gok State Assembly.

The Chinese Government is going to begin with the process of building State Legislative Assembly and later, the building of State hospital and agricultural development respectively.

Hence, as it has been stated by the former Vice President of Kenya, Kijana Wamala who died in 2003, anything done in good faith should be given a chance to succeed. It is, therefore, imperative that we Gok people should be grateful to the Governor of Gok State for putting our interest and welfare above everything.

Moreover, it is important to observe that it is history that Gok State is receiving development gift from the second super power and the second largest economic power house for the first time since the independence of South Sudan. All these are only possible due to the leadership of Madhang Majok.

It is a real gift because looking at the economic conditions of South Sudan, which put the prospect of development to the periphery of thoughts of many people and makes everybody a beggar, we should be grateful to the Chinese Government for the gift of development.

In addition, the Gok people should be grateful the government of South Sudan for giving them an opportunity to realize their potentials in the above stated areas and the question is: what prompts the decision of the Chinese Government in collaboration with the South Sudanese Government to choose Gok State as one of the first States among twenty eight (28) States to receive development package from China at this bad economic time in South Sudan?

In my opinion and in answering the above questions, three factors are critical. These are: stable security, relative peace and good leadership, which explain the reason why Gok State caught the attention of South Sudan and Chinese Government and her people.

Since the appointment of the current Governor, Hon. Madhang Majok Meen late last year, stable security, relative peace, rule of law and good leadership have been enjoyed by Gok people.

What is critical for development of any country or state is peace and innovation. But above all, “peace is the greatest weapon for development that any person can have” as Nelson Mandela puts one day.

In summary, nation or state building is an innovation that is achieved through peace, stable security, rule of law and good leadership and all of us who are aspiring to the become politicians in order to rule South Sudan should learn a lesson from Gok State and where the Governor and his Government got it right.

Otherwise, as we cry for the loss of the son of Gok State, Late General John Laat Makoi, we should also appreciate the governments of China and South Sudan for choosing Gok State among twenty States by saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

NB//: the author is the South Sudanese Human Rights lawyer and can be reached through: +256783579256;


  1. mading says:

    I take this opportunity to congratulates governor Madhang Majok and Gok people for their governor achievement of these development goals for that shortest time. Also I thank our brother Juol for sharing this good news.

  2. Dear: Author Daniel Jol Nhomngek

    China is one of the capitalist countries in the western countries in the west.Bear in mind,the capitalist countries, in western countries,in the west.they cannot be given a gift for free!There is something being hidden underground of the surface of earth.Gok community,in Dinka motherland,in the South Sudan,they do not have money to purchase products in China! It appears to me alone in my own opinions,there could have been a deal matter better with the Gok governor in China! Maybe he is selling a land to Chinese firm! We are now waiting and see if true a development will come to his state.

    To me,any dealing going illegally in the country and foreign countries,without government of South Sudan knowledge,they must be arrested and get punish severely with no leniency!

    Ongelet Village,South Sudan,Africa!

  3. GatNor says:

    Yeah, that’s right! Lets build a nation on tribal mass graves using human skeletons. Bright idea..

  4. mading says:

    Gatnor. you nyigaats continue to leave in the bush, and development is going on in some part of South Sudan.

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