Naath (Nuer) suffering under power-greedy Riek Machar is still at large

By: Cornelius Khan, South Sudan, JUL/28/2018, SSN;

I absolutely have no personal grudges against Riek Machar but his 30 years plus reign as Nuer and South Sudan leader and his proven never-dying-greed-for-power, his reckless and ignorant decisions, his lack of strategies and his satanic desire to throw the country on fire if his desires are not met, made me dislike him.

Now, after thousands have died, millions displaced, billions of national resources went to waste, livelihoods vandalized and the country is brought to her knees, Riek Machar wants to come back to Juba as First Vice President (FVP).

-Is he wise or foolish for him to destroy our lives just for him to remain in the South Sudan leadership?

-Is Riek Machar really coming back to Juba just because of the title FVP?

– What is new that he coming to offer to South Sudan?

– Now, does any one doubt what Riek Machar was fighting for position?

Honestly, everyone doesn’t want him back to Juba because death, destruction, instability and suffering accompany him.

Now, civilians hearing that he is coming back are scared to death because his presence Means War and destruction. He is simply a symbol of death and destruction and the whole Naath people have been characterized that way. Sad!!

After all the noise, the slogans about “Salva Kiir must go,” and failing to achieve a single item of his demands and failing to overthrow the Government by force, why can’t he simply step aside honorably instead of him waiting for his supporters to push him aside?

We all know, his supporters now have come to know him better and are willing to overthrow him since all he is killing people for the position of FVP.

It is always wise to step aside peacefully instead of waiting for the angry mob to push you out.

He has failed and there is absolutely no question about it and the best he can do is call it a day. But, we know him and his greed for power, he will never give way to others unless he is pushed by force.

If he failed in the frontlines, failed to achieve his goals in negotiations and finally forced to sign what was asked of him to sign, can he do anything after that in Juba?

Again, this time round, he is coming to Juba alone because we will not allow him bring his militias to Juba. No Riek Machar’s militia will be allowed to come and caused havoc again.

We will be the ones to protect him and it will be up to us to decide his fate. He will be allowed to Juba just to give peace to the ignorant villagers whom he misled otherwise his time is up.

Lastly, we still call upon the Nuer (Naath) to stop putting their hopes in the weak Riek Machar and start paying their loyalty and support to Gen. Taban Deng Gai, the man whose actions speak louder than words.

Be wise, be bold, be decisive and stop following the lost crowd, make that decision right now!!

Did I hear that the so-called South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) has refused to sign the peace agreement? I must thank them for sparing us time and space and letting them go lick their financial wounds since that’s what they are fighting for.

Maybe they are misled by the American slogans but they will regret this for a very long time.



  1. Deng Hanbol says:

    Mr. Khan,
    Don’t forget Naath tribe see you as a traitor a sellout to the JCE. Shame on you traitor !!

  2. Dear:Cornelius Khan

    Stop talking nonsense!You scarring Riak Machar from coming back to Juba.? My friend.YOU KNOW NOTHING AT THIS POINT! Why unknown men gangs the criminals of Juba government lynching people in Juba in the name of UNKNOWN GUN MEN in absence of Riak Machar in Juba?

    But the way,why don,t you talk to President Salva Kirr to step away from the power?????!!!!!! He is part of the problem! Not part of the SOLUTION AT THIS POINT!! Our people are suffering to hell!!!!!!!!!!

    Now,his regime is repressing in Juba.Remember Activist like Peter Biar Ajak,who is talking for the betterment of the country in the South Sudan Republic.He was arrested with no crime he made at all! He is building a charity Red Army Foundation to help the needy in the area entire and promoting awareness! How can the country going forward like this?????!!!!! Back to you in the forum South Sudan Nation(SSN)Dicussion Board.

    Sincere Healing Anger!


    Kansas City Missouri,U.S.A.

  3. Deng Hanbol says:

    Mr. Khan, you have no right to mention the name of Naath tribe for two reasons: the first reason is that the wife of Gen. Taban Deng openly admitted her affair with you. At the same time you were having an affair with her daughter I mean you committed adultery by having sex with Taban’s wife and simultaneously with his daughter. In fact, Taban’s daughter knew the story, called her mother and told her that she had been having an affair with you. Shortly after the affair was made public, you left Australia for your safety and joined the SPLA-IO. The leadership did not only protected you from Taban’s wrath but prompting you to the rank of captain not because you were trained but because of your father background. Second, you were guilty of high treason at the very last. When the fighting erupted at J-1 on July 8, 2016, you were among 600 SPLA-IO soldiers who managed to protect Dr. Riek till he arrived safely in Congo border. However, according to your colleagues, you were sent by traitor Thomas Douth Guiet to monitor the movement of the SPLA-IO’ leader whether he was killed or not . Unfortunately, Dr. Machar was protected by his country men. After your mission had failed, you were surrounded by the same enemy who massacred your own people.
    In that context, it would make no sense to urge the Nuer tribe to abandon the national leader. On the whole, the motive for your article is to appease traitor Taban since you destroyed his home.

  4. J. Malooma says:

    Mr. Deng Hanbol,
    Thank you for exposing this traitor. Wonders will never ended walai! This primary dropped out should have seek help, perhaps from the (Editors) of this forum for a serious review and edition. Yes, Mr Khan has been under pressure due to the fact that the expectations particularly the classified information, and in conjunction of rhetoric and hate speech about IO in general and Dr.Riek in particular which the regime was expected from him to reveal weren’t materialized. Remember, Mr Khan has been never shown on JCE’ SSTV lying about Riek and IO. As a result, Mr. Khan has been suspected as an agent of Riek who was purposely sent to Juba as spy. So, he has no choice rather than clearing the air with this rubbish article and leave rest to nature.
    On other hand, unlike his brilliance younger brother who is now an author/scholar and Editor, Mr Khan E. Hon Top has never achieved anything valuable in his life, but, sexual scandals from one scandal to another.
    After rejoining Kirr-Taban/JCE regime, Khan was asked to provide his academic documents together with a resume so that he can be commissioned into the regime’s notorious National security, and eventually deployed or assigned as security attache’ at foriegn missions within the region or overseas. But, the traitor has nothing to offer not even a certificate whether from primary/secondary level’s or college.
    I also wanted to remind the audience that Mr. Khan owes ten of thousands if not hundreds debt to the Australian government and people.
    Mr. Khan spends most of his 10 plus years on social welfare in Australia because he was a poor and homeless man who has never joined the workforce and earned for himself and pay taxes, nor schooling.

  5. Deng Hanbol says:

    Oh, thank you!

  6. Deng Hanbol says:

    You’re welcome bro
    Please excuse my grammatical errors,(sentence fragments….)
    In fact, I didn’t check my comment before posting it.

  7. J. Malooma says:

    No worries at all bro. Technicals and grammatical errors are the least that you can be worried off, as most of us have been using small screens/smartphones.
    I hope we didn’t mistaken this Taban’s house boy with another traitor (Cornelius Khan).

  8. mading says:

    Deng Handbol.Mr. Khan is right , you stupid Riek supporters don’t see that he was fighting to get his job back, now what is new in the peace he signed with the government led by Salva Kiir ? After he killed many South Sudanese, especially young Nuer men call white army.

  9. Deng Hanbol says:

    Let me put in this way, there is much difference between 2015 and 2018 peace agreement. Khartoum peace agreement is a win-win scenario. It’s a compromise benefiting all parties involved.

    For Instance, in security arrangement, Khartoum peace agreement has designated the tribal government in Juba 50% likewise, the SPLA-IO got 50%. In other words, Khartoum peace agreement stated that the national army will be selected from 64 ethnic groups not Dinka tribe alone.

    Unlike 2015 peace agreement in which Dr. Riek Mahar, the chairman of the SPLA-IO, was forced to go to Juba with only 1,345 men. In reality, there was a conspiracy to assassinate the national leader of South Sudan.
    I hope this is a plausible explanation.

  10. Hoiloom says:


    You are one of the most foolish Jang on SSN. Tell us when Machar recruited the white army? The civil defend forces organized themselves and responded to the call after the massacre of their relatives by you Mathiang Anyors in Juba way before Dr. Machar even reached Nuer land. Stop your stupidity and accept Machar as your peace partner, oh I forgot some of you fools said he was done politically..hehee, bunch of loser. As for this lost sheep called Khan Hon Top, Deng Hanbol and J Malooma have already skinned him alive.


  11. Deng Hanbol says:

    with regard to J Malooma’s comment, I think he has hit the nail right on the heat.

  12. Deng Hanbol says:

    Actions speak louder than words. As you know we were shocked to realize that Cornelius Khan, the son of the former chief of General stuff of SSIM Hon Top, is a traitor. The question is: what is the penalty of high treason? I’ m sure that in the long run, both Taban and him (Khan) will face punishable by death.

  13. Hoiloom says:

    Deng Hanbol,

    Indeed this homeless man called Khan and traitor Taban will pay the price of betraying our people. I told some Dinka fools last year that peace without Machar in equation is impossible but they kept singing that Taban is implementing the agreement, see now what happened. I also predict another J2 episode if Dr. Machar ever step foot in Juba. This Dinka cowboy president hates Teny Dhurgon to death. Hope the VIVA boys have learned something from July 2016 incident to take on the Anyors rapists.


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