Museveni tells UN he saved South Sudan from ‘genocide’

By KEVIN J. KELLEY, MAY/06/2015,

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has accused the United Nations Security Council of being slow in involving African troops in peace missions in the continent.

He said slow response to turmoil in African states was leading to loss of lives, which he said, can be mitigated by quick action by African states.

Mr Museveni said the civil war in South Sudan could have escalated to “another genocide” had Uganda not intervened.

The Ugandan leader said the UN is still debating the issue while his country sent in troops soon after the conflict began in December 2013.

“If we in the region had not acted when we did, quickly, the region could possibly have had another genocide.

“The UN Security council is still debating the issue up to now,” Mr Museveni noted in a speech to the General Assembly on the theme of UN cooperation with regional organisations such as the African Union.

Uganda sent two battalions of soldiers to the neighbouring country to evacuate its nationals.

The Ugandan forces have remained in South Sudan ever since. They are seen as providing support for President Salva Kiir’s government as it battles rebel forces led by former Vice President Riek Machar.


He said African forces could also have stopped the 1994 genocide in Rwanda but “we could not do it because the UN was obstructing us,” he said.

He said Africa’s voice on the continent’s security matters was being ignored by the Security Council.

“This is a big mistake, and has already caused a lot of harm to Africa,” he said. END
Daily Nation, NEW YORK.


  1. Eguatorians says:

    M7 believes in saving south Sudan from genocide. For God’s sake, does he not know that he killed as well,by using cluster bombs? Someone should have told him,that he is an accomplished contributing partner in the genocide till today.

  2. Abiko! says:

    I do not agree with president Museveni of Uganda when putting Africa problems to UN. UN is for the western countries only in the west which was established by five permanent body America, Russia, China, France and Great Britain. Other countries joined them on their own choosing! He regrets for being use as mere tools in UN!


  3. Martin L. says:

    Rubbish! Mr President!

  4. mindra says:

    mr president m7
    you have not agenda or messages to send across to UN and even the African states,Don’t you know m7,you are another killer in is you prolonging this war because of your greedy to gain economics favor from Southsudan,you too have advised mr kirr in evils ways against his own people whom they fought together,
    let African heads of state be careful of mr m7 because he wants to benefits from confusion
    Mindra from loa local,madi corridor EE SS

  5. Eli Wani says:

    The same M7 could not defeat Konyi’s bearfooted rebels for over 20 years, he deliberately ignored the northern Ugandans to suffer in the hands of LRA until he was pressured by his bosses in the west and even with the help of American Marines they still couldn’t defeat or capture Konyi. Museveni is full of sh*t. Just get out of South Sudan, we don’t need you stealing our resources in the name of genocide prevention.

  6. Batali says:

    So what do you expect from a Wizzard and Sorcerer like Your7? He recently sent his witch doctor to help Salva Kiir in predicting his future and the future of south Sudan:

  7. John Maleak says:

    How Uganda help the southsudan from genocide I didn,t think it true from president of Uganda who commitee himsell to commitee more Genocides. If the Uganda help the country Museveni cannot be the part of war he cannot lie to world that his country sold a problem he make by himsell to let southsudan killing each other to bring Ugandan peoples to southsudan for thiers owe business.
    Uganda president have a right in region to kill other countries in East Africa, because man owe the region he was active in 1994 Rwanda genocide he was not ask about his active by other leaders in the region.Know that it a Nuer time to genocide by Kirr and Uganda president what community or country will next to Nuer community.
    We Southsudanesse communities was be aware of dinka are not stupit who killing there leaders and if who will kill kirr that what they think about of killing Dr Garange and Athor Deng that uganda president. If the fell bad because the nuer community put lives before their leaders not to be kill by Uganda president.
    Southsudan know the Uganda president bring many war into SouthSudan, war of the Genocide. the war money and the HIV war into Southsudan now worst then before. If iam not wronge some of Southsudanesee will agree with me.

  8. Ohisio says:

    Sinner man, where will you rush to! on the judgement day of the Lord.

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