Museveni stands accused for war crimes in South Sudan!

BY: Justin Ambago Ramba, UK, FEB/24/2014, SSN;

Museveni of Uganda, whose mercenaries are fighting alongside Dictator Mayardit’s ‘Gulweng,’ had for many years used the banned cluster bombs in his war against the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) who fought in northern Uganda. If the LRA were evil, unfortunately M7s cluster bombs did not differentiate between who is a LRA combatant and who is an Acholi farmer.

The turn has now come to South Sudan, and again since UPDF mercenaries joined in the senseless war in south Sudan, there has been much skepticism on what would happen next.

Now there are mounting evidences of usage of cluster bombs found by the UNIMISS, especially so around the embattled town of Bor, capital of the war ravaged Jonglei state.

The investigation into this act of war crime ordered lately by UN Security Council is a step in the right direction.

Museveni must understand that when he chose to push his UPDF mercenaries into south Sudan, it was the oil dollars that he was after.

But wars even have rules. Enough what he did in Gulu (northern Uganda) and Goma (Eastern Congo) and managed to walk away with mass murder!

For good reasons every finger remains pointed at the direction of the Ugandan dictator and warmonger, “Abu Tagia” or “ Abu Sala” – Museveni, when it comes to these cluster bombs.

His long track records of using banned weapons to fight his wars first in northern Uganda, then his other mercenary wars in D R Congo, and CAR says it all.

Funny though, Museveni is trying very hard to push the blame on Salva Kiir who probably authorized it if not approved the use of such weapons against his own citizens.

Any way, common sense says it is either Museveni or Museveni and Mayardit.

Meanwhile the world community should understand that it is an established fact that crimes against humanity are ever since on the increase following President Kiir Mayardit’s ethnic cleansing of the Nuer tribesmen in Juba.

When a head of a state sets the pace of human lynching, you can imagine the rest.

Surprisingly many members of the UNSC continue to show lukewarm positions on the crisis in South Sudan.

But let’s hope that the latest discovery of cluster bombs usage by the UPDF mercenaries will end this lethargy by the international community to begin a new page of punishing criminals and perpetrators of human rights abuses.

No doubt the investigations which Col Paddy Ankunda is trying to pull away from will hopefully bring compelling evidences to the international community, how Uganda succumbed to blood money and chose to do an unprofessional job.

(ST- “Ugandan army won’t take part in cluster bomb investigation: spokesperson -20/02/2014” link:

Of course one must ask, “Who is Museveni’s enemy in his war in South Sudan”? The answer is simple. It is the people of south Sudan whom Museveni has come to kill.

This probably justified to him his use of cluster bombs, for as long as his enemies can be any south Sudanese.

A thorough investigation into the cluster bombs issue is bound to expose the political marriage between Salva Kiir & his partner in crimes Yoweri Museveni, as a relationship aimed at committing war crimes and crimes against humanity that undoubtedly characterizes the ongoing south Sudan’s post-independence civil war.

Across the Atlantic, the Obama administration should move swift to close the noose on this duo who claims the honour of being the liberators of their people while the fact on ground shows that they have undone every bit of it by now playing the roles of lethal oppressors and fascists.

Museveni has tract records of war crimes and he must be ordered out of South Sudan or even forced to do so before he thinks of using other more lethal weapons of mass destruction like the mustard gas etc. The guy is dangerous indeed.

At this juncture who is that person who cannot see that now with Gadhafi and Saddam Hussein all gone to their final resting places; it is obvious that this Banyamulenge disaster, Museveni, doesn’t mind replacing them.

The world must be on the watch, for indeed a monster has risen in the Great Lakes region. This man called Yoweri Kaguta Museveni needs to be attended to.

Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba. A concerned South Sudanese citizen and he can be reached at:


  1. Tyson says:

    The ICC parcel should be expedited for serial killer Kiir and his cohorts

  2. Joana Adams says:

    Why wait for the ICC when two drones could do the job on Abu tagiya and abu salah swiftly and efficiently. These two men are a danger to regional and world peace.

  3. Elijah Samuel says:

    Kiir’s boyfriend Museveni of Uganda has joined hands to eliminate Nuer from South Sudan. It is ethnic cleansing started in Juba By Kiir. Both Men needs to be send to ICC. Kiir from his part is hiding behind the arrest of Soldiers he claimed where indisciplined who killed women and children in Juba. These Cowards who killed women and children in Juba were recruited by Kiir thus the buss stops with him. If he is blaming Riek for Nuer Mutiny in the tiger Battalian, why will we not blame him for the Killings his militia carried not in one day but three full days! Tell me he did not know anything about or gave orders.
    Kiir and his boyfriend Museveni must leave our country!

  4. Andrew Jenge says:

    Dear SSN Editor

    Please address this issue as soon as possible. It has come to my humble attention that Mr Edward Lino has so far written 3 good articles under his title: Looking At Ourselves The Way We Know Not! Please kindly elaborate as to why the rest of these articles were not posted here since the first part was!? If possible, sir, please look for the remaining articles and post them in sequence it was written to our lovely readers on this site to digest because I believe it rightly belongs on this forum.

    I tell you and me, these articles have striped naked, you can see clearly the back part of this Dinkocrasy government and the agreement they signed with this wild/astray dog of East Africa.

    Well done Dr JAC, you never disappoint when it comes to championing the just cause for our beloved country and people. Aluta continua!

  5. Machar says:

    This is what is predicted long time ago. Tilar Riing Deng has promised Kiir with unlimited presidency but delivered him to the ICC and scraped a fair reputation of president Kiir who delivered independence. In fact What Tilar did is to take to the trash bin the reputation of a political party and movement built over three decades with the best fighteres and brains. Telar sent Kiir to the Hague, tainted his reputation as a bloody monster, brought down the might SPLM political bureau bringing giant ideologue like Pagan Amum and Deng Alor and leaving weaklings like some I do not wish to name. By the time Kiir get sober from his nonsensical war and alcoholism, South Sudan is gone. If I am Kiie I would have reconciled with all the political foes to stop blood sheds and taken Tilar to the gallows-I think till then South Sudan shall remain an open sore

  6. j_p_puok says:

    Justin , South Sudanese must open their eyes wide because our identity had been sold away by Kiir in the thirst of remaining in power. we can’t blame M7 but hold him responsible for his actions. the sole culprit is kiir himself because if I set my own on fire and passing by comings and I tell me to add more fuel on it definitely he wouldn’t hesitate

  7. joshua says:

    The people of south Sudan are brainwashed by the government of the day, because they don’t know what the outside world says about the failed president, people of south Sudan especially Juba residents are let to believe by daily singing down down Riek Machar, while they have forgotten the complexity of the phenomenons is more than just one man. the violence can only stop when the government is able to address the really cause and is open to accept the crimes it has committed on Nuer people, and land grabbing in Equatoria, accept balance representation in the government and other institutions than dinka primitive domination. this retrogressive program should stop so that together we can take this country forward.

  8. FOX says:

    His excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Surprisingly was commended for bringing peace in the DRC by engaging in negotiations with the M23 and facilitating the peace agreement between the rebels and the DRC government. Unfortunate to say so, the Same Museveni owned and surported the Militia group on cost share basis with the Rwandan president Kagame. This is a fact not disputed and was acknowledged affrimative by the UN DRC and the UNSC.
    He is being weakly condemned for the intervention in South Sudan. he continues to use banned UXO and his sodiers cant differentiate btwn rebels, SPLA forces and civilians. All are being wiped out in big numbers and No sooner than later we will all be extinct.
    South Sudan has a smaller population of about 10 million. With the enomous oil fields in the country, this could be shared among all South Sudanese equally just like Dubai . There is no need for hatred and greed as we have plenty that however tries to have a bigger share will choke him/herself.


  9. In deed our neghoured has seriouse history of being an enmey through out the historical incident of Lare Dr. John Grang De Mobior was alarged to be planed in neghbouring Countries but no evedences of that kind, let us waite sooner and later fact will appeared to the the wolrd and international communities had already got the information


  10. black domino says:

    In response to what our brother Justus Amba,has written its true crimes have been commitment,iam suprised that Reik and his prmitive forces slaughtered innocent south sudanese in Bor,Malakal and Bentin,i was in Malakal till 17 January 2014,but the level of human mass murder commited by Reik and his forces is unforgiveable,blaming Museveni and Kiir for war crimes is rubbish,those 3000 women and children slaughtered in Bor by Gadets rebels isn’t that genocide,how many people have been killed my murle in Jonglei,that is all Genocide,it would be good when you write with some facts not because of personal hatred u have SPLM govt,is true we are anation under transition,some times to achieve peace people die,either in small or big numbers,blaming museveni for the killings is nosense,we south sudanese started slaughtering ourselves even before Uganda Intervened,in war they always civilian casualties killed in cross fire,like we understand that the USA,Britian and Norway want regime change,that is why they are insisting on UPDF to withdraw so that rebels march onto Bor,Juba and Bentiu,americas interests are clear,they want oil,they will never mind of how many south sudanese die,south sudan has become the hot bed of renewed Cold war politics between the West,China and the Arab world,i hope you do understand the Geo-politics of this region…so lets reason things objectively with evidence,how many crimes has America committed from Iraq,Vietnam,Lebanon,Libya and never account for it,this neo-colonial ideology some of you carry in your blood,you look at America has everthing,Americans is about Interests as long as they get want they want they forget about you,either you are killing each other or not…so brothers the mess in south sudan is because of we has a people failing to unite as one,dividing ourselves as tribes,with some being more important than others,unless we accept to be equal irrespective of the size of tribe,then we shall be a better country.

  11. Medi says:

    You also have the same fear as president Kiir; for rebels to march into Bor and Juba. Do not you think that having UPDF in south Sudan has influenced on us all? I think it is better that way for UPDF to withdraw so that we can come together as a family and solve ours own problem as brother.

    Secondly, do you also aware of that our government pays the Uganda troops for fighting along with Splm against rebels? If your is yes, why are you against the Western World who try to help you than hire Uganda troops to kills you and get paid?

  12. Mi diit says:

    Incompetent Kiir days are numbered

  13. ally says:

    Museveni is all long aserial killer believe me the world,from his war freinds the kayira m,his generals ,inocent ugandans and shuld also be counted abiggest thieve in the world.If you can even steal your neigbours then the world should know what he has done to uganda.Travel there and see the railways,coffee marketing boards,kampala land,puts in business people names we all know but let good God save us he should die like sadam in atrench for the blood of surffering ugandans.

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