Museveni holds the key to peace in South Sudan, says Garang Mabior

Publish Date: Sep 04, 2014,, KAMPALA, Uganda, SSN;

Below is a full interview conducted by Messrs. Samuel Ouga and Raymond Baguma who caught up with Garang De Mabior of the opposition, SPLM/A-I-O of Dr. Riek Machar.

Question: You have talked about Uganda’s presence in South Sudan. To what extent is it a destabilising factor?

Garang’s Answer: I don’t want to be misunderstood. It has become a destabilising factor but I believe in the intentions of Uganda when they went in. Uganda has been there for South Sudan during our liberation. I don’t think Uganda had malicious intentions when they went into South Sudan.
They went in with the intention to avert genocide and State collapse. They also went at the request of several international actors and Government of South Sudan.
But there is always a difference between theory and practice.Although Uganda intended well when they entered South Sudan, unfortunately the Government of South Sudan has abused the goodwill of Uganda.
The destabilising factor is not coming from the intentions of Uganda; but from the misuse of the Government of South Sudan of Ugandan goodwill towards our people. The presence of Uganda gives the Government of South Sudan an incentive to continue the war. So, this is how it has had a negative impact.
But at the same time, we don’t have to always look at the negative. If we look at how Uganda’s presence can be positive, 80 percent of the forces of South Sudan have defected to the opposition. The effective force that is propping up the regime in Juba is the UPDF. The UPDF’s presence can be utilised by the Ugandan government because it gives them influence on the Government of South Sudan.
Uganda has the ability to persuade the Government of South Sudan to negotiate in good faith since they are the ones propping up the regime. If the Government of South Sudan is not serious about peace, then Uganda can say, ‘We did not come here to prop you up. We came here for the people of South Sudan that we have been standing by ever since the liberation.’

Question: You have had interactions with a number of officials including the Presidential advisor on security, Gen. Salim Saleh. Have you shared this with him? And what has been the outcome of the discussions?

Answer: I don’t want to give too much because this is the initial stage of our coming to Uganda. But like I said before, the presence of UPDF in South Sudan is one of the obstacles in the peace process right now. In seeking peace, we come on a mission to have dialogue with Government of Uganda on how we can expedite the peace process and move forward.
What is preventing us from signing the matrix is the presence of Ugandan troops. So, we come to discuss bilateral issues between the Government of Uganda and our SPLM.

Question: Would you say that the outcome of the meetings has been positive?

Answer: Definitely it has been positive. The atmosphere has been very friendly and it is reminiscent of our past relationship with Uganda as brothers and sisters in the struggle. The children born of the same womb sometimes have misunderstandings and quarrel but will always get back together and find a way. So, this is what we are trying to do and the atmosphere is there.
So, we are hopeful that we shall continue with the dialogue and we shall find a way to overcome the obstacles that are right now in the peace process. We believe Uganda has a big role to play.
And we want Uganda to come on board because Uganda has been involved at the level of Heads of State of IGAD and the council of ministers. But we have been rejecting Uganda’s presence as observers like the other IGAD countries are because our argument was that Uganda is part of the conflict.
So how can they come as mediators? But seeing this impasse of the withdrawal of UPDF, the presence of Uganda in South Sudan is a reality that has to be dealt with.
So, we want to find ways with Uganda to see how we can break this impasse and move the peace process forward. We recognise highly that the important role that Uganda could play in bringing peace.

Question:Do you think it will happen?

Answer: I am confident it will happen because everybody wants peace. Uganda wants peace in South Sudan. I don’t think Uganda is in South Sudan because they love war.
So, anything that will bring peace is what we all want. We are hopeful this relationship will only grow.

Question: The Uganda government spokesperson in a statement said that you had accepted the UPDF presence until the IGAD force is deployed. Is this true?

Answer: It’s true; but it is not something that we discussed here (in Kampala). It’s not an outcome of our dialogue in Kampala. It is something that is enshrined in the agreements that we have signed in Addis Ababa.
We accepted that Uganda would withdraw as soon as the hybrid force of IGAD is deployed and Uganda would withdraw immediately so that a gap is not created where chaos can recur.

Question: After all these fits and starts at the talks in Addis Ababa, do you still believe political dialogue can work given the differences you have with the Government of South Sudan side?

Answer: Dialogue can work; but the intransigence of the Government of South Sudan right now is because of their belief that UPDF will be in South Sudan forever. But if Uganda begins to use their influence, it will break this intransigence and South Sudan will negotiate in good faith.
By bringing Uganda on board in the peace process, it will move the process forward.

Question: The sanctions by EU and US, what effect are they having on the search for peace in South Sudan?

Answer: It’s not having a lot of effect because the people who have been sanctioned are of little consequence in decision-making and financing of the war. These are low level people. For example the commander who has been sanctioned on our side does not travel. So, by saying that you cannot come to America, he does not go to America anyway.
The other army general on the Government side is not the big fish. What would work better would be if countries like Uganda and Kenya came on board. A lot of these people who are big fish in South Sudan have assets in Uganda and Kenya. They have billions in bank accounts in Kenya. If the Government of Kenya wants to make targeted sanctions against selected individuals, then it would have a bigger impact.
We welcome the sanctions to be equally applied on both sides because we on the opposition side have nothing to hide.
We welcome it, if it will speed up the peace process. But if it is sanctions that are going to hurt the people and not have an effect on the major players, we would not want the people to suffer sanctions for the sake of their leaders. We want the leaders to be sanctioned.
NEW VISION, Kampala, Uganda


  1. Ben Tombe says:

    Good Mabior you are almost as wise as your Father.

  2. Kong Puok Tongluot - S Sudan says:

    Dear, Editor

    First and foremost, I would like to forward my thanks to Journalists for their questions SPLM-IO’s Mr. Mabior Garang Mabior, Chairman of Information Committee for due whose sincere answers.

    My additional answer and question are following;

    UPDF presenced in SS sinse december13, 20013 before accidence genocide erupted in Juba the Capital of South Sudan on December 15 – 19, 2013, why UPDF had not prevented killing of innocent people, women, children eldery Nuers slaughered ethnicity? UPDF was not in South Sudan to defends ordinary people, but, is defending Yoweri Museveni interest as dictatorial style on Salva Kiir.

    • MAJONGDIT says:

      You are a liar ya Koang Puot. UPDF came about two weeks later after the war had already broken out.

      • Majongdit,

        You are a liar, a liar, and a big liar. The UPDF came to Juba in July 2013 when Dr. Machar was about to be relieved from vice president position and never return. It was a long plan between Yoweri Museveni and Kiir to assassinate Dr. Machar in 2013.

  3. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Mabior John Garang:

    Uganda government in Kampla,under the leadership of President Yoweri Museveni,has exploited your father friendship to death for his own best interests being known for him alone!He is using President Salva Kirr once again!

    If I become a leader,a first thing,I must do is that to expel the foreign troops from the whole South Sudan all out include Uganda as well.Yoweri Museveni is not part of a solution.He is part of the problems in the regions! He and the late President Moumar Khaddaffi.

    In Uganda,they have their own home internal problems! President Yoweri Museveni,wants to die in power alone for himself! He is using the South Sudaneser leaders both your daddy and Kirr,to protect him on his interests from Prophet Joseph Kony and other Ugandans dissidents!

    I come to you on the ongoing peace between you in the bush and the government in the country in the South,it is a big wasting of time! Again,a wasting of resources!!There is nothing will come from IGAD at all! IGAD is a wheelbarrow! There are people who are pushing the wheelbarrow at the back!

    The matrix peace talk, they said between the rebels and the government,is BULLSHIT ALTOGETHER!!! Have a nice day! Take care! Wait for a good help someday! It will come to people in Sudan in whole!!!!

  4. MAJONGDIT says:

    Dear Mabor Garang Mabor,

    Let me tell you, nothing can defeat the truth. The Nuer rebelled but it was not all Nuers. But even if they were the majority in the army and they all defect they would still not overrun Juba because truth will always prevail of devil. They can capture some towns but they don’t remain there forever.
    UPDF IS based in Juba and Bor. What is fighting you are our own sons now. Your rebellion has helped to modernize the army SPLA and has also balanced the SPLA.
    The Nuer became the majority because they could rebel and then they get integrated into the army all the time. They inflated the army thru rebellions. Republican guards were for instance 3000, now there are 10,000 of them. Tanks and other form arms have been brought. Those in service now are strong youths, now stationed in Nasir, Bentiu, Malakal, Ayod etc.
    if you come to Greater Bahr el Ghazal the people are just going about as if there is no war. The same thing in Equatoria. Can the Nuer withstand fighting a whole country? I don’t think so. Please go for peace and drop these useless argument about UPDF and 80% of anything. Sign the peace agreement and come back to Juba.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Liar that you will always be. If the Mighty White Army would not overrun your Juba, why did you hire Museveni’s UPDF? If you are now equipped, why don’t you send the Uganda back to their land and pick it up from here? Salva Kiir has been asked umpteenth times to let UPDF go home, what was his response? It was a resounding no! The reason is, Salva Kiir has no confident in his own army despite the 15,000 he privately trained. Go lie somewhere else. The whole world knows it is because of Uganda why Salva Kiir still talking shit in Juba. Had it been for Museveni, he would be talking in a hiding place right now. Yes, the people in other two regions are sitting without war because Kiir is using rental troops to keep the war to Upper Nile Region. Do you know how much debt South Sudan has acquired just to keep one tribe from reaching Juba? Expect more than The United States debt that its own to China.

      Those in Bentiu are UPDF, JEM, SPLM-N, and some Nuer sellout. Those in Malakal, Palouch, Nasir, Ayod are UPDF, Burundi, Rwanda, Egyptain, Shilluk, and some Nuer sellouts. So stop lying to us like we were born yesterday or we are not South Sudanese as yourself. You can lie to those who are not in the know, but to us who are in the know, you are wallowing in your denial. Have a wonderful day and Keep UPDF in South Sudan as your shield.

  5. Umba Peter says:

    My thanks to all contributors.
    My observations are as follow:

    First, it is not necessary for SPLM & SPLM in Opposition to believe that the solution to this crisis in South Sudan needs a solution from outside. This crisis did not start from outside, it started in South Sudan. Other than wasting time and resources as Chief Abiko has put it, the warring-hungry people should rethink their minds and come up with an answer to whatever they are fighting for.
    Secondly, i would like the warring parties to note it clearly that when Uganda had problems with its neighbors as well as with Kony, it did not look around for solutions from other nations. So why are we unable to resolve a problem that we know its root cause well?
    Lastly, by believing that Uganda can solve this crisis is one way Garang Mabior and his group are endorsing the Uganda government to keep its desperate troops in South Sudan as an employment.

    The writer is a South Sudanese Student of Conflict Analysis & Resolution,
    Sabanci University, Istanbul Turkey

  6. To:My Dear Fellow contributor Mr. Kong Puok Tongluot:

    I add my comment according to what you have said on your comment in the forum discussion board South Sudan Nation to the fellow members readers both men and women which makes me to cry out my tears down uncontrolbly.You got exact point! Lets Uganda President Yoweri Museveni,not fool Sudanese! He is mistaken! We are all better of from him in Uganda in everything! wheher he likes it or not! That will up to him! Who cares!

    Remember that he said, he came to the South to safe South from being collapse down. Again,he had said,he came to protect Ugandan s nationals in the South.But Ugandans in the South,were not targeted.It was the Nuer people in the in the true.who were paying a terrible price for the name of democracy in SPLM ruling party under the leadership President Salva Kirr .The true enemy of democracy! why they did not protect them from Kirr home tribal army the so called the Republican guard!Thanks you so much!Take care! True democracy is come someday sooner or later! Back to you to the audience: Honesty stops anger!


  7. cos says:

    We no wander how long the UPDF can be in south sudan.But if the time comes that a serious movement politician wakes up in Uganda to over throw M7,that will be the happeness that Kirr and M7 will go.
    Currently the UPDF in Uganda are Idle of which as an army you have be to active and gain experience of fighting to avoid defect.

  8. AGUMUT says:

    Who is going to vote for Garang’s son? He should forget my support.Both his father and his cronies SPLM had delayed themselves until they became Al Qaida number one.

  9. AGUMUT says:

    De Mabior/ Mabor. Actually who know the Mabior? A child who was raise with begging funds and Charties money and deny to bring peace to our people.Begging is a part of EXTREMISM.He will never ever become president of South Sudan never.

  10. jubub says:

    Yes, Uganda has the major role to play in bringing peace to South Sudan , but that does not warrant endless and baseless interviews mabior Garang has been conducting lately.He should researched on how Uhuuru Kenyatta had behaved so as to emulate him because Dr.Garang’s role in our liberation struggle is equally the same with that of former president of kenya Joma Kenyatta. this means , he can also be a president if he conduct himself to the expectation of South Sudan populace .. he should grow up if he is to succeed in his ambitions (national)

  11. AGUMUT says:

    May i LAUGH or may i CRY! Mabor Garang had joined De Riek Machar because his MUM has passed the so-called secret of HACKINGISM and TERRORISM to De Riek.Our Late Leader John Garang Mabior should have think of Mabior tomorrow instead of De Fork or De Mabior.Phones Hacking has nothing to do with Miracle.You had damaged some of Computers and Phones,but we should be ashamed ourselves of putting your big people in exile.I can join SPLA if i want.

  12. monychol says:

    Agumut, who is your leader? John Garang is not your leader you are his enemy number one. If he comes today and listen to you and your attitude, he will either jail you, let you be thrown into the river Nile like Majier Gai or fire squatted and your grave will never be traced in South Sudan.There are those among youcwho do not deserves burrial on our land in South Sudan and you will see we will throw them into rivers like their uncles and fathers.They donot deserves honour to be burried like decent humans.
    Mabior is a son of John Garang and like his father he hates oppression, mismanagement and small mindedness no matter who does it Arabs or South Sudanese whether against Dinka or non Dinka.
    The same Mabior that you talks ill you will dance before him as yourc father didto his father.Like son and like father.

    • AGUMUT says:

      I would like to thank you for your wonderful reaction.You are as such kind and very aggressive,poor and danger. Please i don’t even know how to dance for mENTALLY ill TOPLESS people like you and even i don’t go out to such stinking places on earth at all. I think you really need help because you are a true brainwashed and igorant.

    • AGUMUT says:

      @Monychol: HOTELS. Oh Dear,i think you should understand what i mean!

  13. AGUMUT.
    This is assault for your twisting thinking opinion about

    This is assault from your twisting thinking opinion, about Mabior Grange de Mabior, shame on you to talk about late Dr. John Grange and describe him as a beggar raise him with begging funds! And let me tell you, Mabior Grange can be a South Sudan president if he want, even though gieng refused to vote for him, because South Sudan as whole is not a gieng as you think. We disagree to agree is the healthy culture of civilized people.

  14. Lavina Lual says:


    I applaud your excellent response and continues dedication to stand with the truth to reveal facts surrounding the collapse of the RSS. You have made some of us to remember some of the best qualities of your late father-DR Garang that you have apparantely inheretied.

    Keep it up!

    Your response to the journalist has made me to belive that “one person or less than 1% jiaang people out of thousands/millions can be born wise” as writer Bernard shaw wrote, in his book; arms and the man. When he said “9 out of 10 soldiers were born foolish-meaning 1 soldier was the only wise militray man from among the 10 army personnel”

  15. AGUMUT says:

    Rasta/ Rastafarianism.Why Mabior looks like a JUNKIE???

  16. Eastern says:

    Dear All,

    It’s absurd that we continue to entertain the hands of Museveni in South Sudanese affairs when it’s pretty clear that he means no good to the country and the entire region. Museveni has been a bad influence to leadership in the Great Lakes region. He claims to be all-knowing courtesy of his cunning ways of leadership.

    Museveni is a great manipulator just to suit his ego and maintain him in power: he wants to consider Eastern DR Congo, Rwanda, Somalia and lately South Sudan new districts of Uganda! He miserably failed when he toyed with Rwanda in Eatern DR Congo.

    South Sudan has fallen to Museveni’s manipulation and the country will pay dearly. Museveni is not a pacifier but a war monger: he believes in the power of the gun. Verify this by looking at parts of Africa with Museveni’s footprint starting from Northern Uganda, Somalia, Eastern DR Congo and now South Sudan.

    I expected Mabior Garang to know Museveni better………..

  17. Latjor Boy says:

    South Sudan is looking like south Uganda not South Sudan because North Sudan Leaders are not tell Museveni that enough is enough. this is South sudan.

  18. Latjor Boy says:

    Lavina Malual

    Your are among the Jieng Liars who always said that they are born to rule. A wise man can not comment than you do because wise men are not shallow minded like you. you are the most foolish dinka.

    • Lavina Lual says:


      Calling me the most foolish dinka cannot twist or change my mind to think like you.

      Your wild animalistic behaviours in this country will haunt your generations millions years to come if you people continue raiding this country in this mentality.

      Mind you your offsprings/children will pay huge price for your foolishness act on this earth one day one time.

  19. Leader says:

    Your stupidity is beyond anyone comprehension. Why do you always talk about people of Bor County in public media. If you have any grievances against them why don’t you confront them face -to-face instead of whining continuously. People of Bor County are strong willed people. They whole heartedly supported Garang to achieve what he has done. Without their support, Garang would have surrendered the leadership to others. You very well know it is people of Bor County whose commanders were always in the front line while your guys were always in IDPs camps as Camp chairmen e.g Dut Achuek & Chol Biowei – Magali IDP camp, Dut Paul in Labone, Mayom Deng Biar & Chol Biowei in Magalatore, etc. You people are thankless otherwise you should have thanked the people of Bahr El Ghazal and Bor County for supporting Garang despite the injustices done to them by Garang and his twiy people like killing their sons such as Majier Gai,(the one you proudly talked of being thrown into the river), Makur Aliyou, Bol Akok, Akuak Kudum, Majok Nyieth, Guguai Ngang, Alier Bol, Etc. If this attitude of yours continues we will pay you in kind and you will regret fools
    I know you hate the people of Bor County because they decided to support the elected government and not to side with the historical traitor and murderer. They have a strong spirit of not to easily succumbing to their tormentor unlike you people who because of weak-heartedness succumbed to Riek Machar and Nuer murderers. One wonders how you people easily forget what was done to you by Riek in ’91 when the whole villages of Twic East were wiped out by Riek forces and the subsequent famine.

    Salva Kiir stood with John Garang and Garang became a hero you celebrate today. Why don’t you reciprocate what others have done to you. Greed is a dissease that will bring you done.
    I am sorry if I seem to have generalise the whole Twiy people. I know there are few among you who are men enough not to surrender their souls to Riek because of small grievances. People like Atem Garang DeKuek, Gen. Manyok Barac, Gen. Atem Aguang, Mayom Deng Biar, Atem Zecharia are among few men from Twic East who look at the bigger picture.

  20. monychol says:

    What support did Abel Alier give to Joseph Lagu? I think is is the same support that Majier gave to John Garang and was why he was given a bloody nose and end up in the river at the hand of Marial Nuor.Now similar support is being given bby Agaau Jongkuch, Makuei Lueth and Kuol Manyang to Salva Kiir Mayaardit.
    There is no honest suports that Buors gives to anyone in South Sudan, they hijacks other peoples’ leaderships and hard earned positions of services to insert their malicious intents.Salva Kiir hass now awaken against you thieves and those crooks from Bor county who are destroying his leadership from within will soon be headed to the river by Marial Nuor the very man who taught Majier a good lesson never Buors to forget.
    Keep hijacking others leaderships.e

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