Murle COBRA Forces join Machar’s SPLM/A-IO against Kiir

FEB/14/2015, SSN;

“On behalf of the COBRA forces, we declare our opposition to the regime of Salva Kiir Mayardit.” reads a declaration signed by the Commander of Greater Pibor forces, Col. Paulino Zangil.

In their Declaration to join the SPLA/SPLM, the COBRA reiterates that the government of Salva Kiir has massacred Murle Ethnic Group.In addition, the COBRA has accused Salva Kiir regime of dishonoring the agreement they recently signed.

The minority community believes that the agreement that established Greater Pibor Administration Area (GPAA) was all a hoax, and therefore, Murle declares Pibor as a Federal State, proposed by the armed opposition, SPLM/SPLA.

“The Greater Pibor Administration Area is a hoax. It is meant to deceive the people of Greater Pibor” Reads the statement.

“The Murle are for Federal System of Governance. We therefore declare Pibor as a State” the statement reads.

COBRA and Murle people have rejected to fight their neighbors and the SPLM/SPLA[IO] alongside allied forces of Salva Kiir, and now declares war against the government.

“We also reject the attempt by the regime to use the COBRA forces and Murle people to fight alongside it in this unjust war” Said Col. Paulion Zangil, the Commander of Greater Pibor Forces.

“The COBRA forces and the Murle People are for peaceful coexistence with their neighboring communities (Lou Nuer, Dinka, Anuak, Toposa, etc). As such, we condemn the regime’s tactics which promote ethnic conflict between neighboring communities” the statement reads.

According to their declaration submitted to SPLM/SPLA[IO], COBRA has officially joined the opposition and declares popular uprising against Salva Kiir government.

“We are announcing through this press statement our joining the armed struggle led by SPLM/SPLA under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny” reads the declaration.

“We call upon all the people of Greater Pibor to join COBRA in the struggle. We also urge the rest of South Sudanese to rise up against the regime in Juba” the statement concludes.

This declaration was submitted and signed on Feb 13, 2015 by Col. Paulino Zangil, the Commander of Greater Pibor Forces through SPLM/SPLA.


  1. Mawien Magol says:

    The former vice president Riek Machar Teny and his rebels allied have the choices to make. African leaders and others world leaders are worry about Southern Sudanese lives particular, those refugees who are now camping inside young nation and many more others in Eastern Africa countries. These refugees people are his supporters unfortunately, the former vice president seemingly not caring about because what he wanted is to lead those who did not died for his cause this is sad and If I was supporting Riek Machar then, I would have withdraw my support because there is no to back up someone who is fighting for his own position.

    On the side of Murle rebels, the history of South Sudan nation will judge those running out and back forth since in the beginning of the SPLA/SPLM.. Ismial Konyi had been doing such a fight helping Sudanese SAF against SPLA/SPLM and after CPA then, the Liberators SPLA and the majority of Southern Sudanese have defeated them all. I have seen many supporters of rebels are calling for current president to step down but they don’t understand that, if Salva Kiir decide later not to run for another election then, there will be another person within pro Juba’s government to get elected and he will lead young nation South Sudan but not Riek Machar who had been repeated rebellions and not Alfred Ladu who done nothing during the SPLA/SPLM and not Taban Deng Gai who always running away with Riek Machar like his wife..

  2. Diplo Guest says:

    Cobra faction oyee! of freedom fighters under the area commander of Paulino zangil. Hon. Commander, let me say this; you have the eyes, ears and nose. that make you to see, hear and to smell. Leave those die hearts in Juba who have eyes but they don’t see, ears but they don’t hear and nose but they don’t smell. Thanks you cobra faction for choosing the right direction.

  3. False Millionaire says:

    There is nothing new about declarations of violence in RSS.It’s clear unfortunately that the authors never understand the evil dimension of violence before learning so sadly by experience.So we may be still here to know the out come but that may never be too different from seeking to settle the same problems by way of peace.That is the most foolish point that constitutes a grave insult to the value of human rationality.But one still hopes to wish good luck to the violent fellows in their drive for violence!!!

  4. Dinka are the true enemy of south Sudan

    • Dinka boy says:

      united 63 tribes

      you are just a barking Dog, Dinka will never be defeated Dinka fought Arabs for 21 years without help from some tribes. Nuer were all collaborated to Arabs to fought Dinka not to free south sudanese from being slave Now Dinka brought south sudan and you want to fight Dinka where were you during struggle were you really in the bush? if there is no Dinka in south sudan there would be no south sudan now a day.

  5. sponge bob says:

    Press statements to not make a ‘rebel faction’. This guy cannot claim to be COBRA. The SSDM-A Cobra Faction has signed a peace agreement with the Govt of South Sudan, and now work to govern the GPAA. This fellow is a small boy acting like a big man with a press statement. He was not, and is not, a representative of the now integrated SSDA Cobra Faction. He started his own small “Lion” faction only recently and has very small numbers. 99.99% of Cobra is still intact and integrated into normalized forces, staying in Pibor and surrounding areas/counties.

    I am surprised how badly the reporting is on such things. Why don’t the reporters ask clearly how many troops he has? What role did he play in the conflict with government last two years under David Yau Yau. The answer is: 20-30 troops, and he did not even participate in the conflict, or the Cobra movement. He is small boy…looking to be famous.

  6. Gad says:

    GPAA is already a state and it is going to be a state soon. Don’t rebel again. Your rebellion would not get any support because it waged on tribal line.

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