Murder of Nimule Head Chief is causing hard feelings & divisions

BY: Louis Oliha, TORIT, SEPT/29/2013, SSN;

The current fate of the arrested Madi leaders cannot be determined. They were first detained in Nimule barracks, later transferred to a Torit Cell, and now into Kobar, Torit main prison. There is already a hard feeling about the procedure the government of South Sudan is using in dealing with this Madi case.

What I too do not understand here is how the legal system works in our country. Taking people to prison without trial does not make any sense at all.

If the people were arrested for what is real, the proceeding of their case is supposed to be treated legally and if found guilty, they are to be convicted and sentenced to whatever the law may say.

Here I looked at justice and defiantly it has no place. What had happened to Nimule Head Chief can be defined differently by different groups of people and the same goes with the imprisoned Madi leaders.

Finding a unified answer may not be easy due to distorted reports from different government officials. The notion in Torit is that the top state officials claimed that they are not aware.

The deputy governor who is in the office of the governor also claimed that he is not aware, and yet the governor remained silent up to now and he is out of the country.

Obviously, the lack of consistency in this matter is raising some concerns and the government apparatus of South Sudan unfortunately is not being sincere to the people.

We are no longer in the bush and the war with the Arab North is over. Nevertheless, the report from Nimule that “the death of Madi head chief and the arrest of Madi leaders were premeditated” is right.

I was in Nimule a few days ago, my relatives lived there since 2005, but due to this incident, I have decided to relocate them to Torit. Most people are convinced that the proposed Town Council had brought this crisis.

Practically, things are now very quite different in Nimule. People are divided in groups; the first group are the Madi who are natives of the land.

The second group is composed of Dinka IDPs who actually don’t want the word IDPs to be used against them, but rather owners of the land.

The third group is comprised of other different tribes who are moderate and pose no threats to anyone.

According to the reports from the moderate last group, the situation in Nimule has no difference with pre-1994 South Africa except for the fact that the people are having one skin colour.

People from Dinka tribe have now created their own schools, playing grounds, Bars, and recreation areas, where no other tribes are not allowed.

Shockingly, I couldn’t believe these developments at first, but the current incident forced me to go to bring my relatives from Nimule and that’s how I found out the situations actually exist.

Eastern Equatoria State was blessed with three Town Councils and we were hoping for development when such ideas come in mind.

Unfortunately it brought death in the State due to inconsistent plan from the Central government in Juba.

If one may seriously ask, What exactly disqualified Magwi County Headquarters to become the proposed Town Council in the County?

Our governor made a very big mistake for which he should apologise. It was him who has not sifted properly what the Juba Central government ordered him to do.

In comparison, Torit and Kapoeta have no problems because the Town Council were put in the right places. Never has it been heard in South Sudan that a Town Council is made out of the County Headquarters.

Magwi County is supposed to be treated like any other Counties in the Country. It was this imbalance in the government scheme of planning which brought death to the Head Chief of Nimule.

The fate of the Madi leaders arrested is at stake, I believe the government is prepared to do anything it can to make their lives a living hell.

Why they were arrested has no significant evidence and the way they are being treated shows gross miscarriage of justice and government brutality on its people.

As head of Eastern Equatoria State, the governor is answerable to the suffering of Madi Community.

For the Juba Central government officials, what you called your government is created by the people. If SPLA/M is doing all these, you should remember that the government of South Sudan is the work and outcome of Ballot Papers from the people of South Sudan.

Piling grievances on the very people will one day translate into uncertainty, perhaps, seriously, a change will definitely make things better.

Louis Oliha
Torit-South Sudan


  1. kikisik says:

    Thank you Oliha for this report. It is very socking to hear that there are IDPs in Nimule. I don’t understand why these IDPs are not repatriated into their respective places since they are causing problems? The only solution for peace to prevail in Ma’di land is for the central government in Juba to repatriate these IDPS to their respective areas. And this only could happen through a peaceful demonstration.
    The Ma’di people have to let the government know the pain and suffering they are facing as a result of these IDPS because for so long, the people of Ma’di had been complaining about these IDPS but the government was not listening. Some brothers may not like this but for sure we have to be realistic because we are in peace and we don’t have IDPs. Whoever wants to settle in Ma’di land must have to go back first to where he/she came from.
    The second solution is for Ma’di community to complain to the Human Rights Office in Juba about the fate of their innocent leaders that were arrested and demand an independent investigation be carried out to determine who was behind the death of their leader.
    Another most important thing is the unity between Ma’di and Acholi so that they can be able to face those external problems. ”Leaders come and Leaders go, but South Sudan will remain forever”

  2. Leader says:

    Are you aware of what you are saying? Talking rumours will one day land one in trouble.
    Who proposed Nimule as Town Council? Is it not the Eastern Equatoria State Gov’t? Where does the Central Govt or the Dinka come in here. There are many Town Councils and even Municipalities created in different states of S. Sudan and are created by their respective state govts. Let those Madi leaders carry their cross for killing their chiefs. They will go to court and defend themselves there. If there is any evidence from them or any other person linking any Dinka with the murder, let it be brought out clearly in the investigation and be proven in court instead of peddling lies in the media only to be consumed by those disgruntled exiled.
    Can anybody believe there are different schools for Dinkas in Nimule? For example, there are three secondary schools in Nimule i.e Fulla S.S, Nimule Modern S.S, Nile Progressive S.S. Which is one owned, staffed and enrolled students from Dinka only?

  3. Mankien town says:

    Dear Louis Oliha,
    Man, Never surrender your land to Dinka IDP, it belongs to you Madi people, running away from your land can never solve the problem of Madi people. it is Madi youths to say enough is enough for dinka to go home. there is no war in south Sudan that can displace them from home.
    they have been push back by Nuer community across 17 Nuer community counties in the country because they are seeing an alarming red line.
    please Madi youth wake up before is too let. it is good that you are peace loving community but it can not go to the extent of leaving your own land to the IDPs.

    Mankien Town.

  4. Manyang says:

    Dear Luis,
    I would to remind you that people of south Sudan are one in the eyes of the law. And if ever you write such articles you are not an exception whatsoever you would one face justice for mobilizing the masses for internal war.
    You said and quote, “The second group is composed of Dinka IDPs who actually don’t want the word IDPs to be used against them, but rather owners of the land.”
    you too pretended to have collected accurate reports by saying “According to the reports from the moderate last group, the situation in Nimule has no difference with pre-1994 South Africa except for the fact that the people are having one skin colour.”
    you need to be realistic instead of coining fabricated facts.

  5. Concerned Madi says:

    Hi Mr. Leader,

    The fact that you do not know any school belonging to Dinka in Nimule shows that you actually do not know anything in Nimule. So you have no moral authority to disapprove Oliha’s reasoning.
    The school at the corner next to the border, the primary school in Rei area, the primary school at Motoyo near bank of river Anyama, etc…. Tell me if they do not belong to Dinka.
    Not only that, what about the Dinka chiefs who run administration parallel to Nimule Payam chiefs and at one time had dispute with the late chief’s administration, isn’t it logical to suspect them because of competition or struggle for power in the area?
    How about the people whose names the late chief revealed in a meeting before he was killed less than two weeks, have you thought any of them could be the killers because their dirty works and names were revealed to the community?
    Stay warned the days for evil against Madi are numbered!!

  6. To call yourself a leader you must be sound-minded person, with compelling comments. Please don’t use such important name, because it doesn’t suit with your narrow mind. How can you deny the well known conspiracy by the central government, while the state governor was just implementing what’s he been asked to do under the interests of Dinka (IDPs).

  7. Your types will drag this beautiful country, to uncertain future. If you and I really love this country to be united nation, then we need to confront those individuals who cause problems in our country together, at the same time as South Sudanese, not as a tribe. @ Mankien Town, use Diplomacy ways, not force.

    Thank you!

  8. Dan says:

    Some of these so called articles loaded with lies can only find publication on SSN website and only the likes of Mankien Town can buy in to them.

  9. Mankien town says:

    Dear, readers,
    i do always preach peace upon us in this country, but to others is not a case they use to provoke us, fore instance it is not good that when someone accommodated you and you later turn your gun to kill the landlord it is unethical behaviorism,
    please southern this time you need to be wide in choosing the leader who will represent the interests of all south Sudanese regardless of their beliefs, tribes they belong to, culture, a leader who is God fearing believer etc, etc,
    it’s come to my attention that the all investigations in south Sudan are just a nightmare without outcome after all, many investigations have been carried out but none have results, come out.

    Mankien Town.

  10. SPLA says:


  11. We can’t continue burying our heads on sand or keep on faltering each other that everything is fine while this country is turning into a hell or a time bomb which will engulf everyone in it. for whoever thinks that what’s happening in nimule is an isolated issue is a liar, because such scenario was tried in western Equatoria but unfortunately failed, so i believe such phenomenon is going to recur all over greater equatoria from this undisciplined or cursed brothers of ours.
    hence my brothers, for you sometimes to understand someone, you need to try to think the way he thinks, act the way he acts and behave the way he behaves, that means you need to be rough, violent, corrupt, bloodthirsty and finally irrational like them. because you guys if keep on entertaining this non-violent practices and diplomacy you will leave your children in a Palestine situation or will be living in exile as intended by our cursed brothers.
    there is no any justification for this silence, we already have the country, so we need to tell them that enough is enough. we have tolerated your behaviors for so long just for the sake of attaining our independence.
    finally either we live together as sound brothers or die together as fools.

  12. Arkangelo Dou says:

    Hi guys, if we don’t take control of our own irresponsible and arrogant behaviours and situations, things will fall apart either immediately before or immediately after 2015 elections! Sometimes, it is good to destroy in order to rescue the situation.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Dear Arkangelo Dou:

      Thank you for this accurate advice. I hope some of us here will find it in their hearts to stop preaching hatred and war and retire to valuing peace over war. Arrogancy and irresponsibility are duping us and these two things are consuming our people. The upcoming elections, which is unknown to whether it takes place or not, must not be seen as time to instigate war rather a time to give peace an opportunity to prevail.

      But the attitude being shown by our so-called intellectuals is not helping. South Sudan is too a place for all of us to live in peace and harmony. It is the greed and selfishness that is creating all these bickering and loathing. Once again, thank you for the advice. It is always mind relieving when you read one sensible comment once in a while.

  13. Who i am says:

    Our madi leaders in the government both the central and state levels thought they will die in those positions of theirs but if that is the case, 2015 election is near and we wait to see who will go to madi and ask for vote..
    i personally will not waste my time to vote for the idiot leaders.

  14. Hi guys, you got to be realistic, Dinka people have fought alongside the so called land owners in Nimule and together had liberated your land from the Arabs, why hate them now? there is nothing called IDPs simply because we are all south Sudanese and any of us has the eligibility to live anywhere in South Sudan as he/she likes, if incriminated of any crime justice must be applied regardless of his/her tribe or political status, don’t waste your time talking rubbish.

    • Arkangelo Dou says:

      Mr Akec,
      Your name tells me who you are! Not all Dinkas fought in the liberation war. If so, then every single person in South Sudan also fought. Remember that the liberation of South Sudan did not just happen in Nimule. It happened all over South Sudan. The Jallaba were in every major towns in the South. For example, in: Juba; Bor; Wau; Malakal; Bentui etc. Having actively participated in war does not automatically entitled one to settle there and then cause terror.
      Madi people participated in liberating Dinka land too, but they, like other normal minded South Sudanese, did not opt to remain there as miserable IDPs, but rather returned nd settle in their ancestral land in Nimule or Equatoria, as heroes.
      After the Anya-Nya I, liberation war, There was nothing call IDPs, in any of the then three regions; Equatoria, Upper Nile, and Bahr El Gazel. But why now?

      If every person or tribe behaves like you or your group, Mr Akec, there would have been nothing like South Sudan.
      There is No Tribe Stronger and More Important than Other Tribes. We all depend on each other and this dependency should be mutual rather than parasitic.
      Even Northern Sudanese specially the Nuba people and the Blue Nile people and some from far north of Sudan like Yasir Arman etc, participated in liberating South Sudan and there role and ultimate sacrifice should be recognised and appreciated. It is absolute ignorant for any right minded South Sudanese person or tribe to claim the whole credit for the effort put by all other tribes into the liberation!
      The issue of IDPs trying to take control of indigenious land and form their own IDp’s State within a State, or any kind of parallel administration with a legitimate State administration is illegal and will keep on dividing causing insecurities within communities. Such a problem must be settled once and forever as it is plain what is supposed to be the system.

    • which land did you liberate? please make our ears to rest from this parroted dinka song of liberation. which Arabs did you chase from nimule or in the entire greater Equatoria? you are just group of vultures moving after booties, your record of the liberation war is very obvious to the entire south Sudanese, you ran from your own place just because you can’t resist the Arabs. go back home, our sons are there to protect you from the Arabs that you feared most.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Mr. Pitya Lo Tongun:

        Thank you for making my day! My Dinka Cousins think and believe they liberated South Sudan. This is the pride they have been coddling themselves with. I think it makes them feel better of themselves. It always make me wonder: How would someone abandon his home to go liberate someone else house? I fail to make tail or head out of this logic! Perhaps someday someone will come back to his senses and take back this misplaced statement of “We liberated” this place.

        If they could liberate every place in South Sudan, they might as well liberate Khartoum while they were at it.

    • Emmanuel says:

      Hi, my brother, i tell you it was not only Dinkas who participated for the peace of south sudan, every tribe of sudan were involved in the war. so therefore i may say dinkas go to their land other than causing misunderstanding because there is a proverb that says, ‘foreign body does not have a place in the body.’ leave us in peace and go.

  15. The Dinka (IDPs) had no rights whatsoever to cause any instabilities, in Eastern Equatoria State, To avoid this kind of conspiracies to repeat themselves in the near future, this (IDPs) need to go back to their respective areas or their origin places because the war is over.

    • South Nuerland and Mankien town:

      Dear Nuer Cousins:

      Please don’t hide behind the Equatorians and attack the Dinka as you did with Jalaba in 1990’s. Please face Jieng if you have some issues to settle with them. When you and your Cousin Dinka left your home town, Muonydhurman (Omdurman), Kartuom (Khartoum) and Tut Island in Northern Sudan, you never returned there to claim your home town until today.

      The Dinkas have decided to immigrate to greater Equatoria as they immigrated to South Sudan many years ago. Cousins, the Dinkas who are presently living in Equatoria are the SPLA veterans. They fought and kicked out the Jalaba from those areas when you were busy sweeping and cleaning the Jalaba’s Kitchen and Toilet in Khartoum. They have been living there since 1983 and they are not going anywhere. So please stop calling them IDP because they are not IDP as the Equatorians claimed. Anyone who will attempt to attack them or force them out from those areas against their will, will join the Rwandans Hutus in Goma, Congo for good. The Dinkas are not leaving the Equatoria even if the leadership changes in South Sudan.

      “The truth must be told even if it hurts”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Dear Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang:

        Beny Akuma:

        Please be reasonable when making comment. Per your statement, Nuers and Jiengs were chased from Khartoum and Tut Island by Jallaba. If this is true, then how do you explain the claim that you fought and kicked Jallaba out of Equatoria when you could not do so in Khartoum and Tut Island? If you could kicked Jallaba out of Equatoria, why didn’t you kick Jallaba out of your own towns? Jallaba left majority of South Sudan towns after the signing of CPA. Where is the bravery you been bragging about here, Beny Akuma?

        I advice you to think first before throwing empty rhetoric. It took us many years wrestling with Jallaba and we did not succeed. If it weren’t because of international community, we would have been in bushes of South Sudan as we exchange these statements on the INTERNET. My Nuers people try first with their empty hands fighting Jallaba. They used their spreads and others traditional weapons to fight Jallaba when you were in Khartoum getting converted to Islam. Your people such as Ahmed Deng Alor where there vying the position of Imam. So put your nonsense to rest.

        • Gatcharwearbol:

          Dear Kuormidiit:

          The Dinka and Nuer did not have guns when they were forced out from their ancestral lands in Kartuom, Muonydhurman and Tut Island in Northern Sudan. The Arabs were well armed while our ancestors weren’t. However, they resisted the Arab’s occupation of their land with their primitive and non effective weapons for many years before they gave up and moved southward alongside the Nile River.

          How could we (you and I) succeed in defeating the Arabs when you and your Uncle Riek Machar stabbed your Dinka Cousins on the Back and fled to Khartoum for help and allied yourselves with the enemy(Arabs) against Dinka? Please you have to be careful when you using the word “We” In fact, it is not “We” it is you. You should still be in the Bushes/Khartoum if Dinka did not stay behind and fight for the liberation of South Sudan when you fled to Khartoum and exile.

          It seems that you criticize me just for the sake of criticism and all your arguments are not based on merits and logicality. Now you are fighting president Kiir and Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang for the leadership and food in the Country which you and Riek Machar sold to Jalaba for the exchange of food in 1991. When did you learn about the sweetness and pride of your beloved Country, South Sudan? If I were you and the likes, I would be ashamed to fight or blame the Dinka for the leadership of South Sudan. Coward, Why do you cry and whine for something you haven’t sweated for?

          “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
          Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

  16. kikisik says:

    Pitya Lo Tongun,
    you are 110% right. until when Equatorian will continue to be oppressed? During the incident in Western Equatoria where we had three officers murdered in cold blood, people said let us wait for referendum because if we react now we will spoil the referendum. A lot has happened since then and even worse continue to happen. Now that we changed the tune of the song because it was referendum, now is 2015.
    What is wrong with Equatorians? Are we really cowards as some Dinkas continue to say? I am not preaching violence but we have had enough of these Bull…t. I think Equatorians have to show their manhood up!
    ‘Leaders come and Leaders go, but South Sudan will remain forever’

  17. Mankien town says:

    Hi. pitya lo tongun,
    what you say is absolutist trust, there is no peace that can be accepted by other site when other continuous killing the peace, it is indeed unfair keep maintaining the position, one man can change the whole society through his stand.


  18. Leader says:

    Concerned M’adi,
    I admit there are primary schools that may host a great number of Dinka pupils simply because they are situated in places inhabited mainly by the Dinka. Also there are schools comprised mostly by M’adi pupils because they are situated in areas populated mainly by the M’adi e.g Schools in Malakia, Abila and Nzara areas. That does not mean pupils from other tribes are not allowed in. So stop your cheap and short-sighted politics.

  19. Leader says:

    Concerned M’adi,
    The Dinka chiefs you are talking about in Nimule are not there to wrestle power from Nimule Payam administrators or M’adi chiefs. They are there to help foster peaceful co-existence among themselves and the host community, the M’adi.
    In every place any group of people live they must be organised. Likewise there are leaders/chiefs for every tribes in Juba including the M’adi. Does that mean they are talking power from Bari? Be realistic, man.

    Indeed I was told the late chief had a list of those who threatened his life and that was the basis for the arrest of those leaders of yours you claim to be innocent. His wife also could point figures at some M’adi people who came looking for the late chief just before he was murdered. My friend I have all the information. You and the likes of Oliha can only lie to those outside the country or those who do not know the situation in Nimule.

  20. MundruAfrica says:

    Madi need to coordinate with other marginalised communities and re-visit the vision of Greater Equatoria and teach this corrupt, dysfunctional government, intimidatory and unprincipled rule of law (democracy as a cover for torture). People who are supporting idiots are more of their values as well. Government is for the country not to instigate chaos, divide, and loot others; simple they have a tribe-mate as a head of central government. Soon, very soon, IDPs will see a raging fire of a second move to liberal freedom in RSS. Not a tribe like a dinka seeing themselves as government.
    Shame on those who rejoice because of their relatives are in the army to loot.

    • MundruAfrica:

      Bring it on Coward. There are no people in this globe that call their Compatriots IDPs and want to evict them out from their neighbourhood because they don’t belong to that region. Please attack the Dinkas or the so called IDPs in Equatoria and we will escort you to Goma, Congo where the Rwandan Hutus, the Genociders are camping. The IDPs are ready for you. Ensure that you come and participate in the war when it starts. I’m presently residing at Jebel Dinka in Western Juba, but I will be leaving very soon to Nimule where the IDPs are under threat. I’m sick and tired of the Equatorians’ prejudice and ignorance. Let us settle this issues once and for all.

      “The truth must be told even if it hurts”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

      • Solomon Sidoro OBWORU says:

        My friend,
        your liar and devil biblical evangelizer to the national people of South Sudan when the people of South Sudan stood up and fought against the colonial Arabs until they defeated them and became a nation, it was done through unity not separation.
        I think SPLA/M National army must go back to old manifesto to guidelines against our dirty barbarism policy practice. All of us, let’s get busy with our daily activities and let the priests preach peace, God’s word to the people of South Sudan who’re emerging from war and tired of War mongers. Long live the people of South Sudan.

  21. Father South says:

    Enough is enough. Let Those who don’t need dinka bury themselves before we. We will stay in Nimule by all means. For peace yes. For war yes. Because u refer everything to be made by dinka, what wrong with name dinka?

  22. Mankien town says:

    Dear Lukudu Gatkouth Garang.
    for your information am not a Nuer as you claim, get to know from today that am a Man from Chollo Kingdom of Upper Nile state, but i like Nuer because Nuer leadership knows the Right of every citizen’s regards, of whatever they are, belonging, etc this is why i do appeal to other south Sudanese communities to have united behind Nuer community in order to wind this problem facing the country.
    through peaceful mean because Nuer may not accept an election rigging since they are as peaceful community.

    thanks u, for your understanding.
    Mankien Town.

    • Dear Mankien town:

      Please don’t make a fool out of yourself. I have lived long enough to know and tell who is chollo and Nuer.
      You are typically a coward and Cattle raider from Riek Machar’s home State, Unity State. Please enjoy the momentum of your lies, but you will never succeed in fooling me to believe that you are a Shilluk. Also the Chollo are smarter than the Nuer of Bentiu and Mankien who are glued to one leader, Riek Machar. Cousins, you will collapse just like a wall of Ice in South Sudan when Riek Machar loses the presidency and quits politics in 2015. Holding, glorifying and hoping for the leadership of one man is just like holding an Ice cream in the hot sun. In fact, your man, Riek Machar will melt away like a Ice cream in 2015.
      “The truth must be told even if it hurts”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

  23. Mankien town says:

    to Father south,
    i think lack of food in Dinka Land is the major cause of IDPs, government needs to talk to UNHCR and other Agencies concerned to repatriated these IDPs back home and as well as to distributed food ratios to them” so that country remain silent until the election 2015 poll come out. but the question is will the lack of food be solved by Equatorian people?

    Mankien Town.

  24. LGG
    You must be very desperate and frustrated about ongoing land disputes situation between the Mahdi community and the Dinka (IDPs). Anyway I want to be honest with you to tell you that this is a debatable issue that’s to do with individuals’ concerns/opinions, and has nothing to do with the whole tribe whatsoever as you mentioned.
    You also went as far to call for another 1991 war between the Nuer and Dinka tribes, which is very ridiculous solution for two tribes to fight over the land which is not theirs. For your information, if the war breaks out today again as you seem to want it to happen, it will not only affect “The Greater Upper Nile Dinkas) but it can also extent into Bar elghazel Region as well. So don’t you think you are in a safe zone yet my friend, as you might have thought it.
    I believe you are from Bar elghazel Region, otherwise “Those Greater Upper Nile Dinkas) would not use the language of war because they know they will be the ones who will suffer the most than any other Dinka in South Sudan.
    LGG let’s me introduce myself to you, if you don’t mind. I was born as Nuer, proud to be a Nuer, will die as Nuer, and will always tell truth as Nuer, because this is a Nuer culture to tell the truth even when it’s bitter to swallow.

  25. kikisik says:

    I think there will come a time when those who are having Equatorian names would have no place to hide, even if they would run but they would not hide- for sure that time is very.. very.. very.. near unless they better find the way out now.
    I doesn’t makes no sense to see people supporting things that are not right. Is there any logic to support those so called Jenge IDPS in Ma’di land who are making trouble in that part of land? Should anything happen… God forbid, where would those so called IDPS run?
    Some would say that this is a threat -for sure it is because we are tired of all those animalistic behaviors. Equatorians are peace loving people, but Jenge should not mistakenly take this as an advantage to oppress us in our own places.
    All tribes in South Sudan are equal, based on merit of mutual respect for each other if we want to live in peace and harmony. Can one day jenge come to their senses and say, we have to change our deeds because we have gone too far.’
    The other thing is that the government has to take a share of blame because it has led all these to happen not knowing that there would be no peace if other parts in South Sudan are in chaos.
    “Leaders come and Leaders go, but South Sudan will remain forever.”

    • John Khot says:

      Coward Kikisik
      Stop kidding yourselves that you have the strength to kick Dinkas out of Nimule. You will lose that war terribly against Dinka settlers. Riek Machar tried in the 1990s to make Panyagoor (current Twic East county headquarters) his base and headquarters but Dinkas kicked his butt until he surrendered to the enemy in Khartoum. If Riek and jalaba can’t kick Dinkas out of South Sudan, who can?

      Just for your information, 99% of Dinkas are in their home territories. Why should only 1% be denied their constitutional rights of living and working anywhere of their choice in their own country? Stop crying like a woman and start the war.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Dear John Khot:

        Dear Big Crying Baby:

        I thought this topic of 1991 of Dr. Machar is all over the internet. Everybody knows who was who in 1991 and whose butt was kicked. You have been crying incessantly about this incident that Dr. Machar massacred your people and today you are doing the opposite that you kicked Dr. Machar’s butt. Which is which, Mr. Big crying baby?

        Mr. John Khot, please go revisit your source of information because the last time I look, you did not defeat Jallaba. You ran to George W. Bush with your mouth wide open asking him to pressure Al Bashir to sign CPA. South Sudan independence is because of George W. Bush not because of you, Coward.

  26. South Nuerland:

    Dinka is Dinka and there is no difference between Dinka Bor and Dinka Bhar El Ghazal or Dinka Upper Nile. It is just like British and American British North America, USA and Canada including Australia. If somebody attacks Dinka Bor, Dinka Upper Nile, Dinka Equatoria and Dinka Bhar El Ghazal, that would be considered as an attack on all the Dinkas.

    If the Dinkas were not united during the civil war, you and Riek Machar would not be enjoying the freedom and Bread in
    Juba today. Cousin, you don’t have to introduce yourself to me because I know who the food lovers are on this forum. Raan midiit, Guondit and Raan Naath, you are finally free from the slavery of Jalaba. Welcome home and Welcome to the Republic of South Sudan, the beloved Country which you and Riek Machar had almost sold it to the Arabs/Jalaba for a cup of tea and Bread. Are you aware of the fact that Dinka Bhar El Ghazal has border with Nuer of Riek Machar and that they were the backbone of the SPLA movement? Please be informed that the Dinka of Bhar El Ghazal had never betrayed the SPLA movement, allied their forces with Jalaba and moved to Khartoum. Who are you to introduce yourself to me, coward and food lover?

    “The truth must be told even if it hurts”
    Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

  27. LGG

    I must remind you that you should feel ashamed of yourself before you called me a food lover. Because it’s you in South Sudan history who sold Abyie land to Arabs in exchange of food. You should thank me for this reminder.

    • South Nuerland: Dear Nuer Cousin:

      I have difficulty distinguishing between a primitive/illiterate Nuer and a literate/civilized Nuer, young and fully grown up or mature Nuer. In fact, you write and sound very educated and mature Nuer yet you lack the knowledge of the history of South Sudan. Cousin, Abyie was not sold for food by the Dinkas to Jallaba. Abyie was transferred to Kordofan, Northern Sudan by the British Colonial Rule in 1905. It was transferred at the same time as Gambella. Gambella was traded in for Kasala in Eastern in 1905.

      The Ngok Dinka of Abyie have never surrendered and wanted to be part of North Sudan, thus they have been fighting and attempting to return their region to its’ rightful place in South Sudan. However, the food lovers of Gambella(Nuer) have never tried to return to South Sudan as they found plenty of food in Ethiopia. Also they think they can kill two Birds with one stone, and this means that they can claim to be South Sudanese only when there is plenty of food and peace in South Sudan, and claim to be Ethiopian when there is war and instability in South Sudan.
      “The truth must be told even if it hurts”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (EDITED FOR SPACE AND CLARITY.)

  28. Mankien town says:

    Dear John Khot,
    many people refuse the 1% Dinka IDPs, because Dinka are not friendly to the people they are aggressive, radicalized groups.
    otherwise there are many other tribes living in Equatoria region such as Shiiluk, Nuer, Annauk and Juri chol” but Equatorians can not complain about these people because these communities i mentioned are friendly to the host communities, and i believe this is what ordinary human beings want in the world.

    • Dear Mankien town:

      Nuer is not different from Dinka culturally and physically. They are even more aggressive than Dinkas. However, their aggression is not always detected by the Equatorians because they look like Dinka and are hiding their aggressions behind the shadow of their Cousin Dinkas in Juba. Is that not something unusual in nature?

      Yesterday afternoon, I saw a Nuer guy beating up an Equatorian man in Konyokonyo Market. The Nuer fellow was telling the Equatorians bystanders that we, Dinka would kill you all one by one in Juba unless you stop being prejudice against us in Equatoria. I stopped the fight and asked the attacker which part of Dinka he is from. To my amazement, the man told me he is a Nuer from Adok, Unity State and his name was Peter Gatluak Chuol. I asked him why he made such a terrible and demeaning statement against the Equatorians and claimed to be Dinka. He told me that the Equatorians can not tell the difference between Nuer and Dinka. He told me that everything they do in Juba they do it under the shadow of poor Dinkas.

      Cousin, No doubt in my mind that you are killing and raping girls under the name of Dinkas in Juba. Only people that know the difference between Dinka and Nuer are English and North Sudanese Colonized and studied the behaviours of Dinka and Nuer. Equatorians will never tell Nuer apart from Dinka and this would encourage Nuer to commit more crimes in the name of Dinka in Juba. Shilluk and Jurchol are very peaceful tribes in South Sudan, but not Nuer. Mankien town, I hope you are not using my names when you are stealing and raping people in Juba. Equatorians will apologize to the Jieng Community when they catch a real Nuer committing a crime under the fake identity of Dinkas in Juba.

      Stay blessed and stop being Dinka when you are committing horrible crimes in Juba/Equatoria.

      “The truth must be told even if hurts”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Dear Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang:

        This response to Makien Town has indeed proven you are a congenital liar. I regret to say that but it is the sheer truth. Why are you making a fool of yourself? Do you think we were born yesterday to not notice this outrageous lie?

        Nuers are brave and can confront anybody regardless of what. Hiding behind or pretending to be someone else is not in our blood. We pride ourselves of being men and tell things like they are. Haven’t you learned from Dr. Machar when he told your Uncle Kiir like it was in Juba; right in his face? That is how Nuers do it.
        If we want to be IDPs in Equatorians like you Dinkas, we would do it without pretending to be Dinka and take full responsibility.

        Furthermore, thieving is not in our culture and it is unconventional. But it is known to be part of Bhar El Ghazians’ tradition. Your people are the ones causing misery to Equatorians in Juba and do dare to sweep to Nuers.
        You also acknowledge that you are a congenital liar by saying this: “Equatorians will apologize to the Jieng Community when they catch a real Nuer committing a crime under the fake identity of Dinkas in Juba”.
        This, to me, is a clear indication that you have made up this saga. The person you are talking about in your piece is not a Nuer but a Jieng. Equatorians are yet to catch real Nuer per your admission. No Nuer is committing such crimes in Equatoria as you want others to believe.

        Mr. Garangdit, do not be a disgrace to Dinka community. You have many followers here on the SSN forum and you are failing them by resorting to fabricating lies. Grow up; be a real man who takes full responsibility for his actions. Do not sweep your gaffes on Nuers people. Deal with them as a man.

        As for the records, know that I wasn’t born yesterday to be lied to. Please enjoy your barbeque and Johnny Walker over there in western world peacefully. Mr. LGG, please do not liquor yourself up first next time when you decide to write a comment. Take it easy, Cousin.

        • Dear Kuormidiit,Gatcharwearbol:

          Criticizing and Insulting me has become your norm, passion and part of your professionalism lately. As you know, I have recently pledged not to swear to anybody on this forum,however I will hit your numb head with the truth and realities. Proving somebody wrong is more painful than calling him/her names or using a profane language against that individual. So please continue to enjoy insulting me on the national forum. The truth of Dinka and mother nature will catch up with you as it did with your Uncle Riek Machar in 1991 and 2013.

          The truth of the matter is that you and my other Nuer Cousins from the Unity State have problem accepting the truth and you always behave like small children that need to be babysitting and discipling by poor Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang and Kiir Mayardit in South Sudan. As you proudly glorified the past events and insanity of your political prophet Dr.Riek Machar, I admitted the fact that, he(Riek) stood up and told Kiir, Garang and the entire world that he was indeed a Nuer man. However his pride in Nuerism and manhood had ended in despair when he fled to Khartoum and returned with empty hand and disgrace to the people whom he once declared he was indeed a Nuer man.

          In 2013, his insanity returned and caused him to display his weak muscles to Kiir, the humble man who forgave him and made him his VP. Do you remember what your God father, Riek Machar Did when Kiir touched his muscles and told him he was too weak to be a man? He begged and lobbied for the position of the Speaker of the House after being kicked out of his VP position. Where is the Nuerism and manhood here, my Nuer Cousins? Your Nuer of Unity State has been stealing and raiding the Cattle from Warrap and Lakes States on the daily basis. Is that not an act of thievery, my beloved Cousin? If so, Why are you denying Nuer’s thievery?
          If your Nuer people can steal the Dinka Cattle at the gunpoint in the broad daylight, don’t you think they can snap a piece of land and/or anything of value from the Equatorian people in Juba?

          The man whom I related his story earlier was indeed a Nuer from Adok, Unity State. Why are you denying it and calling me a congenital liar? Please stop grooming Riek Machar’s wealthy(Teny) in Diaspora and come home to see for yourself what the Nuer criminals are doing in Juba under the fake identity of Dinka. Please come home and visit the Nuer prisoners in the Jail here in Juba. Even the prophet Riek Machar was deeply involved in the government corruption, but he was hiding behind Kiir Mayardit. One day you will find Riek Machar’s name and the names of other Nuers on the list of 75 thieves. Cousin, I will prove you wrong and make you lick up your vomit on the national forum and in public. Please stay blessed and learn how to tell and accept the truth!

          PS: Gatcharwearbol, I haven’t heard from my Cousin and SSN friend,Bentiu Ramaran lately. Has he been apprehended and jailed for thievery and land grabbing in Juba? Or Is he busy raiding Dinka Cattle in Warrap and Lakes States? I’m not accusing him or wishing him something bad to happen to him, however I’m somehow worried about his long silence and whereabouts? How are you Bentiu Ramaran? Are you still out there! I miss you, Cousin! I hope you are alive and well.

          “The truth must be told even if it hurts”
          Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

      • Joseph Okello says:

        Dear LGG,
        although Nuer are agressive as most cultures in South Sudan, it will not make Dinka better than them.
        Nuer are very compassionate compared to Dinka- for example, Nuer can sacrifice but Dinka are very jealous compared to all tribes in the RSS.

  29. muraa says:

    Dear father south,

    Indeed you are very right by saying that, yes for peace and war. we all know that war has been the culture of Dinka people. as you put it in your comment. let the time come and we Madis are waiting to see whether peace or war.
    whatever comes our way, we will take as it is. we Madis are peace loving people and war has never been our nature but in any case when confronted then, we will counter-react to defend our dear community in particular.
    father south, see you when the time comes. you must know that an empty tin makes a louder noise if beaten.

    Juba in Kator near the church.

  30. Mankien town says:

    I have nothing to say, Gatchawearbol has said it all,
    LGG is trying to change the history every body knows ”that Nuer can never hide behind Dinka.
    What i say is the face on ground, please Equatorian alone to enjoy the freedom that is enjoyed by other south Sudanese communities.
    thanks u Man.

  31. kamba says:

    This person calling himself Lukudu Gatkuath Garang is a wolf in sheep’s clothes. Why con people by adopting Equatorial and Nuer names? We know you are a dinka, stop your foolish ways and come out clean use. You claim to be a brave warrior why then hide your real identity if you are not the true coward.


    • Dear Kamba:

      You are a coward, prejudice and tribalist. What is wrong with me adopting the Equatorian and Nuer Names? Is Nuer and Equatorian names are not South Sudanese? Please move back to Uganda or Gambella if you are not happy with my South Sudanese names. I promise you that I will never call myself with Ethiopian and Ugandan names. Who the hell are you by the way?

  32. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang:

    What happens to the pledge you made publicly on the SSN forum site? It has flew out of the window as far as I can tell. You cannot control yourself from lying, can’t you? This is pathetic.

  33. GatCharwearbol says:


    I have come to understand that when someone tells you the truth, you rush to conclude that he or she is insulting you. The fact that I call you a liar when you egregiously lie to Makien Town by making up that story is a clear testimony to this. Cousin, what happens to the pledge you made publicly on the SSN forum to not swear to anybody again? It has flown out of the window as far as I can tell. Are you going to conclude that I insulted you by saying that you have again lied to everybody on the SSN forum?
    I bet you can’t control yourself from lying. It becomes part of you. Please accept my appeal that you are a congenital liar.

  34. OJA says:

    If you are not sure about what is going on in Ma’di land, you don’t have to put your naivity on display. The bunch of information you claim to have are simply conspiracy theories, with dearth of truths.
    Fish begins to rot from the head. Why should we expect your thinking to be different from that of your mentor/hero? Ma’di Land has been peaceful right from the time of creation, not until the dinka mafias swarmed in under the disguise of IDPs. They all have AK 47 under their pillows just to intimidate their hosts. The Madis are so humane people but their hospitality has been rewarded with all sorts of atrocities.
    Instead of sitting down with your people ascertaining why you are a disaster to fellow mankind, you are defending your master’s agenda. What a shame!

  35. keri says:

    Father South,
    your name alone shows clearly how rotten minds you dinka have. you think the leadership of this great country will remain in your hands forever? we are ready to back up madi people as neighbours. enough is enough. what is wrong with your land?
    It is your laziness making your people to take refuge in such peaceful areas. you are in the leadership but failed completely to develop your villages while V-8 cars parked in front of seregenia. what shame is it. can you shut up your mouth.

  36. Vasco Dagama says:

    Hello Loliha, I do not agree with you on everything you said. There is no need defending the Madis here, they’re selfish people in the whole of South Sudan. Let them deal with the dinkas until they change. I have no problem for dinka taking their land!

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