Mr President Kiir: Only free men can negotiate… (Nelson Mandela)

BY: Lomuchie Nyaloro, Concerned South Sudanese, DEC/19/2016, SSN;

Mr Kiir and his advisors in the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) are shamelessly and arrogantly attempting to fool the whole world by calling for a dialogue and peace negotiations with South Sudanese. This breathtaking arrogance is all the more painful when one considers that it comes after they have:-

• destroyed a peace agreement painfully negotiated by the international community;
• committed genocide against the Nuer and other South Sudanese;
• sent their personal and tribal militia (Mathiang Anyoor) to Equatoria to pillage, rape, burn people alive, and force hundreds of thousands into refuge and displacement camps;
• played ‘cat and mouse’ with the UN Security Council on Resolution 2304 (2016) which they have failed to implement;
• silenced all dissenting voices in South Sudan and particularly in Juba; and
• subjected the people of South Sudan to forced and slave labor without paying them their dues and salaries.

Who is Kiir going to negotiate with after he has turned the whole country, and particularly Juba, into a large open prison?

The whole world now knows that nobody is allowed to criticize the Kiir regime or to whistle-blow on its criminality.

Journalists have been killed for reporting on the atrocities of the regime. Foreign journalists have been deported for reporting on the ongoing slow-motion genocide, which is perpetrated by the agents of the regime.

Politicians, local community chiefs and civil society activists are being incarcerated by the ubiquitous Gestapo-type secret police.

No, Mr. Kiir, there is no one left for you to negotiate with in South Sudan. In the past, a repressive Apartheid regime, after keeping Nelson Mandela in prison for over 25 years without cowing his black followers, asked Mandela to negotiate peace while he was still a prisoner. But Mandela replied, “Only free men can negotiate. A prisoner cannot enter into contract.”

Mr. Kiir, you and your people have made prisoners of all South Sudanese by stifling their voices. No, they cannot join you in your call for negotiation and reconciliation.

Mr Kiir, despite the terrible things that you have done to your own people, South Sudanese can still respond positively to your call if you can undertake the following as pre-requisites to the negotiations:-

1. Order the release of all detainees who are being held by the National Security Service (NSS), and at the same time call off the campaign to silence our people through intimidation, arrest and murder by the NSS;

2. Order the release of all prisoners who are being detained in shipping containers at military camps around Juba and all over the country by the military intelligence;

3. Order the withdrawal and disbandment of the private tribal militia, Mathiang Anyoor, from all regions of the country. The presence and maintenance of the militia by the government is unconstitutional;

4. Compel your tribesmen who are occupying the lands of Equatoria to remove their cattle and settlements and return to their original homes in Jonglei and Bahr el Ghazal; and, finally,

5. Revoke the creation of the 28 states and return to the borders of the 10 original states.

These are our bare minimum.

Lomuchie Nyaloro, a concerned South Sudanese

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  1. Gatdarwich says:


    You are correct by stating killer nyankiir and the Jenges Council of Evils are “shamelessly and arrogantly” attempting to mislead the world by initiating a sham national dialogue and recogciliation. These monstrous individuals are just buying time so that they keep committing the ethnic cleansing and genocide compaign they have been committing since December 15, 2013 period

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