Mr President: Is your mother a man or a woman?

By: Alma Zeno Riko Ettore- Equatorian citizen, UK, MAY/19/2016, SSN;

I wanted to write about this issue earlier but I gave the chance first and foremost to the Gender Minister, South Sudan Parliament and other well-placed women and men in South Sudan to challenge the President for a big “faux pas” he committed when he chose to offer women as sacrificial lambs to his wayward and unprofessional army. Seeing that no one has done so, I took the liberty to pen down my own thoughts.

Any woman has a special status in her community or the place where she lives: She can be a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a grandmother, a godmother, a cousin, a friend, a granddaughter, a neighbour, a community member, a government official, a colleague at work, a Minister, a Prime Minister or a President of a country, a Princess or a Queen etc. etc.

This shows that a woman can positively affect any society, community or country in which she lives. Most women have done this quite well with little opportunities and resources; this is why this world is still rotating on its axis and the sun is where it is supposed to be, the moon is where God has placed it and man is still walking on this Earth. If any man denies the importance of women in his life then he is exhibiting nothing but ignorance, lack of knowledge, lack of education and total self-denial.

“If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a nation”

This means that the mother affects the learning experience of a child from day one and therefore if she is learned and educated, her children will grow up to be a better breed of individuals because of that influence of the mother and as we all know, mothers make nations. The father’s educational influence is very little compared to the mother’s especially when the child is still growing and developing because a small child spends most of his/her time with the mother. A mother’s influence on individuals has been proven again and again in researches and statistics throughout the ages.

Every nation’s civilization, power and wealth is measured by the status of its women and not men; this is why South Sudan and its extremely low status of women who form the bulk of the population is one of the poorest in the world in spite of all he country’s natural resources and wealth. This is because these resources have fallen in the hands of ignorant men. As long as these ignorant men remain in power, South Sudan will remain poor and backward.

When President Salva Kiir gave the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) the green light to rape women as a reward and an incentive for their fight against the rebels, people around the world were stunned and dumbfounded with disbelief, shock and wonder. This is because President Salva Kiir is perceived to be the Head of a State and this is not how Heads of States speak but people have to know that President Salva Kiir is not any other Head of State: He is a leader of a “headless state.”

A Head of State metaphorically has eyes to see, ears to hear and brains to think. South Sudan has no government, no head. It is governed by the JCE, which is a self- appointed group of corrupt old people (average age 82) from the Dinka tribe who are the main advisors of the President. The President seems to fulfil their every wish, however destructive it might be to the nation.

Now South Sudan stands in the world arena like a headless nation, without vision, positive presence or principles. South Sudan has been reduced to a joke. Whenever anyone mentions the name “South Sudan” people’s demeanour changes to either pity or contempt.

This is not what we envisaged for our country. This is not why we went in droves to vote for the Referendum to secede from Sudan. This is not our vision for our beloved South Sudan. Everyone had a vision of freedom from slavery in all its kind; freedom from poverty and lack of education, from hatred, from malice and opportunism.

We envisaged South Sudan as a rich, powerful and exemplary country, a country leading in Africa. A country that will make us feel proud for the first time in 50 years and will stand out for the right reasons but President Salva Kiir and his JCE have other ideas.

Their vision for the country is to have slaves and masters, hatred and discord and division, one tribe against the other, one group against the other, death, poverty, hunger and confusion. This is indeed a Reign of Terror.

This President and his cohorts will stop at nothing. After mass- raiding the people of South Sudan’s public funds and looting and stealing from public resources, stashing the money in overseas bank accounts and buying businesses and private residences all over the globe, they became unable to give basic services such as salaries to the army on which they depend to terrorise and hold the nation at ransom.

As a result, the President has concocted the most disgusting and filthy means to reward the army by advising them to go out and rape women as a means for payment. The big question is “Who are those women that he is pointing out to be sacrificed?


God gave extra thought to create everything in the Earth for the comfort and survival of man. The Holy Scriptures goes on to tell us that He created the heavens with all its constellations, then the earth with its mountains, valleys, hills, oceans, rivers and then all the plants up to the microscopic algae and then the animals, birds, reptiles and invisible creatures.

All were created to perfection in order to serve man. When Adam was created God made him out of dust and he was told that he is the master of the Earth and that he should toil it in order to eat. Last of all, God created a being that is like Adam but far more sophisticated, complex and superior (This is why men being simple, will never understand women). God made that being out of Adam’s bone, not out of dust like Adam.

I will perhaps have to forgive the President for uttering such an unbecoming and shameful statement, which has been broadcast all over the world because the President lacks education, wisdom and vision. The reason he became the President of South Sudan in the first place is because at the time he was chosen, people were more concerned about seceding from the North of Sudan, therefore not much focus was put on him.

The other factor that helped him immensely is because he was hurriedly drafted in to fill the void vacated by the untimely death of Dr John Garang who was a highly educated, well-placed and visionary leader; the founder of the SPLA/M. If Dr. Garang was alive, Salva Kiir will never have the platform to insult the South Sudanese women or mess the country as he has done.

This President is the most unsuitable candidate for this job. He knows it, the JCE know and so does everyone in South Sudan.

We the South Sudanese women have to fight for our rights much harder and the first fight is to stand together from all the 64 tribes as women of South Sudan in order to topple this evil regime of President Salva Kiir.

The President who seems to like to inflict on himself grievous bodily harm has to be reminded that we the South Sudanese women who he so much derides and holds in contempt constitute ¾ of the total population of South Sudan and we promise that we will be the chink in his armour, the Achilles tendon in his heel, the banana skin in his way. We will never rest until he is GONE with the wind.

In conclusion I want to give advice to people who can make some changes in the lives of our long suffering mothers, sisters and daughters in South Sudan. The Gender Minister was appointed to look after women. She should be the first person to tackle and challenge the unbecoming and insulting attitude and speech of the President and men of low education and low morality like him in government.

The President is setting an unfortunate precedence and a very bad example to young people and people who have spent all their time doing nothing but damage to communities. The Gender Minister has the duty to educate the men around her and stand for the cause of women so that they can have a better life.

I will therefor urge the Minister for Gender to ask the President to apologise to the women of South Sudan without reservations. I will also ask the Parliament of South Sudan which is the most impotent, useless and redundant Parliament in the world to stand up for the rights of the People of South Sudan at least once in their lifetime and condemn the President ‘s ill-advised and utterly revolting statement against women.

Long live every Woman in South Sudan


  1. Peace maker says:

    That’s a last word from a woman that has spoken for millions of the voiceless South Sudanese, in a country where freedom of speech is taboo, a death penalty, imprisonment, cutting of lips, humiliation etc. Women can do what men have failed to accomplish. Thanks Alma Zeno.

  2. Beek says:

    I think you have no idea what you talking about. I don’t want to tell you anything in detail,but it is very painful to say that.

  3. alex says:

    Aluma it true women play important part in human society and they deserve much respect not only for playing role in society but for the care and the upbringing of people. Any sane person will no authorise his or our army to do such crime but there is saying a truth will set you free.
    can you tell the S. Sudanese people when and where such order was given? Secondly, if such order was given and it has became known to journalist and our women, why did the world, our own journalist and women not protest before our own army implement the order? If it is because of fear that it is too risk to protest such order inside S. Sudan why would our women in diaspora not protest the order to help our women inside S. Sudan? I am not denying that rape has not taken place is logical your own president will give such order and the world keeps quite till the order is implemented. For example, when Donal Trump made his political views about immigration, there was international outcry. The question is why would the world keep quite when President Kirr gave the order to our soldiers to rape our women?
    Any writing has a hidden agenda always and we S.Sudanese this days educated and not educated, if some one say we are monkeys no body will dare to challenge the question. Aluma if lam to question you. There has been rape by UN forces in Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Haiti, Seralieon and many other countries is it a way of paying for the UN army Salaries? Secondly, if ours is because we do not have money to pay our army, then why would UN who has money allow their army to rape women whom they are supposed to protect?
    Aluma did you go to Bor during the SPLA day? Did you hear what our women there said?
    Aluma, your writing is a political massage. So do not put the blame of rape to the president alone. All those involved in the arm conflict did even now UNMISS is doing that. The issue of rape is, there is moral decline in humanity. This days even men rape their own wives in the houses. So Aluma do not take the reporting about the rape case in S. Sudan lightly. That reporting is a way of humiliating , degrading our proud ness. This reporting is meant to poison our cohesion and break our unity. It will take time to build your relationship with the president. What you did id like someone who alleged that, you cheated you husband and he said he heard it from someone
    To build a trust among ourselves, we need to get the truth of the story. The reporting by the journalist was not ethical. You our women should be respected. You have values and for you to be devalued in such reporting is unacceptable. You may like it as s women but to me personally I will not accept it.
    so my people stick to the truth and the truth will set us free. We need to know that, those who sing day and night that they are friends are true friends
    Some are after our resources.

    • johnjerry says:

      Alma zeno,it takes a tough stand to decide to write a strong worded statement such as this.Do not look at yourself just as a woman.You are a human being equal to man in all ways and very caring based on you creation as a woman.Biblically Adam was the first man who was created from dust and a woman his permanent counterpart was created from his ribs as per say.Most women do not know why they are called Wo-Man. woman stand for( W)ife (O)f -Man and should not allow men to use women as a sacrifice as you put it in your writing and if the President Salva Kiir said what he said that women should be raped as a way of payment for the Army salary this is beyond humiliation for our mothers,wives,sisters and daughters and it is unacceptable.

      The notion that women was created from the rib of a man Adam is wrong and should not be used against women as a source of satisfaction of any kind.Go out in the Animal World,Bird world world or any world where there are male and female the secrete is one,the male doing what they are suppose to do and female are doing what they are doing based on creation and there is no sex better than the opposite sex. We are equal before God, Man and the Law. For Example a Liberal Government of Justin Trudeau of Canada appointed 30 Ministers for his Government on equal basis.15 men and 15 Women based on merit and not Gender. Women have come along way to come to equal terms with men and that is what we want to see in South Sudan.I think President Salva Kiir is not against women because he use to allot women some quarters in his Government. So Alma you are not just a woman ,but an equal partner with a man. In My family I have six girls and One boy I treat them as equals. No prince and Princess.

    • Toria says:

      We all know you are a staunchest supporter of Kirr, there are only a few reason why you are licking Kirr’s rear end. 1-You are Kirr’s righthand homeboy 2-You are paid to play the role of SPLAIG propagandist to defuse and hijack criticism of Salva the shamefully moronic president 3-You are a benefactor one of the 75 thieves. 4- You are begging dor job and promotion. Etc
      Everybody knows the culture of SPLA from it onset women have suffered more than any group of people. That very article about the rapes of women as soldiers payments aas posted on every newspaper and webside if you were still still drinking whiskey in your stolen money hotel room. It was all over the news that even UN envoy spoke about it. As much as you would like to compare UN rape cases they are all evil atrocities the have been condemned internationally and those involved like French peacekeepers have been tried while other cases are under investigations. Is there any SPLA soldier under investigation? None whatsoever. Your comparison of UN rape cases to SPLA is an iindication that the writer is correct indeed you want to justify which is totally unacceptable being it SPLA IG OR SPLA IO what they did in Bor, Bentiu, Malakal and in Equatoria are absolute disgusting because rape is rape even as you pointed when you jenge men are raping tbose kidnapped teenagers at gunpoints. The time will come when victims of rape cases will get justice on their sides. Go ahead and do your dirty laundry but every wickedness will be brought to light and shame will smear your scarred faces.
      SPLA have always been a criminal and terrorist organizations. One of their chanting in the early days is that “the guns given to soldiers is everything, it’s your wife, it’s your mother your everything.

      • Toria says:

        John Garang in the beginning used tell his jenge soldiers to use the gun for everything. “Sala abuk adi talaga, sala umak adi talaga, sala akuk adi talaga, sala oktak adi talaga, sala jena bitak adi talaga” translating that “even your mother shoot her, your father, your sister, your brother, your own child just shoot them”. What does that explains to an illiterate from cattle kraal in the first place? It was until later when SPLA created itself too mNy enemies that is when John Garang started to use martial laws, firing squads was introduced. Even then the culture of rapes was sstill used as punishments to those who opposed the illegal systems. It is no surprised Kirr killed Dr Garang so he can institute the culture back in his terrorist organization. Every evil shall come to an end and you Alex be ready I will make it my personal mission to track you down and you will face the rage. This is a promise to you mofo.

        • Kokora II says:


          Yes. I remember this chanting in early 1980s:
          “Sala abuk adi talaga, sala umak adi talaga, sala akuk adi talaga, sala oktak adi talaga, sala jena bitak adi talaga” translating that “even your mother shoot her, your father, your sister, your brother, your own child just shoot them”.
          Wow Toria, you have defined SPLA to it’s core, nothing has change, the same leaders minus Garang, same mentalities. What a shame.

      • alex says:

        The problem is you do not understand the arguments that is why you ate arguing out of context. Tell us where was that order given and where were the news papers when the order was given.?
        Toria I am an independent thinker I do not take things literally like you. I have heart for my country and we will not be shaken by lairs. To tell you , I am not a job seeker as you may assume. You yourself is receiving benefits in Austtslia government. We will accept to die for this country. Sellers like you will have no place in our society.

  4. WAN RAN says:

    you are absolutely right sister Alma the president is a curse to this nation God hates us for sure if he had given Dr. John 10 years only all south sudanese would be talking some vital things not tribal hate everywhere go as it is the case now he really destroyed Jieng’s name. MY ONLY ADVICE TO COMMENTORS IS THAT IF YOU WANT FREE SOUTH SUDAN PLEASE TALK THE WRONGDOER WHAT HE OR SHE HAS DONE IN PERSON DONT RELATE RELATE HIS OR HER WRONGDOING TO THE TRIBE HE BELONGS

  5. Southdan says:

    Alma, enough is enough. You have loaded internet with nonsense, bull sheets article. Your not allowed to preach Bible verses which had nothing to with you as a woman or middle eges or during enlargement in Europe woman are not write a book let alone reciting Bible verse the women faith was to practice witchcraft. Alma, you might seem normal person in the forum. But to me you are a useless individual who role want to divide the country that has already been divided. Theodore portraying your self as challenging woman or transgender would bring peace to the South Sudanese.Genes 2:22 talks about woman being made by the man’s reb. I thinking there is nothing wrong about you have to accept as it is. Alma, What worry me about your article is a way you represent your self as woman but in anther way you have used a lots of Bible verses woman doesn’t behave such way in any society. Tell me in which ways are you going to outset President Kiir? Peace have been already signed by Dr Machar and President Kiir. Instate you barking like ” woman woman, rape rape, Kiir Kiir, jeing jeing” . Alma, if you are a real woman whose goals is for peace in South Sudan. why don’t you write an article supporting peace? Instead you pursuing a useless tactic of diving country into man’s and women’s. Don’t you realized South Sudan had already been divided into 28 states perhaps the main interest behind is women’s stats and the man’s States. Question, Who are those women and men?

  6. Toria says:

    I really didn’t even understand what’s your point of critism all about. Your comment is the most useless in this forum. What brought transgender topic here? Maybe you are fag. The writer has every right to voice her concerns, women rights are just as important as everyone’s rights and yes we need to talk about issues affecting women negativley especially in the hands of corrupt SPLA crooks, obviously you people with cow mentality don’t have values for human beings let alone the woman. Tell us isn’t it in your barbaric culture that women have no classes? You are a women hater and sexist. But you are not to blame because that is found in your culture and religion of paganic animism. There is nothing wrong with quoting from the holy book as long as used in line with the desire to shed light in the darkness such as in South Suda, darkness have covered you from head to toes because you rejected light and the truth. Your black asses will never move forward until you embrace the truth from the Bible.

  7. alex says:

    People do not know that lairing is a curse. I want Aluma to tell the net where the other was given. Was it announced over SST , in the parliament . It is a shame when educated people begin to lair. Some of us have become followers of what level a white man gives us we accept. The spirit of questioning some allegations is no longer there. They have become like a child when you tell them that you look ugly they believe it.
    Anyway let people forgive Aluma and her foreign journalists who want to humiliate S. Sudanese people. We are not what they think we are. No person will give such others and no men will begin following such orders and if Aluma is a real S. Dudanese, she knows how we S. Sudanese people are. It is only rouge elements within the government army and in the rebel group who have raped our beloved women. It is not that such order was given by anybody. This is a way of degrading our president and S. Sudanese men in general in s way that, we have become like sub human beings who can not reason. If Aluma is married to a S. Sudanese, she knows better how we S. Sudanese men care for our mothers, wives, and daughters. This kind of politics can not help us. We have a lot of issues to talk of. Never in the world have I ever heard of person ordering his men to carry out such act.
    so to advise us, although it is said that leaders have to shoulder any blames we understand there is a limit. The president is a human being like us. We all hate people who tell a lair about us and we can get angry when someone try to accuse you falsely. So let us learn to tell the truth and we should on matured politics that can help us to unite and develop. To Aluma even if your were convinced by the journalist that your president has give his fellow men to rape women, try to apologise to the president with your writings. Learn intellectual politics you are not a nursery kid who is told to sing a song without knowing the meaning of the song and who composed it. The reporting was meant to degrade our president and South Sudanese men in general. It was not ethical and it humiliate our women in general. Few law breakers should not be used to generalise all S. Sudanese. The journalist was trying to degrade our gallant forces but she did not know that, she has offended all S. Sudanese

    • Southdan says:

      My criticism to Alma was becauseshe, was continually using Holly Bible verses. However, I will not keep silent for any man or woman using God’s words to brainwash people. I’m not criticizing Alma because, she portraying herself as an knowledgeable woman, but I feare her words might confused people. We already knew, the country have been divided by Jeing elders, or perhaps by Mr President Kiir Nuer, Dinka, Choluk and again the country have been cut up into 28 ethnicity States I think we all concerned people should have condemned.But how comes should I be silent as Yankees watching basketball with hotdogs in mouth, while Alma calling for redivision of country into woman and country. Toria back to you.

  8. Southdan says:

    By reading Alma article.i recalled Dr John Garang speech before people in Cairo Egypt international Hall, when he quoted Biblical verses John 14:2 ” my father house has many rooms, if that weren’t so, would I have told you that I’m going to prepare a place for you” this verse was being quoted again by President Kiir, thus Uganda President Mosavein had

    criticizing the Dinka leadership saying, the causes of war in South Sudan was ideology and tribalism the Western world Bible could not taught in school for children because the Western are govern by secular and democracy. Therefore as long if you using biblical verses inoder to say in power you will be pursued like Lord resistance leader Joseph Konyi, Taliban leader Mula Ommer, keep way from mixing government and religions.

  9. Southdan says:

    The reason why I didn’t like Alma story it because. Transitional National government and not Dinka a government have been forms. I could recalled where did Alma got her ideas of women being rape by government troops, it know due to UN report in Bantiu which saying it’s finding investigation that there are government troops Who engaging in ramping women or even castrating men. That allegation could be true or falses. However I would not be silent I would be ready to critics any woman whom would tried to open an old wounds. People of South Sudan are now looking for reconciliation and forgiveness.we know the ramping story comes from Bantiu where majority of Nuer are suffering. In this forum of war 2013, I been sharply opposing radical people such as Kueir E-Grang not to as the event of 1991 his writings as a tool to prevent South Sudan forgiving each others. let forget the past and begin with the present forgive each other. But, if Alma continue scratching wounds saying the Nuer women had been raped by Jeing government troops how are we going to make reconciliation. In my opinion Alma is an instigator who’s goals want Nuer and Dinka not to forgive each other. I want my people to forget the rape and 1991 event not to be mentioned, let them go to the history dustbin fore ever for in the name of forgiveness.

  10. Bol says:

    “In my opinion Alma is an instigator who’s goals want Nuer and Dinka not to forgive each other. I want my people to forget the rape and 1991 event not to be mentioned, let them go to the history dustbin fore ever for in the name of forgiveness.”………You kill it!

  11. Toria says:

    Your argument is baseless. Alma is 100% correct even if you want to deny the truth. Do you think the rest of the world are as stupid as you people are? You are asking for a military command given to private militia groups by warlords, do you think they will announce it in public? When you asked: “Tell us where was that order given and where were the news papers when the order was given.?”
    Off course the order was given in private, and it was the very soldiers that were ordered to rape for salary who leaked the news to the whole world to know because they’re even surprised to hear such a command given to a soldier, never before in the history of the world has this happened. No where only in Dinkocratic tribal kingdom.
    You want to deny what the whole world already knows and proven the act. Your government is caught red handed in the atrocious act just see them here in the links below:
    Do you still need more?

  12. Eli says:

    Dear sir Toria/Freedom Fighter

    I am impressed with your courage to tell it as it is.
    You are a shining light in the darkness.
    You are the voice of the voiceless.
    I can not thank you enough for your un exhausting work on this SSN. I find your comments very informative and right on target.

    Please keep up the good job, one day we will record your name as a true freedom fighter.
    God bless and keep you safe partner.Thank you Toria

    Eli Wani

    • alex says:

      Mr Eli
      you will tell us the unknown gunmen who have been terrorising innocent civilian on S. Sudan roads
      we the relatives of the people killed are tracking you until you account for your deeds. Unless you hide in Canada we will not leave you.. You have to face justice and until you prove your self innocent , you will be a wanted person.

      • Toria says:

        There is nothing call UNKNOWN GUN MEN, but there is something called SPLA IO cantonment in Equatoria, go and tell your Jenge king killer Kirr aka KKK to stop denying the TRUTH and include WE THE PEOPLE FORCES OF EQUATORIA into agreement as equal partners and let’s make peace a reality or face the consequences of his ignorance.
        Eli Wani is a man of peace you leave him alone, he is not the problem but SPLA IG is the real problem.

        • alex says:

          I think it is senseless for equtorians to kill innocent people including fellow equtorians because they are not included in the government . There is no justification for killing innocent civilians. So we will hold those killing people on these roads should account for their actions. So Eli will account to as the relatives of the murdered people. We will continue to plead to the government for Ali to be brought for justice. Ali should be arrested for questioning and investigation as soon he step S. Sudan. He will have to prove himself as being a peace advocate as he claimed. The blood of our people is on his face.

      • Eli says:

        I do not and will not condone violence but I advocate for justice and equality. I am a People’s person.

  13. Kokora II says:

    Then why are you disputing Alma when you have acknowledged that she is telling the truth? I don’t understand how you people think? It is the truth, SPLA soldiers were told to rape for salary is true indeed it happened. And it is crime committed against humanity in one of Geneva UN chatters of Rights it is CRIME.

    • alex says:

      Who told the army to rape?when was the order given and where were the journalist at that time.
      you shouldn’t reason like a kid kokora 11. This is obsolete nonsense.

  14. Southdan says:

    My argument let concerted on peace implementation. We will not have peace when scratching old wounds. As same let forgive one another and forget saying my mother,sister or women are being rape. Our leaders are dreaming for unity Dr John Garang Garang was calling for unity Kiir and Mach too.yes the women are raped as it was alleged by many point is let people of South Sudan forgiving and let Alma not talk about division of country between women and man.

  15. Kokora II says:

    Southdan and Alex
    Debating is a healthy thing especially in a heterogeneous society like South Sudan. I think the issue at stake here is not allowing a civilized dialogues and not letting people talk about the problems. Any system that supresses the voices of the people all they are doing is repressing, and any repressive regime will not survive in a long run. That’s what the elites need to understand. Unfortunately what we are dealing here are bunch of uneducated illiterate kleptomaniacs who don’t see no further than their fat bellies. Injustices have been done and crimes were committed and still happening as we speak, if the culprits responsible are not brought to book, the same old killers and criminals will not cease their barbarism.

    • alex says:

      Kokora 11
      Do you know what is a debate allegations. If someone claimed you rape her would you called that a debate.
      To me tarnishing other people’s name is a crime. If we are discussing how our country should be run, which system and which economic polices would be what we call a health debate. No body has been oppressed or prevented from expressing their views. The problem here on this net is people who are lairs or people who just believe in any story to be a facts without a proof. So kokora the question is polite, when was the order given? Where was It given? Where were the journalist? Why were the journalist including you were quite until our women were raped? We want the truth kokora unless if there is no truth in the story that is you feel your self treatment.

  16. Beek says:

    This news was everywhere in the globe last weekend. I think that was not a rape,but it was a kind of marriages,soldiers and specially high ranks were allowed by John Garang and SPLM to do what they want because of Declining Birth Bates or they were afraid that those soldiers are going to died in front line and leaving nothing behind. I know some people who are younger than me who went through those things because they corrupt from general public and get lot of money from John Garang,but it is now very difficult to feed those wives. They have to sort it out because it was their mistake.How could you get marriage with so many wives while you live in begging and stealing form general public and you never work and not even educated. Wrong Ideology.

  17. Beek says:

    Alma should have been questioned how she did that.

  18. Beek says:

    Those women who claimed the so-called RAPE should blamed themselves and their parents because they are the one who sold them to those men because of marriages things while they were aware that those people got many wives and now they are claiming rape because they have been abandoned by their bribes husbands, Forget rape and pregnancy in the rural areas otherwise parents are going to court and it is going to cost you.

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