Morobo, Yei River (Equatoria) State, reportedly has fallen to SPLA-IO

Kajo-keji, September 26, 2016;

Unconfirmed report indicates that Moroba was captured by heavily armed men believed to be associated with SPLA-IO. According to unconfirmed reports in the past few days, fighting to maintain and to capture Morobo has intensified between government forces and the armed men. According to some reports both sides have brought in more reinforcements to maintain their positions and stronghold.

There have been clashes in and around Morobo border town, but it has intensified on Monday morning when the government forces according to some people who left Morobo town heading to Kaya said the armed men have overrun the military garrison and have burnt all the buildings in Morobo military garrison.

Further report said Morobo was captured at dawn by the heavily armed men, mostly believed to be the local youth who have taken up arms against the government after members of their families were either killed or arbitrarily being kept in detention by government security forces.

Government forces, according to fleeing residents, said to have joined the civilian exodus, some have melted among civilians in plain civilian clothes now heading towards Kaya on the Uganda border. However South Sudan liberty cannot independently verify the fall of Morobo to the hands of rebels’ forces or the so called armed men.

What we can confirm with certainty is that fighting has been going on around and within Morobo for weeks. Many civilians have vacated the area for fear of their lives, because government security forces are targeting civilians in the area based on their ethnicities.

In similar development, Amadi in Western Equatoria, is reported to have seen heavy fighting between government forces and unknown gunmen since last weekend. It is predicted that in a matter of days if not weeks before the armed men will capture it from the government forces according to the report coming from Amadi.

Groups of armed men fighting in the area have predicted that government forces are now overstretched with no resources, they predicted that without fresh recruitment from Equatorian regions joining the Dinka-centric army, this has left the government in a very vulnerable and weak position; the government could no longer afford to send their exhausted and malnourished militias from Bahr el Ghazal to every corner to protect the Dinka interests.

In the past 72 hours, fighting was reported in Benitu, the state capital of oil-rich Unity State, so clearly speaking, the country is on the verge of collapsing, and though the government is trying to keep it from falling apart, the next few weeks will be the judgment day for Kiir and a D-Day for the people of Republic of South Sudan.

J. Roberts Swaka


  1. Eli says:

    Let only The Guns Speak. No more wasting time No peace but WAR

    Now is the time for all REVOLUTIONISTS to unite for one purpose only, to unseat this evil regime in Juba. The fronts must be re-activated in every corner Upper Nile, Bahr Ghazal and Equatoria all simultaneously.

    As we speak war is raging on in Eastern Equatoria, Western Equatoria, Upper Nile (Bentiu and surrounding). We the new breeds of revolutionists are ready to take this worthless government out at all cost.
    Let us go and deliver our people from the PIT OF HELL in Juba and the rest of the country.

    Long Live South Sudan
    Long Live Freedom Fighters
    Long Live Untied Fronts

    Eli Wani

  2. mading says:

    Wishful thinking from internet warriors.

  3. Sebit says:

    Dinka can understand gun language, therefore peace talk must go ahead meanwhile operation continues.Sebit

  4. Sebit says:

    Wake up Equatorians, people of Small London Yei.

  5. Banjas anti says:

    The struggle for regime change most go on. No turning back God be with you all

  6. John Sunday says:

    That War you are fighting over the net is ending in computers. Don’t let innocent people die an unjustified death. We will finish them in hours. Has any one of you heard what happened to the 25,000 white army that came to Bor and Malakal? Mathiang Anyor worked on them so well until each one of them was cursing the day he was born. It was a like a nightmare. A lesson they will never forget. If any survived that war, believe me, he will never follows dogs like you anymore. He would be advocating for peaceful co-existance.

  7. G-sean says:

    God can never free u when u re not annoyed, Good move my folks we together we can do some thing.

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