Minister Michael Makuei says West to blame for conflict

By: JOHN NJAGI, DailyNation, MAY/16/2014, SSN;

A senior South Sudan government minister has blamed Western nations for helping fuel the conflict in the country due to their alleged interest in the country’s oil fields.

South Sudan Information Minister Michael Makuei Lueth said when the country got independence it was agreed the oil companies, mainly from China, Malaysia and India, operating in the country continue to do so, which, he claims, could have angered the West.

“Oil exploration in South Sudan is a Chinese affair and that may have resulted in an undeclared war from those who may have wanted a stake in it. South Sudan is a young country but we are sovereign and no one will dictate to us what to do,” he said.

Mr Makuei said the West may have felt left out, and blamed the international community for being dictatorial instead of diplomatic in pushing its agenda, which had further cemented his country’s move towards the East.

The minister, who is also lead negotiator on the government side in the talks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to unlock the South Sudan crisis, blamed the international community for supporting the rebels by pushing for the removal of a democratically elected president.

He called for Kenya, the region and the international community to support President Salva Kiir instead of acquiescing to rebel demands that he stands down, which would set a bad precedent as any other democratically elected leader in the region could also be hounded out of office.

“We understand the Kenya parliament is preparing a motion to sanction the South Sudan government because of the ongoing crisis. We would persuade them not to go down that route because lack of peace in South Sudan would also affect Kenya which has huge investments and many of its people are also earning a living in our country,” he said.


Violence in South Sudan has continued unabated following an attempted coup on December 15 blamed on rebel leader and former Vice President Riek Machar, and has continued to date despite a cessation of hostilities agreement signed between Mr Machar and President Kiir in Addis Ababa on May 9.

Mr Makuei said the government was willing to continue with the negotiations despite what he said was violation of the peace deal by the rebel side.

The minister also castigated the international community and UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon, accusing them of rushing to slap sanctions against officials from both sides of opposition and government for violating the agreement, saying hasty decisions should not be taken without establishing who was responsible for the violation.

“We do not fear sanctions but let the decision not be done hastily because what is required is an informed decision,” he said.

Mr Makuei was speaking at a press briefing at the Serena Hotel in Nairobi accompanied by deputy South Sudan ambassador to Kenya Mr James Morgan.

The minister also blamed Igad for supporting the rebels, saying the regional body together with the international community compelled Mr Kiir to sign the agreement in Addis Ababa yet the government position was that the signing waits until over 2,000 stakeholders from the world’s newest country were present to discuss the deal before it was signed.

“The government agreed to the deal in principle because the President’s signature is on it and now it is up to Igad to transport the stakeholders from over 64 parties, religious institutions representatives among others to Addis Ababa so that they agree on the national unity government,” he said.

However, he said, Mr Kiir would remain the President and the government would not agree to another alternative. END


Kiir blames the West for election delay until 2017 or 2018


South Sudanese President Salva Kiir says his country’s first General Election has been postponed for up to three years due to objections of the Western nations.

The world’s newest state gained independence from Sudan in July 2011 after more than two decades of civil war and was due to hold its first poll in 2015.

With widespread fighting, President Kiir said, it was essential to hold the elections on schedule, as an answer to claims of dictatorship that his rivals have labelled against him.

“I had said that we go for elections in 2015 as it had been scheduled. Let these people stand, let whoever wants to contest stand, we will all stand,” President Kiir said, referring to rebel leader Riek Machar and a group of 11 former political detainees.

“The Westerners know that their groups will all lose. No one will win votes. So they say ‘No, postpone it for three years’ because they know that within the three years, they will provide these groups with money to come and buy your votes,” he said.

“There is no problem. If you are given money, take it, it is your right. Take it and do the right thing. When we contested with the National Congress here in Juba and all over South Sudan in 2010, what happened? They brought money to the South here, but I told you then at the Garang Mausoleum that this money is yours.

“If it is given to you, take it and give us your vote. If the same thing happens, we will tell you that message.”

Attempted coup

Former vice-president turned rebel leader Machar has described the election postponement as an embarrassment.

President Kiir says the three-year pre-election period will now be used to conduct a population census and hold national healing and reconciliation.

Kiir was elected in April 2010 as president of the then regional Government of Southern Sudan, and named Dr Machar, a controversial politician with a big ethnic backing, his vice-president.

At independence, Mr Kiir became the newest country’s president, with Dr Machar remaining his deputy.

However, differences between the two persisted.

Dr Machar, who was critical of the government and had reportedly launched a bid to oust his boss, was sacked in a Cabinet reshuffle in July 2013.

After five months of bickering within the ruling party, an attempted coup shook Juba on December 15, 2014.

President Kiir blamed the failed coup plot on Dr Machar, who denied the allegations.

A peace deal the two principals signed in Addis Ababa last Friday has so far faltered as fighting continued between the rebels and government troops on several fronts. END
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How Kiir and Machar fell out before independence:

The crisis that South Sudan is facing was destined to befall Africa’s newest nation. A chronology of events that preceded the December 15 alleged coup attempt indicate that President Salva Kiir had long fallen out with his then deputy, now turned rebel leader Dr Riek Machar.

The grudges went public well ahead of Independence, when Dr Machar circulated his version of a proposed transitional constitution to govern the country after Independence.

In his draft, Dr Machar proposed a maximum of two five-year presidential terms and lobbied for Mr Kiir to step down. He presented his draft at a ruling party meeting but was voted out. It was shot down both in the Cabinet and in Parliament.

“This shows that there is parallelism: You cannot identify, you cannot really say; is there one government or are there more than one government?” Kiir said at the sixth Speakers Forum on June 7, 2011. “There is no country that can be run by more than one government,” he said.

In the months that followed, the rivalry only intensified, with each building his own camp within the ruling party — the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement.

In the wake of a deadly cattle raid, former elected Lakes State Governor, Chol Tong Mayai, was sacked on January 21, 2013 and a new caretaker appointed.

In reaction, Dr Machar wrote warning of a glaring Constitutional crisis. “I believe the main issue is the status of the care-taker Governor. I think your comradeship will either relieve him and re-appoint him or re-instate the elected governor Chol Tong Mayay to avoid the looming constitutional crisis,” he said in a letter dated March 13, 2013.

On April 15, 2013, Kiir withdrew all powers he had delegated to Dr Machar, and restricted him to only those duties stipulated in the transitional Constitution.

The transitional constitution gives the President the powers to sack an elected governor and/or dissolve state parliament when there is a crisis threatening national security and territorial integrity.

Dr Machar urged for the reversal of Mr Taban’s sacking, or else Kiir’s own legitimacy was in the line. Church leaders tried to reunite the two leaders, but failed.

In July, Kiir dissolved the entire cabinet, sending Dr Machar packing. Most of the ex-ministersunited with Dr Machar in a desire to regain their ministerial portfolios.

The group, in a press conference on December 6, accused Kiir of “dictatorial tendencies” and said there was a “shift in decision making process from SPLM national organs to regional and ethnic lobbies around the SPLM chairman when it came to appointments to positions in government; that membership of the SPLM and one’s participation in the revolutionary struggle became irrelevant,” the statement said.

The group also said that Kiir had directed state governors to name their preferred members for an impending national convention.

“The intention is to sideline and prevent SPLM historical leaders and cadres categorized as ‘potential competitors’ from participation in the convention,” the statement read.

The statement also recommended that a meeting of the party’s highest decision making organ — the political bureau — is convened to set the agenda for a national liberation council meeting.

Mr Kiir decided to call for the meeting of the latter. On the opening day of the meeting, Dr Machar stuffed up to 30 armed men into four cars and drove to the meeting venue at the Nyakuron Cultural Centre in Juba.

In the meeting, Rebecca Nyandeng Mabior, the widow of the late leader Dr John Garang, criticised Kiir, the party and government system. Dr Machar then spoke in a tone similar to Ms Nyandeng’s and walked out, followed by Ms Nyandeng and some of the now-detained 11 politicians.

On the closing day (December 15), Dr Machar and his group were absent. At about 6pm, after Kiir closed the meeting, gunmen, driving past in a car, shot at the venue.

The number of soldiers guarding an arms depot at Gieda military base near the town centre was increased from one to four.

Later, at about 9 pm, a colonel in the Presidential Guards Unit shot dead his deputy, a Major also shot his deputy.

A fight ensued over the control of the depot. The gunfire was echoed at the military headquarters in Bilpham to the north of the capital and spread to the presidential compound.

The fighting continued throughout the night until the next morning and spread to army garrisons outside Juba. The country and the SPLM were already plunged into the abyss. END


  1. monychol says:

    Now I hope it has become clearer even to mentally and politically blind what we have been saying all along that Kiir and Bhar el ghazel have conspired against the country.What is coming out of the closet now is the grand scheme bhar el ghazel conspiracy aginst the people of south Sudan and this is why they launched their sucessful coup on Dec 16th 2013.The entire event of that day as we have known it all along was Kiir’s coup against everyone and entity.We know that it was a cooked or concocted coup to delay everything and continue the bhar el ghazel hang on to power illegally in order to continue with their evil deeds in the country.
    Fellow country men and women, all blindness ate bad and there non that is worst then mental or intellectual blindness.Lack of far projection ahead of things given events at hands.Our country has been overtaken by the brain dead hooligans and pseudo-intellectuals who damns down everything to idiotic factors in order to mislead the predominantly ignoarant population.
    Now, this is the moment of reckoning for those mentally and short sighted blinds.For us,we know all along that there was no coup plot in the first place let alone a coup attemp.All we know was that Kiir and gang cooked up the entire thing touse it inorder to hang on to power for as many years as they wants.Now they are decieving everybody that it will be three years but I can assure you that according to Greater Bhar el ghazel conspiratorial meetings of March and May 2013 ,it is a hang on to power for 50 years that is what Kiir meant when he said the SPLM was planning to stay in powe for 100 Yyears he meant the first 50 Years for Bhar el ghazel and last 50 for equatoria.No Upper Nile chance anymore beacuse according to them Abel Alier and John Garang were from their and they had power for over 40 years according to Bhar el ghazel ways of thoughts.Now the conspiracy is becoming clearer and clearer.You can event see it that the Nuetd were not the original targets but Dinka Bor in the Upper Nile is the ultimate target.The Nuers are just temporary targeys to use them to destroy and paralyse Greater Upper Nile everybody included.But the prime tarhets of the Bhar el ghazel conspiracy are the Dinka Bor.Everybody in Greater Upper Nile is a collateral damahe in the pursuit of what the bhar el ghazel sees as their goal to be achieve at all cost against the Bor audacity.

    • Awomdit says:

      Unless you have amnesia then what you are saying is totally bullshit. Are you telling me Michael Makuei and Kuol Manyang are from Bahr el Ghazal?
      My country needs healing from tribalism and regionalism sure…When will this drama end? today if it is not Nuer Vs Dinka, then it is Equatoria crying of marginalization from the two biggest tribes or Upper Nile crying foul by Bahr el Ghazal. I think we have reached a point when we realized that tribal or regional politics won’t take us anywhere.

  2. Jonas Kobe says:

    There will be no election until warlords put down there arms and accept peaceful ascension to power as the only way forward. those who wants to fight their way to chairmanship are free to do so as of now. idiots who never fought the war will be left to sing the song of change for no change, because we are in it to win and show the idiots there rightful position which is the tail for being cowards during the war.

    • Chul Mi Bor says:

      Makuie Luethä or Makuie Lueth Chulä.

    • Peaceful Intent says:

      There can be no peace until the warlords are tied to stakes and fed to the deserts or placed on funeral cairns and tossed into the eternal oceans of eternity. One can not expect peace from those that know only of war, only through economic independence and education can a people truly become free, to do so requires unification through a centralized and powerful central government that can systematically stomp out those warlords will we see peace in the South Sudan. May Allah bring about the Peace that is truly needed.

  3. Beek says:

    Actually what he is talking about.Send both Kiir and Riek to a brewery factory to work in a FULL-TIME.So big people wanted to tell us that money can’t buy happiness or money makes no happiness,but only easy life.Pay our people then.

  4. Madhod says:

    Very interesting Mr. President, I don’t buy that the western nations wants the general election to be extended to 2017. It is in your interest to extended the election to 2017; because you never wanted the election to take place anyway. If you had wanted the election to take place earlier in the begining perior to the conflict, our country won’t be at the stage we are now in. These crisis won’t start at the first place. If you are sincere about wanting to have election, please just announced it that we would have election in 2015. The discussion would end from there.

  5. akolf says:

    Riek Machar was used western world,so he will die without get Presidential Post

    • Lavina Lual says:

      President Kiir is also used by the arabs, chinese, france, malaysians, Ugandans and all the beneficiaries of our oil money of which all except Uganda were all against the birth of South Sudan Nation.

      What an overdrunkedness animals hearding us…what a big shame we are in?………the very people who helpede us to attained this country are thrown out and replace by our number one enemies who did not want to hear anything called South Sudan Soverignity.

  6. john says:

    No, the world can not stand still and watch South Sudanese being killed by Kirr and Meseveni. Kirr must allow the election or face Imprisonment by IGAD in Ethiopia.

  7. Krockodilo says:

    Kiir Must Go and he will go weather his cohorts likes it or not. He is now at the stage of craziness. He is deaf and doesn’t talk sense, Gadaffi, Sadam, Bin Laden, Kim Jung IL, Idi Amin, Hitler and all those dictators known to us went through this stage. It will not go down well in history for his people, they are known one by one that is why they are clinging to power.

  8. These gangs have no wisdom to govern this country. People’s welfare is not in the vocabulary of both Kiir and his government. They created a lie to justify their mass killing of civilians in Juba the root cause of this war. Power is what they want. Though the arabs in Khartoum love the land but hated us as a people, they did not massacre dinka in Khartoum because John Garang, the spla/m leader, was a dinka but Kiir and his criminals massacre south Sudanese base on ethnicity because of Dr Riek Machar. Kiir and his government including his dinka from bahr elgaziel are the most racists people the world has ever experienced in the 21st century. Because of this, the people of south Sudan had withdrawn confidence from this government. Vote of no confidence. Museveni one day said “Kiir has to regain people’s convince by punishing those criminals.” The more he is naive and pathetic and not being decisive, people will continue to run away from him. So, Mr Makuei, the people who voted for you in 2010, have withdrawn their confidence from your government “vote of no confidence.”

    Michael and his supporters ought to understand that the people of South Sudan have lost confidence in them. Hence they MUST resign for a neutral person to lead this country to a safer land.

    Mr akolf, God bless you for your hatred against Dr Riek Machar. However I would like to advise you that this gentleman is innocent. He has never started any fight at all. His intention has always been “I want everybody in this country to be calm because Kiir has constitutional right to dismiss me from the office so you should never react negatively.” He continues “do not misunderstand the president. The constitution has given him the right to do so but I had expected him (Kiir) to consult me before taking the decision.” This is what he has been preaching before 15/12/2013. So Dr Riek Machar is and will always walk tall in South Sudan as the leader and founder of a democratic South Sudan where everybody feels free and is a first class citizen in his/her own country.

  9. real women says:

    the time have come for this illitrete, fulish person, salva kir to die and rest in troubles instead of resting in peace, because he killed so many people of south Sudan.

  10. Lavina Lual says:

    You are right…but will they have gut like women to say the truth? absoluteley no!

  11. Shamg says:

    For the better of that country it was a necessity to dehorn our cousins nuer-nuer or nuet-nuet(shabby in dinka), and that is one daring asignment by Salva Kiir, I hate his style of leader but I do appreciate him for this. Nuer ego was egregiously growing sharp horns which were randomly pecking at everyone’s eyes and anyone in their minds would deem reasonable what happened or is happening. After this the nuer will know a govern is a too big thing for rudimentary minded paranormal believers with medieval mindset like them.

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