Minister Aleu Ayieny has abused integrity of Lakes State people

BY: Johnson M. M. Makur, RUMBEK, Lakes State, NOV/02/2014, SSN;

South Sudan’s minister of Interior, Mr Aleu Ayieny Aleu has some bad and good historical attachments to the crisis-hit Lakes State. His wife comes from Lakes State. So, in his children lie a bond of blood between him and Lakes State – and with the Dinka Culture, it’s a powerful bond.

But in his father Ayieny, who worked in the same State for so many years during the old days of the Sudan, lies a different story: a story of a cunning and fishy man who could coin dirty stories to get his critics hanged by the Government that was so much inclined to listen to him.

The older Aleu was alleged to have orchestrated nasty things and planned terrible conspiracies in Lakes State. People got tired of him to an extent that they preferred to offer anything for him to leave Rumbek. And actually upon the news of his transfer, the man started grabbing all he could set his hands on, bringing forth the now popular saying, “Aa ka jiel Ayieny ke.” This means barely ‘whatever it takes for Ayieny to go let him take.’

Now in the younger Aleu, history now repeats itself. How Hon Aleu uses his position in the Government today to advance his devil deeds is akin to all that the older Ayieny used to do against people of Lakes State.

In the general SPLM briefing last month, Hon. Aleu shamelessly and successfully wrapped his own under performance and failures of the Government in Lakes State around the necks of innocent politicians he claims to be in Rumbek and Juba.

He said that the Lakes politicians in Rumbek and Juba are the cause of crisis in Lakes State. How Aleu came to that conclusion only God knows. However, it still costs nothing to the said politicians because people on the ground know the truths. Rather, it is the reputation of the Minister himself that is at stake.

Nonetheless, people know very well that Hon. Aleu has simply become the mouthpiece of the son of Chut Dhuol, the tyrant Governor of Lakes State.

Moreover, accusations remain accusations. While he goes around accusing other people, Aleu also remains accused in the wrangles of Lakes State.

One time, one day, there may be a moment of truth. However, what Aleu should do just now is provide evidence and a complete detail of how and what the politicians did to exacerbate the crisis in Lakes State. Failure to do that will only pronounce him a liar who is on witch-hunt mission to drag the names of innocent people in the mud for self interests.

Otherwise, the people know the crime that might have been committed by Lakes State politicians is calling for the removal of the despotic Governor – but nothing else. People’s wills go beyond imaginations. No any person from Lakes State can buy Aleu’s cooked reports.

Lakes State MPs both in the State and National Legislatures have done their best to bring peace and stability in the State. Peace and reconciliation conferences have been held by MPs around warring state areas.

The State Assembly on many occasions formed committees to establish the root causes of conflict in the State and gave recommendations and possible solutions to the said crisis. But their beautiful work was always frustrated by the Governor.

In the first place, the Governor never had a policy in place to govern that state. Then to make matters worse, he refuses to implement recommendations given to him by all other stakeholders in the state.

Seriously, if Matur boasts in public that he usually turns down the President’s advice then who else in this country will he listen to?

The army general who was simply appointed into politics now has all the guts to humiliate the elected MPs. What the MPs have asked him to do is to arrest culprits, arrange a speedy scheme to settle cases and produce mechanisms through which the state should be peacefully governed.

This became the crimes of which they are detained in unknown locations as if they are Al Qaeda terrorists.

Why Matur does all this quite so freely is because he has been awarded Lakes to manage like his own house. If one has the backing of those of Aleu Ayieny then why not?

However, one can take Lakes State people for fools but in the end it is you that becomes their fool.

So, those of Aleu Ayieny who go around chest-thumping and implicating innocent people including elected MPs must know that, regardless of its current state of crisis, Lakes is still a State of proud people.

Those who put Lakes State in crisis are the same people who now pass around boasting and threatening as if the country is all laid into their hands alone.

Yes, individuals can be threatened, some can be imprisoned or even killed but no one, whatsoever, can kill the spirit of people of Lakes State.

Aleu in his right senses knows that Gen. Matur is a part of problems of Lakes State; he can, therefore, never be part of the solutions of Lakes State.

In Lakes there is what people describe now as Matur virus. The fact that Aleu went to Lakes State and stayed in the same care and company of Matur Chut poised him to the threat of contracting that bad virus.

There is a joke going round that the Aleu that went to Lakes State as a neutral minister doing his job is not the same Aleu that returned to Juba.

The best thing that should have been done about him upon his return to Juba was to put him on quarantine just like a person coming from the Ebola hit Liberia.

Poignantly, he was allowed to address the important SPLM meeting spitting fire and venom on the innocent people.

One should not defend what is not defendable. Or altogether Aleu does not know what he is trying to defend in Matur Chut. Gen. Matur Chut has spread word that those people who are making noise against him in Lakes state are supporters of Chol Tong and Riek Machar.

But Aleu and his friends must come to accept that Matur Chut is the complicate replicate of Chol Tong. The first person Matur met upon his appointment as Governor of Lakes State is none other than Chol Tong.

Did Chol Tong not tell him to remove someone he referred to as ‘marath’ in Arabic, Mabor Achol Kuer?

Ironically, this was the same Mabor of the SPLM– NLC who stood firm and sang songs for Kiir in the Nyakuron meeting a day before the war broke out.

If Chol was an enemy to Matur then how did he end up renting Matur’s house in Juba as the coordination office for Lakes State? If Matur Chut is not what Chol Tong is then why around him are there all the people of former Governor Chol Tong Mayay?

It is important to note that Matur Chut’s current Deputy Governor and some of Advisors, Ministers and commissioners are close and personal friends of the former Governor, Chol Tong Mayay.

It must be noted that Hon. Mayen Kuc, who was the Chairperson of the SPLM Electoral College that gave zeros to Cde Daniel Awet Akot, now a powerful minister, is the brain behind Gen. Matur’s decisions.

Lakes State is not being managed from what its people want. It has lost its direction and so it should be managed as a sub–state under Warrap State and be led by its daughter and the Great Governor Nyandeng Malek.

It might do all sides a great favor as jieng or Bahr el Ghazal region. Otherwise, it will be hard for people of Lakes State to kneel down and beg other people to accept what they want to be done about their state.

The general belief on the ground, which is seemingly a reality, is that Matur is no different from the armed youths carrying guns in our society. There is no symbol of government in Lakes State, and it might what it should be for as long as Matur Chut continues to be the Governor.

As for Aleu Ayieny Aleu, many of us who celebrated his appointment now regret. I personally regret authoring an article published in Khartoum Monitor in his favor during his dark days after he was ousted out of SPLM in 2007.

That time I read an appealing open letter written by Mr Aleu Ayieny Aleu to Pagan Amuom. I never knew this was going to be the Aleu of today.

In the piece I read, Aleu referred to Pagan as “the haunted lamb of yesterday who turned a vicious wolf directing salvo of his vengeance guns against wrong comrades.”

Now at a time Aleu is a powerful minister it is what is left of the people of Lakes State to say. They are not only haunted but are also being hunted now by the powerful wolves of today for pointing at mistakes of their leader.

The way Aleu Ayeny felt pain, suffering and injustice in 2007 is the way the people of Lakes State feel in 2014.

From the hearts of people of Lakes we need Aleu to leave our elders alone and stop distorting facts about Lakes state.

We have kept our resolve and stayed intact with the Government but we are being served from what we never sowed. As a result, there is nothing Lakes State cannot offer to Hon. Aleu Ayieny Aleu, Minister of Interior, so as to stop tarnishing our good names.

Johnson M. M. Makur is a South Sudanese citizen working in Rumbek. He can be reached on


  1. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Johnson:

    You would never grow to understand how so unfortunate it is for me to have wasted my time reading your article that is just something more than a filthy piece of rubbish.It’s a most common knowledge of every south sudanese urban citizen that your town of Rumbek was as is the home of the prestigeous Rumbek senior high school where many south sudanese intellectual elite were educated.Are you not one of them?if you are’nt,didn’t u ever get the chance to be taught or influenced by intellectual ways of those who were taught there?I am sorry to say,but you are a saddest citizen.You have chosen to cross the desert,going naked n this explains very well why suffering will never come to an end in lakes states.

    Why did you lie n came to force the editor of this prestigious website to publish your article to mislead people into believing that chief Ayieny Aleu Ayieny,the father of Aleu Ayieny,the RSS minister of interrior was a corrupt person who worked in lakes state,I quote,”during the old days of the sudan”?That according to you,”in him lies a different story:a story of a cunning and fishy man who could coin dirty stories to get his critics hanged by the government that was so inclined to listen to him”.Realy?You appear confused,out of your mind n too malicious.Are you sure you are talking about Ayieny Aleu Ayieny?who was the old sudan’s president during that time n what year was it?You yourself are you a dinka or just a false dinka on a smearing campaign?

    For your information my most miserable poor fellow,Ayieny Aleu Ayieny is a native of old Tonj district from a village named lou noi about five miles south of the town of Warrap along the road linking Wau n the defunct old river port of Machar Acol.Unlike his son Aleu,he was a country side citizen who never went to school.His father was the paramount chief of Noi clan who worked at the same period with Akoc Majok,the paramount chief of Nyang Akoc Majok,Ariik Mawien Ariik,the paramount chief of lou ariik Mawien clan that shares the same boarder with the nuer clan of the paramount chief Monytuil who also served along with them during the english administration.Ayieny Aleu Ayieny succeedd his father as chief after his father died.He was among the parmount dinka chiefs with Aruol Kachuol, the paramount chief of gok clan of Cuiebet in lakes state,the father of judge Maduol Aruol Kachuol,who elaborated to write the most known english administration dinka law document named Ganoun Waanth a laal in Tonj town.Do you know something about this document?Apparently no.

    In fact with the english administeration,to facilitate administration of law n order,the dinka of Tonj district were divided into four suprime courts.They included Akob,Kuanythei,liil n Thiet.Today Akob n Kuanythei have become Tonj north county.Liil has become Tonj east county n Theit has become Tonj south county.At the period of the superime courts,Ayeiny Aleu Ayeiny was the paramount chief heading the suprime court of Kuanythei after the death of Akoc Majok.Also he was a member of the council of the four suprime courts who regrouped in one single court to handle grave judicial cases that might involve bloodshed,cattle theft,inter communal tensions n violence.They were the ones responsible to refer the cases involving murder to the english courts in towns as their suprime courts had no high authority to settle them properly particularly if a case might warrant hanging sentence.I was a child at early elementary school classes when Hon Aleu Ayeiny was studying in a university in Egypt between 1976-80s n I had witnessed seeing him going home to bring cows to sell inorder to get money for his school needs.Apparently he was a school mate of Deng Alor,James Wani Igga,Dr Andrew Akon Akec n late Mario Mour Mour..But chief Ayieny Aleu Ayieny is among the paramount dinka chiefs whose interview scripts by Dr Francis Mading Deng featured in the book named Dinka Speaks.This is among well read books particularly by our intellectual elite who were in need of inspiration to restart the struggle after the Addis Ababa agreement brought back Anya Anya fighters to town.You yourself,have’nt you ever heard about this book?Apparently no.

    I stand among others to condemn the misrule of our country by the corrupt SPLM/SPLA elite including hon. Aleu.But we would never help our case if we choose to apply either ignorance,false facts or just cheap malicious smearing as a way to appear credible n go forward as having a concrete case for criticism.The correct story of the life of chief Ayieny Aleu Ayieny is here as I have written.I encourage dinka citizens who may read this dispatch to verify n to be so kind to provide feed backs if there is any contradiction to it.As for none dinka readers,be invited to know that Johnson’s story is false.But for you brother Johnson,life is learning from mistakes.I hope this one would teach you a bloody lesson that will still help you to come back with a well researched case of criticism in another time in your life.Good luck.

    • Johnson says:

      Blood lesson…how do I come back with anything again in my life? Or do you mean the life after death? No problem I am just so available. God bless you!

  2. Johnson says:

    Dear False Millionaire,

    I only admire your name because it reminds me many of our friends who are living false lives. But for you, it can never go as stated because you can never be any faulty in any sense. I know you are here in our good republic of South Sudan. Here millions are not bogus…the problem is that those used to big money know how to differentiate between a million South SUDANESE pounds and the U.S. dollar. You might have known something about Congo or Zimbabwe – the bases from which you know how value of money can never matter at all.

    Listen to me, Aleu’s concocted reports on Lakes State implicating innocent politicians can never be forgiven.
    For your information, the people of Lakes State Aleu accuse to be siding with Riek Machar are the die hard supporters of Cde Salva Kiir. The chief practitioner of the smear campaign is My brother, Aleu Ayieny. Until, he went to a Rumbek he was a clean man. He went to Rumbek and came back with coined reports.

    Take it to the bank, Lakes State shall forever be Lakes State. I am one of the people saddened by the madness of the armed Agaar youths but I am equally not happy with the way Matur Chut has been allowed to abuse power in the State. He abolished laws and he has be me the extra burden the people of Lakes State continue to carry everyday.

    My problem with you, dear Lord Millionaire, is that I have pointed out things out about your other lords. Please accept, on my behalf the plea of the people of Lakes State to have Matur Chut removed. Once that is done you will never hear our voices.

    You seem to know the whole background of Aleu Ayieny…in fact, he is the the same Chief Ayieny ( Marialdit) that I mean. I am talking about the that time when Tonj was part of Rumbek . I am talking about the issues he was entrusted with as a chief During those British days. He failed to deliver justice as a leader of the independent traditional court overseeing the cases of Johth and Boor sectional fights during those days. He got a lot of cattle and he drove them to Tonj …aa ka jiel Ayienyke praise was born.

    Pleas leave me to cry and shed my tears on my home state. Did you know that a humble very young man was killed today in Rumbek market? My people are suffering from the failures of a Governor the true millionaires and false millionaires do not want to go.

    We the ruled are tired of Matur Chut. We don’t want tone ruled like we are in the 15th century. We should not only possess constitutions, we need the spirit of constitutionalsm.

    False millionaire, I am talking from the hearts of manny South Sudanese, please tell brother Aleu and Matur should to respect our land and our people. Let the stupidness of our clans fighting themselves be used to entangle us into political problems. Pleas leave Lakes State elders alone. They are not part of the crisis of Lakes State.

    Thank you

  3. Majongdit says:

    “Lakes State should be managed as a sub-state under Warrap” quite very emotional. Why do do the people for the neighboring Warrap always say that removal of Matur Chut is not the solution to the problems of Lakes State. Hey, what does his presence asGvoernor of Lakes State solve for them?

  4. upiu says:

    most educated Lakes state residents seem to be just running rants on their politicians/leaders and, as of Johnson, crossing to leaders originating from other states. if Lakes state problems arose from their politicians’ infighting, then those who think they know should quit writing about those leaders (joining the infighting) and start some sort of a campaign to stop the youth from the murderous path they have taken.
    youth from Lakes and all over South Sudan need to understand that they are not objects to be used by individual leaders for their political gamesmanship; to kill, or to die for a cause they do not understand. they are just as valuable as those they are executing orders from if not more. whether they are killing themselves in Lakes state or or dying Greater Upper Nile, those youth need to be

    • Johnson says:

      Brother Upiu,
      Our problem with those of Aleu is that they are never again the solution to our problems but rather part of the problems of Lakes State. Please note that we have not crossed into Warren or any other State fir nothing. Did you hear us mention any old innocent man or woman from any State? We have crossed on Aleu because he is a national minister of interior. He went to Rumbek and failed to achieve his objectives. He turned on politicians and MPs who have nothing to do with crisis in Lakes State. As we speak 2 innocent MPs are languishing in prison in an island in Yirol East. They are in jailed per directives of Hon. Aleu because Aleu believes in everything Matur says. He is brain washed and his judgements have become wrong altogether.

    • Majongdit says:

      Our Lakes State politicians have never incited our youths to fight and kill themselves. No. Our youths are fighting themselves just the way Warren youths did even quite so recently. What our leaders and MPs want is the removal if the Governor because he has failed to control insecurity on the State. They have been victimised just because of their call for the removal of Governor.

    • upiu says:

      Brothers Johnson and Majongdit,
      mine is a challenge to you and many other Lakes intellectuals and/or leaders: to stop bringing each other down. that is my point. it is my belief that the problems of Lakes state are not about who is the governor. we all know that the current governor was appointed to stem the recurrent violence in the state. so calling for the removal of sitting governors, which seems to the be trend of frustration in Lakes state, is not the solution to those problems.
      if you believe that Lakes politicians have no hands in the killings going on in the state, then those who keep writing about those politicians including calls for governor removal are fighting a wrong war. i do recognize that governors have a role to play in curtailing prevailing insecurity in their states, but so are the commissioners, head chiefs and chiefs because those lower level leaders have the direct contacts with their youth.
      so instead of constantly calling for governors’ removal, you the intellectuals of the state need to approach the killings differently. if current calls for governor Matur removal are successful, guess what, the next governor will face a lot more challenges than the incumbent. that is because supporters of Matur will work against him as are supporters of his/her other predecessors. and the calls for his/her removal will start right away. is that the trend you want in your state?
      besides, i think Kiir has his hands full already with Riek’s rebellion and has no time to think about removing governors at this point.

  5. upiu says:

    educated to stop what they are doing and start pursuing a more purposeful path.

  6. Deng Deng says:

    Mr. False Millionaire,
    We heard enough of your bla bla. The FACT is Generals Matur and Aleu are criminal warlords. President Kiir should simply fire, arrest, and hand them over to ICC to face charges of war crimes and genocide.

  7. False Millionaire says:

    Deng Deng/Johnson/

    With all due respect to you my most dear brothers,credibility of our history is at stake here.Please do the favor to your great intellectual,social n rational human image.Just search for a book named Dinka speaks by Dr Francis Mading Majok,read it,if you don’t find chief Ayieny Aleu Ayieny interview scripts among those of the other dinka paramount chiefs,then come back with every justification to tell me I have rubbished out bla bla.Also do not shorten to search for the authors of the english administration dinka law document named Ganuon Waanth a laal.The place of chief Ayieny Aleu Ayieny among other great dinka paramount chiefs was here but never among those who had ever worked in Lakes state handing out ill treatment to people there.

    You will put your great sense of learning at risk by refusing to search for the truth first,truth second n truth last.But as for hon. Aleu,take care of him.Drag him in the filth,castrate him n hang him in the gallows if you consider it to be the punishment that he deserves.Administration of justice is not going on a rampage.Correct facts of wrong doing must justify the punishment.Chief Ayieny Aleu Ayieny is innocent.

    But brother Johnson:hold on to yourself.I stand on your support.Mistakes are made n mistakes are corrected.This is the only way forward.On this one,you have no single chance becouse Tonj n Lakes n their citizens are two faces of one thesame coin.Search for the truth that you had ignored before writing your article n accept being wrong in total humillity when that should have confirmed it’s self.So there is no need to throw back the stone on me.I have not sacrificed you for nothing.You are not innocent.Grow never to forget that we are adults.Wrong is wrong n must be put to it’s correct place.

  8. Sebut says:

    I blame the Lakes’ politicians due to running for the downfall of one another that can not help them. I believed their reputation has been disrespected even the beggars and crooks may challenge them. Lakes become a cursed state after freedom in South South. For those who know the sacrifices and efforts made by Lakes state in those dark days couldn’t make a mistake to take the bull by horn. The state that is cursed today is the same state that made both end meet during the struggle.Ranging from collection of cooked food, cows,goats, chicken and raw food, this state was the source of SPLM/A success. Lakes state was not only the wealthy state but also bless with educated gentlemen that took over SPLA Signal, Artillery, Air Defense, Armour unit and NGOs that help people and SPLA to get South Sudan today. Even if most of these gentlemen lost their life in wars and some of them are battling the war of frustration(Alcohol) as result of staying in the same rank for years.Hence, avoid provocation and poking the mouth as well as contributing negatively to Lakes state affairs.We know that most of those people who are eating today are enjoying what they didn’t sweat for.

  9. Hi All,
    All those who have commented above are not in South Sudan. Lakes have no solution till Resurrection day.
    Remove Matur…Nothing will stop; how many Maturs were removed before anyway?. Continue to blame Alieu as though he is the one commanding the slaughter of your own brothers and sisters. nothing…You are cursed….Why are you exporting your sillness to Equatoria in Mundri, Maridi, Unity state AND also to Warap especially in my village Panyibek? Lakes is shame on other Dinkas who are becoming enlightened. Nothing will change you even those who went to American remains the same!!!!!. Why don,t u agree on who replaces Matur if he is the problem. All other Dinkas will change soon except Lakes where Laws do not exist or are not respected. If you can kill a chief who else can lead you? of cause not even Angel or whoever you want to replace Matur.

    • Majongdit says:

      The stay of Matur as. The Governor of Lakes State is the beginning of the break up of Bahr el Ghazal. I don’t want that and it is going to happen under the watchful and wishful people who pray for the unity of Bahr el Ghazal. Now in the whole Lakes, people claim that Warrap is colonizing Lakes by forcing in them a person they don’t want. The word is: president Salva will choose between Matur Chut and Lakes population.

  10. False Millionaire says:

    Brother Johnson:

    Please accept reconciliation.My quarrel with you is over.I hope hon. Aleu would read our exchanges n your article.Simple debates like these could provide ideas that could change people in extreme difficulties into becoming constructive.That’s all I can say.That’s all I can hope for.But I am just an ordinary citizen like the rest of our fellow citizens.I have intention to tell you that I have no connections with the power elite misgoverning our country.So there is no need to entertain such an impossible day light dream of a simple worker like me talking to hon. Aleu n Matur about affaires that have gone too sore in lakes state.Wise saying goes as,”never tempt the devil”.It’s easy to imagine if I ever dared,you might have the misfortune of seeing the true false millionaire in pieces spread among crocodiles along the nile.Things have gone too wrong in our country.I am for changes.

    But there should never be a mispereception about people like me.I am a simple ordinary pure worker.I am not in any possession of power.I am neither a friend nor a relative of those in possession of power.I am writing to you this dispatch from work.Physical n psychological conditions of work are extreme.If you see the hands of a true worker like us in comparison to those of a monkey,you would never fail to get the impression that they are one n thesame.We live our small honest life this way.The most important think is never to lose good mental composure.The south sudan of our dream is one of peace,of justice,of equality,of brotherhood n of prosperity where every one must have conducive conditions that can permit him to live his life by way of honest efforts.Wishing you a best day,thank you.

  11. Majongdit says:

    False Millionaire,

    Thank you. You have amazed me with your kind heart. We need to understand where our problems stem from. I think you also have come to realize that it is someone enjoying himself in his compound called Matur Chut that is causing the debate that almost pits brother against brother.
    I have nothing against Aleu Ayieny. I apologize to him here now publicly on my own volition. I have come to understand that Aleu is a good guy but he is being included in the dirty affairs of Matur Chut Dhuol.
    As for you, False Millionaire, let’s please leave it at that. There was nothing like a grudge between you and me. The Dinka people say that “nyong e raan det cam aci ye raan det ye ngic” meaning the bug that is biting someone in his inner clothes can never be felt by another person. Likewise, the way we people from Lakes State suffer from Matur Chut can never be understood or felt by people from out of Lakes State.

  12. Mabok Baak says:

    Dear Johnson,

    You brought it right man but this crooks called Aleu Ayieny just came to drink wisky and alcohol in Lakes State that is why he had severe diarrhoea until he was rushed to Juba for medication. Telar Ring and Aleu Ayieny plus their president will not go down unpunished by God the Almighty father for the killing of the people of Lakes State by impossing their illiterate bandit Matur Chut.
    Our suffering can’t not be understood by other people of states but they will just keep saying that it is Lakes state politicians that are causing the death of their people I reject it in the strongest terms. Instead it is the lakes state authorites that have failed to arrest the culprits whose some of them are their family memebers who have committed murders then violent escated to this extend but we urge that when we get a leader that we really need he ‘d quell down all these and Lakes state will restore its pride of unity.

  13. Johnson says:

    Thank you dear Mabor Baak. Your echoes are as the same as mine. I still commit my love to President Salva. But my sentiments may sale or sail me bad. I might die because of expressing facts that and opinions that are the reality of Lakes State today. All in all, every situation I meet I face as a man and don’t regret.

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