Message of unity and hope to all the Opposition political movements in South Sudan

BY: David Lokosang, JAN/14/2017, SSN;

My 2017 message to all opposition movements in South Sudan is, you have to unite and you must unite to bring to an end the suffering of our people sooner than later.

Operating separately doesn’t only prolong the current criminal dictatorial regime in Juba but it prolongs the suffering of our people who deserve the rights for equal opportunities as equal citizens of our nation.

Let us learn from our contemporary history. We have endured more suffering in our quest for freedom than any other citizens in the world. Let us revisit our history in order to correct ourselves and devise a way forward how to put concrete democratic institutions that will bound us together for common good.

When we were divided in 1991 the result was catastrophic but when we united our ranks we were able to defeat our enemies militarily, politically and diplomatically. And it is only then we were able to force the regime in Khartoum for a genuine political negotiation which resulted to CPA agreement.

The recent fighting that took place in Upper Nile which resulted in the death of two generals from Lam Akol’s movement, reminded us of 1991 split which won’t help our endeavour for social justice, equality, freedom of speech, equal opportunities and socio-economic development. Let it not repeat in other places in the greater Upper Nile, nor Equatoria nor Bahr El Ghazal.

What is it that each group wants? If the objective is to change the current rotten system and put in place a robust system of governance, then you must all unite for common objectives acceptable for all.

Believe me or not, operating separately gives a wrong signal to the international community, to our friends and more division among our people. They will look at us as fragmented tribes and power hungry people. It is not about individuals rather the system. Individuals come and go but a good system of governance and the solid democratic institutions will remain.

Every day I see the suffering of our people, the killing of innocent people orchestrated by JCE and the war lord elite in Juba and by unknown gunmen in the name of Transitional Government of National unity or National Dialogue or whatever name they give, make me sick and make me feel I have wasted my time in the last 36 years proclaiming the vision of SPLM which proved to be difficult to achieve under the shallow minded leadership of Salva Kiir.

Kiir and all those war lords around him have failed us and have retarded us 200 years back in human history.

My advice to all political movements in South Sudan, I believe it is reasonable enough to urge all of you to initiate a forum in order to create a South Sudan Democratic Alliance with common objective.

The objective is to remove the current rotten system of government and put in place an interim system that will create solid democratic institutions that recognise freedom of speech, justice and equality, Socio-economic opportunities, rule of law, international human rights and accountability.

The region and the international community will reckon you as the genuine alternative if you are united but if you are fragmented, believe me or not, you are indirectly prolonging the regime and the suffering of our innocent people.

Logically, how are you going to unite the country if you are fighting along tribal lines? You must propagate unity among the fighting force and civilians under your control areas which will then be reflected in the activities of the day when you become the legitimate government.

There is a Chinese saying that ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ Therefore you must unite your ranks now with one objective that is easily to be sold to the general public and the international community.

If you are not united, if you cannot inform, persuade and remind your supporters, international community and regional key players, how then would you succeed to achieve your objectives?

In business, no matter how good your products and service are, if you don’t inform and persuade the potential and current buyers about their features and benefits they will never buy from you. Instead they buy from someone who has invested in major promotional activities.

The reason why East African countries are closing doors for the opposition is because since the events of July 8th 2016, the opposition group has not consolidated itself to mobilise its human resources to counteract the lies being played by the regime propaganda machinery.

I hope 2017 will be a year of change. God bless all of you and God bless South Sudan

David Lokosang


  1. Abel Magok says:

    Mr. David Lokosang,

    Yes, President Kiir has his own problems with governing, corruptions and laws not respected but if you think that our issues in South Sudan would be solves by two Drs, Riek or Lam Akol, then you are on wrong side brother and nothing good can come out from these people, rather they may re-unite us back with Sudan if they get a chance in South Sudan.
    You have asked them good question, how are you going to unite the country if you are fighting along tribal line? to be reminded, their fighting along tribal line dose not started with the killings of two generals from Lam side, they have been doing this since 1991, and that is in part they should not given a chance to do more damage than they have already done when they stabbed from behind by joined Khartoum government, formed tribal militias to fight their fellow Southern citizens.
    I have quoted this from you, ‘When we were divided in 1991, the result was catastrophic but when united our ranks we were able to defeat our enemies military, politically and diplomatically. And it is only then we were able to force the regime in Khartoum for a genuine political negotiation which resulted to CPA agreement”.
    You are wrong brother in such argument, we do not united to achieve CPA, it was negotiated while two Drs Riek and Lam with their militias still fighting along side Khartoum government and when they have seen peace was imminent and the train of peace was leaving them nowhere, they ran boarding it and they were welcomed back by the SPLA/M.
    You talks about war lords around president Kirr, I can’t get it, what about those of Lam, Machar, Oleny, Gadate and the rest in the bush, what description you give them? Our problems will not finish unless we get rid of these splitters who have nothing to offer other than deaths and chaos in the country.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Abel Magok,
      In your response to Mr. Lokosang, you concluded by saying, I quote: “Our problems will not finish unless we get rid of these splitters who have nothing to offer other than deaths and chaos in the country.”
      Those ‘splitters’ were created as the by-product of the principle of the “preponderance of the majority” which was so obviously oppressive and pervasive in the SPLM/A under its founding leader Dr. John Garang.
      Thus, since the highest commands of the SPLM/A were dominated by the one so-called ‘majority tribe,’ the likes of Drs Lam and Machar had to fall back to their own particular tribal supports for survival and political significance in the then prevailing circumstances following the creation of the SPLM/A under Garang and the blatant aggression by Garang against the already existing Nuer movement in Upper Nile.
      Ironically, if you care to recognize, it was John Garang himself who started the first fight against fellow South Sudanese by attacking those of Gai Tut and Akot Atem, mercilessly killing them, creating the never-ending tribal animosity and mistrust that has continued till today under Kiir and his duplicitous JCE. Incidentally, those of Kiir and Malong, Kuol Manyang, were the executioners in Bilpham, Ethiopia, of those prominent first-batch liberators.
      Also, in all frankness, then and even today, there was no need for the jieng to became dissident generals because they already had the advantage of preponderance in the mainstream Garang’s SPLM/A and they could misbehave belligerently as freely as they want or can.
      It’s just like what is happening today under president Kiir who has deliberating expedited the same majority-tribal domination that consequently forced the other tribes to rise up again against the very palpably oppressive majority jieng domination in all aspects of the political system in the new nation.
      Finally, brother Abel, our problems won’t end by “getting rid of these splitters who’ve nothing to offer other than deaths and chaos in the country,” as you asserted above.
      Instead, let us sit down like equals and peacefully agree on a modality or modalities of how we can all accept to run the nation and avert the catastrophic ideology of tribal domination.
      Abel, what many jieng adherents of the now prevailing tribal domination system in Juba don’t understand is that those South Sudanese freedom fighters who’re contemporaries of John Garang, like Machar, Lam Akol, Peter Adwok, Peter Sule, for example, like those a generation earlier, like Aggrey Jaden, Luigi Adok, Joseph Oduho, are or were devout and dedicated freedom fighters for the South Sudan and most of them were the real originators of the liberation-freedom struggle.
      They deservedly earned the right to be recognized as true fighters for the liberation of South Sudan but due to this thing called tribe, they could not garner the same or similar preponderance of fighting men like what their jieng compatriots like Garang could achieve.
      In brief, that’s what the Jomo Kenyatta’s dominant Kikuyu Mau Mau movement or the Robert Mugabe’s dominant Shona ZANU have disastrously done in their respective countries.
      In Kenya, Oginga Odinga, Kenyatta’s deputy, was completely ostracized and prosecuted by Kenyatta himself, same to Joshua Nkomo under dictator Mugabe suffered the same fate. Blame the jieng Council of Elders who perilously tutored Kiir to replicate the same against intellectuals like Machar, Lam, Sule, Nyaba and many martyrs…..
      South Sudan is big enough to be divided into very effective and efficient, self-reliant nation-states that will surely live and co-exit in peace and harmony amongst themselves—-minus the phobia of oppression by another ‘tribe.’

  2. alex says:

    Lokosang you wait, soon the Equatorians fighters will face the same fate Lam Akol fighters faced. The Equatorians have to surrender to Riack Macher or the face military confrontation. Too cocks can not live in the same house so let those rebels in Equatoria surrender to Machar.

  3. Abel Magok says:

    Mr. info@southsudannation or Editor,

    I disagree with the notion expressed in your response to my commentary that splitters were created as the product of the principle of the preponderance of the majority which you think oppressive.
    I believe you are aware with the facts that when movement started in 1983, different tribes of South Sudan then did not sit down in agreement to select freedom fighters in a proportional numbers base or according to the tribes, I mean those who were going to the bush, so that any of us could think one group found themselves majority in the meddle of agreed by all.
    The issue of going to the bush was indeed involved life and death, so the decision of who join the movement was personal or voluntary. Was it a crime one tribe inspired to come out in a big numbers joining the movement? no one prevented the other to talk about peoples’ majority or commanders majority in the bush.
    I don’t know what you means by oppression in the bush while people were fighting the enemy no government anyone was running. Did anybody fight two Drs Riek and Lam priors to their split so that you could think of them ran into their tribal base for survival? Why they could not direct their fighting to the enemy in Khartoum? Garang was silencing spoilers for the movement to go ahead when decided to fight people like Gai Tut you have mentioned.
    Those earlier generations you have mentioned few of them like Aggrey Jaden, Luigi Adok, Joseph Oduho and others were pure hearted and dedicated people to the course of South Sudan and some of them lost their life and they deserve our respect and should not come closer in comparison to those of Riek and Lam Akol.
    No one refusing the idea of sitting down to discuss our problems, I believe is a perfect way of solving problems and you might have come across recent call from president for national dialogue some oppositions already expressed their reservation or total rejection . Crippled thinking where we leave facts in front of us and talks different will take us nowhere, south Sudan does not need division as you said, we need to acknowledge realities and sit down to solve our problems.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Abel Magok,
      Indeed, as you concluded and I totally agree, “we need to acknowledge realities and sit down to solve our problems.”
      But unfortunately, the current structure of president Kiir’s devised national dialogue isn’t inclusive for all and it will be foredoomed in its current structure.
      Do you have a better solution?

      • Bol says:

        What is you solution Mr Editor? Equatorians picking up guns to hunt for some MTN in Equatorian villages, not the government soldiers isn’t a solution, if the Nuer could do it until now, then Equatorians won’t do it for ever.That is one fact to live with or take it into the grave. Please don’t wrongly assumed that because Arab were driven out of South Sudan, you guys can do the same, because the political environment is quite different, plus you are fighting the same element who were the main power of North /South war. Secondly, toppling of Kiir’s government can be done in a peaceful way, not a military action. If Dr Reik didn’t encourage his mad-dong Peter Getdate and other idiots, President Kiir would have been out of office by now. Again solution is simple: SUPPORT PEACE & DISCOURAGE TEROR in RSS. President Kiir has his days.

  4. mading. says:

    Lokosang. These two Drs, are fighting for position of president of South Sudan, that is what they have been looking for since bush time. You remembered what happened in 1991, when these two evil Drs declared coup against John Garang. They are still chasing the dream of presidency in our country, Riek wants to be president and the same thing with Lam. So good luck Mr. Lokosang uniting Lam and Riek. To Mr. Editor I can see your hatred of Dinkas, but Dinkas belong to South Sudan, so they are not going anywhere whether you like it or not.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      So, by your shallow deduction, you rush to conclude that my comment is hatred, but clearly and without any doubts, your tone can also be correctly seen and perceived as laden with hatred against the Nuers on Riek’s behalf and the Collos on Lam’s behalf.
      Surely, nobody, I mean no tribe is going anywhere as the nation belongs to all but the people, that also includes many jiengs, want a better leadership and system of governance in the country other than the failed and stunted Kiir’s leadership under the control of the JCE.
      For your satisfaction, the Equatorians, the Nuers, the Collos and the Fertit and the few Dinkas will keep fighting until they get what they want.
      Now, do you think these brave and nationalistic fighting men and women love or hate the Dinkas?

  5. mading says:

    Editor. People like Mabior Garang and his mother joined Riek out of jealousy, they missed when they used to run a round the world with SPLM/SPLA bank account in their pockets, that is why they are doing all this including joining Riek they know very well how bad he was to their Garang. Other Dinkas are just angry former government employees like Riek Machar who think that it is their rights to work for the government by force, just look at all those who are now on Riek is side, who left his job and walk over to Riek is side ? They are all fired men and women, regarding your question that ” do you think these brave and nationalistic fighting men and women love or hate the Dinkas” ? You know the answer which members of the other tribes in South Sudan are called MTNs or illegal goods ? or pick out in the cars on the roads and executed by your rebels and Equatoria youths? Only members of Dinkas tribes. For your information I have no problem with Nuers or Collos tribes, my problem is with Lam and Riek, as bad politicians.

  6. Okuc says:


    Lies and distortion of facts are characteristic of you people. To begin with, the two Drs Riak and Lam are not responsible for sad events in 1991 in which innocent Dinka’s Bor who were killed by some armed men from Nasir faction despite the fact that Riak apologized in presence of widow of Dr John Garang in 2012.
    What had happened in 1991 was vendetta or call it revenge by Nuer militia or white army who had seen a window of opportunity when those of Riak and Lam split from main stream SPLA/ M and formed Nasir faction because of the way Dr Garang was running the movement. Bear in mind that Nuer had been subjected to horrendous killing by SPLA/ M, after Dr Garang took over the command of SPLA/ M and subsequent declaration of movement of its policies which were: A. United Sudan and B. Democratic and secular; these policies collided with aspiration of people of South Sudan who took arms to fight for self determination after demised of Addis Ababa agreement in 16.5.1983.
    Dr Garang to pursue his policies of united Sudan he had to start war with South Sudanese whom he accused of being reactionaries and therefore they had to be silenced or killed and in the process many South Sudanese who were pioneers in South Sudan resistance movement for instance, Ayanya two and individual patriots fell victim of Garang tyranny.
    Second, Dr Lam didn’t have militia nor collaborated with khartoum as you alleged in your comment. The split of 1991 was a blessing in disguise because without it there wouldn’t be independent you took credit of as usual without shame. As I said, lies and distortion are component of your make up because your environment has an influence on your mind set and therefore you don’t feel shame to lie because it’s who you are.
    Look at what your fascist leader Kirr and his so called Jieng council of elders ( JCE) who embarked on killing innocent Nuer in Juba in 2013 on false accusation of coup by Riak Machar and his cohorts which Kirr couldn’t substantiate in court of law. Is this the Jieng leadership you are proud of? A leader can’t embark on killing his subjects because his fellow Jieng were killed during liberation by Nuer or Collo for that matter when you are supposed to be a president of all South Sudanese and not Jieng or Dinka.
    You should feel shame and indignation of your people I mean you Jieng leaders who are responsible for destruction and demise of a country came to being on the sacrifice of all her ethnic components and not one ethnic as you claimed that Jieng are the ones who have liberated South Sudan. Again a lie without shame.
    Third, the influx of Jieng in 1983 to bush was not motivated by patriotism nor by zeal as you alleged but, the division of South Sudan into three regions of Equatoria, Bar Ghazal and Upper Nile by president Numeri’s in 15.5. 1983 and subsequent displacement of Jieng from Juba was a catalyst in the influx of Jieng to join the movement because majority of them had nowhere to go except to join the armed movement. Of course, the big numbers of jieng who had joined the movement gave them advantage over the rest of ethnics who were already in movement and not because Jieng were or are more patriotic than the rest.
    In conclusion, South Sudan under leadership of Kirr and his so called Jieng council of elders which is reminiscent to fascism is doomed to disintegrate because the rest of ethnic will continue to take up arms and fight Ethnocentric regime led by kirr and his( JCE).

  7. False Millionaire says:

    Set Kiir and the JCE appart and u won’t meet so many observers disagreeing with u.
    But u being a shilluk with the land conflict between u and padang jieng hanging over u,what right do u have to lash on Garang who did his best to defend south sudanese aspirations including those of collo’s masses?
    Why don’t u ask those of Pagan Amoum and Oyi Deng Ajak if their political life hasn’t become hell without Garang?

    The problem is,u write english fairly well and that makes the impression of u as some body who has gone a long length in learning.
    Critical attention to the military failure of Anya Anya movement was the subject of home work for every pretending southern intellectual u included in the pre revolutionary period leading to the foundation of the SPLM/A.
    If u weren’t in the sky then,why blame Garang now who had neutralized northern nationalities like those of the nuba Mountains,of angisna,of the blue nile and of Dar fur?

    Having had those nationalities fighting on the same side with the southerners,the south was almost libertated before the betrayal named,”the Nasir Declaration”.U appear foolish with your argument in defense of such grave backstabbing.
    But be assured to have the right to your opinion not withstanding your wrong side in the debate.

    Things are moving very fast in case u aren’t a blind fellow.
    JCE,Kiir,Riek or Lam,every thing is gone too beyond what they can control.The same Garang whom has unduly become your object of critism will be missed so terribly in no distant future.

  8. GWADO ADOR says:

    Mr False Millionaire, and others

    What struck me here is the level of your comprehension of which I believe it won’t take us any further beyond ‘1991 stereotypes’.

    As I have been following your line of argument for sometimes now. I have come to the conclusion that all that you knew was about the issue of “Dr John Garang being ‘stabbed from the back’ by Riek Machar, Lam Akol and Adwok Nyaba”.

    According to you, it was the situation that had led to the setback in the independence timeline at least for two years had it not because of that incident.

    Strangely enough you couldn’t go even further to back up your argument by enlightening us on how would Garang had done differently from what is happening today to avert the sticky situation between ‘Collo and Padang’s land dispute’.

    To be honest with you, I disagree and don’t see any sensible point you have raised about Dr Garang being the ‘saint’ who wouldn’t have allowed Padang to confiscate Collo land by using government machinery. All that you have raised were utter nonsense!

    Ironically, I blame and hold Garang responsible for what is happening today in South Sudan, because he was the one who brought Salva Kiir up and closer to his circle.

    Dr Garang knew very well that Kiir was harbouring extreme tribal tendency and hatred against other non-Dinka ethnic communities.

    Thus, in the eyes of Dinka politicians and intellectuals, Kiir was the right person to implement Dinka dream following the independence of South Sudan!

    Of course, by contrast, Garang is more benign and shrewder in the handling of affairs, unlike Salva Kiir who displays all the time’s features of ruthlessness, cunningness, straightforwardness and readiness to use brute force against his opponents.

    By analogy, Garang did not benefit from Presidents Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and Samora Machel of Mozambique who gave very good examples of how freedom fighters could do and work to transform the life of their own people.

    Following independence, both leaders managed to rally people behind their leadership without any discrimination. Everybody was proud of being called a Tanzanian or a national of Mozambique.

    Samora with his slogan “Aluta Continua”, fought vigorously against tribalism, nepotism, corruption and superstition.
    He employed patriotic tactics to rally people behind him and distributed jobs according to merits and skills but not on tribal affiliation as we see today in South Sudan.

    Unfortunately, Garang did not benefit from his exposure to Tanzania’s politics of liberation movement in Africa.

    Thus, we were not lucky to have him as a leader whom we would have been proud of and shade tears as you might have asserted. This is irrelevant!

    In pursuit of your cherished dream to reunify SPLM again, I am afraid that Tanzania would not be of help to you anymore after Garang had squandered all our chances.

    If I were you, I should be worried about the wind blowing now from West Africa. Better alert Salva Kiir!

  9. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Ador,
    History is the correct mirror to south sudan’s fortunes and misfortunes.
    The anya anya movement rising up in a struggle for liberation of an independent south sudan,they sought to fight the north as a single block without any effort to neutralize northern nationalities whch were also victims of marginalization and mistreatment by ruling northern elites in Khartoum.The result was a pure military failure but yet got accommodated with the Addis Ababa Agreement.

    The southerners regrouping in Juba for an atounomous south sudan within a united sudan,there was no question of developing south sudan than caring for one’s mouth,the elites’ misconduct that ended up fracturing southern sudan into three regions with each one divided furher into mini provinces.
    The northern elites under Nimiri found a wider window of opportunity to exploite and such territories as Bentiu were bound to be annexed to the north owing to the presence of huge oil reserves beneath them.
    If u speak of Any Anya II,u aren’t contradicting yourself if u say it was a representation of Anya Anya I which was still bound to suffer military failure.
    Garang picking up the pieces and stitching them togather to be in harmony with global realities as assistance for arms was to be had from those who could see the movement in a wider sphere that inspired regional and global implications,it was the best option to declare the slogan,”United Secular Sudan”,with the clause of self determination for southern sudan should political forces in Khartoum refused the concept.That’s exactly what has happened at the end.
    If there isn’t any pride for u in witnessing an independent RSS,it’s your personal problem.Garang finished his job most brilliantly not withstanding those he had kilt to get there.He can rest peacefully in his grave as a hero.
    There are those on earth who appreciate the principle of job well done and I am one of them.U won’t be disappointed to see me and my likes applauding u if u ever managed an achievement like Garang.

    Corruption that’s the evil chracteristic of RSS’ life,it isn’t a perogative confined to be practiced by elites of certain ethnic groups than a generalized illness in the conducts of all the elites in possession of power.
    It’s a grave irresponsibilty from your part to speak of corruption and nepotism and attribute them to jieng when in reality your tribesmen like Pagan Amoum and Oyei Deng Ajak are also chief thieves among the ranks of corrupt elite in RSS.

    Personally I am pessimistic.
    Your display of inferiority complex about the wind of changes blowing from,”West Africa”,is another naive judgment that will never move things by one single inch if your intention is implication of subjecting RSS with the force of the wind that would bulldouze the tiny Gambie’s dictator.
    Please grow up and start speaking of Trump and US in conjunction to England becouse they are the meaningful forces with high stakes in RSS.
    Of course,it wouldn’t help your cause if u heap up hopes and say US and England will come in for the sake of solving such problems as padang jieng and collo’s land disputes than coming in for their own economic and global political strategic interests in the jungle where the wise and powerful crushes and exploits the weak and foolish at the same time.

  10. Lokosang says:

    To those of Abel Magok, Alex, Mading and many others why do you only think and believe that South Sudan would never exist without the dominance of Dinka?
    I am not against Dinka as a tribe nor against any tribe but I am against any backward, ignorant, rotten and primitive behaviours being imposed on others in the name of a tribe. I believe in a nation that treat all its citizens as equals not some are more equal than others like the story in the animal farm if you have read it.
    For you to make a correct judgement of any situation, you must think independently as an intellectual minded person but not as a follower other wise you will never get it or understand what is right or wrong.

    I don’t know when will you understand. What happened in December 2013 was your own making. The UN, US, UK, Norway embassies even your messiah Moseveni all said there was no coup but you still dwell on coup rhetoric.
    You can’t justify your illusive coup by killing innocent Nuer, women, men and children.
    Every citizen deserve equal right to be who he/she want to be not only a Dinka. Why do you hate the Nuer is it because Riek wants to become the president? and the same you apply to others except for a Dinka then it is OK. Is it not a hypocrisy? In a democratic society it is the right of the people to elect whom they want to lead them not on tribal bases but on the qualities of a leadership. In terms of political party, it is the members who have right to elect the right person to represent them as the leader of the party not only some few individuals who claim to be the custodians of the party.

    What happened in 2013 was the process of democratic transformation within SPLM party which Kiir and JCA rejected it and turn it to be a coup just to snatch the democratic rights of SPLM members.
    If you don’t have shame ask yourselves why all police commissioners in South Sudan are Dinkas? Why the executive, the judiciary and all the apparatus of the state are being controlled by only one tribe?
    People are sick of hearing this unjustified rhetoric that it is the Dinkas who liberated SS denying the immense contribution of others. Why do you want to change the facts of our history? Have you forgotten that for South Sudan to get independence people of SS voted overwhelmingly for separation?
    In the holy bible, there is a quotation that says remove the dirt in your eyes before pointing to your brother. You always talk about 91 coup by Dr Riek and Dr Lam have you forgotten that late Garbino attempted a failed coup in 1985? You remember there was a rumour that late Dr John was killed. Have forgot Arok Thon Arok sold SPLM/A docements and was revealed to SPLM by a white man who was a friend to SPLM. How many times Garbino joint our enemy and he and Arop were killed by our enemy? Have you forgot that President kiir attempted a failed coup in Yei in 2004? And the reason he failed was because Equatorians refused to joined him.

    If you forgot history let me remind you this, yes the war of liberation started in Bor but what happened. SPLA was pushed by Jalaba regime up to Equatoria land and without the immense contribution by Equatoria sons and daughters and other tribes in South Sudan including Nuba and Ingesna people I don’t think you alone would make it. You started the war and you ran to refugees camps in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and other countries and only few of you who remain with Equatorians and other tribes manage to defeat SAF all over Equatoria accept Juba. From there SPLA consolidate itself and was able to extend its military might to other areas.
    Time has come for you to think independently and make a correct judgement otherwise you will remain beating the drums of tribalism.

  11. mading says:

    Lokosang. I don’t have time to answer everything you said about Dinkas, but there is one thing I want to tell you, if Dinkas would have ran to those countries you mentioned, there would have nothing call South Sudan today. Not like when many of your Equatoria men who used to called themselves Congolese or Ugandans when asked by SPLA soldiers who were looking for soldiers, when they need help. Yes Kerubino and Arok Thon tried to caused troubled but they were not supported in the Dinka lands, because our people did not want to support spoilers of our war with Arabs. And that is what you Equatorians and your Nuer Nyagats don’t see. Your Arabs Supported Equatoria Defend Force and SPLA Nassir of Riek Machar at that time caused SPLA so many soldiers.

  12. Lokosang says:

    Mading, I am not talking about the civilians but about SPLA soldiers who abandoned the movement and ran to refugees camps. I personally know majority of them. The list is too long to count.

    You only accept the evil deeds of the dead ones forgetting the evil deeds of the living. Why don’t you have the gut to accept the failed coup attempt by Kiir in Yei 2004 prior the signing of CPA.
    Kiir and some JCA after failing the coup, they collaborated with the regime in Khartoum including M7 and some international players to kill Dr John Garang and indeed they succeeded. You can deny the facts but in this dynamic world, truth can not be buried forever. It is just a matter of time.
    You people have to eliminate your born to rule illusion. Come to your sense and accept the beautifulness of our ethnicity. South Sudan is big enough for all of us. Instead of wasting our human and natural resources, let us accept our mistakes and set up some fundamental frameworks how to govern our country in a way that is fair and acceptable to all of us.

  13. mading says:

    Lokosang. KIIR did not carried out any coup, he disagree with late Garang over leadership change. If Kiir tried to take over power from John Garang by force, there would have been fighting like when Riek Machar rebelled against Garang in 1991,and you know what happened in Juba in 2013 when Riek tried coup second time, that is why war is going on now in South Sudan. So what happen at that time was a simple disagreement which was resolved in Rumbek in 2004 with out a single bullet being fire between Garang and Kiir,s supporters, got it? Lokosang I am not one of your so called born to rule, I want our country to have a democratic system that make leaders elected base on qualification, not on tribal association that is why I don’t support coups. The few men you called run a way may be wounded soldiers who may went for treatment or those who went to refugee camps to visit relatives, not like when many of your people used to called themselves foreigners to avoided joining SPLA. Now you are calling Dinkas cowards because it is food time in South Sudan.

  14. Amb. Emmanuel Aban says:

    The corruption in South Sudan is real. Those in the government are behind the exploitation of the Country finance.
    John Amara, a member of Jienge Council said, Stephen Dau, the Minister of finance is reportedly keeping millions of dollars stolen from South Sudan in the USA. In his recent visit to America, John Amara, a mayor in South Sudan said, “Stephen Dau, the minister finance had stolen millions of dollars and damped it in the USA, and yet people are working in South Sudan without payment”.
    John Amara confirmed that, Stephen Dau moved his family in the USA and put his children in expensive schools at the expenses of poor and suffering South Sudanese. South Sudanese must follow Stephen Dau and his family closely for embezzlement of the public finance.
    Some Dinka are already fighting hard, they want Stephen Dau out of the Ministry. Dinka Bhar el ghazel wanted him out for three reasons.
    1. Stephen Dau is not from Bhar el ghagel
    2. He is preventing the Bhar el ghazelians from stealing
    3. They discovered where he is hiding the stolen money
    Dinka Bhar el ghazel wanted to dominate the government from the presidency to the watchman of the country. For none Dinka communities, the situation in South Sudan is deteriorating daily due to corruption.

    Amb. Emmanuel Aban
    For/ the Spokesman,
    The National Democratic Movement (NDM)

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