1. Redivision says:

    That’s not going to happen!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      It’s just what some might wish to happen if Johnson Olong, the ‘Rambo’ in Malakal, who has the power to briefly and single-handedly capture the town of Malakal, defeat the national army, and most spectacularly, cause the governor to flee to Juba…. otherwise!
      Let’s just imagine, if there were no Ugandan Army in Juba and Olong teams up with Peter Gadet and the others in the bush, and they come towards Juba, will Kiir wait or rather he runs away….?

      • cos says:

        I respect your imagination.Now see how things are happening.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          How about if the Rambo was in Juba itself….. and did what he did in Malakal, now peace would have possibly come as kiir surrenders.
          Just an imagination, again.

          • J.Chin Jacob says:

            Dear editor,
            I am afraid you and the like of Elhag and Akulia ‘re likely to commit sucide should your day-dreams and evil wishes fails to happen but i am of the opinion that you need to try other means and leave your tribal or regional believes because your pathetic presumptions will never work as long as the Mighty Tribe (DINKA) exists in South Sudan.
            By the way, who is stronger between your two tribal allies, i mean who is strong b/n Dr. Riek who has been planning his moves to dislodge President Kiir as he execute his plan within the capital Juba and he was thoroughly disciplined until he shamefully fled the capital city and your new-found-mate aka General Olony who was entrusted with Military equipments by the government and he unfortunately turns those equipments against his general command?
            I don’t want to hear or read that you guys ‘ve desperately commited sucide as a result of your failed false dreams because I want our Editor-IO to continue managing our posts and comments while i want Elhag and Akulia to keep on feeding us with their nonsense against Dinka.

          • info@southsudannation says:

            J. Chin Jacob,
            While greatly appreciating your sardonic comments and sarcastic praising of my role, I seriously think you have utterly misunderstood my numerous interjections and editorials on the current situation in the country.
            In fact, if there is anything praise-worthy and nationalistic that we (the trio mentioned) have not erred or done is committing the ‘political suicide’ of ever becoming members of the SPLM or being domiciled and subservient employees of the defunct Kiir government.
            Supporting and abetting the necessary and needed changes and overthrow of the dead beat SPLM/A regime along with the pervasive domination of one ethnic group is a noble and patriotic duty of any sane citizen who has the nationalism and love for his/her country.
            Mighty empires and kingdoms have come and gone in the long history of mankind.
            Your so-called ‘mighty tribalism’ is just one enigma that will eventually face the reality of history, sooner if not later.
            Let me seriously just remind you that Kiir today is the last glue that is keeping the SPLM/A under the so-called ‘mighty’ tribe uneasily together. When the time comes sooner for Kiir to face his inevitable physical termination, the domino effect will kick in and South Sudan will be completely transmogrified, for better or worse.
            In the meantime, I thank you, presumably so, on behalf of the trio for wishing us well and not ever contemplating any commission of suicides just because of this homo hominis called Kiir.

          • cos says:

            Kirr would have not surrender but Juba would have been like Sodom and Gomorrah.

  2. Elhag Paul says:

    Do we have culverts, foxholes or some other rudimentary hiding places in Juba? If not, President Kiir should spend some money because he and General Paul Molong Awan may find them handy when Rambo visits town.

  3. Akulia says:

    Spectacular depiction!! Not an implausible scenario at all.
    M. Akulia

  4. False Millionaire says:

    Sadly he is a chocolate soldier!!!

  5. Batali says:

    Thompson Olinyi is somehow a confused mammoth who doesn’t have clear vision, but only would want to defend his ancestral land from occupation of the Dinka who ultimately murdered his deputy in his attempt to discuss ways and means of getting Dinka settlements in and around Malakal, supported by tribal militia. The likes of Olinyi and Obutu Mamur are good puppets of Salva Kiir because what they are after is their daily cramps of bread and corrupted millions of dollars that could fall from the table of Mr. Kiir. And should the scenario turn to be the other way round, certainly, Mr. Kiir with his Assholes will find holes to take cover in, for foxes must run into their holes. Uganda will remain sacrificial lamb for this ongoing war because of the thirst for blood money from South Sudan. They (Ugandans) don’t know that any money that comes from South Sudan bears blood from those who died during the wars that were meant to free their ancestral land from oppressors.

  6. toomuch says:

    Kiirbola have been saved by his husband Musevine from ultimate defeat in Juba sooner or nearer two month from now. One tribe domination and money looting will never work as long as other tribes can resist.

  7. cos says:

    why not posting more imagination nowdays?we still need more of it.

  8. donny donni says:

    Give peace a chance,and let’s build that country called south sudan,brick by brick

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