Massacre of Civilians by Government in PAJOK and WAU in succession continues unabated: PDM Release


In just this month alone, South Sudan is again in the news, not just for the ongoing wide spread famine in the country, but because President Salva Kiir’s illegitimate Government is continuing on its path to tear the country’s social fabric apart.

In a succession of fresh massacres of civilians, the SPLA and Mathiang Anyor on 3rd April 2017 attacked Pajok, Eastern Equatoria and conducted public executions of civilians, burning their houses and forcing thousands of them to flee across the border to Uganda.

In Wau on 10th April 2017, Mathiang Anyor militia members went on killing rampage from house to house murdering innocent civilians in reprisal attacks for the losses suffered by high-ranking SPLA military officers in battles with opposition forces!

It has been proven on several occasions that Kiir’s illegitimate government policy is to exact revenge by cold-blooded murders of innocent civilians whenever the regime suffers losses in battle with the opposition.

PDM press releases in recent months repeatedly highlighted similar atrocities in Yei, Wundruba, and several other villages in Equatoria.

PDM strongly condemns in no uncertain terms Salva Kiir’s illegitimate regime crimes of genocide against the people, for which he bears full responsibility and must be held accountable and brought to justice.

PDM calls on the Region, the international community, the UN, the AU and Troika countries to unreservedly condemn President Salva Kiir’s atrocities and genocide against the people, and isolate this illegitimate regime that is denying UNMISS access to Pajok and makes a mockery of its public claims to promoting National Dialogue in the country whilst carrying mass atrocities.

PDM supports immediate actions to prevent and protect against the continuing massacre of innocent civilians with impunity by Kiir’s regime.

The scorched earth policy of premeditated attacks and massacre of civilians in Pajok, Wau, and Kajokeji are abated and aided by the regime’s continuing access to oil revenue, which the regime spends on armament and killing its own people to remain in power and silence all opposition to it.

The UNMISS is unable to protect the people in what has effectively turned into South Sudan becoming the killing fields of President Salva Kiir illegitimate regime.

The UN Security Council, IGAD, JMEC and AU seem impotent to sanction Kiir’s illegitimate regime for the crimes and atrocities it is committing against the people.

Instead of the oil proceeds being used to fend off the widespread famine in the country and feed the people, it is diverted for business interests of Government elites and their partners in crimes in the regional and international system.

PDM urges and calls on China to stand with the people, its oil resource interests in South Sudan are best served not by a murderous and corrupt regime, which cares less about the country’s and it’s own human rights record.

PDM looks to China for support to the country and the people by its solidarity with UN Security Council efforts to impose sanctions on Kiir’s regime, thus not aiding war on the people by the failed Juba regime, and denying it access to millions of dollars from oil that benefits only the regime.

PDM is at pains to note that UNMISS is unable to effectively exercise its protection of civilians mandate, yet it continues to consume resources for not doing its job, and is being obstructed to carry its duty as in Pajok lately, which makes Kiir’s illegitimate regime get its way to cover up its crimes against the people.

As the recipient of aid from many Western countries to enable its peace keeping mandate in South Sudan, including to prevent commission of crimes and genocide against the people, tax payers of resource contributing countries should demand more accountability and results for their money.

PDM takes the position that the failures of leadership and governance that the country is now facing and urgency to ending the civil war can be resolved by committing to a new approach as follows:
• Proceeds from the oil in South Sudan, should be exclusively ring fenced for feeding the population, averting famine and addressing pressing health service sector priorities, and not a single penny to spend on armament or weapons of any kind. The UN Security Council needs to intervene and exercise the responsibility to protect and to avert genocide against the people by the failed illegitimate Juba regime.
• Acknowledgement and recognition that ARCSS implementation has failed, and Salva Kiir’s regime without ARCSS legitimacy is to be isolated by the Region, AU, international community, IGAD and Troika for his prominent role in the collapse of ARCSS and the genocide in the making
• Security Council to enable UNMISS to effectively discharge its protection of civilians mandate unfettered
• An arms embargo on South Sudan; PDM calls upon China and Russia as leading members of the UN Security Council with a veto power, to play their historic role of protecting vulnerable people against all forms of tyranny and oppression, and to refrain from using their legitimate right of veto to protect or lend support to a genocide and collapse of South Sudan under failed President Salva Kiir leadership against the wishes of the people.
• PDM acknowledges and appreciates the role of the Egyptian people, their stand with the people of South Sudan. PDM wishes to appeal to Egyptian leadership to uphold its long standing support to the people of South Sudan, and their interest as it has done since the 1970s, that Egyptian Government refrains from supporting Kiir’s armament to commit massacres of civilians, which undermines Egypt’s own interests in the stability of the country for mutual best interests of both countries.

PDM stands with the suffering and tormented people of South Sudan who continue to endure unimaginable violations of their dignity and human rights by the conspiracy of world silence on Salva Kiir’s regime crimes, while the country desperately needs to direct exploitation of its abundant natural resources to avert famine and salvage the collapsing economy under the corrupt Juba regime.

Dr. Hakim Dario
PDM Chair
Signed: ____________________
CC: UNSC, AU, TROIKA, IGAD, SS Community Leaders, Media Houses
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“The degree of liberty or tyranny in any government is in large degree a reflection of the relative determination of the subjects to be free and their willingness and ability to resist efforts to enslave them.” ― Gene Sharp, From Dictatorship to Democracy

ABOUT PDM: The People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) is a popular grassroots Movement formed by concerned South Sudanese in the country and the Diaspora; in response to the political crisis and fast deteriorating economic, humanitarian and security situation in the Republic of South Sudan. It seeks to offer the way forward amid heightened ethnic polarisation and devastating conflict in the country, encouraged and abated primarily by President Salva Kiir’s divisive Government policy, incompetent, oppressive and corrupt leadership.


  1. Dinka Enclave says:

    This is just another anti-Dinka propaganda and false allegation because the SPLA only targets the rebels who were using Pajok as save heaven to execute their evil deeds. Dr. Riek thought his rebellion was going to be so easy and quick one. Why you Equatoria wants to follow the foot step of an evil and murderous person like Dr. Riek Machar. Remember we are in the same boat. If Dinka is destroyed the whole South Sudan will be destroyed. Why running to Uganda I thought you want to liberate South Sudan from Dinka. Your evil deeds of targeting innocent Dinka civilians along major high ways is not going to work because the response will be huge and severe. The same goes to the so called Fertit of Wau whose hands are soaked with the blood of innocent Dinka civilians you killed for no other reasons other than that they were Dinka. The Fertit of Wau even killed their own daughters, sisters and their children because they got married to Dinka. Why killed your own daughters, sisters, nieces, nephews simply because their fathers happened to be Dinka. Shame on you cowards. Kiir government will go but the whole Dinka will never go and this is a bitter truth that you need to swallow and live with it for the rest of your life because Dinka are brave and strong.

    • Tell me something that I did not hear, we are tired of beautiful region in the middle of Africa but was turn the Region of death. You Dinka Enclave, the time will tell, there is a different between Dinka is Brave or Dinka barbaric .

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