Many things going on in South Sudan that I’m not happy with

By Daniel Juol Nhomngek, Kampala Uganda, NOV/18/2016, SSN;

I am not happy with what is going on in South Sudan. All citizens are being held at the mercy of the leaders, whether in the bush or in the government.

Every day I hear the sad news is that the governor so and so in the state so and so has sacked employees and so and so employees have been removed or relieved from their duties.

Sadly, all sacking that are carried out are not followed by the reasons as to why the employees are being sacked.

In other circumstances, one hears the announcement over SSBC that the ministry so and so informs its employees who are absent to report to work within so and so days and the failure to report will lead to the decision being taken by the board and the decision of the board shall be final.

Such a statement that the decision of the board shall be final is a fallacy because in the country where there is a court of law, the administrative decisions are never final. It is always subject to the review by the Court of law and the decision reached by the Highest Court is always final.

On finds in some occasions that Judges are demanded to work according to the directives of the authorities and if they try to think and behave independently, they are fired. Hence, turning judiciary into mouthpiece of the executives, that fails to protect the rights of citizens.

As a result, citizens are being robbed by some authorities at daylight because they do not have avenues where they can claim their rights against authorities as Courts of law are in the pockets of the executive or power hungry individuals.

The uncertainty created by the actions of the authorities of frequently dismissing workers in the government creates insecurity in the employment and because of that it becomes one of the sources of corruption in the country. This is because an employee as soon as he or she takes office begins to steal the resources as much as he or she can since he or she expects to be removed at any time without being tasked to account.

In addition, the authority who removes the employee does not account by giving reasons for the removal of the employee.

such removal or sacking affects citizens negatively. For example, one finds the governor dismissing doctors or health workers from the hospital simply because they have demanded for the improvement of their working conditions.

In effect, we have fought the war but South Sudan has not got independence as it is part of Sudan that has mutated into South Sudan by replicating all the injustices that were in the North.

Thus, perpetuating the same injustices that we took arms against the Khartoum Regime. In fact, we I am talking about here should not be taken advantage of by the rebels.

To say the less, rebels are not saved from what the injustices I have just explained above. They have the same tendencies of using unwarranted authority. For instance, Riek Machar some time back was purporting to relieve some of the rebel commanders even when he did not have actual authority and control over them.

He was just power hunger and did not know what he was doing. Thus, Riek claims to be a democrat but like some government authorities in South Sudan he does not the rules of democracy in his rebellious mind.

In short, there are many things I hate in South Sudan and unless we change our attitudes towards and the perception of power, we shall never go anywhere.

The way we perceive power is something disturbing. We have perceived power in King’s style. This is why when a person is appointed he or she changes instance.

He or she changes from sociable person to isolationist individuals. It is very bad. Unless we change our perception of power, which is from absolutist views to democratic views then I am afraid, We shall fight endless wars.

When I talk of democracy I should not be mistaken to mean that which exists in the USA but I mean a situation where citizens are treated fairly and given fair hearing when they are wronged and authorities must also learn to be accountable not to the USA or another superpowers but to South Sudanese who are superpowers of South Sudan.

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  1. Daniel Juol Nhomngek,
    How dare are you? If not due to the corrupt practices, how do you survived in Kampala? How pay for your rent, medical, and other expenses? Is it budgetted under the corrupt system you are mockingly complaining of, when you are benefiting from the proceeds? Stop complaining for the purpose of seeking public opinion. Read sentry report and find who are the spearmasters in corruption!!

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