Malong, SPLA Chief of Staff, threatens Dar Petroleum over currency deal

JUBA (15/Sep/2015), Radio Tamazug;

South Sudan’s top army general Paul Malong Awan has sought to intimidate and threaten managers of Dar Petroleum Operating Company over a currency deal supposedly rebuffed by company officials, according to corporate and security sources in Juba.

Talks between Malong and the Chinese-Malaysian company came to light after the SPLA Chief of Staff took a large armed escort with him to company’s offices on Wednesday last week after returning from Rwanda.

According to one of the company’s staff, Malong called a meeting with the company’s managers and allegedly demanded the release of millions of dollars to him personally.

Multiple corporate sources elaborated on this, explaining that Malong had money in South Sudanese pounds that he wished to convert into dollars and had been told that Dar Petroleum was selling some dollars to support their local operations at the present market price and this was being done secretly.

The sources said that he got this information from some of the staff of Dar and having heard this he wanted to change his money but not at the current black market rate and not at official rate. His offer was reportedly at 7.5 SSP per dollar, significantly lower than the street rate on the black market but significantly higher than the official forex and bank rates.

After company managers declined this offer, some were taken away by armed forces for questioning but were later released, according to one of the sources.

A security source further revealed that Malong, still furious, also approached the National Security Service about the same issue, requesting the Service’s Economic Intelligence unit to investigate Dar Petroleum for illegal currency dealings.

The security source would not verify that that company managers were arrested but did confirm that Malong had attempted to get some dollars but failed to secure them after disagreeing on an informal rate.

Finally, a military source claimed that Malong’s recent visit to the company headquarters was only a “familiarization visit”. The source denied that Malong had threatened or arrested any company officials or was involved in black market currency trading.

The military official downplayed these reports as a smear campaign against the personality of the chief of general staff.


  1. Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

    The truth will never be intimidated and those who do business while in the government offices are thieves and against the economy of South Sudan. They must be treated as such and forced to pay. It is against the law because no government officials is allowed to carry out illegal trade

  2. AGUMUT says:

    Sactioning wouldn’t help unless they close all borders,those who will suffer the most are those at UNMISS Camps. Those people have to be free if the so called the rebels care of people instead of positions positions,TOP positions and their primitives New Lech ( Leeches) States in Upper Nile.

    • AGUMUT says:

      Sanctions or sanctioning will not solve any problem.

      • majok david says:


  3. Guet Athina Guet says:

    It’s hard to believe that the top general will go that low … someone is spreading some vicious gossip, god help south Sudan. May god bless president Kiir and keep him safe, and may god bless south Sudan.

  4. Hi, Guys:

    Paul Malong Awan,has made a serious mistake altogether! He has no right to go to the company to ask for money the U.S. Dollars in the hard currencies for conversion.He himself,he is in military.He supposes not to go there at all! He should send the soldiers working in account department to do it the banks in civilian banks without him in the military! He should be given a military discipline from repeating again in other time in future!

    Jackson County,MO.USA

  5. Hello south Sudanese,
    Paul Malong Awan has exceeded his role as chief of staff. There are numerous rumors too that, the General has been committing errors and crimes all along. Leave alone threatening the peace deal, planing for croup, ignoring the president, and now threatening the Dar Oil Company with the needs of dollars. Ho no!, there is no smoke without fire. This guy will give the president a lot of trouble, he posses serious threats to the peace of the nation. Salva Kiir should do one thing, and one thing only: fire the General and put him into prison. We have to remember what Idi Amin Dada did to president Obote One? Obote was advised to arrest General Amin several times, but he ignored the advises. Then what happened in 1971 when Obote left for Singapore, Amin toppled the government and made Obote on the run for many years. Paul Malong is an ambitious man, illiterate, unqualified for the job of chief of staff, and he has failed to quell the ongoing rebellion. Why the president continue to keep a venomous snake as a pet is a great puzzle. Paul Malong Awan must go, he needs to be replaced and must be replace soon.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Oyet J. Lokilchong,
      You have drawn a nice similarity between Malong and Iddi Amin of Uganda.
      In fact, Obote, like kiir, used Amin to get rid of those opposing his regime then. But when Amin successfully accomplished his assignment and president Obote then wanted to get rid of General Amin himself, Amin said, why, after all that I did for him, Obote, now wants to get rid of me!
      So, Amin, who then had the absolute control of the Army, easily overthrew Obote.
      Similarly, Paul Malong has done all the killings for his jieng brother president Salva Kiir and if Kiir now wants to get rid of him, certainly, Malong will take it as political ingratitude from Kiir. The other jieng commanders, majority of whom are from Malong’s own Bahr el Ghazel region, could actually push Malong to make the coup, of course with the support of these jieng commanders, and the coup will be successful.
      But then, the dilemma for us South Sudanese is: An illiterate, idiotic buffoon like Malong, like Amin, becoming president of the Republic of South Sudan.
      And like Amin, Malong will first go to SSTV and ask the nation, “who is this person who doesn’t like to give me ‘dollars,’ arrest him and ‘na piga rasas,’ meaning I will shoot him.
      Watch out, ye foreigners now denying soon-to-be president General Malong that elusively precious dollar….he’s coming for you!!!!!

      • Deng Monymor says:

        Lying and hypocrisy have become the driving forces of this Forum. Pretty soon, we will see how the Editor of this Website is going to become of all the things he pretends to hate–tribalist, hate preacher, dictator, and all the nasty things he is claiming to be a self-appointed preacher against.

        About General Malong, Radiotamajuz, Sudantribune and this website have one thing in common: preaching hate against certain national in South Sudan by all means, including creating lie and distribute it all over the world for their Mighty US to act for them. For this wishful wishing, I say your hateful agenda will never be realized as long as you sit in foreign countries hoping for your dream to be achieved for you by foreign agencies. Keep preaching, you will make us see more of you that we never have seen before.

        I realized you have been blocking comments you don’t like in this website. Is that not a dictatorship and the so-called freedom of expression you hypocritically been lambasting against?


        • info@southsudannation says:

          The editor only deletes comments with abusive and profane words, otherwise, my fellow countryman (I easily connect with the country with just a click or tap everyday), rest assured that we don’t hate anybody. We rightfully and righteously criticize the bad deeds of those you so adamantly support in spite of their egregious crimes in South Sudan.
          But, again, that’s your right to defend them just as it’s the right of others to condemn the same.
          Take care,

  6. Guet Athina Guet says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, remember there’s something call “evident”. hearsay is not fact, one of you need give out prove that he really committed crime, so he can be held accountable. So far no one came with concrete evident, just because he’s a Dinka does not make criminal as some of you are insinuating. All I see here is an intense hostility and aversion, Dinka tribe are the object of hatred …. so much hate of one particular tribe is not going solve our differences … God help us all.
    May god bless president Kiir and keep him safe, and may god bless south Sudan.

  7. Alier-kon says:

    Dear Oyet and Editor,
    As I have been telling you that most of you are pregnant in hatred and tribalism which will be disaster to your selves very soon.
    to come to the point Malong Awan did not go and asked for hard currency which prove by the company that on radio tamazju as irresponsible reporting and they were told to withdraw their statement immediately within 24hours. so for you it seem that what is behind your comments as hatred only to word Dinka community and we will not ignored that behaviors at all as I have said the first thing is to be honest with yourselves by no creating the inspiring thing to lives.

    • Eastern says:


      Stop this hiding behind dinka much as you are a dinka; doing so will make us continue to fire at dinka as a tribe without differentiating who is the offender. People lump you Dinkas with the ills bedeveling the current because you don’t want to allow Kiir, Malong, Makuei, et al carry their own crosses as individuals!

      You should be aware of this now, dinkas can never become a threat to asouth Sudanese; natural geography has dictated that you cooperate with Misiriya and the Equatorians for you to survive.

      Come to think of it!

      • Alier-Kon,
        As a human beings and as south Sudanese, no one hate the Dinka at all. It is only Dinka BEHAVIOR of intimidation, warrior like attitude, killing, corruption, nepotism, chaos, and force dominance is what orchestrated such dislike for the Jieng people. The Dinka culture is incongruent with all other tribes in south Sudan, I can tell you, even the neighboring countries are fed up with the Dinka’s behavior. You will agree with me that the Dinka are worst than the Arabs in all conceivable purposes. That is the fact and that is why federalism is the key to avert such obnoxious behavior and bullying by the Jieng people. By the way, have you heard the recent development about your maharajah Paul Malong Awan? Don’t you think it is difficult even for a Leopard to hide its spot when in a military camouflage?

  8. Alier-kon says:

    Dear OyetJ.L,

    there is a quotes saying if you have one finger pointing at somebody, you have three pointing towards your self.
    and I hope there is no medicine for hates which will cured your chronic disease to words Dinka.
    if we are the worse then Arab and so what? the only option is the end of world to you.

  9. majok david says:


  10. Alier-kon says:

    Dear Majok,
    what had happened in Juba?
    you are a fly fall in the cup that is full of milks because you don’t know what you are saying.
    If you talk of Juba what about 1991? what had happened at that time in Bor?

  11. Kwacha says:

    Un blievable. The top military Commander in the Nation can not do that!

  12. anyar says:

    imagine if you are not confused, you shouldn’t compared the Dinka and Arab. Dinka who have turned out in big numbers and took arms against Arabs of which now a day you are the real beneficiary of their sacrifice and struggle. those chief have made it successful from oppressor. so you guys should bark for reality.

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