Malakal: Series of massacres and destruction

By Dengdit Ayok, South Sudan, APR/28/2015, SSN;

Malakal, that town which had fallen on the bosom of river Nile as if she was thirsty and wanted to keep herself, drinking from its pouring mighty stream and in fact she is, was and still is one of the most beautiful towns in the country.

It is a glorious and glamorous town that had seen calmer days and much relative peace and stability during the wartime, which was considered to be the longest war of this continent — than post war time.

It was an umbrella sheltering her sons and daughters under her leafy shadows as a hen hides her chicks under her wings, where there is safety and sense of tenderness and passion.

The town had been visited by evil and frivolous hands after the guns went silent and the emergence of peace in 2005. It was during this time that the ruling Ingaz regime (meaning salvation) in Sudan, and which did not save a single soul, used Gabriel Tanginya (a warlord) to spread death and corruption, resulting into the killing of innocent people in Malakal in 2006.

Sadly, the same warlord repeated the same tragedy in the same town in 2009.

I had wished to visit Malakal in peacetime; nevertheless, I could not make it, except in wartime, a few days after the eruption of war in Juba in December 2013. She had appeared attractive and charming to me from the air, but I found her utterly destroyed after the aircraft landed.

The airport was in good condition, but the neighborhoods and shops and marketplaces were an exposure of a massive destruction.

Her children who survived death in the crossfire painstakingly made it to the UN headquarters, some had fallen. Their bodies were horribly inflated in a scene that makes the heart shed tears before the eyes.

Vultures fed on bodies of the poor people that were redeemed by the blood of the martyrs who had sacrificed their lives for them in the liberation war in order for them to live!

Birds of prey from the sky gathered to feed on the corpses of our beloved people who should have lived in peace!

In the army barracks, I held my breath in an attempt to avoid inhalation of the air which was overshadowed by the bad smell of the rotten corpses of the soldiers who were said to have been engaged in sporadic shooting, but I almost lost breathing.

I took pictures of those dead soldiers. A Kenyan journalist working for the Associated Press captured a very horrible picture that was widely circulated on social media. Here is the picture in words:
“A soldier in full uniform, fallen on his back, with his face towards the sky, a raven flying over him, and an eagle devouring his carcass. He was lying down near an old bulldozer, in the barracks”.

On our way back to the airport, the UN team was digging mass graves for the dead people whose bodies have filled the town and the river. Woe to warmongers and warlords!

The town later witnessed attacks and battles of hit and run between the government troops and rebel forces; death toll grew higher among our people in Malakal. The town was devastated and broken into pieces, due to the repeated battles over its control by the government troops and the insurgents.

In the middle of last week, when fighting intensified between the soldiers under the command of Gen. Johnson Olony and the bodyguards of Mr. Governor Simon Kun Pouch, according to reports, I knew that citizens who have returned to Malakal in the recent times were the victims of that senseless fighting.

All those battles have turned that beautiful town, lying on the bank of the river Nile, to nothing.

I wondered: Has the warlords finally designed the fate of Malakal to death and destruction? If so, as it is the case now, how long will it go on? Why the war seems to have refused to abandon it since those chaotic days of Tanginya? Why should the civil population be subjected to such a disaster?

This must stop, and the perpetrators must one day face the court of justice, not under this government, but another government.

The magnitude of desolation and killing that Malakal town had witnessed is higher than the rest of the towns in Upper Nile region – it is a double destruction. If the ongoing destruction and killing in the region was to be distributed in portions, then Malakal shall undoubtedly have the greatest portion.

Woe to killers and devastators! The stage that the ruin has reached in Malakal is like that of Jerusalem, the capital city of the Jews in the ancient times.

I am weeping for that town which became a mass grave for her sons and daughters, when it was their beautiful town and their home, in which they lived and had their dreams.

It is so sad that their lives ended in that horrific manner, which is not acceptable to the heaven before the earth.

When Peter the apostle of Jesus Christ drew his sword from its sheath and cut off the ear of the High Priest’s servant during the arrest of Christ in the orchard, Christ said to him: “Those who kill by the sword, will also perish by the sword,” and so, was it the case for those who brandished their weapons in the face of Malakal.

People do not deserve killing and death, but life, peace and dignity.

I was very much affected by what happened in Malakal last mid-week. The impact of that damned war on me was a serious psychological blow on my mind.

Nonetheless, no matter how long this night may take, the daybreak will surely come. And I have expressed this faith and hope in a poem I called, “A Hopeful Cry for “Land of Great Abundance”.

Here are its words:
Oh, my land,
I cry for you…
Thy sons whose hearts
Hatred has settled,
are devastating you day and night…
They have forgotten you;
they have forsaken you and your welfare…
Shelling, bombing of towns;
and militarization
has become a daily culture…
Malakal is burning,
Hands of treachery are still causing
More disruption and division
among our communities..
Your sons have fallen all over,
They have fallen for no right!
Died for no cause!
Thou shall not be at ease,
and taste peace and tranquility
except when the hands of treachery are gone,
The sun of eternal peace shall then rise all over you,
then the desolated towns shall become houses of smile,
then shall we see you beautiful,
and glamorous in giggling of children;
in the joyful ululations of our mothers,
and in songs of our shepherds…
Then the sun of hope will rise again,
We make our way forward,
Strong and united,
Build the homeland of our
pride and the land of our ancestors;
live in harmony,
Sleep with our eyelids fully closed…

Mr. Ayok is a journalist and political commentator. He is reachable at


  1. Dengdit Ayok,

    As long as Salva Kiir is alive and still in power, South Sudan will never be out of death. Dictatorship comes with permanent humiliation of particular ethnic groups. Humiliation of people based on ethnicity creates resistant to unethical laws. Resistant by humiliated groups generates war. The results of war is death, hunger, and displacement.

    • Bol Akuol says:

      Bentiu Ramaran:

      Those who see the war as way of live would never appreciate any leadership in South Sudan even if president Kiir leaves. The culture of your tribe is fight, loot, rape and flee to the neighbouring Countries. South Sudan will never enjoy peace and tranquility as long as Nuers carry guns in South Sudan. Do you recall how many wars you fought with the Dinka before we achieved our independent in 2011? well, you Nuers said the same thing when late Dr. John Garang was leading the SPLA/M movement. you tried to overthrow him because he was not a good leader. Now you are saying the same Bullshit with president Kiir Mayardit. Fools, Why don’t you just shut up and move to Gambella, Ethiopia? I came across your vicious lies on the Nyamilepedia website yesterday and I dropped some cluster Bombs on your Basket there. please don’t blame it to the Ugandan troops. It was a work of General Bol Akuol. Raanmiidit, I will follow you, refuting your lies everywhere you go on the social media until you quit and retire in your muddy Luak in Leer, Unity State.

      • Bol Akuol (Lokudud Gatkuoth Garang),

        Nuer are inventing the future, but Dinka are destroying it. Nuer have been playing a central role in transforming South Sudan history 10 times more than Dinka since 1903. Nuer are for the betterment of South Sudan and equality among South Sudanese in general unlike the Dinka who are for leadership only and humiliation of others base on tribal line. Dinka’s leadership brought big shame and untold crimes in the South Sudanese’s history.

        Nuer are the first people who accused British in the history of Sudan leave South Sudan for slavery in 1903. Both Diu was the first person who called for a Federal Constitution 1947 and in 1951 while he was a secretary of the Southern Sudanese Political Movement, which latter changed the name to Liberal Party in 1953. Benjamin Lwoki, was the Chairman of the Liberal Party. Benjamin Lwoki was from Equatoria. Deng Nhial wanted to be the chairman of Liberal Party, but Mr. Both Diu told Deng Nhial no, Mr. Benjamin Lwoki was good at his position. Consequently, Deng Nhial quitted Liberal Party, collaborated with Arabs and worked against Liberal Party until Liberal Party was completely dismantled and abondoned in 1958.

        Two years latter after the disintegrating of Liberal Party, traitor Deng Nhial was killed in 1960. Both Diu called for Federal Constitution on March 26, 1951 and again he called for Self-determination in 1954 after determining Sudan was not implementing Federal Constitution. Dr. Riek Machar called for Self-determination in 1991, called for Federal Constitution in 2013, and he called and formed National Reconciliation Commission in 2013.

        On other hand, Dinka-Deng Nhial made unsuccessful attempt to hijack the leadership of Liberal Party in 1954. Dinka-Abil Alier, hijacked the leadership of General Joseph Lagu in 1972. John Garang hijacked the leadership of Gai Tut Young in 1983. Salva Kiir, hijacked the National Reconciliation leadership in 2013 formed Dr. Machar in 2013. Dinka have never come up with something new, but they always hijacked other people’s work. You see Nuer have been playing constructive leadership role not only in South Sudan’s history, but also in the Sudan’s history.

        Nuer did not make Secular United Sudan possible, but replaced it with Self-determination that you enjoyed today. One again the same Nuer and the same Dr. Machar who discarded Secular United Sudan are going to trash the dictatorship tendency of goofy Kiir soon. The South Sudan, in which Nuer is a part will never allow dictatorship to take root. Nuer will never allow colonization and re-colonization of South Sudanese. In conclusion, Nuer are inventing the future of South Sudan, but Dinka are destroying the future of South Sudan.

        • Bol Akuol says:

          Bentiu Ramaran:

          Naming or inventing something is totally different from achieving something. Yes, indeed Nuer are so good in naming or inventing things but they are not good on accomplishing anything at all in Soth Sudan except looting, raping, massacring innocent people and destroying properties/infrastructures in the Country. Therefore I consider them as absolute pain in the Buttocks of South Sudanese people. Nuer has never achieved anything good militarily and politically in South Sudan since 1947. Please take a time to examine the political attempts that your Nuer leaders have exerted in South Sudan since 1947.

          Both Diu called for the federal Constitution and invented Liberal party in 1947. Did he achieve anything politically. No. Nothing at all. Johnson Kuany, Samuel Gai Tut, Abdallah Chuol and Gordon Kong formed the Anyanya2 movement in 1976. Did they achieve anything militarily and politically? No. nothing at all. Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon defected and formed the so called Nasir faction in 1991. Later he (Riek) hanged the Nasir faction to the SPLA/M United. Did he(Riek) achieve anything politically? No. nothing at all. Again he(Riek) changed the SPLA/M United to SSIM(South Sudan Independent Movement) Did he achieve anything politically? No. Nothing at all. General Peter Gatdet Yak , General Paulino Matip Nhial, General Gatluak Gai and many Nuers generals formed the SSLA( South Sudan Liberation Army) in the late 1990s/2000s.Did they achieve anything militarily and politically? No, nothing at all. They all ended up in failure and shamefully returned to Jalaba in Khartoum. They did not even accomplish the self determination which they had been calling since 1947. Com on Bol Akuol? I think you are lying about Nuer’s political and military achievements. Who Brought KPA(Khartoum Peace Accord) in 1997? Was it not Dr. Riek Machar? Well, Comrade Bentiu, What did KPA bring to South Sudan except shame and weapons to White Army which inflicted self wound to the people of South Sudan. Come on Bol Akuol! I thought we (Nuer) brought you self determination. Well, Comrade Bentiu, How did you bring us the self determination while the so called Father of self determination, Dr. Riek Machar returned shamefully and empty handed to the SPLA/M in 2002?

          Please lend me your blind eyes, deaf ears and stupid mind to read below what the mighty Dink and other South Sudanese heroes and heroines achieved militarily and politically in South Sudan. Read and comprehend who precisely invented and planted the seed of the self determination in the history of South Sudan.

          Father Saterino L’huor and General Joseph Lagu formed Anyanya1 in 1955. Did they achieve anything politically? Yes, indeed, they achieve self rule or the so called High executive council in the history of South Sudan. Did you see what the Equatorian leadership brought to South Sudan, fool? Late Kerubino Kuanyin Bol, late Dr. John Garang and president Kiir Mayardit plus many Dinkas fought along side General Joseph Lagu and non of them attempted to overthrow Joseph Lagu until the Addis Ababa Accord was signed in 1972. Will Nuer do that if they were majority in Anyanya1 movement like Dinkas? Of course, not. They would have overthrown General Lagu, split the Anyanya1 movement and run to Khartoum. And general Joseph Lagu would have ended up in failure and self rule would not have been achieved in South Sudan.

          Late Kerubino Kuanyin Bol, late, Dr.John Garang, late Arok Thon Arok, General Kiir Mayardit and many Dinkas formed the SPLA/M movement in 1983. Did they achieve anything politically? Yes, indeed they achieved the CPA, referendum and the independence of South Sudan. General Wani Igga, General Obuoto Mamur Mete, General Thomas Cirilo, General Samuel Abu John and many others from Equatoria, 63 tribes including Nuba and Funj/Ingasna people stood faithfully and firmly behind the Dinka leadership in the SPLA/M movement. Who betrayed the SPLA/M movement in 1991? Nuer. Who betrayed the independent of South Sudan 2013? Nuer. Who is presently destroying and betraying the interest, freedom and sovereignty of South Sudan? Nuer. What do those idiots(Nuer) want precisely in South Sudan? Food and presidency. Who initially asked for the federal system in South Sudan shortly after the independence of the Republic of South Sudan? Was it Dr. Riek Machar(Nuer) or the 3 governors of greater Equatoria namely Luios Lojor, Joseph Bakosoro and Clement Wani Konga? If so, How it became Nuer and Dr. Riek Machar’s Idea? Well, they hijacked it as they did to the SPLA/M IO.

          Have there anything that invented or named by Nuer worked well in South Sudan for the benefit of the entire people in South Sudan? No, nothing at all. What about the self determination in South Sudan? Well, the self determination was the idea of Father Saterion L’huor, General Joseph Lagu and many South Sudanese including Dinka generals who participated in Anyanya1 movement. And Why do the Nuer claim it to have been achieved because of Riek Machar? Well, honestly it is because they are so stupid and they don’t know anything about the history of South Sudan. How did they bring the self determination to South Sudan while they were in Khartoum and with Khartoum fighting against the SPLA/M movement? How could those liars(Nuer) bring the self determination to South Sudan if they can not liberate themselves from Ethiopia in Gambella? Naming something, calling for something or inventing something does not mean anything at all unless otherwise you achieve it militarily and/or politically…period!

  2. Jacob Adut Mabor says:

    Dear Brother Dengdit,

    I am so much touched by your article! As a compatriot who deeply shares the same sentiments with you, I read your painful lamentation with tears word after word, line after line and paragraph after paragraph! When I reflect on the phenomenon of South Sudan, I get profoundly overwhelmed by the magnitude of suffering to which our people are being subjected! As a matter of fact, the level of cruelty and intolerance among the South Sudanese people has precisely surpassed human imagination. Although you clearly pointed out that light would eventually overcome the current prevailing darkness, the road will be long in as much as the country is still deeply infested with intransigent warlords who own their own tribal militias and who do not value human life. Anyhow, let’s dwell in “HOPE”! Together with you, my heart pours out in solidarity with the victims of this senseless mayhem and self-destruction! God help South Sudan. Amen.

  3. Kenyi Kenyi says:

    May your fake tears end up in air….May your fake blames disappear in air…. May fake comment be neglected by South South Sudanese…
    Why do you cry for Malakal after Johnson Olany revenging the killing of his deputy; but for not for his deputy when he was killed by illiterate of Akoka Dinkas Youth?
    Why do you cry for government soldiers when Nuer civilians died in Numbers and continue to die day by day?
    Why do you magnify Killing of your fellow brothers but not Equatorians, Nuers, Murley,…..? Why? Why?

  4. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Dengdit,
    I am very happy to hear of you.I hope you will never compromise to forget the pain of the first trial as to lower security precautions.The hardest circumstances of economic difficulties have weakened the mean old elephant named SPLM/A and it will likely hit the ground without a bullet.So watch your foot brother.Great citizens like you will be desperately needed for recreation of new RSS!!!

  5. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

    Dear Fake Journalist,

    Please be advised to go get a real life. A real life cannot be achieved by pretending and faking journalistic. A real life is the life of truth and life that fears-God. Your writing tells us that you do not possess that kind of life. Truth concealing isn’t what God expect of us. Why quote bible in vain? God told us in his holy body to not be a false witness. Think of Juba genocide and compare it to your narrative of Malakal. You will easily see how big a liar you are.

  6. Kwacha says:

    It is a pity. The cause of this miseries is the so called primitive militia generals obsorbed in the nationa larmy from nowhere. The likes of Gabriel Tanginya, Johnson Olony, Ismail Konyi etc..etc… Most of them are from Upper Nile. This is the consequences. It is time the SPLA should re structure the army and retire these idiots.

  7. Ogalam says:

    Dear Dengdit,

    Surely the daybreak will come as you put. And this will happened once Kiir is removed from the power. We are almost there. A liberator turn a dictator killing those who elected him as president does not deserve to be the president of South Sudan. The day Kiir became a tribal chief, the man lost the legitimacy given to him by the people of South Sudan.

    He caused this rebellion and he has to go now not tomorrow. As one of the founding father of America put it ” it is obedience to God to rebel against a Dictator”. It is therefore our duty to remove this scar of shame called Kiir from leading us.

  8. Kong P. Tongluot - SS says:

    Mr. Dengdit
    Biggest illusive tosh expressive poem on current fakes war in our newly state South Sudan which caused by so called president, Salva Kiir Mayardit. I have been reading a lot of unfair and justify commences, similar your commence in particular from dinka guys, I sincerely to inform you that, this war is between Nuers and dinkas, though, Mr. killer, Salva Kiir and his sycophants, include you are pretending of war between rebels and government about allegedly coup attempt in SPLM Reforming political Bureau meeting by compassionated leader, comrade Dr. Riek Machar Teny on dec15, 2013.While government’s gaatlonjiook (gangs) vast majority dinkas denial thinking on route caused massacred of individual Nuers innocents women, children and elderly in Juba dec15 – 19, 2013 which triggered current war? Unity, peace will never prevail. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .

    Because of this fake war caused by Salva Kiir himself and his cohorts will never be stopped,why? While Salva and his broke away dinka elders don’t apprehends their crimes against humanity and killing the people, and continues to selling out our money for mercenaries Ugandans and Sudanese rebels to kill more South Sudanese in large and Nuers ethnicity in particular.The peace wouldn’t be attractive prevailed in South Sudan within Salva Kiir and his groups, because you are massacring people of using state machineries at same time you will be reckoned peace and benefituary one, that will never happen.It’s known, Salva Kiir lost legitimacy, and his sycophants are insisting to extend him in power means that current war must continues, you were seen many brutality things had been done be dinka government since CPA singed in 2005 a lot heiniously activities.Your dead logan minded will never unite this nation. End

  9. Abiel says:

    Thanks. Dengdit Nuer destroyed Malakal and Colo does but when you see Denka come and destroy Malakal town then the parment peace will come.

  10. Grim_Reaper says:

    The bigger picture is what should be done to dinka….. look at what they did to the Shilluk, they wanted to kill Oliny but failed and now there plan has back fired, pray that this two people don’t unit…. Why do Dinka like to people? as yourself this simple question and you will find the answer is deeply rooted to there greedy ideology of being born to rule and they see anyone as a threat and this will only make things worst, this war will be worst than that one of Mundukuru, people will die but this tym the tides will change and i think the dinkas will have to face the music since everyones’ eye is now open….. by orchestrating a fake coup just to kill people.

    • Bol Akuol says:


      The time of threat is over. Please pick up your gun and go face the Dinka in the real life/war and not on the internet. There is a saying that “Dogs bark while camels walk on their normal pace”. If Dinka could stand up for the Arabs whom some you saw them as a living God in South Sudan, we can stand up for any monkey like you in South Sudan. Please stop threatening Dinkas and pick up your guns otherwise we would just treat you like barking Dogs on the social media.

  11. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

    Bol Akuol,

    Cease misleading people immediately. Who is who in South Sudan is now known. The cowards who rely heavily on mercenaries and taking credit for foreigners’ achievement are known. The gutsy with two pair of healthy balls who are facing different nations are also known. After this war, South Sudanese will be pointing figures to the cowards and phrasing the braves. Anything with beginning has an ending as well. This mess has begun and it will end. The ending is coming sooner or later.

    • bol akuol says:

      Nuer- The looters in South Sudan:

      There were no Ugandan troops when the gelbeny and mathiang anyor drove you out of Juba like women on December 15th, 2013. There were no Ugandan troops when we drove you out of south sudan to khartoum and gambella in 1991. There were no Ugandan troops when we crushed your anyanya2 and disbanded in south sudan. There were no Ugandan troops when the gelbeny and mathiang anyor chased Riek Machar away from his headquarters in Nasir in march, 2014. Cowards, Are you having difficulty remembering your masters in south sudan? Please bring your commander in chief, Riek Machar back to south sudan before you waste our time talking about the men with real balls in south sudan. Does Riek Machar, the C in C, has real balls like kiir mayardit and wani igga? If so, then Why is he hiding with his real balls in sheraton hotel in Addis Ababa? When are you coming to loot juba, bor, bentiu, malakal, nasir again mr. Looter? Cease bragging on the social media and come face gelbeny and mathiang anyor right in your backyards. Get Riek Machar and your parents out of hotel and UNMISS camps before you talk about the real men with real balls in south sudan coward.

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East AFrica says:

        Bol Akuol,

        What did you cook for UPDF and Nuer-wew?? How are you fingers feeling from those long hours of cooking and dish washing?

        Uganda’s troops were brought to South Sudan before the incident. You can continue lying for that matter if it makes you feel any better. Had it not been for them and General James Hoth Mai, you wouldn’t be smelling matoke in Juba right now. Keep cooking for them.

  12. Hoiloom says:

    Bol Akuol

    The Internet Warrior, Riek Machar is in Pagak right now and not Addis Ababa as you want us to believe. Your God Father M7 promised to crush Riek in 4 days that came to pass. King Malong promised Riek’s head in 30 days and failed as well. Don’t tell us that UPDF, JEM, SPLM-N are not involved in this war when the evident show the contrary. Despite all these mercenary forces you won’t crush Nuer. We shall talk again when all is said and done, keep living in illusion.

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