Make 2018 A Year of Decisive Action: A call to patriotic revolutionary & democratic forces in South Sudan

From: Peter Adwok Nyaba , JAN/02/2018, SSN;

South Sudan People Organize Do Not Agonize:

The republic of South Sudan is in deep social, economic and political crises. There seems no exit out of this situation except by complete destruction and transformation of Kiir’s ethnocentric totalitarian regime. The IGAD and international community’s attempts to revitalize the agreement on resolution of conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS) signed in August 2015 will only raise false hopes in the people.

The CoH (Cessation of Hostilities) signed on 21st December is already a dead document consequent to its violation before the ink dried on the paper.

The February 2018 resumption is likely to carry no meaningful impact due to competing respective national security, economic and political interests of these countries, their lack of legal and diplomatic tools to force the regime to implement the agreement or any of its variants, and fragmentation of the political and armed opposition to the regime.

The political and military weakness of the SPLM/A (IO), which inadvertently led to the proliferation of political and armed opposition groups and the resultant collective weakness inherent in their divisions and in-fighting created a political military situation that allows the regime to perpetuate itself in power in spite of the deepening economic collapse, state failure and collapse of its institutions.

The regime is banking on the military defeat of the SPLM/A (IO) and ensnaring the people into believing that peace is around the corner.

The people of South Sudan enter the New Year 2018 without hope for peace, social harmony and meaningful change in their economic hardship.

The continued government military offensive throughout the 2017 preventing the rural population from engaging in agriculture and food production means that famine, already recorded in many places, is bound to force mass displacement and heightened humanitarian catastrophe in South Sudan.

In fact, millions are already in refugee camps in DR Congo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. The civil war has raged this long because the regime, the armed opposition and the political opposition stand on the same ideological platform.

The dominance of right-wing idiosyncrasies prevented the evolution and cultivation in the SPLM/A (IO) of scientific knowledge of the contradiction underpinning the civil war, and the emergence of critical and strategic thinking in the conduct of the war and charting the appropriate solutions.

This rendered peace with the regime its leadership’s overriding preoccupation in order to recapture the lost power position, while Kiir’s lack of interest in power sharing rekindled the fighting and returned the country to war.

Power for its sake rather than destruction and transformation of the totalitarian regime drives the divisions within the opposition and absorbs their political energy. This struggle centred on leadership and personal power will therefore soon lead the opposition groups to a dead end.

The SPLM/A (IO) now managed from a house arrest in South Africa may not sustain itself without an ideological shift, and as long as some individuals in the membership entertain the falsehood that only Dr. Riek Machar can provide leadership notwithstanding his personal failures.

The SPLM as a leading political force in South Sudan has outlived its relevance consequent to the CPA 2005 and the independence of South Sudan in 2011, which both terminated the task of war of national liberation.

The present situation is a direct product of the SPLM leadership failure and explains why attempts at reunification of the SPLM (IG), SPLM (Taban Deng Gai) and SPLM (FPDs) bordering of treacherous auction of South Sudan’s sovereignty in Cairo and Entebbe, is not making any headway.

Although ideological basis exist for reunification of those factions nevertheless their greed for power and lack of concern for the suffering of the people does not allow them to sacrifice individual positions.

The current political crisis in the country should be viewed in positive light as the drivers of change and social transformation.

The fundamental contradictions remain the centuries-old condition of socio-economic and cultural backwardness of the masses manifested in abject poverty, ignorance, illiteracy and superstition that submerged their consciousness and render them susceptible to manipulation by the political leaders.

The ethnocentric totalitarian regime will not succeed to resolve this fundamental contradiction even if it won the civil war as long as it pursues liberal economic policies that link South Sudan, in an asymmetrical relationship, to the global comprador capitalism in the context of extraction and plunder of its natural resources.

The essence of national liberation was to completely free the national productive forces from every kind of foreign domination.

South Sudan is living what the Marxist categorize as the stage of national democratic revolution. The masses of South Sudan are inspired by freedom, justice, fraternity and prosperity. They readily mobilize and engage in armed struggle to realize these ideals.

They did this as Anya-nya during the first civil war against the oppressive regime in Khartoum; they did it again as Anya-nya 2 against General Gaafar Mohamed Nimeri; they rose in their tens of thousands in the SPLM/A in the twenty-one year war of national liberation from the minority clique regimes.

They are now in arms against Kiir’s ethnocentric totalitarian regime.

The missing link in their struggle remains the inability of the right-wing leadership to tie up the struggle against Kiir’s regime to the issues of social and economic development to transform the oppressive reality that submerges their consciousness.

Thus, in the last four years it was a war for personal power not for transforming the oppressive reality. This is obvious in the areas that the SPLM/A (IO) had controlled since 2013. There is nothing to show for the struggle the people have waged.

It has become imperative to break this vicious cycle.

The way to do it is for all the patriotic revolutionary and democratic forces wherever they are, whether in the different political and military factions or in the civil society, to rise to the task of saving the country from imminent collapse, dismemberment and disappearance into the oblivion.

Let us make the year 2018, the year of decisive action against the war for personal power ambition.

We can make a difference by mobilizing, organizing and unifying our ranks across ethnic and provincial lines to transform this situation into a revolution; the national democratic revolution and the construction of the national democratic state to address the fundamental contradictions in state and society.

This requires us to create discussion groups and fora to educate ourselves and our people about the tasks before us and to build consensus around these issues.

Whether a soldier, a civilian, a politician or a laity, you have an important role to play in transforming this situation of apathy and helplessness. Let us raise high social awareness and political consciousness.

The time to save our country is now or never!! 2018 is the year of decisive action!!! Soon, unless there is decisive action, life under the regime will equal death!!!!

Long live the struggle of the people of South Sudan
Long live the memory of the martyrs
Long Live South Sudan.

Peter Adwok Nyaba
31st December 2017


  1. False Millionaire says:

    Dr Nyaba’s revolutionary thaughts are the same thaughts Dr Garand had entertained.But playing saved from the first hour was the very reason why the masses Dr Nyaba is refering to joined Garang in great numbers and stayed put down to the CPA notwithstanding the extreme difficulties that were brought by the 1991 internal rebellion to which Dr Nyaba constituted a centeral party among the masterminders.
    Politics is a game of ideas and good politics is one that must resist the test of a debate.This is the same Dr Nyaba who have written so tirelessly ending up putting Kiir’s regime,the JCE and the jieng ordinary masses as one and the same three tenticles of a hydera that must be fought without mercy.It’s jieng ordinary masses who have born the suffering so greatly as aresult of that malicious generalization.On one hand,they are the subject of road targeting as is the case in equatoria and many other places where they could be found under compromised security conditions.On the other hand ,it’s the same jieng who are bearing the consequencies of the development that isn’t forthcoming from the part of the same Kiir’s regime.At the end,the jieng are now backed up against a brick wall and saving the face is the order of the day than the illussion named south sudan as a country which Dr Nyaba is here floating up as the reason for his article.Which why could a point of understanding for that common objective come from when a sheer sharing of a table for tea with old friends who aren’t one’s ethnic kins has become impossible?.
    It isn’t wrong to accept ignorance as a personal choice.But things are moving faster and it may not take too long for the likes of Dr Nyaba to get the prove that the South Sudan that’s in their dream no longer exists.So it is no longer a bad idea to go mobilize your kins for defense from fellow neighbours.That’s the point their ill leadership has taken us into.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      This former detainee who is part of the mess in the country needs to wake up and acknowledge that they the Jieng are the framers of the current mess. Is it not their quest for supremacy that has led to the sad things in our country? He needs to read Hustin’s article published in this website. It would be better if he could shut his filthy mouth full of lies. Shameless moron!!!

  2. Bismark says:

    There is no doubt that this Yaba is a liberal, patriot and a great political thinker. South Sudan needs many of those. He just can not deviate from the truth for personal greed like the opportunists we have in Juba.

  3. Samuel Atabi says:

    Dr Adwok,
    You are a very brave man to call for a patriotic revolution in 2018, without prior preparation of the leaders to lead and education of the masses to bring it about. In my opinion, you and Dr John Garang are the only two people in the SPLM who have had proper education and serious understanding of a revolution. The only thing that might surprise outsider about SPLM being a revolutionary movement is the corrupted use of the word ‘bourgeoisie’ by the soldiers in the SPLA; they did not know and still do not what the word means. Most revolutionaries, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Mandela, and including Garang and a suspect you, were autodidacts, that is to say self-educated in matters revolutionary. It took years for these revolutionaries to distill their ideology before they stormed the imperialists’ citadels. But our revolution appears to have died with Garang; you are apparently the only lone revolutionary voice shouting in the wilderness.

    Just like in the Bolsheviks revolution of 1917, our ‘revolution’ has been brought about by “all kinds of rogues, deceivers, adventurists, and simple criminals” who have attached themselves to the power with one kind of criminal goal or another. They have ruined our hope. We were hopeful that your ‘Politburo’ was going to send you to Addis to lead this last chance battle of the wits, but disappointingly, your impeccable revolutionary credential has no appeal to your colleagues in the leadership. With the kind of delegation that has been selected by the IO, there is no reason to believe that the Taban Deng Gai’s debacle of the previous negotiations will not repeat itself.

    No, I do not think there are enough revolutionary autodidacts in our political sphere to bring about a revolution in 2018.

  4. False Millionnaire says:

    Mr Atabi,
    Did u see God in your dream for the begining of the New Year that u have opted to pay the jingei named Garang with his coins?
    Your cousin Alhag Paul is on the ranting beating around the bush as usual without the clue to the new scénario that’s taking the root.Now the jieng can enjoy the best of the two world’s either to stay with Kiir or simply join King Paul who is now set to fool you into believing that he is coming to constitute a backbone for your mean tribal io beast while meaning to open the gate for the jieng to submerge you in no distant future.
    What are you going to do now than accepting such à reality or hang yourself before the end of 2018.Just stop day dreaming of any change without jieng constituting the backbone.

  5. mading says:

    False M.
    The like of Atabi are known for being big internet warriors, but they don’t see reality on the ground. So please leave them alone.

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