Madi Community USA condemns Nimule killings of community members


We the Ma’di Community in the United States of America are deeply saddened, angered and aggrieved by the cold-blooded murder of our prominent business community members Mr. Daudi Kisire and Mr. Gwanya, in Nimule, Eastern Equatoria State, South Sudan on January 18th 2015.

We reject the killings and intimidation of our people in our own land. The Ma’di people are a peace loving people and, this is a well-established fact in South Sudan.

We would like to remind the nation, the world and the Human Rights groups that these killings have come at the heel of a massive security deployment in our ancestral homeland. On January 11, 2015, a midnight house to house arrests was conducted by the Juba government with over 200 civilians snatched in the dark of the night, out of their homes; some were children as young as 13 years old. Four priests were also arrested and detained.

We are yet again painfully reminded of the killing of our Paramount Chief, George Livio Ajugo that occurred in Sept 2013, leading to untold sufferings inflicted by the Juba government on our Youths and Community Leaders, in the name of investigating the crime, as is typical for tyrants, through tortures and unconstitutional detentions without charges and trials.

The Ma’di Community worldwide condemns in the strongest terms the killings of our people in cold blood in the name of maintaining security. We call upon the UNMISS and the International Community to take serious note of what is happening in Ma’di land and investigate the killings of this two prominent businessmen. We also call on the Government of Salva Kiir and his security apparatus to stop the killings and the arbitrary arrests of the Ma’di people in their own land.

Ma’di Community in the United States of America
January 19, 2015
From: Andrew Oweny
Country: South Sudan

Message Body:
Nimule 18 Jan 2015; By Andew Oweny: South Sudan Liberty News has sadly and regrettably learnt the tragedy shooting dead of Daud Kisire and Gwanya the owner of Motherland lodge in Nimule. The incident occurred at around 7:45 pm south Sudan local time.

Eye witnesses who have heard the gunshot couldn’t confirm the identity of the gunman, but immediate friends and relatives of both men have pointed fingers to government security officers, and neighbors who spoke in panic and asked for their identities to be concealed have confirmed seeing unidentified man running in the direction of Abila shortly after hearing the gunshots.

Some people in the close vicinity were terrified with the tragedy cold blooded murdered of the two well known Ma’di businessmen in what appeared to be a normal evening. They said there is nothing suspicious been reported and the two men have not received any death threat to their lives. Closed friend of two men said the killing could be related to business dispute with group of Dinka military men who have business partner with late Daud Kisire and Gwanya could have been an innocent victim.

Right now in small town of Nimule this suddenly killing of two Ma’di prominent businessmen have taken many in surprise and has brought back some fresh memory of the killing of late paramount chief of Nimule Boma, Livio Ajugo George, who was gunned down by unknown gunmen in September 2013, till to date his killer/s remained unidentified, but the local blamed his tragedy murdered on Dinka Internally Displaced persons/ IDP in Nimule, after the killing of late chief government has reacted forcibly by rounding up innocent youth and community elders.

Right now people are afraid that innocent people will found themselves in unknown environment, the relationship between the host community and their uninvited guests can be describe as unfriendly and tense given the host community are subjected into constant harassment by the IDPs roaming with guns been backed up by some elements of Dinka security personnel and government elites in Nimule and Juba.

Right now people are very shocked and the situation in Nimule is tense as security personnel are immediately been deployed at the scene, and Nimule is under curfew and what remain unknown to the local people is how the government will react to this latest killing of the two well known Ma’di businessmen, who were also believed to have bulk contracts of lucrative business venture with government elites both in Juba and Torit.

Andrew Oweny

South Sudan Liberty News


  1. Kondokoro says:

    why cant you wait till you know the truth you guys always talked of Madi Land or Madi people why not talk abouth south sudanese people ,is not going to help since you guys all after Dinka people

    • Opiombira Kiiriendeazale says:

      What truth are you talking about? Where the police does investicstions through tortures, what truth comes out this way? Anyone will confess a crime they did not commit if you torture them long enough!

      Also remember you do not have a functional leave alone an independent judiciary. FInally you have a nation where the President himself lies about a coup that is none existant! So what truth are you talking about???

      Just because Dinkas are nomads and have no fixed place does not mean they should turn all south sudan into nomadic society!! There is a land called Madiland and it shall always stay that was, untill you Dinka realize this, there shall never be peace in South Sudan!!!

  2. Loguca says:

    Dear fellow Equatorian, killing of our people in cold blood like what happened today will not stop, if we don’t do any thing as long as we still live this animals call Dinkas. Our Equatorian leaders in the government are just a bunch of huligants, they do not have voice. For how long are we going to sit back and watch our people murdered in broad day light as if they committed a crime? Something must be done about this Equatorians.

  3. False Millionaire says:

    Heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims.Doubious business,dirty money n violence could be more contextual to this crime than politics.Urgent state of calm is needed.May God have mercy!!!

  4. Stinger Mesile says:

    There’s no one , who came out of their mothers wounds with guns, we all found it on earth ( man made guns )
    Just brief ref: Hitler’s brutalities vanished at the end, therefore the killers in Nimule will be brought into their knees.

    Equatorians and the Nuer’s , we must not give up guys, untill the Jiengs must be flushed out off S Sudan so as to learn lesson.

  5. Eli says:

    My condolences to the families and to all Ma’di community in general. This is a very tragic event whether politically motivated or not killing of Ma’dis or people from any other communities is strongly condemned and there will be consequences for every crime committed. I have always warned that war is at our door steps. The only way out is to pick up arms and fight for vengeance, arming ourselves and protecting our integrity is the only way this insects with respect others. All prominent individuals MUST buy guns even just a pistol for self-defense and hire body guards to protect yourselves and your properties. WE MUST BUY GUNS AND ARM OURSELVES EVEN INDIVIDUALLY, THE COUNTRY IS IN WAR, NO ONE IS SAFE AND NO ONE IS BULLET PROOF. AN EYE FOR AN EYE, TOOTH FOR TOOTH.
    Eli Wani

  6. united 63 says:

    NO NO NO Governor Clement is telling you that you should be Neutral don’t do anything about it, JUST STAY like this till you finish.

  7. upiu says:

    condolences to the bereaved family.
    if current politics has anything to do with this cold blood murder of the two brothers then the Madi community needs not look further from within itself. mzee Kisire and family are considered to be sell outs by his own community because he co-operated with the govt during the recent insecurity situation around Nimule as he helped the govt security uncover the rebels training camp around Nimule. besides, he has a son who is married to a Dinka girl, so generally the local madi community were not happy with his relationship with Dinka community in Nimule besides his successful businesses.
    in Kenya they say, ki kulacho ki nguoni mwuoko.

  8. Loguca says:

    Equatorian, I want to assure you that this killings will not stop, unless something is done. We are peaceful people but, death have come to our door step for unjust cause. We have to fight to defend your selves. When Joseph Lagu started rebellion in 1955in Torit against the Arabs, they had no guns. All they had was bows and arrows. Why don’t we do that. Poison water from where their cows drink , and attack them wherever they may be. Enough is enogh

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