Madi-Acholi fight for the governorship of Owingkibur State

BY ANDREW OLWENY, Nimule, NOV/03/2015, SSN;

Like Hyenas and vultures rushing, pushing and scuffling for a Caracas, intense growling and gnawing grips the faithful of Kiir in all walks of life and all tribes of South Sudan including the Acholi and Madi of Magwi county. The Lion King has made the Kill and it has brought out the best of the best scavengers. Nowhere else in the nation perhaps these scavengers are hard at work than in Magwi county.

Those who had and are benefiting from the tribal and genocidal government of Kiir, a section of the Acholis and Madi people are scrapping and rustling to get their piece of the meat, with intense consultations among themselves headed by Madi political brokers and other community members to include Acholi, Latuho, Pari, etc this time, involving some less known political power houses, that have been sitting on the fence but very calculative characters the likes of Julius Moilinga, Arkangelo Ittore, Marko Aluma, etc.

Torit has been at the eye of the storm of this political power-broker’s market and it is here that the future of Eastern Equatoria is being gamble with as these opportunists dance at the tribal initiative of Salva Kiir, nodding “Yes sir” to every one of his words irregardless of its unconstitutionalities.

The key brokers are a segment of the Madi community members, known followers of Kiir, led by the shrewd deputy Governor Jerome Surur, Margret Itto and the MPs. Emilio Igga who had been called to Torit to be part of the game, and has just returned to Pageri.

According to a very credible reports coming from Torit, the political brokers are expected to call a massive meeting in Pageri on Saturday, November 6, 2015, to get the masses rubber stamp their initiatives. Some of their agents have already started mobilizing the Citizens to attend the meeting.

Key topics to be discussed in the rally in Pageri are:

*The nomination for the position of the Governor for “Owinykibul State”. The Madi and Acholi political brokers in Juba failed to reach an agreement on the name of the state. Some Madi lobbyists want it named Owninykibul. Morever involved Acholis wants it called Magwi state.

The previous nomination is returned for “wider consultation” by the authority. Juba wants “a rubber stamp” from Madi people about 28 the states. If Juba were to get this, then this will be in keeping with their lullaby that the people want it and have asked for it and have supported it.

This will be their argument as the pressure mounts from the international bodies to scrap the plan for the 28 states. These segments of Acholis and Madis seem bent to give Kiir justifications for his undemocratic act.

It has been leaked from Torit that the two names dispatched by Lobong to Kiir, Dr Margaret Itto and Mr. Jerome Surur which came to Juba from Torit has been returned back, for “endorsement” from the people.

By some report, this was Kiir’s attempt of buying times as Kiir is under significant pressures from his loyalists from both tribes, the Acholi side, JJ Okot who urged for an Acholi Governorship.

From the Madi side, the Brother-in-laws of Lobong, Jerome Surur and his followers never blinked their support for Kiir, therefore would like Surur to be the one rewarded for his loyalties, while his Madi people cursed the Kiir government and revolted against what they perceived as Kiirs oppressive and colonial agendas for the Madiland, to the benefits of the Jieng.

*In the anticipated rally, they also hope to get from the masses nomination or suggested names for MPs for the new state which ever that may be.

*Nomination or suggested names for Ministerial posts e.g. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

* Nimule Town Council- Who to replace David Eriga. The lobbyists in Torit said they need a Madi Citizen in Eriga’s place doing otherwise will cause more unrest in the Madiland and will make the work of the Loyalists difficult with the already strained relationships between the general Madi populations, Torit and Juba.

*They want the Masses to endorse the 28 newly created States and get the official position of Ma’di about it. This is to be done in short notice so as to say, the people have approved Kiir’s decree of the 28 states.

*It is also hoped that the rally goers will petition Kiir and request for new State to be called Owinykibul with its H/Qs in Owinykibul, which will mean a total of 29 states in the Nation.

*The orginizers from Torit are hoping the same day they will achieve filling of Forms by the nominated candidates at the same time collections of signatures of those who are supporting the nomination and Kiir’s 28 states. In short, the masses are the means to the end, Politics at its highest order.



  1. Eastern says:

    fools fighting over a non existent decaying carcass!!

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      How true Eastern. The languages used in this article best described the fools in our country. Indeed the lion King rules supreme and these others dives for Carcasses without questions asked. They are starving fools.

  2. Itikwili says:

    28 tribal state is a real joke; let alone Madi-Acholi state, what a nonsense! let these Madi-Kiir servants scramble; our eyes are on the new agreement and we shall see whether they will survive their machinations! the real Madi direct energy on substantive issues!

  3. Itikwili says:

    let the Madi Weu who scramble for a tribal state wander after the nonsensical new tribal federal state; we know who our real hero and liberators are!

  4. Toria says:

    Dear Compartriots;

    This message is to Ma’di, Acholi, Otuho and all the marginalized Communities of South Sudan in General;
    The creation of the 28 States is seen as devisive and segregationism by rest of the country, the policy of “divide and conquor”, a system invented by the colonial British that worked very well as you can see the result hitherto, and then it was coppied by the Arabs and now picked up by JCE and their followers.
    There is an outcry from everywhere even by the International Communities, as well as, there has been confirmation by some well known lawyers about how unconstitutional the decree was. Again there are already several lawsuits or petitions by the main Opposition groups lead by Dr Lam Akol,Righ Groups, etc; including the incoming co-partner in TGNU SPLA-IO to scrape this unconstitution act, nobody knows if the 28 States system will be fully implimented yet, there is a new rebel group in Upper Nile vowing to fight until the decree is reversed. So please, you people of good moral values need to use your God given intellect and stop following the blind like sheep. Stand back and think twice before endorsing this deal. This is purely an illigal act tribally driven by Dinka agendas to keep our people fighting among ourselves while they loot the country in daylight.
    Pres. Salva Kirr and his cohorts will one day be gone but the mess they leave behind shall be a lasting burden to the people of South Sudan for many generations to suffer from. It is a tactically calculated move by the Juba SPLA/(JCE “born to rule”) to confuse us about the main subject of “Federal System”.
    Say NO to “divide and control” policies of Kirr/JCE,and YES to FEDERALISM!!!!

  5. Peacemaker says:

    It is obvious that the JCE is employing “divide and rule policy” to maintain their fancy dream of 100 year rule over the Country.It is a farce!!

  6. Kwacha says:

    The decision by Kiir to create more18 states is already un popular for most South Sudanese. So it is unlikely that the 29th state will be there. Let Anna Ito and Jerome Surur scramble for Governorship of Imatong State. Eastern Equatoria is the only state which is not created on tribal lines because it has the Acholi, Madi, Pari, Otuho, Lokoya, Lopit and Lango.My advise is that Anna Ito should beg her master, Kiir to find her a position in the national Governement while Surur the current Deputy of Lobong becomes the Governor.

  7. Dear Andrew,
    We must be cautious of demanding for new states. If Acholi and Madi people wants their states it is well and good, and that state must be call Magwi State. Why do the Madi wants the state to be call Owinykibul? And why are they afraid to call the state Magwi? Madi hates Acholi so much but they can’t stand alone without the help of the Acholi people. Madi are opportunist, they never supported SPLA in the first place: they were with the Sudan government all along. Look at the activities of Anna Itto, Jerome Surur etc typically acts of traitors. They are just “like Hyenas and vultures rushing, pushing and scuffling for a Caracas.” They are Madi leaders with nefarious characters, idiotic, traitors, opportunistic, and evil, sorry for them. If we can revisit the past, I think we can shed tears especially on what Madi did to Acholi people and the SPLA. Now they are the first to tear the buffalo apart and claim for a kill. It is very unfortunate indeed and I don’t think the idea that each tribes should have their own state is visible. Imotong State can serve us better than breaking into smaller, tribal, and meaningless states.

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