Madam Rebecca Nyandeng calls on Pres. to resign immediately for tribal and poor leadership!

From Al Jazeera TV, FEB/26/2017, SSN;

South Sudanese politician Rebecca Garang, widow of SPLM founder John Garang, tells Upfront on Al Jazeera:
• President Kiir has caused a “man-made famine”
• “All of us, as the leaders of South Sudan, we did not lead our people properly.”
• “Our leaders are using the name of their tribes in order for them to cling to power.”
• “We are calling for a dialogue where the whole people of South Sudan are brought on the table.”

Last week, the U.N. declared a famine in two counties of South Sudan, affecting more than 100,000 people, with a further million people on the brink of famine in the country.

On Upfront on Al Jazeera this weekend, host Mehdi Hasan asked South Sudanese politician Rebecca Garang who is to blame. “Of course it’s the leader,” she replied. “…because it is a man-made famine… He did not…ah, all of us, as the leaders of South Sudan, we did not lead our people properly.”

Garang is the widow of John Garang, the founder of the SPLM, and is widely considered to be the ‘mother’ of South Sudan. After fighting in the second Sudanese civil war, she went on to serve in Kiir’s cabinet but has since become one of his leading critics.

Garang warned recently that “a genocide is looming” in South Sudan. On Upfront, she put the blame on both President Kiir and his former vice president, Dr Riek Machar. “Our leaders are using the name of their tribes in order for them to cling to power,” she said.

The 2015 ceasefire between Kiir and Machar hasn’t held, even though there are now 11 000 UN troops in South Sudan. “So what do you do?” Hasan asked Garang. “Do you have a new peace process? Do you try recycling a ceasefire? Are you calling for some kind of foreign military intervention?”

“We are calling for a dialogue where the whole people of South Sudan are brought on the table so that they discuss the issues concerning them because their government is not doing anything,” she replied.

President Kiir had similarly called for a dialogue, but she said, “He appointed himself to be the patron of the dialogue when he’s a party to the problem.”

“Are you calling for him to stand down: President Kiir?” Hasan clarified.

“Yes. He has to,” she said.

Hasan also grilled Garang on reports her late husband recruited thousands of child soldiers to fight for him; whether or not she had any regrets over pushing for an independent South Sudan, considering the subsequent fallout; and over her record as human rights advisor to Kiir, during a time when Human Rights Watch reported that government forces were responsible for extrajudicial killings and torture.

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  1. Dear: All Of Us

    The South Sudan is heading now in wrong direction due to the following reasons below:

    1- The South Sudan population is now DEPOPULATED BADLY because the people in the South Sudan,had left the South Sudan in neigbouring countries such as Uganda,Kenya,Democratic Republic of Congo,and Ethiopia.Again,in Khartoum in north.This has happened because of SENSELESS WAR in the South Sudan.

    2- Hunger,has threatened the people in the land in whole while the South Sudan has a bundant of food! I was born in the South.I have grown up in the South Sudan when I was a child,a boy,and a man.I have not seen a hunger loomed before in the South like what is happening now in the South Sudan!

    3- President Salva Kirr,by himself,has to go away from the power of his presidency at once! His presidency,does not make any good sense at all! If he wants to continue in politics,he has to leave his presidency to South Sudanese people. He was DISCHARGED FROM THE MOVEMENT IN BOTH SPLM/SPLA ONCE AND FOR ALL! He was no longer an active SPLM/SPLA membership today! He has to create his own political a part from SPLM/SPLA. I need a new leader to bring South Sudanese people together!

    In coming year 2018,no election will take place at all at this point! I want peace first before election! War has to stop after all! Thank you.May God bless South Sudan!!!! May God bless The late Dr.John Garang De Mabior! His death will not go in vain!




  2. mading says:

    Somebody should tell Nyandeng to shut up, and enjoy her looted.

  3. Dear: Mading!

    Be nice sir! What is your problem with First Lady Mrs.Rebecca Nyanding???!!! Sir, you’re not matching with her at all! You too small in her!

    If you want to express yourself,in comment,but you should not getting personal!! For you,what had she looted after all?? Do you have evidence to support you alleged accused allegation against??!!! Do have a wonderful day! The First Lady Mrs.Rebecca Nyading John Garang De Mabior,will make the South Sudan HOME BETTER!!!




  4. mading says:

    What a bitch? “Some children even leave their parents and they follow SPLA army, there was no official recruitment which was being done.”
    On the personal note, I was taken away from my parents by force in Sept, 1987 by SPLA area commander in her husband John Garang orders at age 10. We were taken to Ethiopia Pinyudo camp, and put to hard labor. For her to sit in front of camera and shamelessly lie is hard for me to describe.
    The bad memory of those days are still fresh in my head, she needs keep her ugly mouth shut, now is time to let her know what her husband was doing to other peoples’ children, husbands, fathers. Because Nyandeng is running around the world with wild liars, so she need to be corrected.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Whilst we severely empathize with your personal tribulations and loss, just as with the millions of children, men and women who painfully went through that period, Rebecca Nyandeng is simply putting a sterile face on her husband’s mistakes or rather abuses.
      Today, as we speak, president Kiir and his jieng council of evil men are replicating the same mistakes. Young Dinka children and youth are being surreptitiously recruited into the nefarious SPLA to come and commit the same atrocities in Nuer lands and greater Equatoria. Many of these jieng kids are needlessly dying again and missing out on education.
      Something is seriously and inherently wrong with the jieng so-called leadership culture.
      Don’t you think it’s time the jieng step aside and let some Equatorian person(s) take over the leadership in Juba, perhaps peace will definitely come back to the nation through the change in leadership now dominated by the proven unsuitable jieng leadership?

  5. King Logunu The Second says:


    The fact that you were snatched from your parents at the age of 10 and forcefully recruited into the SPLA, tells a lot about it and its leaders. John Garang may be charismatic but his acts were inhumane, sadistic and lacked moral values. Charisma is not everything a leader should have. Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin were very charismatic leaders but at the same time were inhumane. In the case of Garang, let us examine the contrasts:

    1. Our hero and martyr, Fr Saturnino Lohure wouldn’t have allowed a 10 years old child to be recruited into the Anyanya Movement because of his culture and religious background.

    2. Our great leader, Aggrey Jaden would have prohibited what Garang did because he was an honorable man of the highest integrity and moral values.

    3. Our leader and martyr, Joseph Oduho, would not have tolerated the recruitment of child soldiers. He was an educator and understood that there is time for everything. A ten years old boy needs education first before carrying an AK47.

    4. General Joseph Lagu never recruited child soldiers like the Red Army of John Garang. He was guided by his culture, high moral values and adherence to sound military rules.

    At the age of 10, you learned nothing but killing, stealing, looting and rape. Therefore, people should not wonder why the
    SPLA is plagued with atrocities, looting and rape. It’s an army full of psychopaths, sadists, rapists, looters and thieves. The word you used to address Mrs Rebecca Garang, exposes the truth that you lacked proper upbringing.

  6. Kwacha says:

    You are a badly brought up boy ! You can not call the mother of the nation a bitch even if she lied to the press. She is your mother. “Rebecca Nyandeng”. I salute you….

  7. False Millionnaire says:

    It’s only the nuers who have the courage to match the human cost the jieng have paid for RSS. But only if fooled to do so by the power hungry likes of Riek Machar in the name of ngundeng.
    If Garang sacrificed jieng for the love of South Sudan,that’s fine and at such point,an indépendant RSS is a cause of pride and consolation without any recourse to a grudge against Garang.
    But look at this village turned urban Lady insulting the red army soldiers whom were sacrificed in their Childhood without their Knowledge Why.
    One regrets she isn’t as intelligent as Garang.The survivors of the red army soldiers are éducated adults now and one of them among others is a diplomat among the ranks of US diplomatic corps.It’s plausible to say that a meaningfull politician would count on them to ascend to the helm of power in RSS. She wouldn’t do other wise of course if such savage rampage is hunger for power.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      False Millionaire,
      Personally, as I fully watched the Al Jazeera interview with Madam Rebecca, I didn’t discern any thing that was insulting to the so-called ‘Red Army.’ On the contrary, Nyandeng strenuously struggled to refute the accusation that her husband, John Garang, had abused those ‘children’ by deploying them as fighters in the war.
      Indeed, there were very gross abuses on young children by many commanders, specially the notorious and inhuman Kuol Manyang Juuk and others like Kerubino and William Nyong. As the only survivor of those notorious commanders, it’s Kuol Manyang who must now be tried at the Hague for those abuses.
      By speaking so boldly against Kiir and the jjieng council of Evilmen, Nyandeng has proven that not all Dinka are complicit in the genocide ongoing currently in the country.
      Bravo, Nyandeng, Kiir is utterly unfit as leader.

  8. Dear: Mading

    Take it easy! You know,things in life can happen to anybody else him or her one way another! Even though you have been taken by forced by SPLA during the day of armed in struggle in 1983.But it has given to you many great opportunities and great advantages in your life time for the first time.For example,you have known how to write ABCD like never been before time in your life!You have known many things how they are going around in the world like never been before in your life at 10-years- old.

    Now,you becoming better off your in your own world alone. Nobody can tell you things in your life.You doing them on your own independently. As you know today,there are people today.They are still living inside the cave! They have PREILLITERACY PROBLEM! Do have a nice day! POLITICS IS AS GOOD AS DIRTY!




  9. mading says:

    Abiko. In what way Abiko You think I don’t match Nyandeng? Only in stealing public resources that I may not match her. Abiko watch one of Nyandeng interviews in YouTube, she” said that she build school and clinic”. tell me where she gets that money in the shortest time we have been out of the bush after 21 years of war.? You know the answer. Kwacha, I was raised by both parents who were responsible for your information. What Nyandeng said about us, Jesh al mer is not only insult to us only, but to our parents who used to feed SPLA soldiers her husband John Garang some times brutally mistreated. When she called us” food followers in her interview”. She need to apologized to Jesh Amer or I will talk more about our worse bush experienced in her husband’s hand. What kind of mother of nation called young liberators food followers Kwacha. ?

  10. False Millionnaire says:

    To be for or against Kiir and JCE or to be for or against Nyandeng or any SPLM/A elite won’t make any différence.
    It’s too late if u still don’t believe it, fellow big brother. The die has been cast and nothing will stop the sky from coming down on RSS and the masses.
    It’s ridiculous to think that neglecting national priorities like development and promotion of causes of peace and harmony among the masses and instead looting national resources for personal enrichment isn’t one part among the grave aspects that have brought us deep up to the neck in the mud.
    Please, refute me if she has been an angel among the presumed authors of the tragedy.
    May be u are one of those who have a weakness for women like an urban child in the face of a chocolate sweet.
    That must be why u ignore the insulting part of the interview and bag up the trifling portion on Kiir and JCE to whitewash us in a desperate attempt to defend her.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      False Millionaire,
      Brother, the reason that I loudly applauded Mrs. Nyandeng is because she has boldly come out with a correct diagnosis of what you yourself called ‘the grave aspects that have brought us deep up to the neck in the mud, ‘by telling us that Kiir is the main cause of the calamities in the nation and that, he, Kiir, must resign and get lost.
      Secondly, she is perhaps the highest ranking Dinka politician to come forward and tell the world that Kiir’s government is a jieng-only tribal government and not a government for all. Not even Archbishop Deng or ex-president Abel Alier would have dared to vocalize such a declaration.
      Finally, if that day ever comes when those leaders of the SPLM/A have to account for all the gross crimes against the people of South Sudan, Lady Nyandeng appears like a fearless heroine who would be the first to step out and accuse those of Kiir and everybody, including an apology on behalf of her late husband John Garang.

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Madam nyandeng’s statements are undeniably facts, and I hope all the traitorous jenges admit the indisputable fact that the nation called South Sudan is bleeding today because of killer nyankiir’s use of soldiers from the Dinka tribe and the hiring of mercenaries to commit atrocities on non-Dinka people(tribe). Any non-blinded tribalist and sound minded Dinka should boldly and proudly admit this fact period

  11. Gatdarwich says:

    Madam nyandeng has started undeniable truth and very commendable call. Yes, the traitorous jenges elites–killer nyankiir’s cohorts are the archetists of the current chaos in south sudan. They must all go full stop

  12. Deng says:

    I wouldn’t go that far as Mading (mading) did for some obvious reasons however, it was awful to say the less to hear Madam Rebecca to try to justify indefensible mistake a gains innocence young children of which she was a party to it on international media! Having been in the same boat as Mading plus other innocence children at the time, I was taken away from my beloved parents (never seen them again since that very day, may your souls rest in peace) as a teenager a bit earlier than Mading and was taken to a difference refugee camp in Ethiopia as Pinyudo refugee camp was not established by then. And God knows what happened to us in those refugee camps in Ethiopia as well as in Southern Sudan before and after the fall of Mengistu Haile Mariam’s government in 1991. Therefore, Madam Rebecca should have known better what they did to those innocence children (thousands of which have died in miserable conditions), and instead she should have been advocating on their behalf in any forum. I know what she said is not only hurtful to those of us who survived the ordeals but was also an insult to our brothers/sisters, colleagues & friends that are not here with us today! I am still very optimistic that one day someone will take full responsibility of what was done to us (Jesh El Amer) whether that person will be President Kiir, Daniel Awet, Kuol Manyang or Madam Rebecca; they all contributed in one way or another. And it will be up to those of us, the survivors who will do all we can to bring the perpetrators to justice to regain our innocence and respect to our image as well as an honour to our fallen colleagues.

  13. abai okwahu says:

    Ms. Nyandeng did an okay job given the fact that the English language is not her forte. However, she acknowledge some responsibility for failing the peoples of South Sudan as she was once a member of Kiir’s cabinet.

  14. mading says:

    Brother Deng. I am tired of hearing Nyandeng talking like her husband was angel to other peoples’ husbands , fathers, and children in the bush, when infact it was opposite, but people like me feel good everyday when we see our flag standing in foreign capitals and in our own Juba. That make me keep telling myself that flag standing there worth suffering of me and my brothers and sisters who are not with us to day, that is all brother Deng . I know we have our problems in South Sudan, but it is like any where in the world, I am hopeful that one day we will come out of mess we are in to day even stronger together,I am so hurt by Nyandeng. thank you brother.

    • Roberto Kasongo says:

      John Garang policy continues in South Sudan. With incompetent Kiir at the helm, it will get worse. Kiir and his elites will always victimised Dinka children. He ( Kiir ) sends these children to their death and hide behind his ugly head and cowboy hat.

      Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

  15. Deng Monymor says:

    I was a kid when a lot of my friends died in front of me in the assault of Kapoeta during her husband leadership. Why she didn’t complain then about kids being in Movement? She is shamefully lying because there are no people in current SPLA who look the age that me and my dead colleagues looked liked which I can see around here. The current SPLA army is made up of people who joined after the age of 18 years. If some lied of their age, it is not to be blamed on anyone but on the lack of birth certificate records, mostly in African countries. After all, it is a none conscripted army anymore. She should shut up wherever she is because she and her son, Mabior Nyandeng Chol Atem, are done politically!

  16. Lokosang says:

    Mading I think you should thank and praise Nyandeng and her late Husband Dr John for having liberated you from rumat, cattles urine and ilitracy. If not what they have done for you, You would be in cattle camp looking after cattles and nothing to do with education. Though you are semi civilised but, at least you can now read and write and comment what the civilised intecllectuals are expressing in this forum.Hence revisit your mind to the situation when you were and compare it with your current situation. I believe you would find a world of difference.

  17. Deng says:

    Thank you Mading, much appreciated. And my apology, I haven’t had any opportunity quite recently to leave any comment on this forum – SSN due to my busy schedule but will always try my best to share our opinions & experiences if time permit. Thank you,

  18. Mading says:

    Lokosang. It is the most Dinkas cattle keepers youth who liberated you from Arabs, so there is nothing wrong being in cattle camp. People like you Lokosang like to run their big mouths, and they have nothing to offer South Sudan.

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