Machar’s SPLM/A-IO members defect to Lam Akol’s NDM

The National Democratic Movement (NDM) would like to inform that on 18th December 2016, seven (7) members of the SPLM/A-IO defected and joined its ranks. They are:

1. Muzemel Ojwok Ajak
2. Michael James Wanh
3. Ms Achol Thomas
4. Brigadier General Peter Yei Deng
5. Colonel Nur Hakim Ogawi
6. Colonel Kornelios Sabit Aban
7. Ms Maha Diejo Othom

The defecting SPLM/A-IO members expressed their frustrations with the SPLM/A-IO political leadership and its failure to articulate clear political revolutionary vision, which is perquisite in jumpstarting the much needed political, economic and social transformation in the nascent republic of South Sudan.

They accused the SPLM/A-IO of turning into a tribal organization which practices discrimination, marginalization and largely driven by selfish leadership, that is bent on achieving individual desires rather than being preoccupied with waging a people revolutionary struggle aimed at salvaging the country from the jaws of Kiir’s dictatorship and tyranny.

The defecting members after lot of thoughts and consultations decided to leave SPLM/A-IO and decided to join the National Democratic Movement (NDM) under the wise and able leadership of Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin as an alternative political movement, through which they can serve the people of South Sudan with honour and revolutionary zeal.

Furthermore, they elucidated that NDM is the only political organization that can emancipate the people of South Sudan from the brutal regime of President Kiir and his Jieng Council of Elders.

The Chairman of the NDM congratulated the new members for their patriotic decision to choose the broad front as a mean for waging a revolutionary struggle in order to free the people of South Sudan who have been subjected to untold misery and suffering under the 11 years of SPLM misrule, and wished them every success in the struggle for genuine change in the country.

The Chairman assured the new members that the struggle to uproot corruption, injustice and tribalism is not easy but with our determination and adoption of the correct means and methods of the struggle, the people of South Sudan shall surely triumph.

Long live the struggle of our people
Long live South Sudan
A lutta continua

Ambassador; Emmanuel Aban
For/ the Spokesman
National Democratic Movement (NDM)
19th December, 2016.

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  1. mading says:

    Good those rebels have seen Riek Machar is movement has stopped dead, now they ran to Lam who did not have a single solider on the ground, but they trying to collect more ranks with out soldiers.

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