Machar’s SPLA-IO Rebels behead two on Uganda-South Sudan border

By SCOVIN ICETA & FELIX WAROM OKELLO, Sat.NOV/25/2017, DailyMonitor, Kampala, Uganda;

MOYO- Gunmen suspected to be members of Riek Machar’s Sudan People’s Liberation Army-In-Opposition (SPLA-IO) have beheaded a clinical officer and a boda-boda cyclist on the South Sudan-Uganda border district of Moyo.

Police in Moyo confirmed that the two, a Ugandan and a South Sudan national, were killed while two others sustained serious injuries after being ambushed laid by suspected SPLA-IO rebels.

According to the police, the incident happened about three kilometres inside Uganda.

“I can confirm to you that one Ugandan (boda-boda) and staff of ARC had their heads cut off. The survivors who sustained injuries were rushed to Moyo Hospital for medical attention but our forces are already on the ground,” Mr Denis Ocircan, the Officer in Charge of Moyo Police Station said.

The border areas stretching from Kaya to Jale areas are under the control of SPLA-IO that is loyal to former South Sudan Vice President, Dr Riek Machar.

Police identified the dead as Julius Taban, 47, a clinical officer working with American Refugees Committees (ARC) providing health services in Internally Displace Peoples camps in Kajo-Keji County, South Sudan and Mr Muhammad Chandiga, 32, a Ugandan boda-boda rider and resident of Afoji village in Moyo Sub-county.

Mr Jackson Pena and Henry Geriga, both South Sudanese refugees at Morobi Zone II Camp in Palorinya Refugee Settlement camp in Moyo District are receiving treatment at Moyo Hospital.

Mr Rahiman Dubu, the brother of the late Chandiga said his brother had gone to pick the clinical officer from Jale checkpoint.

“The beheaded bodies were dumped in the bush while the heads were placed on the road. We found the body in the bush about 100 metres from the roadside,” Mr Dudu said.

The SPLA-IO Deputy Spokesperson, Col. Lam Paul Gabriel told Daily Monitor that the SPLA-IO does not attack civilians but protects them from the atrocities done by government forces.

“The incident that happened between Afoji and Jale is an act of cowardice and crime from government forces and their militias to destabilise civilians along the border so that the government of Uganda can blame the SPLA-IO,” Col Lam said.


  1. Eastern says:

    Now dumb Ugandans are crying foul when the Mathiang Anyors bite closer to home; why did you give that much freedom to blood suckers in Juba? Dr. Machar has been isolated and confined in distant South Africa. Focus on the tragedies closer to home..!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      But it’s the Machar’s own SPLO-IO, like the Islamists terrorists, who are beheading South Sudanese, in this case, Equatorians. Did he, Machar give the orders for such an imaginable and horrendous act against fellow citizens?
      By the way, we have forgotten the ’93 Bor Massacre…yet.

  2. Peter says:

    Editor, undeniably, we seem to be more predisposed to the practice of partisan and ruinous political rituals rather than boarding the bandwagon of fair play and compatibility. There are a number of armed groups in the area that are capable of executing the accomplished barbarous act. Hence, I dispute the tale that the entire area falls under the control of the SPLM-IO. What about the armed South Sudanese groups who pay allegiance to a number of leaders in the named territorial expanse. Ugandan robbers could as well have been the culprits. Would it be shrewd enough to name the SPLM-IO as the malefactor and without hesitation award it a label?

    • info@southsudannation says:

      This news story was taken straight out of the Ugandan newspaper with genuine names of the reporters and surely after the report was ascertained by the editor before going into the press.
      Seriously, it’s not an aberration specially for Machar’s SPLM-IO that such barbarism has been replicated; remember the infamous Bor Massacre of 1993 and other horrendous atrocities committed by his people, and those of president Kiir and of course, not excluding the late John Garang, the first accused who deliberately introduced this culture of murder and mayhem.
      Finally, if you are sure that it wasn’t Machar’s soldiers, then immediately, please, kindly inform the Ugandan newspaper of the people who committed the heinous crime.

  3. Equatoria Koko says:

    Dear all,

    SPLM IO is the other side of the same coin as SPLM IG. So such savages like those who committed the said heinous crime could be found in abundance within the rank and file of SPLM IO.

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