Machar Versus Kiir: Two dangerous enemies who can’t work together

By Michael Abraha, Kenya, JAN/17/2017, SSN;

We know Pres Kiir and Dr. Machar are not only political opponents but dangerous enemies who have no heart for each other. The reality is that their self-serving rivalry has cost South Sudan so much bloodshed and the nation is at a stand still because neither side is willing or able to play a fair political game.

I believe it was wrong, ab initio (from the beginning), for these two ambitious men to try to work together as president and Vice President.

Machar should learn from Kenya’s Raila Odinga and be only an opposition leader without any portfolio. This would give him ample time to articulate inclusive ideas and policy agendas with the forthcoming elections in mind.

Meantime, some of his SPLA/IO members should be allowed to serve in the various branches of the interim administration under Kiir.

Given the current hostile environment, Machar and his party should be given full security guarantees. And there are many ways he and his organization meet their financial needs.

Equally crucial in this equation is for Kiir to try to emerge as a renewed statesman devoting more of his time and energy to the task of healing and unifying the nation. No external force can bring peace and unity for S. Sudan.

He can achieve statesmanship of the Mandela stature if he can convince himself and his ardent supporters that their economic benefits and privileges cannot be permanent and may have to be sacrificed for the sake of the nation.

Finally, Kiir and Machar should realize there can be no South Sudan without the Nuers or without the Dinkas. Ethnic violence is a shame in the 21st century.


  1. Defender says:

    This is a short but to the point article. It does not mince words in terms of what needs to happen in order to transform people, their mentality and also instill some sense of sanity into the heads of our leaders who for lack of better words, are arrogant, clueless, indignant, selfish, shortsighted… you name it.

    Even though these suggestions are simple to understand, which can easily be applied, these bone-headed people would not lift their behinds from their tribal temples to see our national interest.

  2. Gatluak Kher Juach says:

    Is not about Dr. Riek Machar and salva kiir couldn’t work together, no……. It’s about the tribal issue which prevents these two gentlemen working together.

    Even if SALVA KIIR AND Dr Riek aren’t there, the problem wouldn’t go away.
    Think about this….. Nya Nya 1 and Nya Nya 2 or before that, things were the same as today, my friends.

    Our problem is the ideas……the bad ideas are killing us.

  3. Bentiu Ramaran says:

    Michael Abraha,

    I cannot blame you for writing misleading article because you do not know exactly what caused the war in South Sudan in the first place. You said P”res Kiir and Dr. Machar are not only political opponents but dangerous enemies who have no heart for each other”. By gethering facts from your article, I concluded that you are more dangerous than Kiir and Riek. You do not have a good heart at all because you do not want to point out the facts that caused the war in Juba in 2013 and and July 2016. You are just double blind writer. If you are a Kenyan please do not write again. Writers who write article like you are the very one fueling South Sudan conflict because they do not want to point out things that triggers conflict.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      I totally agree with you. This guy is a Dinka agent who are lost and blind. Kiir attempted to Killed Machar in 2013, destroyed his house with Bulldozer, Machar lost 18 body guard at that time. In 2016 Kiir spent 1.8 Billion Dollars in an attempt to Kill Machar for 40 days and night. During the last 3 years, Kiir recruited Ugandans, Ukranian pilots, north Sudanese Rebels in Pursuits of Machar and Nuer.

      Micheal, Now Tell me How many times Machar attempted to kill Kiir? Not the conspiracy theories only believed uneducated and brainwashed beings. The above Kiirs actions have been reported by independent bodies. SO WHO IS REALLY DANGEROUS KIIR OR MACHAR?

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