Machar, Lam, Taban, Alor, Lado, Nyaba… et al: Back again to your dysfunctional & degenerate Kiir-led SPLM/A?


To call this new Kiir-Machar government as being made up of former “enemies” is an understatement. Without any doubt, this is still the same SPLM ‘comrades’ government made up of self-preserving, remorseless and immoral criminals and killers who are very much adept at mutating and recycling themselves back into these lucrative positions of leadership mainly because they shared the similar commonalities.

Verily, the road ahead for the new Kiir-Machar (SPLM-IG and SPLM-IO) is already heavily mined by mutual disagreements, obfuscations, dilly-dallying and endemic paralysis which will again end up in mutual self-destruction and another gargantuan disappointment for our people and the international community helping the new nation.

Once more, in their duplicitous and long political lives, Machar, Lam Akol, Lado Gore, Deng Alor, Taban Gai, et al…, have all come back, once again, to their degenerate SPLM political party and its dysfunctional government under their same incompetent leader, Kiir Mayardit.

South Sudan has within a historic world-record time become the most ungovernable country in East Africa not because of its patient and long-suffering people but principally due its so-called miscreant SPLM leaders that incorporates all of you, so-called SPLM In-and-Opposed to Government.

What’s really new or different this time in this SPLM/A new political marriage? For the second, third and God knows how many times, most of you all have been shamefully labelled as thieves and traitors; almost all of you were at one point, publicly dismissed, imprisoned and disgraced from this anarchic and archaic monstrosity called the SPLM/A by none other your Great Satan, Kiir Mayardit himself.

But again and again, like some Satanic incarnations, most of you, despite the imprisonment, near death-misses and public embarrassment, you all shamelessly have silently capitulated and crawled on your knees back to your ‘Almighty Devil’ Mayardit.

Poignantly, according to the latest analysis by “The,” South Sudan (presumably both SPLM’s) elites, after assuming power in 2005, “have built a kleptocratic regime that controls all sectors of the economy, and have squandered a historic chance for the development of a functional state. These predatory economic networks play a central role in the current civil war, because much of the conflict is driven by (SPLM) elites trying to re-negotiate their share of the politico-economic power balance through violence.”

The Report “acknowledges that the (Machar’s) rebels were also part of this kleptocratic system in the past, and are more likely to be involved again in the event of a negotiated settlement.”

The above assessment is absolutely indisputable, you had the privilege to once again ‘re-negotiate’ yourselves back into the politico-economic realm through a war that future generations of South Sudanese will furiously debate whether it was really necessary as a first alternative.

During your collective involvement pre-2013 political disengagement from Kiir’s government, EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU, whilst in the Kiir’s cabinet, illicitly benefited in one or multiple ways in the on-going massive corruption, either indirectly or directly.


In a rare show of honesty, President Kiir in 2012 shocked the nation by revealing that 75 of his officials had stolen a whooping 4 billion dollars but he stopped short of naming a single individual. Then all of you were in the government and top suspects. Why hasn’t Machar or anyone of you in the opposing SPLM come out and name somebody or all in the SPLM in government who are the suspects, just for political expediency?

Regardless, in the public opinion of most South Sudan, now wallowing in poverty and hunger, they know you are completely involved in the corruption and you are suspects till the end.

Interestingly, your Almighty Godfather, Kiir Mayardit and his clown/vice, Wani-Igga, repeatedly and publicly have exposed the ONLY alleged 30 million dollar theft by Pagan Amum, (money given by Sudan’s el Bashir to build your Juba party headquarters), the now reappointed secretary-general of your party, who’s most unlikely to return to Juba because of the embarrassment, intimidation and threat of prosecution.

Your collective silence on and about the past or current corruption is a duplicitous conspiracy to save your own skins and to reassure the Satanic Kiir that you all agree not to rock the boat, a deliberate capitulation to ensure and guarantee your self-preservation even when one of your comrades, Pagan Amum, is being publicly crucified.

Further, it’s apparently indisputable that the recurrence of conflicts within your degenerate SPLM party and the dysfunctional governments shuffled and reshuffled by your almighty Kiir basically stemmed from the unending, long-running competition among you, the ruling elites, for more power and profits.

Interestingly, Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, the most leading SPLM ideologue, frankly attributed all the past and present national problems to what he called ‘the SPLM original sin,’ and that the shortcomings of the Kiir’s Government of South Sudan (GOSS) are wholly pegged on the SPLM, the rot began in the SPLM and there is no way the SPLM leadership can escape responsibility for this cataclysmic failure.

Now surprisingly back once again as a minister in this Satanic government, Dr. Nyaba also once wrote that his ruling SPLM had drastically “cost the people of South Sudan more than 10 years of missed development opportunities,” and he clearly attributed this to the “ideology of these SPLM leaders as informed and shaped by their ethnic environment as the SPLM liberation ideology surely failed to penetrate this ossified jieeng ethnic ideology.”

In the most simplified deduction, therefore, the SPLM liberation ideology was subverted by and subsumed into the jieeng ethnic ideology; all other ethnic groups in South Sudan were, as a matter of fact, naively and inadvertently perpetuating jieeng supremacy and domination as now so clearly apparent.

The question is: Why are you so maniacally obsessed with your collective reincarnation back into this dysfunctional government and your degenerate SPLM party and its severely fractured and ill-famed military wing, the SPLA?

Isn’t this what Dr. Adwok Nyaba himself had once described that “Kiir survived by the malice of fate?”

Momentarily, the current tenuous peace will probably be effected under the JMEC monitoring but at the expense of any justice and accountability on a butch of very disagreeable and disingenuous ‘comrades-cum-leaders’ of an archaic, diabolical and self-destructive organization known as the Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement/Army, aka SPLM/A.

More infamously remembered for its historical episodes of horrendous and abominable murders, rapes and human rights abuses, practically every member of this SPLM/A without exception has contributed to the stigmatization of citizens of the nation by their collective criminality.

Thus, with this so-called peace accord, these criminals and murderers, be it president Salva Kiir, Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Taban Gai, Deng, Deng Alor… et al, are soon back to business as usual.

South Sudanese must be painfully reminded that right from the first existence of the criminal SPLM/A in 1983, its founder, John Garang, accompanied by those of president Kiir, Kuol Manyang, Malong and others, without any provocation launched the infamous Bilpham, Ethiopia, attack on the already existent Anya Nya liberation movement, mercilessly eliminating those heroes like Gai Tut, Akot Atem and many others.

Again, more infamously, when the same Riek Machar and Lam Akol launched their internal rebellion in 1991 against mainstream SPLM of Garang, thousands and thousands of South Sudanese were murdered and brutalized by either side, this reign of terrorism continued until their reintegration into the SPLM/A.

It is believed that more South Sudanese have been killed and severely traumatized by you, the SPLM/A leaders, Garang, Kiir, Machar, Lam…. et al, than by our erstwhile enemies, the jellaba Arab North Sudanese.

The current national circulation of the propaganda and euphoria of so-called heroes and peace is a falsification of the reality, what have president Kiir and Rebel Riak Machar seriously accomplished? Where is justice for those South Sudanese needlessly murdered by Kiir and Machar?

It’s only in South Sudan, a nation and a people the SPLM/A has so much traumatized, that criminals freely recycle and reincarnate themselves back into power without repentance, remorse or prosecution.

South Sudan is admittedly a failed state and an outlaw state that has in a stupendous world record time gone through the infamous combined ‘somalization’ and ‘Rwanda genocidal traumatization by its rebels-turned-leaders and with their return, the nation’s and people’s future is once more in the balance.

So, very soon, our murderers and thieves, Kiir, Machar, Lam, Taban, Manyang, Alor and all the infamous SPLM/A comrades will be unashamedly back into the top national leadership and once again recklessly and irresponsibly steering the nation’s ship into another calamity.

Dr. Lual Deng, another SPLM ideologue now sorrily relegated to a mere ‘SPLM headquarters office-boy,’ was rightly suspicious of President Kiir’s choice to replace the dead Garang and of Kiir’s inherent inability to leadership, by writing down that, “..the development of the promised land (South Sudan) is a different mission that requires a different leader, and we expect divine intervention in this respect….”

Has God really not abandoned South Sudan when priests, bishops, archbishops, deacons are immorally cohabiting with those ruling sinners of South Sudan, attending their ostentatious parties and dinners and even blessing the exotic foods, whiskies and beers while the majority of Juba residents are barely eating one meal a day?

Again, Dr. Lual Deng, Ph.D., further opined that, “A government that murders its own people has no moral basis or legitimacy to govern whatsoever,” in his book, ‘The Power of Creative Reasoning.’ He was directly referring to the Kiir Juba junta but sadly, this supposedly top SPLM intellectual, has been mysteriously sucked into this monstrosity, in spite of his hitherto vociferous writings against president Kiir failed and corrupt leadership, perhaps the tribal force known as ‘jieengism’ is more powerful than nationalism, as he’s unscrupulously abetting what he once called the “sclerotic management in the SPLM bureaucracy.”

In conclusion, from 1983 to 2013, most of you have again and again deliberately, conjointly or duplicitiously involved in the deadly and cyclical episodes of political and ethnic, as well personal rivalries in which innocent citizens have needlessly perished.

The conclusion reached by experts is correct: You, “the country’s elites have built a kleptocratic regime that controls all sectors of the economy, and have squandered a historic chance for the development of a functional state.”

Since independence, South Sudan has been controlled by a small, rotating set of elites who move seamlessly between positions in government and the frontlines of the rebellion, as political situations change. report ends by the conclusion that, “only reforming and forcing the South Sudanese state to actually serve its people, instead of its leaders, can the country actually move towards a more sustainable peace.”

There must be some accountability and transitional justice, these SPLM/A murderers can’t be simply allowed to evade justice for their habitual acts of criminality. END


  1. gatdarwich says:

    Dr. Riek, taban, lado, Dr. Lam, and Dr. Nyaba did not killed any south sudanese nor created the current crisis in south sudan, but like anybody else, are victims and survivors of killer Nyankiir’s genocidal war period.
    We all know the engineers and executors of the current crisis in south sudan—Killer nyankiir, malong, kuol manyang, Ambrose Riiny, Bona Malual—, and the entire jenges council of Evils
    -are all squarely responsible for the killings and suffering of the south sudan’s citizens.
    Editor, it’s absolutely irrational and complete madness to equalized the victims’ defensive responses to the aggressors’ deadly actions full stop

    • Beek says:

      They are at least thieves.

    • Force_1 says:

      You people were just born highly incompetent; I believe that’s how far I can go to sum you people up and that’s about it! People can tell how hard you try to look and feel intelligible but if it’s not in your DNA; you just fall back and look highly ridiculous; the same way you originally were!

      You don’t have to a genius to understand the contents of this Editorial; the editorial left no one out; whether you’re a Jieng/Dinka, Equatorians in general, Chollo or Chulluk, Nuer etc. No one was left out as being the holy one in the crises of the last 24 months in South Sudan; but for you being a pinhead as you’re; you didn’t see it that way.

      You and your people’s inability to see the truth on both side will allow you to suffer for a very long time. For how long are you going to be doing the rebellion and how many of you would always be expect to come back alive from your mindless rebellion? Only God knows.

      • Gatdarwich says:


        It’s absolutely pointless and psychotic to go haywire on the truth teller, Gatdarwich!
        As I have unequivocally stated in my previous comments that we all know the engineers and executors of the current crisis and chaos in South Sudan. The engineers and executors of the Nuer-genocide in Juba in December 2013 and consequential killings, are: Killer NyanKiir, Malong Awan, Kuol Manyany, Garang Mabil, Salva Mathok, Marial Chinuong, Bol Akot, Makuei Liar, Philip Aguer, Ambrose Riiny, Bona Malual, and the entire Jenges Council of Evils members. These demonic creatures hired mercenaries–UPDF, SPLA-N, JEM, and other Darfur rebels to helped them completely razed to ashes the city of Malakal and Bentiu. These demonic Jenges are SOLELY AND SQUARELY RESPONSIBLE for the current crisis and chaos in South Sudan period
        We also know that Dr. Riek, General Taban, and General Lado nearly escaped death in the eve of the Nuer-massacre in Juba. They are victims and survivors of the Jenges’ demonic–genocidal war.
        We too know that General Pagan Amum and Dr. Majak Agoot were apprehended and incarcerated in Juba by the engineers and executors of the current crisis and chaos in South Sudan–they, and others nearly survived death–executions.
        Lastly, we all know that Dr. Lam have never played any role, besides, being vocal against this human catastrophe. Nonetheless, has been put under house arrest and given travel banned by the engineers and executors of this current crisis and chaos in South Sudan.
        Force-1, as you can see, Dr. Riek, Dr. Lam, General Taban. General Lado, General Pagan, General Majak, and Dr. Adwok Nyaba are all undeniably victims and survivors of the Killer NyanKiir’s and co-conspirators’ demoniacally engineered and devilishly executed human catastrophe in South Sudan.
        Force-1 and the likes, incompetently engaging in collective responsibility campaign is legally groundless and psychotic.
        It’s total irrationality and highly incompetent of you to equate the victims to the perpetrators full stop

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Please, stop pretending and be honest with Dr. Riek pseudo-democratic system of lie and leadership greediness. I have agreed with Mr. Editor 100%. He has told the truth and you are not willing to hear it. There is nothing he left untouched as it is the matter of facts. Now, you are claiming that Dr. Riek never killed anybody and I have strongly disagreed with you because he has killed thousands of people who are innocent. Brother, even Nuer brothers would not agree with you no more. Whose White Army Militia were fighting for? They were fighting for Riek Machar VP position.

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Dr. Riek NEVER order nor mobilized the white army to attacked Bor, Malakal, and Bentiu. They(white army) self-mobilized themselves in response to the Nuer-genocide in Juba. The White Army were and, are still fighting for their relatives massacred in Juba by Killer NyanKiir’s militants.
        Dr. Riek and the White Army have ZERO connection–NIL period

        • Ww says:

          Mr. Gatdarwich,

          You are the definition of the tribal dumb militias that have destroyed this country by unwisely thinking that rebelion is the only to effect change. Go watch William Nyuon Bany videos and see the truth for yourself. DO YOU REALLY SEE YOURSELF BLOODY BELIEVABLE BY DEFENDING THE BLOODSUCKER, EVIL RIEK MACHAR? So when is this politically loaded rubbish, designed by Riek Machar to decieve the stupid white army, “REVENGE FOR RELATIVE KILL IN JUBA” going to stop? Frankly, if you keep doing this all of you will find yourselves in the graves. THE INABILITY TO SEE FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE OTHERS WILL KILLING YOU ALL. DON’T YOU THINK IT IS TIME TO RETHINK “WANNA THIN”?

          • Gatdarwich says:

            Whore Warrior,

            You absolutely have ZERO point worth debatable.
            Just hang yourself if you hate the indisputable PATRIOT, the FATHER, and SYMBOL of the South Sudan’s Nation, Dr. Riek Machar Teny period

  2. Bol says:

    Mr Editor,
    This is an excellent work and I hope it is not a one off REALISATION! This is the kind of rhetoric which will unite the people of RSS to raise against OUR failed leaders and oppressors. The land grabbing and marginalisation of X and Y is simply counter productive. Mr Editor, minority or (less powerful group) can lead or change the majority (more powerful group) if they adopted right language of (WE) and good examples is OBAMA, who never uses divisive language despite US’ racial terrible history . Politics is about what can be achieved not what is right or wrong. Good on you.

  3. Ishakho says:


    Your so-called victims didn’t kill people in BOR, BALIET, BENTIU, AND MALAKAL right? that means those who died there committed suicide right?

    Your so-called victims didn’t have weapons from Khartoum, right?

  4. False Millionaire says:

    Truth tellers like u are the most needed sources of light for a better RSS.Your honest message is being listened to with great attention.Be assured that the majority are the citizens for change.No matter how long it will take,it will happen one day.
    But just ignore to give any attention to the detractors like gatdarwich.There isn’t any difference between him and the thieves and murderers that he has come to waste a page to defend in this most valuable forum.
    May God prolong best conditions of health for u to be able to keep the candle lightened for the truth never to escape the sight!!!

  5. Gatdarwich says:

    False Millionaire and Ishakho,

    Generalizing this crisis won’t and shall never take us anywhere. We, the NaathNation, have lost too many innocent souls, and we, the survivors, unmistakably know their killers. I know the Editor magically become your darling because he irrationally and emotionally generalized Killer NyanKiir’s genocidal war.
    In all rational aspects, The Editor has absolutely zero logical argument to equates the victims'(Dr. Riek, Taban, Lado, Dr. Lam, Dr. Nyaba)—defensive responses to the aggressors’ deadly actions.
    As we all know, Dr. Riek and the likes acted in self-defense, and are legally excusable in this mess. We all know the engineers and executors of the current crisis in South Sudan–there are–Killer Nyankiir, Kuol Manyany, Malong Awan, Bona Malual, Ambrose Riiny, and the entire Jenges Council of Evils(these individuals and the cohorts are squarely responsible and blamable for the indescribable human suffering in South Sudan). They have devilishly engineered and demoniacally executed this crisis period.

  6. gatdarwich says:

    The land grabbing issue in Equatoria region is not “counter productive” but a national problem that need urgent eradication. Jenges padang and Bor must go back to their homelands period

    • Bol says:

      Do you really think of, and reflect on what your write before writing it? You should have learnt by now that you cannot impose your own views on others by the ways of intimidation, bullying and verbal abuses. Land grabbing in Equatoria is practise by powerful Dinka and Nuer including Dr Riek whose land grabbing activity led to Kemiru incident which Alma was referring to in her latest article. In addition, Equatorian intellectuals are not mentioning Nuers as land grabbers for the obvious reason of buying Nuer mussels to fight Dinka, but that would change when it became quite in the front line. Bearing this fact in mind, you can then device ways of minimising this practise all over the country as a national problem, not just Equatorian one. Dinka Bor and Dinka Padang, like any other tribal group have the right of (Free Movement) in RSS and if someone or group of people is harmed as result of this fundamental right been exercised, then the harm is to be fixed without breaching the (RIGHT of MOVEMENT). Having the right to do something does not necessarily mean you have to exercise it, so if Equatorians choose not exercise their right to move freely in RSS, than that choice must not impede the right of others to Free Movement, unless you and your supporters are willing to resurrect (Apartheid) where every tribe and clan wouldn’t leave their (ANCESTRAL LAND) without presenting a PERMIT to the Police at the next check-point!

      • Gatdarwich says:


        The “right of movement” doesn’t necessarily equate to forcefully grabbing someone’s land. Grabbing someone’s land is forceful occupation of the victim’s dwelling place. It is absolutely NOT the “right of movement” period
        Jenges Bor and Padang SHOULD go to where they are welcomed. They should preferably move–migrate to the pastoralists’ regions NOT farmers’. If they prefer living in Equatoria region, then they should relocate to Kapoeta area. There is vast vacate lands–cattle grassing land in that area.

  7. Nikalongo says:

    The Editor is as objective in his article as Crock Hunter False Millionaire. Citizens murdered in Juba were as innocent as those who succumbed in Bor, Malakal, Bentui…etc. They posed no threat to Savage Kiir and Brute Riek. Selective narratives of what happened in our Country will never bring us peace, justice and reconciliation. The false impression being peddled by SPLM/A-IO supporters like you that Riek was defending himself against defenseless patients in Bor hospital exposes you to ridicule. Accept the truth of what happened for us to move on.

    • Gatdarwich says:


      You are evidently victim of Jenges’ concocted liars. There is no concrete evident indicating that Jenge civilians were targeted in Bor, Bentiu, and Malakal. It was never and isn’t in the SPLA-IO’s rule of engagements to target, rape, scotched villages-towns-cities to ashes, and robbed civilians of their livelihoods. Otherwise, if that was or is the case, the Nuer white army won’t had marched through Jenges Twic land leaving them unscratched. So, before making unwarranted noises, You needs to KNOW– differentiate between Jenge combatants and non-combatants killed in those three cities. Please bear in mind that there won’t and shall never be permanent peace and meaningful reconciliation between us if you and thy likes keep twisting undeniable facts. The December 2013- Nuer genocide in Juba isn’t and shall never be a laughable matter. The perpetrators will and shall imminently pay a heavy price period
      It’s not your land grabbing crap full stop.

    • Jake says:


      You are right in saying people were killed in Bor, Bentiu, Malakal , Balliet and else where. However Partitioning of Blame takes place even in the Justice system. The Issue of who has to bear the most resposibility for our 2013 civil war requires frank and honest answers. Salva ‘s ill comprehended plan to purge his politcal rivals with his illegally acquire militias caused every single death from Dec 15- and still going on now. Had that incident not occured nobody would have killed anyone in Bor, Bentiu,Malakal or any other place that revenge killings took place.

      So Kiir Shoulders 98% of the Blame with his Cronies ( Malong,Kuol,Malaak,e.t.c) Then the Other 2% is divided by Dr. Riek and Others.

      Simply put, I would have reacted in the same manner as Dr. riek if i were in his shoes at the time. I would have Waged an equally devastating Rebellion to deny those hypocrites in Juba of peace of mind and sleep. I would have done somethings diffrently of course. However if i had no choice and only the Nuers were willing to Join my Rebellion so be it . I would Launch an all Nuer rebellion still.

      The truth is everyone knows the truth but the hurt of loosing family and friends coupled with Dr. Riek’s past deeds are making us not give him his right. He didn’t start the war and was pursuing his right as a southerner to run for the high office. salva however turned it tribal and violent, then regional by inviting foreigners to fight alongside his Mathiananyoor. Thats became the rules of the Game. Thus there should be no equal partitioning of the Blame .

      • info@southsudannation says:

        In the fairness of justice, each and everyone has to bear his/her pound of justice. Incidentally, I would happily welcome your admission of Machar’s share of the quilt.

        Anyway, my point is this, after their shameful dismissals from the SPLM and the GOSS, Machar should have stood out as a national figure that was being unfairly targeted by Kiir. Therefore, Machar and gang should have immediately set up their own party and then should have embark of their own political campaign. Surely, at that time, most people were angry and disappointed with the Kiir/jieeng government of tribal domination.

        Unfortunately, Machar and his gang insisted on overthrowing Kiir from the one party, the SPLM, and that’s what torpedoed into the calamity in the country. In the very words of Arther Akuein in Rumbek in 2004, the “SPLM is too deformed to be reformed,’ Machar should have taken heed of that and should have embarked on formation of an alternative party.

        Machar would have surely garnered a massive support from South Sudanese citizens. Anyway, it’s too late, those of Machar must say that ‘mea culpas’ and perhaps step aside. If Machar didn’t physically start the war in 2013, at least he most probably and physically precipitated the war and the disastrous aftermath.

        • Gatdarwich says:


          What prove or evidence do you have that “Dr. Riek and his gang insisted on overthrowing Kiir from the party, the SPLM”?
          What we all know is that Dr. Riek and other SPLA/M leaders were democratically pushing for reform, which Killer Kiir violently rejected, staged a fake Coup d’état , and resorted into massacring innocents Nuer women, men, and children.
          You are evidently becoming another Makuei Liar and Philip Aguer who psychotically keep singing the fake coup narrative period

          • info@southsudannation says:

            This degenerate SPLM is a political party and like in most ‘civilized’ nations and political cultures, once you get kicked out disgracefully for the party, you either quit politics or if you think you are still popular, just form your own party. As simple as that.
            What reforms do you intend to make in an institution that you have no support? Have your own party, win the election and then institute the so-called reforms.
            Incidentally, those great heroes like General Taffeng, Gai Tut, Aggrey Jaden, Father Saturino Lohure, Ali Gwatalla, could not afford sitting in Hai jellaba or Hai Amarat, begging the Arab Sudanese to give them their inalienable rights.
            Machar and Lam broke off begging Garang for reforms. Anything new??? Today the SPLM is still jieng-dominated, degenerate and oppressive and full of thieves.
            Remember this, Machar might not be third-time lucky….again.

      • Southdan says:

        I agreed nobody 100% percent right as you put it that way, the government has 98% percent mistakes and Riek Machar has 2% percent. I wonder, where are Riek Machar mistakes?. I would be glad, if you would tell me the 2% percent mistakes Reik Machar has committed?
        1. ——————–
        2. ——————–

    • Bentiu Ramaran says:


      Thank you for spelling the name “Riek” correctly this time. Do not call him Riak again. Riak and Riek are two different names with different meanings.

      • gatdarwich says:


        Dr. Riek—” Third-time lucky” or not is absolutely none of your business. We are all firmly ccommitted to permanently ENDs killer Nyankiir’s created crisis—whether by silver bullets or diplomatic means.
        Piece of advice, let your likes stays cowered — cornered as usual, and popped-up when there is peace and food.

        • Nikalongo says:

          Now you are being irrational and hopeless. You want to kill more people, do it in your village. Remember, not everybody in South Sudan enjoy peace and eat food because of the agreement signed between Kiir and Riek. Kiir is as criminal as Riek. They are all murderers regardless of whether the other killed 10 and another 5.
          There is a peace agreement on the table. Let us hope for its implementation and see who leads the Nation after the interim period.

          • Bentiu Ramaran says:


            Please do not bother to answer Nikalongo’s comments. He is a lost fellow.

          • Gatdarwich says:


            Gatdarwich extremely hate it when your like stupidly generalize Killer NyanKiir’s created bloodshed in South Sudan.
            The current crisis and chaos in South Sudan was devilishly planned and demoniacally executed by none rather than the Highly Incompetent, Killer NyanKiir and the fanatics Jenges Council of Evils.
            Dr. Riek, General Lado, and General Taban were the prime targets, but fortunately escaped death and execution on the eve of the Nuer-Genocide-December 15,2013.
            They are victims and survivors of Killer NyanKiir’s genocidal war.
            Killer NyanKiir and his co-conspirators are squarely responsible and blamable for initiated the war and consequential killings period

          • Gatdarwich says:

            Bentiu Ramaran,

            You are definitely correct brother! Nikalongo is evidently “a lost fellow.”
            Yesterday, she was crying about Jenges grabbing Equatorians’ lands. Today, she is defending them!
            He is directionless, a typical appeaser—BABA JA character.
            What a pity!

          • Nikalongo says:

            What about the innocent ones who were killed in Bor, Malakal and Bentui? Were they also killed by Kiir? There were killing of innocent civilians on both sides. It is time you recognised it. Nuer killed Dinka, Dinka killed Nuer. That Ramaran is the truth.

  8. False Millionaire says:

    If there wasn’t an SPLM/A internal power struggle,there would never have been the events of 2013.Talking about the results and ignoring the cause is twisting of the logic.So it’s better to get lost.U haven’t any point to make at all.The editor has exposed the filthy characters of the protagonists in the editotorial.That’s most sincere of him.Nothing more.

    • Southdan says:

      False Millionaire,
      I really don’t believe on what you had been obsessed, as power struggle, to me power struggles is a ploy. Dinkas are the one keep snatching whatever they could form Nuer because Dinkas learn Nuer are truth worthy people who don’t want illegal gains, God blesses Dinkas though illegal gains.

  9. Gatdarwich says:

    False Millionaire,

    The so-called internal struggle within the SPLA/M was nothing more than a pretext that Killer NyanKiir and the Jenges Council of Evils used to execute the December 2013– Nuer genocide in Juba.
    As we all know, targeting innocent Nuer civilians in Juba was demonically preplanned by the Jenges in Killer Kiir’s genocidal regime, and has absolutely no connection with the SPLA/M leadership struggle period

    • Southdan says:

      Gatdarwich, l was going to reply on False Millionaire posting about allegation the so called power struggles. Is is a true thing not a fictional. But chronology history of South Sudan as been filled up with power struggles by Dinka Elites as follows:
      1. When Dr John Garang had joined Anyany 2 he suggested to be a a third3 person in the hierarchy of Anyanya 2 your instate he made a coup whicyh brought Ethiopians troops who had Killed the founder of Anyanya 2 when Garang was in totally had controlled Anyany 2 to erease the movement legality from Nuer and other 64 tribes he had changed the name into Sudan people liberation Army Sudan people liberation movement. This a power struggle that Falses Millionaire been talking.
      2. Garang become a sole leader a shrews dictator of SPLA,Splm. During 1990, he had forces 2Dr Reik Machar, lam Akol go from your own movement or party, again this a second power struggle in which Elites and common Dinka been talking.
      3. After South Sudan independent, especially 2013, President Salva Kiir went and bought Ugandans troops SPLA North, Ruanda troops and other niebuoghring militia December 13, 2013 he unleashed a coup put on Dr Machar that he Machar made a coup. Therefore, this the third time in which Dinka talk about real power struggles.
      4. Nuer never initiate any kind of attacks against Dinka they always claime back what Dinka had plundered this action Dinka called it power struggles.

  10. Southdan says:

    Dear editor.
    I like your article. It is very colorful in which you have touched an interesting part of country history chronology. Such as events, of 1983 the killing of Anyany 2 founder Samuel Gai Tut, and 1991.intresting you have mentioned all Riek, Kiir, Taban, Gore Nyba and other they are old good and evils plus new faces like MabiiurGarang, who might become later devil have come back again. Please Mr Editor don’t worry, we all know there are people inside the government, who are still interested in planning evils things against peace. Therefore what you are saying reminds me in the 80th when I used to attend movies with some of my friends Now, similar events had had occurred, some will occur too. Most importantly, the so called cowboy movie which had killed thousands in Juba 2013 has ended. Next South Sudan and the world are going to see a romantic film I guess so.

  11. Francis says:

    I completely agree with the Editorial position and the comments made by Nikalongo and False Millionaire. Guys truth must be said whether your brother is responsible for this or that, makes no difference. Our South Sudanese people were killed in Juba, Bor, Akobo, Malakal, Bentiu etc…. This situation must stop now. The crisis is rooted in the power struggle within the SPLM. This when these groups fialed to agree they dragged our innocent people into their own mess. Now that they have gotten what they have been looking for and that is”POWER”, you will never see them coming back to offer services to you. When elections time come, they will mobilize you on tribal lines and take you for another ride. We are suffering now, words and blames will not put food on the table. Let us start cultivating our land to produce our own food. The food that is given by the humanitarian will never help us develop our selves and our nation. We are the wealth producers! let us stop following these cheap politicians and embrace ourselves as South Sudanese. This country can take us, the issue of land is a political ticket that is used to keep the heat of hatred so that those responsible for our suffering can get away with it. If there is issue with land or representation etc.. what is the role of law-makers! They have to come up with ways to prevent our country from falling apart. We are fighting over a piece of bone while the International community and the region are looting us through their own companies. They come as humanitarian but bring along with them their companies and when your law makers issue a law to avail job opportunities in these organizations (NGOs) you find they have already bribed our own community based organization as a matter of fact so that they bring to South Sudan even a driver or a watchman. For how long will we keep on wrangling on a piece of bone?!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      While greatly appreciating your comment, the essence of my challenge to Machar and Gang is that they must come forward and tell us that:
      1- They are ‘cleaner’ than Kiir and gang,
      2- Who looted all the monies accrued from the oil sales?
      3- Was Machar and anyone in his gang included in the infamous list of the 75 alleged thieves who received Kiir’s letter?
      4- Why is Machar quickly jumping into ‘forgiveness’ before accountability and responsibility for the precipitation and perpetuation of the 2013 crisis?
      5- Who shall the people of South Sudan ‘hang,’ literally-speaking, for the egregious crimes against the people and nation?

      • Force_1 says:

        Machar is quickly jumping into “forgiveness” van wagen because he has done something he will never be forgiven for! When Riek ran out of Juba on December 2013; he went and tells the primitives “whitearmy” that “the entire Nuer civilians men, women and children are massacred in Juba and I want you to go to Bor and killed every man, woman and child you see and beside; burn every home down to aches and the whitearmy did just that! You can see the images in Bortown and elsewhere during the war; there is no dispute about it.

        But was it true that Nuer women and children were killed by the government? Absolutely not! Why! Because the evident was everywhere in the UN compound in Juba. But is it true that the whitearmy killed old men women and children in churches, Hospital and in the villages; burn down all their homes in Bor? Yes; the evidence are there on youtube!

        Now; when he came back to Juba after the peace agreement; Riek Machar went to UN compound and see every Nuer civilians; men women and children were all there; and you know what he said to them? He said “Thank God you’re all here; and here is what he said after that; he said; “You need to stay here for a while because the environment outside now is not safe anymore due to what happened”!

        Do anyone believe that peace and forgiveness would be that easy to happened; given what Riek Machar did in 1991 in and 2013? I hope Riek is enjoying his vice presidency that was given to him by IGAD and whether or not he has the power to do anything with that position!


        • Force_1 says:

          This another reason why Riek wouldn’t care whether people respect him or not as long as IGAD gave his vice presidency. This video below is the massacre of people of Abyei/Ngok of Bailiet in Upper Nile 2013/14!
          Good luck to the entire Nuer community if Riek Machar is the only leader they look up to and here is the video/

      • Bentiu Ramaran says:


        I agree with you on your condemnation of Dr. Machar on speaking of peace, forgiveness and reconciliation from time to time while Kiir who instigated the conflict and his gangs are not talking of peace, forgiveness and reconciliation instead they are threatening Machar’s group. Dr. Riek Machar and his group return to Juba is not for formation of transitional government of national unity but just surrendering. You will never see change in South Sudan and accountability for crisis of 2013 will never take effect in South Sudan.

      • Francis says:

        Dear Editor,

        I am your fan on all of this. Non of the leaders on our political spectrum will escape accountability, that is what we South Sudanese want. Yeah, every politician should tell us that he/she is clean from our monies!

        Thank you,

        • Bentiu Ramaran says:


          If all the leaders in South Sudan become accountable for the crimes committed since December 2013, then the judge must be foolish or may be the judge did not study law at all. In this world, even if the judge is totally foolish, they will never say the two parties that involved in conflict are equally right or equally wrong, one of them must be wrong and one must be right.

          • Bol says:

            Modern Legal system does not work the way traditional court of Nuer and Dinka work. Firstly, there are sections and level of courts. For example, in Criminal Courts, there would Defendants (President Kiir {D1} & Dr Reik {D2}) on one hand, and the Prosecutor on the other. The later would alleged to the Court that D1 is responsible for murder of 30; 000 civilian in and around Juba in the days and nights of December 14, 15 , and 16 of the year 2013. He would also alleged that D2 have murdered 17000 civilians in the towns of Bor, Malakal, Bantiue and villages around Renk. The Prosecutor would then present his evidences of eyewitnesses, reports, findings from the crime scene such mass grave and more importantly, the connection between each of D1 and D1 and the death of thes victims. The most likely principle to be operated in order to connect (D1 & D2) with the death of these people would be the CHIAN OF COMMAND and Aid and Abet doctrines (please look these principles up), If the judge is convince by what The Prosecutor claimed, the judge will indicted the two accused. The court will then move the next part of the trial, which hearing the case of D1 and D2. Failing to provide evidences which would disprove what was proved by the Prosecutor means guilty verdict to any of them who failed to actively deny charges. As you can see, the possibility of the two men going to jail is real and does not require some judicial stupidity.

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Bol and Editor,

            The way of Pelpel Jieng has no room any longer. Get it right that some of us have been in the west as you. My understanding of the legal system is that deadly force is justifiable to prevent the imminent, otherwise unavoidable threat of death or grave bodily harm to the innocent. This is precisely what occurred to Nuer. It is call self defense. My close friend was attacked by robbers in USA and ended up murdering one of the robbers in self defense. His case was justified and he was not even to go to the court for trial. Please let us be more realistic.

            In this regard, I concluded that you are accomplices of Kiir to the Nuer slaughtering spree. Thanks for murdering our innocent people. I hope you quenched your thirst of our blood.

  12. False Millionaire says:

    If u want to be seen as honest,please admit that the jieng innocent masses whom the nuer forces murdered in Bor,Malakal,Bentiu and every where in nuer homelands also had,”no connection with the SPLM/A leadership struggle”.
    If u are for the continuation of the communal struggle in the name of nuer masses,there isn’t any need to ignore that that’s exactly what the jieng ordinary masses,those on home u had inflicted incalculable loses by surprise cowardice violence,are impatiently waiting to see u coming with it.So stop empty internet rhetorics and get down to the mud.

    • Gatdarwich says:

      False Millionaire,

      The truth of matter is that Dr. Riek, General Lado, Dr. Nyaba, and General Taban DID NOT AND NEVER ordered nor mobilized the white army to attacked Bor, Malakal, and Bentiu. The white army self-mobilized themselves in response to the Nuer-genocide in Juba. Of course, the white army did fiercely fought the Killer NyanKiir’s militants in Bor, Malakal, and Bentiu. And as in any gun battle-war, people got killed from both sides. The killed were mostly all combatants, in exception of few non-combatants caught in crossfire–killed by astray bullets.
      White army didn’t participated in targeting killing. Otherwise, they(white army) won’t had marched through Twic and other Jieng villages leaving behind thousands and thousands of Dinka men, women, and children unscratched.
      Targeting civilians-noncombatants, raping, castrating young boys, robbing civilians of their livelihoods, and scotching villages, towns, and cities to ashes as widely practice–first rule of engagement by Killer NyanKiir’s militants and mercenaries, is NOT and NEVER one of the white army’s or SPLA-IO’s rule of engagements period

      • Raankan says:


        Dr.Riek was told to form his own party but he refused until being forced out from SPLM and now he had his own party after blood shed.

  13. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Mr.Gatdarwich

    Your fixation on Nuer genocide by Kirr regime,in your comments,has become too TEDIOUS ALTOGETHER FOR ME! I for one,by own self,I knew the language very well and its definitions the same time.Can you define genocide? Tell me,was Nuer massacre premeditated by South Sudan government under President Kirr administration????

    The episode of December 15,2013,it was a political issue which came in power struggle within SPLM Ruling Party in Political Bureau.What they had fought for in the party,they had not been addressed in the peace talk agreement in BOGUS PEACE of August 15,2015.They are now being put a side.They are now talking about 28-states and other outstanding matters as well!

    What I know in my head so far, it tells me first and foremost,that the struggle in the warring SPLM Ruling Factions,is TRIBAL which based on leadership! President Kirr,keeping in his mind that he wants to remain in power as long as it takes! Meanwhile Riak is looking for change in ruling party SPLM.Take example,according to SPLM Party,it says no change for chairmanship! in which it prevents the members SPLM in the party not to run for presidency in office! Only that if become a chairman!


  14. Eli says:

    Fellow Country Citizens
    I have read all your arguments here and there, I have noticed a lot of blame games, pointing fingers at one another except ourselves is hypocrisy, remember when I point one finger at someone the rest are pointing back to me. WE are in this all together.
    I have a question for all of you:
    Is it wise that we weaken ourselves so much that we make it easy for our enemies to come and finish us?
    “A house divided among itself will not stand outside attacks”
    “United we stand divided we fall”.
    All those leaders we are cursing and blaming are doing what they deem is right to the best of their thinking; they are working to fulfil their individual interests.
    How about us, what are our dreams?
    Yes you the reader, what is (are) your dream(s)?
    What are our national visions?
    Where are the nationally unifying visions?
    Bring your collective visions out into the air so the public have the chance to scrutinize and make their own opinions. And if my ideas are rejected today I don’t need to take it personal or hold grudges but I rather be persistent and consistent.
    Fellows Citizens;
    This is the right time to rewrite history, focusing on history yields no fruits at this juncture.
    “If you don’t like the past change today and if you don’t like today make changes for tomorrow”.
    Even in your daily life today, what are you doing to create a positive legacy? If I die today do I leave WILLS or BILLS for the future generation is another question to ask ourselves.
    I say out with the old and in with the new, sometimes I must swallow my prides to make rooms for changes. And if we don’t, then we should blame ourselves but no one else, if we are not ready to change the future, then what is the meaning of life for you and I?
    That’s why I founded South Sudanese National Liberation Front, although not perfect at its initiation like a baby is born to mature, this is a grass root movement with simple visions. Please let’s not focus on the name but the contents of the topics.
    Here are some of the contents:
    * We want a nation where ALL citizens live free from ALL fears
    * We want a nation free of debts and prosperous
    *We want a nation without classes
    *We encourage intermingling (A to Z); feel free to choose your friends regardless of who they are
    *We want a nation where leaders are servants NOT lords
    *We embrace diversity; it’s our strength and pillar
    *We want a nation full of Producers and not only consumers (Made in South Sudan Products worldwide)
    *There is only one of you, no one is like you in this entire world, and therefore “Every citizen must think for him/her self independently”
    *Liberty and Freedom to all, Equality and Justice in our lands and the lands of our forefathers
    *Live happy and free die happy and free
    *No one is above the law including myself
    *Wisdom is a gift to all, we must use it for our benefits
    *We recognise and agree that Freedom is NOT free, but once at hand, it needs to be nurtured
    *We embrace competition, it’s a healthy mechanism to improve decent services to the public
    This is People’s United Party for progress opened to everyone, every idea accepted upon discretion.
    Please joint me and let’s make a U-turn for a better future. We owe it to the next generation.
    May God bless South Sudan and her Beloved Peoples
    Eli Wani

    • Bentiu Ramaran says:


      I would like to quote some of your questions and try to answer them “Is it wise that we weaken ourselves so much that we make it easy for our enemies to come and finish us?” The answer is no, it is not appropriate to weaken our selves because it will develop hatreds, tribalism in us.

      “How about us, what are our dreams?” Our collective dream we South Sudanese is to live in peace, harmony and build our country.

      “Yes you the reader, what is (are) your dream(s)?” My personal dream is to create agriculture and environmental sustainability program, a program where we can use and develop our environmental resources to meet the needs of the present people and continue to refurnish our environments to also meet the needs of future generations.

      “What are our national visions?” To me our national vision is to build hospitals, schools and promote trade among ourselves as well as internationally. “Where are the nationally unifying visions?” I think some of your questions are overlap and can be given one unify answer.

      However, I do not know why you asked the aforementioned questions like if you are not in South Sudan. Kiir is not only killing the dream of Dr. Machar but he is also killing all our dreams we South Sudanese. Kiir killed the Joseph Bakosoro dream, who wants to be good politicians. I heard that Editor is a medical doctor, but he is not using skill in South Sudan because Kiir’s security guards will eliminate him. Ultimately, lawlessness, tribalism and random killings introduced by our president and Dinka Council of Elders kill all South Sudanese dreams.

      • Survivor says:

        given this respond; you are a leader already, Why hide behind a someone else when you can boldly stand up on your own and proclaim your place. my point is; while peace, justice and reconciliation are what we truly want. we need to look amongst ourselves for the next generation fo leaders. for this endeavor of building a nation is simply too much for our older generation (my apologies to Mr Editor and his contemporaries) regardless of how one feel towards a certain leader. The bottom line, it’s clear the Kiir can’t unite and lead South Sudan, the same also can be said about Riek. yet, we are always falling to look outside the box for answers and ultimately leadership, unity, justice and prosperity for all.

  15. Bentiu Ramaran says:

    Chief Abiko,

    You are totally foolish and heartless agent of Kiir, Your denial of Nuer massacre from time to time indicates that you are ignorant or totally idiot. The answer to your stupid question is yes, president Kiir administration ordered the massacre of Nuer in Juba only foolish South Sudanese like you do not know this. Kiir trained his private army prior to Nuer massacre.

    After graduating his private army, Kiir ordered the disarmament of Nuer in the presidential guards. Kiir’s private army attacked Riek Machar’s house on December 15 and Killed 84 of his body guards, and the national army started killing Nuer civilians on December 16, 2013 in their residencies. Any way continue denying Nuer massacre may be Kiir will hire you because nowadays denying Nuer massacre is a good resume for South Sudanese who are looking for jobs in Kiir’s government.

  16. Deng Hanbol says:

    Dear Editor,
    This is second time giving Dr, Machar’s struggle against Kiir and his tribal militias a misleading twist. On Dec/16/2013, you wrote an article accusing Dr. RieK Machar for being a quo-plotter rather than putting blame on the Dinka president who massacred more than 20.000 Nuer civilians. According to Dr. Peter Adwok Nayaba you attacked Dr. Riek Machar just to appease Kiir and his Dinka elite for you believed that Dr. Martin Elia Lomoro would be the surrogate of Dr. Machar.
    Further, you went so far by calling those of Dr. Nyaba, Dr. Majok Agoot, Gen. Lado Gore and etc. as gang of the disgruntled clamouring. However, Prof. Nyaba had returned evil for evil. Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba said:

    BY: Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, JUBA, DEC/17/2013, SSN;
    In the Editorial Analysis /December 16th/, Mr Peter Wankomo
    couldn’t have erred more in his analysis. A level-headed neutral
    person can easily see the bias and prejudice underpinning his
    wrong conclusions. It clear, Peter is relying either on sources in
    Juba who are not accurate in their reporting or the statements
    by the President and Dr. Martin Elia Lomoro, who also as a
    leader of SSDF has interest in SPLM tearing itself down.
    First, I am surprised that Mr Peter Wankomo heaps blame
    and abuse on Riek Machar while by implication exonerates
    President Kiir. Peter at the same time “wonders why people
    like Lado Gore, Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, Dr. Majak Agoot,
    Dr. Manoja and the gang of the disgruntled become easy
    prey of Machar’s psychological and psychiatric obsessive
    personality disorders.”It reveals to me that SouthSudannation
    .com is not getting the facts well or the Editor is blinded by his
    perceptions of Riek Machar.
    You should know that Dr. Riek Machar did split the SPLM for he knew that Dinka leaders would advise their Dinka people to vote for unity. Now you should thank you Dr. Machar if you’re rational political thinker rather than shedding crocodile tears over the plight of the Nuer civilians who massacred by Kiir. The simple question is ,should democratic leader Dr. Riek Machar make deal with the Dinka dictator in order to avoid the country to fall apart? I wish you would refrain from criticizing Dr. Riek

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Deng Hanbol,
      The political reality in South Sudan is as clear as the sunshine.
      Let me reiterate the obvious. Let me categorically state here that your Martin Elia is and never crossed my mind. he is a protege of Bona Malual and that’s why he will forever stick with the jieeng leadership. Period!

      Back to the point, this is the second-time political life cycle of Machar, like in 2002 and now in 2016, Machar has come back to the same monstrosity for which hundreds of thousands have died needlessly with little to call real success.
      Once again, let me once again state here that my utmost concern is that Machar and gang have come back to an institution that is not amenable to any changes. As you are aware, when Machar always returns ‘home’ to this monstrosity, the jieng-dominated SPLM/A becomes more entrenched and stronger, that’s more for the benefit of the jieng.
      Today, despite international pressure, Kiir and the jieng council of elders have become ever more intransigent and unbeatable, whilst the nation is sinking deeply into abyss and the people across the nation are more divided than ever.
      The problem, brother, is that most of you don’t like self-criticism or others criticizing the so-called ‘leaders.’ Machar or Kiir, like anybody else, are fallible, they blunder like anyone else and must be told, ‘sir, you are naked!’ In civilized cultures, leaders who have failed, simply step aside and let others take over. The leader of Britain’s Labor Party graciously stepped down when his Labor party lost the last election.
      Would you ever advise Machar to do the same?

      • Southdan says:

        Please be frankly don’t poure all your emotions on blaming Dr.Riek Machar.
        1. what so important to you for Reik Machar not to return back to SPLA party?
        2.why did Troika, united States and British not encourage Dr.Reik Machar to from a separate party but instate they encourage a united SPLA party under one leadership one President. Don’t ever waste your pencil on calling the division of SPLA call for united SPLA party.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Good luck with your Reik Machar and the united SPLA.
          …………..One leadership,….? I will hold my breath.

  17. Hoiloom says:


    Were you not the one who wrote an article in December 2013 by the tittle “oops Riek did it again” and later was proven that no coup attempt ever took place in Juba? Until the people of South Sudan pin point the culprits of Juba massacre, hence causing revenge killings in Greater Upper Nile our country will not find peace. Your article sounds like UNSC by blaming “all sides have committed atrocities” without any way forward. The person who caused this civil war and still kill our people today is no one but Salva Kiir Mayardit. It’s not a crime for any citizen of this country to run for the highest office, be it Riek Machar or Lam Akol. Salva Kiir does not have any constitutional right to ban anyone to run for presidency.

    I know Riek Machar gets a lot of blame for 1991 split but he has absolutely no role in the current carnage our country is going through. Jake has summarized it well, I would have done exactly what Riek did or even worse. You cannot spin around in circle blaming everyone in SPLM although you know the main culprit. It should be crystal clear now the architects of this war are the very people who are working day and night to burry ARCISS. There is no need to look further.


  18. False Millionaire says:

    Please save us time and effort and go fool around some where else.The white army,the SPLA-IO,Dr Riek and u deserve hell fire in much the same way as those to whom u have shown hell conducts so far since the language of peace and understanding makes no sense to u.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      False Millionnaire
      Please stop fooling around with people. You do not have the decency and morals to accept that you the Jieng are responsible for the mess in the country. You yap about the Nuer who you the Jieng massacred in 1980s in huge numbers and then again in 1991 in response to the Bor massacres of Riek and the White army. Why can’t you compare your brutalities in those crimes to what happened in Bor, Bentiu and Malakal? If you are honest enough you would condemn both your tribe mates and the Nuer. Unfortunately you squat on the internet trying to make the Jieng look innocent as well as victims. Crap! Now if you want to respond to me, please read the newly published book: Golgotha, by Jada Yengkopiong. You may not have the time to read the whole book but you can read chapter four which will supply you with the evidence of Jieng criminality. Let the truth shine

    • gatdarwich says:

      False millionaire,

      Just concede defeat to gatdarwich in your likes’ incompetence attempt-campaign to generalized Killer Nyankiir’s delivishly engineered and demoniacally executed human catastrophe in south sudan period

  19. Hoiloom says:

    Deng Hanbol,

    I think we are talking about the same article that the Editor wrote in December 2013, which was later reputed by that great piece of Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba. Thanks for reminding our Editor! I would agree with the Editor having observed some of his comments that Dr. Riek does not need to return to the same SPLM if indeed he believes in his own political capability. I am sure IO will form a different political party and if that does not take place then Riek is done politically.


    • info@southsudannation says:

      Be informed that I have the greatest respect to Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba and to confess something personal, we communicated with each other after the war as he fled to exile and till today I still have the greatest admiration for his intellectual contributions, same to the many of those in IO whom I personally know as my contemporaries.
      I am not a supporter of Kiir’s SPLM and one time back, I personally talked to Machar while he was on a visit to USA and we seemingly concurred on so many points.
      Where I seriously digress with them foremost is their return or intent to be reabsorbed back to what I have called ‘a degenerate party, SPLM and it’s dysfunctional government,’ which to me looks like they have inadvertently enhanced president Kiir tenure and his jieeng criminality.
      What I had expected from these colleagues was that their new party should be a totally different entity and that Machar should set his immediate goal on challenging Kiir for the presidency of the country in the next election as leader of another totally different party.
      The future of the nation is predictably uncertain once again if Machar and company blindly persist in the one SPLM, because Kiir is going to fire him again as the same one party can’t have two rivals in the same election.
      If that eventuality ever happens, will Machar go to another war?
      Personally, I fully supported a change and that can only materialize if Machar and group start working as a reliable and independent opposition party, not an SPLM-In-Opposition.
      This acronym, IO, makes no political sense; its connotation is simplistically irrelevant as both Kiir and Machar or the SPLM-IG and SPLM-IO, are like conjoint twins, sharing the same maternal, or should I rather say the same corruption and misgovernance.
      Finally, I have no personal interest in either IO or IG, but when my people are needlessly suffering, it’s time and a moral duty for all to speak out. Just a reminder, I set up this website then in 2003 specifically to counter Dr. John Garang’s insistence on a united so-called ‘New Sudan’ instead of a free, independent ‘South Sudan,’ which all South Sudanese were yearning for ever since the first Anya-Anya struggle and even long back then.
      I vividly recall back then during the liberation war, even while enjoying in the bars and night clubs of Nairobi, everyone would not say the word ‘South Sudan’ as reference to the country, all had to say, “I have come or going back to New Sudan,” while looking over your shoulders. That’s what challenged and motivated me to call the website bluntly and boldly the “South Sudan Nation.”
      Thankfully, I felt personally gratified when our new country was christianed as the “South Sudan Nation.” Did I choose the right title for this website……ohmmmmmm???
      Best regards,

  20. Peacemaker says:

    What all the participants in this forum should know is that this present government was formed in accordance with the provisions of the peace deal which was actually imposed on the warring parties against their will. it was the next best the international community could offer to stop the continuation of the bloody conflict.Therefore we should not blame them but instead we should put the blame on the Kiir’s who continues to rule by decrees in total disregard of the agreement. It is now a month since the formation of the TGoNU and still no progress made in implementing the agreement.Worse, people like Makuei Lueth and Malak Ayuen continue to make irresponsible provocative rhetoric implying returning to war is just a matter of time as they still stick to their previous position. Honestly, peace can only be achieved alternative arrangements that would see formation of a neutral government that excludes the warring parties. Our role as south Sudanese intellectuals is to refrain from tribal chauvinism and work collectively to salvage what remained from our sinking cattle camp.

  21. Chief Abiko! says:

    To My Dear Bentiu Ramaran:

    I am happy to be agent of Kirr! I am happy to be foolish! What you have said onto me,in your responding comment,they are CARBAGGE! They are not suppose to harm me at all! Kirr killing of Nuer in Juba,it has become part of politics of the day! There is nothing else at all! There have been politicals upheavals in the countries like Kenya and Rwunda.They are most worst in Juba episode of December 15,20 13 in SPLM ruling party internecine.Those
    countries,they have not insist as like Nuer pogrom!

    If he by himself President Kirr,was doing Nuer issue based on his intent,believe me.I would have been able to repproach him so bad! How possible that he kills his own people he is ruling????

    Riak Machar himself,he had,masscred Dinka people in his eyes watch! Why on continuing blaming Kirr on his side while leaving Riak Machar unblame on his side.You become bias! You will never make South Sudan moving smoothly forward! because you become A BIG YOKEL!!!!!! Thank you for talking to me! No grudge for me on opinions at all! You subject to your own way! I am too!!!


    • Southdan says:

      I agreed nobody 100% percent right as you put it that way, the government has 98% percent mistakes and Riek Machar has 2% percent. I wonder, where are Riek Machar mistakes?. I would be glad, if you would tell me the 2% percent mistakes Reik Machar has committed?
      1. ——————–
      2. ——————–

    • Bentiu Ramaran says:

      Chief Abiko,

      I would first like to thank you for accepting that you are foolish. I have been following your comments on this website but none of your comments make sense. Every point you have been making indicates that you are 100% foolish so there is no denial on this. You said “Nuer will never make South Sudan moving smoothly forward”. You and your master Kiir cannot make South Sudan move forward by killing Nuer women and children for no reason. Since the beginning of January 2014 Nuer do not play role in the Juba’s government. What prevented you and Kiir from moving forward in the absent of Nuer?

      Since you are a naïve contributor, I would like to inform you that Nuer have been moving South Sudan forward since 1975. For instance, when Anyang 1 signed 1972 agreement with Sudan government, Nuer erected a new movement called Anyanya 2. Nuer fought with Sudan’s government from 1975 until John Garang hijacked the movement in 1983 with the help of Ethiopian government. Nuer created Bilpam in 1975 as a training camp for all South Sudanese who wanted to join the movement. In 1983, the South Sudanese followed the foot steps of Nuer in huge number. Today the SPLA still used the name Bilpam as military base. This is one of the great things Nuer achieved.

      When John Garang was fighting for New Sudan, Nuer asked Garang to drop his New Sudan’s vision and replaced it with South Sudan but John Garang refuse to listen to Nuer. However, Nuer fought with Garang until he dropped his New Sudan and adopted South Sudan’s vision. Today, South Sudanese are enjoying Nuer vision of free South Sudan. This is another Nuer achievement.

      Again, today South Sudan government formed transitional government of national unity that will benefit all the tribes in South Sudan because of Nuer. In the new government, new constitutions will be written, Kiir’s power will be reduced, South Sudan will allow election and term limit will be introduced. All these things will be done because of Nuer.

      • Southdan says:

        Bentiu, are correct ya-raannath don’t. I hope chief abiko would believe, Bentiu is a truths taller. Everyone in South Sudan acknowledged Nuers every roll in the history of South Sudan. even those Jeing Elders council whom had hijacked the country knows that Nuers are strong cohesive catalytic for South Sudan.

        • Bentiu Ramaran says:


          Thanks man for understanding the pain Nuer are going through. The idiot so call Chief Abiko has been denying the massacre of Nuer from day one despite the fact that many commanders who involved in killing accepted that Nuer were massacred. South Sudanese like Chief Abiko are the very one who appease Kiir and his Dinka Councile of Elders in order to get positions. As you know since in the very beginning of independent of South Sudan, people who criticize Dr. Machar get position very quick in the government and those who do not criticize Dr. Mahcar even if they do not have connection with Dr. Machar do not always get position in the government.

          Nowadays, denial of Nuer massacre is not only a good resume for getting a job but also it is good strategies to be connected with Kiir and his Dinka Council of Elders, which may lead to employment. This is what exactly Chief Abiko is doing.

  22. Comrade Yien Mathew says:

    Hi all’
    It is being said truth is very bitter,i must still tell you the truth Riek Machar will never become President of S Sudan even if heaven and earth pass away.The man who appointed weak and lonely people to Ministerial positions.This can never happen,the appointment of Lado Gore who joint our moment in a single handed with out any Equatorian solider show that Riek can not fit to lead South Sudan as the President.People who are drug addict like Mabior Nyandeng becoming minister and he does not have any single support,the drunker does not even have a village but he keep moving from city to city drinking with the sons of presidents all over and today Machar believe him just bse he do pure alots of insults to president kiir.I better i advise him to contest to become president of DOK Nuer not even the whole Nuers.Dr.Riek Has brought shame to our Nuer Community by selling his fellow Nuers to President Bashir just bse he has problem with one Nuer Peter Gadet,up to now our thousands of our Nuer soldiers are in YEMEN fighting for unknown war what a mess?

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Yien Matthews,
      Thanks for your honesty!!! Nuer deserve better than this, there is no need to use South Sudanese as Sudanese soldiers. You are one of the smartest Nuer who knows better and I gave you so much credits for your knowledge. By the way, we are going to be brothers at the end the day as South Sudanese regardless of tribes differences. Also, you are right on Dr. John’s son because there was nothing special in the name of John Garang that made him perseverance, but it was all about making good decisions as on who he chose to work with. Well, Dr. Riek’s leadership style is a mess and he should be vigilant this time because even his gods are going to be divisive between superstitious and only one God. It seems to me like Riek goes to Church whenever he is in town, but when he is out there in Nuer villages then he pledges his submission to traditional leader of outdated practice of evils. Thanks.

    • Southdan says:

      Please organise your self. Riek is not and Will not ever be Dok Nuer leaders. He is a Nasier Nuer, Lou Nuer leader, he is also lak, Bul Nuer leader and all South Sudanese 64 tribs. If you failed to get position in the transitional government please wait for second chance. Otherwise, Shame on you. You used to support Dr Reik Machar before Peace. now the peace has become reality. So why don’t you continue supporting it seems you want to repeat the scenario of 1994, when Mr.char chawj conspired With the government of Sudan and finally gave a huge troops to reoccupied Nasier city that was under control of Reik Machar be careful you might cause another fighting between the Nuer jikany and Lou as happened 1994.
      You know south sedan have been suppoted by international community. How come you have been jealous when Reik Mach had won. God take care off you if you didn’t not reverse. you are acting as an opportunist.

  23. gatdarwich says:

    just peacefully join your cousin gathoth Mai and faithfully serve your new master–killer nyankiir.

  24. To:Editor

    I agree with your comment to Holoom! I need a different contestants for election 2018,from a different political parties in the South sudan government.If it is going be between Kirr,and Riak,it is going bring another earthquak!

  25. Hoiloom says:


    Take it easy on our Editor, he’s only encouraging Machar and the co. to form their own party and leave the deform SPLM to Tikyual Kuoth and JCE. Yien, if you’re indeed the son of Banypiny Chuol then you are a disgrace like Gat-hoth Gatkuoth to Eastern Nuer. Leave the Hon. Minister alone, he’s out of your league.


  26. False Millionaire says:

    As a matter of fact,u have got a very good point suggesting to condemn every one responsible for the conducts of violence without any regard to his tribe.But that very good point is the golden piece that will never penetrate into the brains of the likes of gatdarwich.
    Elhag,stay tuned.The next crisis will not take the jieng ordinary masses by surprise as was the case with the events of 1991 and 2013.Those of gatdarwich have the ball in their side.There is a sense of impatience to teach them a lesson so that they should learn never to forget to remember that,such evils as raping,killing,looting and destroying as a way of conducting politics can never be allowed unpunished.In fact no punishment could be deem too severe for that.

  27. Hoiloom says:


    The spin doctor as usual. Jieng instigated 2013 crises in hope that by wiping out Nuer in Juba, the rest would coil their tails between their legs. Little did you know a Nuer man can never be intimidated by Jaang with all their mercenaries. Machar is already in Juba and hopefully you won’t attempt Juba 2 massacre. Elhag Paul has stated facts here, without Juba massacre there couldn’t have been Bor or Malakal massacre. We are watching!


  28. Southdan says:

    shame on you folk, I wonder why Dinkas always behave childishly toward Nuer and Reik Machar. if I’m right please forgive me. I closely observe and found out Dinkas, are like western kids when touches by parents they would call 911and the police would come arrested the parents later on court would take the kids into poster care. Thus Dinka Bor are always thinking negatively toward Riek Machar, but they didn’t know, they are the one string South Sudan towards destructions. Mean while in Bor town they exhibiting 1 dead corpse of a Dinka, however they forget to exhibit 10 thousands Nuers killed by Dinkas. This type of behavior is a childish 911 called. Recently Dinka Bor has denounce a forgiveness endeavor commenced by first vice president Dr Riek Machar at Jeing Emmanuel Church. who are distorte minded folks Dinka Bor comes from?

  29. Toria says:

    False M
    “Elhag, stay tuned. The next crisis will not take the jieng ordinary masses by surprise as was the case with the events of 1991 and 2013.”
    Really? Is that how low you go now? Obviously you have no moral conviction. I have always said, that you are a wolf in a sheep skin. Your claims to be an arbitrator was all bogus and neither are you a moderate jenge nor independent thinker, rather you are truly a tribal bigot and hate monger, your thoughts processes are guided by animistic creeds yarning to be the False Prophet of Doom and the Savior of Jenge nation. Keep preaching the hate speech it will haunt you wherever you are.
    But thanks for the forewarning that you jenges are plotting for the next wave of violence and another genocide, at least this time we have a recorded proof from those beating the drums of war like False M. one of the jenge diehards.
    Just be careful that you don’t dig your own graves!!!!!!!!! Your poor souls.

    • Eastern says:


      What False millionaire made known now is what some of us have discerned long time ago through his sugar coated ‘wise counsels”.

      Is anybody surprised that Mading Ngor acted the way he did at Emmanuel Jieng church in Juba? Is anybody surprised that the implementation of the ARCISS is a snail pace.

      Folks, be afraid; very afraid!

    • Bol says:

      By your own admission which I quoted below, you are already in the thick what F.M is implying to, although he did not include you (Equatorians) in it.Here is the quote…. (Toria May 27, 2016 at 2:07 am….There is nothing call UNKNOWN GUN MEN, but there is something called SPLA IO cantonment in Equatoria, go and tell your Jenge king killer Kirr aka KKK to stop denying the TRUTH and include WE THE PEOPLE FORCES OF EQUATORIA into agreement as equal partners and let’s make peace a reality or face the consequences of his ignorance. Alex) …..Your message is clear and simple…..You or SPLM/IO is the one hunting for MTMs on Equatorian’s Highways, not unknown gun man?…….Taking your admission at face value, why would the entire world be inform since all parties are actively trading hostilities? Why would this statement of facts be outrageous and your admission of murders and ethnic cleansing is not ? Why would it be a bad idea if the MTN hunters are paid in the same coin? Lets hope that next round did not come about, or it will be too hard for the UNIMMIS accommodate masses of people…….

  30. False Millionaire says:

    I am sorry u have missed the point and that’s why u shiver without any due.
    Brother Elhag says thet,”truth hurts but it’s also liberating”.The truth is sir,one day will come and the jungles of RSS will become peaceful without one single monkey named Toria preying on innocent,”MTNS”,for no other reason than politics.

  31. False Millionaire says:

    Did u read gatdarwich’s comments?
    What do u expect for those who are hell bent?
    If I had written in french,I would have pardoned u for any misunderstanding so far as english is your first scholistic language.So as such,there shouldn’t have been undue miscontrusion of the point of the ball being on the side of the likes of gatdarwich.There is freedom to make war and it’s an exclusive right of a war maker.There is freedom for self defense and it’s an exclusive right for a self defending citizen.Viewing from such stand point,qu’est-ce que vous dèrange mon chèr ami?!!!

    • Eastern says:

      Well, False Millionaire,

      Asking if I have read Gatdarwich’s comments is diversionary and don’t use it as a damage control measure after your intentions have slipped out in the public forum: I now confirm the type of person that you are!

      That being said, I have read your feedback, typical of most of your feedback which are subtle and made the necessary disambiguation; your intentions are clear – one just needs to read between the lines.

      I have a good command of both French and the English languages, having lived in Sorbonne neighborhood of Paris as a teenager. During my undergraduate university study, I edited an English weekly magazine at the university campus – just stressing that language wasn’t my problem here in understanding your text neither was it semantics. You were crystal clear bany False Millionaire!

      You asked “qu’est-ce que vous dèrange mon chèr ami?!!!” I am certainly bothered by your sugarcoated, yet sinister motives. Un accord de paix pour mettre fin à la guerre au Sud-Soudan a été signé alors allons enterrer la hache de guerre – there’s a signed peace accord, the ARCISS in place !

      Let’s preach peace so as to be able to realize and live in peace; the implementation of the ARCISS is going to test the resolves of South Sudanese leaders of letting their other cheek to be slapped as Jesus asked of his followers in a Sermon on the mount Luke 6:29; Matthew 5:39 – I don’t care if you read the Bible or not; my point is, leaders and by extension all South Sudanese should exercise humility as virtue

  32. gatdarwich says:

    False Millionaire,

    Your likes deserved no civil debate nor diplomatic discourse but harsh language coupled with silver bullets period.
    Your tribal chief, killer Nyankiir and the jenges council of evils initiated the current crisis and chaos in south sudan because of natural treachery, greed, power hunger, and glutonny. Kilker Nyankiir and his co-conspirators are squarely responsible and blamable for all the deaths and the indescribable human catastrophe in south sudan full stop

  33. Toria says:

    Bol, False M
    In the first place I wouldn’t refer to you as MTNs. Secondly, I will never hurt an innocent soul no matter what tribe including jenges as long as they don’t carry guns. Third, if you follow my comments it is always directed towards Kirr/JCE and the blind followers of SPLA IG not innocent Dinkas.

    Bol, am glad that you are following the conversations, I hope you also read what the context of that conversation between Alex and I was about. Each time when Alex makes a comment he says “We will do this or that”. Who is we”? the possible scenarios are that he is referring to “We the jenges” or We in SPLA IG, a typical Jenge mentality, that “we brought independence”, “we liberate you”, we are born to rule, we, we, we…blah, blah, blah….
    Now if you think because Kirr being a Dinka and so all jenges MUST support every moves he makes, then that is where Jenge becomes synonymous with SPLA IG. Hence, no difference. FYI, though Jenge is a short form of Jieng, but most of all Jenge is not people but a character of any person who behaves backwardly. Like Kirr and his disciples who want to create a Jenge Nation is a backward ideology just like Hassan Turabi wanted to create an Islamic Nation to be ruled by strick Sharia Laws, now look where Sudan is, and Turabi is biting the dust of justice. If that is what Kirr/ JCE and Jenge diehards want to happen in South Sudan then let’s see who will win?

    • Bol says:

      I really don’t want to dwell too much on this topic, the fundamental issue here is that killing of un-armed civilians is a bad policy wether done by the government or opposition, which is why no one would willingly and publicly admits it, and you just did, in this short comment quoted above! The context was that…..Alex, like everybody else who is fair-minded wanted to know from Eli who is the unknown gun man in Equatorian’s highways killing and terrorising people…..You responded…..There is nothing called unknown gun man, but there is something called….., Eli replied….( I do not and will not condone violence but I advocate for justice and equality. I am a People’s person. can not)…. So, the comment is self explanatory and can not be justifies by Alex or anyone else’s provocation in this given context….The shortest route to political change is to unify and motivate people for common purpose, not to kill them or encourage killing them by any means…. “The most beautiful words in English language are (Not guilty- Maxim Gorky ” Cheers.

  34. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


    At least these criminals are trying to move forward be it in the right direction or not. Apart from criticizing them, what are we doing to move us forward in the right direction. Sitting behind computer desk all days will never move us an inch forward or out of this mess as far as I know. Give us a platform or a cause to rally around so we can finally get rid of these criminals. Innocent people perished unnecessarily and this is the right time for someone with human heart to stand up. Otherwise, it is time for all of us to shut up and stop punching computer’s keyboarding. These keyboards are tired of us as we are tired of Kiir and Machar.

  35. Elhag Paul says:

    For those abusing people of South Sudan please note that Dakar has roared loudly that African abuse leaders from now will not escape justice. Kiir and JCE, Yoweri Museveni etc should expect to account. Enjoy the piece in the below link.

    “The Guardian view on the conviction of Hissène Habré: Africa points the way | Editorial”

    • Deng Monymor says:

      If you think Justice is being served in Dakar, your intellectual capacity is a self-fooling scenario of a typical African learned individual of this age–educated to be dumb rather to be a thinker.

  36. Chief Abiko! says:

    Elhag Paul

    Why you becoming now a supporter justice for the west????? No African courts! Colonialism courts in Africa! Colonializim matter is still existing in the countries that have been colonialized before by Europians!!! No absolute independence countries in earlier days in the centuries in the years during on those days anymore!

    In Dakar the capital of Senegal in west Africa,Their people are still remaining IGNORANCE!!!!! The French are behind the president of Chad on his issue! There is nothing they need from former Chad President Hisssen Habre.They only need to take his money! The French are not good people at all in front of God! That is the reason why they never getting along ever since then with BRITISH People!! The Senegales government,has HUMILIATING THE WHOLE CONTINENT OF AFRICA THE FATHHERLAND!!!


    • Bentiu Ramaran says:

      Chief Abiko,

      You have been living in the United States for decades If you do not like colonialism, then why don’t you comeback to South Sudan?

  37. Beek says:

    Physically and mentally, i am very very proud of myself since i never ever received anything from South Sudan and i have no interest either. We need people and we need each others,but not about position and money. One never knows what is going to happen tomorrow and i think SPLM need to shift from abuse to normal. Stop listening phones and Hacking innocent people Internet.
    Force number one have to wake up because we are aware how much you got,but that is not the case. There are some wealthy people in this world who have been diagnosed with cancer,but they can find treatment they needed.

    • Eli Wani says:

      Bentiu Ramaran

      Sometimes they say repetition works. Let me quote from my own words again, “out with the old and in with the new”. The intention of my comment is to ask the common questions that any average citizen can answer.

      Let me try once again to reiterate it:
      Q. “How about us, what are our dreams?”
      A. Our dreams are peaceful coexistence, self-sufficient, economically independent, other examples are to become producers, industrious, Environmental stewards, etc.

      Q. “Yes you the reader, what is (are) your dream(s)?” A. This is an individual answer. e.g. to start a business venture, to build a beautiful house in South Sudan but not in foreign lands, to educate yourself in the field of your choice, to think independently and not be guided by tribal egos etc.

      Q. “What are our national visions?”
      A. Our national vision is to be leaders in Pan Africanism and rise into challenges facing Africa and to take Africa into modern globalisation.

      Q. Where are the nationally unifying visions?
      A. Unifying vision must be to encourage cross-culture, intermarriages, we should stop referring to ourselves with tribal affiliations, eg, I have met with fellow South Sudanese who ask me; Are you from Equatoria? When I say yes, then they proceed which part of Equatoria? and What tribe? Those are unnecessary question, it doesn’t add any value to my curriculum vitae (resume) or employability nor productivities.
      Instead of saying “Hello, my name is Eli, I am from such and such tribe” we need to say “My name is Eli, I am “an African”, I was born in South Sudanese, end of introduction. Look at the Americans or Australian, they never say I am a white or black American, most whites just say I am an American from Texas or California, or Florida etc.”, Australians just say, I am Australian. Chinese say am a Chinese, Indians say “am an East Indian, even some now call themselves just being Asians. So how about us, when shall we start to be proud of calling our selves PROUD AFRICANS, instead of this or that tribe.
      You gave an example of the Editor of SSN, as being a medical doctor, I respect that. Those days in South Sudan people used to choose profession because of name and attractiveness or money, not because that is their fields of interests, until they complete their schooling that is when they realize they chose the wrong fields and most end up hating what they do some even become alcoholics. For example, today people like to call themselves Dr. X and Y, or in the military every officer aspires to be promoted into a rank of General, everyone wants to be the boss or head of someone even without the skills to perform their duties. We copied some negative things from the North like people feel good when you call them; Ya rayish, ya sultan, kwor madit, bengdit, sidu belet, boss, zol kebir, etc. what are those for? Pure egotist self exaltation.
      That is why, I think we need to readjust our thought processes of how we should look not only at each other but at ourselves. I think when you said Dr. Riek wants to bring about changes but Salva Kirr is refusing change, I don’t see that as change, I see that as being personal egos, because Salva Kirr also wants to bring changes not to all but only to Dinkas, that is why he decreed the 28 tribal states. There is no way if Dr Riek wants a change why he should call his party SPLA again. His coming back to status quo makes him just part of the old system. That is why I said: “out with the old and in with the new”.
      My revolution is for the next generation, I want to leave a positive impact on the next generation and I have a gut feeling that it takes hard work to reach the goals, and I may not be here to see the fruits but I dream of that future after me will be much better than today’s Dr. Riek/Gore and Pres. Kirr/Wani rotten regimes.
      My name is Eli Wani and AM PROUD TO BE AN AFRICAN

      • Bentiu Ramaran says:

        I thought you would appreciate me for attempting to answer some of your questions, instead you distorted my thoughts. However, I agree with you in that “Those days in South Sudan people used to choose profession because of name and attractiveness or money, not because that is their fields of interests, until they complete their schooling that is when they realize they chose the wrong fields and most end up hating what they do some even become alcoholics”. I have good example, Benjamin Marial, the former foreign minister and Nguen Manytuel, the current governor of Unity State are medical doctors but they never use their medical degrees to work in the medical fields. Maybe Editor is one of those medical doctors who are not happy with the professions they have chosen.

        “I think when you said Dr. Riek wants to bring about changes but Salva Kirr is refusing change” I did not say this. You exaggerated and distorted what I had said. This is what I said in my previous comment “Kiir is not only killing the dream of Dr. Machar but he is also killing all our dreams we South Sudanese. Kiir killed the Joseph Bakosoro dream, who wants to be good politicians. I heard that Editor is a medical doctor, but he is not using his skill in South Sudan because Kiir’s security guards may eliminate him”. “Ultimately, lawlessness, tribalism and random killings introduced by our president and Dinka Council of Elders killed all South Sudanese dreams”.

        Anyway at least Dr. Machar’s group is trying to move South Sudan forward in the right direction although they still keep the name SPLA. Name alone cannot build or destroy the nation. My name Bentiu and your name Eli cannot do anything but what we do is what matter most. When Dr. Machar, Dr. Gore, Dr. Lam, Dr. Mula, Dr. Nyaba and Deng Alore were in the government before December 2013 genocide, they did not have much voice because Kiir control everything. SPLA was one party with out oppositions. However, with the return of Dr. Machar and his group, the SPLM party will never be the same again, kiir will never be the same again, and Dr. Lam and his group will become strong this time and other party will also be strong.

        With the current status of Drs. Machar, Gore, and Lam in the government, I am optimistic things will change and they have already start changing. For example, the security of Juba is now gradually improving. The random shooting at those in UN Camp in Juba has stopped. The random harassment of citizens in their houses by security guards is improving.

        Apart from criticizing Drs. Machar, Gore, Mula, Lam, etc for joining the SPLA party, what is SSNLF doing now to move South Sudan forward in the right direction? As we know freedom is not free and change take many lives, what else SSNLF is doing now to turn things around without losing people’s lives? What I know so far sitting behind computer desk and say Blah Blah Blah Blah all days and nights without any action will never take South Sudan forward or graduating us from this mess Kiir created.

  38. Beek says:

    Another so-called mama Rebecca footsteps,Diabolical Dr. Riek Machar is your father and your symbol of Nuer cattle’s raids.

  39. Eli Wani says:

    Please allow me to express my sincere apology if I misquoted your statement. All that I was doing was to paraphrase some of your commentaries, perhaps I went off the norms when I criticized some of your protégés, but that is the reality of brainstorming, and that’s why I said; “*There is only one of you, no one is like you in this entire world, and therefore “Every citizen must think for him/her self independently”.

    I think it is time for some of us to look into the distant future. If I may use some examples from historical figures like Hitler, Mussolini, Mandela, Charles Digul, Ghandi and Martin L Jr..

    In his book “Mein Kopf” dictator Adolf Hitler planed his revolution when he was in jail.

    After WW1 Italy lost its previous Roman Empire for siding with axis of evil because dictator Mussolini failed to see the future.
    Mandela was in Robin Island under hard labour prison punishment when he wrote “Long Walk To Freedom”.

    General Digul outlined his vision of modern France after WW1 by writing down his plans.

    Mahatma Ghandi was a law student in England when he envision the Independence of India and

    Last but not least Dr. Martin Luther Jr. pronounced his “I Have A Dream” vision in some of the darkest days of American Civil Rights Movements.

    Why did I Quote these people, although I am not a fan of some namely Hitler and Mussolini, but this is just an example that, as I stated in my previous comment that; mine is a “Grassroots Revolution”. I am looking into the days of post SPLA. I give credits to those trying their best to bring about changes, but only when they are rowing the boat into a unified future. Coming from a blood lines of revolutionaries, I believe if I join the status quo, then it’s like the story of Israelites during the time of Moses when they circle around Mount Sinai for forty years just because they were too stubborn to listen to simple logics.

    I don’t believe that every revolutionary have to be a notorious blood thirsty warlord to turn the page, maybe because we are used to seeing one side of the coin, that is why we are tempted into believing that there have to be blood spills and suffering before we see a change. But I would like to give it a try, and you never know what lies on the other side of the mountain until you climb to the cliff.
    Please don’t get me wrong, don’t take my back and forth motion as a point of contest, but rather I believe the best solution comes out during brainstorming. Once in a while I take a moment to tune into some of the debates inside the parliaments of the developed nations to watch how they overcome their most difficult challenges, and guess what? They don’t back down from each other but the best part of their styles are that they keep their wars in their parliaments, House of Commons, Judiciary or however they call them.

    I totally agree with you when you asked the question; “what is SSNLF doing now to move South Sudan forward in the right direction? As we know freedom is not free and change take many lives, what else SSNLF is doing now to turn things around without losing people’s lives? What I know so far sitting behind computer desk and say Blah Blah Blah Blah all days and nights without any action will never take South Sudan forward or graduating us from this mess Kiir created.”
    I hope you will agree with me that it took South Sudanese from 1955 to 2011, 56 years, half a century before independence, and still our boat is rocking back and forth.
    Winning comes in various forms. sometimes it’s easier to win a war by just shooting at everything and killing randomly but the real war is after the guns have gone silent, not easy to run a nation.

  40. False Millionaire says:

    U are an angel,a great visionary with the bright light to be seen as u farsight from the depth of darkness.
    With such briliant ideas of what should be RSS and it’s society today as in the Future,SSNLF is a best foundation to join.
    It’s needless to say that u are some body with a great backround of multi-ethenic,multi-cultural and multi-national life experiences.That’s just being as much as the great revolutionaries like Ghandi and mandela whom u have cited.
    But reading your exchanges with Bantiu Ramaran,Ramaran is in a different world and according to his implications,resumption of violence in RSS won’t delay for too long.That’s a black case to be very mindful of.Yet it doesn’t prevent the effort to cherish on with the SSNLF ideology.
    Thank u sir and have a very good day.

    • Nikalongo says:

      Eli should first renounce violence before he can equate himself with Ghandi. He claims to have a training camp in Owiny-ki-bul even when it is widely known that he does not know how to hold a panga. Ramaran Bentui and this other fellow Gatd. are Warmongers who do not understand that Riek is as evil as Kiir. They (Ramaran and Gatdarwich) believe pictures of innocent civilians massacred in Bor, Malakal and Bentui by Riek commanded White Army were a brilliant manipulation of modern Journalism. We will remain a basket case until such a time we learn to condemn leaders for the bad things they do.

  41. Eli Wani says:

    Hello False Millionaire;
    Thank you brother for the kind words. We are one big family and in every family people will disagree no matter what. For me, this is not a new norm, my late father being a typical African was a polygamy, we lived in a big family well and in our family those who became good friends are those that disagreed but made peace afterwards. But dad also made us stronger and united because he laid a formidable foundation and he instilled into us strict discipline. He said; “Work Hard and Never take Someone Else’s Things”.

    Dear Sisters and Brothers
    Disagreement makes us humans, meaning that we are gifted with many different talents and we have every rights to exercise our God given abilities. Let us “disagree to agree”, the land of South Sudan is too big, too rich and too much blood have been spilled for us to let down the dreams of our FOUNDING FATHERS, who gave their lives to see us happy, united, independent and prosperous nation.

    I am 100% sure that not all the people of South Sudan are bad people, in fact there are only very small % of people who either lost sight of the vision from our Founding Fathers,(TRUE HEROES) or are just intentionally spoilers.

    I think if those SSPLA or SOUTH SUDANESE PEACE LOVING ASSOCIATES could come together and stand up for PEACE, UNITY, LOVE, FORGIVENESS, LIBERTY and EQUALITY. We can turn the page.


    The challenge for you and I “The Good People” is that if we standby and do nothing, I think we become part of the problem. God gave us talents to use, it is up to each and individual of us if we fail to help to shine the light in the darkness. I am of beliefs that; on the judgment day WE WILL ANSWER to the Creator why we failed to protect the vulnerable, the weak, the elderly, the innocent women and children when they needed our help.
    I am not here to preach about my beliefs to anyone. I am ready to stand side by side with anyone from every religion and beliefs, every race, gender, culture and tribe.
    May there be Peace and Love in our beloved land. May our People yarn for prosperity and togetherness forever.
    Please join me to bring a Fruitful Change.
    Eli Wani

  42. Eli Wani says:

    Hello Nikalongo
    Long time I haven’t heard from you. So much as I would love to debate but we need to state facts if we are going to impact positive changes. Let us not use defamation of character tricks or lies to falsify others’ statements. I have never said those allegations nor claimed anything that you are posing above here.

    But I will take some parts of your accusations as a compliment, though it makes no sense. I could not possibly see myself saying those evil things nor taking a weapon in my hand to harm any soul, that will be breaking one of the Ten Commandments; “Exodus 20:13 says; “You shall not murder”. Therefore, I have nothing to denounce since I am not guilty of anything.

    I am grateful that my talents are sufficient to grant me the power of brainstorming. I have a gift of natural intellect to defuse tensions and resolve even hardest challenges, it’s my gift to offer for the beloved people of South Sudan in due time, because our people deserve better.
    I will never equate myself to Ghandi, having read his bio. I understand that, it was during Ghandi’s time when Pakistan broke away, the most bloodshed in India’s history besides the British Tyranny during their conquest of India happened in the watch of Ghandi, i.e. Indians killing Indians. As much as I admire his none violent movement, he didn’t have any idea of how to unite his Hindu majority and to neutralize the persecution of Muslims in then India. Ghandi was killed by his own Hindu radicals for failing to address the core issues, instead he betrothed a young beautiful English woman and hence his last days were not as glamorous as his beginnings.

    “I don’t believe that every revolutionary have to be a notorious blood thirsty warlord to turn the page, maybe because we are used to seeing one side of the coin, that is why we are tempted into believing that there have to be blood spills and suffering before we see a change. But I would like to give it a try, and you never know what lies on the other side of the mountain until you climb to the top.”

    “Winning comes in various forms. sometimes it’s easier to win a war by just shooting at everything and killing randomly but the real war is after the guns have gone silent. It isn’t about winning arguments that makes us great people either”.
    We must focus on substantial issues not fantasias.

    At the end we are one big family with diverse opinions, let us use our diversity to promote true democracy.

    Please join me to bring a lasting peace.
    Eli Wani

  43. Toria says:

    Don’t waste your time answering Nikalongo, he is a sell out, he is one of the 75 thieves.

  44. Kokora II says:

    Your visions are some of the best I have ever heard, you have made your objectives clear and uncomplicated to understand, I am on your side, you have got my support in SSNLF. I just want to caution you to be careful of those wolves in sheep skin, if you are not careful they will infiltrate and hijack your visions. Good luck though
    Long live SSNLF

  45. gatdarwich says:

    Nikalongo–“lost fellow”,

    You must drill it in thy lost-uncontrollably swerving brain that white Army did not killed noncombatants/ civilians in Bor, Malakal, and Bentiu. It is strictly not in the white army’s rule of engagement to target civilians. White army are very disciplined compared to killer nyankiir’s militants and mercenaries whose FIRST rule of engagement is to rape young girls-old/sick women, castrate young boys, raid cattle, and scorched to ashes villages, town-Leer, and cities-malakal-Bentiu. The likes of General jongroor and General Ajak Yen nailed in battlefield in Bor–Mathiang anyaar/Killer nyankiir’s screwed in malakal were all active combatants period

    • Nikalongo says:

      Were the sick in the hospital in Bor, the old ladies and men in their compounds and the others who took refuge in the Anglican Church in Bor, all combatants? Do not deceive yourself. Kiir and Riek are not saints, they are ruthless murderers. Check today’s news if you haven’t done it. Riek and Kiir wrote a joined article against the Hybrid Court. They are calling for the usual traditional settlement of cases between the Dinka and the Nuer. They are threatening to resume fighting each other should the International Community insist on taking them (Kiir and Riek) to Court. See how you are being betrayed.

  46. Bol says:

    By the time Nuer genocides were put in motion, there was no IMMINENT threat against Nuer as it ended completely by 18/12/13….Self Defence is operational only when the threat against life or property is IMMINENT……If a person goes home after a fight with another person, reflects on the fight and how bad he or she was beaten up by their opponent, and decide that he or she won’t have a face to meet the world tomorrow unless he or she gains some score to balance out the humiliation, and subsequently armed themselves and charge against their opponent, then a new fight would have different name called {REVENGE}, not SELF DEFENCE….Neither of these principles can walk away of their actions freely. Please make do of your stay in the west, and set aside the cattle rearing mentality …..

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      The killing of Nuer didn’t end on 18/12/13 as you want me to believe; it is continuing up to now. If the White Army sat with their arms folded over their chests, there would be no Nuer in Juba. The rescue mission was the reason why there are still some Nuers in Protection site in Juba. You can refute this, but it is the fact. With your usual tunnel vision mentality, there is nothing wrong so as long it is Nuers who got killed and since they are Nuer, they are not allow to protect themselves otherwise it is call revenge. What a pity! Anyway, all is done and set and there is nothing any of us could do about it. Hence let us live with it.

      • Deng Monymor says:


        “The rescue mission,” what a phrase! Where was your White army’s mission for the alleged genocide took place? It wasn’t in Juba, I assumed, which means your reasoning regarding what happened is a typical cousin’s way of thinking–never worries about contradictions whatsoever. The revenge killing of White army on innocent people was badly done in Bor, Malakal, Baliet, Bentiu, etc. but not in Juba which disqualifies your claim that Nuers who are still in Juba today are due to White army’ s rescue mission. Cousin, the false mobilization of Lou Nuer youth that brought destruction on their youth is going to hunt you and your self-ambitious leader, Riek Machar. If anything could be learned from this, it is the fact that Riek Machar I (1991) and Riek Machar II (2013) are a Lou Nuers’ disaster, follows by Jikany east. Be a reasonable countryman, it will serve you well as well as our nation.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Deng Monymor,

          I firmly stand by my statement of rescue mission. Due to white army intervention, which turns the entire nation into the panicking mode, the killing of those in Juba would have continued unabated. Live in denial or accept this truth. Allegedly, the killers of innocent Nuer rushed urgently to Uganda’s border and came back after Museveni brought in more reinforcement on top of what were there already. This is the effect of Jiech-en bor intervention. My friend, Deng Monymor can continue in the path of denial or repent.

          • Bol says:

            Despite your obvious intellectual abilities, you failed to see the clears facts, and only see you own facts which are:- Kiir set up the Nuer soldiers in the Presidential unit to kill their Dinka comrades, and took control of governmental installations, so that he would have reasons to massacre unknown number of Nuer, and get rid of Dr Reik, who was sack for some time! Second, Nuer organise a rescue mission to Juba….few un-armed Dinka lost their lives in cross-fire between the rescue mission and Ugandan forces….the blame of these collateral damages is on Kiir’s shoulder, didn’t he started the war? Did any Dinka in Nuer-land lost their live before Kiir’s war? Why would Nuer, the victim exercising their RIGHT to Self-Defence be hold accountable for some in-significant collateral damages? However, the alleged rescue operation never reached Juba and Nuer are still living in the town and all over Equatoria, and it’s never reached Bhar el Gazhal and Nuer are still living there! The real objectives of the mission was either:- a) To grab Presidency by lethal force, or….b) retaliate the Nuer murders! Notably, these objectives are the very reason why most people did sign up for IO, despite Kiir’s palpable failure in everything. The alleged rescue task had led to the political demise of Dr Reik. My heartfelt condolences to his immediate political family and relatives. The deceased was a good man, full of self-confidence to the level of naivety.

  47. False Millionaire says:

    Haven’t u become aware yet of wasting your time and effort on a mentally retaded fellow from another planet?
    The next time it won’t be a surprise to hear he has jumped into a lake becouse attempting to bore people too much that crocodile is a swampy lizard with teeth,he will end up believing that it’s as well harmless to a certain groupe of people among whom is himself.

  48. gatdarwich says:

    Nikalongo and the traitorous Jenge–false Millionaire,

    White army never killed civilians-noncombatants in Hospital or church compound in Bor. Killer Nyankiir’s militants were using hospital and the church as fire covers and concealments while actively firing at the mightiest white Army. They were too scared to face the mightiest white army in open battlefields.
    So, lost fellows, don’t be fooled by cleverly planted evidence period

  49. Nikalongo says:

    That is the same argument Kiir’s supporters are spinning around. They say innocent Nuer civilians, among them children, women and the old killed in Juba were combatants. To this date, the government have never acknowledge that innocent civilians were killed. See, you are falling in the same trap. Your mighty white like the Gelweng killed innocent people. It is time you recognised that.

  50. gatdarwich says:


    You, the traitorous Jenges–killer nyankiir’s supporters are solely basing your argument on purely planted evidence while I, Gatdarwich is talking of real–substantiated evidence. The DECEMBER 2013–nuer genocide–20,000 massacred in Juba, and the 2014—Bor UNMISS camp Nuer massacred–227 killed, are REAL FIGURES not fabricated like yours.

    • Nikalongo says:

      Unlike you, I recognised that innocent and defenceless Dinka and Nuer civilians were killed, their properties looted or destroyed and many more were displaced to horrible living conditions at home (UN camps) and abroad (UN camps in Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya). The perpetrators of this violence are non other than Savage Kiir and Brute Riek. Numbers of people killed is really irrelevant. To me, every South Sudanese live counts.
      Gatdarwich, as a Nuer, I can understand you want to exonerate fellow tribe Riek. Do not be deceived. Riek and his Generals is as criminal as Kiir and his Generals. Are you following the debate going on? Riek and Kiir are conspiring to evade conventional justice by calling upon the Nuer and Dinka nations to seek traditional justice, reconciliation and forgiveness. Our country will not enjoy peace and stability until such a time when people like you begin to look at criminals as criminals and not as some tribal saviours and prophets. Think about that.

  51. False Millionaire says:

    If it’s a,”planted evidence”,why is Riek putting on a school gfirl’s skirt to appear innocent as is the case in the letter he has co-authored with Kiir denouncing hybride court?!!!

  52. Bol says:

    Nikalongo & F. M,
    Did any of you ever saw son of Ngoundeng (Gatdarwich) writing anything related reconciliation or way out of this conflict? Gatdarwich is our equivalent of (Hirō Onoda) the Japanese Imperial Army officer who fought for 30 years after WW2 was officially over…..Dr Reik, Gatdarwich superior commander, should relieve him immediately from his war related duties, or he will continue fighting for the next 30 years.

  53. Southdan says:

    False Millionaire,
    Do not say that at all. sounds like you surely saying Dr Reik Machar was defeated. But he wasn’t defeated. False have you remembered on this forum. In the beginning of war 2013, the defense minister Mr Manyang was speaking before armies recruit telling them any one would run away, would be dressed skirt (Thonurt in Arabic). So False Millionaire my cousin. I have disclosed your plans in which you regarding Dr. Riek Machar as a defeated woman tell me by which means Dr Reik was defeated?

  54. Beek says:

    Dr.Riek Was defeated.

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