BREAKING NEWS: Mabior John Garang to Riek Machar, “I reject the ‘bad’ Khartoum Peace Deal”

AUG/13/2018, SSN;

Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon: Chairman and C-in-C of the SPLM/SPLA-in-Opposition

Subject: My reservations on KPD, Date: 13/8/2018.

My Dear Chairman,

Allow me to register my reservations regarding the Khartoum Peace Declaration (KPD) signed on August 5th, 2018. When the Addis Ababa Agreement was signed in 1972, the then Captain John Garang de Mabior, my father, wrote a famous letter to Joseph Lagu, then leader of the Anya Nya Liberation Movement, outlining the weaknesses and the fundamental problems of the agreement signed in Addis Ababa. When the Addis Ababa Agreement collapsed in 1983, Dr. John Garang was free from moral guilt.

My Dear Chairman,

I want to be on record like my father in 1972 to express my views on the weaknesses and the fundamental problems of KPA. It is an illusion to expect the SPLM/SPLA (IO) to accept an agreement that would be a surrender in disguise, our civil population may not be “graduates,” but they’re not stupid, they know what a bad agreement is.

This is a people’s war, we are not the ones fighting the war and except for a just negotiated settlement, the war will not stop. The Taban/Ezekiel debacle should be a lesson.

My Dear Chairman,

The signing of any agreement even if we got all we wanted, will not change the bigoted attitudes of our elites, which is fuelling the conflict. It is also an illusion to think that someone else will solve our problems, while we remain spectators in our own affairs.

It is an illusion to expect that: “something will happen,” as if invoking Dr. John Garang sayings will solve the problem, as I see some entitled politicians doing.

Even if we are captured, killed or forced to sign a bad agreement and the root causes are not addressed, then war will continue.

If the provisions of the agreement are violated, the war will continue, if the elections at the end of the transition are rigged, the war will resume, that is if it even stops during the implementation.

My Dear Chairman,

The lessons from the last transition are still fresh in our memories and we all know the war never stopped, we shall not repeat the same mistake.

The civil populations of South Sudan did not initiate violence, it was the Kiir regime, this is an incontrovertible fact; we must always be clear of this in our minds.

Let no one be confused; the objective of ending Salva Kiir’s power to kill our people is a major tactical objective and we intend to achieve this by any means possible, whether it is through a negotiated settlement or through an armed struggle, is totally determined by the methods used by the regime, which are well documented.

The cultural revolution we envisage can’t be brought about by cooperation with the current status quo, it must be replaced.

Yours in struggle,

Capt. Mabior Garang de Mabior,
Chairman of SPLM National Committee for Information and Public Relations
Once again, Dr. Luka Biong is on his trade mark political character, the flip flopping! All of you remember his recent article and disappointment about NAS refusal to sign the bogus Khartoum agreement and assertion that those parties that appended that deal have actually sold S. Sudan souvernity to the Jalaba government in Khartoum!

But as we have reiterated in the recent past, Dr. Biong double standard political stand is obvious and well known to most conscious citizens.

After leading the development and execution of Kiir’s regime autocratic policies against the innocent people, hence leading to the current pathetic state of affairs in the country, Dr. Biong fled the country and is now masquerading as senior political advisor and scholar on South Sudan democratic future!!!

For many of us who know Dr. Luka Biong’s activities back then in Juba, we greatly doubt very much his seemingly sugar-coated critisim of the very regime he once served wholeheartedly and still greatly admire though behind the curtains.

Dr. Luka is now stating that the activities of his cousin brother, Dr. Francis Deng, in Khartoum in reselling Abeyi area to Sudan is a noble cause and does not amount to tempering with South Sudan souvernity!!

Think about political double talking!! Dr. Francis has already been issued a Sudanese diplomatic passport probably, a preparatory plan by Khartoum to appoint him as the first Sudanese Governor to united Sudanese Abeyi region.

For sure Dr. Luka will have no problem with such recolonisation blunder!!


  1. False Millionnaire says:

    Cartoon boy playing a blanket for a rotten object?
    The microbes in that object will drive him to grave long before he knows it. It’s an inferiority complex from his part not to spearhead his own movement like his father did instead of serving idiots like this fool named Riek Machar from whom nothing will come out beyond death, misery and destruction.

  2. mading says:

    God. When did Mabior Nyandeng become a captain? And he never even set his ugly feet on military training camp when we were in Ethiopia. He used to run around the world with SPLM/SPLA bank account in his pocket like his mama. This mama boy doesn’t know what he is doing, Riek Machar needs to give him a battalion of white army, and send him to front line for him to taste and smell gun smoke that he never came across in his life time.
    South Sudanese like me love our leaders on both sides to the conflict what they did by signing peace.
    Thanks to our leaders for signing peace, Mabior Nyandeng go away, let our people start enjoying peace which has just been signed.

    • Eastern says:

      Then if Mabior Garang was able to ‘run around the world with SPLM/SPLA bank account ( not certain in which bank), he shouldn’t be just a captain but a Filed Marshal! The correction I need to make here is, what you referred to as ‘bank account’ was a BEGGING BOWL…!

      If your account is true, Mabior and his mother deserve more than Kiir and his kitchen cabinet in Juba!

  3. J. Malooma says:

    Mabior Garang is a great leader and will not allow Kirr-JCE to destroy him. Unlike many jieng’s characters, Mabior has multiple personalities which includes the courage to disassociate himself from the jieng’s misrules and abuse of power.
    The IO stakeholders do support him on this because his reservations are not negative, but, reminder which added values into the IO’s vigilance!

  4. Bismark says:

    The country is bigger than JCE or Jieng for that matter. Definitely this fact the young Mabior knows. That is why he is in a mature politics. Cover up for tribalism does not help. He is not only a captain but to me he should be Field Marshal for his endeavour to set people free from the shackles of corruption, nepotism, tribalism, totalitarianism and entire sectarianism.

  5. mading says:

    Eastern. Mabior and his mama are just jealous of Kiir ‘s family, that is why they joined Riek Machar , a man who killed their people and destroyed everything in their home town in 1992. It was Kiir and John Garang ‘s hard that stopped Riek from overthrowing their Garang in the bush. Now the boy and his mama forgot Kiir out of jealousy because they used to be the givers of SPLA money, but not any more. BISMARK. Nyandeng was caught at UK airport in 2002 with a lot of money she was carrying in the bag. John Garang ‘s cousin Malok Aleng led SRRA until CPA was singed. Nyandeng, Garang ‘s wife ran SPLA war wounded disable program till peace was signed. Tell me where South Sudan corruption came from ?

    • Eastern says:


      That level of reasoning is perhaps why the country is in tartars. Albert Einstein once said and I quote “The problems we are facing cannot be solved with the level of thinking that created them.” Unquote.

      Kiir’s sense of false self entitlement is ruining South Sudan barely a decade after attaining independence. Kiir once boasted of being the MIDWIFE of SPLA! That statement is already hounding the country. The fact that youths from Bahr el Ghazal joined and died in SPLA line of duty does not make the country a payback to that region. Dr. Garang’s savvy nature earned SPLA the moral support and a listening ear from the Global West: the OLS humanitarian food programme staved the impending catastrophy in Bahr el Ghazal, etc. The Americans pressed the Sudan into a tiny corner it is just coming out of.

      Forget those wild stories that SPLA singlehadedly pushed Al Bashir to the peace negotiation table. Let on its own, SPLA would still be fighting the Islamist regime in Khartoum or it would have fizzled out.

      That Malok, Nyandeng, et al stories is for boys tending to their fathers’ cattle in the field; I won’t stoop so low to that level.

  6. Bismark says:

    If that is the case then nepotism, tribalism and corruption is in jieng’s blood. You should not be bothering the people of South Sudan with your despotism.

  7. Eastern says:


    Mabior and his mama will for ever remain beyond you. That’s what get prepared to live with!

    Dr. Garang’s savvy nature helped him endear the Global West to the problems in southern Sudan. The Americans had to use their leverage on the Sudan to act rational and accept some of the demands of southern Sudanese. Left on its own, SPLA would still be fighting in the bushes of southern Sudan or would be in a state of oblivion where Taban Deng Gai finds himself in!

    Dr. Garang was able to get the attention of the Americans and the Norwegians to have the OLS operational and delivering good aid to both sides of the political divide – an effort that staved off the impending catastrophe in my marital village in Northern Bahr el Ghazal. Forget about the wild stories of SPLA having highhandedly forced Al Bashir to the peace negotiation table. Left on its own, SPLA would still be fighting a war of attrition with the Islamist regime or it would have fizzled out.

    The sense of false entitlements Kiir is exuding with is really unnecessary. It was not only Kiir who suffered during the war. The Nuba and other nationalities from the Sudan who suffered in equal measures are now being officially forgotten by the man who one time declared himself as the MIDWIFE of SPLA. Obviously a villager will see the previous war as one fought in the bushes of southern Sudan only; they wouldn’t know what transpired outside the boundary of the country.

    Those stories for Malok, Nyandeng, et al is for wayward boys tending their fathers’ cattle in the field. I won’t stoop so low to that level.

    You even write your nom de guerre in lower case; I will excuse a dog next time!

    The Eastern Rock, the Equatorian Icon

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