Lul Koang & Philip Aguer: Two symbols of lies & greed for power

BY: Kuir ë Garang, CANADA, AUG/31/2014, SSN;

South Sudanese can sometimes be excused in many things because the country is new and its institutional strength is weak. However, it’s good to note that human beings are rational entities and being credibly logical is expected of everyone.

Being rational doesn’t require a country to have been independent, or to have been a democracy, for centuries.

It has become apparent that neither the government of South Sudan nor the rebels under Riek Machar can be trusted. They all lie with a flamboyant blitz!

While the voices and faces that’re made to convey the messages in both camps are, to a given extent, mere vessels of the forces behind them, it’s good to note that spokespersons are not mere automatons.

They are humans. They have to know that they are the conveyors and custodians of the horrors Dr. Riek Machar and President Kiir have brought to this young nation.

Philip Aguer Panyaang, the SPLA spokesperson and Lul Ruai Koang, the rebels’ spokesperson, act as protectors of President Kiir’s desire to remain in power as long as he wants and of Riek’s desire to ascend to power by ‘all means necessary!’

Colonel Philip Aguer Panyaang lies for the government in a very illogical and consistent manner. Brigadier General Lul Ruai Koang has a very imaginative lies processing capacity. All just for Riek Machar to get what he wants.

And to top it up with their don’t-care attitude, President Kiir and Dr. Machar don’t give a rat’s foot about the civilians. They’ll only sign the peace agreement if only they get what they WANT: POWER!

After getting what he wanted in the would-be peace agreement in Addis Ababa, President Kiir signed both the Cease Fire Agreement implementation matrix and the Agreement leading to formation of Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU).

However, Riek refused to sign the agreement papers because the agreement put him on the receiving end. Machar only opted to sign the Cease Fire agreement implementation matrix.

Well, now, the rebels are saying they didn’t sign the matrix but only that they recommitted themselves to the COH agreement signed on January 23 and reaffirmed on May 9. Who knows?

President Kiir loses nothing in this agreement. His door is open to take part in the next general election; he keeps he puppet, Wani Igga as his Vice President and also has an authority as to who is selected as the Prime Minister by SPLM-in-Opposition.

Riek Machar on the other hand has a difficult choice. If he chooses to be the Prime Minister then he’s illegible to contest the next general elections after the Transitional Period.

If he chooses someone else to be the Prime Minister and Kiir still remaining the president, then his chances of winning the next election are close to impossible. Kiir would use his resources to make sure that he prepares the way for his re-election.

Riek is therefore in a tough spot and refusing to sign the agreement will reflect him as the one prolonging the war and this could open the way for sanctions against his group. Tough luck, doc!

To make the matters worse for Riek Machar, his commanders on the ground, the likes of Peter Gatdet, are not making things any easier for him.

Peter Gatdet, against all available human logic, warned UNMISS that he’d shoot any plane that passes through his territory. Now a UN chopper ‘crashes’ in the same area Gatdet controls. It would be logical to assume that Gatdet just fulfilled his promised.

Even if the investigation is to still to be done for the cause of the crash to be determined, one can’t blame much the people accusing the rebels.

Would you blame the government for exploiting Gatdet’s mischievous warnings? Logically? No! Factually? Maybe yes!

The rebels need to control both what their commanders say and do. The rebels are shooting themselves in the foot.

This, of course, doesn’t mean the government couldn’t have done it. While it would be a wild imagination to say that the government forces shot it down knowing that Gatdet had said he’d shoot down UN plane, to set up rebels, it’s good to remember that the government forces control Bentiu and they are in the area and they’ve been recently involved in clashes with the rebels.

So why would it be the rebels that shot down the chopper (if it was indeed shot down) and not the government forces?

What the SPLA spokesperson, Colonel Philip Aguer said is what we always expect him to say: “They did it!” The same thing applies to the rebels. Rebels’ spokesperson, Brigadier General Lul Rual Koang, denied the accusation like he’s always done: “We didn’t do it!”

With such attitude of these two camps, how can one really expect South Sudan to be peaceful?

It’s lies after lies and greed for power. Can one blame the two spokesperson? Maybe not! However, they have to think about their role in the current tragedy even if the lies they tell and the greed for power comes from above them.

Is anyone surprised that Kiir signed both documents but Riek didn’t? You’d be sleeping if you are surprised!

Kuir ë Garang is the author of ‘South Sudan Ideologically’. For contact visit or follow him on Twitter @kuirthiy


  1. Wau Naar says:

    Hi Kuir,
    As in the “curate’s egg” euphemism, I assure you SPLM/A is like a self-contained egg. It cannot be both partially spoiled and partially unspoiled. To pretend to find elements of freshness in a bad egg is thus a desperate attempt to find good in something that is irredeemably bad.

  2. BILL KUCH says:

    Philip Aguer is not lying for anything because the government is not against the monitor peace team. And addition to that, is the fact that rebels detained monitors and torture one of them to death could prove it no doubt. So, why you did not mention the detention of monitors by rebels since you critize everyone equally? Thank!

  3. Chan says:

    it is great insight

  4. Wol says:

    This plane’s shot by rebel forces inded the govermentspoken’s n’t lying.

  5. william yuot says:

    kuir you have missed out the reality .the rebel always lies not the spla spoke person

  6. Ambago Ramba says:

    Historically wars are created, fought , won or lost squarely on well fabricated lies and cunning deceits. It is raw naivety to ever expect honesty and decency from guys whose primary task is rock-solid set to achieve psychological victory over the real , potential and/or perceived enemy(s).

    As for the issues of Peace, Transitional Government, general reforms, etc …..etc…, the Republic of South Sudan may have to write a big chuck of its modern history by nothing but precious blood, statelessness, famine, epidemic diseases, malnutrition and massive population displacement.

    The Congolese, the Somalis, the Syrians, the Iraqis and many others should serve for examples for you, if you haven’t any clue as to where the nascent Republic of South Sudan is heading ! Or better still see what is happening to next door Sudan !

  7. E .Ewot says:

    Bill Kuch,
    You have said nothing but the truth.

  8. Mayomdit says:

    Riek machar is only problem of South Sudan,why Machar was always rebelled and supported by his Tribemen Nuer as to kill the people of South Sudan

  9. Alier Gai says:

    Macher’s term for crimes he has been committing in South Sudan is near the finishing line, and justice will ultimately be served in the neatest time possible. There will be no more rebellions, no misunderstandings, no hatred and no more death usually cause by political bandits like Riek Macher. This is the last breathe of their swaying behaviors. It is that simple.

  10. False Millionaire says:

    Ambago Ramba:

    U have made best comments.I hope God n good luck would help mobilise an army of peace behind you n your likes for solution of our problems with neither more bloodshed nor suffering or displacement of our citizens.

  11. Willy says:

    Dear Friends ,children of South Sudan

    I know how you feel about the current situation we are in right now, all what we need is to hold ourselves together
    let us be one.children of one new country, let us bury our differences, bitterness takes us no were, we are all Dinkas,Shilluks,Nuers,Moros ,Zandes,Madis, lotukas, Murle,Taposas,Didinga,Baris,and others, all of us are beautiful original South Sudanese, why not to have a sense of belonging, Politics will scatter us. I am asking you my brothers and sisters to put guns down and work for peace.

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