Lt. General Thomas Cirillo’s Resignation Exposes The Tribal Regime Of President Kiir

Press Release, SSDF, FEB/19/2017, SSN;

The resignation of Lt. General Thomas Cirillo Swaka (Mogga Lo Cirillo), the SPLA Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, sent shock waves in all directions. The news is still reverberating in all corners of the Republic of South Sudan. It’s too early to gauge the full impact of this significant development. The glaring fact is that the resignation was welcomed by the majority of the South Sudanese people and probably some of the General’s well-wishers outside the borders of South Sudan.

Lt. General Thomas Cirillo, is a living hero and a role model to many Equatorian and South Sudanese officers and soldiers. His resignation can only encourage more of the same from the real patriots amongst the armed forces.

The South Sudan Democratic Front (SSDF) applauds and celebrates the selfless and patriotic decision taken by our renown General by preferring to be on the side of the people over remaining loyal to an illegitimate regime that’s permanently infested with corruption and tribalism.

His brilliant resignation letter has confirmed what we have been saying all along that the SPLA is not a national army and the government is implementing a divisive policy aimed at domination and hegemony of the Jieng tribe over the other ethnicities of South Sudan.

It’s clear that the General took the decision following plenty of patience and a lot of thought. It was perceived that the General has been under enormous pressure to quit the government from his community and the Equatorians on the one hand, and as a result to the mounting crimes committed by the SPLA and the militias affiliated to it against the civilian populations, on the other.

The General’s resignation letter has exposed what has been hidden away from the public regarding the running of the so-called government of South Sudan. It’s apparent that there is no real institutional work and those at the top of the regime do not adhere to any procedures or regulations. They are above the law, and South Sudan is more or less being run as a Chieftaincy of the Jieng tribe.

The ridiculous attempts to discredit and tarnish the name of Lt. General Thomas Cirillo will all be despised and ignored. His reputation would ever remain immaculate and unscathed. These attempts are cheap and are being propagated by food lovers like Brig. General Lul Rui Koang, the spokesperson of the SPLA , who is not even a real General.

Regarding military education, training, courage and integrity, Lt. General Thomas Cirillo is superior to Kiir, Kuol Manyang Juuk, and Paul Malong. Of course, there are those with twisted minds who seem to tolerate commanders who commit atrocities and kill innocent civilians. Their followers and beneficiaries even call them as brave men and heroes. Well, ruthlessness and savagery are not bravery and massacring unarmed civilians, is not heroism. They are criminals.

Perhaps the only field in which the trio could beat Lt. General Thomas Cirillo without contest – is the field of thievery. Therefore, it was not a surprise that the names of the trio appeared in the Sentry report while the name of Mogga Lo Cirillo was nowhere to be found in it.

In fact, many in his community, who know him very well, have been worrying that his name may get soiled in the course of serving the people of South Sudan in a government full of thieves. His departure is a great relief to his friends, community and the people of South Sudan.

Even if he decides to do nothing more, he has already done the single most important thing which is the unveiling of the fact that we neither have a national army nor an impartial government.

At the time of writing this piece, the social media circulated the resignation letters of Brig. General, Henry Oyay Nyango, Judge Advocate General, Director, Military Justice and Col. Khalid Ono Loki, Judge Advocate, Head, Military Courts.

Now, what would the government say about these resignations? Would the two military judges be accused of misappropriation of funds to blemish their reputations? It’s unheard of that judges resigned their jobs in protest of the absence of the rule of law and widespread impunity in a government. These are testimonies confirming that matters have reached the lowest low. The SSDF commends the patriotic move by the two military judges and encourages others to take similar decisions.

Thomas Cirillo’s departure appears to have the Domino Effect on the course of events within the SPLA. It’s a game changer and would certainly not be confined to the military sector but would include some politicians.

Hence, the SSDF takes this opportunity to appeal to our people in uniform to desert the SPLA and all the armed forces as they were shown beyond doubt to be nothing but tribal and oppressive institutions.

As for the politicians, it’s time to abandon the sinking boat of Salva Kiir and his mentors who are members of the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE).

Lotole Lo Luri,

Deputy Press Secretary – SSDF


  1. Abel Magok says:

    I am wondering whether Gen. Thomas Cirillo who recently resigned from the SPLA has connection with this tribal organization called SSDF under leadership of Dr. Lako Jada Kawjok.
    Mr. Kawjok declared on this website sometimes back that Equatoria is already a nation and is fighting for it as the region has common cultural psychological make up that unite them which is Arabi Juba, according to him.

    I have stated it here before in my commentary that Arabi Juba, in meaning is a broken Arabic most Southerners who don not speak or speak classical Arabic can understand each other in South Sudan, and naming it Arabi Juba, does not necessarily give ownership to the region, so it was a false claim from Dr. Lako Jada with his tribal organization named SSDF.
    This tribal organization called SSDF since it surface in 2016 in Equatoria region, never mention anything about targeted roads attacks against innocent civilians based on their ethnicity. They failed to distinguish between Dinka in government and other Dinka who have nothing to do with the government activities and such policy look the same with the letter of resignation announced with the name of Gen. Thomas Cirillo. We will see what might display out in future between SSDF and Mogga Lo Cirillo as they named him in this press release or whatever the word might mean.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Abel Magok,
      Just some clarification. Arabi Juba is the slang Arabic spoken by anybody born or having lived long enough in Juba or its precincts and it incorporates many words from the local languages spoken by the natives of then Juba district and Central Equatoria at large.
      Indeed, as a government officer then, I was able to work or travel in all parts of the Greater Equatoria without encountering any language problem as this ‘Arabic Juba’ was spoken and understood in every corner of Equatoria. I assume this might be Dr. Laku presumption that Equatoria is potentially a nation since it has one language. Incidentally, when I lived in Wau as a child long, long, long time ago, there was then a characteristic Arabic Wau spoken by those conglomerations of tribes then living in Wau (Then there were many government officials from Equatoria deployed as officials there to fill government jobs). Dinka language wasn’t any part of our vocabulary then, and that was real history.
      Then, in Wau town, the nearest languages we picked up were the Balanda, Kreish, Ndogo or Jur languages, depending on who was your next door neighbor.
      Now of course, with the so-called ‘forced Jieng colonization of Wau,’ things are different.
      I also vividly remember that after the 1972 Addis Ababa Agreement, Arabi Juba language was still very widely spoken by every one including the children of those of President Abel Alier and many of the younger jieng generation who settled and joined schools in Juba. Arabi Juba was the most popular language of music and things were going smoothly.
      What name would you want to call this language, since it isn’t the classical Arabic?
      Calling it rightly as ‘Arabi Juba’ gives it some credence as a local language developed particularly in Juba town and it isn’t the classical Arabic of the jellaba Arabs. In fact, even those Arabs in Juba spoke Arabi Juba.
      Of course, it’s also rightly appropriate to also call that slang spoken in Wau or Malakal as Arabi Wau or Arabi Malakal, respectively.
      Let’s give credit where it’s due, politics and tribalism aside.

    • Eastern says:

      Dear Editor,

      Abel Magok is a bitter man in the face of the glaring reality of the Equatorian identity which South Sudan as a country even doesn’t have! By the way, the Arabi Juba has permeated so deep into the Equatoria country to the extend that even local churches use it in hymns, liturgical texts, etc. Our elders who haven’t had formal education are able to read Arabi Juba since it is written in Latin/Roman scripts rather than the Arabic scripts. This helps in that most of the vernaculars of Equatoria follow that system. The Nubi language of East Africa borrowed/derived many of its vocabularies from this variant of Arabic – the Arabi Juba.

      Further afield, there’s Chadian Arabic or Shuwa Arabic, which folks in Equatoria could understand. Please if you have the time, tune in to radio Chad to listen to verify for yourself – if you are conversant with Arabi Juba.

      On the cases of the alleged targeted roadside killings, you need to raise that question along the mass exodus from Equatorian villages at this juncture. They way, a meaningful discourse will ensue to diliberate on the issue or issues at hand.

      • Abel Magok says:


        I will not reply this fictions thoughts of your Arabi Juba. For the victims of Equatoria roads attacks, the SSDF under leadership of Dr, Lako Jada Kwajok is responsible for it, let him continue with it.
        Did you hear about 1.03 Billion Shillings (10 Millions U.S) freeze by Kenya in Mogga’s account and sister Fueni.

    • Roberto Kasongo says:

      Abel Magok,
      Arabic Juba is a cultural thing. None Equatorian even if they speak it, they do not understand the art of it. For example, the first name of the Deputy Press Secretary for SSDF is Lotole. This name is in Arabic Juba. Do you understand the meaning of Lotole? I do not think you know what it means. Equatorian have a lot in common including Arabic Juba. Since December 15, 2013, there are over 50 thousands innocent civilians have been killed in South Sudan. I just wondered many of them were Dinka?

      Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

    • Hardball says:

      To just declare one self as a nation is one thing but actually making it happened is another story that isn’t a piece of cake! This is like president Kiir declaring South Sudan as the world new superpower; saying USA is no longer had that power! Does it mean it’s the case in reality?
      These so-called Equatoria think getting an independent is like going to the supermarket and get “a loaf of bread” yeah that’s how they think because they don’t have any clue of sacrificial this being independent is!
      They need to asked where the like of John Garang, Karbino Kuanyin. Arok Thon Arok, William Nyuon Bany, Samuel Gai Tut, Martin Majier Gai, Nyachigag Nyachiluk, Joseph Oduho, Akuot Atem; have been and thousands of the same high ranking generals, commanders and three millions strong men and women soldiers who lost their lives because of what South Sudan is today!
      I am not saying you Equatorians are not going to afford the exact same fate but I wish you all the best!

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Your unsympathetic comparison about those war heroes you listed above is unfortunate and misinformed.
        In actuality and fact, John Garang gave the orders to eliminate those freedom pioneers, all those war heroes were maliciously and criminally KILLED by none other the jieng themselves. They were all victims of John Garang’s and his deputy, Kiir Mayardit.
        Secondly, it’s unforgivably pathetic of you even to make any comparison or such inappropriate references to those heroes, they are our champions of freedom but John Garang and his first assassin, Kiir, were responsible in their untimely killings, the respected elder Akuot Atem and Gai Tut in Bilpham, Ethiopia, judge Martin Majier, Nachigak and Arok, who disagreed with Garang’s leadership regardless of their coming from Garang’s own home of Bor.
        Of course, these new generation of deserting Equatorian generals are more intelligent and fully aware of the cowardly Kiir’s murderous trait of elimination of rivals, like he tried killing Dr. Riek Machar.
        Millions of disgruntled South Sudanese are confident and hopeful that these generals heroically deserting Kiir’s failed government will surely persevere and succeed in the new liberation.

      • Force_1 says:


        I am with the editor on this one; don’t ever mention those late honorable patriots again as if they were part of John Garang dictatorship movement when he was running the movement as if it was his own personal property and pay no regard to anyone’s opinion!
        Most of those honorable patriots were mercilessly murdered by Garang just because they had different opinion on where the movement was heading and I couldn’t agree more with editor! The truths has to be told no matter how hard it’s to do so!

  2. Gatdarwich says:

    I don’t think Mr. Swaka’s resignation will magically change anything in South Sudan because Mr. Swaka is a lone wolf hero with no fighting force behind him. Just like General Lado Gore. Nothing shall stop the traitorous Dinka from killing non-Dinka tribe people in South Sudan unless all the targeted tribes start doing to the traitorous Dinka exactly what they(Dinka) have been doing to them(non-Dinka tribe men, women, boys, girls, the elderly, and the sick) without the slightest sense of reservation. Only an EYE for an EYE shall stop the traitorous Jenges’ madness full stop.

    • Steve John says:

      I like your analogy very much. Even our peasant farmers know that you can put off grassland/bushfires with fire, what we in Arabi Juba call “gata nar”. Only when all peoples of South Sudan arm themselves and be prepared to unleash revenge on the murderous jaangs can there be any meaningful discourse and reconciliation. Peace is only possible under equals and anything short of that is subjugation and surrender. Meaning, you can choose to have Detente like what Reagen did with Gorbachov in the 80s, it worked very well during the arms race and neither (USA-USSR) of them ever thought of starting a nuclear war. If however, either of them were weak like Iraq of Sadam for that matter, this would only encourage bullying of the weaker by the stronger one. As long as Kiir and his tribal militia procure weapons from third parties, they will opt for a military solution. The rebels or any non-jaang communities must as a matter of security, arm themselves. It is only then that the jaang be ready to talk. Afterall, they act and dont sentimentalize issues. Anything short of this is simply foolish academic discourse that serves no purpose.

      • Gatdarwich says:

        Steve John,

        You are absolutely correct. Peace shall only prevail in South Sudan when the traitorous Jenges feel the pain and the plight they’re subjecting non-Dinka tribe people into. Talking of peace and reconciliation before that is an absolute waste of time, and a pure golden license for the traitorous Jenges to continue killing many more innocent non-Dinka tribe men, women, boys, girls, and the elderly full stop
        Steve John, I wish every affected tribesman think wisely like me and you.

  3. Abel Magok says:

    Mr. info@southsudannation,

    Arabi Juba, is a non-classical, broken Arabic or slang most Southerners who speak classical or broken Arabic could understand themselves not for Equatorian alone. I myself speak good Arabic, write it and don’t need to be born in Juba or live longer enough there to speak with someone claiming ownership of this language.
    You do not get my point there, is not the name Arabi Juba, is such wrong claim that turn it into a common cultural psychological make up that unite Equatorian alone apart from the rest in South Sudan.

    You are trying to give every city in South Sudan its own Arabic, people of Malakal most of them speak classical Arabic and I live longer enough in Wau not a child like you but as young adult and went there 4 or 5 years ago, nothing call Arabi Wau there but people speak classical Arabic and slang or broken Arabic like those living in Juba.

  4. Malouda says:

    Ho, SSDF,you have no objective, because if your movement is really patriot you should only address your objectives to the ruling system without touching or insulting tribe, because if you are always attaching Jeing tribe, then you even empowering president Kiir, because the government that is full of thieves as you mentioned is caring all tribes even your defected generals also the army you claimed that is not a national is the very army who received your defected general Cirilo when he was first defected from SAF in 1992, if those (soldiers) were not national army they could kill your general by that time and there will be no general Cirillo of today, your general know well who received him in 1992 around Juba. targeting certain tribe and killing them innocently will not take this country a head it is better to address our issues to a ruling system not a tribe otherwise we are going to face a disaster when this targeted tribe realize and wakeup to call for their selves-defense movement.

  5. Bol says:

    What about today’s news of $10 Millions USD being frozen by Kenyan authorities and reported by the Star Newspaper? Gen SWAKA could be (unknown gunman of Bilfam, who robbed the government $10M) but he failed to conceal the proceeds of his robbery as the money was successfully traced and frozen. Some people are not good at anything! Not good at rebellion because if they try it, they get caught,face Court and and hanged or let loose to be finish off by natural courses….If they try to steal public money, the money get traced and recover…..Give it up fellows…(Kewete) is good for sleeping.

    • Steve John says:

      Give our esteemed readers the details of your of your journalistic investigations, if any. Could it be that your kenyan friends have been “bought” to write such allegations, afterall they are known for cheap bribery? Perhaps Gen. Cirillo is not that “smart-thief” who should have been more smarter than the jaangs, who plunder the state and are covered up and still at large. We are yet to learn such jaang virtues of “smart-stealing”. Drinking more milk as opposed to (kwete, I think you mispellt it) only makes one vigilant, observant and crafty. It gives you more time to think and develop evil plans, whereas drinking kwete, simply doses you off to sleep and you have no time for evil plans. We should start drinking milk like the jaangs, it works. Perhaps then, more money can be effectively and stealthly be gotten out of the country. Great!

  6. BILL KUCH says:

    Equatorians generals are there for political!!
    They will never change anything in South Sudan without Dinka involvement. They were all political generals because they don’t have man power to change things. If Nuer could not win this war, then I think Equatorians are wasting time by doing ambushes which are not necessary to act that way. Have they ever controlled any town in South Sudan. Of course, not! They are expecting Nuer tribe and the world to fight for them and that would never take place either. You can not kill civilians on routes of hiding and expect some changes.

  7. False Millionnaire says:

    Cousin,isn’t it not because the concept of,”eye for eye”,went sore that’s the cause that has condamned u to rust in a UN protected camp some where on earth?
    If it has brought hell upon u and your Kins,how would that take the likes of Steve and Eastern to Paradise?!!!

  8. Abel Magok
    Stop doubting! Your st… mindset of thinking that you liberated this nation causes you more isolation than comfort. You see now how you are unwanted in the country and are the potential target. Former rebel leaderships of John Garang and Kiir had missed their destiny of united Sudan and ended up bouncing to drink their vomits-separation of South Sudan. They killed many who advocated for independent country, including the current pro-separatist Dr. Riek Machar. This is evident by its failure to change its name from former rebel name-SPLM/A with its branch known as SPLM/A-North destabilizing the Sudan. SPLM/A in all directions is still working out a possibility of uniting Sudan. Let Dinka go and join their black fellows in Blue Nile. We are working for our separate state and we will do everything to ensure that this objective is received. Equatoria oyee.

  9. Deng Deng says:

    Brothers Bill and Bol,
    Please be careful with your provocative statements. If Equatorians decided to for a full blown out war on Dinkas, honestly where will us Dinkas exit Juba and the rest of Equatoria. Think twice before talking nonsense. How can you fool Junubin that Thomas can steal nine or ten million dollars without going due diligence processes of the money being approved by the Minister of defense and Chief of general staff and the Ministry of Finance?
    Assumptions and fooling others is sickness. I do not blame you guys. The 20 years last fought wars has traumatized majority of Southerners. God Bless us.

    • Bol says:

      Deng Deng,
      What a dummy imposter are you? Why are you so selective in your judgment? You only saw evil in two commentaries out of the entire article? How long have you been reading this website? Do you really know what is SSDF? No body is fooling anybody because I have mentioned the source of accusation that Swaka might have stolen public money and its your duty to investigate and exonerate your IDOL. Second, I am not igniting new war, the war is already there and you better leave NOW and stop living in denial….Equatoria is war zone for the last 18 moths.

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        “Equatoria is war zone for the last 18 months”. Don’t let Nikolongo decapitate you. Equatoria is a no-go zone. Museveni is there to protect it from savage Jenges!

        • Bol says:

          He can’t. He will simply run away to DRC, if he is still around. By the way, where is the white army? I never heard of them for a while now.

  10. Bill Kuch
    Change is a slow process. As you perceived that Equatoria Generals are not effective. Ambushes along roads are the beginning and you are not even sure when you will drive free along all roads outside Juba without being hit in the head or chopped into pieces. You must force yourself to buy expensive tickets to travel to Nimule or Torit or Yei. Even your anyoors travelled to attack Kajo-Keji through Adjumani-Moyo and Kajo-Keji. Juba-Kajo-Keji road and vice versa are secured by our men in uniform and our values are there for good targets. So, since everything is ok, don’t complain! Men at work.

    • Steven John says:

      Equatoria Nation,
      Equatorians must organize, mobilize and not agonize anymore. The issues are clear, the jaang have chosen the path of destruction and we shall tread on it and there can be no second thoughts. The jaangs habe made it abundantly clear, they liberated the South and so must own it. We Equatorians simply “aided” them and must be contented with political leftovers.We must morally and materially support our “men at work” for the good job done. The jaang must be treated like the jellaba-as evil. Equatorians in the wide world must shun and dissociate themselves from them, for they are ill-intentioned and only only seek destruction. Be vigilant for our Vision of a peaceful, progressive and democratic Equatoria that upholds human right values and respect is near. Equatoria can and will live side by side with its jaang neigbhors without interference as free and sovereign state. That is our Vision. It is the solution to this man-induced chaos and carnage.

  11. Waleh Lo matat says:

    Bol & Bill,

    The concocted story of Lt. General Thomas Cirillo stealing a whooping $ 10 million from the army of South Sudan has been created mainly by the JCE to discredit the integrity of the most honest and hard working national hero among the many rotten to the core SPLA militia generals.
    This is the most professional trained Army General who has been intentionally and repeatedly humiliated by the same institution he has served for more than a decade. The roles and responsibilities for all the positions that General Thomas was assigned have always been removed by the JCE as soon as he assumes the positions, that of course include management of any funds, in other words he has always managed empty offices !!
    When he was assigned as Deputy Chief of General Staff for Logistics, the army stores for various items ( food, arms, uniforms, etc) have all been relocated to from Bilfam to Gorom ( The new army HQs managed by Mathiang Nyor militia ). Thus, there was no a single time that General Thomas handle the management of army stores, just ask the honest and professional SPLA officers in Bilfam, they will confirm to you this facts, politics aside. Thomas does not even have a single account in Kenya leave alone banking such a huge amount of money, the Star News paper story is just repeating the fabricated story put out by the JCE ( Embassy of South Sudan officials in Nairobi paid the news paper to publish this story).
    When the JCE found out people are not believing this pathetic story, the JCE asked Ateny Weke news paper “The Down” to fabricate and publish another story that General Thomas was advised by CIA to resign from SPLA!!
    Can you see how naive, silly and sick these stone age elders are? i leave this for you to judge for yourselves, but what i know and believe is that time will tell the truth from simple naked lies.

  12. mading says:

    Who is this Jur Deng Deng ? Are you trying to pretend that you are a Dinka Monyjur or Nyagaat Neuer?
    Go lie to other people , not Muonyjaangdit. Bol those tribal men will not listen to you no matter what, because they are so blinded by tribal hatred that they don’t see or listen to other voices. People like Editor, Gatdarwich, Steve John, Toria, and Deng H.

  13. False Millionnaire says:

    What’s,”the concocted story”, sir?
    Aren’t u ever a distant disciple of Dr Nyaba for a reasonable use of english language instead of axing it against logic?
    Kiir,a thief,
    Riek Machar,a thief,
    Deng Alor,a thief,
    Pagan Amum,a thief,
    And TC,a thief,
    Don’t u believe in God to defend any one of them as Moses to champion your liberation if u aren’t also a thief?!

  14. Lokosang says:

    Hardball and Magok, I thing you two are just followers who don’t understand the vision and objectives of SPLM/A. Though it is a waste of my time to spent answering you but, I feel it is a duty to orient people like you.

    Firstly, the vision of SPLM/A was to build a United Circular Democratic New Sudan in which all citizens are regarded equal regardless of their colour, ethinicity, cultures and religion.

    Secondly, the objectives of the SPLM/A was to liberate the whole Sudan from all kinds of discrimination, exploitation and injustice being practice to others because of their gender, Religion, ethinicity, culture and colour that is why people from all corners of Sudan joint the movement.

    If you two are of reasonable sound mind and independent in thinking, compare this brief summarey about the vision and objective of SPLM/A and what is going on in South Sudan.

    How can SPLM/A fought for justice, equality and freedom for all regardless of their tribe, religion, ethnicity and colour and the same time become the most corrupt, and most violator of human rights on the face of earth.
    Does it make any sense to you or to any reasonable minded person?

    We were fighting Jalaba because they were doing all these barberic atrocities above now after we liberated ourselves from Jalaba, the Jeng Council of Elders assumed the role Jalaba were excuting. What do you expect from the rest of the people of South Sudan?
    In physic there is law which say what goes up comes down. You better thing twice sooner than later.

  15. Waleh Lo matat says:

    False Millionnaire,

    I have a great respect to Dr. Peter Nyaba for his outstanding intellectual and selfless contributions for the liberation and freedom course for the people of South Sudan. Moreover, i have no material evidence to claim that President Kiir, Dr. Machar, Deng Alor or Pagan Amum have been confirmed thieves in South Sudan. Even the fabricated story of JCE which is merely a knee jerk crude reaction to the sudden resignation of General Thomas, has been refuted by the SPLA/HQs itself before the ink of the concoction could get dry ( Just read the story “SPLA not Aware of KSH 1.03 Billion Siphoned Abroad” published on Juba Monitor News Paper of Feb 21, 2017 ). What we need to focus on now as South Sudanese is how to salvage our beloved country which has become a laughing stock of the entire world. Can you believe that people in Juba are now using bicycles to commute to work instead of the V-8 vehicles which they have illegally acquired? Have you seen the heartbreaking images of South Sudanese starving, emaciated and dying children ( mainly from President Kiir and Riek Machar home) areas) in the world media? you should be sorry and ashamed of yourself as i feel so too.

  16. tit4tat says:

    Don’t forget yourself, all jienges are thieves, it’s your culture.

  17. mading says:

    tit4tat. What about Thomas Crillo with $ 10 million?

  18. Toria says:

    I agree with you, but we told those Equatorians like Gen. Cirillo long time ago to stop following jenges footsteps, he didn’t listen now look what happen to him. Its been said; (when you stay in the company of thieves a.k.a jenge criminals, you will become a thief, a robber, un-useful and criminal just like them). I don’t blame Mr. Cirillo he is just doing what jenges have been doing for all these years, but at this point let him carry his own cross and that’s what happens to betrayers and blindfolded followers like Cirillo, Mobuto Momur, Johnson Okot, Wani Igga, etc. All of them will follow soon or later.

  19. Toria says:

    Dear fellow Equatorians,
    Freedom is on the way, this suffering will end as soon as we kick out these final crooks from our lands forever and ever.
    My great grand father fought withTurks and defeated them , my grand father fought the Anglo-Egyptians and defeated them, my father fought the jallabas until he was kill in line of duties, he was a Brave man and a Martyr. I joined the rotten SPLA under Garang and fought the Arabs. But I saw too much of the bad things these jenge criminals were doing to the non-dinkas and stealing everything from fellow country citizens even until today, and so I left SPLA after CPA. Now I am once again a Freedom-fighter, fighting against the jenge criminals just like I did to the jallabas. I promise you one thing: WE WILL DEFEAT JENGES ONCE AND FOR ALL. After defeating jenges I shall never rebel again if I survive this war because Equatoria will soon or later breakaway (liberated) from rest of these backward beings.
    Equa Toria
    Free Equatorian Armed Resistance (F.E.A.R)

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Bravo, you are indeed a true patriot and a living personification of a freedom fighter. So were your parents, let their souls plentifully bless you with safety and success.
      The struggle continues, A Lutta continua.

    • Madut Anyar says:

      Liberating yourselves on the internet is what you know how to do best but going to the real world and do it is another story. Remember; liberators don’t live to tell the story; hear it from us because we live it.
      The 2.5 million lives lost since 1983 only let alone before that time period were mostly Dinka. You have no clue about the cost of liberation; you can’t count your parents you lost working as traitors against the SPLA as a sacrifice. They were working to fill their own stomachs.
      We dare you to just get off line and come over to prove it us and this is where we can average our liberators who lost their life because of South Sudan liberation. I am also encouraging your editor to send you off as soon as possible and good luck!

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Madut Anyar,
        Long time ago during the liberation struggle when we started this website, we fully supported the dedication of ALL South Sudanese in the struggle for independence, that was despite Dr. John Garang rhetoric of ‘liberation of Sudan.’
        When corruption and tribalism became the toxic manifestations of the Kiir tribal dynasty, we evolved as true nationalists and rightly criticized the cancer that Kiir has brought upon the nation.
        We are not responsible for the current war and famine in the country, tell that to your nefarious Jieng Council of Evil. We are fully living to tell the whole story.

      • Equatoria Princess says:

        For Madur Anyar: What liberation?!?!
        Give your head a shake and stop being a presumptuous idiot!! How do you know that Toria and many others are not on the frontline as we speak? If a bunch of crooks were working to fill their own stomachs, it is you and your fellow SPLA/SPLM thugs who keep waving a distorted “liberation” card to justify mayhem. Your rant isn’t going to stop South Sudanese from liberating themselves from your satanic hold so get over the nonsense that mostly Dinka died “liberating” South Sudan. Even if that is the case, so what?!?!

        The mega death of kin and kith is not a free ticket to rape, ravage and loot like animals deserving to be whipped and kicked in the ……. That is the reason why the war in South Sudan has now mutated into a God given right to self-defence against dangerous animals suffering from mad cow disease. You and your fellow gang members should be rightly shaking in your boots as you are now doing.

        Stop singing your incoherent “liberation song” and shut up because no one asked you to liberate them? You should also be ashamed of yourself for taunting the Editor when he is promoting free speech that is foreign to racketeers. He has allowed you to spew nonsense on this platform hasn’t he?

  20. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear: Eastern

    For you,where did ArabicJuba came from????!!!! The inhabitanst sorrounding in Juba town,before,they were Bari, Mundari,Moru,and Lolubo.They were not Arabs among themselves.They were speaking the mother toungues according to vernaculars being setted.For you,where did Arabic Juba came from????!!!!!!




  21. Tit4Tat
    Brother, just wait until Kiir is out of power, and learn a shocking report emerging about his personal, relative and allies wealth. I don’t find reason why we should worry about stolen public money unless this money is buried in the ground and get rotten, we will still get it even from their grandsons. Again, do not chase away foreigners, despite being bribed now by JCE, they will expose them at the end of the game.
    Dinkas are failing to account for USD. 4 billion, dura scandal, where 90% of the thieves were Dinka, and Bahr el Ghazal Dinka having 99% percent of beneficiaries. They have left their areas undeveloped to seal off, but we are ready to get any information about their thuggery after disposing this rotten regime.
    Thomas Cirilo is a professional soldier, holding the values of our people of Equatoria, marked by honesty and peacefulness. He did not have dirty records like most of JCE Generals who opened various accounts in their children, grand children names, and this time, to cows names to conceal their identities.
    Wait for a while. At the same note, we should not shout, let us get to work. Send your families abroad, and all able-bodied men capable of firing or be trained to fire should return for real battle. 63 tribes are more than Dinka combined. After all, not all Dinka are happy. Only ruling cliques that should be taught a lesson.
    Congratulations General Thomas Cirilo Swaka, go ahead, we will do everything possible to discipline these criminals.

  22. Steven John says:

    Equatorians must as a matter of principle stand behind Gen. Cirillo. The counter accusations by jaang hireling and “apparent brig.general” are pure lies and cheap mudslinging. Gen. Cirillo doesn’t need to steal any public money because he’s a disciplined, upright and has integrity as a professional soldier from a reputed military academy. Not even Kiir nor Malong do have any verifiable military and professional credentials.
    Toria, the desperate jaangs with their propagandist and “loose canon” Lul Koang Ruai have no material evidence to support their assertion, rather wild imaginations. Equatorians have ethics and values which abhor such vices like stealing. Cultural relativism here plays an important role.
    A jaang goes to steal someone’s cattle and kills the owner in the process and the jaang sees that as bravery and being witty. The Equatorian sees that as theft. It is this cultural perception that has transpired to national arena, where jaang brazenly steal state money without remorse. Here lies the problem. It must be said, that the jaang is congenitally a thief and a liar and there’s nothing you can do about it.
    This brings us to the question,whether the statements by Kiir or otherwise have any sense, no. Equatorians have the choice; to listen and live with liars and thieves and become thieves themselves or dissociate themselves and remain upright. That is what Gen. Cirillo has done.

  23. King Logunu The Second says:

    Abel Magok, Bol, Mading, False Millionaire and cohorts,

    The Ecobank issued the following statement ” We wish to confirm we neither hold the account number published in The Star newspaper nor have any accounts that bear names similar to what was mentioned in the Star report. Furthermore, the bank statements published in the newspaper are falsified.”

    Now even before Lt. General Thomas Cirillo could present his side of the story to clear his name, Kiir’s regime false claim has already collapsed. You can continue beating the drums of falsehood but in South Sudan people know where the thieves, looters and child abductors come from.

  24. Chulbaar says:

    You nyagats and Equatorians should use your consciences atleast if there is one :- YOUR PLANS TO COLLECT ARMS FOR ASSAULTING THE JIENG TRIBE means: Empowerment and consolidation of the Jieng’s might and superiority that shall not be overcomed even by the superpowers of the world. Because Jieng will be focusing only on their self defense while maintaining the current status quo on the grounds in all the none-Jieng towns and villages they are now deployed in across South Sudan. This will not sound well with you (rebels and Jieng haters)…besides, I can assure you that the weapons that Jieng has acquired at moment make it even more impossible for none-Jieng to get back their captured ancestral lands by Jieng-SPLA let alone overthrowing the government. I STRONGLY WARN YOU. Continue fighting and make DINKA becomes the Israelis of South Sudan and the African continent. You better avoid being humiliated simply by laying down your weapon and take hoe to farm yourselves some food instead.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      For once, I thought this was a letter/comment from an Arab jellaba Sudanese writing back in the 1900’s when the first resistance against them by gallant Equatorian forces in Torit started in 1955.
      History teaches us that empires and dynasties arise and fall. Same for tribal dynasties in Africa in the recent era.
      Let me give you some crude analytic predication of what might plausibly happen to your jieng “empowerment of might and superiority as a superpower.’
      If your president Kiir was shot and killed today by his opponents or some other rebelling groups, or if he was to die suddenly from his alcoholism, the entire government would melt down like ice in the hot political climate in South Sudan.
      Your perceived jieng unity and solidarity would splinter into smithereens. Bahr el Ghazel would go its way just as Bor would because they wont accept some illiterate soldier like Malong to be president.
      I will let you continue your imagination of the domino effect and the fallout….. The only groups with unshakable solidarity would be of course, the Equatorians and the Shilluk and perhaps the mighty Naath who would just be too eager to decimate the fragmented jieng. Continue dreaming this nightmarish scenario.
      Peace for now anyway. Just be careful not to blow your horn too loudly otherwise Julius Cesaer would still be emperor of Rome. Ooops, I forgot there once was the mighty Roman Empire.

    • Equatoria Princess says:

      To Chulbaar:
      Stop defiling the God of Equatoria by comparing rapists, murderers and looters to our spiritual kin and kith the Israelites. Keep Proverbs 16:18 in mind for when you all fall flat on your noses!! It reads “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall”. Equatoria will most definitely have the last laugh. Just wait and see.

  25. Chulbaar
    The sophisticated weapons you acquired will be captured from you and turned against you. This has proved correct severally in battle battle fields. Weapons currently used against your JCE soldiers were obtained from your defeated Anyoors. Again, once Kiir’s defeated, all your people of Kiir and Malong’s areas will pay the debts for millions of dollars borrowed to procure those weapons as they were used against South Sudanese. We will begin attaching your properties: houses, money, cows etc and if not enough, we can sell some of you alive to other countries. You will be wandering like Falata of Nigeria. At this time, you have don’t move freely in South Sudan without being attacked and planes, despite economic hardships have become the means of transport. Again, you will never know your next survival if the entire Nuer and Equatoria abandoned you-stupid fellows. The few cowards with you give you courage and direction but once they quit, you will also quit and the UN will remain alone. For this reason, we want them to fight from within.

    • Madut Anyar says:

      Equatoria coward;

      You ran your mouth too much online; just come over to South Sudan and do what said you would do! Why would someone who defeated Mathiang Anyoor be complaining and shouting outside South Sudan? President Kiir said; you can run away but later you’ll come crawling with your knees back to South Sudan to me! He knows exactly what he is talking about because those who left the movement back in the 1990s came back to him after South Sudan independent.

  26. King Logunu The Second says:

    Madut Anyar,

    We have not seen or heard of Equatorians who have been back and forth with the Jellaba. Kerubino Kuanyin Bol, who embezzled his soldiers’ salaries and mutinied, ended up in bed with the Jellaba. Arok Thon Arok, not only that he went on his knees before his Jellaba masters but he said the Equatorians were the ones keeping Garang and the SPLM/SPLA afloat. The Jellaba like to do business with those whom you call as commanders or heroes for the simple fact that they could easily be bought. These are people who do not mind killing their folks for food.

  27. Mading says:

    What about so many Equatorians arab militias like Equatoria Defend Force, Mundari militias then led Clement Wani .?

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