Lou Nuer Community reject 6-point betrayal letter by Nuer leaders to Pres. Kiir

President Salva Kiir Mayardit’
Republic of South Sudan

Cc: Lou Nuer elders and Politicians.

Subject: PRESS RELEASE: Lou Nuer Community Rejected some elders and politicians’ six (6) points Letter to the President as Betrayal and Shameful Act

APR/30/2013, SSN;

The Lou Nuer Community (LNC) worldwide is shocked and appalled by the divisive and unproductive move made by some of our elders and politicians, hence, the intention of this Press Release is to condemn them in the strongest terms possible. These elders and politicians are puppets and stooges of Gabriel Yoal Dok, Dr. Barnaba Marial Bejamin, and John Luk Joak, who have taken them to the President on Thursday, 25 April 2013, where they handed over the 14 April 2013 six (6) points letter which says “the Lou Nuer Community is hereby reaffirming that we are fully behind you and will stand firm with you in the 2015 General Election.”

The Lou Nuer Youth in general and Lou Nuer women and the Lou Nuer in Diaspora are outraged and disgusted by this betrayal of the Community by these elders and politicians who have chosen food above the LNC. We denounce it and we reject it completely. Calling for youth in general and women and LNC members in Diaspora to distance themselves from this political wrangling between the President and his Vice does not make sense since they have taken sides with the President, even though the Community has not taken sides yet; therefore, any advices from these elders and politicians is no longer worthy.

Before addressing whether this is the position of the LNC or not, it is worth mentioning that this meeting between the President and the individual elders and politicians comes as a result of the meeting which was held earlier on Sunday, 14 April 2013 in John’s house. In that meeting all MPs of the Greater Akobo were invited and the agenda was about theirs position regarding the current situation between the President and the Vice. At the end of the deliberation, all the MPs agreed to take no position until the General Election period in 2015.

Unfortunately, now we have learned that some of these elders and politicians have gone to the President where they made a declaration without shame and in disgrace that the LNC is fully behind him in 2015 General Election contrary to what was agreed in the meeting where they were all present.

These individuals’ elders and politicians were declaring this position without consulting with the members of the community in Greater Akobo Counties, Juba, or in Diaspora. How did they come up with this then? This is what we are going to address in the next paragraphs in details.

First of all, we would like to make it crystal clear that LNC is not a Political Party which can go simply the way these elders and politicians would want it to be as it is clear in their six (6) points letter. We are one Community and we are always united when there are things that threaten our existence as a people here in the Republic of South Sudan. We are united in saying no to this position.

We are also aware that we do not belong to one political party where we can go according to what the elders and politicians said. We do respect each other’s views when it comes to politics, and no one can make a choice for another in our community so what these elders and politicians are trying to do is for the first time since Mr. Peter Gatkuoth Gual and Mr. Chiech Lam were in politics.

Due to these reasons, we would like to make it abundantly clear that we did not hold a meeting as Community where we deliberated about 2015 General Election and agreed all to support President Salva Kiir. We feel that it would be premature to speculate on position since we have a long way to go. Why should we speculate on positions while we still have two more years to go?

The 14th April 2013 six (6) Points letter submitted to the President is only representing the position of those individual elders and politicians who wrote it and does not represent the whole community. Anyone who claims that it is for the whole Community should now know it is not. As a Community we will have a position when the time is right but not now.

The message to the President is that these three (3) guys will fail you if you will depend on them. You will fail the 2015 General Election; if you rely on them for everything, because they will never tell you what the Lou Nuer Community really want so that they can vote for you.

1. These elders and politicians are out of touch with the reality.
2. They are out of touch with the ordinary members of the Lou Nuer Community.
3. And they are out of touch with the mainstream of the Lou Nuer Community.

Let’s brief you a little bit about them so that you can know you will fail the 2015 General election, if these are your massengers to the Greater Akobo Counties in 2015.

  • Starting with John Luk Joak,

    John is a failed politician and has reduced himself to a Clan-Chief by listening only to his tribal mates from Cie-Kuayiea, let alone community Chief where community Chief is larger than a section and section is larger than a clan. Imagine if that is the status of the man in the eyes of the people of the Greater Akobo.

    John is a failed politician who cannot convince anyone to vote for him, let alone voting for others and the good example of that was 2010 General Election where he lost in his home constituency to an Independence Candidate while the majority of the SPLM candidates won. John has no supporter in Greater Akobo Counties. Actually it was only in 2010 when he appears to be having people when he used to have a Youth Group Called Akobo SPLM Youth Group which was led by Mai Tang Ngor. That Youth Group was later disbanded by Mai Tang who got no choice but to cease its activities and disbanded it for good because the Chie-Kuayiea boys, including the current Commissioner of Akobo County, were on his neck that he has taken their uncle or father hostage just because he is getting along with John.

    However, many people at the time see this as a jealousy from these boys. One of this boys is now the Office Manager of John in the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) that is Gatluak Puk. A Nuer with 6 Nuer Marks on his head with no qualifications and experiences, but only experienced in beer drinking and was made an office manager because he drink whisky together with John. While this chaos in the Group was unfolding John chose to be quiet and did not say anything to these boys at home to know it off from destroying the Group. As a result the Group disappeared, the very Group which was formed for the intention of promoting him.

  • Dr. BarnabaMarialBenjiman:

    This guy is a Dinka-born-again Nuer at his current age who always speaks in English in the LNC meeting. This guy is not serious and no one takes him seriously because he does not know ThokLoka, let alone ThokNaath; so, how can he deliver Lou Nuer Community to the President if John Luk who is a Nuer by birth and speak ThokLoka as well as ThokNaath cannot deliver?

    Dr. Barnaba is only in Uror to raise his family in the name of representing Uror County or DakKaDiak. He has no influence in the Lou Nuer Community whatsoever.

  • Gabriel Yol Dok or Dokweaa….
  • This is an old guard – an outdated politician still alive today in the Lou Nuer community. This old man is out of touch with most members of the Lou Nuer Community. In the last Election he cannot even convince his own area to vote for him, can he convince the entire Lou Nuer Community to vote for Salvakiir?

  • Chuol RambangLouth:
  • This is a stomach politician and lonely eater, stingy and selfish. This guy has no value in LNC and does not know how to speak, even in the Church, let alone Parliament or Political rally, so how can he get the Lou Nuer members to vote for Kiir?

    We are not interested to take sides at the moment but we would like to dispute some of the points made by John Luk in the 14th April 2013 Six (6) points Letter to the President, especially when it comes to the democratic system in the SPLM.

    Cde. John,
    What democratic system is there in the SPLM when at the moment in the process of the approval of the basic documents you are setting up a dictatorship system?
    1. For instance, if we have democratic system and should be maintained in our Party, why are you allowing the proposed 18 members of the Political Bureau (PB) to be appointed all by the Chairman of the Party after the 3rd National Convention?
    2. Why should the Secretary General (SG), the Chief Administrative Officer of the Party be subjected to the selection by the PB and not the National Convention (NC) as usual?
    3. And why did the suggestion for the term limit (for how many times) the Chairman of the Party can run for the Presidency of the Republic of the South Sudan was dropped in the process of the approval of the basic documents by the PB which you are part of —just to mention a few…..

    By the way you have nullified and dissolved the National Liberation Council (NLC) and the NC by approving the proposed SPLM Constitution which has placed all powers only in the hands of the Chairman.

    Another interesting point from John’s Six (6) points Letter to the President is, where he had made it clear that the Lou Nuer area is the worst affected and neglected which has been torn apart by insecurity and all kinds of problems, including lack of development in the RSS, yet, he and some elders and politicians from LNC are approving the work of the President and promising him another vote of LNC in 2015 General Election.

    What a contradictory statement? What a world we live in, and what a Community led by fools?

    From this statement is where you begin to know clearly how these elders and politicians of the LNC think when we are at a crossroad or a critical future. These elders and politicians of ours always put theirs interest first above the community and a good example of that is this six 6 points letter of John to the President of the RSS.

    When it comes to the point that one should not campaign tribal in the letter of John, because SPLM has a system and political structures of solving these things is where also you begin to realize what John is doing here.

    On the point of tribalism here, John is pleasing his master, the President and accusing the Vice President of being tribal only to secure his position in the upcoming Cabinet reshuffle.

    However, the good things for the accused is that gone are the days when one can lie much about you and people will believe it. These days one cannot lie anymore because nowadays the majority of the South Sudanese people are reading internet, newspapers, watch SSTV, and share what is happening on daily basis.

    Having said that, none of the four candidates who have declared their bid for Presidency of the RSS are free from organizing people tribally. So, John should cease pleasing his Master by accusing people for the same thing which his master is performing.

    In terms of the ones who are vying for Chairmanship of the SPLM and the President of the Country, we see it as their right as citizens of this Country and members of the SPLM contrary to the way John had alluded to in his appeasing Letter to the President.

    Absolutely there are processes and steps to be followed in the SPLM in order to prevent division and split within the Party, but also it requires lobbying, mobilization, and campaign on the side of those who are vying for positions, unlike the way John would want us to believe.

    In addition, these structures and Policy organs of the Party are not free from tribalism and dictatorship, instead they are turned into fields of domination by some over others because they’ve been rigged and not working according to the interest of all the members of the Party.

    So why would John want us to believe in rigged organs and structures and not allow individuals to come up with their own ideas and say I wanted to be a Chairman or President as it is happening now?

    Our message to these elders and politicians is to play a united role between the President and the Vice President by reconciling them, because taking sides will not solve anything but instead it will widen the differences between the two leaders. We need the two leaders to be working together for the development of the Country and for the success of the SPLM 3rd National Convention, as well as the General Election in 2015.

    To the President:
    Our Community has been torn apart by war and many things which some of them are caused by your government and you failed to provide solutions for it. Our community is lacking the following:
    1. No roads from Bor to Greater Akobo Counties
    2. No schools and health facilities in the Lou Nuer area which have been established.
    3. Our community has been disarmed more than 4 times where we have been left unprotected and insecure.
    4. We are the single largest Community in Jonglei, but up to now we have never been considered for Governorship Position.

    We feel that we have two more years to go and we see this as a big opportunity for you to address some of these challenges before the Election, because our votes in 2015 General Election will not be influenced by number of ministers, Chairpersons, or Deputy Chairpersons you had given us or you will be giving us in the future, and also it will not be influenced by the 4 mentioned elders and politicians, but by the four mentioned points regarding development in the Lou Nuer areas, as well as the following four points below which we want you to make improvement on when it comes to South Sudan-wide.

    Those points are here as follow:
    1. Insecurity
    2. Corruption
    3. Tribalism in Ministries
    4. And employment issue

    There is a saying in America that when, “Ohio goes, so goes the presidency..” When we and our neighbors of Dinka Bor, Greater Fangak, Anuak, Kacippo and Murle decide in 2015 then it will be known that Jonglei State has decided and when Jonglei goes, so Goes the Presidency!

    Singned: By Lou Nuer members worldwide.

    1. Peter DakNhial– Chairman- Jonglei State; 2. Simon PurThok- Jonglei State; 3. BilGatluakChuol; 4. William BiliewJal; 5. Paul RuotGatluak; 6. Paul KuolGatluak; 7. James Pal Chuol; 8. GatdetReat Tut; 9. Simon BuomGatkuoth – U.S.A; 10. Tut GatluakChuol; 11. Tut ChuolGatluak; 12. Sarah NyachewChuol; 13. Mary Nyadow Tut; 14. CholGatluak Char; 15. Jima GatkuothDak; 16. Tut ReathDak; 17. John GatluakBidit; 18. Daniel Kun Chuol – Canada; 19. NhialKoangYiel; 20. WiyualChuol Tot – Australia; 21. Lam Deng Tut; 22. Peter NhialChuol; 23. NhialGatluakKoang.


    1. BOM PET says:

      Thanks LOU NUER COMMUNITY for this clarification. Lou nation always tells the truth & does not care for any threats. All Lou are not supportive of what’s being done by the four elders who delivered a letter of support to the president. we are wise enough and know what to do when the General Elections come. Those four leaders were supposed to reconcile the President and his vice if they wanted peace to prevail in South Sudan.

      • Apibong says:

        Good thinking ability, it’s usually said when heroes die the legend is born good though for our Jonglei state.

    2. aj says:

      will not be a good idea if Jonglei is split into two. It’s a large state and representation with this kirr’s government doesn’t reflect people of State. That’s my opinion.


    3. Chol Wek Wek says:

      Congratulations, Mr Peter Dak Nhial, for the brave letter to the president and our old politicians who claimed to be influential in the community begging money from Kiir in expense of others. Shame on them.

      Nuer in general have and had mission and vision to achieve without our team. there is no way where Lou Nuer, the backbone of this nation will vote for Kiir rather than developmental minded person who have heart of this Nation and all sisters and brother in this website need a full attention to this letter written by Lou Nuer Youth.

    4. Simon Ring says:

      my greetings to Lou Nuer community. Dear community, think very wisely to what you can do to your country and not listening to such problematic attitude toward ministers in the national government representing you. think very well my friends, one day you will be like them, what will happen to you?

      • Dengdit says:

        Not sure what you are alluding to here, Simon Ring; but if I, or anyone else, become like them and do the same thing, then I would expect my community to do exactly the same – distance themselves from my shameful actions!

    5. Lou Nuer Community. all nuer sections and other south sudanese people from different tribes are waiting for everything, election, convention and war after failure of what we wanted. one community like Lou Nuer Community could not let themselves to be betrayed by one or ten corrupted politicians.

      those above mentioned corrupted politicians are the problem of south sudan and are the same people who caused problem between president and vice president. but vice president will defeat them all.
      there had been a genocide in Lou-nuer areas during last fourth time of disarmament, where a thousand of strong Lou-nuer men and women were killed.and this genocide was committed by John Luk and Marial Benjimen. since they have never condemn whatever going on in lou-nuer land.
      the genocide in Lou-nuer areas will continue if lou-nuer will not know where to support and vote in this coming election and convention. everyone this time in south Sudan knows who he/she is going to support and vote for.

      • Chiengkueth Kong:

        Dear Mr. Ngam Lieldu:

        It seems that the old Curse of the Prophet Ngundeng on Naath (Nuer) people is still binding and active. The recent bitter divisions and disagreements between the Nuer elders and youth is the evidence of Ngundeng’s old CURSE on Naath people. Please bear in mind that Lou Nuer Youth are not the only men in South South. You have been threatening and calling for a tribal war against Jieng on this forum for so long. Were you really in South Sudan during the civil war? If not, then shut up and go back to where you were when the real men were fighting in South Sudan.

        General Kiir Mayardit and his Dinka Youth were in South Sudan during and after the war and they will still be in South Sudan in 2015 and beyond. (PS No abusive language allowed, Mr. Lukudu G Garang!)

        • Dear Editors:

          I profoundly apologized for the use of abusive language. Perhaps, I was somehow carried away by the emotions caused by constant threats for the tribal war against Jieng. Those who are always calling for a tribal war have never been in the war and will never be in the war they are instigating online.


    6. Gatkuoth Lok says:

      It seems you have written like politically informed human beings, only that we have the belief that all Borchar (Lou Nuers) know how to fight in a disorganised way and end up without achieving their ultimate goal, though running crazy for spoils, yet do not know what is called making history which is always made after achieving the ultimate goal.

      It is questionable when really you people will do like people. The person whose name is mentioned (Gatkuoth Gual) in your press release is a sorry sight in South Sudan politics for he institutionalized inferiority complex in leadership among our people for he rejected at will to contest against Abel Alier and proclaimed shamelessly he could not compete against his uncle: Gatkuoth Gual referred to Alier. The same thing happened to your son, the late Samuel Gai Tut, who received 70s lashes in his very decomposed body and Isaeid Mar.

      This left many asking this question: can any thing good come from Lou? The present government can give you your portion like the things you listed and allow them to do whatever they want to do with you, making HISTORY BY DIRECTING THE COUNTRY AT THE PRESIDENCY. Remained being done that way for you were born poor and will die poor?????? Borchar Oyeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • MakNyachuol says:

        You seem to be hurry of expressing hatred you suffered against Lou-Nuer community. You expressed some very important point although you were not aware of posting it. You mentioned Gatkuoth Gual and Gai Tut and, I would like to ask you if after they failed to take leadership from Dinka, who did what for the Nuer community from other Nuer sects? Did you-Jikany attempted? There is no connection between the paper posted by Lou-Nuer community and the response you gave.

    7. Dau-network says:

      Well said, but guys you are not far away from tribalism because in every country in democratic world, MP of the area have to say that my constituency will be with you even though he/she knew to lose
      Come to tribalism, most of you outcry, because nuer man Dr Riek will not win election because John Luk and Marial Benjamin.
      These ministers are very smart in national level, let alone Lou nuer, and they know well Dr Riek will not win a party’s election.
      Marial Benjamin Biel is a pure nuer but was grown-up between dinka and town, we could not claim him at all. there are some nuer by residency while they are pure dinkas, like former governor of upper Nile, Gatluak Deng Garang Aleer, the cousin Dr Dau Aleer and many others. so dinka likes Dr Marial Benjamin because of his national commitment.
      Dinka likes John Luke Joak due to his past performance in Jonglei State.
      If nuer community want leadership, Dr Riek is not only best nuer for a top job. seek another alternative if it is the case.
      Let assure you LNC or Tot-Australia aka Simon Tut, if Dr Riek vs Dr Marial Benjamin, in dinka 4 States and half, Dr Marial would win 80%.
      If John Lok vs Dr Riek, also John 60%.
      Great nuer make a good calculations but not by force as you normally do.

      • Gatkuoth Lok says:

        Dear Mr. Hidden: Dau-network, I would tell you that the Lou Nuer made a very good job by revealing their non-support to the politicians you wanted them to support. They are not you. It is good for you to support whoever you like, in competitive politics for it remains your choice to support Dr. Riek or not.
        You assured them Dr. Machar cannot win over Dr. Marial; to you is true, but to many South Sudanese, it is nonsensical. Let me assure you with your expression you like most that Dr. Machar must win the elections of SPLM and 2015 presidential election for the whole country is with him. Do not think that Dr. Machar is a Nuer candidate, he is rather our Nation’s party candidate. If you continue to make others believe that he is a Nuer to get supporters, then your card for your superficial game is captured. He is the one to bring the change you do not like to hear whether you like it or not is none of South Sudanese business, so to say.

        I do not say all these because it is a strong belief among South Sudanese that it is difficult if not impossible for a Dinka like you, to support a non-Dinka to any position leave alone presidency, but me I believe that Dinka people will one day change such mentality, if it is true, otherwise many Dinka men and women have already transcended that level to accept any person who can do what s/he says that s/he can do to the country. For that choice is less expensive for the Jieng people if it is not natural. Those Dinkas exist though their existence will be doubted by many South Sudanese, yet they are there, and we will cooperate with them than the opposite.

      • aluong Deng Bul says:

        Mr. Dau, your position is too tribal like the four and the writers of the letter. Time has worn off for Dinka to be mobilized to support another in the name of Dinka. What new things will Dinka-led government offer for us? We have lived in the Dinka-led South Sudan, yet few ever starved Dinka dominated the system, ruining the name of Dinka. What this Kiir government has done best is to groom his home boys economically yet other Dinkas are tolerating generalized abuses from other tribes in the country.

        You either look for your new born Dinka this time.

        Aluong Deng Bul

    8. Choldit says:

      Woooow! this is very good reasoning I have ever read coming from Nuer, especially from Deluded Lou Nuer. If you Lou Nuer were ever reasoning like this back in the past, you would have not rolled yourself into all the dirt that you have been through. Choldit.

    9. Gatkuoth Lok says:

      I sent you my comment on this article, where is it? Do not brush it aside please.

    10. Simon Tongyik says:

      you have nailed it down, brothers in lou Nuer community. Those politicians mentioned above have no guts to distinguish bad from good due to the fact that, they only care for the abdomens to continue their corruption and not for the sake of the poor population of South Sudanese who never embraced the dividends of peace since the attainment of our freedom. I believe those politicians do not really care about the future of this young nation including the future of our offspring. If they are really dedicated politicians who intend to promote peace, unity and coexistence, they should first tell the truth about the ongoing crisis overshadowing our young nation. for how long are we going to be under such a dictatorship of that administration of Salva Kiir, where corruptions, tribalism, nepotism, insecurity, and mass murders are looming.

      John luk, is a well known man since during struggle that he is a yes man who just care for is own benefits and I do share the same advice to the President Kiir not to put his trust on those politicians who are pretending to representing all Lou Nuer Community, the reality will reveal itself when comes election 2015.
      good job kept it up.

    11. Dmajak says:

      Thanks you Lou Community for this great message. you all put right when Jonglei goes, so goes presidency. Our people in Jonglei don’t know how powerful we are especially our elders who are caught between Kiir and Riek battle for presidency. If I were one of them, it would be better not choose any side, neither kiir nor Riek stop killings in Jonglei. when people got killed in Akobo, it takes many days for politicians to respond to situation while many children, elders, and women lost their lives.

      • DMajak:

        Please don’t quote the misused American and particularly the Ohio State proverb which says when Ohio goes, so goes the presidency of the United States of America. In reality, this American proverb will never be accomplished in Jonglei State in our life time due to the tribal hatred and disunity you are currently experiencing in your State. Sometimes, I wonder if the Region was also cursed by the Prophet Ngundeng Bong. My beloved people of Jonglei State live and view themselves as if they will all move out of the State tomorrow morning.

        You attempt to blame your own disunity and hatred among yourselves to President Kiir and his Vice President Dr.Riek Machar. Do you think a Native son of Akon/Warrap State and a Native son of Bentiu/Unity State would bring a lasting peace to your own people in Jonglei State? The truth is always bitter but it has to be told in order to alleviate the tension or chaos.

        All the tribes in Jonglei State are dwelling side by side with hatred and lack of positive connections just like White Nile and Blue Nile water. The Big tribes such as Dinka and Nuer don’t get along with each other. Nuer alone is divided among themselves and they seldomly get along even though they are the same tribe. On the other hand, Dinka is divided between Bor, Twic East, Hole, Nyareweng, Ngok Lual YaK, Luac and so forth. All those Dinka sub-tribes, they rarely get along as one tribe in Jonglei and that was why George Athor Deng Dut fought to overthrow the government of another Dinka, Kuol Manyang JUUK.

        Where is the Unity, Love,Cooperation and Understanding among the Dinka tribes in Jonglei? There is a possibility that Nuer will fight with Dinka Bor if Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk doesn’t handover his position to Nuer in 2015. Is this a curse, greed, illiteracy or stupidity?

        Also the other small tribes such as Murle, Anyuak and Kacippo don’t get along with Dinka and Nuer. They see Dinka and Nuer as Big Cats and their presence in Jonglei is a threat to their existence, therefore they hate them to death. In the State of Jonglei, Everyone holds onto the pride of their tribe and view others as threat to their cultural heritage and values. The trust, cooperation and loyalty among the tribes has broken down and nobody is willing to repair it for the unity and betterment of the people of Jonglei.

        My personal advice is that, we, the intellectual people of Jonglei should sit down and address or iron the tribal differences/issues we are facing in our own State. We must take the responsibility of our past and present mistakes and stop pointing the fingers of blame to President Kiir and Vice President Riek Machar. We have been attempting to resolve our internal differences through the Barrel of the gun, however, it doesn’t seem to work at all. As people, we should learn and adopt the way the Other South Sudanese tribes are living and coexisting side by side in harmony in Equatoria and Bhar El Ghazal Regions. The fighting must cease in Jonglei before we compare ourselves with the American State of Ohio. In Fact, we are the majority in terms of population and therefore we can influence the outcome of the presidential votes in South Sudan only if we stop seeing ourselves as mouse and cat in Jonglei.

        Nobody will ever change the situation

    12. Dinka is ready. says:

      The whole Nuer can’t fail mayardit, leave alone Luo Nuer or Jongolei state.

      • Dan says:

        Dinka is ready,
        Mind your language man. This article was not written by Jonglei and you need to leave Jonglei alone. For your information, this group does not even represent the Lou people and you need to leave the Lou alone too. Who told them that all Nuer politicians should automatically back Riek Machar? How do they explain the support Riek is getting from other tribes if everyone was to support his or her own tribal contestant? Think about the message you are sending to other tribes by writing tribally loaded article like this in the name of tribes.

    13. MakNyachuol says:

      You be realistic. Until Salva Kiir catches like Laurent Bago, you will still say nonsense about Riek Machar. The same like there is no Dinka like Salva Kiir according to your perception, we too, no one amongst the Nuer leaders to bring real change in this country like Riek Machar. Let me assure you, the mission toward presidency by Riek Machar is well planned with internal and external backing. It is going through so-called SPLM antagonistic process which is nearly in verge of relapse. We know you Dinka still demanding for nothing which your culture of greed dictated your chance to lead the country. Whether you like it or not, Riek Machar is your president from 2015.

    14. Dau-network says:

      Lou nuer youths are traumatized by the long wars they’d fought while Bul-nuer were sleeping and war master-minded is from them, it shows Lou Nuer were just chasing the wind for 11 years from 1991-2002. they ended wars when a God fought them using thunderstorms in Panyagoor and no SPLA soldiers involved till they went back. one their leaders said god warned them against Jaang from there, no war till Dr Riek surrendered to SPLM/SPLA.
      Advice to Lou Nuer youths, we know you are good warriors but be realistic before action, either you gain anything after war or not.
      LNC, you lost many lives against spla in general let alone dinka but now you gained zero. could you be honest like Gawaar nuer.
      Government tried to pleased LNC by giving you 2 ministers alone while Unity State is Zero and you denying their origin. God help us. what should be done to LNC-youths in particular?

      • + says:

        Dau Network,
        Educate them brother. Most of them here do not know how long the war that the Nasir Faction started in 1991 went on in the areas of Twic East, Gawaar and Lou. A lot of less informed people on this website, who do not know how people have butchered themselves in those areas make you sick when they assumed to know what went on there. I hope by now they will know when that conflict started, how long it went on and why the Nuer called a quit.

    15. bolabokdit says:

      I read article and I read all comments and I am amazed by the ideas and the facts written in this article.. My point of view is that John Luk, Marial Benjamin, and the rest are your elders and politicians representing Nuer Lou cmmunity whatsoever. You have right to reject their saying but don’t insult them because it will make the context of your article less effective.

    16. thanks, the writer, our people should know who has not ruled them well! the whole Southern Sudanese need fresh leader from any tribe to lead our loving country. Not current leaders will be vote back. Kiir and Riak machar must leave nation alone with fresh leader. Since movement they ruled and we fed-up with their ruling.

    17. Dau-network says:

      To Gatkuoth Loki.
      We don’t like either Dr Riek or Kiir to be president in 2015.
      Because they had done their good and bad things.
      Dr Riek Machar 11 years from 1991 -2002 are enough to S Sudanese.
      Mr Kiir mayardit 10 years from 2005-2015 are enough to S Sudanese .
      Time for equatorians’ leadership to be tested.
      Governor Joseph Bakosoro or other best from equatoria.
      Equatoria oooyeeee.
      Dau-network far away from tribalism or nepotism.
      To Lou nuer youth voting is for individual, don’t force your will against ordinary person, he/she will see who should be better but not tribe.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Mr. Network.

        Dr. Riek’s leadership has never been tested. He never ruled over the young nation of South Sudan so we do not know what you are talking about. It is Dr. Salva Kiir’s leadership that has been tested and he failed us all miserably. Therefore, stop smearing Dr. Riek with Kiir’s failure. They are two different men with different idologies.

        In this current government, unless if you are in denial, Dr. Riek has proven to be an able man who can deliver us from the mess Kiir has created. For instance, Dr. Riek came up with healing process popularly known as National Reconciliation. That is what an active leader with vision for the nation can do even though our incompetent President yanked that out from him. Perhaps, the President is afraid that Dr. Machar will be popular and prove competent to run this nation and would eventually be approved for 2015 Presidential race.

        Many, if not all, believe the above mentioned is the reason why the President issued that useless decree. You will try to block Dr. Machar, but you will not succeed. Dr. Machar is our next President. God bless him and God bless those who do not wish him luck on this difficult journey. The words of Late Isaiah Abraham must become true. God bless Isaiah Abraham and rest his precious soul in peace! The coming election will be dedicated to Isaiah Abraham.

    18. Malou Manyiel says:

      By the way, Dr. Riak is fit to be president of South Sudan but those who will fail him are his own Nuer tribes mates. They always view Riak at Nuer level not South Sudan level as a whole. They think as if Riak will be president for Nuer only but not for the entire country. Can Nuer votes make Dr. Riak become president of the country? I don’t think so. Even threats can’t make this man become president either. There are many people out there in all tribes of South Sudan including Dinka who support Riak to become president but their support will soon be blocked due to most bad-mouths by Nuer elements who always think they are everything and that they can’t be tempered with.

      You campaign for a person you think will do the interest of all the people in the country at all levels but not the interest of the tribe he/she comes from. Why can’t we change from this fake and cheap politics that look into the plate in front of you? Well, Kiir government fail many things in one way or the other, but DR. Riak is also inclusive because they are in the same boat and that is what makes human beings. All I think we should have done as citizens of South Sudan is to see who will carry our interests and dreams to the next level comes 2015, regardless of the party or where that person come from.

    19. Salva Kiir Mayardit is the best leader in South Sudan, he is a patient man, he forgives militias, rebels, enemies, if Salva was not a good leader he would have not allowed nyagats to work in the government. Salva must lead this country up to 2020, whether you want or not.

    20. Gatkuoth Lok says:

      MakNyachuol quoted me out of context, hence your reply is laughable or ridiculous, so to speak. Am not Gatkiirjikang, rethink please. you did miss the substance of my comment, please rethink, don’t remain superficial. Mr. MakNyachuol. Many thanks.

    21. the hope for south sudan says:

      A lot of appreciation to Lou nuer community for good direction, guys, in political arena. thank you very much, i salute you. i think SPLM has nothing to tell us to remain in power this time. they have failed the nation terribly. thank for liberation. and let others built strong foundation in south sudan for future generation, of which they fail to do it.

      so my dear fellow countrymen, let’s gang up for good reason which is good government in 2015. the government which is well informed about the world, free of corruption, with interest of the people, a government which will care for death of one south sudanese, a government which will put in place strong institutions, a government which will never judge life of ordinary citizen in the individual blood. the government which will bring basic needs and bring insecurity to an end. the government which will unite south sudanese to speak one language, a government with vision and mission.

      guys, this is the second liberation if we are divided by bad politics, we will fail forever. and i hope we got a beautiful country which we should care for.

    22. Duop simon says:

      People, my confusion is this, don’t pack riek with kiir. each has his own wisdom to rule. if kiir failed to rule our beloved country well, we cannot say that the failure is for two of them no. if riek wants to contest, let’s see what’s in his mind since he was also among the struggle leaders. thanks very much, lou-nuer community.

      • Dear Mr. Duop Simon:

        Please accept my temporary judiciary appointment to judge our two great leaders, Kiir and Riek. You be the judge but judge fairly. Dr. Riek Machar had betrayed and failed the people of South Sudan during the liberation of what you Naath (Nuer) call now beloved Country. Was South Sudan not a beloved Country when you, Nuer allied your forces to fight Dinka and other South Sudanese patriots over the liberation of South Sudan in 1990’s?
        Although he had fought for over 40 years for the liberation of South Sudan and led the people of South Sudan into the independent Nation, General Salva Kiir Mayardit has stopped short of accomplishing the mission of liberating and rebuilding South Sudan. In short, President Kiir Mayardit has failed the people of South Sudan in term of Nation building and the protection of our national resources and wealth. Who is the best among the two leaders, Kiir and Riek?

        Personally, I strongly blame president Kiir and hold him accountable for the looting and/or thievery of our national resources. He intentionally allowed his relatives/clan and political loyalists to blunder and squander the wealth and national resources in our Country.

        Judge, Duop Simon, Who has done the right thing for our Country? Is it Dr. Riek Machar who betrayed the interest and the independence/liberation of South Sudan in 1991? Or Is it General Kiir Mayardit who had fought for the liberation of our Country for so long and achieved the independence of South Sudan, but unfortunately allowed his relatives/Clan and political loyalists to steal our money and abandon the rebuilding of our Country?

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

          It is really important for you to know that Dr. Machar did not betray the people of South Sudan. He just had different view from your Uncle Garang. When he broke rank with Garang, he fought both Garang and NCP forces. The man has tried the best he could. The only shortcoming of Dr. Machar and it is what made him to lose the battle in 1991, is that he does not kill. He respects human lives – unlike Garang who was most feared because he can kill with no question asked.

          Dr. Riek signed the 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement with Bashir with hope that South Sudanese would exercise their right of Self- determination, but to only end up being dishonored like others agreements that they watered dishonored in the past. He was given a post to hold because it is how agreement works. For example, when CPA was signed, Dr. Garang worked together with Bashir and was given the second most powerfu position in Sudan. Does this mean that Dr. John has betrayed Southerners? I do not think.

          Coming back to Dr. Machar, when he realized that Jallaba was not being insincere with regard to Khartoum peace agreement, the ever shrewd man in the person of Machar quit working with Bashir immediately and came back to the bushes of South Sudan.

          Another example, when Salva was working closely with NCP – led government under Bashir, after he noticed that Bashir was playing games with him, he withdrew all the ministers working in the national government in Khartoum. So working together with enemy does not mean that you betray your people. It is just another way of problem solving. Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, please stop being biased and do not try to be Mr. PelPel Jieng. It will not hold water. Stay bless, pal!

          • South Mole says:

            Without Dr. Machar, there wouldn’t have been a South Sudan because it was Dr. Machar who forced Dr. Garang to include self-determination in the platform of South Sudan. Now the Dinka apologists want to rewrite history when Dr. Garang himself is on record condeming separatists and instead promoting unionists ideas. This therefore disqualifies Dr. Garang from being the founding father of South Sudan.

    23. That is exactly the best way to disregard these triators who are seeking their positions from the president in the name of Lou Nuer. The generation of today is not to be pulled back by these puppet politicians! 2015 shouldn’t be decided now for the whole communities of Lou Nuer almost a million in population by two or three individuals. Let them eat their food silently without involving all to dance for them.

    24. Domac says:

      Nuer boys, you are in deep political crisis forever. the Nuer people are so confusing, don’t know where they are heading to in the politics. when the open-minded Nuer speak out the inner truth, like Peter Lam Both, Nuer community claims he is a betrayer! when the great politicians of Lou Nuer went to the president Kiir and they said, we are supporting your leadership, the whole Nuer condemned them.

      my question is, can Nuer leaders like Mr Riek Machar win an election against Dinka nominee? the answer is probably no. because Dinka population is more than half of the country’s population according to 2008 census. Remind you, the majority are always the winner in democratic and fair election.

      Nuer, where will you gonna borrow ballots? or Nuer will rebel again after election as they usually says? warning Nuer boys, Elephant will never listen to mosquito threats. Remind you again, Dinka defeated triple enemies, Arabs with their collaborators, Nuer and Equatorians defence forces in one war. the remaining question, who can defeat giants?

      • Perhaps they will borrow their winning Ballots from Nuer of Gambella-Ethiopia if they can not grab it by the gunpoint as they attempted in 1991. I wonder, What will Nuer do when their political Prophet, Dr. Riek Machar, quits or retires from politics? Will they quit politics too? Why do they always risk their lives just for the leadership of one man, Riek Machar, although they have numerous intellectuals whO are more willing and capable to lead?

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

          There is no such thing as Nuer of Gambella – Ethiopian. Nuer is the same tribe of South Sudan and there is no other tribe call Nuer in any other countries. Just because Nuer people live in Gambella do not make them Ethiopian, they are still Southern Sudanese. Stop this baseless rhetoric; you have no legs to stand on in this case.

          Do you consider Ngok Dinka of Abyei to be Arab? To me, even though their chief (the late Kuol) had sold them to Jallaba, they are still Dinka at best. Thus, quit spreading unfounded rumor about some Nuer being Ethiopian. Go ask them yourself and see what response you will get.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Mr. Domac,

        When are you going to stop flattering yourself? When did your Jieng people defeat Jallaba? You are one shameless liar and lying must be your area of expertise. Where did you obtain your census data that claims that Dinka are more than the whole people of South Sudan, you must have obtained them from Mother? I seriously doubt that Dinka are more than Nuer leave alone the rest of Southerners.

        For your information, if the entire community of Naath sided with Jallaba, there won’t be enough refugee camps to house Dinka refugees. Also, if the entire Naath Community decided to vote against the referendum, there would have been no Republic of South Sudan right now. Thus, go practice your lying habit somewhere else. It is not holding here.

        • Domac says:

          Mr GatCharwearbol, doubt is Nuer habit, in 1983, Nuer were doubting about SPLA/M struggle, they breakaway and reform Anya nya II and in 1987 they came back to SPLA/M. then in 1991, they doubted again, and the whole Nuer defected to join the Khartoum forces. in 2002 they came back to SPLA/M. I know Nuer are still doubting. Mr GatCharwearbol, I can’t ask you why are you doubting about Jieng population because you were born with doubt and you will die in doubt.

          visionless leader Riek Machar did the same mistake by signing survival agreement in 1997 in Khartoum, not even outside country. hard to learned from the past mistake.

          Mr Doubt, are you a proud Nuer? I don’t think so. History of liberation identifies Nuer as Nyagats. So what makes you proud in the Republic of South Sudan? is it because you helped us in voting for an independent state that makes you proud?
          if you really want to know Dinka population, 2008 census, just type the keywords on Google, you will be able to find it.

        • Dear GatCharwearbol:

          Welcome back to our truth telling and real Parliament of the Republic of South Sudan, SSN. I haven’t heard from you for quite a while. Where have you been, brother? I hope you were not among those Nuer cattle raiders who were recently intercepted in Unity State on their way back from the Lakes State where they stole Cattle.

          I hope we are not exercising pelpel Jieng and Naath here by claiming that Nuer is bigger than Dinka in term of population. Believe it or not, Dinka is bigger than Nuer. The second larger (Bigger) tribe after Dinka in South Sudan is Azande (Zande). Nuer is the third larger tribe in South Sudan. However, Nuer has assumed the second place of being the larger tribe in South Sudan after Dinka because they have guns and are stealing cattle and lands everywhere in South Sudan. How many heads of Cattle have you raided from the Lakes States this time? I’m glad that you came back alive. Take care brother and stop looting other people’s properties at gunpoint!

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

            Being PelPel is your nature. Look at how you divert the cattle raider’s issue to Unity State when it was your people who came to raid cattle in Unity State. People of Unity State just went back for revenge and you should know by now that Nuer won’t let anything of that sort go unpunished.

            But for your knowledge, I am not one of those who raid cattles. I am an educated man and I am able to buy my own cow instead of risking my own life for other people’s properties. I am of the opinion that you are of those who came looking for cattle since you cattle afford to a wife in your Dinka. What happens to your Dad’s cow? Must not be enough and want more, more, and more.

            The oil money is going to your tribemen’s pockets and you still want more money and cows. You will never get satisfied. God help these greedy people!

          • South Mole says:

            G. Garang, you’re a food-loving liar who can’t get facts straight. Guess it comes from having spent all your life in Kakuma munching on UN relief and then claiming it was liberation struggle.Actually, the Azande are the biggest tribe in South Sudan.

            Last time, Equatorians erroreanously sided with Dinkas because they wanted a separate country. Now that the finish of liberation is over watch the alliance with Nuer blossom much to your dismay. Like Charwearbol is telling you, Kakuma will become too small for you should you decide to pursue a war course instead of accepting the results from ballots which predicts a big win for Dr. Machar.

    25. Daniel Machar Dhieu says:

      I really thank Lou Nuer community in general, and also waiting for Dinka Bor community to clear their position as early as possible.

      • Mr. Daniel Machar Dhieu:

        I guess you will be waiting for ever as Bor of Abel Alier is very secretive and rarely makes their political decisions known in public. As being so secretive and naive, the Bor of Abel Alier always goes to the direction where the political wind is blowing with their interest. Perhaps, you will soon have the clear position of Twic East, Hole/Duk and Nyareweng rather than Bor of Abel Alier. Keep waiting and don’t be disappointed should you don’t obtain what you are waiting for.

    26. Nuer Lou, you defeat murle yau yau first, after that you come back we know what you need, Dinka is ready. we have learned now that you are against Dinka not Kiir regime. Welcome bros., don’t delay.
      But make sure your leader Riak Machar will not and never win election.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Mr. Manut Michael Lual,

        If you do not know, Lou Nuer are most feared by Murles and they have defeated Murles long before you were born. You must have a short memory to forget that Lou Nuer invaded Pibor a year or two ago. This was all over the news outlets.

        Murles cannot stand against Lou Nuer. Your Dinka Bor cannot wait for Lou Nuer either.

    27. Gatluke says:

      Thanks to Lou Nuer members who wrote this letter. Let us work as the people not to be misled by few for their interest but the interest of the people.

    28. Domac, you said it, brother. I have nothing to say again.

    29. Kot says:

      No it is not fit to hold that chair of president because he was one who killed many people in Jonglei state.

    30. Peace lover says:

      Guys come on, just abandon tribalism & let’s united and work 4 the same goal & task to achieve ahead, have u forgotten about the long slavery that we have just escaped from? Were there Arabs leaving any of our internally conflicting tribes? I am proud that we have fresh mines abroad like u but invest your knowledge to our benefits, wait for the election convince the groups u can managed to convince & vote for the person u think can lead us to success & accept the out come, south sudan Oyeeeeeee

    31. meluth oyee says:

      nuer is defined by dinka dictionary as someone who thinks by his stomach and not by brain, hears by his eyes and not ears. they are most stupid and random in making decisions, they just jump into fire without consideration.

    32. Akim Gai Ruei says:

      dear brother and sister.
      Am so very glad to know more about our people who call themselves they true Lou nuer while they betraying their friend or brothers as I got my name on the list mentioned that support kiir side. that person knows me really, have I met him in juba? I came in Kenya since 2013/12/30 till now am kakuma and I saw my name at the list. so I heard the person who wrote those names and let me assure him. once day that I reach juba he will satisfy me in front of Lou nuer and it will be the last day he stop lie words. again I appreciated the Lou nuer community for great role they play in the war zone politically and on the ground even though we are in refugee camp you cover our part. and God bless you

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