Looking beyond Gen. Paul Malong’s Rebellion: What’s he up to?

BY: Nicola Bringi, APR/19/2018, SSN;

Right after the Juba massacre in 2013, Gen. Paul Malong, a Dinka, then governor of Aweil State, was brought in as SPLA Chief of Staff, to replace Gen. James Houth, a Nuer, based on the recommendation of the so-called Jieng council of elders, to preserve and guarantee the security and continuation of the status quo regime.

Basically illiterate, he was given the job by the Jieng council of elders to ensure all those who oppose President Salva Kiir are crashed and bulldozed, so he began with the mass killings in Juba against the Nuer and any non-Dinka tribes.

Paul Malong then ruthlessly expanded his operations to the Upper Nile, Wau and non-Dinka towns and villages around Wau. The ground troops, infamously known as the ‘Mathiang Anyoor,’ mercilessly burned down houses and killed civilians while helicopter machine guns were in the air to wipe out those who tried to flee the aggression.

All of these operations were targeting civilians who have nothing to do with politics. The main agenda of the Jieng Council is to wipe out the non-Dinka tribes in Wau and surrounding areas so that the Dinka can take over their land.

To execute these plans, Governor Rezik Zakaria was instructed to move the capital of Wau County from Wau City to Baggari town. When the indigenous tribes of Wau went on a peaceful demonstration to protest this decision, they were brutally gunned down; 13 protesters were killed and 15 were injured.

This is all happening with complicit directives of President Salva Kiir, and in the presence of Gen. Paul Malong and Salva Mathok in Wau as they supervise the execution of the plan.

One of the reasons for Malong’s recent so-called rebellion is because Pres. Salva kiir has not implemented the Dinka agenda tough enough, for he is only ruling by the Dinka council of elders ideology.

According to Paul Malong, he wishes for South Sudan to be turned into a Dinka Kingdom with himself as the King.

The second reason for the Paul Malong rebellion is a pretext coordinated by the Jieng council of elders to fool the opposition and enable Malong to infiltrate among them and create division to ultimately weaken them; that way the Jieng council and Salva Kiir regime will continue to rule South Sudan for an unlimited time.

Interestingly, in the Malong’s rebellion declaration paper, he mentioned that he is for Federalism, which is his plan C.

According to Jieng council, they will turn to it if they fail to defeat the oppositions and stop the angry South Sudanese people, or if their government collapses.

The Dinka jieng will have nowhere to go or stay as both Equatoria and Upper Nile will not tolerate their arrogance. As such, The Jieng council now needs to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

To safeguard the future of the Jieng council, Malong must declare a pretext rebellion and go to Bhar El Ghazal region and complete the unfinished plan of 2012 by capturing and taking control over Bhar El Ghazal.

Then, whereby they can declare their Federal or confederal state, or even declare Bhar El Ghazal a separate country as a pressure point for reconciliation with the opposition made of the other regions.

Clearly, the mass atrocities that took place in Western Bhar El Ghazal in 2012 were executed under the direct supervision of Gen. Paul Malong, Governor Rezik Zakaria, Salva Mathok and Damiano Alieu, under the direct orders of President Salva Kiir and the Jieng council.

The Fertit Land of Raga was forcefully annexed to Aweil creating the so called Lol State. With this new revolving Jieng Council plan, Wau will be the nominal capital of Jieng Bhar El Ghazal Federal government.

This is all a prime example of divide-and-rule policy. Eventually the Fertit who are the indigenous tribes of Wau will be expelled from their land, just like what the Dinka did to the Jur tribe in 1958, in both Aweil district and Tonj district.

As a result, the Jur tribe was compulsively uprooted from their land and left to take refuge in areas around Wau whereby they were kindly received by Fertit tribes and now live in harmony. (See Ethno-Geography of Bhar El Ghazal written by Santa Andria).

Based on this narration, we, the people of Western Bhar El Ghazal need to maintain safety and prepare ourselves for any potential harm.

Nicola Bringi
A member of Western Bhar el Ghazal community.


  1. Mor-amook says:

    Dear writer, your article has no difference with other disgruntled groups sick about Jieng. The demonstration in Wau was in 2012 before 2013 crisis. The Dinka are in Warrap, NBeG and Lakes, how can they move to Wau to chase away other tribes and take over the place?

    Please, stop writing such hate comments, we will never achieve anything. The government in Juba is not Dinka government, but just led by a Dinka man and it is not a crime to be a Dinka.
    God would not have created Dinka. If today, a Fertit man becomes a president, can the government be called Fertit government in South Sudan? Likewise, if any of the tribes in future take over the presidency, would it be the best way we should be defining the government?

    Such hate comments will not take us anywhere, stop it. You better say, Kiir administration has failed not Jieng government. For example, even in Kenya, Uganda, Sudan…etc, the presidents in those countries belong to certain tribes in their countries, but I never heard one day government in Kenya is called Kikuyu government…..etc.

    It’s only in our country full of idiots and stupid people like you who do not understand the difference between a tribe and the president, the government is called like that.

    • Gringé says:

      No hate comment was left in that article, the only one spewing hate and insults is you. You could’ve made a critical note of this article without any insults. Take your own advice.

      Secondly, the reason Kiir’s government is referred to as a Dinka government is because there’s no inclusion in his government. The south Sudanese government is predominantly Dinka or Nuer with no room to allow any other South Sudanese an opportunity to lead.

      There’s a clear ethnocentric manner in which this government leads which is sick and divisive.

      You are insulted by the truth because you don’t see beyond your ethnic group.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Short, succinct and to the point

    • Holo Kor says:

      The man of a narrow-mindedness and a pretentious fellow with full Jieng blood, but with nothing else, is a guy who, in this website, blows little ducks, and this is meaning, he only spouts nonsense or tell lies. A typical Dinka, and by the way. And who will take him seriously! A Jieng.

      Regularly, in several occasions, he (Mor-amook) writes with his hope in the mind and that one day he will convince (us) the Equatorians and the rest of other tribes of the 63. And writings first of all, with the lack of communication and persuasive language but, only the language that his the best at; the Jieng language of: shouting, harassing, intimidating and hassling.
      He writes like the rest of Jieng, and what good manners is Mor-amook, False Millionaire or Malouda, but all are Jieng. That is it.

  2. Moze says:

    Unfortunately most dinkas can not be realistic about their arrogance and how tribal they failed themselves and the entire south Sudanese people. You dinkas has made us to become a joke for the entire African countries.
    How come you all trying to be in denial that the government in South Sudan is not jieng government?
    With 99% of organized forces and the cabinet, country’s institutions and foreign affairs (embassies) all dominated by Dinka.
    You all are just ashamed because your plots has been exposed. Right now, during this HLRF (High Level Revitalization Forum) in Addis is your only chance to relinquish the power to the opposition and seek forgiveness from all of 63 tribes so that you can have place to call home.
    Otherwise, you all will not find place to live in, in South Sudan. Let few go to trial and the rest find peace and harmony with the rest in S. Sudan.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      You’re a hundred percent correct, the jieng rabble in power and kindred must relinquish power, step aside and let them watch how the other South Sudanese will manage this country.
      But I still persist in the fact and reality that Kirler Kiir must be physically ousted from power in Juba.
      Kiir and his jiengo-sters must face the way out painfully, just as like what they’ve traumatically inflicted on hundreds of thousands of innocent South Sudanese.

  3. Malouda says:

    you are correct Mor -amok, but our people in South Sudan do not understand that as one of Dinka tribe told me that his child was been cut to death in the refuge camp in Uganda by some people from greater Yei State saying that the child is belong to Dinka tribe of Salva whom they said is the one chased them to refuge camp, imagine is it the way to run this country. Iam not Dinka tribe but the way other tribes treat innocent Dinka is not the solution of the current problem.

  4. Gen Mangok says:

    Dear writer,

    You need to stop the bulshited things. Kiir-Malong govt by then killed many Dinka members. And the killing has continued as I write. You need to be reflective, sensitive and honest in your own soul. Dinka fears another Dinka at the moment. This is the fact you need to know.

    • Mor-amook says:

      Dear Malouda,
      You are absolutely correct, unfortunately, in this website, anyone who tries to differentiate a tribe from the current government is immediately pinpointed to be a Dinka.
      Just wait, you will soon be criticized as Dinka or supporter. Our guys have lost nationalism in understanding problems of our country. Even those who claim 63 tribes are against Jieng, there can be now peace and stability in this country, people will continue to suffer.
      Please understand that Jieng will continue to defend themselves against those who claim to have united against them, whether under current government or you have installed your wishful tribal government.
      Kiir is a person and a tribe is bigger than Kiir.

      I think some of the guys write when they have not taken a survey. For example, in the cabinet, the 16 ministers of SPLM-IO of Taban, only one Dinka was appointed by Taban.
      With SPLM-IG ministers, ministers of health, agriculture, national security, cabinet affairs… just to mention a few are not occupied by Dinka, check their tribes please and the whole cabinet, I can’t tell you. With FDs, two positions, one to Dinka and the other to non-Dinka.
      Does that confirm your statement that the cabinet and SPLA are dominated by Dinka – shame on you the writer!

      The SPLA was not formed in 2011 for your information. It was a voluntary patriotic duty from 1983 to 2005, and you the writer was among those who either ran to Khartoum or neighboring countries. That voluntary duty gave birth to the current force.
      Is it realistic to be accepted during death and when peace comes you are told, just go home because you are from certain Dinka?
      If we can see things beyond short range like Malouda for example, this platform will be good for sharing ideas. But in this way you will never achieve anything.
      How will you convince Jieng in future if you take government to support your tribal government?
      I guess your president will not be visiting Jieng areas in Upper Nile and Bhar el Gazal… right!!

  5. mading says:

    Nicola Bringi.
    There is no Jieng planted, Paul Malong took to the bush like other South Sudanese who went to bush after they were put out of government, Riek Machar is one example.
    Things were good in Kiir’s government until he was thrown out, then South Sudan government became bad over night.
    Moze, Editor, and other rebels, this is not a time for threat anymore in our country, there is a war going on, so there is no need for threats guys, go to front line to liberate yourselves.
    Moze, you talked about Dinkas being 99% in organized forces.
    I tell you what…. It is was like that during the war with Arabs, so now is time for food that is why you see it clearly now.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      If only you could open your eyes wider, you would have seen that when John Garang formed the SPLM/A, he wisely included other non-Dinka members and the recruitment was expedited and encouraged in all parts of South Sudan.
      That’s the trouble with you, jieng, you always don’t appreciate the participation of other tribes.
      For example, the late Nachigak Nachuluk, Dr. Machar, Dr. Lam Akol, Dr. Wanji, William Nyoun and thousand others shared the beginnings of the movement with Dr. John Garang but you naturally easily and quickly forget about them.
      Yes, by size of numbers, the jieng were the majority, but one Murle or Moru is the equivalent of a thousand of you, proportionally speaking!!
      Seriously, after the heroic sacrifice of thousands of your jieng heroes, there is no excuse for president Kiir and the jieng cabal of criminals to so horrifically fail those who laid down their precious lives for the country. It’s an unforgivable shame for you jieng first, and for us, the minority, secondarily.
      So, you see, it should be you the jieng to terminate the hopeless Kiir and his failed regime and give us a better jieng leader who is for national unity and development and equality.
      Please, just slowly digest this before answering back.

  6. Writer,
    you’re completely correct as you jotted your piece above. The government of the day is led by moron kiiriminal Jieng. He set Jieng to roam all around places to harsh.
    We must set the way forward for this Jieng republic to understand.
    Kokora must be introduced so that majority of Jieng people should go to their respected states to lead over their own jieng people. That way we will be in peace, trust me.

  7. False Millionnaire says:

    Having wasted the precious time, the Post is as empty as the brains of those who are going merry in the false celebration of jieng getting kicked in the ass and pushed out of RSS by sheer internet barking.
    The alliance of the thirteen warlords is full to camp between ghettos and last degree hotels in Addis. It’s so incredible to imagine who is more foolish and who isn’t as the cards have been spred out in the sun for those who have good eyes to see.
    Gone is the former US Ambassador. If that isn’t for nothing, then the new comer is in Juba to achieve what the predecessor has failed to achieve.
    That’s a negotiated deal to kick the Chinese out for the Yankees (Americans) to take over the oil and give Kiir a break.
    In such an equation, Malong is a far gone case.
    So for those who don’t like jieng like Elhag, concocting a jieng name and pretending to have never hated them at all and that’s the correct reality to consume however bitter it Is.

  8. Dhong says:

    The bitter truth is large section of Dinka is not aware of current war.

  9. Dhong says:

    Malong Awan is no longer our king but king of the forest, he will die in the hands of rebels, not the government.

  10. Eastern says:

    Dear Nicola Brinji,

    Thank you for penning this great piece.

    When Paul Malong ruled over Northern Bahr el Ghazal, especially Aweil East as though land was his kingdom, Kiir saw no reason to call him to order as long as he did his bidding.

    The dinka because of their bad culture of COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY did not see what Malong was doing as evil. Malong did not stop there; he went on to recruit dinka youths from the cattle camps and herded them to fight in Upper Nile and Equatoria because “Riek Machar wants to take Kiir’s place”. Malong now has the burden to explain where these lads are. Malong now finds himself fighting the monster he helped nurture. This just reminds me of the Incredible Hulk movie!

    I like the unfolding situation…….Ears on the ground!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Whilst your brief analysis about Malong might look to the point, there is also the other probability that Malong, along with president Kiir and the jieng elders, secretly colluded to assist and deploy Malong as a rebel leader to go and join the rebel crowd with a specified mission to neutralize and attenuate the resistance against Kiir.
      Malong, an illiterate buffoon once a hawker on Khartoum streets, joined the crowd of Bahr el Ghazel jieng prospective recruits who’re smuggled to Ethiopia to join the newly formed SPLM/Army in the early nineteen eighties.
      Being a young, uneducated and ruthless street vagabond, Malong stood out and was among those who participated in the killing of those leaders of AnyaNya Two, notably Guy Tut and Akot Atem and thousands of Nuers in Bilpam, Ethiopia at the behest of Commander Salva Kiir who was also specially assigned by Garang because of his murderous and merciless inclination (Bilpam, for those who don’t know, was a place in Ethiopia that was the first headquarters of Anyanya Two).
      I’m much inclined to believe that Malong’s so-called ‘rebellion’ and his dubiously named ‘South Sudan United Front/Army’ is a jieng ghost movement created by the Jieng Council of Elders, to neutralize and confuse the political stand of those of Machar, Lam Akol, Johnson and Cirillo in any possible ‘peace talks.’
      After all, it IS the jieng of Bahr el Ghazel and specifically the AWEIL MAFIA, who are the most beneficiaries of the looting/corruption in South Sudan, thanks to the thievery of the likes of Arthur Akwein et al.
      I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

      • Eastern says:

        Dear Editor,

        I couldn’t agree more. At this moment of desperation, the architects of the infamous Jieng 200 Years Projects could do anything; including clinging on the straw!

        The Eastern Rock

      • Bismark says:


        Your analysis of the present political move by Jieng Council of Evils greatly exposes your maturity in our national political events. A snake that has shed its old skin still remains a snake that is dangerous. Malong in his entire life has been fighting and defending Dinka supremacy in South Sudan. How is it possible that he can stand for a cohesive South Sudan nation that is multi ethnically composed? He butchered people nearly from all corners of the country to prop up their terrorist regime that enhances evil in the country.

  11. ibrahim Juma says:

    Dear Writer ,

    I think you are politically blind,do not look at national issues at the angle of tribes. Rebellion of Malong has nothing to do with kingdom, this is 21st Century where kingdom is longer encouraged.

    • Mor-amook says:

      Dear Editor,
      At times I agree with some of your comments, for example, the first comment above. Jieng do recognize brave heroes like the heroes you mentioned above. Yes, those heroes are still respected because they died for this country and their contribution led to success of Dr. Garang.
      But the problem is that some of you do not recognize and appreciate Jieng contribution to liberation of this country for one reason, you believe that Jieng are illiterate and they can’t be recognized. So denial is what brought this misunderstanding.
      You also lie that one Murle or Moru is equivalent to 1000 of Jieng, Is that not a denial? In the history of South Sudan I never heard of Moru or Mundri taking anything from Dinka or fighting Jieng seriously, except Nuer who usually outnumber Dinka Bor section of Dinka. But the rest of Nuer bordering Bhar el gazal know what is fighting. You never heard Nuer capturing towns like Rumbek, Tonj, Gogrial or Aweil…etc like always Bor.

      Your point of Jieng to organize and bring good Dinka to rule south Sudan is not true, because South Sudan is for all tribes and it is up to 64 tribes to choose a leader of their choice in election regardless of tribe.
      We can achieve that if we accept ourselves and accept to have peace not fighting.
      The problem of South Sudan cannot be solved militarily even if liars like Maii, False and the rest who have never tested gun in their lives believe that they will crash Jieng and take power militarily. That is a dream at the day.
      From 1983 to 2005 the same opposition was against Dinka by the same Dr. group now from Nuer, Equatoria and Shilluk that the movement was a Dinka movement, and thus, the intention was to sabotage and spoil objectives of rebellion because of jealousy of credit not to be in the name of Jieng leader. Did they manage?

      Then, ask yourselves now, what would be different this time?

      • info@southsudannation says:

        It’s good that we’re almost converging to a point of concordance on the political situation in the country that has bled so much so far.
        Those leaders now posturing as war-lords, from Kiir to Machar, Lam, Cirillo upto Malong, must come to an agreeable solution in Addis sooner.
        When we look at history, we have seen other nations around the world coming peacefully to agreements in their respective nations through some acceptable political modalities, such as federalism, local autonomy or separatism.
        Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union, after long and unwinnable wars of attrition among its peoples, finally agreed to split up into separate and independent states that are now very successful. No more deaths or wars! Moreover, they were or are still the same people culturally and linguistically.
        Brother, why can’t we, Africans, do the same as the white people? Is there something inherently wrong with our blackness that we always don’t agree to solve problems peacefully?
        Every part of South Sudan is God-blessed and gifted with valuable resources which will benefit those inhabitants.
        Further, like grown up children of one father, they eventually separate and move to their individual homes. Sometimes, if you don’t like to move out, your father just throws you out and tells you to go live your own life.
        Time we come to some peaceful modality instead of more animosities, wars and unnecessary killings.
        If the former Great Soviet Union (USSR) is now peacefully gone, why doesn’t this colonially created South Sudan not get splintered?
        After all, from history, the British imperialists colluded with the Egyptian kings to create South Sudan as a protected region against the Arab jellaba slave traders of North Sudan. Otherwise, me and you would be Ahmed and Mahajoub or Abdel Latif, but today we would still be confined to emptying the shit buckets of ‘our’ Jellaba masters!!!
        Time has arrived for us South Sudanese to invent and operationalize our own solution to our problem instead of listening and following some stupid suggestions from Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda..etc!!!

      • Deng Hanbol says:

        Dear Mor-amook,
        How politically biased are you? Where were you when the Nuer army occupied Wrap? Gogrial was captured by General Paulino Matip Nihal in 1996. The SPLA army led by General Salva Mathok Gengdit were badly defeated by the SSIM forces led by Gen. Matip Nihal and resulted in heaved losses of men and material. Matip`s forces led by his deputy spent 6 Months in Kuajok. Please ask Gen. Gengdit.
        Mr. Mor-amook, Salva Kiir still in power because of external meddling. Outsiders have protected Jaang, notably M7 who have been supporting Dinka militarily and politically. The SPLA-IO generals have been fighting in many fronts, but nevertheless, they refused to give up the struggle. The question is, how is the SPLA-IO able to resist the Dinka war since 2013, standing alone against an alliance of five foes namely the Uganda army, the SPLA-N, JEM of Darfur, Nuer Wew or clients and the Dinka army? Why does Naath always win wars against the Dinka?
        With regard to Nicola article, I believe he has hit the nail on the head.

        • Abiel says:

          Brother Deng Hanbol
          You said why Nuer always win wars against Dinka? Brother you will not let your people know the truth. Nure never won the war before in South Sudan history and you should know the difference between Dinka and Nuer in really war Nuer are always looser in the beginning and the end. War is not swift and runs away, the really war is for those who keep fighting to achieve their objectives and not hopeless war. Please detour from encouraging war let us give the peace chance.

    • Eastern says:

      That name alone disqualifies you! Give yourself a different nome de guerre.

  12. mading says:

    Editor. I never say only Dinkas fought in the war of liberation, I am talking about Dinkas being majority at that time and today in the organized force. Also you need to know Editor, I am not a tribal zed All I want is something good for our country, next president should come from any tribe in South Sudan. What matters to people like Nicola and Dhuong they are jealous of Dinka being a big tribe in our country that is all.

  13. Dear all,
    we need Kokora in South Sudan…. three regions are good for us. As Mr. Editor said above. We hear JCE were meeting today to choose GENERAL CHIEF OF STAFF AFTER JAMES PASSING AWAY.

    WE HAD LIBERATED OURSELVES FROM JIESNG TRIBE IN NINETEEN EIGHTY IF YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN THE FAMOUS KOKORA era THAT HAD LET JIENG RuN NAKED TO THEIR LAUKS` lands. Also Equatorian are not cowardS like you who had been chased by Murle Nuer and Munduhuru and now you become idps in Equatoria lands.
    Our fathers and mothers fought for seventeen years Anyanya one war. Please Mr. Mor Amook, you do not have to lie we shall chase Jieng again if you do not behave well, believe me or not, everyone in Equatorian does not like Jieng people… move to your land.

    • Mor-amook says:

      Maii, we were fighting equatorians, Nuer, Murle,razigats, masseriya malitias and SAF, but we are here today we are not finished. Killing innocent jieng on the roads is act of cowards. Mobilize you guys to go to bathroom El gazal to fight jieng, they will meet Gelweng (cattle defenders) force.

      In 2016, Bor youth attacked your husband’s Murle and stayed there for more than two weeks until they were chased away the government.

      Editor, idiots like Maii don’t understand. Unite we are strong but divide we become weak. US is almost equivalent to Africa but are now call one country. Those of maii or equatorians for that matter seem to be united now against jieng, but if they become a country the same division will continue among 30 tribes of equatorial because they don’t have same culture or language. We better think of strong institutions not division, it’s not a solution. Even Russia now want to influence her former nations to come together again to be stronger to challenge again and that was whyUSSR was divided through Cold War to be weaken.

  15. Dinka Enclave says:

    Nicola Bringi,
    You are just a big hypocrite because you are still hallucinating about the big lies that the Arabs shovelled down your wicked mind. Remember the Arabs used to use you to kill innocent Dinka and Jur people for the exchange of cheap Fertit girls. The Arabs even came up with the famous slogan “ Nik El Fertit wa Aktul El Dinka” whose translation is “ F***ck the Fertit and killed the Dinka” You even went further to call Jur people “Jur Abongo” . So shut up because you are just complaining because the Arabs that used to baby sit the big overgrown baby are gone with the wind and never to come back again. The Arabs are now gone and you still wondering what has gone wrong.
    You are still thinking from a molested brain because you don’t know that your so-called Raga was initially under the administration of Aweil just like Tambura used to be under the admiration of Wau. It was your uncles who collaborated with the Arabs that led to the transfer of Raga from Aweil to Wau. Tambura was never part of Western Equatoria since they used to get their salaries from Wau.
    You also talked about the transfer of Wau County to Bagari and about the indigenous people of Wau without going into details of the origins of these indigenous people. But the question is, why you don’t want to go to Bagari?
    Do you know why Gen. Lado Gore almost went to war against General Clement Wani Konga, the former Governor of Central Equatoria State? This is because General. Gore is a Bari and Governor Konga is a Mundari. General Gore was furious and angry when he lost the election to General Konga because he could not believe, according to the mentality of Baru, why and how the illiterate and dirty Mundari could rule Juba which is the heartland of all Bari people. Look what has happened now, the Mundari are now comfortable in their State while the Bari are able to rule Juba after a long period of time.
    Let me ask you for the second time, why you don’t want to move to Bagari ? Let people like the Jur, Bongo, Dinka of Marial Bai and Bai can enjoy a little bit of Wau. Kuajok used to be just a small village, but look now the Dinka has converted it from a mischief to a city. Like any other places in South Sudan, Wau will always belongs to all South Sudanese including the Dinka people.

    • Eastern says:

      Dinka SLAVE,

      You still believe the idea of JCE to exterminate the names Bahr el Ghazal and Equatoria if viable because you have your stooges in the person of Rizik Zakariah and Louis Lobong in place?

      Look here, with Alfred Lado now in Juba, because of factors beyond his scope, it doesn’t mean that the headache by Equatorians to the regime wanting to rid themselves from the Arian Jenges has ended! Alfred Lado Gore is now becoming senile because of his age; Martin Kenya has disappeared in thin air – more Equatorians demanding for Equatoria will rise from their ashes!

      That being said, Jur Abongo was and still is the truth; the Jur people in Western Bahr el Ghazal still dress in Abongo! Just drive between Wau and Aweil or between Wau and Kuajena and you will see those flying Abongos!

      Nobody should waste their time writing you an email; this issue should be debated in the public forum for all and sundry to be able to follow the proceedings!

      • Mor-amook says:

        Deng Hanbol.
        It was collusion of Nuer malitias, Kerbino malitias, supported by SAF who entered Gogrial garrison of SAF by then. Nevertheless, SAF was in Gogrial until they were finally dislodged in june2003. It was not Martip alone my dear. In March 1997 when Riak tried to come to Rumbek from Panyijar with force of 10,000 armed. They end up miserably in the hand of merciless Gelweng. Please ask anyone from Panyijar.

        Don’t lie to people, I know that war. The force was not pure Nure like that came from panyijar. You cry of mathiang-anyor, but it was small force of 10,000 from Aweil alone, no warrap and Lakes in that force. Imagine if those cattle keepers Gelweng were to join, how huge force would be! They were told the fight was not between Nuer and Dinka it was govt and rebels, up to now. It’s not tribal war.

        • Deng Hanbol says:

          You finally admit that Gogrial was under gen. Matip’s occupation for 6 months and gen. Salva Mathok was on the run. To simplify all this, on how lucky you are: the JCE fatally poisoned gen. Paulino Matip via Taban Deng Gai (Mohammad al- Hassan). As of now, Salva and the JCE turned the Bull Nuer clans of Matip Nihal into such formidal killing machines against the rest of Naath who are fighting for equality and free the people of south Sudan from the Dinka misrule. Despite the many obstacles Naath ,Equatorians and Fertits face, we are going to struggle through them with chivery and determination to dislodge Dinka kingdom.

  16. Dinka Enclave says:

    Stop singing like an old woman and face the truth coward . Fool how Equatoria is going to rise if you are still barking for a left-over food in a white man country. You never smell the stink of bullets flying between your nose because you know very well that the real men called Bahr el Ghazal are not cowards. Try bring your as**se back here in Torit and see how we are going to deal with your stinky mouth. The real Lobong is the one who is keeping you running for a slavemaster’s leftover food. You are not a man enough to bring your coward akss*se back to Torit. Remember it is my Equatoria and your stinky brain is not going to do a damn thing about it loser. Losers never win and you will remain a loser forever coward.

    • Eastern says:

      Dinka slave,

      I have lost nothing and you have gained nothing. What proof do you have about where I am, you miserable man.


    • Mor-amook says:

      Your independent Equatoria will come with Jesus. Why did you run away to Uganda during war of liberation leaving jieng to fight fierce battles in Equatoria.e.g. Torit, Kapeota, Nimuli, Yei, Maridi, Yambio and Juba. Why did you not tell jieng, just go to your land and to liberate yourself from jalaba. You left few of your commanders by then such as mabuto Mamie, want Iggy.. Etc to command jieng soldiers since you regard SPLA to be jieng, wrong perception.

      If it’s jalaba, you go for refugee in Uganda and when country is achieved, you come back and say kokora. This is nonsense we lost thousands in equatoria because it was/is our land. During 21years you did not talk of kokora, so we are not foolish to fight on your behalf so that you get your country after others lost lives. Shame on you!

      • Mondeto says:

        Dear Amooramok,

        You were running away from Arabs in your lands. You should have stayed where you were, fight and liberate yourself. But you were running to hide in Equatoria.
        Equartorians welcomed you, fed you…
        But at the same time Dinkas were mistreating the hosts, Didinga & Toposa, rapping their women, killing those innocents Equartorians and pretended that they were Arabs.

        Plus SPLA headquarters was in Chuhudum, present BUDI(Buya & Didinga) counties,Eastern Equatoria, because of the strategic location bordering Kenya and Uganda, and South Sudan wasn’t liberated by guns, we did referendum….self-determination. So we Equatorians are for federalism. Dinkas must move to their own lands…. capital must move out of Juba, leave Equatorians in their Capital, Juba with our Arabic Juba, the way we shall move forward

  18. Dinka Enclave says:

    Arabmoi Maii,
    You are just the other cattle to be raided by the real Jieng fool. The real Jieng is going to raid your big mouth internet worrier back to the cattle camp in Bahr el Gahzal. You are not a real Equatorian otherwise you will not be singing this old women song.
    Stop singing because the bullets that are flying in your backyards are real cowards. Real men don’t just make noise like little overgrown big as**se boys running naked in the refugee camps in Northern Uganda.

  19. Mr. Mor-Amook and Dinka Slave,
    I am a son of Toposa who has no fear of heartless Jeing persons of your kind. we have no common understanding whatsoever.
    We Equatorian do not immigrate to Jeinges land and cause a problem as some of you who had moved from your land with everything including the chickens— older persons and so on leaving your land empty for no apparent reason at all.
    You left Arab to annex your land of Abeyii. Is that bravery you talked about?
    We like Kokora whether you like it or not, we do not want wrong people who caused a problem to live near by. You Jeing people are unwanted wherever you go.
    I am not in Uganda refugees camp but I am here in my land Narus, Eastern Equatoria. You have to ask some Jeinges who had happened to live near by Toposa people then you will know what kind of people are we.
    Ask your Jieing president how we treated him when he was loitering in Mogos in nineties. I guess he will tell a nice story about Toposa people.
    You Jeing have to go to your land, we have no understanding.

  20. mading says:

    Deng Hanbol. Nuer like you talk about and whined against Muonyjaangdit all the time…. where is that win now ? Go to Jieng land for a day to prove that to South Sudanese in 2018, instead of keep saying here on this web.
    Mor-amok, this so called Deng Hanbol will go away soon like mad man Gatdarwich.

    • Mor-amook says:

      Haha haha Maii, you really talk like primary one child. How can you say jieng have left Abeyi to Arab? Abeyi it’s a land of south Sudanese not jieng. Everybody fought in Abeyi in 2008 including Gen.Peter Kadet,why? Even if people accept federalism system my friend, it is not going to be kokora. Still all south Sudanese will live anywhere in the corners of south Sudan. For example, Ethiopia is in federal system but the tribes are not denied anywhere in Ethiopia, Nigeria is the same system…. Etc.

      You will only administered your area without more control from central govt unlike the current system. That’s going to be, but other tribes will not be chased away like scenario of kokora, which was cooked intentionally against non equatorians in 1980s.

      I have been evaluating your comments but nothing new than kokora in your mine. Please see things from reality not dreams and fantasies.

  21. Deng Hanbol says:

    Since December 16, 2013- South Sudan has collapsed into a state of anarchy, due to the Nuer massacre carry out by Salva Kiir, the Dinka president. As a result of the country crumbled, havely armed Jaang criminals roamed freely in greater Equatoria killing and forcing women into sex with nearly total impunity.
    Mading, if you say that Dr. Riek Machar and Naath ethnic group has only themselves blame or has no- one but themselves to blame, you mean the Nuer people and Machar are responsible for the innocent Nuer civilians who killed by the Dinka army in Juba. Any way, I don’t want to level myself with you.

  22. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

    The detrimental effect of this civil war will last forever. Nuer’s existent is threaten from all corners leading to captured or occupation of Bentiu and its twin city, Rubkona by ally forces comprise of Bul Nuer, SPLM-N of Malik Agar with help of air force provided by Museveni. Western Nuer will never be the same again. For some to claim it is the direct manpower of Bhar El Ghazel Dinka is to twist the truth. Even with upper-hand on logistical supply, these Bhar El Ghazel would never think of setting their smelly feet in Bentiu. We have long history of defeating them squarely.

    Being arrogant due to Museveni assistance is making some of our Dinka thinking irrationality.

  23. GatCharwearbol says:


    Claiming credit for the work someone else has done is unbecoming of my fellow Dinka. If credit is to be properly awarded, mercenaries should be recognized for pinning down the Western Nuer. It is the direct result of Western Nuer being guarded heavily by these mercenaries comprising of Bul Nuer, JEM, SPLM-N, and the invisible hands why Bhar El Ghazel is only grappling with hunger; otherwise, the combine force of hunger and Western Nuer, if left unchecked would cause great havoc in Bhar El Ghazel.

    On the flip side, there is no point for all the 63 tribes to blame Dinka as they made them who they are today. Our inability to organize and defeat this wolf is to blame, not Dinka.

    Of special interest in this case is the Nuer who allow themselves to be divided and bribed. I can see where these Dinka’s commentators receive their arrogant outlook of the things in South Sudan. I have no ground to blame them but ourselves.

    • Mor-amook says:

      Gatchar. Where was Bul Nuer from 1991-2005? Why did they not wipe out Bahr El Gazal by then? They were with Sudan govt but did not create any havoc. It was Kerbino who displaced his own people of Twic by then to Gogrial areas. Bul Nuer was not born in 2013 please. Why did you allow Taban to be your chief negotiator if he was an Arab? You are confused people.

      Secondly, 2013 and 2016 in Juba, were there Ugandan forces? Why did you not take the govt by forces? You problem you don’t accept defeat because of hypocrisy.

  24. Abiel says:

    Hi, believe me or not.
    Guys you don’t know this website has been established by drunker people and you are dealing with drunker when they got drunk they walk immediately to the keyboard and then write what they want to write.they never pay attention to what they writing and no body will convince them accept Jesus.

  25. Hoiloom says:


    Brother, I have stopped debating with the Dinka cousins of ours. In 2014 no one thought the war would have reached the jungles of Equatoria. In fact some people in SSN thought it was a Nuer-Dinka war. My point is the war is not won in a single day. As long as guns are not silent, Bhar el Gazal is not a safe haven and we will eventually reach there. Don’t waste your time with these thugs. “Jaang raar mi waa tä ke kuel cia bi kään bäke kam wea” (Ngundeng Bong).


    • Mor-amook says:

      Dear Deng Handbol, Gogrial was not caputered by Matip malitias. The town was already under SAF like other towns in South Sudan by then. Matip was a malitia allied to jalaba for so long for his own interest. Then, Kerbino different with Dr. Garang and joined jalaba and was flown from Khartoum to Mayom where Matip was. They then deceived Arab that they need support to clear Bahr el gazal out of rebels. They later realized it was not possible and end up surrendering to Gogrial garrison where their masters were.

      I know, I witness it, I’m not like you who is/was depending on second hand information. Matip did not go back by land, instead he & Kerbino were flown back from Wau. So, he did not captured Gogrial my friend. So, don’t lie to public. Matip was not poison. Who then poison those who are dying after him. Please support your claim; s with evidences otherwise, you expose yourself a real liar.

      Mondeto, referandum was a result of bloodshed for 21years.why was referendum not granted before war? Sudan govt was not willing to accept referendum on the table. My friend do more research on federalism. It doesn’t create your wish of chasing away other tribes from other part of the same country. Federalism is not kokora, check countries under federal system.

  26. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Gatcharwearbol,
    U are a dying liar.Before the IOs under u captured Bentiu and murdered all non nuers there,a parallel IO force was sent to attack Jaang of chief Ariek Mawien of northern Warrap but they were wiped out by cheer jieng civillians.The soil and grass are still stained with their blood and shit if u care to want to go to see.
    Also just in the second week of last month,another well armed IO brigade made an incursion on Kongor jaang land of the former Sudan’s VP George Kongor,they were driven back and beaten so badly.
    In brief,it’s jumping into a burning pan if u don’t u don’t want to get burned.
    As for the false aseertion of,”inability to organize”,it begins from u as the prime culprit.
    It hasn’t been too long ago that Dr Nyaba wrote a critical article in defense of an alliance of opposition forces in Addis Ababa.What organization are u talking about while refusing to join those forces?Are u healthy with your brain?!!!

  27. GatCharwearbol says:

    Your advice is well taken, brother Hoiloom. We will laugh at last.

  28. mading says:

    Deng Hanbol. Nuer like you are preaching hatred against Muonyjaangdit day and night on this web, but that will not bring peace in our country. Also you have been making a lot of noise about killed Nuers in Juba, that is a result of war people get killed. You know 1991 massacred of innocent Dinkas in Bor and other areas in Upper Nile by Nuer white army. As between the two of us, we are not competing on anything, the only thing I tell you all the time is you are preaching hatred among our people you internet warriors.

    • Mor-amook says:

      Dear GatCharwearbol,

      First this is not your real name.
      Where was Bul Nuer from 1991 – 2005? Were they born in 2013? Why did they not wipe out Bhar el Gazal during your Nyagadization? You are now crying that Bul is not on your side, they would have invaded Bhar el Gazal to end war militarily. Even now they are with govt, but did not finish you rebels to end war. Please analyze things from reality not imagination. Do you really know Bhar el gazal?
      You maybe comparing Jineg there with Jieng sections in Upper Nile you also invade. Even if you don’t know Bhar el Gazal, you can imagine what would be population in the former 3 states of Lakes, Warrap and NBeG 100% Jieng plus Wau jieng is between 20 – 30%

      Don’t bit drum of war when you are in Canada please. Bul Nuer are wise Nuer not like Lou Nuer who are always deceived and used by Riak for his ambition to power. Why did he not always start with his section in Leer of western Nuer? Your problem is belief of Ngundeeng of 19 century, but you will finish for nothing. This is 21centry my friend.

  29. Mr. Mor– Amook
    Kokora had already made Jeing leave Equatoria in eighties, so it is just a matter of time the history will repeat itself. So Jeing arrogant behaviours not yet changecd.

    • Mor-amook says:

      Mr. Maii, Jieng are not in desert or in water please. Nobody will leave Equatoria whether you like it or not. By force, you will remain in Uganda for the whole of our life fighting in social media. That was our Equatoria from 1983 – 2005 when you (Maii) and the rest were in Uganda attaching yourself to your kinsman at the border leaving with us just commanders like Mabuto, Nyacigak, Samuel Abu John, Wani Igga and others to command non-Equatorians in the battle fields in Equatoria as if you were not born. By then, nobody was saying Jieng and the rest go away.

      Shame on you!

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