Looking At Ourselves The Way We Know Not!

Let us be sober:To: The People of South Sudan
To: The Leaders whom we expect to meet soon

From: Edward Abyei Lino, (Prominent SPLM-er) FEB/07/2014, SSN;

QUOTE: ‘To stage a “military coup” has it’s own prerequisites, which, if not met then there would be no “coup”, which could be mutiny. Let us examine the composition of the SPLA to find out whether it was ever composed of one united entity and adhered to one doctrine.’

My dear, can we be sober! All the premeditated misdeeds we inflicted on ourselves were the very things which we had been visualizing throughout our scramble on power without any direction to guide our dreams and imaginations as to how we could build an engulfing future. And thus we missed the road to build our country!

We refused to see and take the right things people take normally to go forward. Most of us believed that our people were heading to the ‘valley of annihilation and death’ and we refused to see, heed and know how we should take life to continue living in a harmonious way.

Unto the dot, it seemed our clock had stuck and refused to move forward when that killing machine started to pound innocent lives! With clotted hands, whom can those wrongdoers greet or serve with honesty?

Honestly, some of us lost their intellect and went astray to do impossible horrors, believing to have sealed off themselves untraceable in the underground in secret caves, in this modern world of transparency.

Within a month over twenty thousands killed and over a million displaced, not knowing that we kept the whole world with open mouths, astonished by our brutality. Oh, no! We forgot to cover our dirtiest linen.

Please, position ourselves around ourselves and look attentively at the center of the events, which took and take place around us. Find and describe to ourselves as to how we relate to those events, depending on which low or high we stand.

And carefully measure the distance between us and those specific problems facing us, while imagining and visualizing the time and space we covered that close to those problems, which pushed us to commit those mistakes.

Did we really understand and experience the lessons we might have gained from all the events from which we now cover our faces whenever we attempt to talk? Now, why cover our faces!

I want to say truth cannot be given in secrecy, because truth, as a universal fact has to be given with clarity. Indeed, truth cannot be hidden nor is there a person left who can disseminate it from behind, unless it is kept deep in the satanic soul of an insane self-conceited person who lost route to Heavenly forgiveness.

Our universe gets squeezed, because we take catastrophes from personal prospective. Specially and most painfully, when one attempts to seek pardon from a poor widow, a child and those we lost forever crossing the Nile rowing, escaping to safety!

Today when we look at ourselves within our communities, which were exposed to maddening inhuman experiences only yesterday, we would deeply wonder at the nightmare which befell the nation and almost turned us into nation-less beasts.

We may break down, twist and bend expressing our sorrow, but to no avail. Oh! What a misfortune. Yes, quite many, many horrifying crimes were committed at daytime more than what happens throughout our nights.

In a flash, I rushed to Liberia and revisited how Samuel Doe was butchered and asked, why do it that way! I went to Sierra Leone and witnessed how Sierra Leoneans butchered themselves in the streets of Freetown, because of power!

I flew to Cote de Ivore to see how a President ended his democratic reign through greed and arrogance, driven naked out of the palace hands cuffed, for being the real robber!

I turned to Burundi and found how people there butchered themselves before that killing plague was exported to Rwanda! I stopped for a long time in Rwanda by heaps and heaps of speaking human skulls in Kigali, to learn about what genocide means and lessons drawn so that humanity should not forget.

Straight, I went to Hitler, to Cambodia, to Saddam, to Bokassa, to Idi Amin, to Mobutu, to Kony, to Ghaddafi, to Ali Saleh, to the Taliban and others to learn about what went wrong with us fighting ourselves over power.

Did we forget the millions who offered themselves for us to be free? I wish their skeletons could rise and speak to us, as to why we should be free people!

Looking at ourselves the way we like, we need to address ourselves in an objective way and measure the distance between problems and us! We need to know how to relate to the real issues around.

Look for instance: after about eight years of self-rule and independence why should pit-holes increase in Juba main market! Why should pipes not increase commensurate to the rapid growth of Juba and other cities! Why should electricity go blind for years! When shall our schools stand to educate our children!

Not a few people look at the experiences we went through in the last few years with admiration. There are disappointments, but we condone them because of fear and escape to hide in foreign lands. We need to review those major impediments.

After our independence lack of these projects should be the real problem for which we should hold the government accountable by the throat from top to bottom.

It is a weak debasing tendency to handle things halfway when we intend to free ourselves from trouble, see and take them as they appear in the liking of a narrator who does not know how to keep experiences, depending on what benefit to gain or loose emanating from personal prospective.

But some of us fear objectivity, in spite of the fact that subjectivity might kill a greedy person. The objective, are the people who can hold the torch and lead through right passages in the dark.

Imaginations, which emanate from lack of experience dominates our thinking to do things that cannot save our restless souls. That is why there are no intellectuals around to follow our national issues to their logical conclusions.

Why deny ourselves to give up our rights! Why forfeit our destiny to ignorance! Where are the intellectuals! What are they doing, bending submissively in the dark? Poor imagination seems to be a chronic disease. If we pay no attention to that, it could suffocate and fry us in that open pit of shame!

Many mistakes have been done which might lead us to more fighting and deepen our disunity and disintegrate! Precisely, this is the time for our intellectuals with living conscience to rise and lead the people. Let us rise above personal gains.

We need to examine our realities with broad open minds. Sensitive mishaps by nature happen discreetly like dreaming and grow wild in the process.

But when we sense or see things cracking around us, some self-proclaimed infallible individuals from among us would turn and rush to stick blames and curses on others, whom they believe to be blind, dump and stupid not to have seen or even participated in what happened.

“I am right, because I am here holding a loaded gun”, so do they claim! At the pick of that ruthlessness, those who considered themselves to be ‘lucky’ are those who ‘benefited’ through the barrel of those newly acquired guns, without knowing that they were closely observed and followed by the people they scared with the very guns, which were bought with public funds.

That was the reason why looting took place at random. Why should those who committed crimes forget that they were being watched at close range with contempt!

What is happening now is that, those on the top of events do not know, feel or sense to have committed any crime on the very people they left drowning in the swamps, while the wretched in the bottom are thinking hard about how to apprehend wrongdoers and have them taken to justice, which has become an international affair.

Let no one be irritated because we, the concerned individuals, through our misdeeds to our own people were the people who attracted the inquisitive eyes of justice!

Please, let us admit our mistakes. Have them corrected in a transparent process. Eradicate the trauma and reconcile. Our people must reconcile in a genuine manner.

I encountered a teenager a few months before that Juba massacre, who appeared to belong to one of the newly ‘privileged classes’ driving an elegant leather seated 2012 V8 Balloon. I heard him asking some of his colleagues about the availability of a 2013 Model to change his ‘outdated’ wind-dropped Balloon.

And there were other strange tails related to that story, as he was fuming with contempt against another guy from a presumed rivaling community who contested him and won the Balloon he chose, in a Mafia way.

To that fellow what happened was so disturbing! The news and literature he ran about this and that tribe or nationality were not forthcoming and quite alarming.

When our Archbishop spoke in Nyakoron Hall in the evening of the 14th December 2013, followed by Bishop Paride on 15th evening, they both raised concern about the dangerous stage people were passing through and both of them appealed to the President before all to take some practical steps to ease the tension.

Following that candid appeal, the President rose and went to kiss the holy ring of Archbishop Lukudu, followed a day later by shooting all over Juba and elsewhere!

Let me state that some well placed individuals did prepare to exterminate others, because of the ‘disturbing’ tribal appearances, perhaps, under the belief that, the other tribe should not exist unless under the domination of that bigger tribe!

But really, why should big tribes be protected anyway? Some people decided to hate others for no convincing reasons. There could be some unknown hidden facts with regards to this matter.

Facts if exposed would definitely withdraw the carpet from the feet of those who are fighting their people. The right time has started to draw near and nearer for every bit of shameful fact to be exposed.

As a newborn nation, we refused to follow the fact that we were being seriously observed and our deeds and misdeeds are well recorded; to which all our crimes, deeds, styles, hand prints and pictures have been added without our knowledge or consent taken. That was so, because we refuse to grow and learn from our mistakes and experiences. Come on let us be sober!

Indeed, quite many mishaps have been made from day one, since the formation of our interim government. Our friends came with sincerity admiring, to see how we could be assisted. But we received them very coldly when we turned down their advice about the involvement of notorious individuals, ‘prophets of corruption’, whom we decided to entrust with the formation of our first interim government!

We mishandled the formation and the building of the SPLM, the SPLA and security organs, as well as other organized forces. We dismantled them intentionally.

We mishandled our major developmental projects: water in Juba, electricity, sewage, airport, hospital and roads. We failed to constitute our civil service according to merits and have it modernized. We blindly failed to open schools and that is why we send our kids on scholarships to kindergartens in foreign countries!

We failed to build roads to Yambio, Wau, Aweil, Raga, Malakal, Renk, Nasir, Rumbak, Bentiu, Pibor, Torit, Kapoeta, Kenya, Ethiopia, Yei, DR Congo and CAR and failed to erect a single bridge on the Nile.

We failed to implement those projects, which could have absorbed thousands and thousands of our poor people in spite of the fact that we lavishly spent over seventeen Billion Dollars in the past eight years since 2005!

We failed to attract investors, and today we remorselessly admit to have misspent over two Billion Dollars on a single commodity called ‘corn’ or Dura! People hear about loans coming, but let people be told where did money go? Seventy-five dignitaries were declared to be corrupt, but were not taken to court!

Now I stand to believe, all the chaos and financial havoc, which took place in South Sudan, Juba in particular being the capital, could be one of the reasons, which has contributed to the current fighting between beneficiaries underground.

Some of us have messed up a great deal to the point of starting to believe that they own South Sudan, because of their being from this or that tribe! Stories that come from across the oceans tend to confirm that.

And that could be one of the reasons why some of those people embarked ruthlessly on destroying whatever local including human beings! They started to open fire with arrogance in Juba, the heart of South Sudan and Central Equatoria State, of whom many citizens were looted and killed in crossfire with intended recklessness, and in other areas far from their original homes undeterred by ethics, because they seem to believe to own everything, land and people!

So, how should people narrate the atrocities, which took place in Yei, Meridi or Mundri to other people! Should people deny that they never happened! Who shall compensate all the losses, which our people incurred in those forgotten areas!

No, no, no, as a leadership, we have committed gross mistakes. If it were me I would publicly apologize and resign, since I failed to keep my people united and started to loot, groom and arm one ethnicity against the other!

No, my dear no! South Sudan belongs to no one, but to all South Sudanese. South Sudan belongs to no single ethnicity but to all the ethnicities of South Sudan.

South Sudan belongs to no single leader, but to the collective leadership of the people of South Sudan. Fragile and backward as it is, the country can disintegrate before us as we see it happen!

Individuals do commit mistakes. Let us admit and see how to correct them. If I hate Riek, why hate the Nuer! If I hate Salva, why hate the Dinka or any other nationality in the world not even in South Sudan!

There are mistakes, which could be pardoned. But there are others, which cannot be forgiven or even forgotten when intended to endanger the very foundation on which a people, and not an ethnicity, had collectively agreed to erect their nation; won through hard and long legendary war of liberation in which they lost over three million people!

No, no, we need to stand up great, as we were, to continue the struggle. We need to leave behind us something meaningful for the coming generations. Let us rise and shoulder the challenge of palliating our pains and wounds to build our nation.

Today, we collectively need to do things that shall save our newborn nation. Let us not get drawn in tears or socked in sorrow. Let our South Sudan be born again. Let our country rise above whims of that person who wants to consume us raw then die poorer than any poor South Sudanese, whom some of us believe to have killed, but left unburied!

Our story is crystal clear and that, we have to develop a federal democratic republic where our people shall be free to adore and develop in peace.

Now we all know what happened. No lie shall cover the truth. All the mistakes that forced us across those hot waters were caused by some few individuals whom we now know and why they did that in different, but united way of which some are even agents to foreign dictators.

We also need to know what to do to correct the mistakes we inflicted on ourselves in the first place. And the most fatal of all our diseases is the disease of submissiveness to rulers, the way we were subjected to dominators!

That is one of the leftovers of Khartoum who take us for ‘insects’. We need to unite and rise against any soul that shall attempt to dominate us after our independence. Hei! Let us be sober.

To stage a “military coup” has it’s own prerequisites, which, if not met then there would be no “coup”, which could be mutiny. Let us examine the composition of the SPLA to find out whether it was ever composed of one united entity and adhere to one doctrine.

No, no, SPLA has never been a robust united force since we started to incorporate militia into it in appalling numbers. Each formation taken was not fully absorbed, in reality. But was left to wonder in uniform commanded by their previous untrained jihadist officers.

Each soldier was almost free to take whoever to choose to be commander! And in that process we lost the essence of command and control and therefore no discipline. Armies are nothing without discipline!

In reality, there was nothing called “SPLA”! Basically SPLA existed, but it was divided and shredded into tribal formations adhering to individual commanders, based on localized tribal understanding. That is why our Commander-in-Chief had to resort to his tribe to form his group!

Indeed, SPLA had one uniform, but belonging to different commands inside that uniform. Therefore, since they do not adhere to one command, how would they stage a coup! There are several command posts scattered in Juba. But in essence they are all “defensive” in their formations.

None of them had an “offensive” capability except one! In fact, that alleged coup was not there and those who briefed the President should change the language and call “a spade a spade”. I know it is not easy to do that. But how can people accept to take a “spade” for a “forklift”! In such a situation, let’s get trained to call things by their scientific names.

There was no coup and what happened was a very unfortunate killing chaos!

Militarism, which is currently being inculcated by militia and their equals into the minds and hearts of our civil population, needs to be curbed with a strong sense of urgency once things get settled. Militarism started to rise with an alarming passé into the psychology of the common person in South Sudan. We need to confront that with vigor.

During the war, to confront the SPLA, those Khartoum dominating governments constituted almost over fifty varying militia groups to fight that war by proxy, since 1983. That had negative impact on the lives of the common person in South Sudan until now!

That sort of jihadist militarism based on barbarism led to maximum self-disrespect: looting un-abetted, raping un-restricted, killing un-accounted for, as well as, not knowing the cause one was fighting for. It was a life constituted on the barrel of the gun, through which militias acquire life-sustaining incomes.

So far in the Sudan, since 1955 up to now not a single Sudanese soldier has ever been taken before justice for war crimes committed, except for the SPLA freedom fighters, of whom some were executed for crimes like rape, committed during the liberation. Accountability of the military and dealing with militarism should be taken very seriously!

Before President Museveni “smartly” expressed his support in confidence to this and to that side in our conflict, no sober person ever knew that he was going to be involved body and soul to one side in an internal conflict among brothers in South Sudan.

But he dashed in a barbaric way. His helicopters killed people randomly in a local conflict in which they understand nothing. Beside petro-Dollars, which had kept him running desperately after Ghaddafi, what pushed him into the swamps of South Sudan is yet to be discovered.

Now Museveni is there, while al-Bashier is desperately waiting to rape us. Lack of a formidable force to defend South Sudan has become evident, since SPLA has scattered to more than a direction and many of our fighters who fought the war of liberation deserted.

This is no more a secret. That situation needs to be attended to, beside the other organized forces. Yuweri is required to stop killing in South Sudan. Let him use whatever hair left under his creamy hat to fly out his gunships. Let his personal involvement not generate bad relations between our peoples. We need our people to live in peace and harmony.

We made a lot of mistakes in our recent past, which made some of us to grow wild in the process of usurping the power of the people for their own good. As a people, we were explicitly told that we should not be led into war again.

And that was the reason why we pulled out our advancing forces from Pan-Thou and almost offered the whole of Abyei Area for free after having abandoned its oil to Omer al-Bashier. Our rich Hofrat-Nahas remains a big challenge and we do not know when to have it incorporated.

But to the surprise of our people some myopic individuals were bogged down preparing for internal war, without knowing how long it shall take and from where to fund it! They simply usurped our public funds to finance that war.

But, to raise such legitimate concerns these days would definitely amount to unforgivable sin. The sin of knowing, understanding and exposing an open secret in which guns and bombs were fired in public, but no!

Let us say it, because it is a legitimate right of a freedom fighter, to say the truth when things go wrong, at any cost. On that steep twisted road we were pushed hard by unstudied individualistic notions. But now, let us correct our mistakes. We need to stand up free and do the very things free people do to be free.

In this regard, let us revisit the vision of SPLM, which we inherited soberly from Dr. John Garang de Mabior, we, all the legitimate heirs of our peoples’ struggle. A vision long watered by the pure blood of our martyrs, built over impossible years of our struggle.

A vision that confronted tribalism and I would re-call our Leader addressing the people of Bor in un-mince-able terms over Radio SPLA, when some started to behave in a dominating way.

He told them, if you do not change your attitude, he was prepared to unite all the tribes of Southern Sudan against them.

The Movement, the SPLM/SPLA, belongs not to one tribe, but to all the Sudanese people on equal basis. And he meant his words!

A vision that transcends over the boundaries of religious divides, tribalism, sectarianism, sectionalism, gender-ism and all the ‘isms’ that tend to place others below others.

A vision drawn to transfer our towns to the villages! A sound vision that should have used our oil to develop our agriculture and other human potentials!

In short, a vision irrigated with the blood of our most beloved mothers and children. A vision that kept us all united and led us to freedom.

Let us revisit our vision! Let us not over-lament for the loss of Bor, Bentiu, Malakal, towns and villages put under fire by us.

Hellish fires which we premeditated to light in our hearts against ourselves in the first place. Let us weep not. All that happened when we refused to be wise. So, let us be wise!

In those anticipated talks, South Sudan should emerge strong and hopeful. A new republic has to be born. We must unite and build our country on the firm basis of democracy, justice and peace.

I strongly believe we can make it as we did in the recent past. We need to revisit our interim Constitution.

Critically, let us examine our civil service. We have to sit down properly and come up with viable formulae for building a new formidable army, police and security institutions. We need to examine our justice institutions.

We must confront corruption. We need to direct our social institutions. We need to handle how developmental projects should be implemented equitably.

Oil can be a killing grace and as such, we need to revisit its extraction and disposal process on an equitable viable basis.

We need good education. We need to be gender sensitive. We need to come out against all the negative aspects of tribalism. We need to teach our citizens to understand the Constitution. We need our civil societies to flourish in our hearts.

We desperately need to attract investors. We need to structure our economy. We need to open our minds and hands for people of good will to come and assist us.

All the above and even more are what we expect to come up in our envisaged meetings, as a people yearning for what shall save us as individuals and together as a nation, in which people shall always pray genuinely for stability and peace…

Please, take my candid words seriously with sincerity…

Top them with my love to you all in spite of what happened!!!

Writer email address edwardwuor@yahoo.com, Nairobi, Kenya


  1. Koul Deng says:

    Very good article with a clear understanding of the background to the crisis in South Sudan. The write explained the tribal nature of SPLA and its contribution to the current crisis. The role of foreign troop loyal to Moseveni in that civil war is quite obvious in terms of dividing South Sudanese and polarizing the tribal gulf already created in that fragile new nation. Well written, I hope South Sudanese intellectuals write these kind of articles that focus on causes of the problems and how to find a common ground or solution to the problem instead of focusing on tribalism.

    • southdaan says:

      Thank Mr. Lino Edward son of Abeiy. May almighty God change you mine. i had placed your article under a minute microscopic analytics, and foud all what you wrot provacative. You are hurbouringa deep haterd aginst all south sudanes tribes namely Nuer, in you article there are lots of elements in which you did not even hide your bitrnss, to me belive you supporting Nuers killings in Juba by a mighty Ugandeans forces and Kiir malitans in which you and Kiir invented something powerfull then Nuclear and atomic bom you and kiir have invented to annihlate Nuer and other tribes in south sudan

      • Raan Naath says:

        Salva Kiir disliked the peaceful political game which those of Riek yearned for. His action was to either arrest or kill Riek. That is why he started to disarm the Nuer soldiers of the presidential guards on 15 December. Had he succeeded in peacefully disarming them, his next step was to arrest Riek as revealed by the intelligence sources immediately after the evening violence. Riek had no choice but to run for his life. How would he then surrender himself to Kiir knowing that his fate was already decided, either arrest or kill him? Kiir would still charge him with that evening violence and say he was the cause of that presidential clash. That would have been his end. UN or whoever could not resolve the root cause of the hatred Salva had unless people just decide to give up and let Kiir continue ruling the nation unchallenged. Don’t also forget that freedom in many cases demands violent liberation. We saw it before and that is how we got our independence. There is no service for freedom and democracy on a silver plate especially when dealing with close-minded people like Salva Kiir who does not see things beyond his nose. So, fighting for democracy, justice, freedom, etc is worth it. Finally, I thank Mr. Edward Lino for the well articulated piece. It is not too late to correct the mess brought about by the elites in South Sudan. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Jimmy says:

      Eduard Lino
      I agree wholeheartedly that the current crisis is lokking very stupid in the eyes of many people (albeit not a funny one).
      What happened in Juba and spread to whole country was a war of greedness. All these politicians who created this chaos are the very one who organized the government of Suoth Sudan for the first time. Unfortunately they did nothing about the development of our country despite billion dollars we had recieved from the western donors.
      What will chnge their mind to delieverd good services to the nation while the same people share nation’s fund and undermind development. There is nothing opposition could do to reform the government unless we Suothern Sudanese look for someone who is neutral far from implication of this corruption and mismanagement.
      Riak promises paradise but delievered hell by letting thousand of White Army volunteer to premature death.
      Therefore, for the sake of our nation stability I suggest opposition sign the peace and cease hostilities of raids among tribes. We have an elected goverment and no need to be overthrowin even if it failes its role we can change it through ballot box.
      Furthermore, opposition have one year befor the next election to do somting about it. Opposition can compaign and proof that they will do such and such if they are elected and let voters choose between issues of their preferrence. We should not fight ourselves if we really need to served the nation unless we need to enrich ourselves in expense of otherst.
      We also know Kiir is dealing with an internal party scandal, mismagement. We are determine to set accountability to whoever contributed to the lose of innocent lives of our poor nation.

      • Jimmy,

        You are double blind online politician who always blame the wrong person for the war. Dr. Machar had try every step that could keep South Sudanese stay in peace. Only power greedy individual like you who cause this chaos in South Sudan. What kind of government run civilian or unarmed people with tanks. Dr. Machar and Nuer cannot tolerate your greediness for power that you and Kiir do not know how to use.

    • Nikalongo says:

      There was probably never a coup, but can u say why Riak sided with the mutineering commanders in Bor, Bentui and Malakal? He had an opportunity to call from his hideout for a UN sanctioned investigation into the killings of civilians in Juba and other towns. Had he done that, Kiir would’nt be in office today. He instead took ownership of the rebellion. By doing that, Riak gave Kiir the reason to declare a coup had indeed taken place. The events of Dec.15 were premedidated by all those involved. The recruitment and training of the unofficial presidential guard was part of the scheme. Our national army the SPLA has three factions. The neutral one led by Chief of Staff Mai, and the two tribal ones led by Kiir and Riak. Kiir’s was outnumbered and needed more fire power. How was he going to compensate for the deficit if not from Museveni and the Warap triangle? Only Mai’s portion of the Army can be recruited from anywhere in South Sudan. Because 15th Dec. came earlier than expected, UPDF had to come in to help Kiir’s part of the SPLA. But thanks to the UPDF, the war was contained and kept away from Equatoria, the only region without much input (only in Mai’s) in the national army. I can understand why those oppose to the presence of the UPDF feel robbed of victory.

      Edward, U and all other elites in the SPLM masquerading as innocent peace lovers on this webpage are looters who have looted our country clean. How many of you compalined when people, from what u wrote were murdered in Yambio, Yei, Mundri and Nimule? Are chickens at last coming home to roost? When will the presidential guards or the white army avenge the killings in Yambio and Yei? Abyei instead of being poetic, why don’t u tell us readers that difference, if any between the gangs sitting around a peacetable in Adis from those in the Presidential palace in Juba? There is no patriotism in the actions of Riak, Kiir and all the elites in the SPLM. The power to remove, for example, elected governors in our constitution was unanimously endorsed by the elites in the SPLM. Resentment to Kiir’s misuse of constitutional powers came when he used it to flex his muscles on the the warlords now hiding from a resurgent Kiir. Citizens should not be misled into thinking that those now shedding crocodile tears in the bushes of Greater Upper Nile and around the peacetable in Adis are any better than Kiir in the Presidential Palace in Juba.

      SPLM as a party should put their house in order and stop dragging the people of South Sudan down with them. South Sudan is not the property of SPLM. IGAD must refuse to be used as an arbitrator of differences within political parties. The agenda of the negotiation should be the interest of the people of South Sudan and not the party politics of SPLM. The people of South Sudan must demand for a separate representation in Adis because as it stands now, Adis remains a congregation of tribal chauvinists defended by well regimented units that is armed and dangerous. The third voice would be there to remind everyone that 2015 is around the corner. All those interested in elective positions including the presidency can take their applications to the electorate. SPLM in power and SPLM in opposition must lay down their arms and give the people of South Sudan the opportunity to decide who can govern them. Shooting our ways to the presidency and calls to violent change of government must be avoided.

      • Pan says:

        Thank you, Nikalongo. In fact, the SPLM in power and the SPLM in opposition have nothing to teach the citizens about democracy. It is in fact the other way around.

  2. Jacob says:

    I am inspired by your words of wisdom Mr. Edward. There was a reason why Dr. John was a strong and well thoughtful leader amongst all freedom fighters in South Sudan, yes he was well educated, but education alone can not shape your leadership if you don’t have good managers to execute your plan. I remember one of his quote that said, ” I found someone to shoot a gun, but I haven’t found someone to distribute the ration. As South Sudanese, I hope your words will torch some people’s heart as they have done to me. we need to rise to the occasions and speak as one voice, and as a citizen of one nation regardless of our tribes of origin which is endemic engulfing this new born nation of ours. South Sudan is in need of wise leaders like you to save it from abyss.

  3. South Sudan will only be better when the current leadership is gone and we will have peace and harmony.
    Look! from 2005 until now how many rebellion have we had? as the saying goes “no smoke without fire” meaning something is really wrong with current system which is under a tiger supervised by a lion (museveni)

  4. Andrew Jenge says:

    Dear Edward Lino
    Thank you very much sir. What a courage!? You summed it up in a nutshell. No more word from me, however. Let us wait comments from some of savages and supporters of chiefbandit on this forum!

  5. Rumbek says:

    Good article

  6. monychol says:

    Lino, you’re right there was no coup whatsoever.There was only a well organized assasination plot y the leadership of greater bhar el ghazel to use there tribal militia to assasinate all leaders from greater Upper Nile .When the assasination plot failed they rounded up token individuals from other regions to make. it regionally. representive.

  7. Eli says:

    Very good article hopefully they can understand it, good luck

  8. Daniel Mawei Deng says:

    “We need to unite and rise against any soul that shall attempt to dominate us after our independence.”

    Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely, absolutely.

    Daniel British, South Sudanese Political Activist, USA.

  9. Tyson says:

    Mr. Lino
    Thank you for the message. You have summarised it very well
    This is what some of us predicted long time ago but those in power were busy merrymaking with the petro-dollars.
    Unless one accepts and renounces his/her sins, there is no salvation.
    The current leadership has done more destruction to this nation and they should humbly seek forgiveness for their mistakes and those killed innocently, return the looted funds and resign miserably.

  10. LEMI CHARLES says:

    Dear Edward Wuor,

    I derived this name from your e-mail address. I suppose this is your name. These days I have decided to spend a lot of my valuable time browsing electronic media links to update myself with news, comments, analysis, documentary pertaining the political turmoil in our Country South Sudan and past experiences of other countries who have gone through some these problems. I have convinced myself that by reading and listening to people keenly especially those interested with what is happening in South Sudan would help digest my thoughts and feelings adequately about my beloved new nation. In the process, I came your article “Looking at Ourselves The Way We Know Not”. I read the article keenly, it then reminded me a phrase whenever I express my frustrations to fellow countrymen whenever an issue is raised concerning the problems eating up our country currently. And I would say this “if Riak and President Salva and those surrounding them in leadership and advisory boards lived throughout the wars 1955, 1983, and witnessed the suffering of our people in the bush (women, children, elderly etc) non of them would have spend the eight years scheming and fighting each other over power struggle, allowing corruption of all nature, killings etc to take place in the country undermining development and welfare of the people – very little to show for from the resources of country, and non of the recent experience of what happened in Juba, Bor, Bentiu, Malakal would have happened”. Nevertheless, they could still stop what is happeneing now in the country if they have the same heart and the will they had during the civil war.

    Brother, I agree with your analysis of the issues killing us in our country. Once they stop this unnecessary killing, one thing I would wish to add to the list is a broad and meaninful reconciliation process which need to be expedited now, from the Bomas, Payams, Counties, States and National Leadership. Every citizen of this country should be given a chance to express his/her feelings and opinion towards what is happening to our country. I do not care if it would months for us to reach a conclusion, that would unite us to belong to this country as a people whose existence was purchased by the utmost price paid by the blood of our martyrs, whose wives and children – already forgotten are living with this memory. This reconciliation should address the social, cultural, economic, political and not undermining the prejudices amongst the different tribes in this country. Indeed we should be sober and face the realities and facts of this country.
    Above all, let us submit to the Almighty God who gave life with a purpose to forgive us our sins. Undermining the wisdom of the shepherds of God’s people have serious ramifications.

    The writer is a citizen in South Sudan

  11. Samuel Wani says:

    Dear Edward Lino,
    Thanks a lot for this excellent piece. If our so called leaders have brains under their cowboy cats, let them read and understand and change; If not, then change will change them.

  12. Defender says:

    “Why deny ourselves to give up our rights! Why forfeit our destiny to ignorance! Where are the intellectuals! What are they doing, bending submissively in the dark? Poor imagination seems to be a chronic disease. If we pay no attention to that, it could suffocate and fry us in that open pit of shame!” Edward Lino

    I am ashamed to even be quoting this passage.

  13. Arabbmoi says:


    I have nothing to add but, telling the truths always set us free. I doubt if Salva Kiir who started to shoot people in Juba and called it a coup should understand your piece of article. I would like some one who is close to Kiir to forward this nice article to him to feel the pain that inflicted to the victims of his decision.

  14. John Philips says:

    Mr. Lino,

    Excellent writing, nothing short of a poetry. our country have been deceived for far too long and I rest some of the blames on the people of South Sudan for allowing themselves to be fool by these generation of leaders. As I response to your brilliant article, I am personally saddened by the ongoing conflict which has taken the lives of our farmers, wood collectors, butchers, cattle herders, elders, women, and children who have not in one way or another benefit from the oil money that have flooded the capital since 2005. The intellectuals need to argue facts intellectually without resorting to our tribes. We will always be a Nation comprise of 64 tribes and nothing will change that period. What is needed is the formula and equation to get along with one another with realization that we must accept to co-exist. No tribe will exterminate any tribe in South Sudan and that is a fact. There are a lot of narrow minded individuals in our country who do not see the big picture and the future.

    Each generation will come and lay a small brick and the next generation will come and see what the previous generation had done and also lay their own foundation. This generation of leaders has set a bad foundation in our beloved country where a down payment of 2.5 million lives perish for a just cause so that we can write and comments on our national affairs today and in the futures to come.

    I am very hopeful that this land will rise again with what is left and we shall reclaim our future.

    Thank you for your thoughtful article. This is the kind of writing desperately needed, one that stimulate the mind.

    So long for now

  15. Michael Abu says:

    Mr. Edward, you have touched the heart of those who love people of South Sudan to live in peace and harmony. Your article have repeat what the General chief of staff Mr. James Hoth Mai said early this week that “our politicians don’t see the suffering that our people are undergoing and don’t have feel of humanity in them”. Indeed, our leaders don’t see what you stated in this article. What they see is how to destroy our social fabrication to satisfy their quest for leadership.
    Till we find a leader that care for the welfare of South Sudanese people, the peace will be disturbed always the times by these crook leaders without vision to lead. It is so sad to see how the majority of the people from the former region known as Upper Nile are just become homeless at the time that they are suppose to enjoy the freedom we fought for 22 years. Our president and Riak Machar had failed us and it will be hard to get out of this mess that was created for political survival.
    There was no reason why the president wants to have his tribesmen to be his guards while he is a president for all South Sudanese. There was no reason why Riek Machar mobilized the Young Nuer white army to fight on his behalf while he wants to be a president for all South Sudanese. Both men should have abstained themselves from tribal association and safe the country from falling apart if they were serious about the stability and peace. Let hope that someone, will be hold accountable for the death and destructions that had engulf part of our country. Let hope that the blood and souls of those who were kill during this shame war will hunt down those kill them.

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      Michael Abu,
      I find your understanding of Dr. Machar and the White Army very shallow. The White Army has always existed from Ngundeng’s time (during British colonialism). Dr. Machar didn’t mobilize them. They were already on the move to Bor independent of Dr. Machar. I doubt if he has any control over them. The army is commanded by tribal elders. They may chose to listen or not listen to Dr. Machar. Dr. Machar’s involvement was to give shape to the rebellion otherwise things would’ve one out of control as the war degenerate into tribal fighting. Trust me when I tell you that Dr. Machar is restraining the White Army because they’re ready to go to Juba and pay back for the killing of Nuers.

      • Larry says:

        He should corral them into primary schools and universities and use the money he looted to educate them and train them and other Nuer children to become doctors and lawyers. Success is the best revenge. This is the 20th Century. Clearly Machar hasn’t been doing much good with his loot. The White Army is probably his only constituency and now you say they don’t even listen to him. What a rebel.

        • Kidepo says:

          What good did Kiir do to the gelweng jenge malitias using the looted $4.5 billion taken from Nuer oil fields. Did Kiir spare time of thinking better education for gelweng of bhar gazal malitias other than massacaering the Nuer?

          Sorry we are in the 21st centuray not 20th centuary?. South Sudan need Nuer white army to tame dinkas animalistic behaviours in the west, africa and all the 5 continents

          • Larry says:

            See, Kidepo, even I need more education. Unfortunately the SPLM looters including the Prez and former VicePrez did not invest in the schools or universities. Nuer oil fields? Parochial.

  16. g Pet says:

    You are a learned person Major General Edward Lino, guided by wisdom and knowledge.What you are saying is true. Salva has been being misled by Tellar, Malong and others of his own clan, forgetting the fact that they will pay for their misguided advice and lnsult for stay in power for life. Salva has massacred Nuer and he knows very well that Warrap will never be at peace.
    He is already a dictator who will one day be dragged out naked like the President of Cote d’Voire.

  17. john says:

    Lino, there is no way We can have a peaceful country when Uganda runs South Sudan. Those resources are S. Sudanese resources and can not use to pay off mercenaries to kill us. We can use them ourselves for the benefit of our country. If you people think wise then call for the remove of Ugandan’s forces off South Sudan land for good. In that way We can figure it out ourselves whether how to build a lasting peace among us. Uganda present in South Sudan has put the flame over 20000 times higher than it would have been if it South Sudanese themselves. We have fough a common round because We had similar situation before and we solve them and come back to normal, but this time no We never have a normalcy in South Sudan because We were sold to be kill by Ugandan forces and Sudan rebels. We must fight until We defeat kiir’ forces and his money lover, war creator and peacedestroyer Mr. Killer himself Yoweri Museveni. By the way money you being pay with come from Nuers’ oil land the people are killing now. You do you really think God is happy with you for killing innocent civilians while taking their oil’s money? You Museveni and Kiir will go to hell, no wait a minute We will burn you guys in ashes just like What happened to Muslin in the WW two. You are useless minded men and do not have a room in east Africa to create more grave yards. If you want take off your stupid hats and you both kill yourself before We come for you idiots. I guarantee you both will suffer 300 time more than We did mark my words now there rebellion taking place in two states, Lake and Northern Bhara Ghazel people get tired of your dictatorship rule Kiir. And western Equatoria is planning to joint in and attack Uganda root. Which is Nimle then the Eastern Equatoria will take on Juba as for other parts of states will fall into the hands of Freedom Fighters very,very soon.

  18. David Thiang says:

    Thank you so much Edward,
    This is very wonderful piece of advice for everyone of us in South Sudan and May God bless you for very inspiring message.

  19. To Dear Long Time Friend Edward Lino Abyei:

    I do not have a comment for you in your written wonderful article!Thank you so much indeed! I am very much glad to hear meeting with you in this wonderful website South Sudan Nation.I am now going to sleep very well! Your article is touching every readers hearts and minds! Do not give up! You fought before for twenty-one years in the bush to free ourselves from sectarian oligarchy clique regime in north in central in Khartoum.But President Salva Kirr Mayardit, he has Ruined the South Sudan IRREPAIRABLY!!!The matter was very small in the party.It could not brought-the blood to his people he had fought in the bush before!!

    Now South Sudan is now finish!!!!! Have a nice day! Stay safe! You may get Abyei your home base sooner later one day! God is willing! God is great!

  20. southdaan says:

    Charles, what memories are you talking see 1972 after ADIS ABAB agreement was signed instate JOSHPE LAGOU, ABEL ALIER beomes PRESIDENT HIGH EXACATIVE FOR SOUTH SUDAN that was a pure COUP. 1983, Dr. GARANG MABIOUR placed himself as AYANYA II leader ( A TWO ) wasn’t a COUP agnist SAUEL GAI TUT. In adition, 1950-1960 MR. BOULEN ALIER tok over MR. BOTH DIU a well known NUER politician who just wanted South Sudan get independent, president kiir had also saked Dr. RIEK Machar Teny from vice president with out reason wasn’t a COUP aganist Dr. Mchar Teny, you guys think you denying Nuer for oil money which you dont know where it come.

  21. Pan says:

    Edward Lino, you are one of the few who accepts personal accountability and says ”we” rather than ”they.” Good reminder to all of us. Thank you for this heartfelt article. May we all translate it into positive actions toward our brothers and sisters on the ground.

  22. Manyok says:

    Some people need to understand themselves before they open their mouths! How would a sensible person says that “There was no coup and what happened was a very unfortunate killing chaos!”? Did killing happen from nowhere? Why killing if there wasn’t a coup? Did these people who are rebelling now pose any motion in the parliament about the roads or lack of development they talk about? How many years were they out from the said government? Just two months and they seem to understand everything that went wrong in 9 years! This is hypocrisy at its best!

    • Manoon Thonchol says:

      Manyok, being silent when you are working with the government doesn’t mean you are happy with what government is doing. It means that you are executing duties. That’s why many good leaders resign and step aside to speak out the truths when you are out of the government. That was one of the reasons most of you idiots blame Riek when he started criticizing the government while still holding his Vice Presidential post.
      Most of you were blaming Riek for being critical on the government he’s part of. So why attacking leaders who were just remained silent for the sake of peace and not because they were happy with what your foolish leadership was doing? Do you think Edward Lino was happy with Kiir’s leadership while his Abyei people are sold out for oil?
      Absolutely, the concept of coup was cooked up and is a white lie. You will dearly pay the loss of our innocent people, Manyok, You better shut up and wait for your fate to unfold.

      • Manoon Thonchol:

        You and those in your support are outcasted in our Muonyjang Community. Can you tell me who among your camp has resigned voluntarily and become an opposition to Kiir’s leadership? Fool, They all waited until they are sacked and left penniless, then they start opposing president Kiir and his government. Do you think those people are really after the interest of the people of South Sudan? No idiot, they are indeed after their paycheques to feed their Big Bellies. A good and genuine leader(s) would resign from the government and then start to oppose the government and not when they are forced out of the government.Please take it from me, Your Auntie/Mother Nyadeng Chol Atem and her Boyfriend in crime, Dr.Death, Riek Machar will never put their bloody feet and mouths in the presidential Palace of the Republic of South Sudan whether by Bullet or Ballots Period.

        Please advise your Auntie and Nephew, Nyadeng Chol Atem and Mabior Nyadeng Chol Atem to stay away from Riek Machar and his food lovers/looters otherwise they would end up like their Uncle Akuot Atem. President Kiir Mayardit was democratically elected and he will therefore be democratically removed and not by force as you wished and attempted with your thugs.

        In additions, Uncle Edward Lino Wuor Abyei should be informed that Riek Machar and Nyadeng Chol Atem would never liberate Abyei without the support of the Muonyjang of Bhar El GHazal even if they overthrow Kiir and become presidents of South Sudan. In fact, the Muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal are all in full support for the case of Abyei and are willing to die for Abyei and many of them had already perished in Abyei. However if he (Edward Lino) and Deng Alor want to betray the people of Bhar El Ghazal just for their own personal interest, then the Muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal will not have choice but to abandon the people of Abyei. Deng Alor Kuol-Chol should not be wiring Millions of Dollars to his personal and private accounts in Kenya while the SPLA soldiers are fighting hungry and walking bar shoes in Abyei. What kind of nationalism and leadership are we addressing or talking about here?

        Uncle Edward Lino, As I have been saying it all along that the SPLM has been divided up and run by three groups namely, Kiir’s group, Garang’s Boys and Riek Machar’s food lovers.Which camp are you with now? I’m fully aware that the two camps, Riek and Garang’s Boys have just emerged to get rid of Kiir’s Camp but they will never last very long as they have nothing in common. Your recent article has revealed to me that you are undeniablly with Garang’sBoys. Uncle Edward, I wonder how long will your fake marriage with Riek Machar and his food lovers last and will Riek Machar be able to liberate Abyei without Kiir’s Camp?

        “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

        • Manoon Thonchol says:

          “Deng Alor Kuol-Chol should not be wiring Millions of Dollars to his personal and private accounts in Kenya while the SPLA soldiers are fighting hungry and walking bar shoes in Abyei. What kind of nationalism and leadership are we addressing or talking about here?”

          4.6 billion dollars were reported stolen between 2005 and 2006. This reported by Auditor General of South Sudan before the Parliament. Among those reported who stolen this money include President Kiir ($50 million), Authur Aquien Chol ($51 Million), Kuol Athian Mawien ($ 200 Million), Telar Ring and Kiir (over $600 Million, reported by Sudanese Tribune), etc.
          Why is the money stolen by Deng Alor Kuol (which is untrue and only $7 Million if true) is a great deal, while the rest of thieves include Arthur Aquien Chol whom his Northern Bhar el Ghazel militia stormed the prison and broke him of jail not a great deal? This show level of your hypocrisy and naivety.
          Just continue South Sudanese but make sure the leadership is almost gone and you will reap what you are sowing now. LGG, you are really dumb and never think of tomorrow.

        • Nuer- Another Israel in East Africa says:

          Dear Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang:

          Dr. Machar criticized Kiir before he was even sacked from his vice presidency position. This is call being honest and question what does not make sense even if your boss does not like it. Riek Machar saw the inability of Bishop of Doom which has just been promoted to Pope of Doom, (Salva Kiir the new wife of Yoweri Museveni). You blame those who critize the government under the pretext that they are part of the government and you also criticize those who are not part of it. These people could never win. It is a catch-22 situation. Damn if you don’t and damn if you do.

        • Nuer- Another Israel in East Africa says:

          Dear LGG,

          If you do not keep licking Yower Museveni’s feet and whatever he wants you to do, Dr. Machar and Nyandeng will eventually put their feet in Presidential Palace. The only obstacle in the way right now is your, hubsand, Museveni. So, it is advisable that you appease him at all costs. It is now known that Burudi, Rwanda, and Tanzania have come in to get their feet lick too. You and Kiir are really going to be busy puppies. Brown-nosing everybody is never a easy task, my brother.

          Get your feet ready to run when you hear Ngum liele Gat Mar

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa(AKA Another food lovers and looters in East Africa)

            Dear Food lover and looter of East Africa:

            It is my turn to lick someone’s feet as you did it in 1991. Cousin, If you did not defeat me when you were licking Jalaba’s feet in 1991, how would you defeat me now while I’m licking someone’s feet? Please take my word, If Nyadeng and Riek Machar put their bloody feet and mouths in the Presidential Palace, I will change my to name to Ngum lieldu. White Army will never loot and burn down Juba or any town/City in Equatoria and Bhar El Ghazal Regions. Why did you Cowards loot and destroy your region? Is this the way you want to rule South Sudan, Mr.Ngum Lieldu?

            “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
            Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the forgotten Martyrs of South Sudan)

      • Diktor Agarab says:

        Manoon Thonchol,
        Tribal idiots like Manyok are a confused lot. When you’re in government and criticize it from within they blame you or rebelling. When you’re outside the government and criticize it, they blame you of being jealous. You can’t win against this dinkocrats. The best thing is to try to educate them though I must confuse it is like talking to walls most of the time.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Diktor Agarab,

          You could say that again. The fools can’t stand the truth. It is killing them and we will not stop here. Our job is not done until we educate them and reverse their ignorance. We must make them understand and save them from destroying themselves. They are our people and it is our collective responsibility to educate them even though it is like pulling teeth. Winning is on our side and those who refused and continue to refuse to be educated will sooner or later realize why we are doing this. Keep up with the good job, Pal!

    • Nuer- Another Israel in East Africa says:


      Please do not be fooled by all the lies aired on SSTV. There was no coup as far as the wider population is concerned. What happened was a ploy by Salva Kiir to get rid of the opponents so he can remain in power like his mentor, Yoweri Museveni. Can’t you read between the lines here? I do not expect you to be so shallow to accept this lie from Kiir and his stooges.

      And even if it was a coup, why killed innocent Nuer civilians who do not even know the term “Coup”. Is there an explanation for this? Do not let your thinking be clouded by your tribal stance. Please be sensible and comment based on truth.

      • Nuer - Another Israel in East Africa says:

        Dear LGG,

        Tonj East and Tonj North of Warrap state does not have a building anymore. With feet licking skill you have got, your Warrap is not going to make it my Cousin. Sharpen your tongues as the feet licking skill is bound to intensify my friend. I agree that with your new found feet licking skill, it is not going to be easy for Juba to be destroyed. Give big thanks to your tongue. It has done wonder.

  23. Joana Adams says:

    Dear Edward Lino,
    The theme that runs through your thoughtful if poignant article calls South Sudanese to sober up, suggesting that along the way since 2005, there has been elements of indulgence and I would add, indulgence or drankedness with power, money, and now blood. Wouldn’t it have been better if such honourable opinions from well placed individuals like yourself came sooner than later? Perhaps the lesson to learn here is the old adage that prevention is better than cure should be taken seriously.
    My second response is that, not every Southerner is guilty of your charge of submissiveness. There have been lone voices since 2007 or perhaps a little earlier that had sought to draw attention of the leadership to first signs of mismanagement especially corruption, nepotism, tribalism, lack of development, and lack of national priorities. Each time such comrades uttered a word, they were labelled as enemies of the SPLM; enemies of GoSS; and since 2011 as enemies of the state. Sometimes and especially if they didn’t hail from the majority tribe ruling the country, then they were absurdly referred to as tribalists which was often accompanied by barrage of verbal violence or abuse.
    So in my view, the specific audience of this great piece should have been the president of the republic, his inner circle, his followers or the beneficiaries of his misrule – these are the perpetrators of the present predicament not every South Sudanese. The general nature of your article will make them miss the point and they will assume as they always do that they are not the intended target.
    One thing is certain, the senseless political machinations that preceded the Juba massacre was premeditated. This satanic act, has rocked the very foundation of our humanity. Any recovery from this obscene epoch will be conditional upon the perpetrators publicly admitting mistakes. It is impossible to forgive people who have not admitted atrocities they committed or sanctioned. The perpetrators will also have to denounce their misguided ambition of tribal hegemony and sober up to the political reality that South Sudan belongs to all its ethnicities. If these conditions are adhered to then the road to a decent political reconstruction of the country can begin. Lets hope this is what will be achieved in Addis Ababa.

    Otherwise thumbs up for a courageous article. Contrary to what Kueir Garang suggested in his article days earlier, it should be possible for a Dinka not to support a fellow Dinka simply because of tribal loyalty but be able to criticise their own, just as other ethnicities are already criticising their own kinsmen and women in government when they fall short of expectations.

    Joana Adams

  24. Dear scholar, Mr Edward Lino every bad thing had happened already in our dear and beloved country, South Sudan. We can not bring those lives back to life but what we can do is to correct where they went wrong and solve the problem. I agree with the solution you provided in the article. “They have to call a spade a spade. What happened in Juba on Dec 15th 2013 was never a coup at all. He MUST tell the truth to the south sudanese public. Truth must be said. After that confession, he should apologise publicly, and resign from the office since he failed to unite the people, encouraged tribalism and corruption.” I think this is the least he should do to give room for a genuine reconciliation to start. A part from this reality, the Hat Man continues to commit mistakes which is so detrimental to South Sudan, the beloved country. South Sudan is unlucky to be governed by him, the hatman. Greedy, nepotist, corrupt and arrogant. A man full of hatred to south sudanese people. BAD MAN!!!

  25. Shamga says:

    Edward Lino has appeared to be just another entertainer like his septuagenarian colleagues. His anecdote is only a reiteration of what most people have already written about, which proposes inward looking solutions to the problems – that is they propose solutions that favour recycling them. Read it carefully and you will only realise it is just a cliché. By the way there is nothing sinister regarding it and we can read it for the sake of it. But remember that all these oldies starting from Lino himself and going all the way to Adwok Nyaba are no solution. It does not matter how sweet articles they write are, they will never bring any change, they just want to convince us so that get back in and continue their misdeeds of dividing and fitting communities against each other. Let’s get all together in our young age and kick them out once and for all, their best places at universities, they make good lecturers. You can tell in Lino’s tone that he’s trying to create his own space with us – something most realistic among them have started to do recently. They have realise neither Kiir nor Risk masochist is going to make it beyond 2015. You should know that power is coming to our hands (the people).

    • Esp says:

      Shamga, you may have read the words behind the words here. South Sudanese have a knack for saying beautiful things while their hands are under the table weaseling. Many kept their heads in the sand and their mouths shut and are rich now for having done so. Let these beautiful articles be accompanied by repatriation of stolen funds.

  26. oyhath says:

    Federalism, federalism, federalism. Federalism is the right system for a fractious multi-ethnic nation like south Sudan. We said it already, actually a long time ago but nobody listened. We need a truly federal, not pseduofederlism where a president has the right to fire his vice president or democratically elected state governors; not a pseudofederalism where a governor appoints and dismisses mayors or commissioners. We need a federal system now more than anytime else. It is because we we knew, based on analysis of the fractiousness of the ethnic make up of South Sudan, a centralized system like the one now in place in Sudan would eventually hit a concrete wall that we said federal system is the right system for the south. A federal system will solve a lot of problems simultaneously, including the cancerous tribalism that permeates every government department in the young nation. If you want this choice to be even more democratic,, let us put it (federal system) to a referendum vote by south sudanese, but surely not a referendum vote supervised by the SPLA, because the SPLA, as the writer of this piece Edward lino put it, is nothing but a bunch of tribal loyalties. We need a true federal system that creates and establishes a fair equation for resource distribution so that resource-produce states gets their fair share of revenues from resources they produce. The system now in place in south sudan is flawed; it has been applied in both sudan and south Sudan and it has failed in both countries. It is a system that concentrates power at the centre (in Juba). It’s a system that promotes and encourages dictatorship and tribalism. It is a system that distributes and redistributes resources unfairly such that a resource-rich state like Unity state gets only 2% of its oil revenues while it syphons the rest of revenues from states to the centre where these resources are used to enrich tribal supporters and to finance tribe-based businesses and tribe-based education in Uganda, Kenya and elsewhere. It’s a wrong system; it is not appropriate for south Sudan. We need true federal system in south Sudan now. Think about it.

  27. malith Alier says:

    The article suits you Edward Lino. You said that it was not a coup but you have failed to tell us what constitutes a coup. Killing chaos, big rift, mutiny and other like words do not explain what happened in Juba and the rest of South Sudan, come out clearly to explain more.
    If you are the true emotional Lino we know as head of AJOC, this writing is not worth of you, you should resign from your AJOC position.

  28. Choromke Jas says:

    Dear Edward Lino,

    I have not understood your essay! Well, a lot of people told you a long time ago that this child called the SPLA was problematic. We remember your words clearly when people tried in vain to warn you. At that time, you closed your ears and eyes to the misdeeds of the army. Do you remember your exact words: “Some people want ROSE WITHOUT THORNS”. In other words, the SPLA atrocities among our own people were a price to be paid for freedom (Rose). Now the monster has grown to its full size and people like you are talking a s if you only knew SPLA yesterday. The thorn is actually the main product of this shrub, but not the flower. Thorns everywhere and the stench of blood spilled by the thorns is overpowering and suffocating. Where is the rose now, my brother? But, we welcome your honesty. Please next time somebody disagrees with you, do not dismiss them as you used to do when you were a high officer of the fallen army. Welcome to the world of truth and reality.

    • Larry says:

      This article actually reminds me of those rambling articles on the subject of corruption written ad nauseam by the former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education and published in the Citizen newspaper. Only when he was out of his job did he verbalize any opposition to theft. While in office, he punished and belittled others who spoke out and called them non patriotic. Rubbish fools.


  29. Makur Panyon says:

    Dear Edward,

    You have enumerate a lot of facts fostered by the government. Indeed our leaders missed a point here in regards to development and for that matter otherwise, there could be no reason for us to kill ourselves for a just power and wealth.
    what happened in 15th Dec. 2013 is condemnable and we the citizens are eager to see both the government and rebels embrace the peace talks which is going on in Ethiopia and they should bear a heart that compromise where necessary.

    • Emman Lo Roda says:

      Dear Edward
      Your insider observations are in place. I disagree on the federal system of government. I think we should think of a confederal states along the Greater Upper Nile, Greater Bahr elghazal and Greater equatorial with an option for each confederal state to secede if they wish in a referendum. This way we can stay united in purpose.

  30. Alex says:

    Dear South Sudanese

    What I can see is we are all sick and need treatment . The intellectuals has become even more liars than the ordinary people. Every morning someone comes up with his or her own theory about whether there has been a coup on 15 Dec 2013 or not. This implies that we either sick with mental problem or we have become liars to decieve those who are not wise. I have asked this question several times in this net and no one would like to answer me. I am going ot ask it again and I need Mr Edward not anybody to answer me. I am not supporting whether there is a coup or not But I need Mr Edward to tell the readers.
    1 Was there shooting on 15 Dec 2013 or not?
    2 Who started the shooting and why?
    3 Why did Riak Macher ran from Juba while his colleaques remain behaind? Was he a wanted criminal or not? Why I asked this question because there were three people who want to compite for the position of the chairmanship of the SPLM Namely Nyandeng, Pagan and Raik.
    4 Why were the two army divisions in Bentue and Bor mostly from one tribe and commanderd my the same tribe is that the the way how a national army was supporsed to be composed or there was something in making.
    why did Dr Riek straight away associate himself with the army which have defected was there any forehand arrangment ot it a suddent marriage?
    6 Why did the army divisions in Both Bentue and Bor straight away decided to rebel before even the fects of the killing in Juba was known. Can you as Edward do that suposed you hear people from your tribe have been killed go straight to fight before finding the details why ther were killed , who killed and whether the killers have been brought to justices or not.
    The SPLA has nothing it is only the educated people like you who are manapulating the poor people. Please answer this question as soon as possible or otherwise I will not buy in your writings. It seems you intellectuals have all failed now you are shifting blames to other people. Whether it is curruption or killings in Juba who was not there among all the rebels and the detaines.If we want peace we have to learnt from our past misteaks but not to blame other people because all of us have all failed


    • Diktor Agarab says:

      A little education is a dangerous thing. Your question just goes to show that you’ve problems with comprehension that Uncle Edward Lino can’t help. Perhaps you should go to school before exposing your stupidity. This is a site for intellectuals and serious debates. Go to Sudan Tribune or your local drinking holes to advance your flawed thinking.

      • alex says:

        Dear Dr Diktor Agarab

        I think before you write you need to know who is writing. This is where some of you who claim to be intellectual are politically bankurpt. It is not how much you have read. See how miserbly you people have failed South Sudan. It is because of that proudness that you think if you are educated what ever lie you people say it must not be questioned.
        This are real fact that must be know before somebody accept any story as a facts. Dr Agarab you are not better that a proud bliend cheater who is fighting for your own stomach. I am not illitrate as you may think. If you send me to read Sudan Tribune do you think all what is written in sudan tribune are true. You are backward uncivilized politican who deserve no respect. Don’t you see the bias in the media. What kind of educated person are you if you can not analyse media reports. I am not that kind of a fool who takes any message put in the media because the media people are reporting from a source that are not sometimes credible. If you are following this net properly some people like you argue there is no coup and if you listen to Rebeca Nyandeng speech she said there was a misunderstanding between the presidental Gurd that led to the fighting. The question is who start to fire the gun and why? What was the motive and the intension. Brother this is not the old time you people used to decieve people. You can decieve the fools but not enlighten person like me. I have to question Lino to tell the truth because there is contriductions here and you have to tell me more about the above question if you think you know the story better than hidding the truth. If you lost a position in the goverment it should not give you to undermine people who want to seek the truth by describing them as illutrate. Brother you got that education with tax payers money not your own sweat. So be patient and be polite when you are asked senstive questions. It proves you are not yet politically matured. You live in your own world brother. If you are democrate you need to tell people the truth not a lie. You know the truth is always bitter that is why you reacted in that way and if you are not careful the independent thinkers like me can judge that you are supporter of people who want power but not the wellbeing of your people. Is it not a shame when we have people like you who claim to be doctors and yet fail their own inocent people because of greed. If I am not learnt I can not ask this senstive questions. Its the blind people that you have mislead but not me. So I advice you to go to school of politice, dipolomacy and public relationship before exposing your uncivilised character in this net. Sleep well

        Thanks alex

        • Manoon Thonchol says:

          “The question is who start to fire the gun and why? What was the motive and the intension. Brother this is not the old time you people used to decieve people.”

          But you are deceived now by believing in a fake and made up coup. Do you really believe that there’s a coup then what Agarab said was true that you barely belong here.
          The war was started by Marial Chinuong who ordered by Kiir to disarm Nuer guards before they embarked on arresting Riek Machar (Plan was to kill him anyway).
          The motive and intention was orchestrated during the Bhar el Ghazel conference that in order for Kiir to be president for life, Bhar el Ghazel has to conspired against Upper Nile region and kill off or discredit their politicians. To do this, Machar would be portrayed as 1991 Killer and Pagan Amum will be charged, victimized or discredited as corrupter, etc.
          Again, the motive is to maintain leadership by all means including killing innocent South Sudanese as it is happening now. If the intention was really about Riek Machar as it seems to be the case now, then there was no reason our heroes like Oyai Deng Ajak who heroically fought for our freedom be victimized and charged for treason in a nation whom he never had been betrayed in the past.
          Pagan Amum left to the bush and started fighting for our freedom before even Kiir, Garang, Nyuon and Keribino left for the bush. Majak Aghot Atem since he’s serious person and a threat to Bhar el Ghazel, he’s victimized for no apparent reason.
          Kiir proudly stood before National Liberation Council and said that he never betrayed his people since Anyanya I. What a level of hypocrisy? Kiir betrayed us in 2004. The problem that was solved in Rumbek was like this problem that is depriving us of thousands of lives if not the wisdom of our dear hero and wise leader Dr. John Garang de Mabior Atem Aruai.
          Now, he terribly failed to resolve the same problem Garang solved before his eyes. Victimizing our heroes for political game will backfire Alex. It is better to ask for forgiveness than continue in denial.

          • alex says:

            Dear Manoon

            Be realistic do not beat around the bush. If you want to answer the questions answer all the six questions above. We are brothers why would Nuer be suspous if they were told to disarm? Why is the chief of staff still there including the many others in the army. That fact is some of us are not nationalistics. This is not time for us to make fake fight about democracy while we have unresolved border war with Sudan. We have the issue of disarming the white army and the Murele to stop their barbaric killing of each other and looting of properties. We want to finish our border issue because this is a national security issue. What is pioritity here? Is it our land which is about to be taken away or the useless democracy. Countries like United Kingdom and USA took decades to establish functional working democracy and up to now look at the blacks in USA and Britain they why they are suffering. Democracy works better if there are established institutions in the country. Even now if elections are held people like you if you lost, still you will frame fake liars that the elections are stolen.

            We African we can not learn from history.

          • Manoon Thonchol says:

            “We African we can not learn from history.” Right, dumb Africans like you can not learn from history that’s what why you learned nothing from what happened and peacefully resolved in 2004. If you are open to learn from history this fiasco could have been averted through what learned from Dr. John Garang who amicably brought to an end the rebellion of Kiir in Rumbek in 2004.
            What happened in 2004 would have brought our unborn nation down like you are now brought it down if not the wisdom of our late Chairman. However, you learned nothing from it. And I know you will continue to learn nothing from from this 2013 tragedy. All human beings from history, but dumb Africans like you do not want to learn from history, very sad indeed, very sad indeed.
            Your questions are still unsounded. If Nuer guards were disarmed because they are from Nuer, then they had reason to be suspicious. If a Nuer General comes and disarm Dinka soldiers and leave weapons in the hands of Nuer soldiers, what do you expect to happen? It is a nature of human being to be suspicious when cynical is done. The blame is not Nuer soldiers who became suspicious, it is one who tried to disarm them that’s to be blamed, ya naughty politician if you are really one.

  31. bolabokdit says:

    I am a fighter, I fought in the war of liberation and I am still fighting till now. I don’t defend liar or baseless ideas but only what I see as right.
    I am defending government not because of a tribe but because this is an elected government. I can do the same thing if Riak is elected to be the president of the country. My suggestion to this problem is to call Riak and Nyandeng back to the system and put their policy and belief to the test. We believe as society that Kiir can call election the next day if opposition are impatient to wait for 2015 election.
    Our problem as a community will be big than leadership Riak fighting for. Immagine Youth Nuer were about to reach consesus disarmement if the did not start again , but now they are re-arm which would make things complicated for another twenty to fourty years to cmoe. Communities will not be stable While those re -arming them enjoying in Juba.
    Riak went too way far to attempt to diserbute arms to Lou Nuer just because he want leadership or say justice while neglecting the consequences of his decision.
    What I know Riak rebels and Kiir government will reach agreement but communities will not stop killing and looting each other.

  32. FutureDeJetson says:

    Commentators are articulate here…

  33. Anyar says:

    Thanks Mr. Edward, I did not think that it was helpful when all the Dinka intellectuals remain mouths shut while this poor General is tearing the country a part. You have encouraged others now and I think they will speak up now and will be heard.


    • southdaan says:

      To all readers of this article. i remine you that Lino Edward is a rasist he sided with the president Kiir in order to masecar ineconce Nuer people so Dinka becomes free. in this article, Lino Edwaed mentioned the cluster bombs which has been used recently by the ugandans troops in Bor, he called it (Ballon) like this i think he a conspirator. in his article he dircibrd Nuer as pipe in Juba centeral commercial city im realy disturbed by this article i was thinking Mr. Lino should write a good article which to condem the killings, but instate he had prscribed a poison medication which urging Mr. President Kiir to wipe out Nuer from Ssouth Sudan. The killing is one of the project to be cary out by ” as he said lack of projects”i undrstand lots of readers had praised him in vain because did not know what Mr. Lino meant. when south Sudan was a part of Sudan i never read any article writen by an Araab writer urging Northens to wipe out and killed Southern (Junubin)
      why should Mr. Lino write this such a nonsen article, supprisingly I read one article from Arabic News pappers in which Mr. Lino had been slamed by showing how Kirr should cary out the Killing against Nuer. Mr. Lino, I call upon you in the Name of God, please stop writing in such manners our people in the South are Same people no matter they speak diffrent languages south is very wide, it will acmmodate all of us, you think you wrot a poeteric article you expected no bod will undrestand the way you expresed your self is very sophstiacted that why you said. “where are intelectuals”. you Jackle!

  34. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Bolabokdit:

    Please, stop with your nonsense and call a spade a spade. Beating around the bush is not the solution. You have yet to answer my question. If Dr. Machar is the problem here, why resort to killing innocent Nuer people who have nothing to do with Dr. Machar’s political ambition. Would you please tell us why so I can take you seriously? Did these innocent Nuer people attempt your purported Coup with Dr. Machar? What is it really that led to killing of Nuer door to door? Know that Nuers decided to defend themselves; you think Dr. Machar is the reason.

    Do you want Nuers to sit idly and standby hands-folded and killed? Is this what you want? If this is what you want, it is just a wishful thinking and a fantasy that will never come to realization. Had your Bishop of doom, Salva Kiir went after Dr. Machar; there would not be any mess right as we write. A fair minded and levelheaded human being would condemn Salva Kiir unreservedly. Because of tribal affiliation to Salva Kiir, you do not see the mistake he had made. Please put on your thinking cap because you are indeed fighting for something wrong, if you are really in the fighting zone, which I doubt.

    • bolabokdit says:

      Tell me why You Dr. Riak Ran and assume trebellion leadership if infact he want justice for the innocent lives lost in Juba. Riak would have enter embassy if he was fearing from his life and let Suoth Sudanese and Human right to investigate the killing. Salva Kiir would not have been on the top seat had he been found guilty of kiilng innocent civillian. You when someone committed crime people look on his past criminal record to determine what happen today. Knowing he (Riak) bad criminal record he would have follow his colleague plan, but his decision let him be accountable for the more death in Bor, Akobo, and Bentiu.
      The lost of innocent will not go unpunish whether Riak or Kiir is the cause.

  35. Alier Gai says:

    I would be remiss if I don’t assuage my personal guilt through the hard thought tricky article which represents two roads of the writer’s dilemmas. 1). The writer is repesenting macher as a victim who made a terrible mistake by running rebellion, and at the time he has acknowledged that nothing of a good use is left in the old government. 2). The writer is also trying to refresh his face by calling upon kiir to resign, and seems to count for hopeful 2015 which is even sounded better than the ugly past with no progress seen. It is a good article but lacking laid out supervision measures of containg the current situation. Why? Because Lino did not eloberate on the machanism that should end the rebellion when kiir is gone. Decomposing kiir’s government is a one in and more wars out in regard to the ignorance political thinkers fall short to address. There will be no end if this is the only way to solve the crisis. I heard Lino saying that ugpf should leave because is killing civilians. How? The rebellion is contained and that is not the case for Lino, because Lino want to see more bloods in the absence of udpf. Ugandian army is the leverage between dinka and nuer.

  36. Aropdit says:

    Dear General Edward,

    Thank you very much for the Wonderful inspiring article.
    Let’s those who beat the drum of the war be remind that, they are yet to awaken by another victory.
    It is true that those who do not know how to hide their pride are deemed to destroy their own Country unknowingly.
    Those who think that… majority are the one who leads to reflect the democracy are Wrong in real sense of the word .. i would say… you have missed it a big times. ignorance Majority are threats to peaces and stability.
    Current fellows running the show are mis-using the media facilities . They say one thing in the TV and dose another thing entirely different from what they expressed in the media.
    They have entered into Slave trade, have started buying your own South Sudanese With Petro Dollar to kill another South Sudanese and not to mention the Ugandans Forces.The purchase start with Dr. Riek Gai, the [ Fellows] bought Dr. Riek with the view to have a full Control over Lau Nuer.But this proved it self wrong, when ” LAU Nuers Enters Bor at the day light fight. The fight in which our brother from Bor and Nuer LAU died badly in a big un imaginable number… why? Simple, there was no leader to Spare their life. There was only tyrants who are Constantly saying in the Media…” We are the elected Government of the Republic of South” ,We are Protecting the Constitution ” You name…
    However, that was not the end of Ignorance Majority in Business Plan, Ruondial was as well purchased bearing in their mind that he [ ruondial is going to influence the Nuers from His Area, unfortunately it was not true. To Make the matter was, Dr. Monytuil was bought by his own home land money .. thinking that he is a son of Sultan in that rich State who can Influence the So call Nuer of Bentiu.. All these moves were done to tell the entire population that Dr. Riek Machar is not Popular.. the only popular people are the one that they have purchase with Petro Dollar Cash. Well, We do not need all these games,we need simple government which can take care of its Poor Citizen.. I came back so South Sudan to support in it development but not to see these distortion of truth and misguide.
    Off course, Money turn human race blind much more faster than any other disease, in that respect, The President of the Republic has the right to monitor the Country cash flow in and out with the view to protecting it from Corruption. That dose not mean, the President has the right to appoint his own relatives to Central Bank, Ministry of Interior, national Security, and other sensitive positions in the Government, this simple shows that the head of State dose not trust any body except from his home town. The Very same things, We the South Sudanese dislike when we were locked up in a very prolong civil war with the Old Sudan.. One of Our leader back then, was the Current President, when he was strong young man gave his life to fight for the freedom for all of us not his home town men and women.But now, He has completely change the Principle. You cannot be blaming Dr. Riek All time in the Media, When you are the Head of the State and not that alone, you were the founder of the SPLA/SPLM. What happen? Dr.Garang was a human as you are.. just united us as he did.. like you managed to cross all the way to independent… and Now you allow wrong thinkers to mislead you. Why don’t defeat Dr. Riek on the table reasoning rather than resorting to tactic and Warfare, in which our innocent population died and are still dying because of the Power struggle why? why? why?
    Remember, South Sudanese fought all kind of wars: war for freedom from slavery, War for in- justice,in- equability from the tyrant Arabs in North Part of Sudan, and now war for kicking out the tayrant South Sudanese leaders who missed their Principle .

    South Sudan will remain for ever One Nation for all of us and with No hatred in our heart.
    God bless The Republic of South Sudan

  37. James says:

    Reading the unforgettable and excellent article of EDWARD LINO ABYEI 07/ FEB/2014, I came to the conclusion that South Sudan has got sons and daughters who can champion the leadership of our new born nation as most people like to call it so, the article is really very rich in contents and it objectivity never hidden any truth about our composition as South Sudanese, I believe MR ABYEI never leave any stone unturned in his article, therefore , it will be up to individuals to judge were we really lost our the track of our destiny in leading our new nation. MR ABYEI has describe the event of DEC 15/2013, as a fabricated intention to eliminated some leaders in our new born nation in which I totally agree with MR ABYEI on the coup description. in fact in military term or language you cannot make a coup while you are in your chicken with your family drinking tea and conversing about our country’s future, let has be frank in telling the truth no matter what Hills or Mountains you are standing at, South Sudan is richly diverse in term of tribes and ethnicity, therefore, it will be a grave mistake to take that diversity for granted as matter of fact our late grandfather NELSON MANDELA in his book the long walk to freedom said, quote” a leader of mass organization need to listen to the voices of his people” I think that what South Sudan need not a barrel of guns shot or elimination of one ethnic group such as NUER that were targeted on DEC 15/2013 by Militia of SALVA KIIR AND MALONG AWAN. MR ABYEI article will eventually live on our memories for many years and SALVA KIIR AND MALONG AWAN will be made accountable for the DEC 2013, mass killing of NUER community in JUBA. for the involvement of Dictator MUSEVENI OF UGANDA on South Sudan internal crisis will be deal with in separate account and best way to make MUSEVENI accountable on South Sudan internal issues is for him to appear on the International Criminal Court ICC in HAGUE to face the charges of crimes against humanity that his forces has committed in South Sudan particularly in JONLIE, UPPER NILE AND UNITY STATE. to conclude MR ABYEI your article highlight the truth about the future of South Sudan and all the hiding agendas of MR SALVA KIIR AND MALONG AWAN we will be one South Sudanese nation no matter how many tribes are living in that land South Sudan. killing one ethnic group will never be the solution to South Sudan problem.

  38. Bol gier says:

    Dear my southerner I have to thank Lino on the article that he had posted our leadership has lose vision and the future of our grand children ,what killed whole this people in juba is really unbelievable no body can expect this funny thing to happen our big problem in south sudan is the dictatorial that is only what kill thousand of innocent people the fighting that start from presidential guards in juba was place by an individual whom are seeing themselves as the loyalt to the government ,if this happen in tiger what extend the fighting to the innocent people of Nuer particularly ,this is very clear indication it have a plaintiffs an aim telling you ,those who behind this will face the justice ,and be responsible for blood of this people.

  39. alex says:

    Dear Manoon Thonchol

    Be sincere there is no reason for the other group to shoot otherwise they knew there was something wrong. I think a brother like you if you ask me to hand you my spear I would give it without fear. I would resist if only I know you are planning to kill me. The truth hurts brother. Do you think if you are told to put your gun in store and when you come back and see others still have their guns give the other side a good reason to star shooting without finding the reasons out? That is why a person like me will not relay on media reports. I understand you are one of those who jump into conclusions based on what you hear in the media. The best thing is to hold our politicians accountable to explain what they say was a misunderstanding in the presidential guard unit. They know exactly what happen and they want to fool innocent people like me and you. Before the war, I do not think people in Unity state will start to run or fight if they see thousand of soldiers from equatorial arriving to unity state. The first thing for them would be to find out why this solders have come to Unity state and are from equatorial but not to start to fight. Had it to be Arabs I would support that idea because we had already a 50 years of history of fighting. The reasons you gave are unsatisfactory and even you did not answer them all. Brother call a spade a spade, there was already a hidden agenda. A democrat can not act like uncivilized person because you can not start to short your fellow colleague in the army because you have been told to disarm. We are not enemies, we are a national army fighting the same course. You have been mislead to believe rumours. It could be the government to be worried with the composition of the army divisions in BOR and BENTUE because they were composed of one tribe mostly and commanded by the same tribe. There was something in making. Evidence was there have been rumours of several coups before the war. It was reported even by Khartoum. So be matured in reasoning wrong is wrong. The only thing is to forgive each other and reconcile. Secondly avoid taking everything in the media they are liars brothers. Take what is useful and leave the rest


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