Linkage between ARCISS’ Abrogation and ‘Dinka Development Plan for 200 Years: A Response to the Jieng Council of Elders’

BY: Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, PhD, SEP/30/2016, SSN;

It is a truism that ‘war is better than a bad peace’ and this is pertinent in the context of South Sudan. The ‘Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan’ (ARCISS) the Inter-Governmental Authority on Desertification (IGAD) brokered for two years, and the parties signed in August 2015, has collapsed consequent to lack of political will to implement it.

On initialing the peace agreement, President Salva Kiir registered reservations declaring that the ‘agreement will not be implemented because it was imposed from outside.’ It took the parties eight months to form the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU).

Moreover, barely two months into the formation of TGoNU in April 2016, the ARCISS collapsed plunging the country into another cycle of civil war.

The current crisis in the country trace back to the political failures of the SPLM/SPLA as the political-military force that dominated the politics of South Sudan since the war of national liberation. The ethnicization of politics shifted the focus to control of power and resources.

The Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) emerged as the strongest power broker close to President Salva Kiir, who did not blink at the political and economic empowerment of the Dinka elite. The eruption of violence in December 2013, barely two years into the independence of South Sudan, therefore became inevitable.

The agreement, therefore, was an attempt to reconcile factions of a class that made zero-sum game the power to control financial and economic resources of the country. It did not address the fundamental contradictions the SPLM led Government of South Sudan (GOSS) precipitated in nearly eleven years of misgovernment that condemned the people to extreme conditions of poverty and ignorance, making it easy for the political military elite to manipulate and fragment along ethnic and regional fault lines.

That the SPLM/A (IO) acquiesced and signed this agreement attributes to its political and military weaknesses. It prosecuted the war without clear strategic political and military objectives and did not build an army capable of confronting the government army.

This explains Salva Kiir’s reluctance to implement the agreement which makes Dr. Riek Machar the first vice president. It was therefore easy for President Salva to conspire, exploiting the differences that emerged within the SPLM/A (IO) leadership, to push Dr. Riek Machar out of TGoNU and abrogate the peace agreement.

It is possible and indeed necessary to view in that light the events of July 2016 leading to renewed conflict and subsequent withdrawal of the SPLM/A (IO) from Juba. The death of the peace agreement ensures Salva Kiir’s grip on power.

Salva Kiir’s main objectives or rather his raison d’êtré as president of the Republic of South Sudan is to entrench himself in power, and through this one-man dictatorship promote Dinka hegemony and domination over the other sixty-four non-Dinka entities in South Sudan.

The upsurge of Dinka ethnic nationalism with its ideology of superiority, because only of their demographic weight, is therefore one of the driving forces in the civil war.

Touted by the reactionary elements of the Dinka political elite, this fascist ideology represents negative ethnicity that renders explosive ethnic multiplicity that constitutes the South Sudan reality.

The objective is to define South Sudan on the parameter of Dinka-ism and state to be governed according to Dinka culture as proposed by the Jieng Council of Elders.

The outward aspect of this strategy is the political and economic empowerment of the Dinka people. In this context, the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) and the intellectual think tanks cum research centres: The Sudd Institute (supported by the Office of the President) and Ebony Centre (sourced by World Bank and IMF) have emerged as the power brokers behind Salva Kiir’s presidency.

The Dinka takeover of South Sudan from the Arab-dominated North Sudan, conceived in the context of the war of national liberation, would not be completed without the construction of a totalitarian dictatorship.

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has achieved this with the support of the National Security Service, Military Intelligence, Presidential Guards, Police, Prisons, Wildlife Forces, Civil Defence, the Judiciary and the Central Bank of South Sudan, all headed by Dinka nationals.

The control of the army and the security forces becomes important to intimidate and suppress any resistance to Dinka hegemony. President Salva Kiir in 2013 transformed into war what essentially was political contradiction in the SPLM to pre-empt Dr. Riek Machar ascendancy to the top leadership of the SPLM through a democratic process.

The targeting of ethnic Nuers in Juba was to send a clear message to the other non-Dinka entities about what would happen to them should their leaders aspire for the top job in the country.

The JCE is the policy instrument of Dinka nationalism. Comprising representatives from the Dinka sections and subsections, its mandate is to lobby for the social, economic and political interests of the Dinka.

It impresses on President Salva Kiir for Dinka control of the economy through preferential economic empowerment and sourcing of Dinka businesses by dishing out lucratively overpriced government contracts including letters of credit.

Most of the corrupt businesses in South Sudan belong to Dinka political and military elite close to President Salva Kiir.

They corrupted the business in forex through the Governor of the Central Bank of South Sudan, whereby the CBOSS gave them free access to convertible currency at the official rate of 2.9 SSP (South Sudanese pounds) to the dollar to sell at the parallel market at 18 SSP to the dollar.

They led to floating of the South Sudan Pound came against this policy with the objective to put out of business the non-Dinka businesses who had no access to foreign currency issued by the Central Bank of South Sudan. This eroded the purchasing power of the SSP, which deepened the economic crisis.

The JCE promotes, without shame, migration of Dinka en masse with their cattle to settle as communities in non-Dinka areas in Equatoria and Western Bahr el Ghazal to establish their own traditional administration. This raised tensions and conflicts with the Acholi, Madi, Kuku, Kakwa, Moro, Azande, Shilluk, Nuer, and the fertit.

The idea was to have Dinka representation in all the states of South Sudan especially in traditionally non-Dinka regions.

The Establishment Order 36/2015 creating twenty-eight states essentially legitimizes the encroachment on and grabbing of ancestral lands of non-Dinka entities. It awards the Dinka 42% of land area of South Sudan fulfilling their ambition to access borders of East Africa and DR Congo.

There is also another disturbing dimension to the land grabbing, and how it ties up with the emerging Dinka parasitic capitalist class in the context of commercialized agricultural production.

It is not surprising some South Sudanese (Dinka and Nuer) connected to global capital and finance institutions have mortgaged much of rich potential lands in South Sudan and deposited this money in overseas banks. This is how low these people have gone to purchase real estate in Australia, America, Arab Gulf and East Africa.

This is double insult: denying social and economic development to our people by stealing the oil money and at the same time mortgage the land in order to render landless the masses of our people.

Some of the JCE rent seekers are involved in this scheme to the risk of fomenting conflict among Jieng sections, which surfaced recently in Malek in southern Bor area where they wanted to dispossess the Muonythanh of their ancestral lands.

Against this background, I want to discuss the “JCE Master Plan: Dinka Development for 200 years” signed by four members of the JCE, namely Ambrose Riiny Thiik, Joshua Dau Diu, Aldo Ajou Deng, Maker Thiong Maal and Permena Awieral Aluong and published by SSN (this website) on 14th September. The authenticity of the document cannot be doubted, the absence of their signatures notwithstanding.

South Sudanese people have not fragmented along ethnic fault lines as they are today and one finds intellectuals of the calibres of Justice Ambrose Riiny Thiik authoring such fascist policy document; one must really forget about South Sudan we have struggled for nearly six decades to place on the world map.

I am beginning to reminisce the night in 2004 when the SPLM activists burnt the House of Nationalities t-shirts. I am also beginning to understand why the SPLM shunted political education meant to raise the level of political consciousness among the combatants and the civil population.

It now confirms in my mind that the SPLM/A was a Dinka power project. Perhaps Salva Kiir is less sophisticated or has the time now come for what was mooted silently before during the war of national liberation to peddle openly, come what may.

The idea of one ethnic community in South Sudan, whatever their demographic weight, lording it over the sixty-four nationalities for two hundred years is something only myopic minds can conceive and put to plan. It is primitive, sadistic and fatalistic to say the least.

It smacks of the outburst of late Dr. Justin Yac Arop, which added to the flames of ‘kokora’ in early eighties.

It renders impossible ‘unity in diversity,’ which we fought against the successive Arab dominated Sudanese regimes.

This mindless arrogance has one positive consequence. It has demonstrated the political and moral bankruptcy of the JCE members on the one hand while on the other hand, it has united all the other ethnicities in the relentless struggle to overthrow this kleptocratic totalitarian regime erected and buttressed by the JCE.

While at that, I call on the progressive minded and patriotic Dinka to disown and condemn this plan, some elements of which are now being implemented, like the appointment of Hon. Lino Makana as the speaker of the National Legislative Assembly to blue print JCE policies. It is not feasible in the twenty first century.

South Sudan is burning in all its different regions. The cause of this conflict is the misguided ethnic politics pushed by the JCE.

The social and humanitarian impact of the conflict is staggering. The social capital, that bounded our people for centuries enabling them to undertake common struggle against foreign invaders, has been shattered beyond repairs. It will take political good will and patriotism to mend it.

What then should be done?

The JCE has imposed its war on the people of South Sudan. The writings are on the wall for everybody to read. Many people have already responded and have taken up arms not necessarily in the context of the SPLM/A (IO) but sui moto.

It is reminiscent of the early days of the first war in the sixties when students, youth, elderly and even women took to the bush with whatever was in their hands to fight against injustice, oppression, domination and exploitation by joining the ranks and file of the Anya-nya Land Freedom Army.

This time, it is different. The enemy is a local despot surrounded by his kin and kith purporting to represent the social, economic and political interests of the Dinka.

The war has a class character and must be fought differently using ideological and military tools. It is struggle between those who have looted the resources of the country since 2005 on the one hand and the masses of our people who have been denied social and economic development during the eleven years since the CPA.

In this context, the national democratic revolution pops up imperceptibly. A national democratic revolution with the strategic objective of constructing a national democratic state in South Sudan to accommodate all our people.

The national democratic state is to address the current social, economic and political crisis afflicting South Sudan. It should address the nationality/ethnicity question wrongly articulated by the JCE in terms of Jieng hegemony and domination over the other sixty-four nationalities that populate South Sudan.

This calls for unity of purpose of all the fighting groups around a common objective of regime change and transforming the lives of our people.

The correct definition of the problem will facilitate the charting of a minimum program for achieving the objective. It is the only way to frustrate, destroy and prevent the implementation of the “JCE Master Plan: Dinka Development Plan for 200 year”.

Long live the struggle for freedom, justice, fraternity and democracy
Long live the memory of the martyrs
Long live South Sudan
Shame and down to the JCE
Aluta continua

Peter Adwok Nyaba
30 September 2016


  1. bismark says:

    Superb!! What an article!! The world must be made to know what is going on in South Sudan. Having said so the liberation of South Sudan is solely on our shoulders. Discrimination and injustice has no tribe, religion or race. Its remedy is essential for the welfare of a society. Those Dinka who believe in tribal supremacy should change the course of their journey otherwise it is going to be bad for all of us. The support they import from Uganda has lifespan. It will not always be there.

  2. deng hanbol says:

    Deng Hanbol,
    Dear, Prof.,
    you said it all. As a son of Greater Upper Nile, I’m very confidence that this Barbaric Menace call Dinka will be defeated soon by our forces. The Naath White army, the Chollo warrior and the Murli Cobra, are determined to expel Dinka Padang from GreaterUpper Nile to their ancestral Bar El-Ghazal and there after they (White army, Agualik and Cobra) will join force with their counterparts namely Madi, Azadeny, Acolui,Mundari, Kuku, Fajulu, Moroe, and Latuka of Greater Equatoria as well as Fertit of Western Bar El-Ghazal. The aforementioned binding forces are great and will brutally crush Pual Malong and his Dinka militias. No doubt that the IO’s strength now is its army, and it just needs a new strategy so that to capture the Greater Upper Nile, devastating Padang Dinka areas, and bringing the war home to Warrap and Aweil as quickly as possible. I believe that the IO is poised to inflict a humiliate defeat on Dinka in a short period of time. The inevitable fall of Dinka kingdom will transformed the political map of South Sudan. My only concern is that the Equatorians, and Fertit will not hesitate to implement the law of Torah, which is an eye for an eye or tooth for tooth against their ultimate foe.

  3. Eastern says:

    Dear Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba,

    I have read your piece to its very end, as is typical of your writings, I must say this is another master piece.

    Many dinka people want to continue attempting to convince others (although it appears, they have succeeded at convincing the Americans) that the government in Juba is not for the dinka but for all the 60-plus South Sudanese.

    No single dinka has come out on this forum to denounce the involvement of JCE in the governance of South Sudan. Perhaps the architect of the JCE, Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey did not see the “blow back” to the proposed dinka development plan for 200 years when he made this statement as reported by Radio Tamazuj website:

  4. Ishakho says:

    Dr Peter Adwok,

    You are a bad failure as an intellectual and a politician.Do you know why? because you lack consistency. i have read all your books , and i remembered you asserting that one of your greatest regrets was to have joined Dr Machar in 1991. You clearly said that he (Machar) is paranoid about leadership, you said he is visionless, and that he believes witchcraft.

    Now you have again joined him, in fact you are his secretary! Why would you believe this cheap propaganda as DDP? do you know that Ambrose Riiny Thiik can sue you?

    I have seen videos on internet of Chollo people being forced to join militias, you now think that you have the army and you can be considered as a forced! nonsense.

  5. False Millionaire says:

    If the notion of intellectualism hadn’t been limited to reading and writing without critical thinking,it would never have escaped Dr Nyaba to know that,since the CPA’s first day of life leading to the independence with the RSS’ government presided over by a dinka president,there haven’t been schools,health care facilities,roads or any visible intiatives of development taking place in jieng homelands.It’s very strange to view this context and yet see Dr Nyaba permitting himself to believe in the,”DDP”,as something authentic than false.
    But else where he writes:
    “It is not surprising some south sudanese(Dinka and Nuer)connected to global capitals and finacial institutions have mortagaged much of rich potential lands in south sudan and deposited this money in overseas banks”.
    But why,”Dinka and Nuer”,when Oyei Deng Ajak,Pagan Amum and many other elites who are neither dinka nor nuer are also part of the culprits?
    It’s impossible to shorten to comment on the irrational human nature of Dr Nyaba.He was one among the authors of the events of 1991 and the tragic results that followed.One could never believe that he wasn’t a party to the events of 2013.
    He seems to be a desperate power hungery elder and with the collapse of the last peace,he is now up in a vanwagon named,”national democratic revolution”.That’s good for him but bad for RSS and the masses becouse using tribal ill feelings will only divide the masses even wider than they already are.With his position being such,he should no longer ignore the reality that he will have to wait for two hundred years of communal struggles before witnessing any success to his intentions what ever he calculates them to be.

  6. Abel Magok says:

    Most readers become acquainted with JCE styles of writing messages they send out and this so called JCE Master Plan: Dinka Development Plan for 200 years was a mere cheap propaganda and for Dr. Peter Adwok comes out to believe it, simply tell us a miserable intellectuals deficit this PhD holder reside in. He was given important ministry for change in a new country like South Sudan, the Higher Education Science and Technology but did nothing and does not even tell people of South Sudan just a plan, what he was planning to achieve in the ministry. We thought a PhD holder like Adwok would at least exercise his mental capability to distinguish between the whole Dinka tribe and those in Government and this article is a dream or campaign of uniting sixty tribe to fight Dinka which will not benefit anyone in South Sudan, rather taking the country into Somalia way.
    Dr. Adwok mentioned that the SPLM/A (IO) acquiesced signed the agreement was attributed to its political and military weaknesses. It prosecuted the war without clear strategic political and military objectives. Why now Adwok criticises (IO) while he was with Dr. Riek in the bush for almost two years until appointed minister in (TGoNU) by IO and does not come with a correct strategies for war in (IO)
    South Sudan will not see stability before same militias who stabbed struggle from behind in 1991 diminished. Yes things are not going well with president Kiir but change to better in South Sudan will come from someone else not these bunch of 1991 militias.

  7. oyhath says:

    The answer, or call it cure, to tribal domination of all tribes by one tribe is straight forward: All the other tribes being dominated need to come together to confront this one monster dictator. Simple like that. We know the JCE is using Uganda as its ally in its attempt to achieve its imagined triumph over the people of South Sudan. But the JCE be reminded that those tactics have been tried elsewhere and miserably failed. For example, Italy, originally a Hitler’s ally at the beginning of World War II, quickly surrendered and shifted allegiance to Allied Forces as the Allied Forces landed overnight in southern Italy, spelling the beginning of the end of Hitler’s attempt to dominate Europe. By defeating Hitler and crushingly humiliating Germany (Germany was divided and occupied by the victorious forces) at the end of WWII, the Allied Forces proved that there was no place in Europe for one-man, one- tribe -dictatorship. The 64 South Sudanese nations(tribes) can and must today prove there is no place in South Sudan for a one-man, one-tribe dictatorship in South Sudan. The dream by the JCE to rule South Sudan for 200 years is a fantasy, but, like Hitler’s fantasy to dominate Europe, it is a fantasy that we must all come together and unite to defeat.

  8. Deng says:

    Dear Dr Peter Nyaba,

    I read your article with keen interest for some obvious reasons and while I have no objection to your article’s main message which is “correct definition of the problem” among other things I have one particular paragraph that caught my attention in your article and it would be great if you can answer my question in regard.

    You said in your article and I quote: “That the SPLM/SPLA (IO) acquiesced and signed this agreement attributes to its political and military weaknesses. It prosecuted the war without clear strategic political and military objectives and did not build an army capable of confronting the government army.” Unquote: My question is, you have been in the SPLM/SPLA – IO camp since its inception in 2013 and may be you’re still an influential member of the IO, when did you become aware of the SPLM/SPLA – IO political & military weaknesses and the fact that it prosecuted the war without clear strategic political and military objectives?

    Have you ever raised these concerns with – IO top leadership including its leader, Dr Riek and if so what was the outcome to try to address those weaknesses in the – IO camp?

  9. Kokora II says:

    Abel Magok
    I comment you as you alluded: “Yes things are not going well with president Kiir but change to better in South Sudan will come from someone else not these bunch of 1991 militias.”
    These are the kinds of messages the non-Dinkas would hope to hear from the new generation regardless who it is. But you need to make it clear who you meant by ” from someone else”. For sure I am hoping you are not referring to anyone handpicked by JCE, are you? The best way I think should come through ballot boxes, in a free and fair elections without interference of the Dinka monopolized security agents or militias.

  10. Toria says:

    Yajama na
    Does anyone knows where is ALEX’s whereabouts? Did he changed his internet name or he succumb on July 13? I really hope he is still out there.

  11. charles.onak kimo says:

    Dear Dr adwok
    thank you very much and appreciate you. Because that was bad plan for south Sudanese it will divide south Sudan country into three countries.

  12. Hoiloom says:

    Abel and the likes of Dinka diehards,

    Instead of abusing Dr. Nyaba for pointing out the truth about JCE and Dinka in general to rule or misrule RSS for 200 years you should be condemning the government for using state resources to kill non Dinka in the country. For God sake it’s less than three months since your Anyoor boys attacked Terrain hotel, raped and loot expatriates including US citizens and kill a local journalist by the name Gatluak and we did not see any Dinka condemning the act. Non Dinka women cannot venture out of UNMISS to buy food for their children without being gang raped. This is indeed going to be a long long nasty war, do not celebrate yet. If the report is made up why then has your JCE not come out strongly to deny its authentic when it has been in circulation for more than three weeks? Thanks to Dr. Nyaba for always standing up to the bully.


  13. Bentiu Ramaran says:


    Yes, you put it correctly South Sudan will never be out of war because the JCE with the most foolish leader have been trying to cut off separatists, founders of self determination and the most visionaries leaders from the government. Dinka’ tribal leader Kiir and JCE do not know how to run the government, how to lead, how to rule, and they even break the law that they have written 100 times a day seven days a week. How do you expect South Sudan to be stabled when the dogs and rats are in power looting and killings innocent people day and night?

    See how prominent member Dinka of Council of Elders “AIdo Ajou Deng Akuey” talked ill about Equatorians by clicking the link below:

    Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey did not even pay respect to Bari yes vice president who serves Dinka’s interest with dignity and respect. Aldo talked ill openly about Bari while the Vice President Mr. Yes is a Bari.

    And Dinka Kiir would not say anything about this xenophobic behavior of his tribal politicians.

  14. Akic Adwok says:

    Professor Adwok, you’re absolutely right, and you have a valid points, SPLM/A, was created to promote and it’s still promoting Dinka projects, but others tribes they might submit to them. and i am pretty sure that, the non Dinka leader are running for fake positions in the government to maintain their household bills, and they don’t care about their own fellow tribe man/woman been killed, by this terrorist regime they are working with, and they consider that everything is fine, as long as my immediately families are fine then what else do I need, shame on you if you have associated yourselves with this murders regime, but I must enlighten this terrorist organisation so called JEC and immoral president of Dinka tribe Dr Salva Kiir, (I know he’d got a Fake PhD) that one day you will look back and see how everything that happened to you and your people, it’s happening for a reason and you will comprehend it was all acceptable even if it did not appear the way at the time.

  15. Lokosang says:

    Waaw! that is a great piece of article from a prominent politician. Dr Nyaba you have explicitly defined the fundamental problems that are facing South Sudan now. It is true without knowing what the problems are, you would not be able to provide correct solutions to the problems. Now having known the problems, it is the duty of all the tribes in South Sudan including some Dinka who are nationalist to join ranks and uproot the rotten regime in Juba and set up a democratic system of government that serve all citizens as equals. Denying the facts and keeping quiet means you are implicitly agreeing with JCE conspiracy.
    These people because they behave like monkeys as Pastor Roko put it, have forgotten what the late Dr John preached to them when he was addressing Jamus and Koryom battalions whom majority of them hailed from Dinka Bor and Nuer. And this is what he said ” Sudan is a big country so let not your big number deceive you to bully the small tribes otherwise if they all unite then they become the majority and you become the minority”
    The question is would these monkeys change their behaviour? I don’t think so. It is the duty of all of us who believe in building of a united circular democratic South Sudan where there is justice, equality and freedom for all regardless of tribe, religion, ethnicity and traditions to unite and remove this rotten regime. JCE has emerge like a cancer and if not removed from the roots at this stage it will be dangerous to our being in this 21ist century.

    • johnjerry says:

      Kijana and all
      The JCE are just making things difficult by proposing a number of states after a number of states.Both the British and the Arabs know our people more than we do.The former 3 greater provinces of the then southern Sudan had no political problems based on the land and the people lived together in harmony.When the 3 provinces were upgraded to 10 states still there was no problem save that of hijacking key positions in the government by the Dinka.
      When the CPA was agreed upon Rumbek was the capital,for one reason or another it did not fit as the capital juba was again proposed as a temporary capital city with Ramciel as a future capital.
      Things were good, then came the referendum for independence in 2011 which was observed by all south sudanese in the land and in diaspora at 98-99% pro independent.To bring peace to South Sudan stop creating more states.
      Here is a proposal that will not hurt anybody:
      Leave the 9 states as they are based on the 3 former Provinces of Bhar ElGhazal, Equatoria and Upper Nile to have 3 states each and one United States place in the center of the Country with a piece of land taken from each neighbouring states to form the united states in which the Capital City will be built with the name agreed upon by the parliament.Introduce the Federal States system or confederation if you will.
      Because the people in each state know themselves well and have co-existed together for many years. When each of the states have fairly developed and population growth is seen that state will consult with their government for more states if needed. Development takes time and planning this is something that can not be done overnight.Now that we are part of the greater East African Community (Swahili) should be introduced into our school system as all the member states speak the common language.This does not mean that you will not speak your language be it Dinka ,Nuer ,Azande or Acholi. Give freedom to the people,let them decide what they want, let people be free and fly like a bird if they wish. You will see peace come to this nation. There is no a measuring stick for this if we accept our wrongs and follow the right parth to democracy

  16. John Kijana says:

    Now the axis of evil Kiir, Taban and JCE are cooking a new plan for establishing of 7 mega states. It seems the 28 states established have failed to function, whether this will work, only the jaang know well.

    1- SOUTHERN STATE: Budi,Torit, Yei and Maridi.
    2- EASTERN STATE: Toposa, Nyangathom and Jie ,Akobo, Pibor, Bor, and Pangak.
    3- WESTERN STATE: Tonj, Yambio, Tambura and Wau
    4 – NORTH WESTERN STATE: Raga, Aweil, Gogrial, Abyei and Bentiu.
    5- NORTH EASTERN STATE: Kodok, Renk, Malakal and Nasir.
    6 – CENTRAL STATE: Rumbek, Yirol, Terekeka, Mundiri.
    7- CAPITAL STATE (FEDERAL TERRITORY): Mongalla, Jumeiza, Kolnyang in Bor, Lafon and Liria, Jebel Ladu, Aliab in Yirol.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Mr.John Kijana,
      This piece of news, whether fake or real, is the most stupid and unworkable proposal or idea by a more stupid pres. Kiir. Even the imperial British and racist Jellaba North Sudanese, never ever once thought of such a duplicitous plan.
      For sure, if this plan is ever imposed on the people and nobody reacts, you can be sure that, for instance, the ‘Eastern state’ will be in war and chaos from day one. Toposa, Nuer and jieng in a deadly and unstoppable war.
      Then, what is a Capital State, where the Bari speaking people, that’s, Bari, Fajullu, Nyangwara, Kuku, Mundari plus the Lokoya and Lulubo, are placed under the oppression of the jieng forever!!!!
      Not only is this a volatile political conundrum, it’s the most silliest and retarded idea from the jieng.

      • Eastern says:

        Dear Editor,

        Much as this idea may look stupid and duplicitous, Kiir and his tribal advisory groupings of the JCE are working day and night to ensure that their dinka 200 years plan sees the light of the day.

        The idea is non-starter as it is ridiculous as it puts dinka in all the 6 out of 7 “states” just to accentuate dinka hegemony in South Sudan!

  17. Hoiloom says:


    Alex might have changed his name or perhaps the Arrow Boys got him last week in Kaya.


  18. Lualdit says:

    Excellent article. The weakness of the IO leaderships in bringing to an end the suffering of our people and to end the bad system of government were so obvious to every sane individual. Dr. Nyaba, now that you have rightfully diagnosed the problem of the IO, then what is the next strategies? Have you and J. Nguen, who I believe to be the best mind in the IO political bureau came up with any strategies? Did you guys form a team of adviser to Dr. Machar? because Dr. Machar need to made to focus on the task instead of worrying about outside influence. Talk of threat and complaining about what Jaang government is doing without a clear plan to deal with it is juvenile and stupid to say the least. Jaang government is very embolden right now because all they been hearing are useless threat without clear action. I am so sick and tired of weak leadership without action. The momentum across the country is so ripen for a desire to remove the current demon on the throne, but IO leadership lack the intellect to seize the opportunity. Instead, they are worrying about outside influence. The international community will come on board when the decisive victory is won. So, let the ball roll.

  19. Bic Bic says:

    I have come to realize that there is no national figures in those supporting IO. They are all food lovers. See Mr. Adwok Nyaba, he was minister before SS independence and was also appointed after independence but had not delivered any services to people. And now is criticizing and putting blames on others forgetting that he was part and parcel of the elites cliques who were looting the country with no mercy. Now he is out from government, he cried loudly of no service. May God punish them all for their greediness!

  20. Santos says:

    Dr.Adwok Nyaba you are a great man of high order and discipline of south Sudanese people . The tribal dictator and Jieng council of elders have imposed this raging war on the south Sudanese people as a mean to steal our lands and run away with political power .Our people live in bushes and United nations camps while Salva Killer lives in the luxury palace in J1.The brave freedom fighters all over the south are moving forward to topple this one tribe government and liberate our trapped people under this oppressive regime. Forward second liberation and forward freedom fighters .

  21. Nyith Bukjiok says:

    Dear all Dinka brothers,
    You are now trying to jumped on Dr. Nyaba because is trying to tell the truth. South Sudan is a dead nation walking in the hands you Dinka brothers. If you’re not trying to build Dinka 200 years rule? Why you control the key institutions in the government. Tell me if Dr. Nyaba is lying with who head all these very important institutions: National Security Service, Military Intelligence, Presidential Guards, Police, Prisons, Wildlife Forces, Civil Defense, the Judiciary and the Central Bank of South Sudan. In all three branches of government, except executive posts is where you could see some position are headed by non-Dinka. How do you think the situation in South Sudan can stabilize while your tribal president is trying to control the face of government? South Sudan is a dead nation unless you realized its for all. All dictators who are smart don’t uses their own tribes in institutions but loyalists to them and then nobody complain of who control what but wrong policies.

  22. Walter deng says:

    Sure, change will come Dr. Nyaba. Even the smallest tribe like Lopit can defeated dinka alone! It is time the 63 tribes unite against jce damming plan!!!

  23. GatCharwearbol says:

    I’m beginning to like JCE and Salva Kiir. When hell broke loose in 2013, tens of thousands of Nuer ethnic group were I hail were murdered cold-blooded. Tens of thousands more were forced to take shelter under UN protection camps all over the South Sudan. My tribe was ridiculed and laughed at. Nonetheless, this tribe didn’t sit helplessly. All able men and women took arms to safe the remaining children, elderly, women and disables. My tribe grappled JCE, Museveni, America with their blackwater, China with their interest in oil, Egypth, Sudan, and others unseen hands. Today, JCE wish they didn’t invest in Nuer killing. What I love about them is the fact that they are killing every South Sudanese making many enemies for themselves. Tens of thousands of Equatorians are displaced to UN camp in Yei, Chollo are displaced to UN camps in Malakal, non-Dinka in western Bhar el Ghazel are in UN camps as well. Thanks you JCE for making us all your enemies. Now we have one thing in common, you killed us innocently and burned down our homes. This is something we cannot resist thanking you for. Laugh at us now, but I am sure we will laugh last.

  24. Lokosang says:

    Dear Mr John Kijana, if the idea of 7 mega states is real then believe me or not the end of the regime is just at cross-road. That is an attempt of a desperate person who started a journey without knowing where he is heading to and when lose he would try the impossibility to find a way out. Imagine they were furiously refusing the deployment of regional protection force and to my surprise last week they accepted the deployment of the force why? because a wild fire is heading towards them from all directions. And now the protection force which was seen by them as a threat now become their saviours. The only way let them leave the leadership to those who are able to lead our nation and at the end of the day we are South Sudanese they will be forgiven and enjoy the dividend. What is important is let us joint our ranks for common good and establish a system that will correct the mistakes of the past so that the same mistakes don’t repeat itself. If that idea came from Taban Deng then he even made it worst. A thieve enters people houses to steal and an evil man come to do evil things not good things so what do you thing will happen if the thieves and evils combined their ranks will happen? think about it.

  25. Abusala Guec Dor says:

    Dear pathetic old Adwok
    you are really dotlish prof of doom. Since you served in the government you have never seen those allegations you have mentioned here. You were minister of higher education and you never established any system of education in south sudan.
    Now you talk about corruption in the country while you are one of the corruptist with your tribes men like Oyai Deng, Obac and Pagan Amuom.
    It is time for Dinka to take action against any tribes against Dinka in the country.

  26. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Lokosong,
    According to the fellow blogger Elhag paul, “truth hurts but it is also liberating”.
    To such context, there is a need for constructive reasoning however painful it could be. Dr Nyaba was a co-author to the events of 1991. If their motive was to overthrow Garang and dispossess him of the power, they quickly missed the point.
    From the first hour, their action was allowed to transform it’s self into a war against jieng in general. The events of 2013 appeared to be the extension of the events of 1991.
    If nuer innocent masses got murdered in Juba in the first hours, the SPLA/IO’s reaction under the leadership of Dr Nyaba and Riek opted to murder every dinka citizen within their reach.
    Now in Equatoria, there is something called MTN hunting and the targets aren’t armed dinka military in Kiir’s army but jieng innocent masses. Out of this context, there is a group of jieng who have risen up to speak in the name of jieng pointing out the SPLA/IO and the equatorian MTN hunters as jieng enemies.
    But u jump out of the bush to denounce the JCE. What common sense do u have in sparing the SPLA/IO and the equatorian MTN hunters when in reality they are the makers of the JCE?!!!

  27. Kokora II says:

    John Kijana
    The axis of evil Kiir, Taban and JCE WILL NEVER WRITE NOR REWRITE ANY CHAPTER OF SOUTH SUDAN. The 200 Years wishful dreams are all garbage. No illiterates from cow dungs who can not even build one hospital or school or construct one kilometer road of tarmac in their areas have the capacity to establish cow kraal let alone establishing new states. Failures are failures they have no future in South Sudan. They belong behind BARS soon or later.

  28. Hoiloom says:


    Salva and JCE are doing a find job in uniting South Sudanese tribes. Nuer were the laughing stock when this conflict erupted in December 2013 but it has affected now almost every ethnicity. The sooner we all realize our common enemy the faster we will set ourselves free. South Sudan will never be Uganda and that is what makes us so special, not bowing to any nasty illiterate dictator supported by tribal supremacy. God Bless!!


  29. GatCharwearbol says:


    Keep doing the excellent work you have been doing comrade, Hoiloom. The maker of mankind and everything selectively gave us the hearts of bravery to withstand brutal activities like what we have been subjected to for so long. We shall overcome and thank indeed to Salva and his think-tank, JCE. We now have a common denominator. We’re or many are realizing this simple path. We will never be oppressed in our homeland… We will always resist. Current civil war is testimony to my statement.

  30. Bentiu Ramaran says:

    ice president Mr.Yes Wanni Igga used to run up and down telling South Sudanese and international community that he would not give his position to Riek Machar again. However, after seeing fire moving around all over the states including Juba, he stop that complaint. I am not seeing him bringing up this complaint anymore why?

  31. mading says:

    Yes people like Adwok who were the cause of 1991 SPLM/SPLA broke up that led to the death of many South Sudanese are still not satisfy with it. Now he is calling for an other Dinkas massacre by other South Sudan tribes, like what Nuer white army did in Bor and other Dinkas areas in 1991-1997.I can not believe that old man like Adwok can picked up what somebody put on the internet in the names of Jieng elders, and used it as evident of 200 years Dinkas plan to rule South Sudan. So I want to let Adwok know that what he is wishing for will touch him too.

  32. Kokora II says:

    Adwok is stating the fact. Stop crying, about 1991-1997, it’s too soon you haven’t seen the worse to come. You Dinkas did this to yourselves so let the real people show you how to run the show.

  33. londani says:

    Mr info has your efforts to Silence Those who tell the truth worked? The rope is closing in soon this website will be an outlet of a wanted fugitive like Konyi. Riack is one step closer to be named as a terrorist and you and your website will soon be driven to the Haag to ICC court. You allowed hate speech to be preached here in this net and the result is a barbaric act like the killing of innocent civilian on Yei road.
    soon you will pay the price of preaching hatred.

  34. Mayendit says:

    Dr. Adwok,
    I have carefully read and understood your article However, the comments given beneath here are not of your intention either. Most non-Dinka think you are a tribalist. they have not understood your article period! I have realised that this is NOT you I know but if truly you are dying too soon, please take my spear with you to HELL.
    Honestly, where, what and when can you do without DINKA as a tribe?
    Adwok I believe you are blaming the misgovernment of South Sudanese and their affairs of which you were part of it,
    Everybody knows that! the people of your calibre are a bunch of idiots, tribalists and hardcovers of truth. anyway you and your colleagues who claims to have entered the high-end school of JAMA KHARTOUM have less to be admired. you and your colleagues have failed us. How could you at this different edge want to mobilise my generation to fight each other. check out for all the rebellions all over the world wether your type and Gen.Gatwech Dual still jump about in the bushes, SHAMELESS generation who were sent to schools because they could not fit to stay with their families. I studied among various tribes of South Sudan but we haven’t what you have in your minds. get the hell out of our minds and sights you bunch of blood-suckers, sadists of all creation and representatives of corrupts of the globe. what have you done to us and this country you old school? beating drums of Dinka master plan to rule for 200 years,what can Dinka people do without the rest in this country? You said to have opposed governments for the rest of your entire life, what will ever appease you is a dust right on your face. Bring back our love and social fabrics you and your colleagues have destroyed or your children will pay dearly.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Your comments above are a true reflection of a kid very much destroyed by the tribal hatred inculcated by your peers and parents and you are a sadistic personification of the ongoing jieng council of elders’ influence on the younger generation of jieng youth which you are in now.
      We have published here stories of how the kiir government and the jieng council have so much corrupted the younger generation many of whom are supposedly in schools and colleges in Uganda, Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia and other places.
      Most of you are so much brain-washed and brain-damaged with your virulent tribal propaganda that all sanity is washed away; most of you are waiting to jump into the corruption pot of kiir and the jce that you only see any non-jieng opposing your kingdom as an enemy. You don’t even show any respect to an elder like Dr. Adwok who has so much bothered just to give an opinion on our history as a nation.
      Of course, as editor, I am already a condemned anti-jieng, by your parochial outlook and perception. Adwok and some of us might not be around in 20 years but just know that with such brain-damaged ‘educated’ jieng South Sudanese like you, the nation of South Sudan at that time will still be unstable and divided or completely fractured into pieces.
      Mark my words, there will be no peaceful or cohesive South Sudan, as you will be suffering from a PTSD (post tribalized stress disorder). Please, just criticize his opinions but not blatantly insulting the good professor.

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