Like a leopard can’t change its spots, Machar can’t change

BY: ELHAG PAUL, South Sudan, AUG/07/2014, SSN;

The layers of disguise worn by Dr Riek Machar from mid December 2013 are peeling off and the true Machar is gradually revealing his character through his own words. The saying that a leopard can not change its spots seems to be true in the case of Machar and the SPLM leaders.

Soon after escaping lynching by President Salva Kiir’s militia, Machar with others rightly set up a resistance to fight against the former’s regime of terror. Machar offered hope by embracing democracy and federalism. Until recently, Machar acted in line with his declarations and he has been greatly appreciated and commended.

However, Machar’s language has started to change after the IGAD meeting of 10th June 2014 which set out a time frame for achieving peace within 60 days. As of today, the clock as expected is ticking away and it is only remaining 3 days for the deadline.

Time is running out fast, realism dictates this frame work is unworkable and failure is awaiting the incompetent IGAD.

Now that Machar is seeing the prospects for peace, he is beginning to play real politik by jostling to achieve maximum gain for himself only. Out goes the democracy he has been singing and in comes his dictatorial approaches to things as always.

Intrinsically, there is nothing wrong for Machar to fight for his survival and his people, but he should have at least been honest to the other oppressed people of South Sudan. He should not have raised their hopes knowing very well that he has no intention to deliver.

Machar should never have presented himself as an alternative national leader who would care for all. It is here that anybody with good values and principles would have problems with his leadership.

This already does not bode well for the Nuer and the people of South Sudan.

Some readers may ask as to why am I raising doubts about Machar now? Any person who claims leadership must be scrutinized and any pretensions exposed for the public to make informed decisions of whether to support or not.

Machar is on record that he wants democracy and federalism in South Sudan. Again, Machar is on record the he wholeheartedly supports inclusivity in the Addis Ababa talks. So far so good.

Talking about democracy, federalism and inclusivity is one thing and acting proactively in promoting the process to yield a democracy and federal system is another. Unless the former (expressed ideals) is seen to be driven by the latter, then the whole process is a sham.

In my previous article, ‘President Kiir violates the May 2014 Addis Ababa agreement’, I referred to Noam Chomsky, the renowned American philosopher on the issue.

Here is what Chomsky said back in the 1960s: “A new society arises out of the actions that are taken to form it, and the institutions and ideology it develops are not independent of those actions. In fact they are heavily coloured by them, they are shaped by them in many ways. And one can expect that actions that are cynical and vicious, whatever their intent, will inevitably condition and deface the quality of the ends that are achieved.”

Machar’s actions in relation to democracy and inclusivity are cynical and vicious and this as highlighted by Chomsky are likely to “deface the quality” of any government led by him.

Simply put, Machar will likely lead a government not different from the current one of President Kiir where tribalism and injustice rule supreme.

Do not forget that Machar deputised President Kiir for 9 years in which he actually said nothing against the system and nothing in support of the people of South Sudan.

Let us face it and let us now look at why Machar’s actions are cynical and vicious. “Machar writes to UN Chief over stalled South Sudan peace process,” reports Sudan Tribune on 25th June 2014. Please also see, ‘South Sudanese rebels express readiness for direct negotiations with government’

In this report, Machar openly undermines the role of the stakeholders and subtly rubbishes them as unimportant. His arrogance matches President Kiir’s.

“It was unnecessary for the talks to adjourn. The two parties should have engaged in direct negotiations while the other stakeholders are reserved for consultation role. On our part we are ready for talks with the government to end the crisis,” James Dak, Machar’s spokesman asserted.

So all along Machar was talking about inclusivity while in fact he has been working behind the scene for exclusive talks between his group and the government.

What is shocking in this revelation is Machar’s honest perception of the stakeholders. He does not value them or even rate them as his equal. Machar only considers them as aides.
People who can be consulted.

“Stakeholders are reserved for consultation role” only. This speaks volumes.

When people talk of stakeholders and inclusivity, it is meant to address issues of marginalisation, disenfranchisement and equality. It is meant for the people to have a real say in what affects them so that they become owners of the end product.

It has not been meant for stakeholders to be “reserved for consultation role.” This derogatory phrase demonstrates the contempt SPLM/A as a whole has about the people of South Sudan.

For the SPLM groups inclusivity means the people of South Sudan can only be consulted for advice which they are at liberty to take or discard.

It is not about genuine participation, recognition and equality on the issues under discussion to solidify legitimacy of the whole peace process.

From this it is clear why the trio: SPLM-IG, SPLM-IO and IGAD worked hard to keep the stakeholders out of the whole process.

Their lip service on the issue is designed to squeeze the stakeholders out of the entire process so that it only remains an SPLM affair, the very party and people responsible for mass death, insecurity, refugee problems for the neighbouring countries and massive internal displacement of citizens.

As things stand, they have in fact succeeded because the stakeholders who matter and could voice the needs of the people are excluded.

For example, Mr Peter Sule and UDF party who abusively have been prevented by President Kiir not to travel to Addis Ababa although he was officially invited by IGAD. Although SPLM-IO boycotted the peace talks on the issue, in reality they were fighting for their own satellite groups.

Now the stakeholders have been squeezed out with the fate of the country left in the hands of the very people who have destroyed it. What chance has South Sudan got?

The question IGAD and the African Union must answer is: how can SPLM/A rescue what they have already decimated?

The SPLM has no idea how to manage the country. They have not had any programme of action since 2005. Both President Kiir and Dr Machar so far have not even articulated any idea of bringing the people of South Sudan together.

Then, how convincing is it for them to be the people tasked with security of South Sudan and the stabilization of the country and the region.

The IGAD process is becoming a real joke. No wonder, the despair with the incompetence of IGAD and the dishonesty of the warring groups is alienating the masses. The result now is product like the recent call for action in Equatoria. Please see

Unfortunately the current IGAD process has taken a negative turn with the people now convinced that in order for anybody to be heard they must wield some form of hard power rather than soft one.

Instead of IGAD being a solution, it is now an added problem. If any hope is to be restored for peaceful solution, then the international community need to respond to the suggestion in, ‘Time for actual solutions for South Sudan – replace IGAD with eminent persons at once’

Like a leopard can not change its spots, Machar can not change. He remains the same Machar that we have always known. He has once again squandered a golden opportunity for him to wash himself clean from his controversial past to emerge as a true leader in South Sudan.
[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


  1. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Paul,

    You have written many articles. Most of them are good and reasonable. Many commentators here like them. Some disagree with you.
    Well, I think writing is enough. You have done your part in this section. It is time for action. If you feel both Dr. Machar and Salva are dictators, you are right to say so.

    Now, let me assure you that you have the same right that Dr. Machar and Salva Kiir have. South Sudan belongs to you and us; it does not belong to these two men. So far, Dr. Machar has been the only man with balls to say no to Salva Kiir. The rest of us, me included, said nothing to Kiir. We just rant and call them names without taking any action.

    My perspective is that it is time to take the bull by the horn. Forget about these two men, take charge and lead. Rescue our people from these men and we are ready to support you. We need new faces especially the young ones. You be the new face and show us the way. We are blindly; we don’t know where we are heading.

    First, set up your party. After this is done, set up training camps for your military. I am optimistic that many will join you. You need military because Dr. Machar and Salva Kiir aren’t going anywhere if you do not crush them militarily. Had it not been for Museveni, Salva Kiir regime was a history. Why? Because Dr. Machar has strong and fierce fighters than Salva Kiir, hence, I advise you to be strong militarily.

    Writing is enough. What are you waiting for? Time for action and we are eager for change!

    • Nikalongo says:

      Gatcharwearbol, Jijury, Deng Hanbol and the likes,

      Guys, I can understand your disappointments and frustrations but Paul is only being sincere with his observation. A leopard remains a leopard regardless of circumstances and so is Dinka Kiir and Nuer Riak. I have said this before and I am saying it now again. The events of 15 Dec. had nothing to do with how South Sudan ought to be governed but everything with the egos of the Nuer and the Dinka communities. Peace talks in Adis is of no use. Why use modern Institutions like IGAD and the Troika to resolve ancient conflicts rooted in a savage past? Move the talks back to some traditional peace sites in Bentui or Mayom where Dinka and Nuer ancestors sued for peace after celebrating enough with the gods of death. Fellow citizens, the mass killings and displacement of the Dinka and Nuer will not end unless politicians, elders and the youths from the two communities agree to amicably resolve their cycle of violence. I understand the will to sit down is still lacking because the deities in Nuer and Dinkeland that feeds of blood of youths in Dinka and Nuerland are yet to get satisfied. That explains why instead of making peace, Nuer and Dinka leaders are running around like idiots drumming support from Equatoria and other regions in the name of federalism to sustain their war machines. Those charm offensives will fail. If Wani Tombe is dissatisfied with Wani Igga he should tell that to the people of Lobonok not some church congregation in Canada. Equatorians unlike the Dinka and Nuer do not blindly follow their leaders.

      Dinka Kiir had the opportunity to resolve party differences peacefully. What did he do? He chose instead to crush the will of his opponents by targeting the innocent Nuer mothers and children sleeping away their nights in the suburbs of Juba. Nuer Riak on the other hand had a golden opportunity to salvage his image from his hideouts to condemn the killings and call for UN and IGAD sanctioned investigations. The death of innocent Nuers in Juba annoyed everybody. What did he do? He joined a group of commanders whose aims were no more than avenging the deaths of fellow Nuers. A leader with a national agenda would have acted differently. Had Riak disassociated himself from the revenge attacks, Kiir would not be a president today. Both Kiir and Riak underestimated the military might of each other. Knowing that over 50 % of SPLA was Nuer, Riak thought fishing Kiir out of office was as easy as fishing in river Sobat. He was deadly wrong. Unknown to him (Riak), Kiir had a trick or so, the saying goes under his sleeves. On the other hand, Kiir thought Nuer SPLA was a collection of units that had nothing in common other than the Nuerness they shared. He (Kiir) was after all the one who brought them (Nuer SPLAs) back from oblivion. He too was deadly wrong. The fully fledged war consuming hundreds of young Nuer and Dinka youths each day is also the result of that miscalculation.

      Yes Gatcharwearbol, you and your kinds keeping on reminding we others of how you (Dinka and Nuer) liberated us (an empty justification but understandable one to continue living in Yei and Nimule. Dinka and Nuerland are hostile places to live in). It is now clear that you are not able to liberate one another from the pit in which you (Dinka and Nuer) now find yourselves. Dinka and Nuer, like the Somalis are a disaster to themselves. When they are not fighting each other, they fight themselves (Dinka to Dinka fights like now in Lakes and Warrap and Nuer to Nuer fights like in Bentui and Nasir). Gatcharwearbol, it is not really different from years back when your people were the sources of unnecessary death and sufferings on the people of South Sudan. Your unstoppable egos then and today not only prolonged the war but caused thousands of lives and displaced hundreds more to a life of misery and poverty in IDP camps in the North. What lessons have you learnt? Nothing. In reality over 50 % of combatants (Dinka and Nuer) killed during the war of liberation were victims of inter-communal violence. So, the talks of having liberated nyamnyams in Equatoria is just a foolish piece of nonsense designed to cover up the senseless deaths of thousands of war deaths Nuer and Dinka youths. How else would their deaths be explained if not disguised as liberators? Truth be told, Equatoria, Jongolei and Upper Nile was emptied not by Murahilin Arabs but by the unnecessary insecurity created by the rivalry between the Nuer and Dinka communities. It took a lot of time and effort by the people of South Sudan and others to make peace between the Dinka and Nuer.

      Gatcharwearbol, that is exactly where we are today again, trying to bring murderous Dinka and Nuer to the peacetable in Adis. Our people need peace and need it now. Dinka and Nuer have made peace before. Why not today? Boasting about the fierceness of the Nuer and Dinka nation and people and bombarding we others of how they (Nuer) are the Israelis of Africa only serves the gods of death. Only barbarians use their numerical advantages and weapons to enforce their wills and versions of peace. We must learn to celebrate life not death. Alhag have no reason to raise a regimented army of hooligans and murderers to hunt Riak and Kiir out of office. He only need to raise an army of peace lovers to keep warmongers out from the presidential palace in Juba and the bushes of Upper Nile. Why must Dinka and Nuer youths be allowed/encouraged to die instead of living to build this country. We must defend peace by preventing war not create war to forcefully keep people in office or install others in office. There is no reason to die defending murderers and thieves that have looted our country clean. Take it from me, those threatening peace (Riak, Kiir and their followers) and violating the right to life will be prosecuted one day. Gatcharwearbol, in politics unlike the cycle of violence between your Nuer and Dinka, I told you in my previous reply, nothing lasts forever. Beshir is no longer our president. Milosevic (died in prison in the Hague), Charles Taylor (in prison), Augustin Pinochet (died a fugitive and saved by old age), Rodavan Karadic (in prison)…etc were all fished out from hibernation to answer charges in the courts whose proceedings they once thought to be insignificant. These were people who wielded a lot of power. That is the fate of our leaders and they know that.

      • Bol says:

        Dear Nikalongo
        “The wise voice from the wilderness of Equatoria”
        ” The death of innocent Nuers in Juba annoyed everybody. What did he do? He joined a group of commanders whose aims were no more than avenging the deaths of fellow Nuers. A leader with a national agenda would have acted differently.”
        Can I just add that if Reik acted differently, Kiir might have been out of the office by now. The killing of Nuer civilians or his failure to protect them, was sufficient enough to get him remove, but the revenge has shifted or decreased momentum of change demand. Dinka lined up behind Kiir as the only way of averting large genocide against them.

      • Nikalongo:

        Honestly, you have never disappointed me with your comments. Please continue to educate those fools. Nobody seems to understand your political advice at all. Let them keep their war in their States. I will ensure that those food lovers and looters will never set their bloody feet in Equatoria and Bhar El Ghazal. I greatly appreciate your neutrality in the political turmoil in South Sudan.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear GatCharwearbol
      Thank you for acknowledging that South Sudan belongs to us. This is very important because it means you understand the concept of public ownership. I believe that what I am doing is a little contribution to the bigger cause of emancipation of South Sudan from the hands of the myopic Jieng. Again thank you for your suggestion to me to “set up training camps for your military.” I do not mean to disappoint you but I do not believe in violence. There is a better way of solving problems and that is through talking. Solving problems through violence will bread more violence and at the end it is a total waste of time and resource. What is happening in South Sudan should teach us to shun guns and encourage us to embrace solving problems through dialogue. We should be tolerant of each other in war of words which builds a better society. I would be a hypocrite not to point out the shortcomings of Dr Machar simply because he is fighting President Kiir. When a supposed leader is not performing well because he/she is not living up to their declarations and commitments, this must be pointed out to protect the society. It is the failure to scrutinise our leaders that has allowed President Kiir to occupy the presidency with deadly consequences. I whole hearted stand with the cause of the Nuer against the horrible crimes committed on them by President Kiir and his Dootku Beny, but this does not mean I should accept and put up with an incompetent Dr Machar who may even worsen the whole situation of South Sudan. After South Sudan having had President Kiir, it needs a competent, conscientious and caring president. Unfortunately I do not think Dr Machar fits such description.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Dear Paul,

        If you do not believe in “violence” how are you going to bring peace to South Sudan? All great changes are preceded by chaos, they are not never preceded by talking. Western world is today in peace because they perfected the art of violence which deter their enemies from messing with them. Do you really thinking talking will deter your enemy? Although it is the proper and inexpensive way, it doesn’t work most of the time. Peace comes after war. It doesn’t happen the opposite way. I urge my Equatorian people to not let either Nuer or Dinka or anybody to walk over you and pretend that you are peace lovers. Your peace loving manner will never stop anybody… you actually expose yourself danger. Any man should prepare for any eventuality. Be it war, talking, and many others difficulties life throw at us.

        • Raan Naath says:

          Elhag Paul,

          It is always sweet to talk of inclusivity. It is a good word to express. However there is bad and good inclusivity. When Dr. Machar and his group demanded inclusivity by calling for inclusion of the OTHER stakeholders in the peace process, they didn’t mean talking directly with them. Why would they when they don’t have any quarrel with them. What they wanted was the other stakeholders presence at the venue of the talks so that they are consulted on issues whenever they arise. But see what president Kiir did. He first refused inclusion of the other stakeholders in the process. And when he and his government was cornered, they decided to distort the intention of the rebels demand by bringing relatives, die-hard loyalists in the name of civil society organizations or other stakeholders. They said these should participate in the direct roundtable negotiations. This was not even the intended inclusivity. As for non-violent approach to the current situation I believe you know that it is not always successful. Leaders like Salva Kiir are not detered by talking or writing. Blood deters them. President Bashir was not willing to back down until SPLM/A waged a war against his government. That gave him the toughest pressure which forced him to make peace. I like your peaceful approach but I at the same time pity you for always playing a victim card which even further victimizes you. You need to apply resistance with equal tool and magnitude. Freedom always has a cost!

        • GatCharwearbol:

          You sounded very confused and disoriented. Did your violence bring any peace in 1991? Why did Riek Machar return to Dr. John Garang, General Kiir and General Wani Igga 2002 after 8 years of violence? Will the violence bring Riek Machar to power? Please be ready to accept the truth as this cycle of violence will not take you anywhere in our world.

    • MAJONGDIT says:

      Liar…same same Nuer attitude of bragging for nothing.
      Uganda got involved only in Bor. Dinkas know what they do with you. You are simply left to fight, get tired and die out like fire. Go to UNMISS and find out their analysis of what they view of this conflict.
      Just embrace peace and you have an option to stay alive.

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

        Keep dreaming as usual. We are fighting seven fronts. Uganda is one, Egyptain is another one who occupy Bentiu, and Palouch Oil Field, JEM and SPLM-N also team up with Egyptian in Bentiu + Mathew Paul militias, Burundi + Rwanda+M23 in Malakal.

        To put you where you belong, Ugandans are also in Malakal, Gadiang, Nasir, and and quarter of Palouch.

        Your scary ass run all over the world asking for help for fear of Nuer. You think you are brave because of the unarm civilians you massacred in Juba using your 15,000 private militias. Is this what you call bravery, coward?

        If it isn’t for Uganda, let them go back or withdraw and let us see your bravery. Let all the seven nations fighting one tribe leave.

    • Bol Akuol. says:

      Dear GatCharwearbol:

      Please be advised that there is no permanent foes in politics and that all the politicians are just like prostitutes. Mr. Elhag Paul has politically skinned president Kiir Mayardit and the Dinkas alive. Now that he has turned to Riek Machar and wanted to skin him alive just like president Kiir Mayardit. You used to praise Mr. Elhag Paul when he attacked Kiir and the Dinkas on this forum. Why are you not praising him today?

  2. BILL KUCH says:

    No doubt, this is your best on searching for relevant answers on the issue. I was curious as you are as well. And I that’s what I were asking on previous discussion, but none gave me an answer.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Bill Kuch
      Thank you for your kind remark. I think it is important for South Sudanese to begin appraising their leaders on merit and competence rather than on tribal affiliation. Supporting leaders on tribal basis will not help the country. We need leaders who look at all South Sudanese as brothers and sisters without any discrimination.

  3. jijury says:

    Brother Paul, you have every right to say what you want to say about Riek Machar, but if I can added my two cents here; where were you several weeks ago when Makuei Lueth postponed the peace-talks claiming that it’s Muslim Holiday. Since when South Sudan became Saudi Arabia where peace talks are rescinded because of Religious Holiday? By the way, let the civil society and the so called stalk-holders make their own agreement with Salva if it will work. Where were they when Nuer were being lynched in Juba like animals? Were they not the ones who keep singing Nuer are being killed as if Nuer ascended from a different planet? Why didn’t they not join Nuer as one people and tell Salva to kill them together? Salva Kiir signed army deals with China if some of you are not aware he believe he will win this war militarily not through peace-talks. Thus let’s not waste our precious time talking about peace accord which Kiir, Makuei, Kuol and Wani Igga are not ready to honor and embrace. If you envied what Salva did, then pick up your gun and join us in the frontline like the rest of Nyamnyam who are now with us fighting to bring about ultimate change in South Sudan . Thanks~ JIJURY

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Jijury
      Macho posturing because you have a gun is unhelpful. Might does not make right. What I have sensed from your remark is that you are a good person but very angry with the “lynching” of the Nuer and you are right to feel like that. Otherwise you would not be a human being. I am not a Nuer and I was not in Juba during the pogrom. But the whole thing reminded me of my own experience as a child in Juba on 8th July 1965. Then the Arab army cordoned Juba off and shot us (South Sudanese) like animals. Please read my narration of the crime in, ‘To achieve peace in South Sudan SPLM/A must be scrapped’
      The killing of the Nuer in Juba which continues to date has re-awakened very painful memories in me and truly deep in my heart I abhor President Kiir. I do not want anything to do with him now or in future because to me he is an Arab in black skin. I can not bring myself to believe that a true South Sudanese can do such a horrendous thing on his brothers and sisters no matter what. Equally, I am not happy with Dr Machar for failing to restrain his army from committing atrocities on the Jieng and others because by doing so he reduced himself to the level of President Kiir. Any credible South Sudanese leader should be better than that. For your information, a lot of people from Equatoria were killed together with the Nuer in Juba but this has gone unreported. I agree with you. There must not be an accord which enables the killers in Juba to remain in power, but it is important to talk them out of power through dialogue and peaceful means. If we all unite and speak one language we will defeat the regime of terror on the table. This is why all the stakeholders should be on the table and not excluded. I know you are angry because I have pointed out unpalatable truth about Dr Machar. That is OK, but I want you to be objective and not allow yourself to support someone blindly or on tribal basis. I do not know whether you are aware about how Dr Machar betrayed his own supporters in 1997 when he defected to Omar Bashir in Khartoum and then again when he betrayed the people he took to Khartoum by abandoning them there when he re-defected to re-join Dr John Garang in Nairobi. There is a high possibility that Dr Machar may do the same by taking a post in President Kiir’s government and abandoning the Nuer and South Sudanese cause. His current insistence to talk to the government only maybe he wants to cut a deal for himself. Think about it brother.

    • MAJONGDIT says:

      They pick up guns to support you and you still call them “Nyamnyam”? Oh, man that is so unfair. That is why most Equatorians think that Dinka are better than Nuer.

  4. Deng Hanbol says:

    Mr. Elhag Paul, I would like to remind you that many of your supporters including myself are displeased with your article against Dr. Machar. I would say this is a political prostitution for a variety of reasons, such as unconstructive criticism against Machar, and non Equatorian communities, and retracting the route taken by the majority of our people. In fact, the people of Equatoria need allies likewise the Nuer, the Cholo, the Feratits, the Muerle and other tribes who are opposing Dinka rule. For your information, the Nuer elders and the chairperson of Nuer community in Ontario invited Dr Wani Tombe when he recently visited North America. The meeting was attended by more than 900 Nuer and Equatorian. He indeed, advocating for genin unity among the tribes which mentioned above because he believes our unity or organizational ability is an asset. In other words, Equatorians, Nuer, Cholo, Feratits and others must unite so as to end Dinka domination. Therefore, your fellow Deng urge you not to retract the route you have already taken or chosen. As for Dr. Machar, what I know so far he will never accept any peace while Dinkocracy president still in power. He will never betray his colleagues particularly, gen. Lado Gore and his people.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Deng Hanbol,
      All tribes could be united against Dinka, but an outcome of their unity would still be chaos without Dinka inclusiveness. Also, lying in order to give yourself credits is not worthy either. I am saying this because none of those tribes you mentioned are seemingly going well with Nuers apart from your claim. You fought Dinka when you were with Arabs side by side, but Dinka persevered. So, please, let alone tribal war because you will never win as you are seeing it now.

      • Deng Hanbol says:

        Bill Kuch whom do you think will believe Dinka again when Gen. Peter Gatdet was about to capture Juba? Any way, the whole world recently stunned by Naath’s power. Mr.Bill, I know that you Dinka it’s very shocking:stunning news that Jienge president and your tribes are being protecting by Ugandan, East African fortuitous troops, Darfurian, Nuban and Funjs. As a consequences, you and your Jaang fellows develop a siege mentality. We are aware that the so called secession of hostilities or peace talks is just to save Dinka from imminent defeat by Nuer warrior. For the people of south Sudan, Dr. Riek Machar is not only a hero but also a saviour and therefore, he’s immensely popular.

        The Dinka extremist have lost much of its political and military leverage. Hence, mr. Bill your president is defending on foreign mercenaries, bribing African leaders as well as some of Obama stuffs. Dinka is a curse of south South. Kiir’s brought shame on the whole Dinka.

        • BILL KUCH says:

          Deng Hanbol,
          All you said is kailoor and no one should buy that! And still, you are not smart to take the national matter as between Dinkas and Nuers. How are you going to win tribal war against the Dinka majority? Well, claiming bravery and not knowing what one is fighting for is fact, if you are coward and smart is then that’s even better than being brave and stupid! You can fight as you want, but you should bear in mind that by the time you will be done, then half Dinka population could be there still. So, please, stop killing innocent Nuers for Riek greediness! Thanks!

        • Deng Hanbol:

          I don’t know how old you were when Peter Gatdet Yak was fighting the Dinkas in 2010? He fought the Dinkas for several years before he dropped his guns and joined the Dinkas in Juba. Please know that there were no Ugandan troops when Riek Mcahar fled Juba on December 15th, 2013. Please check your facts before you pull the hair from our poor heads.

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Dear Cook:

            Welcome back to the forum. With only 200 strong Nuer men fighting 15,000 privately trained army and the rest of more than 1000 Presidential guards for good 24 hours and with only 200 bodyguards, Dr. Machar left Juba with in your very watch leaving you shivering with your AK47 glued to your hand. After the strong White Army responded with lightining speed, guess who ran like a woman to Museveni for help? None but you and Salva Kiir. So don’t even mention about Juba war.

            After you melted or unglued your yourself from your AK47, you came asking me of whereabouts Dr. Machar. You are very pathetic indeed. 15,000 privately trained were so scared of Dr. Machar. That was your opportunity to captured Dr. Machar, but your cowardice manner left you just talking and took your frustration out on innocent Nuer civilians and subsequently landed you a cooking job which you don’t get pay for while UPDF are being paid 300 dollars per week. Shameful indeed.

            Anyway, how is cooking and dish washing for rental troops coming with you?

          • Deng Hanbol says:

            LG. Garang, where were you? I do know that in surfs the internet to get more information on the white arm approaching toward Juba. Yes indeed, you were really very frightened that Nuer would revange. weren’t you?The friend of mine from Jur tribe told me that when most of Dinka in Juba heard that the white arm and hawk gen. Gadet were approaching toward Juba, they quickly ran off. In other words, the movement of the white arm in Juba Bor- road as mentioned by my brother Elhag Paul in one of his articles caused mass hysteria in the Dinka villages and Jinege elites in Juba as well. I quoted”For example, in mid December 2013, the Jieng set out to ethnically cleanse the Nuer without weighing the repercussions that would follow. As a result, the Nuer reacted with a lightening speed which scared the Jieng prompting them to hire UPDF( Uganda People Defence Force) for protection.”

            In fact, lacking confidence, Jaang had difficulty to stay in Juba. They were busy as a bees to loot the oil money and ran away from danger which create by themselves. The fact is, they were about to give up power and ran like cockroaches. But nevertheless, because of Museveni intervention, you came back and now making noise and presumptuous or cocky. Any way, let me tell you this, though some early setback, gen. Peter Gadet and his colleagues have decided to continue fight till they will capture Salva a live or dead.They believe that justice will prevail in the end despite Dinkcroacy conspiracy.They will never stop their goal that means a comprehensive victory. They are tenacious.

            Mr. Garang, for your information, the Equatorian and Naath made a pact so that to fight to gather in the forthcoming battle. Their objective is to defeat their ultimate foe. Please stay tune

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Deng Hanbol
      Thank you for being honest in your remark. I am humbled by your invaluable support. I feel your hurt and pain caused by my article against Dr Machar. I acknowledge it is not good to hurt anybody, but it is absolutely important that we are honest in our appraisal of our leaders. When leaders fail in their duties especially where they publicly declared certain ideals, they must be held to account if we want to build a functioning system and to develop a positive political culture like in other parts of the world. Does my criticism and pointing out of truth about Dr Machar amount to “political prostitution”? Honestly, I do not know how stating the truth amounts to political prostitution. I hope you will be kind enough to explain to me in detail my political prostitution. I stand with the Nuer as a people and this does not mean that I have to accept or put up with Dr Machar who has failed to advance his own declared policy on democracy and inclusivity. If you are saying that in order for me to remain an ally of the Nuer I must unconditionally accept Dr Machar’s leadership, I think that would be an unreasonable expectation. The alliance you referred to relate to the Nuer as people and not Dr Machar as a person. I suppose it is about the interest of the Nuer as a people and if so Dr Machar’s ambition to be a leader can not be tied to it because the interest of the Nuer is larger than Dr Machar. For the alliance to survive Dr Machar must live up to his words and in the event that he fails as now, you may need to replace him with a credible leader else the whole things goes belly up.

  5. AGUMUT says:

    He thought one day he can become a NEW LENIN of South Sudan.

  6. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Dear Elhag Paul,
    I am kindly requesting you to use your slogan or quote that ”Truth hurts but it is also liberating”!
    It is a matter of time and you will definitely admitted that what happened on the 15-Dec-2013 was a failed coup should Dr. Machar keeps on rejecting your uncles and colleagues at the peace talk, because Dr. Riek was annoyed by the crooks of Bribecase parties and some traitors such as the like of Dr. Wani Tombe and the other extreme tribalists, regionalists and opportunists as well.
    By the way i am very sorry to learnt that your uncle Sheikh Abdel-Rahaman Sule was excluded from attending the talk in Addis Ababa, but keep on trying may be they ‘re going to allow him like how they did it to Dr. James Ukok and his Party leader Dr. Lam Akol, now Mr. Ukuk has halted his critical posts about the government as a result of the recent amnesty extended to his Boss to come back home.
    I hope the government has been closely following your articles and their intents or demands such that they can do some about your truthworthy Boss so that you can also halts your senseless writings and joins your countrymates in developing our new nation rather than tearing it apart.
    I know that even your uncle Sule will not blame you anymore because you ‘ve tried your best to sell his CV but it isn’t yielding any fruits at all.

  7. upiu says:

    Riek history can not make any reasonably minded person gravitate towards him and his rebellion. his recent calls for federalism are an attempt to trigger the bloodshed in equatoria to ease his blood-happy swim to presidency since he realized that Nuers blood wasn’t enough to flush him to Juba.
    look at his communique from the Dec.6th press conference in Juba and find his interviews from his earlier days of the establishment of his resistance movement, and you will never find federalism mentioned anywhere.all of a sudden he is a champion federalist. heroism to some, cheap politic to others. his recent history tells it all. you don’t have to go back far in history to expose him.
    it’s no doubt that kiir has failed the nation, but Riek and his rebellion aren’t an answer to Juba failures. besides, Riek is just as responsible for GOSS failures in Juba as Kiir. they both ran the same show.

    • Nikalongo says:


      Thank u brother for the comments. They are one and the same, murderers and thieves using their numerical advantages to destroy rather than build this nation. Idiots.

  8. From this article one concludes that Paul is implying that “Dr Machar is equal to Kiir”. Kerry, the US state secretary, said “Kiir is no equal to Dr Riek Machar.” Who to believe, Paul or Kerry. So far Kerry is to believe. Dr Machar is no equal to Kiir.

    Peace has to be reached by the warring parties first then a lasting cease fire will automatically be signed. And this must be achieved before involving other stakeholders in the negotiation. If they (stakeholders) are included, how are they going to end the war? Besides, do they have a genuine case to put on the negotiating table other than negotiating about the transitional government of national unity. See the position paper of the political parties in opposition lead by Dr Ajawin.

    Paul, the case of South Sudanese people killed by kiir will never be hijacked and ignored. Pagan Amom said “the killing of Nuer civilians should be a reason for the war.” What a fake and naive leadership. Do you know that the cause of this war is the unreasonable killing of innocent civilians from Nuer ethnicity in Juba?

    The stakeholders have not condemned kiir for this crime, Dr Ajawin had not stood up to criticize kiir even the religious leaders did not stand up boldly to condemn kiir for these atrocities. If they (stakeholders) did not condemn these ill practices of kiir regime, what else are they going to debate about in Addis Ababa? The transitional government is not the aim, Mr Paul, but it is the structure of this government which matters. And before addressing this structure in the national round table we need to end the war by signing a genuine cease fire agreement respected by both sides.

    The previous cessation of hostilities agreement signed by both sides was and is not honored by kiir government: the agreement includes the withdrawal of Ugandan troops and other foreign forces such as JEM, SPLA-N and other army fighting for either sides in South Sudan. However, Paul, IGAD and the international community accused Dr Riek Machar of not honoring agreements.

    All in all, Dr Riek Machar is right to restrict this negotiations between the two warring parties till a genuine cease fire is achieved then stakeholders can then come in to continue negotiating the transitional government of national unity.

    Paul, you have the right to criticize Dr Riek but at the same time you have to see the case from different angles so as to avoid being bias.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      South Sudan-iam
      I totally agree with you. Dr Machar is not responsible for the mess in the country. Dr Machar honoured the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement throughout from the time it was signed in January to date. It has always been the government of President Kiir manipulating and violating the agreement. IGAD and the International Community in Washington accused Dr Machar of not honouring the agreements. This is rubbish. I strongly believe IGAD, USA and President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda have connived to vilify Dr Machar unfairly and unjustly which is totally not right. The whole approach of IGAD and USA to me is unhelpful. Like you, I am disappointed with Obama’s administration for stooping so low. However, the point of my argument is to do with the behaviour of Dr Machar. He says one thing and does another. It is just wrong and will not help the Nuer or South Sudanese on the whole.
      Out of my own volition, I am offering advice to Dr Machar. It is up to him to take or leave it and this is on the accusation levelled against him as a violator of the agreement. Dr Machar needs to call a Press Conference urgently to counter and expose the inaccuracies peddled in Washington as baseless accusation. The argument should be there has not been any agreement for him (Dr Machar) to honour because right from the beginning the government of South Sudan and IGAD jointly have been in breach of the agreement. Every time the agreement is renewed they breached it by refusing to withdraw foreign forces from South Sudan. IGAD through President Yoweri Museveni is maintaining Uganda forces fighting against South Sudanese freedom fighters. President Kiir is maintaining JEM and SPLM North from the Sudan. Therefore, the announcement made in Washington by Secretary John Kerry and IGAD is baseless.

      • Deng Hanbol says:

        My compatriot Paul, I strongly agree with you Dr. Machar must call for a Press Conference as soon as possible.

      • Elhag Pual,

        I am so please with your response to South Sudan-iam. He (Riek) need to reject the accusation against him by John Kerry, IGAD, UN openly without fear no matter what action they will take against him. For example, last week Dinka and Nuer soldiers in the government fought in Maban in Upper Nile state, but the UN accused Riek too for that simply because those who fought were Nuer although the UN know those Nuer were not under Riek authority.

        However, Riek has not respond to that no make sense accusation either. However, I do appreciate South Sudan-iam too for bringing up good question. When innocent Nuer were Massacred and are still being massacred in Juba today, no stakeholders, no Canal Bishop, no Archbishop, no Priest, no Pastor, IGAD, UN, US condemned the killing. Only Nyadeng Garang and Peter Adwok Nyaba condemned the massacred of Nuer in Juba very strongly.

        I know in this world whoever own the money and resources win public support. If you Elhag Paul has been excited for the Massacred of Nuer in Juba, then it is fine. Nuer know their own problem.

  9. The previous cessation of hostilities agreement signed by both sides was and is not honored by kiir government: for example the agreement includes the withdrawal of Ugandan troops and other foreign forces such as JEM, SPLA-N and other army fighting for either sides in South Sudan, but they have not withdrawn their forces from South Sudan which is a breach to the agreement. However, Paul, IGAD and the international community accused Dr Riek Machar of not honoring agreements.

  10. Achiek Mach says:

    That’s one of the reasons why you don’t just jumped into the boat in the first place without knowing exactly what’s in the boat! However; how would you know; when you were acting like a four year old! There is a saying in Dinka that goes “you only convince a fool when he comes back”! I hope you’ve now learn a good lesson about Riek Machar.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      You are absolutely right on your point and I have seen some people here getting mad because Elhag Paul is being truthful. And those who are really uncomfortable hearing are Dr. Riek’s supporters , especially Nuers. But, don’t give me wrong here, I know that Nuers are not all Dr. Riek supporters on the issue. Well, I can simply say, that don’t blame Elhag Paul for telling the truth at the moment because Dr. Riek cannot even support his standing ground. Dr. Riek was fooling Equatorians on Federalism for his hiding agenda. And luckily, Equatorians were not stupid to fight for him, and now as you are seeing, Dr. Riek is closing doors on them by trying to have an agreement behind doors with President Kiir’s administration only. He don’t know by doing so, that all South Sudanese he thoughts for support are not going to be pleased with him no more. Thanks!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Achiek Mach
      There is a famous saying in Khartoum local Arabic which says: ‘Da rakib mein wein? Adi gerrsu, keli yenzil’ literally meaning: where has this one boarded the bus from? Give him back his dime and let him alight. This is my answer for you. Have a nice time.

      • Chol Mading says:

        Dear Paul
        If you’re implying that Dinka were inferior to ride in a vehicle; then there is no point you would be calling for Kokora in the 1970s and early 80s for Dinka to leave Juba!
        How would you be calling for Dinka to leave Juba at that time in order for you to have better jobs that Dinka were having; if you were anything other than just being lesser than Dinka! If you want to talk about class; it should at least make sense.
        If I am doing better than you are in Bor; then why should I care if you Paul should leave Bor, Rumbeek, Awiel, Gokrial or not? I would care less because I am holding my superior job and it’s secure from anyone no matter where they came from. And this is how you talk about class!

  11. General Thoon -Anyar Aywien says:

    Criticizes Riek Machar, entire Nuer will start spluttering venom and growling like mad dogs. Why do you think Riek Machar is untouchable or immune from any criticism? Let me make it clear, all South Sudanese are seeing the so called Machar, as an elusive selfish and tribalistic leader with exception of you dumb Nuers. Evidence speaks for itself when he was VP in Juba, his office staff from bodyguards cleaners to office managers are from one tribe “Naath”.
    Now as rebel and wanted person, almost the whole army of murderers and looters from one tribe “Naath”.
    98% of his foreign offices representatives and other head of committees are from one tribe “Naath”
    Even though some stupid Nuer will argue that the rebels leadership represent the whole tribes of South Sudan, its total rubbish, don’t talks of those bogus opportunistic people like those of Wani Tombe, L. Gore, Mabior or Dau. Those people represent nothing in their communities leave along within South Sudanese elite. Those strong leaders from SPLM G11 were not fools when they turn down Machar claims of belonging to his rebellion.
    That is why Mr. El Haj Paul analysis is 100% correct, like a leopard can’t change its spots, Machar can’t change.
    So there is no different between the two man Kirr & Machar mentality of dominance & tribalism.
    Stop worshipping that Leopard, my fellow Naath.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Dear General Thoon-Anyar Aywien,

      I am not sure if you know what you are talking about here. If you do, for how long you will keep your head in the sand. Don’t you know what cause this rebellion? What is the root cause of it?

      If the issue here is Dr. Machar, why did you murder innocent children, women, and elderly who were just minding their own businesses in Juba? Did they plan your purported Coup together with Dr. Machar? Is this the logic you would want to tell me? — Do not brush aside this question.. Why Kill innocent Children, Women, Elderly if the problem is Dr. Machar?

      When it comes to representation, you answered yourself here. The rebel consists of only Naath tribe. Do you know why? If nobody is ready to side with Naath, then why should they need to be represented? You have to be part of the institution to be represented? You completely lost me here when you know full well that the rebels are only Nuer and you demand others to be represented while they are not part of the rebellion.
      For instant, is SPLM-IO represented in your Government? If so, tell me who is representing the SPLM-IO and be specific; I want names. If not, please remain in your cocoon peacefully. The Naath will continue to fight all the mercenaries and the rest of the 64 tribes. Have a good life, pal‼

      • akolf says:

        Dear GatCharwearbol.

        Most of Nuer Civilian in Juba are armed by Riek Machar Residential Areas 107,new site and their supporters for War,so please those are not inncent civilian.they are militia recruited by Riek Machar.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Are you telling me that Dr. Machar armed even the unborn, the 5 years old, the elderly, and the women? Say the truth and it will set you free! Thank you for trying to pull the wool over my eyes.

  12. O'hide says:

    Dear readers
    Many of us are just supporting Macher blindly because he is the only person currently hitting Dinkocrates hard. At the beginning of the conflict Macher was in support of dialogue including all the south sudanese civil societies and other political parties in order to come up with an acceptable system for all, but now the man is diverting from his original settings, that is why El hag is against it.Macher is trying to side line this stake holders and the end result will be marginalisation for the majority of South Sudanese.People like Paul are not blind supportors of leaders,they follow you through to what you said.Infact South Sudanese must follow their leaders and hold them accountable to what they said. Macher must not play around he must be held accountable.South Sudanese are not Kids.

  13. Leader says:

    Dear paul,
    it is good now that you have come to your senses earlier than some of your colleagues. Those of Alfred Lado Gore, Wani Tombe, K. Mulla and other Equatorians and Dinkas/Shilluk will later regret their alliance with Riek as did those of Lam Akol, Adwok Nyaba, Marial Benjamin, John Luk in the ’90s.

    I am not saying the Govt led by Kiir is good. It is bad by all standards and should be changed but not by Riek and his Nuer group. He is basically coming to do what is being done by Salva Kiir and even worst in my own believe. He and his Nuer group are envious of the massive corruption being done by Salva Kiir Dinka Rek group and want to takeover and do the same thing for themselves.

    Apart from shifting positiuon on the issue of stakeholders and federalism, please try to scrutinise his recent appointments to various positions in the SPLM/IO, UN, US, etc. All of those appointed are Nuer and very young guys of less education and experience. Like the one he appointed to the UN was an assistance inspector in his office.

  14. False Millionaire says:


    Welcome back to the premier leaque brother.This is where u belong but never the ignoble second leaque where u unduely play the role of a small defender of KOKORA federalism inciting along the way tribal ill feelings n violence.

  15. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Leader,

    Yes, all of the appointees are Nuer because the resistance movement is 99.99% Nuer. You have to be part of institution to be represented. Do you want Dinka Renk to be represented in Nuer’s resistance movement? Apart from Nuer sellouts, are Nuers in the opposition represented in Kiir government? If not, then what you are whinning about?

  16. AGUMUT says:

    It seems like Elhag Paul is shifting from Federalism and Riek Machar again because he has seen Capital City took a WHEELCHAIR towards Wau or Warrap.(Between WAu,Warrap and Ramciel in future)

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Agumut

      Enjoy reading my response below. I have included a link for details.

      “Equatorians should not back down from their rightful demand for federalism. They are the first people to call for federalism in independent South Sudan in their conference held in Nyakouran in mid April 2011. Equatorians consistently pioneered federalism in independent South Sudan and it would be a disaster for them not to follow it through regardless of what the Jieng do. The importance of this is to assert the fact that all South Sudanese are equal and nobody must be allowed to intimidate others. South Sudanese fought to obtain this right from Khartoum. Therefore no South Sudanese must accept this kind of abuse. This is a principle that people died for and it can not be conceded simply because somebody does not like it for no credible reason or anger. Appeasing the Jieng will only feed into the stereotype that Equatorians are cowards and slaves, but it would set a precedent which psychologically will always make Equatorians insecure and undetermined.”

  17. John Kijana says:

    Dear Paul,

    As an admirer of your literary and journalistic acumen in most of your writings, I beg to disagree with your views articluated in your current article that tends to portray Dr. Riak as a “villain and not a victim”. Here, this is twisted and convoluted logic at its best. Dr. Riak´s hesitant attitude towards an all-inclusive-stakeholder particpation in the Addis peace talks is justifiable. Kiir literally hand-picked civil society representatives from within Juba with no representatives included from the “liberated areas”. There were no selection criteria circulated to both conflicting parties by IGAD mediators on who, how many participants were allowed. Equally, specific mandate and roles for these stakeholders in the peace talks were not defined. Under such circustances, it is inevitable that Dr Riak would be hesitant. What is required now, is push Kiir to the edge, make him give in to diplomatic and political pressures. Most readers contend that Dr. Riak may just be as bad as Kiir, but the former is intelligent and shrewd unlike the latter who is less intelligent and foolish.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear John Kijana

      Thank you for your comment especially the nice words about me. I have no problem with your disagreement. That is normal and OK for us to disagree. If Dr Machar is refusing to have the stakeholders included because “Kiir literally hand-picked civil society representatives from within Juba with no representatives included from the “liberated areas”” then Dr Machar should question the criteria for definition and selection of the stakeholders. This should be the grounds for his argument. But to agree on the principle and also to select his own stakeholders to the talks then after all that he comes with a lame excuse like, ““Stakeholders are reserved for consultation role” is unacceptable. This is what to borrow your words is “convoluted logic”. If your argument truly is the position of Dr Machar then this will even raise more questions and no doubt his image will be more tarnished.

  18. kikisik says:

    Mr. Alhag Paul,
    Thank you very much for writing this article. I am one of your fan who always enjoys all of your writing in this site. I might agree to disagree with this particular article. What do you think Dr. Riack could do since vultures like those of Pagan wanted to highjack the whole process in the name of stakeholders.
    For your information, Riek is not willing to be part of the transitional interim government on condition that Kiir(Innu) step aside nor do the G3 or G7either because there were betrayers. Somebody like Pagan should shut up because he was part of the mess being the secretary of this useless party call the splm/a.
    Black Brother Paul, this time it is not going to happened what happened in 1972 when General Joseph Lagu handed the presidency to fox Abel Alier in a golden plate.
    “Leaders comes Leaders goes, but South Sudan will remain forever”

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Pagan has the right to participate in peace process because Dr. Riek wanted them released. He thought they were supporting him and not knowing that playing politics games could end up in an unpredictable direction.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Kikisik
      I note that you have branded me as ‘Black Brother Paul’. That is OK with me and I am not fazed with its likely connotation. But I also would like to express my appreciation to the fact that you have said. ‘I am one of your fan who enjoys all of your writing in this site.’ Kikisik, it is OK for you to disagree with my criticism of Dr Machar. This is normal, we are not supposed to agree on everything otherwise we would not be free and independent agents, We will agree on some things and disagree on others and this is healthy as long as there is no violence. If you think and believe that Dr Machar should not be held responsible for violating his own declared policies, then so be it. However, I disagree and I think that Dr Machar’s history and his current behaviour raises serious doubts about his ability as a leader. People supported Dr John Garang during his time blindly even when the evidence was nakedly glaring. Now see what the result is – a Dinkocracy that is eating up everything including the SPLM itself. Dr Machar’s current behaviour is similar to Dr Garang’s then and the end result no doubt will be a disaster.
      As with regards to the vultures – who fought for their freedom? Was it not Dr Machar who loudly said they should be released as valuable resource to the talks? At the time, were the detainees referred to as stakeholders? Have they not always been called SPLM Leaders? Are they not friends of Dr Machar who fought President Kiir together before the implosion of the SPLM? Think about this issue carefully as it is important. The term stakeholder came into South Sudan politics in relation to inclusion of civil societies and all the other political parties in the country. These make the stakeholders. If Dr Machar is a democrat as he claims he should be able to talk and convince these stakeholders on the table. Dr Machar must learn to win people and not to run away from people based on assumptions only. If you scrutinise this problem careful you will not miss to see that what Dr Machar is doing is the normal dysfunctionality of the SPLM. Have a nice time.

  19. Dr.Duol Tut says:

    We in SPLM IN Opp remain the fountain of hope to the people of South Sudan.The concern we have raised to the IGAD and UN about the criteria of inclusivity and later exclusion of stakeholders is for the interest of the people of the South Sudanese we are fighting for.We champion and campaign for participation of other stakeholders which you honesty acknowledge but the criteria of selection was flawed by IGAD sectariat with influences from Juba agents which made us suspicious.If you remember very well during the first round of stakeholders participation only Juba sponsored parties were represented and others stakeholders parties and CSOs which are not juba puppets were denied tarvels despite having special invitation from IGAD but the same IGAD didnot complaint about that blutant violation. How do you call such groups are representaives of other stakeholders when they are obviously representing Kiir govt? Have you not heard of Deng Athuai assasination attempt when he talk agaisnt the view of the govt which sent him to Addis?My brother,lets us be honest when are discussing nationnal affairs.Our recent request to have direct talk with the govt is alienated by the fact IGAD and Juba govt has hatched a plan to undermine people aspiration by using SPLM DC and former detainees position papers as view of others CSO without compromise from all the groups.You know very well the people moment is fighting actively the SPLMDC military wing led by Gen Olony and detainees are under Juba accomodation in Kenya.How do you call those groups the representatives of the people and they are the agents of anti-democratic regime in Juba? FYI,Dr Machar is being guided by objectives of the resistance and no matter how much amount of pressure put on him as an individual he will never succumb to masquaraders of peace unless the root cause of this conflict is address and South Sudan is restructure in dispension of federal democratic system.Have a nice weekend!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Dr Duol Tut

      I understand everything that you have expressed. But why is it a problem to talk to all the stakeholders? After all you only want to the government which is the real problem. If you can talk to the government, why is it a problem not to talk to President Kiir’s agents?
      You have talked about root cause of the problem – what is it? Can you enlighten me?

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Thank you very much for your enlightenment. I do not blame Paul because he never deal with our brothers, the Dinka. By limiting the talk to the only warring parties, Dr. Machar is trying pin down Juba. It doesn’t mean he does not like the other stalkholders. If anything, he has the upperhand on the stalkholder accept the puppets of Salva Kiir which the IGAD wants to participate and segregate the others stalkholders who are sympathizers of Machar. I don’t think my brother, Paul sees this.

      Again, thank you.. this is an eyes opening to some of us who are not in tune with what is taking place in Addis Ababa. IGAD becomes Kiir’s invicible puppet.

    • Nikalongo says:

      Citizens, why do we allow the bloodthirsty Nuer and Dinka communities to fool us around? During the war of liberation, communal rivalry between them killed thousands, displaced many more and prolonged the war. The war dead were politely christened liberators. After the CPA, they dominated the SPLA, the security sector, finance, the civil service and most of all looting us clean. If u want prove, go to universities and cities in East Africa. Yes! It is their oil money. But it is also their war. Let them fight and fight it alone. This conflict like others before it is not about South Sudan. It is about their egos. Having Wani Igga, Alfred Lado Gore as vice Presidents to the Warlords does not give the conflict a national character. These are cosmetic appointments. We give legitimacy to the conflict when we actively support the warring parties. They must be made to understand that, the conflict is communal (Nuer-Dinka, Dinka-Dinka and Nuer-Nuer).

      The peace talk in Adis is not going to resolve that conflict as long as Dinka and Nuer politicians see no reason why they must not be allowed to fight. There is a net figure to be met. That is, they know how many must die before enough is enough for now. How did they resolve their conflicts in the past? White bulls with twisted horns or whatever bulls prescribed by the village shaman in his dreams to maximise the effectiveness of the peace rituals. Modern institutions such as IGAD cannot be used to solve century old conflicts rooted in a savage and superstitious past. IGAD, UN and the Troika should close the talks in Adis and transfer the responsibility back the to elders in Nuer and Dinkaland. Resources currently invested in the talks should be diverted to fund the relief efforts instead of paying hotel bills, pocket money and air tickets to the Nuer and Dinka kleptocrats, murderers and their supporters in between.

      Tut, I agree with you that Dinka Kiir (government) and Nuer Riak (opposition) must be allowed to negotiate with each other just the way they did in the old days whenever there was a conflict. The third party should exclusively be non Nuer and Dinka people of South Sudan. The Nuer and Dinka who are interested in peace and knows its values can make their own pressure groups to convince their people to make peace. We are ashamed to share this country with you Tut and your cousins the Dinka. It is time we the non Dinka and Nuer condition you to make peace or we amicably divide this country. You can take ur oil with. No wealth sharing agreement please. We will be willing like any other law abiding nation in Equatoria or whatever the name of the country that will be left to receive and accommodate the Nuer and Dinka communities as Refugees. We cannot possibly spent all of our time moving from crisis to crisis. There is a saying in West Africa that “monkey dey work baboon di chop”. Tut, I suppose u are a knowledgeable person, have pity on ur people. The ordinary Nuer and Dinka have worked and died enough for the elites among u. It is time u reward them.

      • Eastern says:

        Nikalongo your comment should be an eye opener to those blindly supporting the current senseless war. I quite agree that it is Dinka-Kiir verses Nuer-Riek affair.

        It is a pity that we share a country with people with no sense of humanity; lots claiming to be the authors of the new country. It is a shame.

        The savage behaviour of the Dinka and the Nuers has absolved the other South Sudanese. We need peace in South Sudan or the other South Sudanese will have to curve out a section of the country where they can make peace and accommodate ‘moderate’ DInka-Kiir and Nuer-Riek as refugees.


        • Dear Eastern and All Equatorians who blame Nuer for the war:

          You need to learn that Nuer did not started the war and we are fighting for self-defense. Now put yourself in the place of Nuer. You were targeted because of your ethnicity what would you do? You all the Equatorians who blame Nuer for the war, advise me today what Nuer should have done differently after they were Massacre in Juba on December 15, 2013? Do you want us to arrest Riek and handed him over to Salva? Is it a crime for someone to declare him or herself candidate for presidency position?

          Tell me today why are you blaming us while we were and still the victims? Remember that a judge never accused the two individuals who involved in conflict. The judge always determine by all means who is wrong for the incident that took place. Even a dump and most foolish judge cannot conclude that the two people who fought were both wrong? at least one of them must be wrong.

    • Martin L says:

      “Juba govt has hatched a plan to undermine people aspiration by using SPLM DC and former detainees position papers as view of others CSO without compromise from all the groups.”

      Then why can’t SPLM-IO nominate civil society group from liberated areas and diaspora? The fact of the matter is the problem is no longer a SPLM-IG, SPLM-IO or G-10, it is a problem that affects all south Sudanese… and it requires participation of all stockholders..

  20. False Millionaire says:


    U make me wonder brother:have u ever been an assistant to the portugee magician football coach of Chelsea Football Club named Joseé Marinho?The guy is a hoolywood comedian without having ever lived a day in America,leave alone participating one second in an amateur’s comic sketch.He is the best as a worker.No question about that.But his bazzare mixture of provocations,the likes of the absurd examples of jiengs marching cows with good oxen by foot from WAU for marriage in NIMULE,just to prove to every one that they have paid the dowery n that they r very proud about it.

    The funny ways of this magician:insulting players openly in the media to motivate them;threatening club owners n presidences inorder to get the best conditions possible n voluntarily canceling his professional cotracts n walking away in broad day light with fans tearfully following him for autographs.But at the end,every one is forced to have him come back in a read carpet becouse nothing can work without him as director.NOW in ur case,ur last article:jieng vile plan,republicans n tribalists alike lynched n burried u alive in the comments.Even myself I thought u were gone forever.BUT NO!!!U came back n stole the frontline from the republicans so that now the same people who lynched n burried u r thesame ones shawering u with flowers in a show of appreciation in their comments… incredible but good news to our struggle.U appear too good to b true n u have disarmed us.The red carpet is here for u.Go drive our wagon n count on us for better as for worse.U only have to b aware that we r for unity n justice but neither racists nor tribalists.These r our simple preconditions.I hope u would not find them too difficult to respect.

    There r many among us who believe that u live in England.I know England by way of briefe adventures.One week in london:precisely in Holloway neighbourhood.Another two days in Birmingham.I apprecite England.The minimum that I know about it’s history:the normands’ conquest,foundation of baronial assemblies leading to the parliament n the origin n development of the english law.It’s founders laid the best foundation so appreciated that many great world’s revolutionaries like Karel Marx,Mark Engel,Chairman Lenin,Ghandi n Nelson Mandela went their either to do something or to learn somthing.Giving the facts of our desperate situation,our expectations r such that we hope for great contributions from those of u in England.

    In fact in terms of potential economic wealth today,our country is far well off than England.There r no questions of poverty here with regards to our country n the society.It’s not me to tell u about our great reserves of natural resources n the best rain forest n savanah environments which u allready know:for a very small population size.It’s the bad leadersip that has brought confusion among us n which has put us into grave divisions.As such we find it hard to see any other solution than violence.This is wrong n we must resist any temptation leading to this as a solution to our problems.I thank brother NiKaLONGO so much for standing very firmly in his comments against incitations of tribal ill feelings n violence.The problem of the bad leadership n the need to change it with a good one is a problem for all of us.So we must unite to struggle togather to achieve it.The need for federalism for good administration of our country is a problem for all of us.So we must unite to struggle togather to achieve it.What we don’t need is ambiquity that could b exploited by our enemies inorder to deal set backs to any progress of our struggle.So no elements in our exchanges in this forum should imply that we r druming up for tribal ill feelings n violence in the place of mobilisation for unity n struggle for our common interests.

    • Eli says:

      Mr False,
      Are you a sports writer or history lecturer? You are amazing man. However you seems to be a member of the Juba regime. For your info. “Don’t count your chicks before the eggs hatch” an adage saying.
      The so-called resources you are boasting about is illiterally not yours, it belongs to the Chinese, the Indians, the Malaysians and whoever the regime is prearranging to sell it for and they are borrowing ammunition in return of that so-call underground wealth. Do you still remember, before the eruption of the current conflict , how many deals were signed? Kirr was inking and giving consortium deals almost everyday to foreign multibillion contracts from the date he took power?
      All those deals president Kirr signed were legally binding agreements irrivokabe, all those companies are just waiting for stability to resume and you will shall see how fast your country shall be raped by them.
      Just see an example from DRC Congo what is happening after Mabuto SSesseko died, he already signed out a chunk % of Congolese wealth to foreigners. I am just informing you that, don’t predict your future in the hands of foreigner.
      Eli Wani SSNLF

  21. kikisik says:

    Thank you very much Dr. Duol Tut for your excellent comments.
    “Leaders come, Leaders go, but South Sudan will remain forever”

  22. Deng Awut says:

    What come to the mind of Alhag paul nowadays, I never talked bad for this current government[corruption and lack of development] until the war was caused by them. for me as part of SPLA who fought with Jallaba just keep quite because i knew the suffering people had went through. those of Paul have have come in with strategies to manage one sector for our gov’t any ministry. have you not seen three people now in south Sudan, Dr Marial Benjamin the best Minister, Western Equatoria Governor, the good one. Malaak Ayuen doing his best now hate and phillip Aguer but hate by some few due to this conflict but during Heglig war, they were well praised for booasting moral of SPLA.

    Paul has come now to his sense, he was typically a prodigal son and has come back now from his sundry life.

  23. Makoi Mayen says:

    I give credit where it is earned. Many thanks dear Paul

  24. Thon Giei says:

    El- Hag Paul had placed himself in among the followers of Machar. Now he has begun to take a U turn. He is now making the Riek(ists )to test what he used to offer to the Kiir(ists).

  25. jijury says:

    Ustaz Paul, I know that you have written openly about the Nuer killing in Juba this is something I can appreciate you for it, I but cannot praise you because this what we all should do if are really one people one nation as they always sing it on SSTV. As for Riek leaving his supporters behind, I was young in Khartoum when Riek told his supporters to leave Khartoum because Jallaba had dishonored the KPA. Dr. Riek even provided them with ships, cars all shorts of transportations But Jinubeen are very difficult people to deal especially when Jallaba were bringing money with bags. They turned their backs called Dr. Riek all kind of names, nonetheless he tried best to convince some of them though plenty who were after money left. Finally, I’m not someone who can follow somebody because we share the same ethnic background no. if that person doesn’t have love for South Sudan and South Sudanese people. However, Dr. Riek loves South and its people. Even if he becomes a president tomorrow he will select his ministers based on their qualifications. you will never see him appointing 5 Nuer behind him it’s not going to happen. .

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Jijury
      Thank you for coming back to me. It is good for us to have these exchanges to enable us understand each other better. Truly, I highly appreciate it. You state: “ Ustaz Paul, I know that you have written openly about the Nuer killing in Juba this is something I can appreciate you for it, I but cannot praise you because this what we all should do if are really one people one nation as they always sing it on SSTV.” Let me assure you, I do not write because I want to be praised or become some sort of a celebrity. I write to express my views and conviction of what I think and believe is right. Let us also be clear, I do no claim to be right all the time. Sometimes I make mistakes and when this happens I use it as an opportunity to improve and be a better person. Because I know all of us are fallible, I judge people on the basis of their ability to change. Recently I appraised Dr Machar positively, not because I wanted praise or support of the Nuer but simply because he was beginning to do the right things by the people of South Sudan and the Nuer people in particular. Therefore it was only fair to give him credit. Please see ‘President Salvatore Kiir violates the May 2014 Addis Ababa agreement’ in which I assessed the political performance of Dr Machar.
      Here is my assessment: “Dr Riek Machar, the leader of SPLM-in-Opposition narrowly escaped death on 15th December 2013 at the hands of President Kiir’s private militia popularly known as Dootku Beny (Koch Beny). Since then Riek in my assessment, give or take, seems to have become more understanding of the flaws of Juba politics. Unlike the Riek of pre December 2013, the new Riek appears to live up to his word. Riek has offered the people of South Sudan democracy and federalism in opposition to Dinkocracy and the phoney decentralisation in Juba. So far his offer appears to hold.
      It is highly possible that Riek’s unpleasant experience in the hands of President Salvatore Kiir has jolted him and turned him into a pragmatist. Riek now seems to display a mature understanding and care towards others. We do not have to go far to look for evidence. Riek on fleeing Juba on 15th December 2013 to save his life and set up resistance with others against the tyrannical regime of President Kiir, he prioritised and rightly so, the safety and lives of his colleagues who remained in Juba.
      In the first talks under the mediators (IGAD) in January 2014, Riek honourably made the release of his colleagues (dubbed SPLM G11) detained in Juba a condition in the talks. Riek faithfully stuck to this condition which saved the SPLM G11 from the gallows of President Kiir. Shamelessly, the SPLM G11 once freed and out, shunned RieK without acknowledging the great effort he exerted to save them. This in itself is a topic for another day.
      No one in this ungrateful group of SPLM G11 should ever dream of leading the country as they seem to fantasise with the idea now. Their reputation is tainted. Their behaviour unsurprisingly symbolise the rot in Juba of which they have always been a part and parcel of.” Up to this point Dr Machar was doing well and I had no problem with him. However, his recent backtracking from policies he declared is very concerning and he must be held to account.
      Regarding the issues surrounding Dr Machar’s defection to Khartoum in 1997 and from Khartoum to the bush in 2002, the evidence of his poor leadership is well documented. You tried to defend Dr Machar on this issue with your own observation of the situation at the time in Khartoum. However, by your own admission you said you were a young person in Khartoum. This admission by itself shades doubts on your defence of Dr Machar simply because by being young your perspective might not necessarily have captured the true situation. I would urge you strongly to revisit the issue by researching it thoroughly for yourself.
      Given the above, all the supporters of Dr Machar would do him good by criticising him positively so that he improves rather than reinforcing his poor leadership by supporting him blindly.

  26. False Millionaire says:


    Sir,U refuse to admit u r a cousin of dr Francis Mading Deng but say that u r dor,NyamNyam:ok,me personally I know exactly who u r.U r our great uncle honorable Ali Bilal from Nandi in western Equatoria,living second life inorder to accomplish total mental liberation of south sudanese citizens.How else could one explain ur outstanding knowledge about dinka n nuer?!But it’s very unfortunate that God did’nt multiply u in ten…

  27. alex says:

    Dear South Sudanese
    There has been since in beginning of this war a problem and this a African typical problem of power hungry. Leaders when they want to come to power, they hide their true nature and they drag with them those who can not think independently. Foolishly enough, people put brave faces to defend the wrong side with slogans of democracy, justices, equality and freedom. The question then is, do we really know what is democracy and a freedom fighter? People who fought for democracy are true leaders like John Grang de Mobior Neleson Mandela and Gandi of India. Comrade John Garang de Mobior was fighting for true freedom of Sudanese people, that is why throughout the search for peace in Sudan, he was willing to negotiate with anyone in Khartoum. Even the worse enemy like NIF party. Garang was able to convince them what a true democracy looks like, he championed his ideas and he was able to prove to the Arabs that, they were on the wrong side.This resulted in Kokadam declaration. A true democrat will not fear to dialogue with any one because he/she knows if the case is brought before public or God, he/she will win. The truth sets one free and you are always not afraid of loosing anything.
    A freedom fighter will always not fight for his own interest or his/her own people’s interest but will fight for the interest of all people. He or she will not fight to rape the fruits of his/her struggle but will want everybody to rape the fruits instead of him/herself. He or she want to be judge fairly by history for what he/she has fought for. Again comrade John Garang even wanted our enemies the Arabs to part take in raping the fruits of democracy. Nobody can wear the shoes of John Garang even though this fact is disputed by many.
    I think it is not wise for Riek and our brothers the nuers to side-line the stakeholders if indeed they were fighting for true democracy. If you are fighting for democracy, you will want even your opponents to rape the fruits of the democracy but not only yourself or your tribe or group. This raises the question whether the current war was indeed for genuine democracy.
    Also I think it is not right for Riek and the group to think that, they should be the only ones to rape the fruits of the freedom they fought for if history is to judge them fairly. Freedom is a universal need for everybody so they should allow everybody to contribute in the peace process. If the ideas you fought for is correct, you shouldn’t be worrying to meet whoever want to negotiate with you because you know if the case is brought in front of public, you will win your case. By side-lining the other stakeholders, may amount to just fighting for your own benefits.
    This is also a lesson for people who follow any song being song without knowing the meaning of the song. This raises the question do we really know why we are fighting for or just some of us just support with the hope of gaining something back. This is shame to all of us and right now we should all work to end the war.



  28. False Millionaire says:


    Long live ssnlf!!!U say something that breaks my heart.Our natural resources sold by the thives in JUBA?This is one of the many good reasons why we will drive them out of power.But please don’t have any wrong illusion about me.I am a sincere worker living a decent life by sweat.I have secrets to tell u.I am a friend to some of president Maboutou’s childern.They r grown up now n have parented childern.What is very special about them is the fact that,regardless of the total Zaire’s national money that their father had stollen,they r poor today n they would b more than happy if they happen to b in a supper market with u n that u showed generousity to pay for their groceries.This is the dark side of life our leaders never dare to try to understand.The millions of dollars of the oil money that is presumed to have been stollen by the SPLM/SPLA leadership,my most dear brother,ought to have been stollen already by international banking thieves.If u manage to seize power today n chase away the SPLM/SPLA leadership elite,u can bet in total confidence that, in a period of a few years,u would see some of them roaming in London seeking to survive desperately by handouts from generous people.Now this lost money for good,neither useful for them nor to the needs of our country n the society.U see the savage reality,pure acts of selfishness.Our editor was not really so severe in his editorial article,Kiir is stupid.There is human as economic tragedies looming in our country.We can never count on our leaders.The domestic beasts named cows which provide milk n meat r more useful to our country n the society than any one of them.There is urgent national need to overthrow them without pity.They r our enemies not friends or allies.

    But life goes on n NiKALONGO invited u to a dance in Ezo,did u go?I bet u will never return to Enland.Life is paradisiac there.It has nothing to do with the running agitated life in England.Centeral African Republic is one foot across the street from there.U will take mango tree edged street through Sarsibo,Tumbora,Niger,Bazia,Busseri n Wau if u may have intention to go to dinka land to pay for Aluel’s dowery.But I am afraid the too many good things that u will find along the way would b too tempting to compel u to forget her.See how so easy we men r distablised?!!!

    Wishing u best Sunday,False Millionanaire.

  29. Oh God,
    So when Elhag says Riek is wrong all Jieng Shout alleluya! God be with you. But when El Hag says Kiir is wrong all Jieng shout ”Crucify him, Crucify him” Does it mean we are sinless!????? or our sins must not be mentioned?
    I have never seen any negative reaction from Equatorian when Elhag Paul hit Wani Igga hard last time “VP Wani Igga Folly”
    So thank you Paul; Continue to educate us and may God protect you SPLM-IG/ SPLM-IO, SPLM-G10, SPLM-DC…
    I am a jieng who really appreciate your effort for better South Sudan. You advised that the only way to save South Sudan is to throw SPLM Membership cards away. mine is already in river jur.

  30. Lofu Lo Loku says:

    Thanks a lot to Alhaj Paul for bringing up the issue of Riak on this platform. Riak is not above a positive criticism, bcoz in the end of the course we need to have a qualify leader who will not take us back to the first stage. Riak political ideology must base on inclusiveness not exclusiveness. Riak has inherited the same Ebola of Kiir like Sudan which is a failed state produced a fragile state called South Sudan. SPLM IN Govern = SPLM in OPP. Are they not the same people? Differ from SPLM is the only solution for South Sudan. Otherwise peace will be a song that will be sung by stakeholders including IGAD. Our people need peace and stability in the country build on a sustainable institution that make life simple.

  31. False Millionaire says:


    Excellent republican’s reponse to tut.Everyone must know now that the wisdom of a NyamNam shaman tells sincere truth more than one thousand jieng n nuer shamans put togather.I hope thesame good God who gave u this great wisdom will still show generousity to bring us peace…

  32. AGUMUT says:

    I think Riek Machar is Suffering great pain of HEADACHE and TEETHACHE because he fools himself and his own people.

  33. General Thoon -Anyar Aywien says:

    My brotherly advice to Dr Riek, & his sightless followers dominantly Naath (Nuer), Don’t think you will successfully be able to take lion share of RSS Gem, a distinctive mimicker of your bitter contender SPLM G/Kirr.
    Because solo consumer always get choked, I know you SPLM G Riek/Naath are now like hungry baby screaming in vain, because the milk feeding bottle was removed from your mouth, it is even more worst since the child now developed craving thirst to milk taste,
    “Leopard case” former co- corrupts in the GOSS until December 15/2013,

  34. South Sudanese are not made to be rules by gennocidial Riek Machar.

  35. Paul Bidid Bol says:

    Mr. Paul,

    This is great article as usual. I think there’s no problem to blame a leader. Dr. Machar wants freedom for all of us in South Sudan. We all have to support him and give him guidance if possible. I think God still love this man because the whole saga that occurred in Juba late last was aimed at him. Lucky, he escaped Juba unhurt, which is good I think for those of us who support the man base on his charismatic leadership and ideas.

    Folks, we must change the attitude of attacking those who criticize our leaders. As long as it’s constructive criticism, I don’t think that should be an obstacle. Leader must be criticize so that they could readjust and fix the weaknesses.

    Herein, Mr. Paul, this is good time to criticize and advice Dr. Machar at the same time. In this juncture, we need each others. I think you should go to Addis Ababa to join Dr. Machar and the company to achieve lasting peace. And better yet; you can go and talk to him personally on how things should work. Don’t miss this opportunity sir. I don’t know how well you know Dr. Riek Machar. I know him personally. He’s pretty approachable individual. He will not turn you down for sure to have conversation. The points that you raised in your article as weaknesses of Dr. Machar are crucial. Hence, your present in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia would be the best approach so to put your points across.


    Paul B. Bol

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