Letter to Riek Machar: Play your card well


Dear Dr Riek Machar,

Greetings to you, wherever you may be! Today I saw your picture in the press and I couldn’t suppress a felling that you’re now a “rebel” leader. Circumstances can change so fast!

It’s now over three weeks since you’re unfairly accused of attempting to overthrow the Kiir government. Thanks God, truth is beginning to come out to vindicate your innocence. Outside here, some of us have been trying to garner support to your and our cause. I must tell you that, there is a great potential for your support, provided you play your card well.

Since your hand was forced into creating the present military solution, it might be difficult for you to have a complete control over the dynamic of its trajectory: will it be ended soon or will it be a protracted struggle? From your previous utterances, you hope that this struggle should end soon so that your objective of standing for presidency in the 2015 is not jeopardized.

If the dismissive US view on the alleged coup attempt is representative of the world opinion, then the pendulum of the international pressure is firmly swinging against Kiir. This in itself might not bring you benefits unless you try to leverage on it.

Based on this assessment, we have some suggestions to make:

1) Moderate your demand on the release of the seized comrades who are now prisoners in Kiir’s custody. Why do we say this? It is because of two main reasons:

a) their attitude towards their own release is not supportive of your stance. It is known that you and them are not natural allies and if it suits them they can cut a local deal with Kiir to have themselves released; and,

b) Philosophically and ideologically (if they have any) the prisoners have very little to share with the vast majority of South Sudanese, whom you should now consider your natural allies. Some of the prisoners are known to be the very same people who have colluded with Kiir to impoverish South Sudanese.

Because of their past misdeeds, most citizens also believe that they will not make effective delegates in negotiating an overhaul of governance to eliminate dysfunctional government institutions which they helped to create;

2) Widen you appeal and objectives beyond the SPLM affairs to encompass broad political issues, including provision of new constitution, strengthening institutions, elimination of corruption and certain ills, and instilling probity in husbanding the public finances, to mention a few.

This of necessity will require that you look again at the composition and competence of your present delegation. Frankly, you will need people with certain skills to tackle the difficult and complex agenda as suggested by the headings given above;

3) Show some enthusiasm in recruiting supporters from the wider population of South Sudan. This is particularly relevant in Equatoria region. In Equatoria, your enemy is succeeding in spreading fear that your Nuer people are coming to subjugate them if given opportunity to overrun Juba.

Equatorians taking a neutral position in this conflict is not to your advantage. You should go out of your way to get them on your side. Already, your enemy is enticing them with the provision of small arms as a means of defense against the invading Nuer.

(Of course, Kiir cannot countenance Equatorians having access to more effective heavy weaponry because arming Equatorians is a double-edge sword for a Dinka Chief).

Nationally, this is an irresponsible behavior on the side of Kiir as more guns will now find their way into the hands of civilians just as many are calling for comprehensive disarmament in our country; and

4) Finally, if the pressure is too much, and people want to do a Raila-Kibaki on you, that is power-sharing, accept it only on one condition: it should be a means to achieving fundamental changes as outlined earlier.

In conclusion, all this will depend on whether Kiir will accept to tango. If he refuses to play ball, and if you do not want to be a leader of another 20-year rebellion (which time you do not have), storm the citadel and chase away the dictator. Thereafter a forced peace might result which will still achieve the same ends.

I wish you well. Take care and good luck.

Yours sincerely,

Choromke Jas


  1. ww says:

    This is exactly the problem with our brothers nuer as articulated by the writer of this letter. Greed and hunger for power will destroy our young nation. Why do our people have have to die for Riek to become the President? Riek had a very high probability of becoming the president after 2015. I don’t understand why he is so impatient. Not everyone agree with the way kiir has managed the country including many Dinkas. But then again given the writings of highly educated nuer on this medium, south Sudan is cursed with people like this and every south Sudanese should be prepared for war against Nuers. These are people who don’t love peace, they only want to achieve things through killing and understand the language of war. Peace can only be achieved when they are defeated.

    • kajokeji says:

      Mr. WW,
      I believe you are a dinka based on your shallow assumption! Let me tell you very clearly that the South Sudan’s problem is Dinka and only Dinka- without the Dinkas, South Sudan would be a respected nation in the world. Because of your behaviour, you have turned South Sudan into a failed state. So don’t kid yourselves, we are all coming for you, and I am very sure that the public finances that you are misusing for hiring President Museveni to enforce your Robin Hood dinka political system in South Sudan will soon run out. Let us hope that the Rebels in Unity State and Upper Nile State take a total control of the Oil wells and sooner, not later, your president Kirr will be a refugee in Uganda if it is safe for him!

      • ww says:

        Stop your wishful thinking and come to the frontline, see the number of nuer dying each day and what are they to die for? Dinkas are dying too. All these so that riek could become president? And he stupidly claims that he is fighting for democracy. Can one truely achieved that through a barrel of gun? If people of your kind were so smart why not fight through elections so you could at least have some allies? it’s only in your dreams that this country will be without Dinka and that nuer could annihilate them. If there is anything I can assure you, this country, as long as it remains one will never be rule by anyone who took it over by force. So stop wishful thinking and dreaming and get to reality.

  2. Joana Adams says:

    An excellent advice to a brother.
    1. In addition, Dr. Riek needs to take stock of the regional dynamics particularly the intervention of Museveni and oil hungry Beshir. This has shifted the game in favour of Kiir, although the larger international community is now convinced that the political and developmental problems run deeper than just Riek or democratisation issues within the SPLM.
    2. This is where Jas is right that you need to broaden your political objectives and appeal. Do not assume that the ordinary citizen readly understand you when you say Salva Kiir has lost vision. You need to explain, articulate and concretise the statements.
    3. Also some intellectuals wrongly believe that you are only interested in seizing power at all cost given the negative legacy of 1991. It is time you set this record straight. 20 years is a long time and distorted information can be interpreted especially by the youth as truth.
    4. With widespread discontent among the population, rampart insecurity and especially the systematic financial irregulations of Kiir’s regime, you have a natural constituents out there but you need to speak their language and reach out to them. They need to hear that finally someone hears them and feels their pain. A tying which is seen as another SPLM elite club will grossly disadvantage your bid for presidency. After all a lot of SPLM people failed the elections in 2010 which shows that they are not popular with the citizens. If they failed then, they will fail again.
    5. Finally as Jas mentioned please have your wits about you in addition to drawing from expert counsels. Do not fal into Garang’s footstep of knowing it all. Most importantly you need a good informed information machinery to get out and do the work. Finally, although your comrades may be dear to you you need to be seen to be flexible. You have been in government for 8 years surely you must know other heavy weights apart from the detained prisoners who can step in to fil the gap(until they are released) even if they are from the hated diasporans. I’m sure you have heard Salva has formed a crisis management committee to harvest ideas to get him out of the mess and to giveaway false impression that he is finally consulting and being inclusive. Don’t allow to be outwitted politically, diplomatically even if the going is tough militarily at the moment.
    6. Do not rule out the possibility that some of your detained comrades are potential double-edge swords, after all they are all politicians and many of them have been known to be self serving when in government . From the official statement they have issued through the mediators, some might have already reached secret deals with Salva in an attempt to save their lives and to isolate you. This happened to you in 1991 and may well happen again. For instance if I were you I would be interested in the motives and content of Nyandeng’s meeting with arch enemy Museveni. After all Bor which is being occupied by the rebell is her home town. Has she or has she not sold out?
    Take care of yourselves and may God keep you and bless you.
    Joana Adams

  3. Deng says:

    Dr Riek Machar, “standing for presidency in the 2015” dreaming ideas. Maybe if he’s lucky enough he will stand in (ICC). Not after all the instability he cause in the country. How can he stand …….when he alway likes to kill Dinka when the Dinka are the one who were fighting during the war between the North and the South Sudan? Who would gave him the chance …..when the people of South Sudan haven’t get their justice? Rick should be put in prison so that he can think about what he done in 1991 and Dec 15 because if the people let him get away with all these crimes he’s been doing then he will keeps doing the same thing alway. Therefore, it would be appropriate to support Dr Riek, …….”standing for presidency in the 2015 “

  4. jay johnson says:

    Mr. jas

    your darling and prophet of doom accidently declared himself a rebel leader without plan B. As of right now, there is no diplomatic and military support coming to his rescue very soon. The man is stuck and is in desperation for military and diplomatic aid. the old friend, the jallaba he fought southerners with is no longer on friendly term with him.

    Admittedly, he have volunteer cattle keepers nuer ready to arm and fed well to committed suicide so that the Ngundeng prophecy of “left handed wide gap-teeth black turuk” who will rule the nuer is fulfilled.

    I do not know if there is any nuer out there who is left handed and gap-teeth to present himself as the prophesized black turuk by Ngundeng Bong. any one there?

    As for Equatoria, it is time for equatorians to stand on their feet instead of thinking about forming an alliance with the traitor and Nyagat south sudan have ever known. The Equatorian should learnt that cooperation and collaboration with the enemy of people as they did during the 22 years of war of independence have real political consequences.

    One more mistake and you will find yourself relegated to the fringes and margin of south sudan society for ever. instead of always looking for allies, it is time to be patriotic and nationalistic so that the dinka and nuer can come to you as allies as oppose to other way around

  5. jay johnson says:

    Mr. jas

    your darling and prophet of doom accidently declared himself a rebel leader without plan B. As of right now, there is no diplomatic and military support coming to his rescue very soon. The man is stuck and is in desperation for military and diplomatic aid. the old friend, the jallaba he fought southerners with is no longer on friendly term with him.

    Admittedly, he have volunteesr cattle keepers nuer ready to be arm and fed to committed mass suicide so that the Ngundeng prophecy of “left handed wide gap-teeth black turuk” who will rule the nuer is fulfilled.

    I do not know if there is any nuer out there who is left-handed and gap-teeth to present himself as the prophesized black turuk by Ngundeng Bong. any Nuer out there?

    As for Equatorian, it is time for equatorians to stand on their own feet instead of thinking about forming an alliance with the traitor and Nyagat south sudan have ever known. The Equatorian should learnt that cooperation and collaboration with the enemy of people, as they did during the 22 years of war of independence have real political consequences.

    One more mistake and you will find yourself relegated to the fringes and margin of south sudan society forever. instead of always looking for allies, it is time to be patriotic and nationalistic so that the dinka and nuer can come to you as allies as oppose to you following them all the time.

    should you ignored my advice and plea to be yourself, then prepare for the worst. The somalization of south sudan might be around the corner. it would be an opportunity for some inland tribes to captured some border towns and villages so that they can have full access to east African nation.

    there is no way the central and northern tribes of south sudan can settle close to Uganda and Kenya, except when there is a full scale somalization of south sudan. An alliance with the traitor will be costly and regrettable. it is better for Equatorian to start the war of independent from south sudan. this is your chance. please take it !!!!!

    • Andrew Jenge says:

      Look at this arrogant & aggressive creature! Who are you threatening, if you are man enough you should be fighting in Bor, not leaving others to be fighting for you! You are indeed a typical and extremist Dinka! Advocate of land grabbing, murderer, rapist and pathological lier. By the way, we are still waiting on your response to Mr Elhag’s article which you promised you will response to!

      We have tried Dinka, and all we get is tribalism, nepotism, raping of our women & daughters, murders of our kins, land grabbing and mistreatment. Tell us what Nuer has done wrong to other tribes in South Sudan? I am quite sure what Dinka has done wrong against other tribes will definately outweight whatever you will come up with against Nuer!

      Equatorian, other tribes and sold out-Nuer in South Sudan, there is no better time to join your pro-democracy brothers to dislodge this monster from your necks.

      Riek Machar, you are the spear of this nation, please try to reach out to other tribes. Aluta continua! Viva Riek Machar!
      Thank you very much Jas. Thankyou.

    • john jerry says:

      Mr.Jas now you have disclosed the hidden agenda that the Equatorians did not know,but knew it was in the making. So you have come to Nimule, yei, kajokeji and other places along the greater Equatoria border to settle close to uganda and Kenya.
      Equatorians, open up and arm yourselves and allow no IDPS again in your areas. If Kenya and Uganda is what they want to be in, give them access to Uganda and Kenya and not in Equatoria and let the Somalialization begin.

      You cannot be fooled a second time. Jas, this is very insulting, you must withdraw your statement,otherwise you are refuelling a kindled fire.

    • nikalongo says:

      There are no fools in Equatoria. We cooperate with peace lovers not hooligans and devils. You can sell urselves as much as you will but Equatoria will buy into it. You and ur cousin brothers and brothers (Dinka and Nuer) are all a bunch of bloodthirsty savages with no respect for life and human dignity. Take ur wars to ur backyards. Killers and senseless war mongers will never be allowed to turn Equatoria into a battlefield. U want prove, look further than Yei and Mundri where soldier defectors wanting trouble were kindly admonished to take their trade where they belong. Live Equatoria to Equatorians. Idiots

  6. ssim says:

    Dear Chief founder of the Republic South Sudan, Dr Riak Machar, greetings and best wishes.
    While I agree with the writer about all the suggestions he has provided it is important to highlight a point which I think is vital in this struggle.

    I believe your aim since you declared your interest to challenge Kiir’s leadership was to democratise South Sudan, the country you loved dearly. Kiir became a dictator and arrogant in his leadership.

    South Sudanese want to live fee, choose the person they want to serve them through a fair election, criticise their government they elected in a peaceful environment without harassment and that the government is accountable to them (people of south sudan) in managing their public fund.

    If Kiir continues to be stubborn and refused to achieve the above objective, I would suggest that he must be ousted militarily and a transitional government be formed by the international community: UN, IGAD, AU … etc which will then prepare the country for 2015 election in which you will contest to ask for the people’s approval to govern the country.

    I stress the point that you should approach Equatorians. Reach out for them and recruit them in your army as quick as you could. They are locked and could not speak as Kiir’s government suffocates everyone especially the Equatorians.

    • nikalongo says:


      There are no fools in Equatoria. You and ur cousin brothers and brothers (Dinka and Nuer) are all a bunch of bloodthirsty savages with no respect for life and human dignity. Take ur wars to ur backyards. Killers and senseless war mongers will never be allowed to turn Equatoria into a battlefield. U want prove, look further than Yei and Mundri where soldier defectors wanting trouble were kindly admonished to take their trade where they belong. Idiots

      • ssim says:

        we are all peacelovers but when evil comes, we need to standup against it. equatorians kept on complaining about their land being grapped by the dinka in nimule. if you could not say in kiir’s government because of his tribal policies, why don’t you join the democratic progressive forces to have your voice heard? if you are not a fool, how do you think you would get back the rights of the maadi people? shame on you! stop crying and complaining. either you get up and fight for your rights or shup up and stop complaining about your land being grapped. kiir was right to describe you as cowards in a conference in yei. however, we will liberate you from dinka york.

  7. Jas,
    Good luck on your dream!

  8. Beek says:

    OSAMA Bin Laden had being killed by US,but his ideology have been stolen by such a powerful people like Riek Machar because Terrorists have no nationalism.

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      Your president, Salva Kiir, the Bishop of Death, is the one who is a terrorists and murderer. We’re just waiting for the ICC to indict him for the killings of Nuers in Juba.

  9. john says:

    I want to thanks Machar for standing tall and not signing such a deal with evil Kiir. We are with you.

  10. R_Aliec says:

    Good work, traitor Choromke for defecating on traitor Riek’s mouth!? I will be waiting for his passing!!

  11. Deng Awar says:

    He will not succeed i Swear but rather blind Nuer will finish!

    • Kidepo says:

      The Nuer have sworn that this is the last battle with the dinka meaning they will capture the ground to the internet. Those who are still doubting will defenitley follow their women, children and youth to Uganda, kenya and Equatoria as usual

  12. Kidepo says:


    Good article. I will go for chase away the dictator because even if Dr Riek is made Prime Minister who will be accountable for the Innocent Nuer blood spelt in Juba and on our minds?

    The Dictator must go and handed to ICC like Robert Tailor

  13. This is a wishful thinking my friend, there is no way one tribe can rule South Sudan without other over 64 ethnicities in the Country, the 1991 split was truly a bad legacy that has continued to haunt Dr. Riek, now that he has repeated it again, his rebel forces chose with no remorse to target Bor Civil population for the second time, Dr. Riek even did not dare he has allies from Bor and even from other Dinka sections in the greater region of Bahr Elghazal, whom do you think is foolish enough to vote for Dr. Riek in 2015 if it happens be run?

    • Kidepo says:

      The Nuer people have not misbehave in Equatoria like the dinkas in Nimule, Yei, Juba, Nadapal, etc. Time to vote for Dr Riek. Goodbye Salva Kiir

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      Valention Akec,
      Dr. Riek Machar will find a lot of votes in Equatoria, Upper Nile and Western Bahr El Gazal. SK is toast that is why he tried to get rid of the competition.

  14. Nyesi Ta says:

    Kiir and Machar have drawn red lines that no Dinka nor Nuer will be able to lead South Sudan, if fair and transparent elections were to take place. Animal minded psychopaths.

  15. Okuc says:


    Stop lies that your ethnic are the ones who fought the war between South and North Sudan which last for 21 years. If
    you failed to recapture Bor from Rag-tag white army can you claimed that only Dink fought the war.
    These arrogance and sense of inferiority complex from most of Jieng have led to the failed leadership of Kirr and brought about the current crisis the country is going through because he wants to consolidate the hegemony of Jieng in the believe that they are ones who fought the war and therefore they have right to control everything in the country.
    What happened on 15 Dec 2013 is not a coup attempt as your Chief wants the world to believe but a state terror by Kirr against his opponents and nonly that but also against anyone who dare to challenge Jieng leadership. How can explain the killing of innocents Nuer who have nothing with Riak simply they happen to be from the same ethnic ? invoking the split of 1991 is a deliberate act from Kirr to stir Jieng emotions and garned support when he decides his action to crash
    Machar and his Co.
    Kirr is to be help accountable for the killing and the mess in the country because he is entrusted by people of South sudan to rule them but he failed to be a honest servant to peple of South sudan rather he became a tyrant.

    • Kidepo says:

      Arian Deng-

      If you have fought the war alone why are you runing from Nuer instead of recapturing your areas including Bor historic town. Why are you still ruing to EA and Equatoria since you are men enough. Why are you mobilizing Equatorians using your puppet Wani Igga for help to fight the Nuer under Dr Riek

  16. Jonathan says:

    Choromke Jas,

    you advise in placed but saying kiir is distributing small arms to Equatorian is false accusation, how we the Equatorians hope we are given that small arms to defend our land from influx of dinka whose ambition for years or decades is to recolonized us and extend the empire of cattle camp in our civilized society. If the kiir administration made that move to distribute guns, meaning the security personnel would no long consider the guns as illegal, we are very tired and have been bleeding for the last 8yrs under kiir ill treatment to Equatoria, now to make matter worse the likes of idiot comedian vice president who like Kiir has no idea about ruling our country found himself poorly marketing the message of genocide on our Nuer brothers.
    My advise to you is we see Riek as liberator, though many equatorians will view him not like how I do, but my fair judgment is people are waiting for Riek to arrive, then you will see what the equatorian will do, many of our military are also waiting for Riek to make come back. base on my military experience Riek will not win this war when he only base in Three states, the archenemy in this war is Uganda, advise Riek to make some effort to block Juba-Nimule road which is the many supplying route for Museveni to move his heavy military equipment to Juba. This is military analysis there is vast forestry area in Aru cut the supply route and the life of ordinary people in Juba will be affect this will force the government to negotiate in good faith, in equatoria many communities have been deprived identify with the community leaders, they have people ready to launch any attack so long as Riek’s forces will be available to provide heavy reinforcement. the other strategic place is the former anyanya one camps in Owinyi Kibul, the current SPLA commando base, if Riek force can capture that base and flush out the SPLA from there this will provide them safe haven, this region is also close to upper Talaga region where there are a lot of mountain to hide, you can fight air raid in places like Bor, Benitue where there place is flat and semi desert, please advise Riek to move to this areas and keep his hands off from civilian, we want someone like him not kiir whose beneficiaries are his one state warrap state.
    I total agree with you that there is need to extend the recruitment opportunity to other communities rather than base on one community. The forces under Riek should distant themselves from looting, taking properties belong to NGOs and aid workers. they should distant themselves from what SPLA did in equatoria in early dates of liberators in 80s-90s, there is heavy public supporters for Machar in Equatoria.
    Kiir must go because he cannot be President any more he must be indicted in ICC.

    • john kuch says:

      Stop mentioning equaterian in your personal interest, who in Equateria want to fight for the interest of person? . Is only some Nuer who will scarifies their own people to die for sake of one person (Riek ) interest .

  17. pedro says:

    y all the talks and says are so triblistic.am nt a s.sudanese bt to my own oppinion a dont see any good governance in btn the two so called bull tribes in the new nation.y all talks heading towards trible links..learn from you neibouring nations which too are hetroginious.get good leadets with gd political idears..Kiir and Machar obviousely wont work for ur grouth..dont tell us apart from these two ur country is lucking compitent leaders..its ur right to accept or reject the..fight for ur rights now..

  18. alex says:

    Dear brothers and sisters
    It is not logical for some so called intellectuals are advocating for war and violance. It is useless to shed blood for people who does not understand what is democracy and their sole aim is power as it has now become apparent. Equatorians are not foolish people. Dr. Riek was the one who govern Sourth Sudan in the last six years during the interim period so to say he is clean is a great sin. The best way for the two leaders is to reconcile and work towards the development of our nation.
    For those of you who think equatorians are followers of sensless war and killings, they will be disappointed. People died alot during the last 50 years and any one who needs power should come through a ballot paper not by GUN. The churches have tried to preach peace any many other people and NGOs. So those who will not llistean, time will tell the end game and do not be suprise that one day some of us will come and beg for peace. For those who are beating drums of war I wish you people good luck and God bless those who are working for peace.

    • kajokeji says:

      Alex, please grow up! A sane human being does not want war, but when it is forced on him, he had to defend himself. The current president of South Sudan and his advisers do not know diplomacy nor do they know a dialogue, so the solution is to speak their language of war. By the way, war is bad but in some cases, we can not avoid it even if we are so civilized. For example, the major power like United States in the most recent past was involved in wars, like the one in Iraq and Afghanistan. So when war is forced on you, you don’t have to run away if you want to survive in the planet earth. THE CANCER CREATED BY KIRR AND HIS TRIBESMEN NEED TO BE UPROOTED ONCE AND FOR ALL IF YOU WANT THE FUTURE GENERATION OF SOUTH SUDANESE TO LIVE IN PEACE AND DIGNITY.

      God bless the liberators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • alex says:

        Thanks, now see the dynamics where the war is heading. UPDF is now there what do you think will happen? We will prolong the suffering of our people because of that thinking that we are warriors, we can win through war. We were advised by IGAD, AU, UN EAC EEU that we should solve our differences through peace talks but because of our arrogance we are now heading to internalise the war and prolong the killing in our country.
        America went to war in IRAQ, saddam was asked to allow free access to the investigators to prove whether IRAQ poses weapons of mass destruction but it was Saddam arrogance. Afghanistan was asked to hand Bin Laden, again it was arrogance. We south Sudanese have been asked to address our differences through peace, again we can not learn from history; now UPDF is in.
        What next for us?


  19. Mohd Adam says:

    One of Ngundeng prophesies was that, in times to come, Nuer will one day be one of the smallest tribes in South Sudan.
    This prophesy is about coming to pass due to the current high death rate among the Nuer youth in the so called, the white army. Riek has mobilised all the Lou Nuer youth into his foot soldiers. It is estimated that more than 50,000/- have been killed, 80000 injured, since the fight led by Peter Gadet, broke out in Bor.

  20. upiu says:

    The detainees seem to be distancing themselves from the rebellion, are urging cessation of hostilities without precondition and feel that Addis negotiation can carry on without them. If i was Riek, I would be worried. Nyandeeng is out and free but hasn’t joined Riek camp. This to me means that all those detainees + Nyandeeng might have been opposed to Kiir but they do not subscribe to Riek’s use of violent to achieve their political ends. He can make use of Adwok who seem to be on his side of ‘killing their way to power’.
    Seems like Choromke is campaigning hard to be on Riek team. I wonder why he has not been called up yet up to this time. And sadly for the author, Jas, Riek is not about change (s) that you are suggesting. He is only about becoming president, no matter what it takes. Those changes you enumerated are what south Sudan need but Riek does not embody any of them or even articulate them. That is why he needs the likes of Pagan et al to come and articulate them for him.

  21. Jemmy says:

    I ever said this and I will say it again that Dr. Riak Machar has no strategy to advocates for democracy model in South Sudan. His character and ambition since the day he join SPLA/M were well known to any SPLA/M member. There is no reason for Riak to defact and fight against mainstream SPLA/M in 1991 and Bor population just because they are from Dr. Garang people. He (Riak) took the whole zone Upper Nile SPLA soldiers as his supporters while killing Bor population he was supposed to represent. This set our movement back far more than the time we believed to achieved our objectives. Now the Upper Nile zone he claimed and destroyed in 1991 is the same zone he wants to destroyed again, Riak doesn’t have any automatic right to behave in a way that undermine rights and lives of fellow Southern Sudanese, but this time Upper Nile are not ready to die for your greedy ambition.
    Now back to Chrormoke article, my fellow citizen Riak made disappointing decision that make no sense in the face of the facts which cause trouble situation that apparently prevail in our state. An open minded person who sincerely believe in pluralism cannot once again think of rebelling against Southern Sudanese government. An intellectual politicians fight war of words till they are heard with the help of people they representatives which often immune politician from fear of threat or prison or death.
    Riak will never ever win back people’s trust or respect no matter what he said or did, and calling him to reach out for Equatoria too has a very bad consequences I hope you know if you are already a soldier.

  22. Logic I says:

    This is a piece of shit- power assessment of the issue escorted with empty rhetoric . Little education is dangerous, whether in battle or in election, I doubt whether Dr. Riek can make it this time. make more research about the potential voters and the power of his forces. Believe u me, Riek rebellion will be crushed like Timil Tiger Rebels in Sri-Lanka, the only alternative is peaceful resolution of the conflict.

  23. kikisik says:

    Thank alot for your article, and thank you Joana for all your analysis I am proud of you guys. I hope Riek reads this important article. I hope also our brother Alhag is well.

    After reading the comments, most of our brothers- Dinka don’t know Equatorian. Let them pray that this war end as quick as possible. Because if Equatorian happened to be involved in this war- which they are but in a snall numbers, that will be Somaliazation of South Sudan which I hope should not happened. To avoid this Kiir should think twice, no military scores is a solution Mr. President!.

    To my friend Jay Johnson, you are the types of people who do not know Equatorian. Had I just heard you saying and quote,” The Equatorian should learnt that cooperation and collaboration with the enemy of people, as they did during the 22 years of war of independence have real political consequences” Was it not Equatorian who rescue the war when the Arabs where chasing you – That was why you left your places and came and settle in Equatoria. How many of you died of hunger? Was it not Equatorian who gave you food clothes when you guys where running naked? Please brother go back to the history of war. As for your President Kiir, his dates are numbered!
    ”Leaders comes Leaders goes, but South Sudan will remain forever”

  24. Jemmy

    Your point above it doesn’t compel any reader in regard to the current situation, which you point finger at Dr Machar as the one to be blamed….To be honest you’re out of blue…. Or have no knowledge about who cause this current sense-less war… Or you’re out of country and live somewhere diaspora, but want to be blamed Dr Machar without logical evident…. Let’s me ask you a simple question; What’s would you do if some one want to take your life away without a justification reason, would you wait for him/her with your arm cross on your chest, wait to be kill? Or would you run a way, to save your life? Your takes, But be inform that’s this sense-less war was entirely cause by illegal president, therefore he will be held accountable for killings innocents Nuer in cold-blood, without good reason but just for being Nuer….

  25. ww says:

    Mr. South nuerland.

    The operation to capture Bilpam was entirely run by Riek throughout the night on Dec 15 in 107. His generals ran the operation in Giata on the same night. Their assumption was that they would capture both military Baracks and announced the military coup. They stupidly thought that they could just fire a bullet up and the whole country would be running and on their knees. the mighty nuer would just take over the country after all they are the “bravest men ” on earth.
    This thinking if it’s not changed south Sudan will not exist as a country. The only different between cheer foolishness and bravery is knowing exactly what is that important thing you’re giving your life to. And in this case even a PhD didn’t make any different in Dr. Blood evil mind. I wish south Sudan as a country luck, these fools will never learn from their mistakes
    Why would you called an elected president illegal? Why would your prophesied president to be chose war instead of democracy means? I promised you had he chosen democratic means to achieve his ambitions, I would have voted for him. Most Jang are also sick of Kiir’s presidency we just didn’t believe it’s worth it to destroy the country and kill your own brothers to get rid of him. There are these things called elections in any democractic state. This is unjust war by riek Dr. Blood evil Magyar.

  26. Chiengkueth says:

    even though Riek and Kiir agree,we nuer who have lose their families in juba will continue revenging.let Riek and Kiir descuss thier Addis ababa agreement.but we nuer nad dinka will not go to any agreement.

  27. Chiengkueth says:

    we the strong nuer-white army all over the world will allow any dinka to stay in Upper and Unity State start from now on.they will all go to Barel ghazel.we will keep killing them becuase they are supporting Kiir.

    • Chiengkueth:

      You are not out of the wood yet. You are currently fighting with the government troops and not the Muonyjang. The Mighty Muonyjang has not yet declared the war against Riek Machar and his Whit Army. Please take my word. When the mighty Muonyjang declares the war and allies their gallant Militias such as Gel weng, Gel Beny and Tet Baai you will all be peeing on your way out to Gambella-Ethiopia. The Mighty Muonyjang is ready to join the war, but Bishop Kiir has prevented them just for now as he keeps telling the Muonyjang that the war is not a tribal war.

      The mighty Muonyjang has now adopted your merciless killing of the innocent civilians. The White Army and their leaders Riek Machar and Peter Gatdet will soon flee and find themselves in a foreign land as it happened in 1991. Just wait and see. It is just a matter of time before you flee South Sudan again. The Mighty Muonyjang will never buy into Bishop Kiir Mayardit’s Amnesty this time. The White Army must surrender like women or leave South Sudan once and for all. There will be no mercy this time. The angel of Death, Riek Machar is wanted Dead or alive and the White Army must be dismantled once and for all. Why do you loot the entire Town when you capture it from the government? Are you really fighting for changes and good governance in South Sudan? If so, then Why are you looting the civilians properties? Cowards and Food lovers, I think you are fighting to enrich yourselves with the civilian properties.

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it.
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living Voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

      • Diktor Agarab says:

        You’re nothing but a lying Jenge. Where are you? How come I don’t see you in the front? Dinkas are all cowards like you prefering to shout nonsense from afar while real men fight. I can see that you’re enjoying Uganda Waragi in Kampla, and this has given you courage and a false sense of security.

        Know this, the gallant Nuer forces are inflicting heavy defeats on your tribal army in one battle after another. Soon we shall enter Juba to apprehend your genocidal president and hand him over to the ICC to answer charges of crimes against humanity.

        I have yet to see Dinka take a stand and fight. Equatorians fought for you in 1991. Now we Equatorians are no longer going to side with Jenge. Time for you face the music. Let’s see how you fare. Already the Nuers have managed to kill several of your generals without suffering casualties to themselves. Like all cowards, you decided to run to M7 to help you fight. M7 now is finding the reality that we’re not Somalia.

        This time Nimule won’t be enough because we’ll be going after you till Kampala. Stay tune.

      • kajokeji says:

        Lukudu, stop misusing Bari name for your dinka rotten game of destruction!! By the way what you call private property is looted from the public funds and distributed to the Dinkas by your Traditional Chief Kirr.

      • Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

        Stop spreading liars in this forum please. Your king Kiir has already declare war on Nuer, ran them over by tanks. What kind of war are you lying about to declare? Your idiot president has already sold the soul of Southerners to foreign nations. Kiir seeks help from three countries for only one tribe.

  28. Jemmy says:

    Suoth Nuerland
    You can not blame people like me when I question the fundemental logic and believe of our radical politician who think no other option of seizing power rather than fighting. When our calculus of war would really change and adopt real democracy rather than faking it?. The combine disorganized behaviour of some individuals within the military and political leadership have upset the nation’s potential future.
    The current president (Kiir Mayardit) was on his way to retired but given this cicumstances I doubt that he leave, but if he does it will be on a point of a triumph and not defeat.

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      Who lied to you that Kiir was retiring? He is conspiring with his Gogrial Kitchen cabinent to cement his hold in power. Now, Dr. Machar stands between him and his ambition of becoming the president for life of South Sudan.

  29. Thunder says:

    It is very unfortunate indeed that the intellectuals are lowering themselves this low through their writings. Whatever happened that night of the 15th Dec. will never be told in its originality without siding with one group. To one, it is an attempted coup and to the other it is cheer confusion within the presidential guards. Now, the warmongers are singing war songs yet, they are enjoying food and drinks abroad or somewhere within Africa, while the common Nuer, Anyuak, Murle, Dinka and others are dying every day of hunger, thirst, bullets and what have you. For whatever the case, this shall be the last war in South Sudan between tribes. All those that are obsessed with rebellion and militiaism will call it off after this. Absolute peace in South Sudan needs more blood to be shed just like now and thereafter, no more fightings. For whatever reasons you wrote this article Mr.Jas, you are a fool and deserves to die with your views.

  30. alex says:

    Dear readers It has now become clear the motives of this sensless war. Read the posting above and analysis it for yourself. A hiden hatred has now be openly displayed in the writings above. It is a pity to see those writings . It is beyond human civilazation. The white army is there to rule say the writer and they are not interested in peace. God forgive South Sudan. I pity those whose children has been mislead to die inocently without knowing what they are dying for. Satan has taken control of the earth and I thing the end time is nearing. I have not seen such deep human hatred as displayed in this writings.

    So those who think the issue is about democracy let them see the true colours exposed here above. Is this the kind of people you will be able to build democracy with? Are this the type of people you can reach an agreement with? Equatorians are this the kind of people you would like to support? Are this kind of people who would develop a country or they are for wars and impose their will on others. Those who rushed to support things blindly it is time to rethink. The same word were also posted on this net by one of their intellectual preaching the same message. So brothers this a hiden truth now being exposed. It only prayer that can help but otherwise we going to face a major crisis. By supporting someone you will be killed say the writer whether being inocent. Shame !!!!!!!!

    I thought this net was for constructive discusions and build our unity as South Sudanese. I could not belief my eyes when I read all this writings.

  31. Beek says:

    Machar will never ever rule South Sudan and South Sudan will never ever re-united with Dirty North Sudan never.

  32. Beek says:

    Whom Machar fool? Why Riek Machar’s son got marriage with Late Dim’s Daughter if he is against Dinka.

  33. Hings says:

    Am sorry for all supporters of both sides that all of u ve animal minds but God will punish u all one time.

  34. Tito says:

    Brother Pedro,u started right and you mess shortly,it’s not in Dinka and Nuer communities where there are no leaders but Riek,Kiir and 70% of their generation are of no leaders. I hate commenting on s.sudanese websites b’se many so called ‘intellectuals’ who write and who comment are divided and blinded by tribal and regional sycopancy at the expenses of our great nation!

  35. Shamga says:

    Most equatorians now look at Risk Masochist Taunted Devil as a liberator. Well, I would call you guys delusional. Try to make another comparison between Nuer and Dinka. I would have to tell you that with Nuers you would cry tears of blood when they happen to be power. At least now you are crying a normal cry, which is ok when you are not happy. But with Nuers-the natural criminals, who when not taught a lesson would never listen, you would only be distraught and on agony on every bases. My advice to you is that you need to stand on your own feed and not push on the back of others to do the job for you while you just standby. You did it during the war with north and now here with the nuer again. The nuer made their position clear, they fully with arabs, make your position clear too. Do not be bystanders and crocodile tears cryers.
    No body needs Salva Kiir as well as Riek. Both of them have to go if you need that country be peaceful and corruption free. Riek is corrupt if you do not know, his names are among those that US wanted to be arrested for corruption as well as well as Salva Kiir. How would you expect someone who had been dealing in a similar business as the president to be a liberator. My advice is that let us look for a different way out and not Risk’s and Salva’s way. Stop being delusional stupid idiots.

  36. Jeff Baker says:

    The following paragraphs are selected excerpts from an article written by Horace G. Campbell, a veteran Pan Africanist and a Visiting Professor in the School of International Relations, Tsinghua University, Beijing. They are submitted only to provide brevity to the comments posted by other contributors.

    “…Attempts to frame the current conflict in terms of ethnicity are not only intellectually lazy but politically naïve and at best simplistic…Key ministries in Kiir’s government are in the hands of ethnic Nuers. His right-hand man in the cabinet, Dr. Benjamin Barnaba, the Minister of Foreign Affairs is a Nuer. The Minsters of Higher and General Education, the Minister of Labor, the Speaker of Parliament, the chief of staff of the army as well as governors of Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity states are all ethnic Nuers.”

    Ethnicity does play a role as a convenient instrument by power hungry politicians to lay claim to a share in the state power. And in a country with weak social structures, as is the case of South Sudan, the politicization of ethnicity offers an apparent coherent explanation of power struggles. Democratic forms of resolving contradictions seem to be an alien concept to people steep in militarist thinking, like the leaders of the varying political factions in South Sudan, including President Salva Kiir and his rival Dr. Machar. The party that John Garang founded, the SPLM, did not have the space for building real social bases among a people that had been exploited and oppressed for decades. The war between the North and South was mainly a militarist campaign against the central government of the Sudan. The religious and militaristic nature of the Bashir regime in Khartoum ensured that the struggles in the Sudan were based on the politicization of race, religion and ethnicity.

    When President Kiir went on national TV to announce that there had been an attempted coup, he appeared not as the civilian president he had been elected by the people but as an army general of the SPLA. And this is where the problem partly lies. The armed wing of the SPLM was simply declared at independence as the national army and is nothing short of an amorphous collection of armed units with divided allegiance to different military leaders. The current crop of leaders in South Sudan has been shaped in the culture of war and militarism.

    What is needed is mature leadership that is based on a true commitment to building strong institutions, such as an independent judiciary, a professional public service, trade unions and worker associations, a treasury that will be transparent, a professional army and police force. The temptation by individual politicians to use state resources for primary capital accumulation is what is destroying the social fabric in many neo-colonial states, where the ruling classes have no wealth of their own. As Frantz Fanon and Walter Rodney have argued, the ruling classes in Europe and North America had won economic power before laying claim to state power and hence could afford to relinquish power through the ballot box, whereas the African elites that have inherited state structures modeled along those of their former colonizers have no independent economic basis and hence the tenacious attempts to hold to state power even if that means rigging elections. South Sudan is not an exception but this does not mean that a democratic and just state is not possible.

    South Sudan is rich in natural resources: large swaths of the country are arable, there are untapped mineral resources; oil reserves are estimated to be the largest in Africa after those of Angola and Nigeria. With a very small population of just over 10 million people and a land mass the size of France, South Sudan can feed and care for its people and afford them a descent life free from war and hunger. What the people of South Sudan need now is shelter, hospitals, schools, roads and clean water. These services have hardly existed for over the last sixty years in which the Sudan has been at war with itself. Great societies have been built on diversity and not ethnic homogeneity, something South Sudanese politicians must know. As a multi ethnic and multilingual society, this newest state in Africa must be built on strong institutions and not around strong men. This was one of the limitations of John Garang’s leadership in a period of war. The SPLM and SPLA were the structures that were not sufficiently prepared to lead the new nation…”

    Horace G. Campbell, a veteran Pan Africanist is a Visiting Professor in the School of International Relations, Tsinghua University, Beijing. He is the author of Global NATO and the Catastrophic Failure in Libya, Monthly Review Press, 2013.



    • Joana Adams says:

      I totally disagree with Prof Campbell,
      What is intellectually lazy is not labelling the current conflict in South Sudan as rooted in ethnicity. This is not just a labell but it is a fact. Foreign observers, analysts and commentators are being intellectually lazy by sticking to modes of analysis they can readily relate to and understand. What is needed from foreign observers is to be open to the possibility of new dimensions in global politics especially with respect to Africa. Naming a few personalities in government as being Nuers do not negate the existence or realities of tribalism in a system. As the prof. Himself has acknowledged, InSouth Sudan, there is no or weak social structures. In the absence of social structures such as class structures, non conventional structures such as tribalism come into play in power dynamics.
      After a liberation struggle, typically, after a period of calm, power struggle erupts to define who will assert authority in the land. In the case of South Sudan, the two ethic rivals have been bidding for control of political power. What is unique about this power struggle is that the sole purpose of seizing and controlling national political power is for the exclusive benefit of the dominant tribe. A short history of RSS will show you that individuals within the system have no weight since power lies exclusively with the President.
      The President has usurped constitutional powers, he is above the law, he rules by decrees thus rendering the speaker of the assembly redundant, he is the C- in-C, thus undermines or bypasses the Chief of Staff Hoth Mai as he did in recruiting and training and deploying the notorious gelweng Dinka militia who are the principle suspects in the Nuer massacre in Juba. The Chief Justice is the President’s relative hence the judiciary is not independent. The law in the South protects ethic group as a whole while aiding injustices on the rest. The Govenor of the Bank of South Sudan is the Presidents village boy hence the Bank has become a community property for the president and his kinsmen and women. How do you operate modern system of governance under such a tribalistic system.
      Infact al the Nuers in the cabinet like all the other cabinet members from other tribes have no powers. They all implement what Kiir and his tribal council of Elders approve (outside the official constitutional executive or legislature)as reported by Mabior Garang said in an interview soon after the outbreak of the conflict in Dec 2013. Thus the best way to categorise the political dynamics in South Sudan in my view is institutionalised tribalism which is the use if state powers to appropriate constitional powers and national resources primarily for ones ethnic group.
      For such a facist regime to claim any legitimacy, it has no choice but to give some nominal positions to the Nuers the professor has mentioned. What the professor has not mentioned is that in South Sudan where their is a non Dinka minister, the Deputy minister and possibly the Under Secretary who will be wielding power and will be directly reporting to the President, must be Dinka. In terms of policy making, these ministers have no powers, their only benefits in the African politics of the belly is sharing in the loot and privileges of having a fleet of luxury 4×4 land cruisers, air conditio ed homes and offices, travelling and maintaining their families abroad.
      Therefore the political dynamics unfolding in the new nation is not x or y cenario but an interaction of ethnicity with state power. Otherwise there would have been no ethnic targeting by rival groups. Ethnically motivated political killings aim to erode or weaken opponents power base. This is what has happened in South Sudan. At least for now politics and tribalism remain intertwined.

      • Choromke Jas says:


        This is the crux of the matter. My observation has always been that the West, which claims to be interested in the African affairs, do not give much attention to things which are uniquely Africans. If the West were to give a fraction of the attention they give to other parts of the world (the former USSR, Middle East, East Asia etc) to Africa, they would not have ended up with clients such as Mobutu and Museveni. Museveni got away with the genocide against the Acholi of northern Uganda at the very nose of the West. Now, their analysts are confused as to what is going on in South Sudan. Your article is seminal and if the West has any sense of humility, they should listen to views such as yours. Brilliant!

  37. Maluth says:

    As I said in my article, “South Sudan Crisis: The Hope for the Hopeless”, blaming whatever side or person is just useless as this war. Even if our leaders will not read and implement our messages on this website, let us preach peace and harmony. Please stay away from talks that are useless because they are but useless. Even if I know the cause of this useless war, it is not the problem because all we need now is peace to save the lives of innocent civilians of South Sudan.

    Our army is destroying itself. The little development we have is being destroyed by our own hands. Hundreds of thousands of our people are in UN compounds. Hundreds of thousands ran back to North/Sudan and they will never ever come back to us believe or not! A good example of destruction can easily be seen in Bor, Malakal and Bentiu. Please stop the internet war because it is useless just as the real war is.

    Thanks to many of you who are posting positive comments. May God bless and keep you wherever you are. May God bless South Sudan.

  38. bibo says:

    there are few positive ideas but generally we have to understand we can not build a nation based on hatred and assuming one community can eliminate the other there is no way south sudan can be free from Dinka and Nuer because they all part of this nation so any solution to the conflict must ensure the coexistance to two commmunities plus over 60 ethnic groups and I hope those who are encauraging fighting will come to thier sense and behave like human being not wild animals kiir and Reik are individuals their is no logic any one lost his life for them if we have brains

  39. Agoyom Akomjo says:

    Let all South Sudanese come to their senses and talk positive about the appalling situation that is now going on in our country. The issue was basically a feud between the SPLM politicians and did not relate in any way to the tribesmen who are now fighting themselves in the bush and the cities. Let the whole community come together to put an end to this madness, reach a viable solution and allow everlasting solutions to be worked out for our nation to go forward. Talking tribalistic or regional language will not help solve the problem, but will fuel the war and get the whole country on an all out debilitating rampage and destruction.

  40. Jeff Baker says:

    How does one eat an elephant? One bite at a time..

    The annual budget from oil revenues is approximately $2B USD. Of that amount, 55% is spent on the military. That being said, we must acknowledge the parallel need for a local and national security force as well as a major reduction in force of the military. Unfortunately, as we well know, any attempt to disarm a garrison of soldiers will necessarily encounter resistance. Consequently, there must be a well-planned, well-executed transitional program for soldiers to move from the military to civilian life. Specifically, a multifaceted program is required to (a) provide basic literacy skills to all military personnel, (b) provide time-limited stipends upon discharge for land, cattle, farm implements, incubator business services, etc, and (c) provide educational stipends for trades training, e.g., carpentry, plumbing, electricians, metal workers, etc. The training stipends will hopefully blunt the trepidation of unemployment and perhaps, successfully wean the man/woman from the weapon. Simultaneously, there is a need to develop a “national” army and local police to provide for national security and to locally enforce the rule of law. The cost of the transition from military to civilian life will continue to consume the bulk of oil revenues for years to come – unfortunately, there are few alternatives. The immediate outcomes are a significant reduction in the number of armed men, a lower propensity for armed violent outbreaks and thousands of literate, skilled Sudanese men/women. Imagine that…

    I appreciate the concern regarding the competency of those presently holding official offices. It is not an easy dilemma to rectify. There are few pathways within South Sudan to the accumulation of personal wealth other than the government apparatus. This is the core of the present conflict…he/she who controls the government controls the government purse strings. One suggestion is to organize SouthSudanNation contributors into separate work groups to monitor and report on each of the 29 Ministries, its budget, its projects and most importantly, its outcomes. The semi-annual reports may be published here on SouthSudanNation – available for review by all. Allow the people to objectively gauge how effective each Ministry performs. With SouthSudanNation as the forum; the people as the leverage, you may literally force transparency. Yes..the establishment of an effective infrastructure is tedious and time consuming. I, and I’m sure many others, are willing to lend budgetary and governmental expertise to such a nation-building effort. I invite and encourage other contributors to alter, expand or proffer alternative suggestions to assist in the building of South Sudan.

    Admittedly, these are small steps…one bite at a time. jb

  41. Pan says:

    Hello Jeff Baker, I really like your suggestion in your second paragraph. We here have degenerated mostly into hate-filled rants about one tribe or another and that energy is better spent and directed at the real problems – the abuse of most individuals at the top regardless of tribe. We are only reactionary but not constructive. As for your first suggestion about rehabilitating the military, it has been tried and budgeted for for the last decade. Millions of dollars have also disappeared in this exercise (DDR is one formal umbrella for it) with no transparency or positive results. Any new DDR program must also be monitored by civil society. As a matter of fact, civil society should also monitor the activities and budgets of INGO’s operating in South Sudan. Most institutions operating in SS for the last ten years whether native or foreign have abused funds and created structures that, ironically, undermine the participation and growth of democracy and self-determination and self-agency for South Sudanese. The government has practiced nepotism and siphoned funds to itself, and so have the INGOs. From a structural point of view, both are complicit in the collapse of South Sudanese agency and the elbowing out of competent, ethical and committed citizens.

  42. Achien says:

    Kiir and Reik must go to icc they are not leader any more .my question to all of you above, what Kiir and Reik did to south Sudan, yes they are fighters who fought for our independent, but not (freedom). Yes, not freedom. Because in free country’s ,people should not diet because of tow politicians how know only one word in politics. (President).my country brothers and sisters. It’s time to change. In our beloved country, there is men and women, from all tribs can be better than those in the government now, we are disappointed by what is happening in the country today. We lost innocent people for no reason. Kiir and Reik must go to icc.

  43. Jeff Baker says:

    Hello Pan. Thank you for the feedback. I am not in country and as such, rely heavily on articles and postings such as yours for additional insight. We are in accord that something must be done to place the country on the path to democracy and effective service delivery. More importantly, it appears we are in accord that something can be done. As with any endeavor, there will be initial missteps…we will definitely stumble a few times before we acquire the ability to walk straight forward. You and I are not the only persons who see the need for the establishment of a cadre of citizens willing to commit to the work of nation building without desire for personal enrichment. Let us began the search to locate and recruit the men and women with the administrative, engineering, medical, educational and capacity building skills necessary to accomplish the work ahead.

    Step One: we need a forum accessible by all…

    To the Publisher of SouthSudanNation:

    Is it possible that you can create a file of the national budget, Ministry by Ministry on SouthSudanNation? How could willing contributors assist to make this a reality? Contributors, from across the globe, can open the file, examine the contents, become familiar with the revenue and expenditures for the present fiscal year and post comments, concerns and suggestions. Granted, there is much concern regarding past expenditures, however, I sense there is little we can do about the past…presently. By publishing the current budget of the various Ministries, contributors can select which to study, monitor and become an expert. The collective expertise of the group (contributors) should enable SouthSudanNation to publish a comprehensive, objective picture of the national budget, its revenues, expenditures, projects and performance – without speculation and political conjecture. I know there will be limitations on the information available from the government; however, this is a marathon – not a sprint. Can SouthSudanNation establish the budgetary file? If not, how can contributors help SouthSudanNation establish the budgetary file?


  44. Pan says:

    Editor and Jeff Baker:

    Now this is more like it. I would suggest that some history is important so that we are not falling into the ”we are starting from scratch” slumber (yet again). The proposed forum should include all of the Audit Reports done following the CPA. Even though they are not complete they are powerful. I have already started to hear suggestions that sound exactly like those executed previously, as if we all have amnesia about the way they failed and the money they took down with them. I’ll also repeat that we need to add information about the budgets of the UN and various INGOs. Sometimes the government uses the work of NGOs as a fig leaf to cover its own non-performance. Often the INGOs collude with the government to drown out the voice of the people (criticism when things aren’t going well, employment and FAIR compensation of competent nationals, etc.), as if donors and aid workers are the constituency that should be catered to and provided for in the newly independent state. This is a structural problem of “Development” I hope we can also address.

    We have two choices. Use this bloody nightmare to do some soul-searching and find the light in the darkness or resign to the nightmare for good.

  45. Chotngaal says:

    Jeff Baker & The Editor (SSN)

    First of all I would like to thank you for superb and brilliant contributions on to handle our problems as South Sudanese. I work in the government and I know many problems that have taken our country hostage for the last nine years. let us say some of these vices include among others, hiring and placing malpractices of public servants, fiscal, budgetary and accountability, etc. you find all these vices across the ministries and practiced by all senior public servants with different ethnicities backgrounds.

    Now for social media such as South Sudan nation to help this country is to encourage some of us who inside to provide the forum with malpractices and be discussed constructively without names calling, say Dinka, Nuer, Bari, Pojulu, Lotuhu, etc is blamed for the vices in the government.

    I would be happy to contribute to such as if it is forum is established.


  46. Jeff Baker says:

    Progress is a beautiful thing! Thank you Editor and contributors…this is best news I’ve received since the cease-fire! We are all South Sudanese… I agree there is much to be learned from the past; if nothing more, it provides insight to paths once taken. We can learn from the past. I will continue to check SouthSudanNation for the launch of this project. Again, if there is anything I can do, please do not hesitate to post or forward an e-mail.

    My personal story is one that began and will end in South Sudan. I presently live in the West and will soon return to Juba. Yes, the nuances of ethnicity and tribalism run deep and are difficult for Western analysts to comprehend and dissect thoroughly. Nonetheless, when the dust settles there are only dead men, women and children… all South Sudanese. At some point we must began the healing process and build the future. Let us have the audacity and tenacity to set aside whatever divides us for the good of the country.

    May we experience peace for the next 2,000 years; nurture 1,000 generations of babies and cultivate five thousand seasons of children laughing, playing and learning…beginning now. There is much to do… jb

  47. Lwate says:

    The more the monkey climb and go higher the more it exposes its “ASS”.S/Sudanese people still have in their mind what the so called Dr.Machar did in 1991 in Bor and other ares of S/Sudan.
    However, all S/Sudanese have seen beyond reasonable fact all hypocretic and savage tendencies Machar committed during the struggle of self Determination that brought S/Sudan to a legitimate Nation.At one time he could Defect and join El-Bashir again do the same back to SPLA/M until peace was signed.Thats just a fraction of Machar’s shit that I mention in these article,otherwise he is our old “DEVIL” let him get out the bush and come we build our new Nation no one is going to harm him.What he did previously is more than these but inspite of that,he was appointed a V/President of the Nation.The only huge mistake that he is doing now is,confusing the innocent young Nuer youth into bloody and baseless rebellion at the expense of his own cheap politics.

  48. Chinthiangyom Ajolajak says:

    stupid Riek Machar never do anything good for you as he is Dinka who migrated to nuer. he will fix the country when he was vice president,because for horrible thing he did in 1991 and forgave and to became vice president and fail to do good his country, I hate those who praise him for his PHD holder. human with mindless caring Phd. too late for him and some fool people fighting to have South Sudan presidency. Dinka and nuer should be given five years to fight.

  49. Joel says:

    My dear friends ( brothers and sisters)

    I am of the understanding that the current system is not of Justice, Equality and integrity. It’s of the oposite of this three words.

    It’s not embracing the philosophy of ” Career open to the Talented” intead one tribe is dominating everything.
    I son of a peasant can never ascend to the top sit how much he/she may be educated or talented.

    Like for instance, if your son is killed by a known person for his plot, the goverment instead promotes the killer. What type of Government is this?

    If though Machars had not stand for this people were still going to rose against this failed goverment but thanks Marchar has taken the lead. We shall continue to pray to God to give us someone who will lead this nation.

  50. Thon Jacob says:

    ahhha………………..madness online sometimes tempts one into laughter though this time deserves no happiness for the country bleeds. Support for support sake will not bring us out this catastrophe. Let’s condemn a politician pointblank if that politician has lost direction… what would have been a good fight for democracy in the SPLM by Riek is spoiled by lack of patience and wisdom from himself- why did he choose to fight instead of shaming kiir by forming his own political party and inform South Sudan of his decisions; is SPLM the only ladder to leadership and success? Why did he mobilize only White army, his cousins, is he a tribal leader or South Sudan leader?

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