Letter to Equatorians: Siding with Dinka or Nuer?

BY: Choromke Jas, SOUTH SUDAN, DEC/30/2013, SSN;

Dear Equatorians,

My compatriots, once again, we Equatorians have been caught paralysed in the headlamp of historical and political change in our country. The first time this happened was when the SPLA was formed in the early 1983. We were reluctant to join the SPLA at that time because we suspected, with justification that the founders of the SPLA were acting out of spite because of Kokora.

Later, Dr John Garang, the then leader of the SPLA, was able to successfully hide the dark side of the army to make it a more respectable “liberation” movement worthy of support by all Southerners. Because of this cleverness on the side of Dr Garang, a number of Equatorians decided to join the SPLA.

Still, the presence of Equatorians in the SPLA was reluctantly welcomed by the Garang’s people. Equatorians were treated with contempt. Some of them were killed and others were constantly harassed and threatened with death.

Few of the Equatorians were put in positions of ‘authority’ mainly for the purpose of window dressing: to tell the world that the SPLA was for all Southerners. Despite these difficulties, a number of Equatorians thrived and persevered until the end of the war in 2005.

During the following years of transition and independence, the tokenism shown towards Equatorians during the war continued to be practised.

Equatorians again have been marginalized and considered alien in their own country. Their ancestral land has been settled over by hegemonic Dinka who consider themselves more “liberators” than Equatorians.

During the eight years, Equatorians have been under the thumb of those who claim to have been born to rule this country.

When I say that we are tired and sick of the present government, I speak for many Equatorians.

When I say that I look forward to the day when the oppressive system in this country will be “overthrown” to usher in change, I speak for many. The beginning of the change appears to have started on December 15, 2013.

But has it? For the second time, we Equatorians have been caught dazed in the glare of the headlamp of yet another momentous historical event.

The event of December 15, which has now led to genocidal blood letting in the country, appears to have nothing to do with us Equatorians.

Most of us believe that this is a quarrel between the Nuer and Dinka (collectively called Jenge). But is it really a quarrel between the two peoples only?

If that is what you think, my fellow compatriots, I do not blame you. This is because our leaders who are serving in the Dinka government have been peddling the propaganda that it is the fault of Dr Riek Machar who brought this calamity upon his Nuer people.

There has never been clear leadership and guidance from our Equatorian political leaders on what is going on in the country.

My dear compatriots, the fact of the matter is we as a people are now in grave danger because of what has happened on December 15.

At this juncture in our modern history we Equatorians must ask ourselves: What are our political interests and roles in the governance of this country?

How do we attain the interests and ensure our meaningful participation in governing this nation? Who are a threat and an obstacle to us in achieving these?

Let us consider the two warring people as a way of answering these questions.

I must confess that I do not know much about the Nuer or the Dinka. But I do know this: the Nuer can be accused of all things yet I believe that they have not, to the best of my knowledge, shown a deliberate design to oppress other ethnic groups in the South Sudan.

In contrast, the Dinka, at least their elite, have not hidden their hegemonic desire and design to colonize, oppress and rule other peoples in this country.

In the eight years of their reign, the Dinka have provided us with abundant evidence for this. They have raided our public treasury to finance their plans.

They have grabbed private land and occupied ancestral land of peoples in almost all the 10 states of the country.

They have killed people who have opposed their design. (Killing a Dinka, like Isaiah Abraham, does not negate the general sweep of their satanic plan).

And as we write, they have embarked on genocide against the Nuer. The difference between the two people, the Nuer and the Dinka cannot be starker.

Before we answer the questions finally, consider the following:

a) Is standing aloof in the face of the genocide now happening in our country to the best interest of Equatorians?
b) What have been the general effects on Equatorians of the 8-year Kiir’s regime?
c) Between Kiir and Machar, both of whom have their negative sides, who represents a lesser evil in regard to safeguarding the future of South Sudan and that of Equatoria?
d) If, it was Equatoria now facing the Kiir’s onslaught, could we resist him without allies?
e) Who should be our allies as we look to the future?

My dear compatriots, from my own assessment, which I believe is shared by many, the genocide now being committed against the Nuer has two main purposes:

1) to collectively punish the Nuer people because they are of the same ethnicity with Reik Machar; and,

2) to teach other ethnic groups which harbor ambition of opposing the Dinka dictatorship that they will suffer the same fate if they dare to implement their ambition.

The time for decision is now. The interest of Equatoria is peaceful co-existence, justice and equitable distribution of wealth and services.

Furthermore, Equatorians want to participate, fairly, in the running of the affairs of this country. The group which is a threat to this interest and ambition is the Bahr el Ghazal Dinka under Salva Kiir.

For me, and I believe for a large number of Equatorians, we are better off allying with Nuer and other ethnic groups in this country.

Play your part by joining the group which is on the right side of history, which is Dr Riek Machar’s side. We will meet there.

God bless you and God bless South Sudan.

Yours sincerely

Choromke Jas


  1. Elijah Samuel says:

    Indeed you have spoken to many of us. Shall we stand by and watch our Nuer brothers and Sister fight for their lives to the last men? Never, Unless Kirr stops his genocide onslaught on the Nuer people with the support of Kampala, We shall all be dragged in.
    We get in not because we support Kirr, but because we can not allow Kirr to continue with his ethnic cleansing! We support the innocent women and children killed and being killed by Kirr and his tribal criminals.

    • Atem Ateny says:

      You are cowardice equatorians. We dinka occupied your land and you never said anything before. Why you want to join Nuer to fight dinka? Why dont you fight dinka a lone if you are brave men? We will rule you forever you like it or not. We gave you vice president seat in the country and you are not still happy.

      • Dd says:

        Atem, my un-grown brother, you better educate yourself than to sound like the majority of the fools out there. Leadership is not to occupy, neither to rule us but to share the love, peace, harmony, unity, brotherhood, culture, duties and above all the freedom as we work together for development in our country. If your mum and papa never give you the best education come i will take you through the right education using my papa’s method. Be it Dinka, Nuer, Equatoria or whoever in South Sudan, we are brothers and sisters regardless of your young premature intellectual brain.
        If Equatorians are to follow what you think then South Sudan is a dead land with fool of cows and dogs. Hope people like you and more out there think of good as we all think for peace, unity and development.

      • MzeeKijana says:

        Atem, Since when did “bandits become benydits?”

      • Die alive says:

        Hopefully you can grow up and and tolk like a human.one thing
        You need to know is that there is not ruling for every.

    • Kidepo says:

      Choromke Jas-

      You have caught me in your article from top to bottom when you said “the Nuer can be accused of all things yet I believe that they have not, to the best of my knowledge, shown a deliberate design to oppress other ethnic groups in the South Sudan”

      “For me, and I believe for a large number of Equatorians, we are better off allying with Nuer and other ethnic groups in this country”. These are advisers that should e embraced by all Equatorians, I agree with you

  2. BOM PET says:

    this is a big contribution from you. I have been asking myself the same question, which side the Equatorians stand now? Are they with the monster Kiir, the murderer of the Nuer in cold blood or with the nationalists, the majority of the SPLM PB & NLC who have been jailed by Kiir?
    Dr. Riek Machar managed to escape for his life- he did not plan a coup as alleged by Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit & his puppets Wani, Makuei, Marial and the rest.
    Machar, the champion of Self-determination for the people of S.Sudan is envied because he stands for the freedom, equality, development & justice for all. This is the last war with the dictator who made himself the second Arab in S.Sudan.
    If he wins that’s the end of democracy in our country! There’s one thing everyone must know, that all Nuer officials & politicians have either run away to the neighbouring countries or in UNMISS Compounds all over S.Sudan because they are being killed by Kiir’s militia.
    I urge all tribes of South Sudan to unite in order to oust this murderer called Kiir Mayardit and his gang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Equatorians should be the first people to rebel against Dinka government. we do not know why they are supporting Dinka now. their equatorian soldiers now are not being targeted by nuer in SPLA. But they Equatorians are fighting along with Dinka against.

  4. kajokeji says:

    Dear Choromke,
    I can’t agree more with your analysis of the current civil war in South Sudan. As people of Equatoria, we should get out of Kirr’s army of genocide and join our brothers, the Nuer who are being persecuted by the president and his clan.
    My message to the politicians of Equatoria who are currently serving in the government of Salva Kirr is that please quit the government at least as a protest to show the world that you do not support the massacre of Nuer civilians in Juba.
    Also it is important for you Equatorians who serve in the government of Kirr to speak to the international community of the whole truth of what happened on December 15 and there after. If you don’t do this for yourselves, do it for your young children who deserve freedom in that country we call our own.

  5. Dear brother,
    the way you express your words clearly shows that you’re nuer man who would need to put yourselves in Equatorian clothes and claim to be Equatorian. Though you distorted your voice, you re still known as nuer, Equatorians look more educated than your words of rule and divide policy.
    such pple like you re the ones who would need to interfere with the peaceful coexistence in south sudan.
    now you re in Diaspora and you would need your pple to be in war all the time.
    Are u more comfortable in white man’s house? we thought pple like you went there to get educated but the way you talk now shows you have been doing nothing, do not wast your time again to write on this page.

  6. Mohd Adam says:

    Hello, Mr. Choromke Jas,
    Equatorians are wise, smart and knowledgeable people. These are people who cannot be dragged like pigs into a mud then, then, the slaughter House. Riek is an ambitious human being, who always rebels for the sake of power. He did in 1991, and now again in 2013. What is the grantee that Dr. Riek will be a saviour of Equatorians’ land being grabbed, when he Riek is a big grabber of Equatorian land? Think about it, before falling a prey. It is said, better deal with the devil you know than the angel you never know. If Equatorians have grievances, let it come purely from them, rather than allying themselves with savages, and vicious people like Peter Gadet.

    • Kidepo says:

      Mohamed Adam-

      I have tried my level best to distant myself from your erronous statements on this forum but found it difficult this time arround. Can you tell me how many lands grabbed by Dr Riek in Equatoria compare to the ones grabbed by Dinka and Kiir.

      Dinka have long been executing more deadly deals in Equatoria. Infact this rebbelion should have been Equatoria rebbelion against dinka after all the malpractices committed by the dinkas in Equatoria starting from wild land grabing in Yei, Nimuole, Juba, Nadapal, to killing of Equatorians inccocently in JUba, Yei and Nimule.

      If you are not aware of the 1991 split you should ask Equatorians who were right on the ground. Dr Riek rebelled was the one that brought for Equatorians some bit of respect when the dinka found out that the Nuer can fight them to death.

      You should know that there were Equatorians who fought the war from 1983-2005 and up to now fighting Dr Riek on the name of Govt and are not promoted at all when the dinkas who were eating with the jalabas and even some change their religions were brought from suk Alarabi and given ranks/stars on golden plates something they have not earn at all

      Let us try to figure out who did the owrst to the Equatorians Dr Riek and Nuer or Salva Kiir and the Dinkas. Jas is a true sone of Equatoria not as mcuh spinless like the Equatorians under salva kiir nursery

      • Maker Jahou says:

        All of your decisions to joint any of the sied is welcome but be aware of your capability.
        Dinka has no bad intension against the rest of the tribes but you want to fight the Dinka you are welcome ,we are tired of talking about peace and nobody is willing to accept it .

  7. Andrew Jenge says:

    Well done for coming out loud and clear, brother! I have said time and again, if you think it is Nuers’ problem, you must be kidding yourself! Where are the other tribes and their leaders, in join the Nuer to dislodge Kiir and his tribal militia?! We have all seen how they have squandered opportunities to develop this nation in the last 9 years, it is clear and there is no excuse for any rational human being for not siding with the Nuer at this critical time! Aluta continua!

  8. Choromke Jas, u must have been bribed greatly by Dr.Riek Machar and by that I may called u a delirious minded man! I am not preventing u frm joining Riek Machar but I must warn u as earlier as possible, as u shall join, u’ll asked yourself; what am I fighting for? Why do I favour this side I am joining rather than the other? What is the Background of each of the two sides that are generating this fighting (Riek & Kiir)?
    After all, when I would be defeated, where would I go b’se when u are going for a fight, it is always one of the two, either defeat or victory? U talked of dictatorship, define clearly dictatorship for yourself b4 talking of it. Hw many years is S.Sudan frm its independence? What is the Period of one term of rule in accordance to our country’s constitution compared to the period Salva has been in power?
    What I know is that u will not join the war as u said b’se u are foolish cowards who don’t know where u are heading to.
    Dinkas are not denying Nuer frm ruling the country but they are denying Riek Machar frm ruling b’se of what he did and have just done which means if any other Nuer patriots came up in the the name of contesting for Leadership of S.Sudan firmly and patriotically peaceful, the would be voted in but if Riek, no!

  9. first of all, thanks for your wonderful message you have passed to all the Greater Equatorians who are in south sudan and indeed outside south sudan, in knowing the reality is better than telling lie or supporting which therefore person may not know about but perhaps our conflicted with Dinkas is not started in 15th- 12- 2013 instead it was there for a years which i think none of us been born, since in 1806 to the time of 15th -12-2013.
    That is why our beloved civilians have been killed by dinka kiir but from today on it is we the Nuer to determine who to be in Juba between us, we the Nuer and Dinkas community, one thing will happen in these couple of days by who will be in Juba either we or Dinkas, and therefore one tribe will be in foreign countries as citizens there for all of their lives.

    May God bless our freedom fighter and our democracy leader who is Dr. Riek Machar Teny.
    God bless our belovely nation .
    in Freedom, justice and Equality we all believe in.
    God us all
    south sudan Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

    • Jemmy says:

      You are unpredictable liar who says impossibilities, and by the way a Nuer residing outside South Sudan behaves in that way knowing he/she is safe and well in his far away place. Many Nuer were not supporting Riak since his defection in 1991 until now. The reason is that Nuer community realized that they become victims of Riak’s negative objectives.
      Believe me or not some people from Nuer will fight Riak leave alone people he left them in detention and declared tribal war, while they were his supporters from different ethnic groups.

  10. Alphoonse Kenyi says:

    Dear Choromke, I could not agree more with what you have argued in your excellent piece. Let me tell you that you left nothing for me to say much. Early last week, I challenged my Greater Equatorians around the world on my Facebook page to rise up and pick up arms or revolt from within. Sooner or later, God forbid, Equatoria will be a battle ground again. Our hope is that, when this carnage is over in the coming few weeks, South Sudan will be reborn again with this current system disappeared once and for all. However, if things keep deteriorating into an all out civil war whether it is Nuer Vs. Dinka, we Equatorians have no room to entertain ourselves. We will chose the least evil which is Nuer. There is no way to fool ourselves again this time. South Sudan will rest only if the notorious tribal SPLA organization, is dissolved and replaced by a National, well disciplined, professional army that it is mission is to protect the land of South Sudan and its Citizens from out siders, not a militia, gangsters from one tribe let alone one community.
    thank you for your well thought article.

  11. majok Bol says:

    Equatrians, you have right to join Nuer people because you have same behaviour of not liking what other people posed. Try your best to join them and this country will be more than Somalia….
    but how will Equatorians join this fight when they always run to Uganda, Congo and C.A.R. for refuge?

    • Michael says:

      Hi Majok Bol,

      You are the reason our country is suffering today! Your war with the Dinka has not started today, you have always killed yourselves as long as humanity existed! Wherever you are writing from, you are just writing BS. But luckily enough you are not writing in the vicinity of Equatoria!

      I can assure you if you wrote this BS of your in Greater Equatoria, you will be shown the door and you will be sent back to where you belong! You belong in the uncivilized barbaric bushes of Upper Nile!.

      To say that Equatorians always run to Uganda, Kenya, Congo and C.A.R. is not only offensive but stupid. Your Nuer clan are in exile in thousands to say the least. Who knows, you too must be writing in some foreign comfort because I do not believe you are here is South sudan.

      In any case we will find you out and you will answer to your BS. Be careful now, we are watching your words as well as determining your whereabouts so you can tell us what you said face to face. How about that!

    • Peter Malish says:

      Majok Bol,am always sick and tired ,Simply because you dinkas can not accept the truth ,Which equatorians are you saying is runing to Uganda ,Congo and C.A.R?
      if majority of the people fleeing to Uganda are almost 95% Dinkas .Do not force us the equatorians to Join the war otherwise you have no roads to run to the other Countrires stated above since all of the exit points to those countries are all in the equatoria region.

    • ukuni says:

      Now go to uganda and check the population who fled to Uganda only Dinka.Now how can you tell me that the Equatorians are ranninng to Uganda.As am writing some of them are their way to Uganda,Kenya,Ethopia.Same on u for the comments

    • compatriot says:

      Lets not forget that the natural law says Those who kill by the sword die by the sword. I would rather be a coward than pour out the blood of the innocent. Remember no body owns the world.

    • Mama G says:

      Hello Majok, my name is Mama G. The “G” is for general. You said that equatorians are running for refuge but did you see the planes filled with Dinka people begging for porridge and handouts. Us equatorians do not depend on other people, we Equatorians are hard workers, we work for everything we need and want. If you come to canada you see a handful of Dinka theives on welfare, never Equatorians. Get your stinky Dinka’s out of the Bari land now known as Juba and go back to your trash plains in Bor. Your kind will never be welcomed here in Equatorians. Tell your people to clean their faces with at least water and apply lotion for once so they don’t look like homeless people in this first world country in Canada.

      • Dd idi says:

        Mama G! lol, hope you not killing it like vila. Anyway, its crucial to remind ourselves that be it Dinka, Nuer or Equatorians, we are all related in other way round under one umbrella. We are brothers and sisters. There is no need to continue developing the turmoil rather the focus should be on how the wise and knowledgable mens and women should help the less knowledgable and less fortunates know the right thing. I understand based on the current leadership many have not gotten the chance to voice their concerns, however, when such opportunities of posting on web-site like this occurs lets put effort on educating and brainstorming for the welling-being of our community. To understand the term “community” in simple word it means people sharing the same norms, values, heritage, and creating a world of togetherness in a collective region/or society etc etc. We should point out the issues and find solutions as well suggest recommendations on how to transform the poor policy to a beneficial policy for all.

        There is no need to figure point dooms on any sides, for my understanding, i know equatorians also have their own challenges and stuffs they might be working upon, therefore, as a suggestion the equatorians should not take part in any side rather provide a helpful advices and create environment for better education of leadership, advocacy, and empowerment to any South Sudanese.

        To sum up, a leader is nothing without people therefore if we the civilians and few mature soldiers of SOSA could not put hands to help these leaders we are talking of, then they could not get the power for such situations happening.

    • MzeeKijana says:

      Majok Bol,

      Equatorians do not have to join the Nuer, they could start their own rebellion if they wished. Equatoria is the corner stone of South Sudan without it there is NO South Sudan. That is an established fact. Now greater UN and BG are developmentaly so retarded that most of their citizens have sought refuge in Equatoria. Juba has seen how thousands of especially Dinkas have fled to Kaya enroute to Uganda. Dinka- and Nuerlands are in a state of anarchy, chaos and who knows what they will look like, should the war drag on for yet another 20 years. About 4 days ago, the 3 Equatoria governors have pledged to mobilise over 30,000 fighers from greater Equatoria, not to kill Dinkas or Nuer but defend our bitter earned freedom and development. Now all night patrols in Juba are manned by predominantly Equatorians soldiers and so are Kiir´s presidential guards At the grassroots already there are cells of Equatoria Defence League EDL. Soon you will hear good news from EDL. By the way, are you is some luak already?

    • Kidepo says:

      MAJOK BOL-



  12. juma says:

    with such mind sets, Somalisation is about to set in , why do u encourage equatorian to join you where ever u might be as you last sentence suggest? is Equatoria South sudan alone …. where does vice president , minister of finance, cabinet affairs , national security among other strategic ministries come from? is it from Equatoria region…. no one fear the war …. u r free to join any rebellion and we are ready to defend ourselves ……..SPLA OYEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Kidepo says:

      I hope you are not Juma I know. Why are you supporting these dinkas. You alone know what the dinkas are doing to this country. Let the Nuer finish them and let the dinkas not use the Govt (other communities) to fight the Nuer as means of
      protecting dinka dynasty.

      Wani igga, Obuto Mete, Aggrey and other Equatorians constitutionla post holders cannot change the malpractices and tribalism of the dinkas in this country. Mamur himself have undergone sever intimidations of the dinkas. He was jailed and recently taken out from the army from the army. I talk to him several times to why he is comanding the forces to recapture Bor when he is a Minister not army man any more.

      Dinka said they are men let them get the Nuer

  13. Joana Adams says:

    Dear Jas,
    This is the first down to earth article written by an Equatorian at this critical juncture of the history of the people and nation of South Sudan. Papa Nelson Mandela took a stand during his trial by the racist Apartheid regime and said he was ready to die for the freedom of his people. It is very sad indeed that Equatorians who are being used as window dressing in Kiir’s murderous regime namely Wani Igga, Martin Lomuro and others who are now viciously defending a regime that has declared ethnic cleansing against the Nuer’s -these Equatorian bedfellows of Kiir must never be forgiven by their Equatorian brethrens and must pay the price.
    Your very thoughtful and balanced questions must be answered by each and every living adult Equatorian. Do we have a stake in the way this country should be governed or are we happy just to eat the crumps from the master’s table? There is time for intellectualism but over intellectualisation may be an excuse for cowardice or fear of death. Even as the Holy Bible says in Ecclesiastes: there is time for everything, time to die and time to live. Time to plant and time to reap. How shall we reap where we have not sown?
    Let us follow those brave Equatorians who have shown that they are willing to die together with their compatriots from Upper Nile, for the freedom in their country- veteran politician Dr. Luka Monoja, Gen. Alfred Lado Gore , Dr. Citing Hiteng and leave those despicable belly politicians in Kiir’s cabinet.
    But Jas’s question should equally apply to those many Nuer generals and commanders whom Kiir is using to kill their own brothers? They have the power to alter the balance of power in this war for the better. Why didn’t Kiir sent such numbers of armoured vehicles to protect our northern borders during the fight in Heglig and is mercilessly demolishing the people and city of Malakal as shown last night on El Jazeera TV?
    Let us all get this clear, this war is not against Riek or the Nuers. This war is about protection of the Dinka(Bahar el Ghazal) dynasty. Kiir is sending a clear message to any present or future contender that such individuals, above all their innocent tribes men and women will severely pay the price.
    Therefore I too believe this is the time to join hands and make alliance with the forces of opposition led by Dr. Riek Machar who by comparison narrated by Jas, is a lesser evil. If we do not have military capabilities due to the reasons eloquently narrated by the writer above, let us make political alliance or go for peaceful demonstrations, or civil disobidience in all our three states. Those in the military from all marginalised tribes should switch sides on the battle ground to accelerate the demise of Kiir’s regime. Let us be on the right side of history. Dr. Riek also needs to reach out to all southerners and have an inclusive front to defeat the evil man tyrant Salva Kiir.


    • Nikalongo says:

      U r insulting Equatorians. We r not cowards. We know what we stand for. Hiteng, Lado and Manibe have nothing to pay for. They are innocent politicians who wanted a reform in their party and not militia leaders. Dinka and Nuer are bloodthirsty hooligans who have no respect for life. Take (Dinka and Nuer) ur hooliganism to ur backyards – away from Equatoria. Idiots.

  14. nikalongo says:

    No Equatorian writes the kind of empty nonsense that u trying to put forward. U are not Equatorian. We stand for peace, justice and liberty.
    There is a campaign to win over Equatoria and all will fail. Dinka and Nuer are all the same. They are a filthy bunch of bloodthirsty hooligans who have no respect for the sanctity and dignity of human life and values. It is a shame sharing this country with them. We want a new nation in Equatoria, a nation of peace lovers and law abiding citizens where justice and liberty is sacrosanct. They (Dinka and Nuer) can take that war to their backyards where they can freely kill themselves to extinction. Take along ur oil.

    • Kidepo says:


      All the article written by Jas from top to bottom is the truth and nothing else. Comparing Dr Riek and Kiir as there is no Equatorian who comes openly lobbying/campigning for Presidency we Equatorians should choose the less evil. Dr Riek for now as I said earlier is the right man. We are done of Kiir and dinkanism

  15. equatorian boy says:

    you are out of what you talking about if you don,t know more about Nuer and Dinka, you better take time to study the two tribes

    • Junubi says:

      they are all for their cows not human beings

    • Kidepo says:

      Equat Boy-

      I have no problem voting for you or any Equatorian if you are anticipating to be the next president after all every South Sudanese citizen has legal right to contest for any seat in the RSS. I am answering and choosing the lesser devil based on our strugle history from 1955-2005.

      Dinka is a no zone anymore for Equatorians except those under Kiir nursery that is understandable because no one can get out food from his mouth. But the most important thing is will the food be meaningful if you are insulted: coward, women, Ugandans, Kenyans in the country you laid a histroic stone of strugle as in the case of 1955 that the dinkas are burying by only recognizing the 1983 bor event because it was led by dinka son??

      Torit Mutiny Oyee!
      Riek Machar Oyee!

  16. Please equatorians, talk to your children in the army of Dinka. let them not die by supporting Dinka. this is not a national war to defend the country where your children in the army could die. this is tribal war that you equatorians should not participate in.
    please keep yourselves away from this tribal thing since it is not concerning you.

    • Kidepo says:


      We have spoken to many Equatorians in the army. Actually many have come back when they saw they were fighting Nuer civilains-who came with pangas, etc. SOme Equatorians that were in Bor have come back. We are articulating them to only get registered and get the guns to protect Equatoria. For those who wopuld like to go to the fronts line. I will take th advises of my sister Joana

      • Kidepo says:

        Those Equatorians on front lines should be advised to switch their sides against the dinka army to reduce th days of Kiir. You also Nuer white army should continue with your spirits. We thank you very much for not killing Equatorians at your disposals areas

        Aluto continues

  17. Coldit says:

    Thanks very much writer for making this so clear to South Sudanese. This letter would have been directed to all South Sudanese rather than Equatorian brothers. May God bless you dear.

  18. The Equats says:

    If we really come to realities, Equatorians or other South Sudanese have no right to die in this blood bullshit fight. Why? Because based on my understanding of how the fight started, the presidential guards were recruited from the Dinka n Nuer only. Meaning, if there were other tribes amongst the presidential guards they would have either betray or voice their opinions too. Equatoria was even stronger when it was by its own.

  19. Tongun Lo Loyuong says:

    Dear brother Jas,
    Thank you for this persuasive and well written piece. In a recent comment I made on BBC “have your say” commenting on the violent escalation in South Sudan, I emphasized our South Sudanese kinship relations across the varied and many South Sudanese tribes and ethnic identity groups. Indeed in my own family, my younger siblings are married to Acholi, Lotuko and Fojulu individuals. I have blood related cousins from Nuer by virtue of my uncle’s marriage to my Nuer aunt in law. I have Dinka cousins from a Dinka uncle in law. I have cousins from Mundari, cousins from Balanda and so forth.
    As the Kenyan philosopher, John Mbiti has highlighted in his writings, in Africa we are more related to each other than we recognize and acknowledge. Even between siblings there are disagreements that may often turn violent. Conflicts and grievances are part and parcel of human relations and interactions. This is to say when you situate two individual human beings to occupy a geographic space in proximity to each other conflicts are bound to take place, regardless of blood relations. This being the case in themselves conflicts are not all doom and gloom, but should provide windows of opportunities for mutual recognition and understanding. Conflicts only become destructive when they are left to transform into violence that is protracted. As I have argued in many of my articles, the amicable way to resolve our political difference and address our grievances in South Sudan is through non-violence and open dialogue where our familial relations are stressed, and where mutual recognition of our inevitable coexistence is encouraged and appreciated as all the more pertinent for seeking peaceful means. Yes Salva has committed a grave error of judgement by unleashing his dogs of war on the innocent Nuer civilians and for no apparent reason save their identity affiliation to Machar. Targeting unarmed civilian citizens this way is completely unacceptable and must not only be condemned in the strongest of terms possible, but those who ordered it as well as those who executed it must not elude the long arm of justice. But taking the law into one’s hands as some Nuer fellows have reportedly done in the restive states is equally reprehensible. Violence breeds violence, and treading this path means we will never recover from this vicious cycle of violence and revenge for generations to come. In this context I categorically disagree with your appeal for the Equatorians to join the carnage and indeed to wish for the violence to continue until the winner takes all. God knows how much I inch to joint the battle ground and fight for democracy and freedom from yet another oppression and marginalization. But let us give dialogue, peace and the long arm of international justice a chance. Moreover I disagree with your presentation of the conflict as entirely between Nuer and Dinka and your preference for Nuer at the expense of Dinka. At its heart this is a battle for entrenching democracy in South Sudan where all should live a dignified life. Even the Dinka too must be included and invited rather than excluded and vilified. For to be sure there are many Dinkas out there who also want democracy and positive social change in South Sudan.

    • Dear Tongun Lo Loyuong:

      I always applaud your advocacy for peace and unity among our people in South Sudan. You have been warning the people about the situation in which our Country is now. However, nobody seems to care or take your prediction and warning seriously until now. There is a saying that ” what goes up must come down” in this regard I can say for sure that Riek Machar’s Supporters and the SPLA has gone up but none of them will remain up in the air. They will eventually come down to their senses whether they like it or not.

      In fact, this is not the first time these rivals had done it. The same situation happened before when Riek Machar attempted to overthrow late Dr. John Garang in the SPLA movement in 1991. It took the SPLA time to contain the situation, however it was eventually brought under control and Riek Machar fled to Khartoum. The question that every Dinka in the Army asks himself is that will there ever be a trust between the Nuer and Dinka in the army since the Nuer Militias who were recently pardoned and integrated into the regular Army by president Kiir turns their guns against their Dinka colleagues in the Army?

      The political and Military Amnesty that president Kiir has offered to the Nuer Militias as a sign of peace and unity has betrayed the Dinka and other South Sudanese in the SPLA Army. The Lunatic Riek Machar and his Nuer Militias saw it as the sign of weakness and window of the opportunity to come in and do the internal rebellion against the Dinka. However, they forgot to realize that Riek Machar can not be crowned to rule South Sudan by force. Will he (Riek) really rule South Sudan by force?

      I profoundly appreciated your stance for peace and unity of our people. However, I don’t mind if Chomroke Jas, the Nuer who disguised himself as an Equatorian, want to mobilize the Equatorians to fight for the presidency of Riek Machar. The political scenario of 1991 has just repeated itself, and I’m very confident that the mighty SPLA shall overcome it no matter how long it takes. It is just a matter of time before Riek Machar flees to Khartoum or Gambella. The SPLA’s victory is certain! For the blind supporters of Doctor Death, Riek Machar, please be rest assured that Riek Machar will never rule South Sudan whether by Bullet or Ballot. Period!

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

      • john says:

        This war is not about Nuer vs Dinka. It is about Freedom Fighters vs Dictator Ruler Mr. Kiir. Why would a President have genocide committed under his leadership and call his government democracy and done nothing to show the people that his is committed to peace. instead of helping the victims he brings Ugandan’s Forces to kill his own people. Kiir’s kingdom is falling down before our eyes. Whether you join or don’t. The fight now is to bring peace, justice and freedom to express yourself freely. We need to be able to have those basic rights as humans.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Dear Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang:

        When you said the Mighty SPLM shall overcome it, did you mean the UPDF, Kenyan’s arm forces, and Sudan army forces because those who confronted us in Bor were Ugandans and few Kenyans. I was very disappointed because I did not see any Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang there. What happens to your AK47? It must turn out be a BB gun.

        Nuer is fighting the whole East Africa and Dinka, and we are indeed holding up really good. You should know by now that, Nuer is one of the bravest tribe God ever produce. Your Ugandans forces die like dogs in Bor. Some of them are in the bushes and have no idea where to go. Hyenas had good Christmas this year with Ugandan’s bodies.

        Besides, why are you running to refugee camps in Uganda and Kenya? What happens when you are the brave? There must be free food in refugee camps … uh huh? Same as usual, where there is food, there must be Dinka vying for it.

        So what camp are you going to join, Kenya refugee camp or Uganda with your AK47 BB gun? Say hello to your husband, Museveni. We taught him and his dummies UPDF forces a lesson they will never forget.

    • Kidepo says:

      Tongun Lo Loyuong says-

      Good argument!

      Unfortunately some of us have fought in the SPLA and have worked in the SPLM yet never did some of us come accros a dinka advocating for democracy and social change in South Sudan other than killing, intimidations, land grabing, corruption and raped on women from non dinka origins during the war.

      You should among the few or only lcuky Equatorian who came accross the dinka you are trying to put them white color dress as good people.

      The Equatorians of course are people with brains and can make individual decisions but this decisons should be based on historic record. For this I choose to go for Nuer than the useless dinkas that have the worts record in the country since the few democartic ones have equally failed to tamed their dinka brothers and sisters

  20. Dan Lopos says:

    Crazy politics. Equatorians need people like those Anya-nya1 comrades. Has the long war killed that inspiration?

    • Kidepo says:

      Kiir has bought the Torit Mutineers because he is paying them monthly salaries. The Torit Mutiny veterians are praising Kiir and telling the youth to support Kiir because Kiir has acknowledged them by paying them monthly salary.

      Though they are very very old now some may not even survive next two years to come

  21. jay johnson says:

    dear choromoke jas,

    you are being emotional for urging your equatorian kins to join the nuer. Before you join the war, you first need to ask yourselves a question, which is, what am I fighting for?

    democracy can not be achieved through violence mean. it will not be realize this way. secondly, we do not want, as south Sudanese to have political culture of “transferring political power” through violence mean and force. that will set a vicious cycle that will never end.

    And by the way, president Kiir was democratically elected with more than 90% of the vote. this was overwhelming support, which is even rare in the west, the supposed bastion of democracy!!!! if he had become a dictator as he clearly is, why can we wait for one year before we can overwhelmingly vote him out of the office through a democratic mean instead of staging a coup and rebellion. A lot of lives lost could have been save

    getting power through violence serve short term political purpose. who want Wani Igga or Dr. Riek overthrow from power through coup and rebellion if they become president of the RSS of south sudan in the future?

    No regional body and countries like IGADD, African Union, UN, EU and US would a support a government that came to power through violence mean.

    Instead of asking the innocent equatorians to join Dr. Defector and betrayer Riek Machar in order to die, I would ask you sir to join the rebel so that you do not become a war cheerleader!!

    • Denque says:

      Dear Jay,
      I couldn’t agree more with you.
      You have said it all;
      1. Democracy is not achievable through VIOLENCE.
      2. Transfer of Power via VIOLENCE should not be our system of selecting our leaders.
      It’s only the down-sided mind set politicians that preach “DEMOCRACY” while on the other hand use force to get into power.
      The murdering of Nuer innocent children, women & men in Juba by Kiir presidential guards show a lot to the Southern Sudanese & the whole entire World what kind of a leader is Kiir. Instead of ignorantly use the word ‘failed attempt coup’, the president should have taken responsibility and bring his ‘presidential guards’ & whoever responsible for the evil acts to book.

  22. sundra says:

    you have spoken the truth, all those equatorians who can’t read and should know the truth. Since the independence all the equatorians who are serving in the army had never been released, they had been kept as prisoners to protect this government without any benefits.

  23. Butus says:

    Dear fellow Nuer and Dinka.

    I want let you know that this article is authenticated it’s not written by an equatorian. the author simply want confuse others. Secondly this person lives abroad and has no idea on what’s happening in South Sudan.

    The best equatorians could do is not side with any ethnic group otherwise one day we Will have another country, “THE NEW EQUATORIA,” then both Nuer and Dinka will be foreigners.

  24. Kikigi says:

    I personally don’t agree for Equatorians to join either the Dinka or Nuer, bcos these people has a long history of Killing each other and yet they look physically the same in their appearance. They are blood thirsty even the most educated of them are like just now from the the Mura they don’t how to say sorry and they don’t how to say thank you. Anybody who does not know how to say the two things is bound to commit any crime in the world.
    So it is better to stay out of these and formed a neutral force.

  25. Alex Naro says:

    Let us start with a simple question which is, “if him Kiir the president of the republic knows that he is popular then why can’t he let the convention go ahead”? (Mabior Garang).
    Kiir in his Greater Bahr el Ghazal tour in September in Akon his hometown addressed the crowd in his Dinka native language “Look, this power which I have belongs to YOU.YOU fought and died for it… now some people want to snatch it from me…Will you accept it? The crowd shouted back” ACI BA GAM” which meaning in Dinka language we will not accept.
    Now let everyone of us ask her/himself if he or she was included in that YOU? “The defenders of the status quo always label anybody who questioned the wisdom of Kiir’s policies of being unpatriotic, but patriotism can never be defined as a loyalty to any particular leader or government or policy but patriotism is supporting South Sudan all the time and supporting our government when it deserves it”.
    Sometimes “We may long that our leaders and our government stand up for our ideals such as our SPLM ideals.
    When our leaders or government are out of alignment with our ideals then the dissent of ordinary South Sudanese people like you and I, we may prove to be one of the truest expression of patriotism and in that sense it is fitting to say that Dr. Riek Machar, Mama Rebecca Nyandeng, Gier Chuang, Alfred Lado Gore, Kosti Manibe, Chol Tong Mayay, Deng Alor, Peter Adwok, Taban Deng Gai, Cirino Hiting, Oyai Deng Ajok and Pagan Amum are all true Patriots because they have dared to call on Kiir to follow the internal regulations of the SPLM and denounced the unconstitutional dismissal of the governors of Unity and Lakes States the demands of which the Mayardit turned a deaf ear to. Once again talking about patriotism which it is also believed “it must,if it is to mean anything, involve the willingness to sacrifice,to give up something we value on behalf of a larger cause.”
    This definition of a Patriotism sound to be fitting for Salva Kiir because he too can become a patriotic leader but this time in the eyes of all South Sudanese if he ceded the power on behalf of the South Sudanese unity and of cessation of the unnecessary bloodbath between the erstwhile comrades.
    Dear South Sudanese fellows, contending about the latest skirmish in Juba, if it was a putsch or just a fabrication is absurd and lead to nothing, in the end it is just calm and peace that we all want.

  26. Bentiu today says:

    Riek, yes but not all Nuer are supporting him, even kirr is not supported by all dinka, most are now in the jail.
    Equatorians will not participate because of cowards from most Equatorian tribes which i can not blame them.
    Dinka are cowards, yes, why asking Uganda for help? they kill unarmed civilians and now pride themselves.
    Today they left Bor empty and in Unity state running away from the battle fields. After the white army coming they don’t want to face men but killing women and children in Juba. Is there a victory?

  27. nikalongo says:

    Bentiu today,

    Take ur filthy mouth and keep it in Bentui. There are no cowards in Equatoria. There are only civilised peace lovers. U (Nuer) and ur Dinka brothers/enemies are bloodthirsty hooligans who cherish death. Keep that war to ur backyards. We want a new nation in Equatoria.

  28. SPLA Torit says:

    We ask all Equatorians to reconcile if there are any historical differences that keep us a part. Dinkas and Nuers constitute about 30 percent of South Sudan population and the remaining 70 percent is mostly Equatorians. One of the reasons why Kirr is highly allergy to democracy, and thus, ruled out any means of power sharing, or Riek’s and Amum demands for democratic system, is because he and his dinka advisors are aware this will weaken their domination of the government. However in a country like South Sudan, to avoid more conflicts in such ethnic lines, it is only fair that our government practice democratic system, whereby all citizens get a fair shot in deciding who gets to lead the country. Equatoria must work together, and can only party with whether Nuer or Dinka, only if the course serves our interests. A truly responsible government, free, fair and peaceful society can only be attained in our republic if Equatorians reasonably and proportionally have influence in the SPLM/A bureaucracies.

    • jay johnson says:

      where did you get your demographic statistics, sir? can you cite me one of your sources for substantiation purpose so that you stand not accused of making up the numbers as you write.

      the dinka constitute 40% while the nuer come second with 20% of south sudan population. The dinka constitute almost half of country’s population. furthermore, Dinka was the single major ethnic group in the old sudan constituting 18% of the population just to back up my statement.

      fyi, please check south sudan bureau of statistics before you dismiss my argument. I am aware of demographic politics, which means that they are always disputed for obvious reasons, which is politics of numbers. But if you check old sudan population census of 1973, and 1982 you will find that the dinka were the single big group population wise

      I know the issue of population is irrelevant and unimportant given the current situation. however, I feel that you should not be allowed to distort facts for political reasons.

      • Diktor Agarab says:

        Jay Johnson is nothing more than a Dinka extremist who is pulling numbers from his netherside. Why disapprove stated statistics with nothing more than the air from your backside? Has that air entered your brain?

  29. upiu says:

    Instead of taking the moral high road, Choromke has stepped up a gear to killing insanity. He is now in the league of South Sudan destroyers. he should stop writing at the comfort of Western Countries, posing as his adored Riek strategist, but join the battles that he is urging his brothers to partake. All out war country wide will ignite endless cycles of wars, rebellions, mutinees, you name them that any sane brain wouldn’t want. South Sudan is more than just Nuer and Dinka, and to call on all other ethnicities to take sides is shameful gambling and mediocre politics.

  30. To Equatorians,

    This war is not between Nuer and Dinka. It is about a change. As you know that the clashes between Dinka and Nuer give more benefits to you Equatorian tribes. You could have never got the position of Vice President if Dinka and Nuer did not clash. Mabuto Mamur would have never got the position of security if Dinka and Nuer did not clash. Only foolish Equatorians believe that the war is between Dinka and Nuer. The war is actually between Dictatorship supporters and Democracy Supporters.

    When we fought Sudan government for over 40 years, it was because we needed democratic government. When we separated from Sudan government, we do not see any signs of democracy. Instead the president of South Sudan uses the same Sudan constitutions we have had rejected and fought against for several years. As a result, Dr. Machar pressures Kiir to change his dictatorship vision to democracy vision that would benefit all South Sudanese like he did to Dr. Garang to change his New Sudan vision to South Sudan vision. Dr. Machar preaches democracy to South Sudanese without fear of loosing his position.

    You Equatorians, you are so hypocritical people you never love peace since the beginning of the Movement. You Equatorians, you had been Killing Dinka and Nuer who captured Equatorian towns from Arabs during struggle for independent. You are liars, you never love peace. For example, Mabuto Mamur declare war on the government several times. You have been cited war for a long time since the Referendum period in 2005. You cited war several times when Madi chief was gunned down by Dinka supporters. Your people have been shooting Dinka and Nuer randomly making false claim that their land has been occupied.

    Now all of you pretend that you love peace when you see the war is widely open to everyone because you know that you cannot stand alone. You must be either with President or with the former vice president to survive. Please Equatorians stop making those false claims.

    Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, has been advising you, if you do not like Dinka and Nuer, go to where you were during struggle for Independence.

    • jay johnson says:

      Bentiu ramran,

      who are you referring to when you say when we? do you mean Dr. Nyagat and chief betrayer and traitor killer, Riek Machar? how many times did Gatdet, who can not even spell or pronounce the word democracy he is purportedly for switching side between spla and sudan government?

      which town was liberated by Anya nya II, white army and war lords of western upper nile? were they not the ones fighting the spla along side sudan government? who captured Torit in 2002 from spla? Paulino Matip militias right?

      Are your war lords and militias patriotic? are you kidding me? what is the meaning of democracy in nuer language? why do you follow a mad dog and killer fourth generation dinka nuer from Hol dinka of Duk county who have lust for white women? are you not ashamed to die and commit mass suicide on behalf of un-indicted war criminal who married a 57 years old single divorced white women from rural America? I am talking about Becky Lynn Machar with three kids from previous marriage.

      Is Dr. Nyagat and killer Gatdet patriotic? really? really? really?

    • Michael says:

      Bentiu Ramaran,

      You must be joking, are you? If the war is not between the two tribes you mentioned, why is it dealt in the two regions of the cows tribes? You sound stupid and ugly aren’t you?

  31. alhag suliman says:

    this is our time now to be with Nuer and Dr. Riek

  32. Bishop William Levi says:

    Have any one of you thought about praying for your leaders? It is the sin in the heart of mankind. On the other hand, this crisis has caused a major spiritual implication for the people of South Sudan living in big cities such as Juba. Since people have returned from exile, most had gone to making their homes in Juba as opposed to returning to their villages just as immigrants flock to the cities in our country.
    Juba is the most congested city in the South Sudan. Without proper sewage system and water, sanitation is a big problem in Juba. South Sudanese who have returned from exile, have forgotten who has delivered us from our oppressor, the Islamic regime to the north. They have forgotten God in the process of trying to forge a living in the country driven by materialism and political correctness.
    Juba has become corrupt, ugly, and has become a breeding ground for crimes, homelessness, prostitution and corruption. The government is trying to curb the level of crimes and corruption by putting more policemen on the streets of Juba and building more prisons to hold criminals. But this not helpful and it is just like putting the bandage on a bleeding wound without addressing the root causes facing the nation.
    As a result, the government is spending money they don’t have on unsustainable initiatives to restructure the country.
    As an example of the wayward plans of man, the UN has declared prostitution in Juba as a matter of human rights and those who are engaged in this lifestyle are given professions as sex workers. This is certainly an abomination and defilement before God.
    The Church of South Sudan urged the UN and the Government to reconsider their position because this is not the basis of our freedom. But they did not listen. So God cannot be mocked.
    He, in His providence, reveals the foolishness of men and confounds their plan and had the people flushed out of Juba under present circumstances beyond their control to manifest His own glory.

    God is calling all of us to repentance. He will not be mocked.

    People are being given a fresh perspective on the reason why God preserved their lives and brought them back from exile to rebuild their homeland after 50 years in captivity. For the first time, many of them are realizing their priority in life, seeking first God’s kingdom and righteousness and their eyes are now open to the gift of God, the vastness of their country, and her beauty.
    They are also realizing that the rebuilding of their country does not start and end in Juba. The villages are an integral building block of a country. As Dr. John Garang used to say, for South Sudan to develop, people must take the city to the village and not the village to the city. All of this situation, underscores our vision, goals and our resolve to reestablish a Christian presence in this new nation after 50 years in desolation.


  33. Bentiu today says:

    Dear nikalogo,
    if Equatorians are peace lovers as you claim, does it mean when dinka killed your chief of Nimule and the Engineer in juba, you kept quiet without reacting to the killers of your fellow Equatorians, is it the peace you mean?
    we in Nuer culture we do not bother the lives of our fellow Nuer simply because of position, food or money rewarded to an individual, these are useless in the Nuer culture.
    Dinka believe to kill you and make peace afterwards and propaganda. we don,t buy intelligence and we discover it, we refuse the cessation of hostility until we capture Juba to show the world that dinka are not the only men in south sudan.
    just Matter of time we shall be in Juba. Kirr Mayadit now is not a legal president to the Nuer community because he is now enemy to all Nuer in which every Nuer family lost their dear ones in kirr’s massacre on Nuer .

    • nikalongo says:

      Bentui today,

      I am only telling u to take ur wars away from Equarotia. U and ur killer brothers, the Dinka are all bloodthirsty hooligans. Go Away please. It is unfortunate we still share this country with u. The talks in Adis must include provision of dividing this South Sudan. We want peace in Equatoria.

  34. Michael says:

    Alhag Suliman,

    No, thank you sir! Equatorians don’t kill because of cows. cows (Dinkas & Nuer) only kill cows. They have been doing so since the creation of the universe. Sad isn’t it?

  35. Alphonse Kenyi says:

    Bentiu Ramaran, your argument makes no sense at all. When I read the beginning of your argument it tells me that you are a Nuer, who is trying to persuade Equatorians, to side with Machar. But as I get deeper, I get confused, because you start talking like a Dinka, who is mad because the author of this article is persuadiding Equats. to side with Nuer. In addition to that, you praised Lukudu Gatkouth, who as I understand is a Dinka. And you went on insulting Equats. Do you think you left any doubt that you are actually a Dinka, pretending to be a Nuer? Because Nuer, will never use this silly argument. If you are really a Nuer, who do you think is stupid to side with Nuers, if they are talking like you?
    Unless you was born in 90’s,I doubt you know anything about the history of south Sudanese struggle. Ask your parents if they are alive, who started the war of independence of South Sudan. Thank God that Equats. gave you guys light to see clearly what was going on in South Sudan, beyond your comfort zones in Upper Nile or Jungolei. When Equats. fight, they fight for real, not for tribal causes. I’m talking to you, Fox ,in the fur of Nuer.

  36. Morris says:

    I assure you that Equatorians shall not join any rebellion as a community of Equatorians. But if need be, they shall join any rebellion to change any government as individuals. These tactics of Nuer Vs Dinka is not Equatorian priority to be sincere, brothers and sisters.

  37. Kenyi Alfred says:

    Let Me Say Second revolution Oyeeeeeee?
    The way I C M7 Stepping in. I will lead arrow boys of wes to dislodge updf in Nyara and bring General Sejusa back from UK to lead Ugandans. M7 is coming to inaugurate a permanent Dictator in South Sudan. with tittles similar to that of his (M7). So Equatorians and all South Sudanese will Join The great Son of Machar Teny to go for them (M7 and his fellow dictators) instead. Let us unite!!!!!!
    I call upon Dinkas to reject this kind of a leader who incites one tribe against others. He almost incited Dinkas against Equatorians in yei in 90′ We can give leadership to any one including Dinka but what type of Dinka do we need to lead us?
    Surely not Kiir or Kuol Manyang, But liberal Dinka like Deng Alor, Maboir Garang, Mama Rebecca Nyadeng, Kuer Garang,
    Surely we need A nuer to lead us but not, Barnabas marial, John Koung, Magok Rundial…but Riek Machar…
    Also Equatorians can lead this nation but not puppets like Wani Igga, Ann Ito, Bashir Bandi, Aggrey SabuniBut liberals like Afred Lado Gore, Joseph Bakosoro, Obote Mamur, Richard Mulla, Steven Wandu

    • Jongwiir says:

      There will no South Sudan without Dinka, Nuer or any other tribes. 62 tribes of South Sudan fought in either way through liberation struggle, referendum and finally independence on 9th July 2011. We all need each other. South Sudan Oyee!

  38. Wani Lo Igale says:

    We cannot side with either tribe. If Machar becomes the president what change will he bring to the South? There is no difference between a Nuer rule with that of Dinka. Because whether Nuer or Dinka rules the ethnic war will continue.
    The best we can do is to bring the leadership of South Sudan under Equatorians to see who will envy who. The second option is to now move the capital out of Juba because Equatorians are peaceful people. Let them mess up around Jonglei. Upper Nile and so on, but not Equatoria.
    Conclusively, Nuer is not different from Dinka. They are all problem causers.
    Till then.

  39. j_p_puok says:

    you have said it all! But imagine people like Dr Martin Elia Lomuro, unfortunately from Equatoria lying to whole world on the current affairs disregarding to the national interest! that and I quote ‘KCB bank in mayom county was looted by Riak machar ‘ end the quote. as I write am in Unity state and from unity state, I feel it pathetic for full cabinet minister not what he is talking about not least knowing the important institutions like bank are spread out. He is just pump from within by the like of Makuei Lueth whose love for this nation had been taken over by the lust for wealth regardless. we have only one KCB branch in unity state and one Ivory bank branch both of which are functioning todate

  40. Gok machar says:

    Your article does not make sense to people of south sudan bse you are fighting central government because Kiir gave the vice president to equatorians so equatorians must defend the chair from greedy nuers

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      We are not siding with anyone but justice and fight againts injustice! It is injustice to kill women and children by a government. There the choice is clear, Kirr must go.

    • Kidepo says:

      Gok Machar-

      Nuer are not damn greedy like the dinkas who messed up our country and now calling us to mob the mess!

      Wani Igga was Kiir last alternative. Indeed he was forced by kiir and dinka to be Vice President as he was not even ready to take such position given these dinka Nuer episode. Kiir was looking for another Nuer to replcae Dr Riek but all the Nuer resfused that is why he resorted to wani and force him to take over. Recently wani submitted his resignation and Kiir refused…….you see

      Are you still in Gok machar or the Nuer have displace you to Nimule or rather Equatoria.

  41. Are we Equatorians always followers and tails of other People? We are not strategists but reactionists that’s why we lament of our passive way of handling the political affairs of our country. More-so, we lack solidarity, our solidarity only comes when crises comes but when the crises ends, we resorts to sectional fragmentation. If we don’t live aside our pride, we shall end up like the Twa people of Rwanda. If you don’t know Twa ethnic group of Rwanda, you better make research to understand why they diminished from Rwanda & world map.

  42. kololo says:

    Does anything make sense to you guys?

    • Kidepo says:

      I have in many ocassions said on this forum if there is any Equatorian BUT a man not just the likes of puppet wani igga I and other South Sudanese will 200% support him or her but as mcuh as we don’t have any at the moment we will choose the less devil-Dr Riek.

      As democrats, I understand the situation of those pupils fed by the likes of wani and kiir they will not afford to loose their bellies or parental care from blood money.

      Equatorians will remain followers as they don’t have leaders to lead them at the moment because the anyanya1 $ group are aging to death. But we will not surrender our pride for a dinkocracy kingodm in our midst. For those who ahve never test govt and govt money and are now deeply involved with kiir, your time is limited

  43. Morris says:

    People have just gone to Adis Abba for tour but not for peace talk. If the two parties want peace they would have taken some representatives of vulnerable women/men and children who are affected by this crisis to have a voice on their opinion about the war. But by taking delegates who have their families in Nairobi and Adis Ababa what who will represent the vulnerable people. They will be talking about corruption, oil that the ordinary people did test. Shame on our leaders.

    • Esp says:

      Thank you, Morris. This is the crux of the matter, the best comment here. Where in Addis are the ordinary people who have borne the extraordinary burden of these latest political games? They should allow a child who has been newly orphaned or a woman who has been recently raped thanks to the liberators stand up and speak and shame that crowd. But of course, no women or children or poor or ordinary civilians will be allowed anywhere near those Ethiopian boardrooms/ brothels. Shame on those madmen indeed.

  44. Morris says:


  45. mr. Choromke
    your hatred towards jieng is quite wanting, equatorian can never join any senseless conflict.
    for your info, why mobilising other tribes? that so call Riek can never be president if he scape justice for crimes he commited.

  46. P-Funk says:

    What side of history do Equatorians community belong to? I see this guy who wrote this letter he wrote it on the behavior of Equatorians people, and My understanding on this letter is that they are sided with Nuer. My Question to Equatorians community, why are you guys have hate in your heart against Dinka? What did Dinkas did to you? If you have problem with one Dinka doesn’t mean that you have problem with all Dinka people. Sided with rebel that try to overthrow government and kill innocent civilian is not right thing to do. Not only Nuer alone die in this war, Dinka die as well. Dinka give their lives than and they are still giving their lives now to protecting our nation. Remember Kiir admiration is not for only Dinka alone is for all South Sudan people. All the tribes in South Sudan they have their responsive in Kiir government. For God sake Vice President James Wani Igga is from your community and you guys are not still unhappy with Kiir government that is so shameful.

  47. nuerlan says:

    Foremost, this is good debate as we share our opinions. Dinkas believe if they put us down, so they will be free to implement their dream they finance with south sudanese money. We nuer people are case builders in terms of this situation. However, we also been more pathatic about how dinkas seized some equatoria land and treated you as 3rd class citizens in your own land. Perhaps, dinkas lost their minds.
    They turn to preach peace while they did more harm inside our community. South sudan will not be the same as long as dinkas still claiming power. We will crush them till they surrender and recognize us like human beings. Don’t worry, we will handle it.

  48. Isaac Atem Thon Atem says:

    I think such irrational allies for the sake of fighting an ethnic group called Dinka can lead into a shaky genocide simply because the Dinka population is half of our general population. More so, they may have their allies from other South Sudanese tribes. The issues of bad governance are every where in the world. We have countries Like Iraq, Somalia, DRC, CAR, and many others yet Dinka people are not in those countries. Let’s not hate our leaders base on the tribes where they come from, let’s judge them by their individual characters, abilities, competence, and proficiency as well as their dignities! If we blindly hate the Dinka people who are also found in the seven States of South Sudan, then you will not gain support from good Dinkas because of your irrational hatred and meaningless generalization which will only receive silence by good Dinkas! And all of us will suffer terribly the issues of bad governance that are found everywhere, but due to our fallacy in reasoning that term them to be Dinka problems.

  49. Mary says:

    All the people who are advocating for war are pathetic, non-patriotic losers, none of you deserves to call South Sudan your land. We need peace. The blame game will only result in more bloodshed and economic implications. Use your time more wisely and do not use your chauvinistic ideologies to drag our nation into a civil war. South Sudan will rise, and Dinkas and Nuer will reconcile and live peacefully. Swallow that truth for a minute. Long live South SUDAN. Long live all the fallen innocent citizens of South Sudan.


  50. Hon says:

    I am very greatful for your 1 million dollars topic. This is a thumb up my brother. This war has nothing to do with Nuer but our tribal leader Kiir had big plans to massacre nuer since they are the only threats for him as he proclaimed. There is no Coup attempted what so ever by Riek Machar. We the Nuer people like to live with peace with our neighbors unless somebody started it. Now as you said, we were also blaming Riek for why Nuers are being marginalized by their government. Now, Riek has proved us wrong by saying that the government was for Kiir only and no body else. We can all see that now. This war will end and will end very soon. Kiir days are numbered doesnt matter the freedom fighters win or not. Either way Kiir is done. Thanks Jaz

  51. Bentiu today says:

    Salva Kirr Moblized his tribal men from warrap and north Barel gazal states.
    and when Machar did same way Dinka Start crying,
    what is wrong with other people to do same way to mobilize theirs to defend their community?
    why do dinka not advise their president not to mobilize youths from two states or one tribe and these are youths that kill civilians in Juba, basically people bear in mind that they were government arm but later turn tribal militias by targeting citizens based on their tribal background.

  52. Budot Timon says:

    Dear Jas,

    All that you are trying to deliver is nonsense and full of bull shit. I am from Kajokeji. And let me tell you this; those views are of your own you. Nothing you have said does make sense at all. For clarity sake, the current senseless war is neither a Dinka nor a Nuer war. This war has been created by those corrupt politicians led by Riek and the basically the group of six who are now in detention attempting to overthrow our President Kiir.

    The composition of this group include and not limited to Dinka, Equatorians, Nuer, and Shilluk.

    For your information, not all people from Equatoria have a reasoning as yours and stop fueling divisions among the people of south Sudan. There is only one president from the country. And that president can come from any where. And for you to have those comments is like you want to incite hatred among all the people of equatoria against Dinka. I would advise you to be quiet if at all you do not have something to say in order to help the situation there. Thank you.

    Budot Timon

  53. Martha Lago says:

    Woooow, Choromke Jas.
    I like your massage buddy. You are very right man, but let me tell u this from now onward, we all are brothers and sisters in this country of South, Sudan as our country for all of us bros, but what happening to Nuer tribe in our country now was not really really fine my friend. We all thought that we were trying to get our country together and live our lives in it, but now it has happening that there was one tribe which will not be seen in South Sudan as only Nuer. Question: Why? We had fought and died together since our struggle. Why not now when we got our country?

    To be honest to you brother, you need to be smart people enough and think twice like what u just said to join one side before it’s too late for you to get involved man. We need to tell the truth as we are brothers and one country. We don’t push you too much to come and help us fight this dictator leadership, but we really need your help in anyway and we need to get rid of these guys or this tribe from the power, period.
    In human life, if you scared to your enemy not to defend yourself by fighting or by speaking up, then you’re not a good human, or you might be humiliated in your entire life, no question about it.
    Now, the Nuer and the Dinkas were watching you very closely and questioning themselves over you. Where were you guys going on both sides? If the Dinkas will win this one again, then not only Nuer people will be wiped of our country, nupp! They will be including other tribes later on when they know everything goes back to their hands. If Nuer people will win this, then they will know who had shared the death to remove the dictatorship away from the power together as a real brothers.
    From today brothers, you need to get one thing from these two things. Just go and help whoever side you want to help by speaking up to the other world as fighting or just take your guns, and join whoever you want to join, brother.
    The Nuer people will never give another chance to Dinkas to lead us again at the moment unless if they will not get it from them or if somebody else will do the leadership, then may be after a while they might get it if they will be learning from their mistakes as the genocide.

    Please don’t just be sitting and watching the fight like a video. Just be strong like you’re one of the very important child from Equatoria, Mr. Alfred Lado, who’s in a jail right now with our other cousins.
    Please this time was not like differences that we had in the past. Those Dinkas went so far of torching us as Nuer among other 60 tribes and they know that we don’t just being scary with them, but the big thing was our country was as big thing for us brother, but now they mess it up too much blaming it on Nuer for no reasons while they brought it as genocide to us. I believe that we have to prove them wrong. Just encourage your Equatorian people that you need to make your room from these two guys otherwise you will be left out from finding their freedom power.

    Thanks! I love you all South, Sudanese, and our country, too. But I don’t like what Dinkas and their leader Kiir were doing to Nuer. Only Lou Nuer had fought Dinkas Bor in 19991 not all Nuer and now every side of Nuer sons and daughters dead in our City Juba. Too bad.

  54. akolf says:

    i suggest now oncoming 2015 the leadership will be given to Greater Equatoria because no Kiir or Riek this time around.

  55. thugz says:

    Good hatred speeches…I am an equatorian and believe me I have seen the much awash things done to “ajnabi” as we equatorians are called in our land…but, much as I hate these strange creatures in the likes of dinkas and nuers…we don’t need their kind of heart. We are different…much civilised and respectfull. The sooner we realise this as the right of tao politicians the better. Let them kill themselves if they so desire but let us preach peace if they can listen. If it comes our way, then you will know we are not cowards but will defend ourselves to the last man. Meanwhile, as south sudanese we need peace most.

  56. De Legend says:

    I have just read all your post and i have seen that none of you fools are making any sense…. I have realized all of you are empty headed.
    I speak for the Equatorian people that our wish is that the fight should stop and none of us will take sides, the reasons why some of you have resorted into insulting is because you feel defeated and want to irritate us equatorians. that will never happen.
    The only time when we equatorians will join this madness is if any of you fools draw first blood against us and then you will know the wrath of us…. but for now we don’t want to fight and will rather watch you idiots good-for-nothing people kill ur selves.
    Honestly, you all are fools.

  57. kikisik says:

    Choromke Jas,
    Well written, Excellent keep it up! To you Joana, excellent analsis too. This article rings true to what has been bugging me ever since the atrocities committed by this Kiir government since the killing of three Equatorians in Western Equatoria the killing of an engineer in Yei followed by land grabbing in Juba and other parts of Equatoria- occupation of Ma’di land by the Dinkas IDP and the list continue…..now the gonocide of innocent Nuer civilians in the name of coup from this cruel man(Kiir)

    Talking about Equatorians at the present situation,you put it right and Joana in her analysis too, as concern people of Equatorian should be asking the same questions you have already asked. When Anya nya 1 was first started, it was purely Equatorian. We executed the war using the traditional weapons – we did not fear the mighty power of the Arabs at that time until the signing of the Addis Ababa agreement in 1972, we did not exclued our brothers and sisters in sharing the deviden of peace- the opposite is true of the SPLA/M.

    Having read all the comments, some Dinkas are pacnicking with this article. Some start questioning the writer of this peace as being a Nuer-So what! The truth is, it is to the interest of Equatorian to joint or not to join. Dinkas or whoever it is has no right to dictate to us what we should do-period!

    This national anthem of Dinkas- Equatorain are cowards will one day come to an end. There is a common saying” what goes around comes around” This barbaric and unnesessary war has exposed all our dirts- Guess what happen! Those who used to call Equatorian cowards are the first to run to Uganda in thousands including their president! Why run to Museveni for military support? Coward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he should have faced the music!
    “Leaders comes Leadres goes, but South Sudan will remain forever”

  58. Jeff Baker says:

    So…how much death is enough? Millions lost in the civil war; an estimated 10, 000 killed within the past month…how much killing is enough? How ironic that many of the comments make reference to tribal affiliations oblivious to the fact that so much inter-marrying has taken place over the centuries that you are all related! Has there not been enough war, killing and maiming of your brothers and sisters? Have you not seen sufficient crippled men, assaulted women and battered orphaned children? Is your thirst for violence not yet quenched? Yes, there is corruption within the government; there is corruption within every government on the planet. When do we, the citizens of South Sudan, focus on building South Sudan? When do we set aside the petty, inconsequential differences that preclude us from moving forward? This is the 21st century; are we really engaged in warfare among each other because of ethnic linage? The clear end result is we kill each other off…that is the only possible outcome; there will be no winner. Is it not more prudent to provide food, clean drinking water, plumbing services, health services, housing, education and security for our people who have suffered far too long? I strongly disagree with the invitation to join in the fighting on either side…there is only one side, South Sudan. Set aside the juvenile bravado…killing your brother, burning your cousin’s business, destroying your aunt’s house proves only that you can destroy. Teach a child to read, study to become an engineer/build a water supply system, help construct your neighbor’s storefront; study to become a doctor/dentist/soldier; contribute to the building of a nation. Look forward my brother and sister; discard those archaic notions of tribalism; your country needs you to help heal a great wound…it will take great courage and fortitude. Together, we can prepare for tomorrow and more importantly, see tomorrow…together. jb

  59. Kidepo says:

    Since this song of Equatorians are women are now proven who are men when we see the flocks of arian dinka runing from the RSS to Uganda, Kenya and Equatoria the cowardist land. Why run to the Wewe republics and cowardist lands if you are true men and women. Who will fight the war you dinkas orchestrated.

    At least for the Nuer they have a reason to leave Juba because they are under target up to now. The dinka are still searching for Nuer from door to door. At the moment the dinkas are planning to kill two more brigadier Generals from Nuer-Johnson is one of them (not Johnson of this forum). SOon you will hear he is killed because they missed him 4 days ago

  60. Moburuk says:

    To the equatorians let us open our eyes and fight all that is coming to our side together otherwise dinkas are saying bad things to the civilians

  61. Binti Sudan says:

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    We must admit that things have gone wrong in the leadership of our country. The seat of the presidency seem to have been turned into a person and tribal affair. The question I would like to ask is Does kiir or Riek really care about the citizens of South Sudan?

  62. My fellows Equatorians everybody knew that in the South Sudan, equatorian people get kill all the time with cold blood by Dinka since they change Jabel Kuanyjur to be namly jabel Dinka an example they want to run other citizens like pocket money Dinka they only selected Wani Igga to used his image to calm down equatorian Wani Igga he is also don’t like the seat but they forcing him to stay in there by force, because he is a man of yes he doesn’t have no principle to say no to kiir the think is my fellows citizens Equatorian you don’t have to join war to support Nuer if guys don’t understand Nuer love all citizens so much they just don’t like people who treated other miserable, Nuer will handle this fight trust me guys we will win I promise without any help we will handle and kick those bad guys out

    • Is this a tribal war?
      Is there genocide which the South Sudan people cannot stop on their own and which , requires the military help of the South Sudanese saviour called Gen.YOweri MUseveni Kaguta ?
      What do you people of Equatoria say about the involvement of president Museveni and his troops (UPDF) in the war is South Sudan , allegedly, to stop genocide. Unlike in Rwander where there are , only three tribes( Tutsi, Hutu and Batwa) and where the people of one tribe, the Batwa are passive on-lookers in everything (social, economic and political affairs of Rwander), in South Sudan , there are over 60 tribes and , so, if two of these are engaged in a tribal war, nearing the proportions of genocide, what are the rest of the tribes doing, can’t they stop this genocide , are all these tribes of South Sudan as weak as the Batwa of Rwander who stood aside and watched when the Rwander genocide took place. And finally , In this Museveni described genocide, which tribe is facing the danger of being wiped out of South Sudan and is this tribe now secure under the protection of the UPDF ?.

      Please help me know these facts.

      I am a Member of Parliament in Uganda, I come from OBongi COunty, Moyo district ,

  63. morbe says:

    I have read the above comments and have seen how people have tried to sound their concerns about what is happening in the country. I think it is healthy to continue with such discussions and people should not worry of some emotional expressions that they contein as it is part of healling process. For if our people dont say what they habour in their hearts how would we device ways towards solutions?

    However, what I have not seen in all the comments apart from two or three is the constructive and sustainable way forward. Therefore, my input in regard shall be to suggest that we widen this way of discussions to include more people both from within the country and outside. For instance we can propose to have round table discussions in diaspora
    capitals and in our residential areas ,in our capital in Juba and other regional capitals of our country. Where people could speak their minds however tough it might be. For after the resting of the dust from such talks people will chart way
    forward for the betterment of our country. That is my take.

  64. S.Sudan says:

    When a dog barks at you,the only way to cool it down is by being still and pretend cowardice that is all.

  65. Look at you ebolas you used to provoke panic the air making terrorism acts thinking you will make people of s sudan to collies them self .you with your fools primitives thinke of backwardness will take you nowere us i hope you will die bfore you reach the state House.with talking triblism .

  66. wani says:

    we equatorian we are brave we never support anyside

  67. gbudue says:

    I have been reading all your comments they all make sense, wether it’s for the hatred of Equatorian, Nuer or dinka. all I can say is that we south Sudanese needs to have a genocide in this broken country to set our differences, after that we may understand what’s the real meaning of peace.

  68. Garang Deng says:

    Dear South Sudanese please let Dinka not destroy South Sudan this country was given by God the God who gave this country to South Sudanese will one tell Dinka that they’re mistaken a time will come when Dinka will remember this message let do what they want to do because I believe God is a God of justice you Equatorian remember how Dinka run from here in 1983, 84 let the Equatorian wait upon Lord one day here in Juba you will see the cry of Dinka with your eyes

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