Let’s face it: There is no DEAL, no PEACE for now.

BY: Akim Salah , Wau-South Sudan, AUG/11/2018, SSN;

The mix reactions to the Khartoum-Kampala coerced peace deal demonstrate the difference between naïve tribal opportunists and rational thinking citizens.

To begin with, the peace is all about maintaining the status quo, keeping the same failed pilot (Kiir) and co-pilot (Machar) with their respective manipulated blind followers to continue dominating the national stage/affairs regardless of contemporary history of disastrous results of epic proportion in their names.

As long as these two safeguarded the interests of the Sudanese and Ugandan demi-gods at the expense of the common people suffering in POC and refugee camps there is no problem.

M7 (Uganda’s president Museveni) turned deaf ears to testimonies of fleeing refugees in his backyard because he reaps big from aid, hence sees no reason to review relationships with Juba or at least ask his partner in crime (kiir) to change the game for the sake of the suffering people.

Yet he can afford to taunt the junior friend for failing to unite the people – What a paradox!!

Much as the old man is keen to bolster the Juba regime, economic realities back home biting hard, the Blood Dollar is no trickling in right volumes hence he has to find a way of getting back the lost trade without compromising his own regime (I will come to that latter).

While the economic meltdown in Sudan, coupled with its ambitious development plans quickly reminded El Bashir that after all, it has always been South Sudanese resources boosting Khartoum’s socio-economic development, even after the CPA, the oil dividends make more resounding proportion for development in Khartoum than Juba.

Whereas, in South Sudan itseif, looters squandered their fraction of the pie on lavish cars, properties abroad, prostitutes, and a good amount going to appease their godfathers in East Africa.

Only stupid optimists will think that the two warlords (godfathers) believe that the signed agreement will last. It was written all over their faces and eluded to only in words.

However, if one has to decode the unsaid statements “do not use these ceasefire to prepare for war” said Museveni. Yet reports indicate that he is training SPLA-IG snippers possibly in fear of a repeat of the humiliating clash in July 2016, when the meager, tactfully superior SPLA-IO forces mourned their brothers (IGs) at Jebel with a terrifying catastrophic speed – Only those who have not been in Juba/jebel can deny this fact.

Reports from credible sources intimate that if only there were 5,000 IO forces armed with artilleries, Juba would have gone, and all the same it took the better trained SPLA Units of National security to dislodge them, much like in 2013 when General Mamur had to wrestle out conquered Giada from the Nuers.

With inferences to these tragedies that cost lives of thousands of young men and women including children some of whom are still an accounted for, it’s safe to say mistrust, suspicion, the old vices of tribal hatred and vengeance have taken root to the extend of foiling any peace effort unless it’s addressed in good faith.

That brings us to the Equatoria puzzle. Relatively muted but heavily marginalized, the Equatorians’ aspirations are grossly ignored in the Khartoum deal.

That’s not because they do not have genuine stake/claim but because their forces are construed weak, not to possess real threat to Juba Regime.

These Groups found their backs against enemy friend’s wall hence logistically challenged, let alone the intelligence gathering.

More so, there is what I can call the Equatorian Phobia by both Juba and Kampala Regimes. Kampala, especially M7, knows too well semi-autonomous or independent Equatoria could pose real threat given its cultural ties with the northern Uganda and DR Congo tribes, if Idi Amin’s reign is something to go by.

It’s in Equatoria, too, that the landlocked country’s major roads linking it to the sea ports of Mombasa and Dar El Salaam are found.

Any major war with the host taking an upper hand will paralyze trade and bring the economy to its knees.

The bitter truth that the regime hates but can’t be denied is the fact that some of the Equatorian Brethren are well advanced culturally, educationally, are hardworking and development minded.

They have to be marginalized to bridge the gaps.

Of late the Equatoria phobia manifested itself in Upper Nile where the youth agitated for Equatorian employees’ expulsion from NGOs.

This was also echoed in some sections of Bhar El Ghazel and still rolling. One can be forgiven to make a guess that some of these moves are politically engineered.

The disturbing question is: will the Equatorians continue to fold their hands, endure the continuous marginalization under the watch of Wani Igga all in the name of peace?

Or will they rally behind Thomas and Bakasero to demand for a version of Federalism that suits their aspirations?

Choosing the latter means war, banditry attacks…etc, hence denying Juba to eat their looted delicacy at peace.

The Way Out:
If lasting peace is to be realized, the governance question must be renegotiated to give each region a fair share of power to run its affairs though we can still have same army, money, etc….

Summarily, mistrust, suspicion, the old vices of tribal hatred and vengeance, the Equatoria-Phobia & marginalization are set to deny lasting peace a chance.

***************Time be my Judge****************************


  1. Kokora II says:

    Akim Salah
    Great article, the real challenge for Equatoria is leadership issues, why do we have to split under Cirilo or Bakasoro? Why can’t they start leading by example and form one party for all Equatorians? Gen. Lagu did it before, now we need a unifier and not dividers

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Kokora II,
      You raised a great and important issue, that’s about Equatorian unity. Indeed, Gen. Lagu was a military genius who clearly understood the significance of unity and unanimity in his Anya Nya movement. Lagu brought everybody, that’s Equatorians and the jieng into his Movement except traitors like William Deng Nhial who traitorously crawled back to the jellaba Arab government.
      In my article last year addressed specifically to all the ‘rebel’ movements and leaders, including Cirillo, Bakasoro, Lam Akol, Machar, Johnson Oling…etc…, I urged their unanimity and cooperation in the current struggle to topple the Kiir tribal tyranny.
      Unfortunately, these leaders mentioned above have disappointed the South Sudanese masses as they remain divided.
      I even questioned their poor tactical strategies. Why, I posed this questioned: Why not take out Kiir physically….because, I argued, once Kiir is rotting somewhere, the remaining so-called government will automatically disintegrate….. and collapse.
      In Africa, we have seen tribal terrorist regimes collapse like a pack of cards once the tribal tyrant is gone…dead or into exile. Obote, Idi Amin, Mengistu, Bokassa, Tombolbaye, Siad Barrie, Mobutu Sese Seko was Banga, are examples in our contemporary lives that prove the fact.
      Kiir is a human and like Hitler, is disposable if there is unanimity amongst the current ‘rebel commanders’ in the opposition.

    • Akim says:

      Thanks my Dear,
      Equatorian are suffering for liberation syndrome cultism, but realities of time compell unity of purpose for all marinalised groups in SS including the pertit, the cholo or otherwise

  2. Eastern says:

    Great piece. Most Equatorians unfortunately don’t see their potential in causing the tribal regime in Juba a hard time.

  3. J. Malooma says:

    The quest for a regime change by means of force has been betrayed by the so-called opposition leaders. Instead of uniting their ranks and files, they pointed fingers to themselves. Look at the stupid move taken by those of Tabuley? They betrayed the cause of NAS and its leadership at very last minute!
    Again, the issue of federalism and regime change seems to be a layman’s call.
    Why not imminent figures like Gen. Joseph Lagu joined calls to unite Equatorians as they have done it in 1970s and 1980s?
    This raised questions; why it’s only young educated Equatorians and those lived in exile are the ones calling for change through federalism, while the older generation including the founders of Equatorains’ social, economic and political system are being used by Kirr-JCE?

    • info@southsudannation says:

      J. Malooma,
      You’re absolutely right. Where are the Equatorian elders like Gen. Joseph Lagu, Angelo Beda and others?
      Today, almost all jieng elders/terrorists are fully behind kirler Kiir’s misrule and terrorism.

  4. Akim says:

    Thanks my Dear,
    Equatorians are suffering from liberation syndrome cultism, but realities of time compel unity of purpose for all marinalised groups in SS including the Fertit, the Cholo or otherwise.

  5. Bismark says:

    The sooner Equatorians realise their unity is the strength to propel a just socio-economic and political change in South Sudan the better.
    Equatorians did it the past and successfully brought almost all South Sudanese communities to prosecute the war for self-determination that ended up with 1972 regional autonomy in the then Southern Sudan. This was possible because they are open in accommodating diverse peoples and they are friendly as well as wise.
    Should Equatorians form a nucleus of resistance to the tyranny of Juba, I believe the rest of marginalised groups of people can definitely join them.
    Fertit in Bahr el Ghazal can stand with Equatorians because culturally they are not different. They are also wise, friendly that can accomodate aliens amongst them as long as those aliens are not trouble causers.
    Equatorians’ diversity and history must compel the people to do something because Equatorians can not continue to be used by people who seek avenues of coming to oppress and discriminate citizens that they think are different from them while forcing people stay in the same country. Division of Equatorians will never help the country grow and be secure.
    The moment Equatorians analyse things with tribal lenses then God will be the witness to see the suffering of our people. Bakasoro and Cirillo must sit down and talk, Tabuley should abandon that madness of greed. Stand for the people, stand for your future generations and for your rights. Do not beg anyone for your rights.

  6. mading says:

    Akim Salah and Editor. Big talk on internet and little action to show on the ground. Editor you called a great liberator general Salva Kiir Mayardit who fought two wars of liberation of South Sudan terrorist ? What a shame ?

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Yes, he was once a great liberator, no more. In Africa, there were such shameful examples of so-called ‘liberators’ who brought ‘liberty and independence’ to their various nations but eventually they shamefully degenerated into murderous and corrupt leaders, e.g. Nhrumah of Ghana, Sekou Toure, Uganda’s Milton Obote and lately, Robert Mugabe.
      All literally ran their various countries to the ground. Show me how Killer Kiir is any different?

  7. mading says:

    Editor. Kiir brought South Sudan independence, but traitors like Riek Machar kept staving him in the back as they did when we were in the bush. Because the like of Lam Akol, Riek Machar , and the rest failed to do it, they are so jealous of Kiir’s success that is why they keep causing problems so that our country can not move forward.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      “Kiir brought South Sudan independence,” really????? You must be joking!
      With the kind of heart he has and the primitive manifestations he has shown, Kiir would never have brought anything at all. Let’s give all thanks to the murdered Dr. John Garang who Kirler Kiir and godfather Museveni conspired to kill.

  8. mading says:

    Editor. You were far a way from the war at that time, that is why you think Kiir never brought anything, with out this man, our independence may not happen, he is a very patient man. John Garang did not get a long with Kerubino Kuanyin Bol, and William Nyuon Beny. Because Garang was good outside, but very bad inside, but Kiir handle him very well after 2 number two to Garang left SPLM/SPLA until SPLM/SPLA peace with Sudan government. Now prove me wrong.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Kiir would NEVER EVER compare to Dr. John Garang Mabior in any way, angle, aspect or whatever parameter.
      The main problem was the Bahr el Ghazel greedy mafia, the Bona Malwal, Aldo Ajo…etc, conspired with the Kerubino and Kiir Mayardit to get rid of Garang so that power goes to Bahr el ghazel.
      Yes, there were and still are, more jieng in Bahr el Ghazel than in Bor but the BRAINS IN BOR ARE BETTER THAN THOSE IN BAHR EL GHAZEL.
      For your benefit, those of Akot Atem, Abel Alier and John Garang were Bor.
      The only Bahr el Ghazelian who would have become a hero would have been William Deng Nhial but he proved and turned a traitor.
      This uneducated Kiir will, in history, join the group of infamous and hopeless African leaders like Idi Amin, Bokasa,…etc..etc.

  9. mading says:

    Editor. Nice little tried, no division thank you.

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