Lest we forget the hundreds of thousands who perished in Salva Kiir’s Juba genocide!

From: Peter Adwok Nyaba
Subject: December 15, 2013
Country: South Sudan, SSN;

Today, December 15, 2014, marks the first anniversary of the Juba massacre of ethnic Nuers ordered by President Salva Kiir Mayardit. It remains the saddest day in the history of South Sudan for it triggered the worst animal instincts, dehumanized us, that in a matter of moments we began to discriminate and decimate ourselves on the basis of ethnicity.

Initially, the Nuers alone were marked for death at the hands of ‘dutku beny’ or the auxiliary presidential guards recruited specifically for that purpose at the behest of President Kiir by Paul Malong Awan.

Nevertheless, any Dinka with facial marks as the Nuers suffered the same brutal fate. The village boys from Warrap and Awiel did not know that other Dinka people existed in Upper Nile or Jonglei. They also murdered a Chollo judge because they wanted to possess the Toyota V8 he drove.

Then, in a few days the mayhem spread like bush fire to other towns Bor, Bentiu, Malakal, Renk, etc., where now the Nuer in a similar fashion avenged their beloved ones against the Shilluk, Dinka, Nuer, Maaban, etc. The Shilluk also took on the Nuer; the Dinka took on the Shilluk, Nuer and Maaban.

In his desperation, President Salva Kiir Mayardit invited the Dar Furi Sudanese rebels [Tora Bora], the Justice and Equality Movement to join the war against Dr. Riek Machar.

He also invited the Ugandan People’s Defence Forces [UPDF] and their Helicopter Gunships whose gunners could not differentiate between the Nuers, Dinka, SPLA or White Army and bombed them without segregation, in a civil turned regional war with ill-defined political objective.

Nevertheless, characterized by vengeance and counter-vengeance, for no reason, in which innocent women, elderly and children without distinction, perished in a manner unprecedented in our wars not even when we fought the mujahedeen and the muralieen.

December 15, 2013 is the day for which, we must invariably lower our heads in shame to deflate our individual inordinately enlarged egos.

For that day imperceptibly exposed our five decades pretence and collective self-deception that we were one people fighting for liberation, equality, freedom and justice. On that day, inadvertently we denied our commonality, collective heritage and we forgot about neighbourhood or neighbour standing up to defend the neighbour in danger.

It was the day indeed our compatriots who after the CPA came back from the Diaspora quickly identified themselves as American, Canadian, British, French, Australian citizens as they stampeded to catch the airplanes evacuating foreigners from Juba, Bor, Malakal and other towns in South Sudan leaving us to finish the job killing ourselves.

Some of the perpetrators of the Juba massacre even evacuated to go back to Nairobi, Kampala, Australia and USA whence they came from. We know them individually and justice and accountability will not spare them when that time comes.

On December 15, 2013, we confirmed to our detractors that nothing but the common enemy in form of northern Sudan united us. We did not have a magnanimous leader since we lost Dr. John Garang de Mabior. Indeed, that tragic Helicopter crashed with all of us.

Comrade Salva Kiir did not fit into Garang’s shoes. He was not the Joshua once in 2005 the Archbishop of Juba Archdiocese described him. Therefore by thinking solely of himself and his power Salva Kiir did not invest much in keeping our people united.

For on December 15, 2013 he invited foreign troops to kill or people thus negating the independence and sovereignty for which our fore fathers and ourselves sacrificed over the decades.

One year on today December 14, 2014, the job is not finished. The killing still goes on unabated fuelled by intense hatred and the urge to finish the others as if we want to bury the country with the dead we killed. On the following days, our people voted with their feet travelling to Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia to the refugee camps.

However, the affluent ones, the potbellied linked to the Warrap mafia with connexion to the Central Bank of South Sudan made up with huge dollars bank notes to purchase real estate in Kampala, Nairobi, Addis Ababa and other regional cities in order to run away from the consequences of their conspiracy. They did not want to see the corpses they felled.

The poor land locked ones in Upper Nile and Unity states made it back to the Sudan; back to the squalid makeshift camps in the suburbs of Khartoum, Kosti, Medani, etc., suggesting yet that the Southern Sudan referendum and the independence vote they cast was the biggest mistake in their lives.

No! Our people made no mistake voting in the referendum for self-determination. Their leaders betrayed them! The leaders of the war of national liberation betrayed them.

All along the twenty-one years of revolutionary armed struggle and chanting liberation songs, the people had believed, and wrongly though, that their liberation leaders were different from the Arabized Northern elite who ruled the Sudan from Khartoum since 1956. The CPA transformed those liberation leaders into the people’s ‘oppressive-eaters’.

In eight years, by their performance in government, those leaders not only turned the people of South Sudan against each other in ethnicized conflicts, but also looted the country’s resources, drank the oil, killed the innocent, emasculated the burgeoning state institutions and transformed the country into a limited liability enterprise in order to facilitate and lubricate the looting.

Eight years of random and rampant looting, these liberation leaders stashed their loots in foreign lands, doubly denying the people the benefit of investment and job creation in the country. They built palaces not in the land for which the fought and died but in the neighbourhood or far afield in Melbourne, Sidney or Washington DC and San Francisco.

Not only that, but in the eight years these liberation leaders blocked, undermined, conspired against, chastised, elbowed out and ostracised their own comrades in struggle to enable personification of power and wealth. Some threw in the towel and left government posts in frustration.

Some rebelled and met their deaths in hotel rooms in the neighbourhood. Yet Salva Kiir pardoned some and awarded government purchased villas.

In the eight years following the CPA the best SPLA combatants registered as ‘unconfirmed names’ and were consigned to their homes – the revolution is over; and the ‘wounded in action’ registered in DDR projects which did not materialize as corruption also ate into the hearts and minds of the managers who arrived from the Diaspora.

The widows and orphans of former SPLA combatants ‘fallen in action’ registered as concubines to satiate the sexual appetite of the living colleagues now promoted to the general.

These generals were the former SPLA commanders and alternate commanders etc. Those among them who have no command or did not become ministers to access easy money [inflated parades in the commands] now engage in bad business in everything with foreign ‘friends’ ranging from rent-seeking; providing services that frustrated and prevented modernizing transport system and the provision of pipe water in Juba, because their Ugandan driven boda boda or Ethiopian/Eritrean driven water-tankers must make money.

Some ran, in collaboration with Ugandans and Congolese, brothels in Jebel Market dispensing HIV to unsuspecting adolescents. Some of them even ventured into higher education sector and with assistance of Ugandan conmen opened universities that awarded degrees to primary school dropouts. One of these universities in Awiel offered Bachelor of Legal Laws [abbreviated LLB] suggesting the people behind the project were fraudsters.

The patronage system informalized the economy lubricated by dollar notes available to relatives who sell it on the open Juba market [it would be a misnomer to call Black Market the umbrella covered street dollar vendors].

Free women, house-wives and young girls have been drawn into dollar business losing morals and morality as they conceive illegitimate children in the course of time.

Land became a commodity for which one could lose life. An engineer, a former Mayor of Yei were murdered over land to mention a few cases of land grabbing. The owner of ‘Rock City Hotel Complex missed death by whisker because the principal wanted to own the business.

Eight and half years of vanity was bound to culminate in December 15, 2013. It could not have be less than that for leaders who lost the SPLM vision and direction. The leaders ran the country based on political patronage of ethnic and regional lobbies rather than formal institutions.

Thus, after betraying the compatriots of the northern sector, the Nuba ad the funj whose bones litter South Sudan, these SPLM leaders betrayed the Abyei people and refused to stand with them to ensure the regional and international recognition of the successful referendum they conducted on October 31, 2013.

Therefore, the events of December 15, 2013 represent the anti-climax of SPLM as a national liberation movement. The events of December 15, 2013 mark the decline from the height of national liberation to the fragility and then the state collapse.

The events epitomize the end of Salva Kiir to the helm of the SPLM now split into SPLM [IG], SPLM {IO] and SPLM [FPD]. It could not have been otherwise given that Salva Kiir surrounded his leadership of the SPLM and the Government of Republic of South Sudan with Bahr el Ghazal [reader Gogrial and Awan] elders as the inner circle of the Jieng Council of Elders [JCE] since he inherited power in 2005.

President Salva Kiir, the first president of the Republic is adamant on his incumbency notwithstanding the precarious crossroads, between being and not, he has now placed South Sudan.

Now surrounded by a cartel of commercial interests, security barons and traditional leaders bent on enjoying power, wealth and influence Salva Kiir is constructing a despotism unprecedented in South Sudan and unparalleled in the region.

It is about time the people of South Sudan transformed this tragedy into its opposite as we commemorate the demise of hundreds of thousands of our people. Their death shall not have been in vain if we all rise to defeat ethnic chauvinism and bigotry, licentiousness, greed for power and wealth, as well as love of self.

These viruses plunged this country into this dismal situation. The conflict contours are now well defined. In Arusha the three SPLM factions [IG, IO and FPD] discovered and located the root cause of this political malaise locate in the SPLM leadership failure not in the ethnic configuration of South Sudan.

It is now clear; our people have nothing against themselves. The Dinka, Nuer, Shilluk, Maaban, Murle, Mundari, Balanda, Ndogo, Kriesh, name them have nothing against each other as a people. Their predicament springs from the manipulations by the political and military elite, which the war of national liberation catapulted to the helm, of their social, linguistic and cultural diversity.

The elite that put power and wealth over and above any human consideration, and which has put its tommy over and above the nation has consequently run down the country in less than eight years of brinksmanship.

President Salva Kiir Mayardit represents that elite leadership that hangs onto power oblivious of and fails to notice how the country is sliding down the drain.

Lest we forget, it is now time the people of South Sudan took the initiative. It is no longer the issue of Salva Kiir; it is the country and the nation at stake. The war should come to an immediate end through the concerted efforts of all peace loving South Sudanese.

It is about time that we rallied behind the resistance forces everywhere in South Sudan to route Salva Kiir out of J1 in order to salvage the country.

Organize do NOT Agonize! Lest we forget December 15, 2013!

Peter Adwok Nyaba
Pagak, Maiwut County, Upper Nile State
The Republic of South Sudan
December 15, 2014


  1. Nikalongo says:


    I can see u are trying to establish some distance between u and the pack. The fact is, you were and still is part of the same SPLM/A elites that is responsible for the situation in which ordinary South Sudanese find themselves in. The different SPLM/A factions you mentioned are all a bunch of thieves and killers. The resistance gathering in Pagak, of which you a member is as rotten as those sitting in our Presidential Palace in Juba. Stop pretending to be what you are not when you are just one of them (the bad guys).

  2. False Millionaire says:

    Dearest uncle/Father/Professor P. A. Nyaba:

    But isn’t it not the SPLM -Juba, the G11 n the SPLA-OI with you included that are the root cause of the events of 15 December 2013, the rampant corruption, nepotism, incompetence n all the ills that have brought the beloved mother named RSS n it’s society to the death mat?

    It’s too shocking to see a highly confirmed intellectual talking in terms of dinka, nuer, shilluk, Maaban, Murlé, Mundari, Balanda, Ndogo n Kriesh, to name a few the way you put it, as, “having nothing against themselves”.

    What prevented you n your SPLM/SMPLA comrades from understanding since long time ago that, “ethnic configuration of South Sudan”, could never be a factor of failure to political leadership but that the bad political leadership plays it’s self as a factor of failure to the harmony of ethnic configuration?

    This is exactly where we are, my most dear old uncle. But what are you doing now? shedding crocodile tears while going merry as a big boy in the pack. The destruction of our country n the society is never a matter of concern to you n your comrades. All what you want is power n the money from the oil revenues, forgetting that the oil has lost monetary value world wide n will soon come to nothing.

    That’s why none of you is ready to accept personal responsibility in the tragic events. That’s why there is no single word of apology to the victims in particular n to the society in general in Your article.

    That’s why as one can easily judge your ill feelings, you dare to talk of Bahr el Ghazal with a knife in your hands simply because your comrade enemy Kiir Mayardit comes from there therefore for that reason alone the citizens of Bahr el Ghazal should be wiped out one day.
    Of course you would turn to want to wipe out Equatorians tomorrow if Wani Igga takes over the presidency in Juba.

    Speaking of the future, is it you n your comrades in whose hands the future of RSS lies?

    You make me laugh, my most admired professor. You have your hands in the tragedy, don’t you?So why are you fooling around with us?

    The true gravity of the situation you do not seem to see in reality. The beloved lady is in the mat under conditions of irreversible fatality. If modern intellectual thinking no longer makes sense, that sincere medical treatment is desperately needed for a slim possibility of reversing the situation, then I accept things according to your way.

    So good luck to you with your comrades in your violent plans to march on Juba to take power. If you ever manage to capture your brother Salva n the company, do as you like with them. You all represent one single coin with multiple faces. We have no feeling of brotherhood to you. So as we can never count on you, don’t count on us.You are evil.

    As for us, aggrieved by the ill situation of our dying mother n the society, we will still master the courage against the odds to believe in God. In God we will entertain the feeling of having good reasons to struggle to succeed or fall in dignity.

    Only the will of God to bring our salvation n to save our mother n it’s society but never the will of the mean witch doctors that are you n your comrades. Our hour will come n we will grow to learn that we are all victims under you.

    Our unity will come but without you because you are never factors of unity. Our redemption will come but never with you because you are factors of destruction. In brief: we are a potential band of new kids on the block.

    I am so sorry you n your comrades have no idea that you are irrelevant to our aspirations. The harmony of ethnic configuration that you have destroyed is our first target to rebuild. We will sacrifice in every way possible to achieve it. I tearfully hope that God Will give us a chance!!!

  3. Elhag Paul says:

    Nyaba’s argument vindicates our conviction that the SPLM/A is a constant danger to all South Sudanese including themselves and the best that can be done is to dismantle it. For the well being of South Sudanese this “bloody organisation” according to General Gathoth Gatkouth Gatnyang should be dismantled and he is hundred percent right.

    • Raankan says:

      Elhag Paul,
      Who care about dismantled!SPLM was very sweet that is why Nyaba and Riek Machar do not want come out from because every body use the SPLM as a Tool to achieved person interests

      • Jake says:

        SPLM was not so sweet that people like Dr. RIEK,ADWOK,NHIAL DENG NHIAL,MAMA NYANDENG, PAGAN,and the rest didn’t want to leave it. SPLM has lost vision and direction. It wasn’t delivering to the people it’s promise it made during the liberation struggle. Kiir and Cohorts had hijacked the people’s dream and we’re establishing a Bourgeois state of which they are the masters and the rest of the population are the proletariat, and remain anguished in poverty while Kiir and his clique of thieves loot the country’s wealth dry. The above mentioned people were trying to change that tribal King Kiir and deliver change and development to the country. With Kiir at the top seat, qualified personal were sidelined for uneducated, incompetent tribal Loyalists. That’s why real lawyers were not appointed as Kiir’s legal counsel and advisors. Instead fake lawyers like Telar were put in such sensitive places because of being his drinking buddy and a tribal loyalist. That’s why our judiciary system is a joke. The chief justice is a tribal loyalist, proven by how he is manipulated by Kiir, in the case against the former detainees charged with treason and the case of Pagan Vs Kiir. So my brother be wise to heed the words and wisdom of people like Dr. ADWOK Nyaba. They are fighting for a better future for us and our future generations. A future where no tribe dominates the others. A future where leaders are chosen for their knowledge and Merits rather than region,state or tribe
        That future is still a possibility but only with Kiir and Riek gone. I believe Riek didn’t instigate a coup. His rebellion even though is for a great cause. He needs to Hang up his political career and Mentor future leaders. He can’t lead south sudan because if he replaces Kiir. Reconciliation among southerners will not be achieved. Section of communities despise him and regard him as a murderer of their people.

  4. J. Nguen says:

    Very, good piece! I have a great respect for you Dr. Nyaba. I agreed that our redemption must come from us and not from despotic relinquishing power peacefully. We must fight in unison to attain peace and good governance in South Sudan. If President of South Sudan Salva Kiir can kill the Nuer in cold blood who can he not? I am glad that people responded using the same language the killers understand. Begging for Murderous leader, Kiir to relinquish power peacefully is a jok. Thank you Dr. Nyaba for this piece. You and uncle Edward Lino make us all proud for services to your nation.

  5. Dr. Nyaba,

    What you described in this article is the true negative behavior of Salva Kiir and his government. You Nyaba, Dr. Machar, Dr. Lado Gore, and the rest in rebellion with you are real patriots, nationalists, visionary, and true leaders of South Sudan who could lead South Sudan to sustainable peace, co-existence, and prosperity if given chance. You Nyaba, Machar, and Gore are wonderful leaders who cares about South Sudan future generations.

    You are charismatics, transformational, and visionary leaders who can lead people with wisdom but not with guns like Kiir. I said this because you had tried it so hard to reform the SPLM party while you were working for the government, but the dictator was so deaf to your voices. You had advised Kiir to change the way he run the government while all of you were working for the government without fear of loosing your jobs, but the dictator was so goofy to listen to your point of views. You had been secretly and publicly advised Kiir not to dismiss state governors and military commanders at will without cause while all of you still working for the government, but Kiir refused to listen to all of you including former vice Dr. Machar. You had called the SPLM party convention more than 20 times so the SPLM party could negotiate their differences and make strategic arrangement on how to move this country forward while all of you were in government, but Kiir cancel the SPLM party convention several times.

    Because you Dr. Nyaba, Dr. Machar, and Dr. Gore love South Sudan and it citizens so much, you never stop criticizing the president for failing the country without fear of loosing your positions and risking your lives. However, because all of you refused to be yes people like Wanni Igga, you continue politically criticized Kiir and attempted to push parliament to get prepare for the 2015 election which president Kiir did not want hear. Because Kiir fear that he could lose 2015 election, he came up with made coup that has no evident and massacred ten of thousands of Nuer civilians in the capital Juba. With his made up coup Kiir wanted to kill all of you because you were against his dictatorship policy.

    However, when the relatives of those murdered in Juba attempted to come to Juba to rescue their love ones from Juba massacre, the combination of South Sudan and UPDF armies got in the way and block the relatives of victims from coming to Juba to rescue their love one that is why our country is in a severe chaos today. Kiir created this war so election could be postponed so he can stay in power for the rest of his life. Nevertheless, some of beneficiaries of Kiir corrupt government and visionless South Sudanese will blindly disagree with your visionary article. Some of those who oppose your thoughts have never participated in the struggle for independent of South Sudan so the country was brought to them in golden plates.

    God bless you all the men of wisdom, patriots, and visionary leaders and keep up the good work to move this country forward. The future of South Sudan is in your hands.

  6. Eli says:

    Wow, isn’t Kirr really the Lucifer himself, a blood sucking Zombie? He has won the Halloween prize of the year 2014.

  7. arabbmoi says:

    Dear Nyaba, that is a good piece of article as you were eye witness during the killing which was order by Kiir to our own citizen Nuer last year, May the souls of those citizen rest in peace Amen.

  8. Mangok says:


    Count yourself among leaders who failed this country …!!

    • Mangok,

      Dr. Nyab cannot count himself among leaders who failed this country because he had already advised Kiir thousands times not to dismiss elected governors and military commanders by decree, but Kiir refuse to listen. Dr. Nyaba, advise Kiir to allow state citizens to choose their own governor through legitimate ballot box, but Kiir refused to listen to him. Dr. Nyaba advised Kiir to reform SPLM party because it is too deform to be reform, but Kiir refused. Therefore, Dr. Nyaba left with no choice but to defend himself and the country both militarily and politically.

    • Jake says:

      How did Dr. Adwok fail the nation?
      He is a humble servant who never indulged in corruption like Kiir and his nephew Bol Mel of abmc.
      When Dr. Adwok was appointed Minister of Higher education he did a good job
      job. He shut down the fake universities which not upto standard of higher education. This was in order to ensure that south Sudanese get the best education possible. That would have ensured a qualified, competent and professional work force for the country. My brother please accept 75_80% of corruption in south Sudan is practiced by Kiir’s inner circle and friends. Thus 75% of the nation’s failure and current war was created by Kiir. So he has to go.

  9. Itikwili says:

    Well said prof. it is not as if great reasoning cannot be provided by people who are said to be part of the problem. beyond the analysis, the so called SPLM is rotten into bones. we do not have the luxury to be in bed with fallacy of Circumstantial Ad Hominem. yes, great analysis!

  10. w.o.k says:

    if ever,by chance,and it happened to be an election ( pres KIIR.vs anything) I would surely vote for him for any kind of supreme head-chief anywhere in the nation cause that position needs no law and order or rules. that could be fun. .you never know,,providing He keeps his expensive uniforms with all their dicorations! mr pres. may step aside if you put that suggestion on the table so we can go on building and avoid ending up under trees together with the wildlife.sorry

  11. John Khot says:

    Don’t you dare even talk about Edward Lino. He sympathized with the Nuers and wrote a series of articles critical of the government in the wake Dec. 2013 crisis. But how did the Nuer rebels and savages pay him back? They attacked and destroyed his greater Dinka Padang in Renk, Bailet, Malakal, Pigi and Akoka. I bet the old man is now regretting as to why he wrote those articles.

    The total number of deaths in Juba between 15-19 Dec. 2013 didn’t exceed 5000 people. It baffles me how the Nuers keep lying that 20,000 civilians from their community were murdered in 3 days. Do these people even understand numbers, I keep asking myself?

  12. John Khot,

    Do not worry the home town of Nguen Manytuel, Kong Ruai, John Kong, Buay, and Gony Bilieu who are strongly fighting with Riek Machar forces politically and military have been burned by the S. Sudan army of Kiir to ground. What kind of government is kiir government? They destroy the hospitals. They do not respect the Nuer who are with them, Nuer who show them the way to Nuer areas, and burn Nuer villages without fearing or respecting Nuer who are among their forces. The Dinka medical doctors at military Juba hospital do not treat Nuer counterpart who are wounded in various frontline on time and the doctors keep on calling Nuer in the government “Nuer ke weu” which mean the Nuer in the government are there in the government because of money. The doctors believe that If the government does not have money, the Nuer in the government would not be in the government.

  13. Isaac Deng says:

    Professor Adowk is one of the greatest South Sudan son and inetllectual who always speaks his mind without fear. He has no fat foreign accouts or family living abroad like other big SPLM thieves. This articlehas exposed evils in our scoiety and that the SPLM has been used to loot the country after the tragic death of Dr. John. Since President Kiir assumed power, he never really understands issues of governance and economic development policies. He only cares about his cronies and business associates looting billions from the oil money. Now that the oil prices have gone below $60 dollars, one wonders how is this government going to pay his corrupt bloated ministers and sgenerals? The truth but be told.

  14. temim firtagy says:

    Prof adwok you was part of this mafia call splm the last thing the S.Sudanese people wants to hear from you is an apology for being part this cancer of call Riek machar.

  15. AGUMUT says:

    Machar is an alien and a killer who doesn’t care of nobody including his own Nuer because of his little mouth.

  16. Majongdit says:

    Adwok Nyba is simply changing tunes because he is not in the Government right now. Had he been a minister he would have spoken a different language.

  17. Peter Adwok Nyaba says:

    Before the year ends, I want to thank all those who commented on this posting. I want to thank the prolific writer El Hag Paul but disagree with him about dismantling the SPLM.. There is nothing fatally wrong with the SPLM as a political construct. The problem remain with the membership particularly the leadership. The events leading to December 15, 2013 are an eye opener for many of us. I have been warning about the issues of organisation and institutionalisation of the SPLM power but never imagined that the SPLM leaders would sink that low as they did.
    Wish you all the best. Peter Adwok Nyaba

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