LATEST: UN Rights experts fear intense fighting in South Sudan as “the nation is crumbling”


UN human rights experts on a fact-finding mission to South Sudan warned Wednesday, November 30, 2016, of an escalation in ethnic violence in the war-torn country.

“Many expect intensified fighting now that the dry season is setting in,” said Yasmin Sooka of the UN Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan.

Sooka was speaking to the press in the capital Juba at the end of a 10-day visit during which the three-member team spoke with civilians in the battleground towns of Bentiu, Malakal and Wau, as well as government officials and members of civil society.

“There are unprecedented levels of violence and ethnic tension all over South Sudan,” Sooka said.

“Any sense of national identity is crumbling and tribal or ethnic identity is taking over. I repeatedly heard of the desire for revenge,” she added.

South Sudan’s current conflict began nearly three years ago when President Salva Kiir accused his former deputy and political rival, Riek Machar, of plotting a coup. Since then the world’s newest nation has fractured along ethnic lines in a civil war characterised by atrocities.

Sooka said government and rebel armies were both forcibly recruiting soldiers — including children — and warned that “renewed recruitment is an indicator that all the parties are preparing for the next conflict”.

The UN rights experts repeated calls for an arms embargo, sanctions, the deployment of another 4,000 peacekeepers and the establishment of a special war crimes court.

The US on Wednesday also warned of escalating violence.

“We have credible information that the South Sudanese government is currently targeting civilians in Central Equatoria and preparing for large scale attacks in the coming days or weeks,” Keith Harper, the US representative at the UN Human Rights Council, said in Geneva.

“In the last two weeks, the government has mobilised at least 4,000 militia from other areas of South Sudan and is staging these fighters in Equatoria to begin conducting attacks,” Harper said.

Earlier this month the UN’s Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide, Adama Dieng, told the Security Council there was a risk of “outright ethnic war” and the “potential for genocide”.

The UN rights experts are expected to publish a report of their findings in March. END


  1. gatdarwich says:

    Dear Patriots in Easter Equatoria,

    Don’t be alarmed or panic for 4000 of killer nyankiir’s militants won’t and shall never be allowed to commit genocide or bully civilians in that area because General John Jok Gai of SPLA-IO is fully in charge of making sure that the traitorous and coward Jenges are totally cremated to perfection there full stop

    • Eastern says:

      Even with the 4000 or so cattle keepers being herded into Equartoria to “defend the flag” as Aldo Ajou argue, the Equatorian dream session will continue to shine. Why should Equatoria submit it self to morons like Akol Kur, accommodated at Afex, without his wife’s and kid in South Sudan be trusted? Every Dinka in Equatoria without proper identifications is MTN : you know what that means!!!!

    • BILL KUCH says:

      There is no intense fighting as it has been claimed by useless people according to M7. Who is capable of fighting SPLA forces of South Sudan government? The renown rebel leader Riek Machar tried it three times and he failed miserably until he accepts to live in hiding places. Equatorians used to call SPLA forces Bolis Ghahaba because they could not deal with bush life. Now, have they accepted bush life with consequences?

  2. mading says:

    Gatdarwich. Which patriots are you talking about ? Are you talking about the ones under UN cared in DRC ?

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


      There are also Kiir’s soldiers under UN care in DRC. In fact, those of IO in DRC took their leader their for safety. There remaining are outside of Juba town. Whatever those of SPLM-IG who are under DRC care. How did they get there?

  3. False Millionnaire says:

    The most disturbing preoccupation of the day for RSS’ well wishers is a probability of a genocide which could be interpreted as jieng harming equatorians,equatorians harming jieng or any ethnic group harming another so far as the country has fallen into the depth of a states of lawlessness.Such conclusion got drown from hate speeches so easily detected in expressions in social media as this forum. Is that the point u are campaigning to achieve with your dirty comments?
    Why don’t u get equatoria independent first before concerning yourself about RSS’ none equatorians in equatoria without identity documents?is there any RSS law u know that obliges citizens to identify themselves when they are in places that aren’t their ethnic boundaries within RSS?
    What will u get if the Fire u are fanning caught the bush?!

  4. arabbmoi says:

    Kiir should pack with his all MTNS and go to his Jenger luaks land where his palanta was buried to leave Equatorians in peace. We are tired of those morons MTns lingering idle with prone violience behaviors. Equatorians inside Dinka lickers boots should heed to call by fellows Equatorian to leave jeingers alone and protect our own die children women and men in hands of Kiir Militias . You hear what happened to our people in Yei. Sande land madi land and so on. Do n’t to you guys feel pains and sorrow done by Kiir to our people? Kiir has killed Nuer in year two thousand thirteen and now turn his behavior toward Equatorian. James Wani Mamur Mete, Tomas cirilo and the rest of Wau people plus the rest of sixty 63 tribes please be men enough to tell Kirr enough is enough resign by larger numbers. May great God be with you. please do not see only your stomach pity our people in hands jengers .

  5. Ahmed Ashraf says:

    South sudan has suffered enough, so why not stop fighting and enjoy your independence once and finall…

  6. Redivision says:

    Some of you who are encouraging the World to believe that there is genocide in South Sudan will some days regret it. No body would encourage the idea of genocide to happen in South Sudan. The so call UN experts speculations of genocide in South Sudan is stupid and wild, they can not provide any substantial evidence to support their claim. Some of these experts are playing cat and mouse games so that they keep their checks rolling every month. I’m not surprise the so call experts of African decent from the International Body could again take the roles of chiefs who sold their people into slavery in 18th Century. This is an opportunity for them to heighten and dramatize the genocide issue in South Sudan for personal gains.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Surely, your alias is a misnomer and anachronistic, as a real ‘redivisionist’ who has been fully cognizant of the evil plans of president Kiir now being demonstrated in his genocidal bombardment and random massacre of innocent lives in Yei country would have taken the appropriate decision to condemn killer Kiir.
      Again, if you had the real ears and eyes, you should’ve painfully recalled the massacre of July 16, 2016 in Juba of Nuer citizens, in addition to the infamous Juba genocide in December 2013 where thousands were slaughtered by Kiir.
      In all truth, those foreign experts you are shamefully castigating have the bravery of the heart to tell the world of the on-going genocide already started and being executed by pres. Kiir’s tribal army in the nation.
      Genocide can be described as systemic killing of innocent persons for such reasons as ethnicity, political or religious beliefs, etc…etc,

      • kondokoro says:

        There was no massacer
        what happened in july was Dr Riak tried to come to J1 through his radical commander with 20 pick up trucks after a roumer from the spoke man Dak who was deported to Juba to him to come and take over Ji for his boss who was in the meeting with president but it fail and those killed were Riak soldiers who thought they can over run J1.
        and for those who died in Dec 2013 are of three categories:
        1 .Spla who join riak plot of taking Juba
        2.civilians who were moved to the capital by riak to fullfil his plot or so call white army\
        3.militias who were with khartoum before but moved to juba and riak started to used them by first settling them in manga ten a nuer saburb in Dec 2013 yes many got killed
        but to call it genocide is not true in juba alone sources in the ground said there are 500 who were killed due to Riak using them as his force to fight the goverment it was not etnic targeting but since all those rebel were nuer it was easy to make nuer a target by identifying them through marks instead of rundom so crocodile tiars can help but we should reject used of a tribe by any politician to avoid being targeted

      • Bol says:

        “the massacre of July 16, 2016 in Juba of Nuer citizens”? Are you okay?

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