Latest NEWS: South Sudan rivals sign new peace & given 45 days to form unity govt


South Sudan’s warring leaders have signed a fresh ceasefire deal vowing to end more than eight months of conflict, according to mediators who threatened sanctions should the agreement fail once again.

East Africa’s regional IGAD bloc, which mediated the talks between President Salva Kiir and his sacked deputy Riek Machar, called on the leaders to forge a unity government within 45 days.

In Article (8) of the latest IGAD of August 25, 2014, IGAD leaders “express disappointment that the 60 days in which the Transitional Government of National Unity TGONU was to be formed have passed without the formation of the TGONU; and now call upon the stakeholders to negotiate and complete the agreement within 45 days.”

Article (13) further calls on the parties to fully mandate and empower their representatives to the peace process to ensure that the remaining negotiations can proceed without further delay; and directs the mediation continue in spite of any stakeholder boycotting the negotiations.

Thousands of people have been killed and more than 1.8 million have fled civil war sparked by a power struggle between Kiir and Machar, who met on Monday for the first time in more than two months.

An IGAD communique welcomed the “signature by the warring parties” to the deal, “which obliges the parties to bring the conflict to an end”.

Three previous ceasefire commitments have been broken within hours.

“As a region, we have to show any party which violates agreements that there are consequences to misbehaviour,” Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said at the summit of east African leaders, the AFP news agency reported.

“We are sending a clear message to the leaders of South Sudan. So delaying in the procedure will not be acceptable – if not the region will take action.”

Kiir and Machar last met in June, when they agreed to form a unity government within 60 days. They missed that deadline amid continuing war. END


  1. Defender says:

    Force the warring parties to sign partial peace is a delaying tactic that is meant to kick the ball down the field.

  2. 45 days is still a death sentence for already dying people of south Sudan. IGAD should give them 48 hours to save the people of south Sudan.

  3. Itikwili says:

    One of IGAD’s useless face saving efforts. how could you have 30 more months for this useless government to lord it unto us! abomination!

  4. Kong Puok Tongluot - S. Sudan says:

    45 days,meant that a furhter stakeholders’ negociating in details. There will no longer to Slava kiir mayardit of messing, issues decrees, and replacing his dictatorial constitution in to federal unity constitution. The TGONU Not for one tribe but for SS nations, that shall pave a way to national election in which will be a free, and fair.

    I meaned of negociating details for constitional structure, military structure, economics structure, and all country sectors should be structured. An acounsability premise Mr Slava kiir mayardit must resigns and pursue his verdict for life of charge crimes against humanity and power abuses.

  5. Umberto Uku says:

    45 days is like 45 years, because 45 people in South Sudan will lose their life every single day, if Salva Kiir is still in the power. I think that is not the good idea if they want to make rescue for the South Sudan.

  6. Eli says:

    All you wishful thinkers,
    Do you really believe in this joke? What kind of peace in 45 days, have you being following the process in Addis closely? Until two weeks ago Dr Machar in an interview demanded that Pres. Kirr steps down before any deal and on the other hand the Juba government made it clear that asking their so-called elected president to step down is crossing a red line?

    Nonsense, there is no peace in 45 days nor 45 weeks or 45 months. It took us from 1955 to 72, 17 years, and again from 1983 to 2005, 22yrs, all together 39yrs to gain independence and you think it takes 45 days to live in peace with one of the worst government ever to have existed in our history? The truth is this dinkas dominated government don’t listen only by bullets. I like to believe that peace should come asap, but we all know that’s a false sense of wishful thinking. You mean to say people should just forget about all the killings since independence and the genocidal masacres that took place in Juba and other parts of the country not even a year ago and still sporadic killings continue everyday and we have to form a unity or interim government which the killers whose hands are still wet dripping with innocent blood to shake hands with everybody including peace lovers like myself? Not a chance.

    All I know is that IGAD leadership is under pressure from the US and European governments and the UN to prove that they are in control. Two days ago IGAD leadership convened a meeting in which they offered Dr Riek Machar a position in government, which he rejected according to the media reports, which was a form of bribry by the way.
    How then could they issue such a stupid ultimatum to force peace into bitter throats? They the IGAD were not even able to contribute peace keeping contingency to replace the UPDF of Mr M7 which remains a sticking issue as a precondition set by the opposition, what make them have voice now? The fact is IGAD is controlled by Museveni the spiritual father and caretaker of Mr Kirr. On the other hand Sudan does not see eye to eye with Uganda whom it accuses of harboring Darfurian rebels. IGAD’s threats are just empty and shallow. They are all divide and a divided house cannot preach unity to others or they become hypocrites.
    In the first place all those IGAD leadership are no better than Kirr himself nor Machar anyways, most of them are listed listen in ICC as war criminals and violators of human rights. How could a blind lead another blind?

    Our problem is far from over, respect must be earned not demanded. I am not in favour of bloodshed but until our people learn to respect and value human dignity we should not expect peaceful coexistence. Our people have much to learn to behave as independent citizens, we are still way far behind to understand what it means to be responsible nationalists.

    Just as an example, when you meet a junubi in the street as soon as she or he learns that you are a fellow junubi, the first thing they ask is; ” What tribe are you from?” “Or, are you from Equatoria, or Upper Nile or from Bahr Eli Ghazal?” Even when they can guess you are from one of these places they will insist to know what clan or subtribal entity, village and locality you came from.
    What a load of crab is that? I mean give me a break people, what kind of people are we that we don’t learn from history?

    From slave trade to colonization to Arab domination and now we want to enslave ourselves? So, isn’t it true that the British once said that it was the black Africans who sold their own brothers into slavery in the first place?
    I once met a Jamaican person and they actually believed that story, and now I am starting to think the British are correct. We hate each other so much, so what difference does it make for our own government to get rid of its own citizens because they criticize bad policies?
    I say NO to authoritarian dictatorship and murderers have no place in our midst, they all MUST go to ICC to be tried for war crimes and be in jails. CRIMINALS AND MURDERERS MUST NOT WALK ON OUR STREETS FREELY, THEY MUST BE LOCKED UP IN JAILS, end of story.
    I myself am not above the law, I live by the laws of justice, freedom, equality and in pursuit of hapiness and liberty for ALL.
    Peace and love, and may God bless SOUTH SUDAN.

  7. Kong Puok,
    your dreams are very far from the truth.Kiir is your president and you will kneel down for him should you came to Juba after peace deal is completed or remained in exile till your old hate President Salva Kiir Mayardit but let me assure you that he will be there forever like your mother’s clitoris.

    • Kong Puok Tongluo - SS says:

      A fluid so called, toney toney matot, there is no such of this name among SS nation. As long you have hidden your genuine name, then you don’t nothing to defend your last gokrial uglious president, mr. mayardit

  8. Choromke Jas says:

    IGAD is literally bankrupt. It has no money nor power to enforce many of their threats to the leaders of South Sudan conflict. This means it depends on other international organizations such as the UN, EU and nations like the USA to finance their activities including enforcement. Furthermore, IGAD, like the AU and other African regional organisations, (ECOWAS, SADC, COMESA etc) are not peopled by qualified bureaucrats from the participating countries. They are relatives (wives, cousins, friends) of the heads of state or government. Thus, these officials do not do things according to merit, but based on the parochial and discriminatory tendencies of their dictatorial systems at home (most of the leaders are dictators or democratic thieves).

    Yet, the bureaucrats now sit on high chairs to give ridiculous judgment on what is the best solutions for South Sudanese. We are not primitive or animals in zoos as some of them think. We know who is the chief criminal in this war: Kiir. The Americans and those who finance IGAD must ask him to quit like they did to one Maliki in Iraq. This Kiir is divisive and violent. He oversaw the genocidal massacre of the Nuer civilian population in Juba in December 2013. It is unbelievable that the US officials even invited him recently to their country to shake his bloody hand! This act has dismayed a lot of South Sudanese. We appeal to President Obama never to do such a thing again because it really disillusions our people since they had believed at the beginning that he (Obama) would be the most progressive and morally-guided president of the United State in the 21st century.

    We South Sudanese demand that realistic solutions to our roots problem be found and not power sharing matrix that is now being hailed by IGAD. Barrack Obama, we still have faith in you Palin and Tea Party notwithstanding! Get rid of Kiir a la Maliki. Now!

  9. Lako Lolukudu says:

    Our South Sudanese neighbouring countries care for us, and that’s a fact. They have been keeping us in their houses(countries), for as long as right now trying to find a solution to this conflict. Fourty Five(45) days is a sign of frustration from all parties that are involved in this peace talks. The meaning: Stop being a child, start growing, and stop wetting the bed(soil), of South Sudan with blood of ignorance and greed for power…

  10. Lavina Lual says:

    I am happy to have been a mixed of animal breed (dinka) and human (Equatorians) genetic because I would have been reasoning like what animals do on this forum, like for instances what brought mentioning of women/mothers/sisters clitoris on this forum if you are born of a sensible human genetic, is it a confirmation of being abnormal or semi human class?, or it is true that these are people who can have sex with their animals and mothers/sisters as their former Arab masters who enslaved them to the western world that is why they never respect women, rape women, kill women, etc…..wooooooooooooo abomination! .

    What an anomaly difference between human class in the republic of south sudan, May God create for you a state of animals where you can leave alone minus other human beings in this country?!

    • Eli says:

      Wow, it’s disheartening to read your comments, so you called dinkas animals and Equatorians human, what parameters did you use to come up with such conclusions?
      I am sure you are an intelligent lady and a beautiful South Sudanese lady, yes we men messed up and must be blamed.

      I myself am in love with a woman from Bor , and she too has negative opinions about her own relatives. However I respectfully disagree with both of your conclusions. I keep telling my beloved girlfriend Aluel not to generalize the situation, there are very good dinka people whom I have nothing but respect for them individually.

      The challenges facing these good fellow dinkas is that they need to dissociate themselves from those bad elements whom I refer to as “one rotten onion in a bag makes the the whole bag smells”. Most dinkas men and women are good people when they are individual but as soon as they get in groups they change and tend to neglect their goodness. That’s what is the problem, the same applies to some Equatorians. It’s basically a form of tribalism. My conclusion is TRIBALISM = RACISM=DISCRIMINATION =EVIL OR SATANISM.

      Lavina, I do agree with you that negative comments should be kept off this website. Comments on here should be limited to educational purposes, we must honor and respect one another and at most our women, as well as respect be shown to the Editor and founder of SSN who sacrifice his own time to allow everyone of us express our views freely.
      Although sometimes we are tempted to cross the line but let us try to use civility and take this opportunities to educate one another so that we as a nation come up with ideas to help us out of this dark path.

      I remain a friend of peace lovers as well as in pursuits of justice, equality, liberty and happiness to all.
      May God bless South Sudan.
      Yours faithfully
      Eli Wani

      • Bol says:

        Good point. But Lavina might have been abandoned at early age and is discharging her bitterness and anger against every single Dinka she stumbles upon. I wish I know the whereabouts of her father or uncles; I would have try to reconcile and reunite the family. I am really worried that her bitterness may cause her some sort of mental illness, if she is not sick already!

        • Lavina Lual says:

          You do not know me Mr animal (Bol). I am a very proud daughter of Lual; If I was abondoned in my early age as you hysterically presumed I would not have used the name of my dad proudly and this is a simple logic.

          The only mental sick psyhcopants in this country are dinkas and I always tell them as am telling you right now.

    • Job says:

      a bit rich coming from a rainforest Congolese monkey whose stubbornness to evolve and outgrow cannibalism / Mai Mai-esque rape is a disgrace to humanity. Now go back and dangle on the branch of the tree your monkey midget.

      While you are it, don’t forget to poop while talking to your relatives you coward non-South Sudanese whose lands is at the behest of the Dinka liberators.

      • Lavina Lual says:


        “The only mental sick psyhcopants in this country are dinkas and I always tell them as am telling you right now”

        • Riak says:

          Lavina Lual,

          You clearly loathe spelling, don’t you? What’s a ‘psyhcopants’? I am sure you intended to write ‘psychopath’ instead, but I expect a mentally sick psycho to get basic spelling all wrong!

  11. Eastern says:

    Dear All,

    The whole document is a sham. I very much like the dissection of the protocol by my learned friend Biel Butrous Biel.

    Find this analysis on


    • Choromke Jas says:

      Yes, the agreement is bogus. Even an MoU by form 4 students can be better than this. Clearly, IGAD dictators do not understand what has happened in Juba. It was because of the intransigence of Kiir that the war broke out. How on earth can they still leave major issues to be negotiated by the warring parties without a referee! wiith Kiir remaining the C-in-C? I cry for Africa!

  12. False Millionaire says:


    Well done.Honest fellow citizens will enjoy a great sense of a good day after reading your excellent comments…

  13. Dear my siblings,

    i am very glad and crying at the same time when i read all your comments.
    Before i go to my point, i would like to remind you the main cause of this crashes in South Sudan.
    In fact, this problem was caused by one person who is machar to get presidential seat but due to the stupidity of his tribe ( nuer ) change it to be tribal’s conflicts.
    i would like to stop you guys from abusing Dinkas for nothing.
    they are innocent.
    Deal with nuers and if don’t they will spoil this country.

    Let the cat be out of the bag and peace will dwell in South sudan.

    • Lavina Lual says:

      Was it the nuer of machar who started house by house killing of innocent civilians of Nuer Origin in Juba?, if not how can you comprehend these lies here?.

      Whom would you like to full right here?

  14. False Millionaire says:

    Dear uncle micheal mach madit:

    A role of a neutral observer will fit you well please…

  15. Lavina Lual says:

    Was it the nuer of machar who started house by house killing of innocent civilians of Nuer Origin in Juba?, if not how can you comprehend these lies here?.

    Whom would you like to full right here

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